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“The howl and the fussyket” draft critique paper

September 2011, under the direction of Chris Martinez, childhood star Gerald Pesigan starred in
“The Howl and The Fussyket”. It was made in cooperation with Nestle Philippines, to promote
milk factors in the memory of every child.

Aaron Lumibao wants to participate in their declamation contest, as announced by their teacher.
Aaron has difficulty in speaking especially in pronouncing words properly. Every Dinner, they are
all sharing their experience for the whole day, then Aaron said that he will be participating in
declamation contest. Aaron’s family gave their full support. They did all of the chances to improve
Aaron’s pronunciation, proper way of action with fluidity and convenient dress in which he can
expressed himself. Equipped with all of his needs, Aaron Lumibao declamated “The Howl and
The Fussyket”. Unfortunately, he didn’t win the contest but didn’t lose hope to join again.

Chris Martinez uses strong symbolism of courage. This trait is frequently observed for every
Pilipinos. The setting rotates from Lumibao’s |Residence and Aaron’s School. The school was not
an exclusive one and the house was an ordinary and common for every Pilipino community. Chris
Martinez themed the movie in comedy so that, it is suitable for all viewers. Comedy films are
worth sharing to others and can easily state, the moral lesson of the story, thus, it gives therapy to
our minds(

The owl and the pussy cat was one of the favorite poems as a child (Lear,2012, p.1). It is written
by Edward Lear. It is a story of a lover between to such different creatures was fascinating. Aaron
Lumibao as a grade 2 student were confident to perform “The Owl and The Pussycat”. It is much
considered for it is relatively short and easy to be memorized. Edward Lear wrote that poem for
her friend’s daughter; Janet Symmonds. She was ill and Lear wrote this poem just to cheer her up.
Chris Martinez wants to depict that every children needs a firm foundation to perform and be
molded in the future. The character who deal’s Aarons problems to efficiency showed love by
giving all his needs.

The conflict for the main character’s bridge was his difficulty in speaking properly. His rival was
a 3-time champion of declamation which has been more experience than the protagonist. As a
child, intimidation was proving that can lead to terrifying condition. The mother (Eugene domingo)
consistently serves Aaron a glass of milk (though for promotion of brand), that helps as a memory
aid and good for the brain( Lumibao’s Family were common in every Pilipino
family that even though any struggles might come, there will always be a solution for that.

The sound has a big contribution in this movie. The pacing of music suits in every situation. The
pacing of the story was fast. Given that it is short film and aids to promote the Nestle Nido milk.
The acknowledgements cannot be clearly seen because of the quick selections of credits. The
mother’s wish was granted and after a year, Aaron has participated in Linggo ng Wika.(It’s for
him to really express himself).

A seed when planted is not independent and will grow if you leave and just wait for a period of
time. It needs the nutrition of soil, sunlight, water and air. To be able to grow and lays a fruit, you
must put an effort and discipline for it to grow larger just to be useful. “The Howl and The
Fussyket” portrays that life will knock us down but we can choose whether or not to get back
up(The Karate Kid,2010).