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2nd Quarter

Session 2
Daily Learning Plan in Health 9: Concept of Drug Abuse & the Drug Scenario in the Philippines
For Tuesday, July 23, 2019
Designed by Harly Davidson Lumasag

Firm-Up Concept of Drug Abuse & the Drug Think, Pair, & Share Video
Scenario in the Philippines Presentation

Learning 1. Explains the concept of substance use, misuse, abuse and dependence,
2. Describes the drug scenario in the Philippines
3. Discusses risk and protective factors in substance use, and abuse

Intended Given the opportunity to think, pair, and share, students will be able to discuss the
Learning concept of drug abuse with one another and suggests some helpful ideas in the drug
Outcomes scenario in the Philippines
Drug takes you to hell, disguised as heaven

Reference/s Experiencing the World of MAPEH Book 9

Art Curriculum Guide December 2013
Materials TV, Laptop, Bond paper, White board marker
Preliminary Devotional, Greetings, Introduction, Classroom Rules, etc.

I. Motivation Teacher Activity Student Activity

1. Instruct students to sit down, be quiet, avoid 1. Get ready with pen and paper
standing, and focus in todays’ lesson to write down questions to ask.
2. Instruct students to pair up with their seatmates
and discuss the concept of drug abuse and the
drug scenario in the Philippines
3. Call out some students and tell them to share
what they’ve discussed together with their
II. 1. Start the discussion and ask some students for 1. Listens attentively
Development further insights of the lesson 2. Eyes and ears focused on
al Activity 2. Share specific reports on the drug happenings in teachers’ discussion
the Philippines
III. Focus 1. What is the cause of drugs in the Philippines? 1. Varied insights given
Question 2. If given a chance to become a president of the 2. Share ideas and concepts
Philippines, what will you do to eradicate drugs
in the Philippines?
IV. Drug is a chemical substance that changes a person who takes it, in terms of physical,
Generalizati emotional, and behavioral characteristics. It is any substance other than food or water
on that should to be taken or administered for the purpose of altering, sustaining, or
controlling the recipient’s physical, mental, or emotional state.
V. Assignment Study the next lesson of Health
Agreement Enrichment

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Supervising Teacher Cooperating Teacher