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Singtel Business

Customer Success Story

MS&AD Systems Co., Ltd. and Singtel

MS&AD Systems Executive Summary

Company name

and Singtel MS&AD Systems Co., Ltd.

IT Service for Financial Services Industry
As a member of the MS&AD Holdings, MS&AD
Business challenges
Systems designs, develops and manages the • Ensure sufficient bandwidth and fast connectivity to cater to
networking and information systems for Mitsui the needs of Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance’s overseas
representatives and employees who require access to its
Sumitomo Insurance Company, Limited, one of servers
• Meet the company’s security requirements by keeping its
the group’s core organisations. To address intranet separate from the public Internet and providing a
Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance's requirements for secure private connection for accessing public clouds
• Support secure collaboration and information sharing
secure, high-speed connectivity and reliable amongst Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance’s employees and
representatives in different locations
information sharing, MS&AD Systems adopted
Singtel’s Global IP-VPN Service for over 20 Singtel solution
• Singtel’s Global IP-VPN service and Class of Service
global sites, and Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute • Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute service
service to provide private connectivity to the Business value
public cloud. • Improved the end-user experience - Singtel’s Global IP-VPN
service ensures that sufficient bandwidth is provisioned for
thin clients that are used to access the company’s business
• Enhanced security when accessing public cloud -
ExpressRoute provides a secure private connection to
authentication services in Microsoft Azure
• Provided a cost-effective solution for synchronising
authentication servers: Cost of accessing cloud-based
authentication with ExpressRoute was estimated to be
one-tenth that of building an on-premise web conference
authentication system
MS&AD Systems Co., Ltd. and Singtel

Business Challenges Commending the service for its flexibility, Nishimura said it
enables the company to optimise the use of its existing
Three of the key requirements for Mitsui Sumitomo bandwidth to deliver the required network performance
Insurance’s global network are security, speed and without having to incur additional costs with bandwidth
information sharing. In terms of security, Mitsui Sumitomo upgrades. With the Singtel service, Mitsui Sumitomo
Insurance’s intranet has to be kept separate from the public Insurance’s overseas representatives and employees have
Internet to ensure that important financial data can be reported a significant improvement in the user experience
exchanged securely and reliably. The network also has to be when accessing the company’s systems via their thin clients,
stable and have sufficient bandwidth to cater to the said Nishimura.
connectivity needs of the company’s overseas representatives
who require access to its servers. A third important aspect of Leveraging Cloud-based Authentication
the reliable global network is that it has to support for WebEx
information sharing amongst Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance’s
employees in different locations. Singtel also provided MS&AD Systems with a private
connection to Microsoft Azure in Singapore to support secure
As pointed out by Manabu authentication for web conferencing.
Nishimura, Manager of the
Terminal Computer and Network In 2014, MS&AD Systems replaced its on-premise web
Service Dept., MS&AD Systems, a conferencing system with the WebEx software-as-a-service for
global financial services company intra-company communications across its global offices. This
like Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance enabled users to participate in meetings regardless of their
cannot afford to have its network location, using their computers and mobile devices.
down because there is always
Mr. Manabu Nishimura, business taking place in different To ensure that the web conferencing sessions were secure,
Manager,Terminal Computer
time zones across different MS&AD Systems had to find a way to synchronise them with
and Network Service Dept.
MS&AD Systems Co., Ltd. countries. the internal Active Directory authentication system instead of
the use of web conference IDs and passwords. Building an
Achieving Redundancy and Optimal on-premise web conference authentication system would

Performance with Singtel Global IP-VPN have been costly, so Nishimura investigated other options

service and discovered a service within Microsoft Azure that could

automatically synchronise the WebEx sessions with Active
MS&AD Systems has incorporated Singtel’s Global IP-VPN
service into the Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance's corporate
However, there was one concern. Although the Azure
communications network for the past ten years as part of a
authentication data was encrypted, there was still a potential
carrier-diverse IP-VPN network strategy aimed at addressing
security risk as the data was being sent over the public
the three requirements of security, speed and information

Today, the Singtel Global IP-VPN service connects 20

locations for Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance worldwide. Besides
providing network redundancy, it comes with a value-added
Class of Service to ensure that adequate bandwidth is
provisioned for the thin clients used by Mitsui Sumitomo
Insurance’s employees and representatives. This service has
not only enabled the transfer of business across various
locations, it has also allowed employees to access the
company’s global portal site for information sharing.
Singtel solutions that support the infrastructure for Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Network

Using global application on MPLS

1. Access to systems in Japan using thin clients
Microsoft Azure 2. Transfer of business data between Japan and
(Singapore) overseas sites
3. Access to global portal site
Web Conference
Authentication System

Web Conference
Singtel Cloud Access Gateway Active Directory
(ExpressRoute) synchronisation via MPLS (SaaS)
Overseas Overseas Regional
Singtel Holding Company Global
Global IP-VPN IP-VPN Overseas
Overseas Overseas
Subsidiary Subsidiary
Overseas Overseas
Branch Overseas Overseas Branch
Office Office

Providing Secure Private Connectivity to MS&AD Systems went on to become the first Japanese
a Public Cloud company to sign up for the ExpressRoute service with Singtel.

Singtel offered a solution to this. Through a strategic Elaborating on the benefits, Nishimura said it provided a
collaboration with Microsoft, Singtel's MPLS network cost-effective solution for synchronising on-premise
integrates with the Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute service to authentication servers with cloud authentication systems to
provide secure, high-performance private access to Azure in ensure that web conferences could be hosted securely. “The
Singapore, without requiring MS&AD System to make any initial cost is estimated to be one-tenth of the cost of
changes to the network environment. The connection could independently building a web conference authentication
also be provisioned within a short lead time. system,” he said.

Nishimura said, “At the most basic level, the security of the Nishimura’s expectations of Singtel remain high.
enterprise network had to meet the financial institute’s

Singtel must continue to step up, as it

always has, to respond to new, unknown
It did not matter if we were using Azure requirements arising from the changing
in Japan or Azure in Singapore. However, environment. - Mr. Manabu Nishimura
after comparing different proposals from
different providers, we decided that Singtel
offered the best fit solution to our existing
network environment especially with its
integration with ExpressRoute.
- Mr. Manabu Nishimura
About Singtel
Singtel is Asia's leading communications group providing a portfolio of services including voice
and data solutions over fixed, wireless and Internet platforms as well as infocomm technology
and pay TV. The Group has presence in Asia, Australia and Africa with over 550 million mobile
customers in 25 countries, including Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand.
It also has a vast network of offices throughout Asia Pacific, Europe and the United States.

Computerworld HK Awards 2015 IDC Topline Report
Global WAN Connectivity Service Provider of the Year Market Leadership for International MPLS IP VPN Services
APEJ and International Dedicated P2P Services
Aegis Graham Bell Awards 2014 IPLC+E-Line (APEJ for 1H2010 to 2H2014)*
Innovation in Telecom Network Infrastructure
*Source: IDC APEJ Fixed Line Telecom Services Tracker, 2H2014
MEF Ethernet Excellence Award 2014
Global Wholesale Provider of the Year

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