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Dinagat Islands Surigao del Norte Philippines for 2,548 pesos

Cebu to Surigao Budget Itinerary

(Airfare not included)
from Surigao City Airport ride a jeepney bound to Surigao port/pier 10 pesos fare.
from Surigao port ride a Boat bound to San Jose Dinagat Island 130 per way, travel time one hour
upon arrival ask tricycle to Jmalls Tourist Inn they offer 2 Days and 1 night Dinagat Islands tour.
Open for solo and joiners
For more information call or text 0917-1634907 or 0939-9222449
facebook Page:
Jmalls Travel and Tours
Jmalls Island Tourist Inn
Fare from airport to port - 10 php
Boat fare Surigao to San Jose - 130 php
Tricycle Fare to Jmalls- 10 php
Tour Fee 2 days and 1 night - 1998 php
Land Tour 150/3 - 50 php
Food Expenses - 200 php
Boat fare San Jose to Surigao - 130 php
Tricycle Fare to San Jose Port- 10 php
Fare from port to airport - 10 php
TOTAL: 2,548
Island Hopping
Day 1:
🏝Blue Lagoon/Tidal Pool
🏝Pangabangan Beach
🏝Hagakhak rock formation
🏝 Hagakhak Beach
🏝Isla Aga
Day 2:
🏝 Bababu Beach
🏝 Lake Bababu
🏝 Bitaog Beach
🏝 Duyos Camping Resort
🏝 Pagkawasan Beach Resort
Inland Tour, ask local tricycle driver
150 php divided by 3 person so I only paid 50 php
The more the less
-PBMA Shrine
-White Castle
for Jmalls they offer additional (250 pesos)
Inland Tour
-DM Shrine
- Wilson's Dumping Peak
- New West Virginia View Deck
- Sta. Cruz Beach
- Lawis Beach
- Angat Dinagat Landmark
- Guitar Stage
- Lobster Farm
- 120 Steps
-Tagbirayan Beach
📍Round trip chartered boat for two days Island hopping (pick up point is San Jose port)
📍Overnight Group Accommodation, Airconditioned with Bathroom and TV and wifi
📍Tour escort/guide fees
📍Van service/ bonggo service from port to hotel v.v
📍Lunch for Day 1
📍Dinner for Day 1
📍Breakfast for Day 2
📍Lunch for Day 2
📍All Entrance Fees
📍Docking Fees
📍Environmental Fees