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What I believe about math is that I really don’t like it, but at the end of the first

semester I learned how to solve problems and to not give up when I don’t fully understand
something. I dislike math, but I do need it. The reason why I dislike math is because I don’t
find it entertaining and it is confusing. But as the experts said, problem solving is the key to
being able to do all other aspects of mathematics, and it also gives a better understanding
of the problem at hand.

In problem solving, I learned that there are many different ways to solve a problem,
and that more than one process is possible. It involves the ability to explore, think through
an issue, and the reason logically to solve routine as well as non-routine problems. Math
can be useful in real life because it will help us to think out of the box and get through it.

On the first quarter, it was easy for me to cope up in the lesson but later on I find the
lessons too confusing for me. I am a slow learner when it comes to Math so I did my best to
adjust with the lessons and start to understand it little by little. With the help of ma’am
Chaves, I learned the lessons very well but of course I still need a lot of improvement
especially on the topic entitled “Operations on Functions”. On the second quarter, the
lessons started to get harder and harder. We have a reporting which really took us a lot of
effort to present because it is really nerve racking. But still we survived it. On the next
quarter, it was way more confusing than the past quarters because the lesson, which is the
basic business math, have too many formulas and solutions. We also have a reporting but
in the way of role playing where in we really don’t know what to do because we need to
role play while discussing the topic. But at the end of this quarter, we were still sucessful.
On the last quarter, it became easy to understand especially the topic entitled
“Propositions”. Ma’am Chaves really helped us a lot in understanding all the topics she
discussed. She gave us enough examples and activities.

Each of the quarters I have discovered and learned many things. Even if it was really
hard, I still did my best to survive and study the lessons that were given. In the end, the
hard works was worth it. After finishing all the topics in General Math for the first sem, I felt
so happy and satisfied because I know we experienced a lot of problems, we did so many
activities, assignments, exams but still we were successful in the end of the first semester.