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TM 30-506


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WAR DEPARTMENT • 2 0 M A Y ! 9 4 *
This Dictionary Supersedes TM 30-255, August 5, 1941



-1 MAY 1944


Washington 25, D. C., 20 May 1944

TM 30-506, German Military Dictionary, is published for military

personnel only, and is not to be republished in whole or in part
without the consent of the War Department.
[A. G. 300.7 (3 Mar 43)]
By order of the Secretary of War:

Chief of Staff.

Major General^
The -Adjutant General.

(For explanation of symbols see FM 21-6.)


T military
HIS DICTIONARY has been intentionally limited in scope to
subject matter and directly related fields. It has been
compiled primarily for use by American military personnel with at
least a fair knowledge of German.
As far as possible the editors have endeavored to furnish actual
equivalents rather than literal translations from one language into
the other. Thus, although the literal translation of Entwicklung
would be "development," a study of the German operations manual
reveals that Entwicklung follows Entfaltung ("development") and
hence is the equivalent of "deployment." Translations have been
provided (generally with a note of explanation) only where equiva
lents do not exist or could not be found.
In the case of ranks, the corresponding United States rank accord
ing to function has been given, as listed in TM-E 30-451 (1 Sep
tember 1943).
In the arrangement of terms the single-entry method has been
used. A term like advance guard will be found only under advance
and not under guard.
Entries are arranged in straight alphabetical order, regardless
of whether any given entry consists of one word or more, thus:

direct current
direction board
direct observation

The only exceptions to straight alphabetical order are a limited

number of phrases which the reader would be unlikely to look for
under the first word of the phrase. Thus, in Feuerstellung appears
under F euerstellung, not under in.
Among various equivalents for a given term, synonyms are sepa
rated by commas, different meanings by semicolons.
For definitions of many of the English terms used, see TM 20-205,
Dictionary of United States Army Terms, 18 January 1944.

Foreword ............................................. iii

Authorized Abbreviations .............................. vi

Part I—German-English ............................ 1

Part II—English-German ............................ 220

Appendix I—Numbers ............................... 432

Appendix II—Weights and Measures ................... 433

Appendix III—German Military Abbreviations ............ 435

AA Antiaircraft Mech Mechanics, Mechanical
AAA Antiaircraft Artillery Mecz Mechanized -»
AAF Army Air Forces Med Medical
Adrm Airdrome Met Meteorological
Adm Administrative MG Machine Gun
Adv Gd Advance Guard Mil Military
Am Ammunition Mort Mortar
Ap Airplane MP Military Police
Armd Armored MT Motor Transport
Arty Artillery Mtcl Motorcycle
Ash Airship Mtr Motor
AT Antitank Mtz Motorized
Avn Aviation Nav Naval
AWS Aircraft Warning Service NCO Noncommissioned Officer
Btry Battery Obsn Observation
BC Battery Commander Ord Ordnance
Bdg Bridge Pers Personnel, Person
Bin Balloon Photo Photography
Bn Battalion Pon Ponton
CA Coast Artillery Prcht Parachute
Cal Caliber Pvt Private
Cam Camouflage PW Prisoner of War
Cav Cavalry PX Post Exchange
Civ Civil, Civilian
QMC Quartermaster Corps
Clo Clothing
Cml Chemical R Rifle
Com Communication Rad Radio
Comd Command Rcn Reconnaissance
Com Z Communications Zone Regt Regiment
CP Command Post RR Railroad
Cpl Corporal SA Small Arms
CWS Chemical Warfare Service Sgt Sergeant
Div Division Sig Signal
Elec Electrical Sig C Signal Corps
Engr Engineers SL Searchlight
FA Field Artillery SR Sound Ranging
FR Flash Ranging Surv Surveying
Ft Fortification Tac Tactical, Tactics
G Gun Tech Technical
Ger German (no authorized source) Tg Telegraph
GHQ General Headquarters Tk Tank
Govt Government Tng Training
H Cav Horse Cavalry T of Opns Theater of Operations
H-Dr Horse-drawn
HE High Explosive Top Topographical
Hq Headquarters Trans Transportation
Inf Infantry Tp Telephone
Inst Instrument Trac Tractor
Lt Lieutenant Trk Truck
LM Land Mine US United States
Maj Major USA United States Army
Math Mathematics (no authorized Vet Veterinary
source) Z of I Zone of the Interior

* Based on AR 850-150, 1-2, 14 Aug 1943; and FM 21-30, Oct 1943.



Abbau A Abfrageklinke
Abbau m dismantling (a structure, Abendgesellschaftsanzug m special
etc.); mining (ore). evening dress uniform.
abbauen to dismantle (a structure, Abfahrt / departure, start; downhill
etc.); to mine (ore). run (skiing).
abbefbrdern evacuate (PW, wounded, Abfahrtzeit / time of departure, time
etc.). of starting; time of descent (skiing).
Abbildung / illustration, figure, dia Abfallm waste; drop (Elec).
gram. abfalien to slope (Top).
abbinden to tie, lash (Tp wire). abfallendes Gelande sloping terrain.
abblasen to release gas (CWS). abfangen pull out, level off, flatten
abblenden dim (a light). out (Avn); intercept (Tac).
"Abblenden!" "Out of action!" (AA
SL). Abfangradius m pull-out radius (in
Abblendlicht n dim light (on auto dive bombing).
headlight). Abfangwalze / front roller, roller
abbrechen break off; cease; withdraw. bumper (MT, Tk).
das Lager abbrechen to break camp, Abfederung/ spring system, suspen
das Gefecht abbrechen to withdraw sion (MT).
from action. abfertigen to dispatch (messages, ve
Abbrechen des Gefechts withdrawal hicles, trains, etc.); to process for
from action. further disposition.
abbremsen to brake. Abfertigungsgebaude n control tower
Abbremsvorrichtung/ arresting gear '(Adrm).
(aircraft carrier). abfeuern to fire.
abbriicken dismantle (a, bridge). Abfeuerungseinrichtung / release
Abdachung/ slope (Top). mechanism (Mart).
Abdeckplatte / cover plate (G). Abfeuerungshebel TO firing lever (G).
abdichten to seal, calk, pack. Abfeuerungsverbindung / firing cir
Abdichtung gegen Kampfgas gas- cuit for machine gun ,or gun (Tk).
proofing (CWS). Abfeuerungsvorrichtung / firing
Abdichtungsring m sealing ring, mechanism.
washer. Abfindung/ pay and/or reimburse
abdienen complete a period of service. ment, financial settlement.
Abdrift/ drift (Avn, Nav). Abflug m take-off (Avn); going flight,
Abdriftmesser m driftmeter (Ap). departing flight, receding flight
Abdriftplatz m landing area, jump (AAA).
area (Prcht troops). Abfluggeschwindigkeit / take-off
Abdriftvisier n driftmeter (Ap). speed.
abdrosseln to throttle (an engine). Abflugleistung / ' take-off rating.
abdriicken to fire, i.e. pull (a trig Abfrageapparat m operator's tele
ger); press (a, button). phone.
Abdriickvorrichtung / release mecha Abfrageklinke / operator's answering
nism (G). jack.
abfragen abnehmen
abfragen inquire as to party or line abkommandieren to detach, to detail.
desired (Tp). Abkommen n deviation; agreement,
abfiittern to feed (an animal). convention; point of aim (at instant
Abgangsfehler ra jump, vertical jump of firing).
(Arty). das Abkommen melden to call the
Abgangsfehlerwinkel in angle of shot.
jump, jump, vertical jump (Arty). abkommen deviate.
Abgangsrichtung / line of departure Abkommpunkt m point of called shot,
(Ballistics). point of aim.
Abgangswinkel m quadrant angle of Abkommrohr n subcaliber tube
departure (Ballistics). (G).
Abgase npl exhaust gases, waste AbkommschieBen n subcaliber firing,
gases. subcaliber practice.
Abgasturbine / exhaust turbine (Ap). Abkriimmen n trigger squeeze.
abgeflacht flattened, flat. abkriimmen to squeeze (a trigger).
abgeflachter Teil der Patrone me- Abladekommando n unloading detail.
plat (SA Am). abladen unload, detruck, detrain.
abgekampft battle-weary. Ablage / dump.
abgejagt winded, worn out. Ablagerungszaun m drift fence (a
abgenutzt worn, worn out, worn type of snow fence for winter opera
away; eroded (G barrel). tions).
Abgeschobener m evacuee. AblaBschraube / drain plug.
abgesessen dismounted (Pers). Ablaut' m completion, termination;
abgesondert detached (unit, etc.). launching, starting.
abgestellt parked. Ablaufbahn/ runway (Adrm); land
abgetragen worn (do). ing ramp (for seaplanes).
abgiefien to spray chemical warfare Ablaufbergm hump, incline (RR).
agents (Avn). Ablaufposten m bridge-traffic control
Abgleitschienen fpl bullet-deflection post.
rails (Tk). Ablaufventil n relief valve (Hydrau
abgreifen to transfer map distances lics).
with compass or dividers, to plot (in ablauschen listen in, intercept (Rad).
this sense). ablaut en -to ring off (Tp).
Abgreifen der Entfernung measuring ableiten divert (a stream, etc.).
map range with dividers or compass. Ableitung/ derivation; derivative
Abgrenzung / demarcation, delimita (Math); leakage (Elec).
tion. Ablenkung/ diversion (Tac); deflec
abhiingen take off (a pack); unhook tion, refraction.
(a trailer); hang up (Tp); overtake Ablenkungsangriff m diversion, feint
and leave behind (slang). attack (Tac).
abhauen to cut down; to "beat it" Ablesemarke / index line, index
(slang). mark.
abheben lift up; pull up, take off ablesen to read (instruments, etc.).
(Avn). Ablesfehler TO index error.
Abholkommando n party detailed to Ablesung/ setting, reading.
fetch anything; aircraft ferrying de abliefern deliver.
tachment. Ablosung/ relief (Tac).
abhoren intercept, listen in, monitor ablosen relieve, take over.
(Rad, Tp). Abmarsch TO half-squad (Cav);
Abhb'rgef ahr / danger of interception departure, start.
(Tp, Bad). abmarschbereit ready to start.
Abhbrstelle / intercept station (Sig Abmarschf iihrer m half-squad leader
C); monitoring station (Rad). (Cav).
abkippen wing over (Avn); withdraw abmarschieren depart, start the
from action (slang). march.
abklemmen disconnect from binding abnehmen remove, take off; decrease;
post (Elcc). accept, take.
Abnutzung abspannen
Abnutzung/ erosion, wear; wear and Abschleppen n towing.
tear; attrition. Abschleppgerat n towing equipment.
Abnutzung des Rohres erosion of the Abschleppkommando n recovery
bore. party, wrecking section.
Abnutzungskampf m battle of attri Abschleppkraftwagen m wrecking
tion. truck.
Abort m toilet, latrine. Abschleppzug m wrecker platoon,
abprallen to ricochet. maintenance platoon (MT).
Abpraller m ricochet. AbschluBpIattchen n base cover (Am).
AbprallerschieBen n ricochet fire. abschmieren lubricate.
Abprallwinkel m angle of ricochet. abschneiden to cut off, isolate (Tac);
abprotzen uncouple, unlimber (Arty). to cut (wire, etc.).
Abregnenw aerial spraying (CWS). Abschnitt m sector, phase (Tac) ;
abrciBen to rip, tear off. area, section.
AbreiBknopf m fuze-cord button Abschnittsgrenze / sector boundary.
(hand grenade). Abschnittsreserve / sector reserve.
AbrelBschnur / rip cord (Prcht); abschnittsweise by sectors; in phases,
fuze cord (hand grenade). abschraubbar unscrewable, detach
AbreiBziinder m friction igniter, rip- able.
cord igniter. abschreiten pace off (a distance).
abriebbestiindig wear-resistant. Abschrif t / copy.
abriegeln to block, interdict, box in, Abschub m evacuation (of PW,
seal off (Tac); to bolt (a door, etc.). wounded, etc.); transportation to the
Abriegelungsfeuer n box barrage rear (of salvage, supplies, etc.).
(Arty). Abschubstelle / evacuation station.
Abriicken n departure. AbschuB m discharge (of a gun) ;
abrufen to ring off (Tp). downed enemy airplane; disabled tank
abriisten disarm. or vehicle.
Abriistung / disarmament. AbschuBentfernung / slant range to
abrutschen to slip (Avn). present position (at instant of firing)
sich seitlich abrutschen lassen to (AAA).
fall off (Avn). abschiissig steep (Top).
absacken to drop, pancake (Avn); to AbschuBpunkt m present position
founder, sink (slang). (at instant of firing) (AAA).
Absatteltrupp m unsaddling detail AbschuBrohr n projector (CWS, Sig).
(Cav). abschwachen reduce (Photo); weaken.
Absatz m berm (Ft); heel (of shoe); Absetzbewegung / withdrawal, dis
paragraph. engagement.
abschatzen to estimate (distance, absetzen, sich disengage, withdraw
etc.). (Tac); increase distance between air
Abscheren n shear (Mech). craft in flight.
abschieben evacuate; expel, deport. Absetzer m jumpmaster (Prcht
Abschiedm departure; discharge; troops).
resignation. Absetzgelande n landing area (Prcht
ehrenvoller Abschied honorable dis troops).
charge. Absicht / intent, intention.
abschieBen to down, to shoot down absitzen dismount (from H or ve
(an Ap); to disable, put out of action hicle); do time, serve, a sentence.
(a Tk or vehicle); to shoot (a person). absondern isolate (Med); divide, sep
abschirmen to blanket, screen, cover, arate; segregate (PW).
protect, shield. Absonderung/ isolation (Mod); divi
Abschirmung / shielding, screening sion, separation; segregation (PW).
(Rad). Absonderungsabteilung / isolation
abschlachten to massacre, slaughter. quarters (Med).
abschlagen repel; reject. abspannen relieve strain on wire by
Abschleppdienst m recovery service, tying (Tp); relieve tension, unhar
towing service (MT). ness, uncock, relax.
absperren Abwurfbehalter
absperren close or block (a road, Abteilungskommandeur m battalion
etc.); lock (a door, etc.); cut off, commander.
isolate (Tac). Abteilungsnachrichtenstaffel / bat
abspreizen to brace. talion communication section.
abspringen bail out, jump (Avn). Abteilungsstab m battalion head
Absprung m jump (Prcht). quarters.
Absprunghafen m jump-off base Abtransport m evacuation.
(Avn). abtransportieren evacuate.
Absprung mit verzogerter offnung abtrennen cut off, separate, isolate,
delayed jump (Prcht). disconnect.
abspulen ' unreel, unwind. "Abtreten!" "Dismissed!" (formal
abspiilen rinse out, wash out. style, to an individual). Compare
Abspuler m paying-out reel, axle of "Weggetreten!"
hand reel (Tp). abtreten lassen dismiss (an indi
Abspiiren n gas detection (CWS). vidual).
Abstand m distance (from front to Abtrift/ drift (Avn).
rear). See also Zeitabstand. Abtriftmesser m driftmeter (Avn).
Abstandslicht n marker light (MT). Abtriftvisier n See Abdriftvisier.
Abstandwerfen n pattern bombing. Abtriftwinkel m drift angle (Avn).
abstecken stake off (Engr, Surv);' abtrudeln go into a spin (Avn).
plot (a course, etc.); trace, tape off AbwalzstbBel m tappet rod (eccentric-
(a mine field, etc.). cam type).
Absteckpfahl m stake (Surv). abwarts downward, downhill.
absteifen to brace, stiffen. abwassern to drain (water).
absteigender Ast descending branch Abwehr/ defense, active defense;
(of trajectory). military security.
Abstellbahnhof m, railroad yard. Abwehrangelegenheiten fpl security
abstellen to park, stop; to turn off matters.
(an engine or motor). Abwehrdienst m counterintelligence.
Abstellgleis n classification track, Abwehrerfolgm defensive success.
siding (RR). Abwehrgeschii tz n antiaircraft gun.
Abstellplatz m parking place, park Abwehrkampf m defensive combat.
ing area, dispersal area (Adrm). AbwehrmaBnahme / defensive mea
abstimmen to tune (Rad). sure; security measure.
Abstimmkondensator m tuning con Abwehroffizier m security officer.
denser (Rad). Abwehrvorbereitung / defensive prep
Abstimmscharfe / selectivity, sharp aration, preparation of defensive
ness of resonance (Rad). measures.
Abstimmskala / tuning dial (Rad). Abwehrwaffe/ defensive arm; de
Abstimmspule / tunmg coil (Rad). fensive weapon.
abstreifen to patrol (a road, area, abwehrweise defensively.
etc.). Abwehrzone / defensive zone.
abstufen graduate (into degrees). abweichen deviate.
Absturz m crash, plunge (Avn). abweichende Anfangsgeschwindigkeit
zum Absturz bringen to down (an velocity error.
Ap). Abweichung/ deviation, deflection,
absuchen to search, sweep. error.
Abszisse / abscissa, X-coordinate. abweiseii repel.
Abtastdose / pick-up unit (record Abweiserm fender; recoil guard (G *
player). mount).
Abteilung/ battalion (Cav, Arty, abwerfen to drop, jettison (Avn).
Armd Comd); detachment, unit abwesend absent.
(Tac); department, section (Adm). Abwind m descending air current
"Abteilung, Halt!" "Squad (company, (Met).
detail, etc.), halt!" Abwurfm release (bombing). See
Abteilungsadjutant in battalion ad also Wurf.
jutant. Abwurfbehalter m slip tank, belly
Abwurfgerat Aktionsradius
tank (Ap); aerial delivery unit (air Achsfederung / axle suspension.
borne operations). Achslagerw axle bearing.
Abwurfgerat n bomb-release mech Achsmutter / axle nut.
anism (Ap). Achsschenkel m wheel spindle (MT).
Abwurfgondel / See Abwurfkiste.
Abwurfhb'he / bombing altitude, Achsschenkellenkung / steering-
bomb-release altitude (Avn). knuckle type of steering, Ackerman
steering (MT).
Abwurfkiste / aerial delivery con
tainer (airborne operations). Achsschwingschenkel m wheel spindle
Abwurfmeldung/ drop message. (G).
Abwurfpatrone / message container AchssitzempJ axle seats (for gun
(for drop message) (Avn). ners).
Abwurfschacht m bomb rack (Ap). Achssturz m pivot inclination, king
Abwurfstelle / message-dropping pin inclination (MT).
ground; drop point (airborne sup Achszapfen m kingpin, steering
ply)- knuckle pivot (MT).
Abwurfvorrichtung / bomb-release Achszapfensturz m -pivot inclination,
mechanism (Ap). kingpin inclination (MT).
Abwurfyielgertit n bomb sight (Ap). Achterzelt n eight-man tent.
abwiirgen to stall (an-engine). Achtganggetriebe n eight-speed
"Abzahlen!" "Count off!" transmission (MT).
Abzeichentt badge, device, emblem, "Achtung!" "Attention!", "Caution!",
insignia; marking (Ap, Tk). "Danger!", "Look out!"
abziehen pull (a trigger); withdraw "Achtung! Prasentiert das, Gewehr!"
(Tac); hone, whet, sharpen; make a "Present, Arms!"
print (Photo); subtract, deduct, draw Adamsitm adamsite (CWS).
off. Aderpresse / tourniquet.
Ab/ug m trigger (SA); withdrawal Adjutant m adjutant, aide, aide-de
(Tac); contact print (Photo); deduc camp, executive officer.
tion (of pay, etc.). Adjutantur / Adjutant's Office (de
Abzugsbugelm trigger guard (R). partment of the Oberkommando des
Abzugsfeder / sear spring (R). Heeres serving as central clearing
Abzugsgabel / trigger-sear fork (R). office for routine matters; in no sense
Abzugsgewicht n trigger pull (SA). equivalent to US Adjutant General's
Abzugsgriffm lanyard handle (G). Department); personnel group of
Abzugshebel m trigger lever (MG) ; general staff sections (in army, corps,
firing lever (G). and Div).
Abzugsschiene / trigger bar (AA Adler m eagle.
gun). Admiral m admiral.
Abzugsschnur / lanyard (Ord). Afrikakampfer m veteran of the
Abzugsstange / sear -(pistol). African Campaign.
Abzugsstiftm trigger pin (R). Aggregate unit, set; charging unit
Abzugsstollen m sear, sear nose (R). (Elec).
Abzugsstiickw trigger piece, firing Ago name of an aircraft manufactur
lever (G). ing company.
Abzugsvorrichtung / trigger mech Akjam boat-type runner (placed im-
anism (SA); firing mechanism (Ord). der gun wheels for operations in deep
Abzugswelle/ firing rod (AA gun). snoiv; also used as a, swamp convey
Abzweigung/ branch; junction line ance for wounded, etc.).
(RR). Akten fpl documents, records, papers,
Achsantriebm axle drive (MT). file.
Achsdruckm axle load (MT). Aktenmaterial n official documents.
Achse/ axis; ordinate; axle; shaft. Aktenschrank m, filing cabinet.
Achsel/ shoulder. See also Schulter. Aktionsbereich m See Fahrbereich,
Achsenverschrankbarkeit / angle of Flugbereich, etc.
axle swing (MT). Aktionsradius m See Wirkungsbe-
Achsfeder / axle spring. reich.
aktiv anfordern
aktiv active; regular. Amphibienkampfwagen m amphibian
aktive Truppe line troops, combat tank.
troops. Amt n office, bureau; administrative
akustische Ortung sound location, function; telephone central.
acoustic orientation (AAA), amtlich official.
Alarm m alarm; air-raid warning. AmtsanschlieBer m telephone-ex
"Alarm aus!" "All clear!" change connecting device (connects
alarmbereit on the alert. field Tp with country-wide network).
Alarmbereitschaft / alert, stand-by. Amtswalter m administrator (Reich
Alarmplatzm alarm station. Labor Service).
AlarmschuBgerat n trip-wire alarm. Amtszusatz m telephone-exchange
Alkalipatrone / alkali cartridge (oxy auxiliary set (connects field central
gen breathing apparatus). ivith country-wide network).
Alleinflug m solo flight. Anaglypt n anaglyph (Surv).
allgemeines Aufgebot levee en masse. Analphabet m illiterate.
Allgemeines Heeresamt General Anblasrichtung / direction of air flow
Army Office (central section in rear (Avn).
echelon of Oberkommando des Anderthalbdecker m sesquiplane.
Heeres) (abbr. AHA). Anderungsgeschwindigkeit / remain
Allgemeines Luftamt General Air ing velocity (Ballistics).
Office (section of Ger Air Ministry). andrehen to crank, to turn over (an
Allgemeines Wehrmachtamt General engine).
Office of the Armed Forces (central Andrehkurbel / crank (MT).
section in rear echelon of Oberkom Anerkennung / recognition, acknowl
mando der Wehrmacht). edgment.
allgemeingiiltige Aiiordnungen gen Anerkennungsschreiben n commenda
eral orders. tion.
Allradantrieb m all-wheel drive (MT). Anfahrtsgang m low gear (MT, Tk).
Alp/ mountain pasturage. Anfallm surprise attack, raid.
Alter n age. Anfangsbuchstabe m initial, first let
Altersgrenze / age limit. ter.
Alterungsbestandigkeit / resistance Anfangsdrall m initial twist (Ord).
to aging. Anfangsgeschwindigkeit / initial ve
alte Wache old guard. locity, muzzle velocity (Ballistics).
Altgummi n-m scrap rubber. Anfangsladung / initial charge.
Altmaterial n junk, scrap, waste. Anfangsstellung / initial position.
Altmetall ?i scrap metal. Anfeuerung / combustible composi
Alulegierung / See Aluminiumlegie- tion (in a flare cartridge).
rung. Anfeuerungssatz m booster charge
Aluminiumlegierung / aluminum (Am).
alloy. anfliegen to approach (a target)
Amatol n amatol (Am). (Avn).
AmboB m anvil (Am). Anflugm coming flight (AAA); ap
amboBformiger Kumulo-Nimbus in proach run (bombing); approach
cus (Met). flight (Avn).
AmboBschraube / threaded anvil Anfluggrundlinie / . principal course
. (Am). of approach (Inst landing).
Ammoniumpikrat n ammonium pic- Anflugkursm approaching course
rate (Am). (Avn).
Ammonpulver n ammonal (Am). Anflugrichtung / direction of ap
Ammonsalpeter-Sprengmittel n am proach (Avn).
monium nitrate explosive. Anflugsektor m on-course zone (Inst
Amperemeter n ammeter. landing); approach zone (Adrm).
Amperezahl / amperage. Anflugwinkel m ap'proach angle,
Amphibienflugzeug n amphibian air angle of approach (Avn).
plane. anfordern to requisition (Adm).
Anforderung Ankerwinde
Anforderung / requisition. Angriffstruppen/pZ attack units, at
Anforderungszeichen n requisition tack troops.
number. Angriffsverlauf m progress of an at
Anfiihrerm file leader. tack.
Angaben/pZ data, statements. Angriffsversuch m. attempted attack.
Angehoriger m member; relative. Angriffswelle / attack wave, attack
die nachsten Angehb'rigen next of ing echelon.
1 kin. Angriffsziel n objective (of attack).
erstes Angriffsziel immediate objec
angelehnt supported by, in contact tive.
with, covered by (Tac).
Angriff szwischenziel n intermediate
angelehnter Fliigel supported flank. objective.
"Angetreten!" "Fall in!" (at atten Anhaltm guide, general principle.
tion). Anhaltspunkt m check point (Gun
angliedern to attach. nery, Air Navigation, Surv); item in
angreifen to attack. a check list (combat orders).
Angreifer m attacker, aggressor. Anhangm appendix (to a, manual,
angrenzend adjacent. etc.).
Angriff m attack (Tac); charge Anhangelast / trailer load (MT).
(Cav). Anhangen n See Vermessung durch
Angriff auf Stellungen attack of or Anhangen.
ganized positions. Anhanger m trailer (MT); tender
Angriff aus der Bewegung attack (RR); tie-on tag.
from march column. Anhangezettel m tie-on tag.
Angriff mit begrenztem Ziel limited Anhaufung / accumulation, concen
attack, attack with limited objective. tration, piling up.
Angriffsabschnitt m attack sector, Anhb'he / height, hill, rise.
zone of action in attack. Anker m armature, rotor (Elec); an
Angriffsart / form of attack, form of chor (Nav).
offensive action. Ankerachse/ armature shaft (field
Angriffsbefehl m attack order. Tp).
Angriffsbeginn m time of attack. Ankerbalken m anchor stock.
Angriffsbereitstefllung / assembly Ankerflunken m anchor fluke.
(area) for attack. Ankergrundm anchorage (Nav).
Angriffsbreite / frontage in attack, Ankerlicht n anchor light.
attack frontage (Tac). Ankerlichten n weighing anchor.
Angriffsflug m air-attack flight, raid Ankerlinie/ line of anchors (Bdg).
(Avn). Ankermine/ anchored mine, moored
Angriffsflugel m attacking wing. mine.
Angriffsform / form of attack; at Ankermast m mooring mast.
tack formation. Ankerpfahlm anchor stake (for a
angriffsfreudig aggressive. guy line).
Ankerplatte/ anchor plate (part of
Angriffsgefecht n offensive combat. a clockwork fuze).
Angriffsgeliinde n terrain of attack, Ankerplatzm anchorage (Nav).
attack zone. Ankerrodel m anchor rack stick
Angriffsgraben m assault trench. (Bdg).
Angriffsgruppe / attack group, at Ankerrute/ anchor shank.
tack echelon. Ankerseil n guy line.
An griff shandlun g / offensive action. Ankerstelle/ anchorage (Nav).
Angriffshohe / air-attack altitude, Ankerstich m anchor hitch.
bombing altitude (Avn). Ankersucher m grapnel.
angriffslustig aggressive. Ankertauw anchor cable.
Angriffsplan m plan of attack. Ankerturm m mooring tower.
Angriffsrichtung / direction of at Ankerwellef armature shaft (Elec).
tack. Ankerwicklung / armature winding.
Angriflfsstreifen m attack sector. Ankerwinde / capstan.
Anklage 8 AnschluBklemme
Anklage/ charge, complaint. Anodenverlustleistung / plate dissi
anklammern to cling tenaciously, to pation (Rad).
hold fast. Anorak m parka (Clo).
ankleben to paste, adhere, stick, Anordnung / order.
fasten with adhesive. anpassen adapt, blend (Cam).
Ankiindigung/ announcement, bulle Anpeilen n taking of bearings, radio
tin, notice. direction finding (Avn).
Ankiindigungskommando n prepara anpirschen to creep up, to stalk.
tory command. Anrecht n claim.
Ankiindigungssignal n warning sig Anregungsmittel n stimulant.
nal. anrichten to sight, sight in, align; to
Ankunft / arrival. cause (damage, etc.).
ankurbeln to crank. anrollen to roll along runway (on
Anlage/ installation; annex, inclo- take-off run).
sure (in a manual). Anruf m call, call-up (Rad, Tp);
anlassen to start (an engine); to challenge.
temper (steel). Anrufantwort / answer to call-up
Anlasserm starter (Mtr). (Rad).
AnlaBknopf m starter button (Mtr). Anrufklappe/ switchboard drop (Tp).
AnlaBmotor m starter motor (Mtr). Anrufsschauzeichen n incoming-call
AnlaBpatrone / cartridge for car signal light (Tp).
tridge starter (Mtr). Anrufzeichen n call signal (Tp).
AnlaBpistole / cartridge starter Ansammlung / concentration (Tac).
(Mtr). Ansatzfliigel m stub wing (Ap).
Anlafischalter m starter switch Ansaugetakt m intake stroke, suction
(Mtr). stroke (Mtr).
Anlauf m take-off run (Avn). Ansaughub m intake stroke (Mtr).
Anlaufstrecke / take-off distance Ansaugkriimmer m air-intake horn
(Avn). (carburetor).
anliiuten to ring (Tp). Ansaugleitung / intake duct (Mtr,
anlegen to aim (R); to dock; to put Ft).
ashore; to construct. Ansaugrohrw intake pipe (Mtr).
Anlegepunkt m aiming point. Ansaugung / suction.
Anlegestelle / pier, wharf. anschaffen procure,
anleuchten illuminate. anschalten connect, switch on; tap
Anmarsch m approach, approach (a wire).
march, advance (Tac). Anreicherung / concentration (CWS).
Anmarschwegm approach, approach Anschauungsmittel npl illustrative
route. material, demonstration material
anniihernd approximate. (Tng aids).
Annaherung / approach. AnschieBen n harmonization (Ord).
Annaherungsformation/ approach anschieBen to sight in.
march formation. Anschlag m aiming or firing posi
Annaherungsmarsch m approach tion with rifle or machine gun; stop
march (Tac). (Ord).
Annahme/ assumption; acceptance, anschlagen to post (a notice, etc.).
reception. Anschlagsart / firing position (of the
Annahmestelle / recruiting office; re soldier).
ceiving office (letters, etc.). Anschlagtafel / bulletin board.
Anode/ plate, anode (Elec). Anschlagwinkel m try square.
Anodenbatterie / plate battery, "B" anschlieBen join, close up, connect.
battery (Bad). AnschluB m liaison, support, contact
Anodengleichspannung / direct plate (Tac); connection, junction, coup
voltage (Rad). ling.
Anodenkreism plate circuit (Rad). AnschluBbahnhof m junction (RR).
Anodenriickkopplung / plate feedback AnschluBklemme / binding post
coupling1 (Rad). (Elec).
Anschluftklinke Anweisung
AnschluBklinke / line jack, station- Antenne/ antenna, aerial.
line jack (Tp). Antenne mit Rundwirkung omnidi
AnschluBmann m connecting file. rectional antenna.
AnschluBpunkt m connecting point AntennenanschluB m antenna bind
(in axes of Sig Com). ing post.
AnschluBschnur / connecting cord Antennen-AnschluBbuchse / See An-
(Elec). tennenbuchse.
AnschluBstecker m plug, connecting Antennenbuchse / antenna jack.
plug (Elec, Tp). Antennengebilden antenna array,
AnschluBstiick n connecting piece, antenna structure, antenna system.
joint, coupling, union. Antennengerat n antenna outfit, an
AnschluBteil der Garbe margin of tenna equipment.
the sheaf of fire. Antennenhaspel / antenna reel (Ap).
Anschnallgurt m safety belt (Avn). Antennenkapazitat / antenna capaci
Anschneidelinie / line of intersection. tance.
Anschneiden n intersection (Surv). Antennenkondensator m antenna con
anschneiden to intersect; determine denser.
a fix (air navigation); obtain a bear Antennenkopplung / antenna cou
ing (Rad, FR). pling.
Anschnitte mpl cross bearings. Antennenkreis m antenna circuit.
AnschuB m sighting shot. Antennenleistung / antenna power.
ansetzen launch, commit (Tac); ram Antennenmast m antenna mast.
(G). Antennenspule / antenna tuning coil.
Ansetzerm rammer ('G,). Antennenstab m antenna rod.
Ansichtsskizze / panoramic sketch Antennenstellung / directional posi
(Top). tion of the antenna.
Ansprache/ designation (of a tar Antennenstromanzeiger m antenna
get). ammeter.
Anspruch m claim. Antennenwiderstand m antenna re
Anstalt/ institution, establishment, sistance.
station. Antiflatterbock m antishimmy
anstauen to dam up, flood. shackle (MT).
Anstauung / damming, flooding; Antragm request; recommendation,
flooded area. suggestion, proposal.
anstechen to tie, fasten, hitch. antreiben to drive, impel, propel.
Ansteckblech n float plate (on a trail antreten to fall in; begin (an assign
spade). ment); assume (duties, etc.).
anstecken to attach, fasten, hitch; to "Antreten!" "Fall in!" (not at atten- .
infect. tion).
ansteckende Krankheit communicable Antriebm drive (Meek).
disease, contagious disease. Antriebsachse / driving axle (MT).
Ansteckung / infection. Antriebsart/ type of drive (MT).
Anstellwinkel m angle of pitch, blade Antriebskegelrad n bevel drive pinion
angle (propeller); angle of attack (differential gear).
(Avn). Antriebsradw drive wheel (MT).
Ansteuerungsfeuer n directional bea Antriebsritzel m starter pinion (on
con (Avn). armature shaft of starter).
anstreichen run weapon up and down Antriebswelle / drive shaft.
side of tree, etc., (to find firing sup Antriebszahnrad n drive gear (MT).
port) ; to paint. A.N.-Verfahren n A.N. method (of
Anstrich m paint. instrument landing).
Anstromrichtung / direction of air anvisieren to sight at.
flow (Avn). AnwarmeschuB m warming-up shot.
anstiirmen to assault, attack, charge. Anwarter m candidate; cadet.
ansuchen to request. anweisen to direct, instruct, allot.
Ansumpfung/ inundation, inundated Anweisung / directive; instructions;
anwerfen 10 Arsin
anwerfen to crank (an engine). Armee/ army (a tactical unit, dis
Anzapfleitung / power lead-in (Rad). tinguished from Heer, the Army).
Anzeiger m indicator, marker. Armeebefehl m army field order.
Anzeigerschiene / indicator slide Armeebekleidungsamt n army cloth
(MG). ing depot.
Anziehungskraft / force of attrac Armeebriefstelle / army postal sta
tion. tion.
anzielen to sight, to aim. Armeefeldlazarett n army surgical
Anzugm uniform; suit of clothes. hospital.
anziinden to ignite, light. Armeegebiet n army area.
Aphongetriebe n constant-mesh Armeegruppe / task force usually
transmission (MT). comprising one army and miscella
Apotheker m pharmacist. neous units.
Apparattornister m instrument case Armeeintendant m army intendant
(portable Rad). (Adm official at army Hq in charge
Apparatur / chassis (Rad); fixtures of rations, clothing, equipment, pay,
(Tech). etc.).
Appellm roll call; muster; inspec Armeekartenlager n army map depot.
tion. Armeekorps n army corps.
Aquadag m aquadag (lubricant). Armeekraftfahrpark m army motor
Arado name of an aircraft manufac transport park.
turing company. Armeemunitionslager n army ammu
Araometer m -hydrometer. nition depot.
Arbeiten fpl works (Ft). Armeenachrichtenabteilung / army
Arbeitsanzug m fatigue uniform, signal battalion.
work uniform. Armeenachrichtenregiment n army
Arbeitsdienst m See Reichsarbeits- signal regiment.
dienst. Armeenachschubfiihrer m commander
Arbeitsdiensipflicht / liability to la of army services of supply (also
bor service. known as Kommandeur der Armee-
Arbeitsfiihrer m captain (Reich La nachschubtruppen).
bor Service). Armeeoberkommando n high com
Arbeitsgeschiitz n roving gun (Arty). mand of an army, army headquar
Arbeitshub m power stroke (Mtr). ters (abbr. OAK).
Arbeitskommando n fatigue detail. Armeesanitatsabteilung / army medi
Arbeitslager n labor camp. cal battalion.
Arbeitsmannm workman (Reich La Armeeverpflegungsamt n office of
bor Service). army ration supply.
Arbeitsspiel n functioning, action Armeeverpflegungslager n army ra
(Mech). tion-supply depot.
Arbeitstakt m power stroke (Mtr). Armel m sleeve (Clo).
Arbeitsurlaub m leave for purposes Armelaufschlag m cuff (Clo).
of war work. Armelabzeichen n sleeve badge.
arbeitsverwendungsfahig fit for labor Armelpatte / cuff patch.
duty only (abbr. a.v.). Armschiene/ splint (for arm frac
a.v. Heimat fit for labor duty in ture).
zone of interior only. Armzeichen n arm and hand signal,
Arktik/ smoke acid for use in ex arm signal.
tremely cold weather (CWS). Arrestant m person under arrest.
arktische Kaltluft polar air (Met). Arrestanstalt / military prison.
Armaturenbrett n instrument board, Arrestlokal n detention room, guard
instrument panel. house cell, guardhouse.
Armauflage / elbow rest (trench or Arreststrafe / confinement, sentence
firing pit). of confinement.
Armband n See Armbinde. Arrestraum im Lazarett detention
Armbanduhr / wrist watch. ward.
Armbinde / arm band, brassard. Arsin n arsine (CWS).
Art 11 Atemsack
Art / kind, manner, method, type. Artilleriesperrfeuer n artillery bar
Art. B.-Stelle / See Artilleriebeobach- rage.
tungsstelle. Artilleriestaffel / artillery train.
Artillerie / artillery. Artillerieunterstiitzung / artillery
leichte Artillerie light artillery. support.
schwere Artillerie medium artillery. Artillerieverbindungskommando n ar
schwerste Artillerie heavy artillery. tillery liaison command post, artil
Artillerieabteilung / artillery bat lery liaison detachment.
talion. Artillerieverbindungsoffizier m artil
Artillerieaufmarsch m moving up to lery liaison officer.
positions (Arty). Artillerievermessung / artillery sur
Artilleriebekampfung / counterbat- vey.
tery fire. Artillerievermessungstrupp m artil
Artilleriebeobachter m artillery ob lery survey section.
server, spotter. Artillerievorbereitung / artillery
Artilleriebeobachtungsabteilung / ob preparation.
servation battalion (Arty). Artilleriezugmaschine / artillery
Artilleriebeobachtungsstelle / artil prime mover.
lery observation post. Artillerist m artilleryman.
ArtilleriebeschuB m artillery fire. artilleristische Aufklarung artillery
Artillerieeinschlag m shell hit, shell reconnaissance.
burst, point of impact (Arty). artilleristische Punktempl artillery
Artillerieflieger mpl artillery recon reference points.
naissance aviation. Arznei / drug, medicine, medicament.
Artillerieflug m artillery mission Arzneikasten m medicine chest.
(Ami). Arzneikiste / See Arzneikasten.
Artillerieflugzeugw artillery observa Arzneimittel n medicine, medicament.
tion airplane. Arzt m doctor, medical officer.
Artilleriefiihrer m division artillery Arztliche Akademie der Luftwaffe
commander (special staff Arty officer school of aviation medicine.
and Arty commander at Div Hq). arztliche Behandlung medical treat
Artilleriegliederung / organization of ment, medical attendance.
artillery. arztliche Untersuchung / medical
Artilleriegruppe / artillery group, ar examination, physical examination.
tillery groupment. Asbest m asbestos.
Artilleriekolonne / ammunition sup Askulapstab m caduceus.
ply column (Arty). Assistenzarzt m second lieutenant
Artilleriekommandeur m corps artil (Med).
lery commander (in GHQ pool); divi Astm branch; knot (in wood).
sion artillery commander (when Astro m celestial navigator (Avn
GHQ artillery is attached). slang).
Hoherer Artilleriekommandeur spe astronomische Navigation celestial
cial staff artillery officer (at army navigation (Avn).
Hq). astronomischer MeBzug m astronom
Artillerienachrichtenstelle / artillery ical survey platoon.
intelligence center. Astverhau m dead abatis made of
Artillerienachrichtentrupp m artillery tree branches.
intelligence section. Atemeinsatz m filter element (gas
Artilleriepark m artillery equipment mask).
park. Atemgerat n oxygen apparatus
Artilleriepunkttafel / point-designa (Avn).
tion crid. Atemmaske/ oxygen mask (Avn).
Artillerierechenschieber m graphical Atemmundstiick n mouthpiece (oxy
firing table. gen breathing apparatus).
Artilleriespahtrupp m artillery recon Atemsack m respirator bag (oxygen
naissance detail. breathing apparatus).
Atemschlauch 12 Auflaufstiick
Atemschlauch m hose (gas mask, oxy aufkliiren reconnoiter, scout, observe,
gen breathing apparatus). patrol.
Athylarsindichlorid n ethyldichlorar- Aufkliirer m scout, observer; recon
sine, ED (CWS). naissance airplane.
Athyldichlorarsin n ethyldichlorar- Aufkliirertatigkeit / reconnaissance
sine, ED (CWS). (Ger abbr. Dick). activity, patrol activity.
Attacke / charge (Cav). Aufklarung/ reconnaissance (Tac).
Attrappe / dummy (target, vehicle, Auf klarungsabteilung / reconnais
etc.). sance battalion.
atzender Kampfstoff vesicant, vesi Aufklarungsbreite / width of recon
cant agent, blister agent, blister gas. naissance sector (in which Obsn Bn
Atzmittel n caustic. locates targets).
Atznatron n lye, caustic soda, sodium Aufklarungsergebnis n results of re
hydroxide. connaissance.
Aubo-Pahre / outboard-motor ferry Aufklarungsflieger m aircraft
(Aubo = AuBenbord). observer; reconnaissance aircraft.
Aubomotor m outboard motor (Aubo Aufklarungsflug m reconnaissance
= Au£Senbord). mission, reconnaissance flight (Avn).
Audion n grid-leak detector, detector, Aufklarungsflugzeug m reconnais
2nd detector (Rad). sance airplane.
Aufbauwi body (MT); superstruc Aufklarungsgebiet n reconnaissance
ture, i.e. sponson and turret (Tk). area.
Aufbauliifter in ventilator (in Tk Aufklarungskorper mpl reconnais
sponson or turret). sance elements.
Aufbewahrung / storage. Aufklarungsmaterial n reconnais
aufbieten mobilize. sance information.
aufblasen innate, blow up. Aufklarungsraum m reconnaissance
Aufblitzen n flash (Arty fire). area.
aufbrauchen to exhaust, use up. Aufklarungsschwadron / reconnais
aufbrechen to depart, start. sance troop (Cav).
Aufbruchsort m departure point, Aufklarungsspahtrupp m reconnais
starting point. sance patrol.
Aufbruchszeit / departure time, Aufklarungsstaffel / reconnaissance
starting time. squadron (Avn).
aufbumsen collide, strike (slang). Aufklarungsstreifen m reconnais
Aufenthaltspunkt m stop (RR, MT). sance sector.
auffangen to detect (Rad) intercept, Aufklarungstiefe / reconnaissance
catch; to absorb (recoil, etc.). depth (in which, Obsn Bn locates tar
Auffangstellung / prepared position gets).
in rear, rear position (in defense). Aufklarungstrupp m reconnaissance
Auffangvorrichtung / buffer (G). patrol.
Aufklarungszug m scout car platoon;
auffinden to locate (a target). reconnaissance platoon.
Auffiihrender m corporal of the guard. Aufladekommando n loading detail.
Aufgabe/ mission, task, problem. Auflademotor m supercharged en
aufgeben abandon, give up; register gine (Avn).
(baggage, etc.); send (a telegram, aufladen to boost, supercharge; to
etc.). load.
Aufgebot m See allgemeines Aufge- Aufladung / detonating charge
bot. (blasting cap),
aufgesessen mounted (Pers). Auflageflache / bearing surface, con
Aufgleitfront / warm front ("Met,). tact surface.
Aufhakenn message pick-up (Avn). Auflagepunkt m center of tire impact
Aufhangeb'se / suspension lug (bomb). (MT); point of support (Tech).
Aufhangung/ suspension (of bombs, Auflager n pedestal, support (Bdg);
etc.). hanger bar (harness).
aufhetzen incite. Auflaufstiick n knuckle lug (G).
auflosen 13 Aufstellung
auflosen disintegrate, disband, dis Aufsatztrager m sight bracket, sight
solve, scatter, demobilize. support (G).
Aufmarsch m concentration or as Aufsatztrieb m elevation mechanism
sembly of troops for action; strategic (G).
concentration; moving up to posi Aufsatztrommel / angle-of-elevation
tions (Arty). dial (G).
Aufmarschgebiet n concentration Aufsatzwinkel m angle of elevation
area (Tac). (Gunnery); superelevation (AAA).
Aufmarschplan m plan for strategic Aufsatzwinkeltrieb m angle-of-eleva
concentration. tion mechanism (G).
Aufnahme/ covering force (reserve Aufsatzzeiger m telescope mount ref
force covering withdrawal from ac erence pointer (matches with Rohr-
tion); reception; photograph; taking zeiger when gun is laid for elevation).
up, establishment (of contact, etc.). aufschablonieren to stencil on.
Aufnahmefahigkeit / capacity (of aufschirren to harness.
roads, structures, etc.). Aufschlagm impact, percussion; cuff
Aufnahmehaken m pick-up hook (for (Clo).
message pick-up) (Ap). Aufschlaggelande n impact area.
Aufnahmering m receiving ring (AA Aufschlaggeschwindigkeit / striking
gun). velocity.
Aufnahmestellung / covering position Aufschlagpunkt m point of impact,
(covering withdrawal from action). objective point.
Aufnahmestreifen m tape (Tg prin Aufschlagweite / burst interval.
ter.) Aufschlagwinkel m angle of impact.
aufnehmen to record (sound, etc.); Aufschlagziinder m impact fuze, per
to receive, take up; to photograph; to cussion fuze.
survey; to establish (contact, etc.). Aufschlagziinder mit Verzogerung
aufpflanzen to fix bayonets. delay fuze.
aufprotzen to couple, limber, place a Aufschlagziinder ohne Verzogerung
gun in traveling position (Arty). nondelay fuze.
Aufrauhbiirste / rotary sweeper Aufschreiber m recorder (Arty).
(road construction). Aufschrumpfen n heat shrinking
aufraumen to clear away, mop up. (Ord).
aufrecht erect, upright. Aufschub m delay.
aufreiBen to rip, tear up. Aufschiittung/ fill (Engr, Top).
AufriB m design, sketch, vertical Aufsichtsturm m control tower
section. (Adrm).
aufrollen to roll up (Tac); to coil aufsitzen to mount (a horse or ve
(wire). hicle).
aufriicken to move up, advance. das Ziel aufsitzen lassen to hold be
Auf ruhr m riot. low the target in aiming.
Auf riistung / plank scaffolding (on a Aufspulerm reel (Tp).
Pan). Aufsteckschliissel m socket wrench.
Aufsatz m sight mount, telescope aufsteigen to ascend, mount, rise.
mount (in a loose sense, either the aufsteigender Ast ascending branch
optical sight alone or the entire sight (of trajectory).
assembly); essay, composition. Aufstellbahnhof m make-up yard
Aufsatzeinteilung / elevation gradu (RR).
ations (sight mount). aufstellen to post (a sentry); to acti
Aufsatzentfernung / corrected range vate or constitute (a unit); to em-
(Arty). place (a gun); to install (an engine,
Aufsatzerhohung / corrected eleva etc.); to mount (a gun); to place, to
tion (Arty). distribute (troops, etc.); to establish
Aufsatzgehause n sight-mount hous (an agency); to park (vehicles).
ing (G). Aufstellgleis n make-up track (RR).
Aufsatzstange / sight adjustment Aufstellung/ formation (of troops);
rod (G). initial organization (of a, unit); es-
Aufstellungsbefehl 14 Ausfertigung
tablishment (of an agency); disposi Augenschlitz m viewing slit (tele
tion (Tac). scopic sight).
Aufstellungsbefehl m initial organi Augenverbindung / visual communi
zation order (to activate a unit). cation.
Auf stromvergaser m updraft carbu Ausatemventil n outlet valve (gas
retor. mask).
Auftakt m initial phase (of an oper Ausbaum construction; improvement
ation). (of a position); dismantling, remov
auftanken refuel. ing, dismounting (of a gun, etc.).
Auftragm mission, task (Tac). ausbauen dismount (OrA); improve
"Auftrag erledigt!" "Mission accom (Ft); remove, dismantle.
plished!" Ausbilder m instructor.
Auftragserteilung / assignment of Ausbildung/ training, drill.
missions, assignment of tasks. Ausbildungsanweisungen fpl training
Auftragskarte / flight diagram order.
(aerial Photo). Ausbildungsgerat n training equip
Auftreffen n impact. ment, training instrument.
Auftreffgeschwindigkeit / striking Ausbildungslager n training camp.
velocity (of projectile). Ausbildungsplan m training schedule.
Auftreffpunkt m point of impact. Ausbildungsrichtlinien fpl training
Auftreffwinkel m angle of impact. outlines, training regulations.
Auftriebm buoyancy, lift (Avn). Ausbildungsstab m training staff.
Auftriebsmittelpunkt m center of lift Ausbildungsstufe / training phase.
(Avn). Ausbildungsvorschrift / training
Auf tritt m fire step. manual, drill regulations.
Aufwindm anabatic wind, up-slope Ausblickm objective lens (Optics);
wind. prospect, view.
Aufzeichnung / record, notation, Ausblickprismengehause n objective-
sketch. prism housing (BC telescope).
Aufziehachse / winding stem (on Ausblickstutzen m objective-lens
blasting machine, watch, etc.). socket (Optics).
aufziehen to mount (Photo); pull up, Ausbootung / debarkation.
lift, hoist; to mount (guard); to wind Ausbrennung/ barrel erosion, ero
(a watch, etc.). sion of the bore (Ord).
Auf ziehen der Wache guard mount. Ausbruch der Feindseligkeiten out
Aufziehleine / static line (Prcht). break of hostilities.
Aufzugm elevator, hoist. Ausbuchtung / salient.
Augenabstand m interpupillary dis Ausdauer / endurance.
tance (Optics). Ausdehnung/ frontage (Tac); ex
Augenaufklarung / visual reconnais pansion, extension, spreading.
auseinandergehen diverge, separate.
sance. auseinandernehmen to strip, dis
Augenblicksziel n fleeting target, assemble, dismantle, take apart.
transient target, fleeting objective. auseinanderziehen deploy, extend,
Augenblicksziinder m instantaneous spread out (Tac).
fuze, nondelay fuze, quick fuze. ausfahren to extend, to lower (Ap
Augenfenster n eyepiece (gas mask). landing gear, etc.); to ride out, drive
"Augen gerade, aus!" "Ready, front!" out.
"Augen, links!" "Eyes, left!" (strict Ausf ahrgleis n outgoing track (RR).
ly, "Die Augen, links!" to distinguish Ausfallm sortie (Tac); long lunge,
preparatory command from that in long thrust (bayonet thrust); casual
"Augen, rechts!"). ty ; failure, breakdown (of an engine,
Augenmuschel / eyeguard (Optics). etc.); gun out of battery (Arty).
'Augen, rechts!" "Eyes, right!" Ausfertigung/ drawing up, writing
Augenreizstoff m lacrimator (CWS). out (a report, etc.).
Augenringw, eyepiece frame of in dreifacher Ausfertigung in tripli
goggles (gas mask). cate.
ausfragen 15 Auslosung
ausfragen interrogate, question. Aushilfe / expedient, substitute, aux
ausf iihren accomplish, carry out, exe iliary.
cute. ausholen to lunge.
Ausfiihrung / execution, carrying ausklinken to release (bombs, etc.).
out; design, model (Tech). Auskolkung/ scour (in a river bed).
in zweifacher Ausfiihrung in dupli Auskreuzung/ bracing, cross brac-
cate. ing(Ap).
Ausfiihrungskommando n command auskundschaften to spy, to scout.
of execution (drill). Auskunft / information.
Ausgabe/ issue; edition. Auskunftsstelle / information center,
Ausgabestelle / point of issue, dis information office; control point.
tributing point. auskuppeln disengage the clutch.
Ausgang m departure, outcome, exit, Ausladebahnhof m detraining point,
outlet, start. railhead.
Ausgangslage / assault position Ausladeeinheit / unloading unit.
(Tac); starting position, original po Ausladegebiet n detrucking area.
sition. Ausladekommando n unloading detail.
Ausgangslinie / line of departure, ausladen to unload, detruck, detrain,
jump-off line. etc.
Ausgangsort m point of departure Ausladeplatz m detrucking point.
(air navigation). Auslader m stevedore.
Ausgangspunkt m initial point, ori Ausladespitze / railhead, truckhead.
gin, point of departure. Ausladestelle / detrucking point.
Ausgangsspannung / output voltage. Ausladeiibersicht / detraining or un
Ausgangsstellung / line of departure, loading table.
jump-off position (Tac). Ausland n foreign country.
Ausgangstransformator m output im Ausland abroad.
transformer (Rad). Ausliinder m alien, foreigner.
ausgeben to issue, distribute. feindlicher Auslander enemy alien.
ausgeglichen balanced, equalized, AuslaBrohr n eduction tube (Cml
equilibrated. cylinder).
Ausgehanzugm dress uniform. AuslaBventil n exhaust valve (Mtr):
ausgehoben drafted; silenced (slang). AuslaBventilkammer / exhaust port.
Ausgehobener m draftee. Auslaufm outlet (for liquids, etc.).
Ausgehverbot n curfew (Mil Govt). auslaufen to run out; to complete a
ausgemustert rejected as unfit. See run after landing; to put to sea.
Musterung, Ausmusterungsschein. auslegen to pay out (rope, wire, etc.);
AusgieBgerat n See Aus- und Ab- to explain, interpret; to expose, ex
gieBgerat. tend; to lay out (money).
Ausgleich m equalization, compensa Ausleger m pack rest (harness);
tion, equilibration, balancing. outrigger (boats and floats) (AA
Ausgleichdiise / compensating jet gun); boom (of a crane or derrick).
(Mtr). Auslegerbriicke / cantilever bridge.
ausgleichen to balance, compensate, Auslegezeichen n ground panel (Sig
equalize. C).
Ausgleicher m compensator (Ord, Ausleseknopf m selector switch (Ap
Mech); equilibrator (G). armament control).
Ausgleicherarm m equilibrator an Auslieferung / delivery; exposure
chor (G). (to danger, the elements, etc.).
Ausgleichflache / balance tab, trim auslb'schen extinguish, put out (a
tab (Ap). fire).
Ausgleichgetriebe n differential gear. Auslbseeinrichtung / release mecha
Ausgleichsperre / differential lock nism (bombing).
(MT). Ausloseknopf m release button.
ausgliihen anneal. Ausliisepunkt m bomb release point,
ausheben to conscript, draft. release point.
Aushebung / draft, conscription. Auslosung/ release (of bombs, etc.).
AusmaB 16 AuBenschieber
AusmaB n dimension. error (Gunnery). See also Grund
ausmerzen eliminate, eradicate. stufe.
Ausmusterungsschein m certificate of Ausschalten der Schnittbildversetzung
rejection (for those unfit for Mil ser halving adjustment (coincidence
vice). range finder).
Ausnahmegesprach n urgent call Ausschalten der Temperatureinfliisse
(Tp). elasticity correction (Gunnery).
Ausnahmezustand m state of emer Ausschalten des Schallverzuges acous
gency. tic correction (sound locator).
ausnutzen to exploit, to utilize fully. Ausschalten des Windes wind correc
Auspuff m exhaust, exhaust system tion (Gunnery).
(Mtr). Ausschalter m switch; throwout
Auspuffgerausch n exhaust noise. (lever).
Auspuff hub m exhaust stroke (Mtr). ausscheiden to detach, to detail; to
Auspuffkanal m exhaust duct (Mtr). eliminate (impurities, etc.); to drop
Auspuffklappe / cutout (Mtr). out, leave, separate.
Auspuffkriimmer m exhaust mani ausscheren to fall out of formation
fold (Mtr). (Avn); to fall out of line (Nav).
Auspuffleitung / exhaust duct (Mtr). ausschiffen debark, disembark.
Auspufftakt m exhaust stroke (Mtr). Ausschiffung / debarkation, disem
Auspufftopt' m, muffler (Mtr). barkation.
Auspuffwolke / exhaust smoke (Mtr). ausschirren unharness.
ausrauchern to smoke out; to fumi Ausschlagm decisive factor; rash
gate. (Med).
ausrichten to dress (drill); to per ausschlaggebend decisive.
form; to level, straighten. ausschlieBen interdict; exclude.
sich nach links ausrichten to dress AusschlieBungsschein m certificate
left. of exclusion from military service
Ausrichtung / orientation; straight (for criminals, subversive elements,
ening, leveling. etc.).
Ausrollen n landing run (Avn). AusschuB m board, committee, com
ausrotten wipe out, crush, annihilate. mission.
ausriicken disengage (gears, etc.); ausschwarmen deploy (Tac).
depart, move up. ausschweben hold off (in landing)
Ausriistung/ equipment, outfit, ac (Avn).
cessories, accouterments. ausschwingen die out, die down (os
Ausriistungsgegenstandm item of cillations).
equipment. AuBenantenne / outside antenna.
Ausriistungsnachweisung / table of AuBenaufhangung / external sus
equipment. pension (of bombs).
Ausrustungsstiick n accessory, piece AuBenbackenbremse / external con
of equipment. tracting brake (MT).
Aussage / statement. AuBenbefestigungen fpl outworks
Ausschalen n stripping the forms (Ft).
(concrete construction). AuBenbordmotor m outboard motor.
Ausschaltehebel m throwout lever AuBengrenzlehre / snap gage.
(aiming circle). AuBenhafen m outer harbor.
ausschalten disconnect, detach, cut AuBenhaut / skin, skin cover, cover
out, eliminate, switch off, throw out; ing (Ap).
compensate for, correct (an error, AuBenlandung / off-field landing
etc.) (Gunnery). (Avn).
Ausschalten der besonderen und Wit- AuBenluftdruck m barometric pres
terungseinfliisse ballistic correction, sure (Avn):
i.e. correction for interior and ex AuBenluft-Thermometer n free-air
terior ballistic factors. thermometer (Ap).
Ausschalten der Grundstufe calibra AuBenschieber m outer sleeve
tion correction, correction for velocity (sleeve-type engine).
AuBenstelle 17 Axt
AuBenstelle / -outlying station or auswechselbares Seelenrohr remov
post. able liner (G).
AuBenverspannung / external brac Ausweichbewegung / evading move
ing (Ap). ment, withdrawing movement to new
AuBenwache / exterior guard. position (Tac).
AuBenwerke npl outworks (Ft). ausweichen evade, give way, with
auBerballistisch pertaining to ex
draw, fall back (Tac).
terior ballistics.
auBer .Betrieb out of order, not Ausweichflugplatz m dispersal land
working. ing field.
auBer Dienst retired (abbr. a.D.). Ausweichgleis n siding (RR).
auBer Gefecht gesetzt put out of Ausweichhafen m alternate airport.
action. Ausvveichstelle / bypass (Road);
auBere Ballistik exterior ballistics. siding (RR).
auBerplanmaBig exceeding author Ausweichstellung / alternate posi
ized-basic allowance or strength; not tion.
in accordance with plans; extraor Ausweichyermittlung / alternate
dinary. routing (emergency Tp Com).
aussenden to dispatch, send out, Ausweichziel n alternate target, sec
transmit. ondary target (bombing).
Aussetzen n posting (of guards); Ausweis m identification (card, docu
cessation (of rain, fire, etc.). ment, etc.); pass, permit.
Aussichtsturm m observation tower. Ausweiskarte / identification card,
aussondern to sort. pass, permit.
ausspahen to spy, reconnoiter. Ausweispapier n. identification papers.
Ausspahung / espionage, reconnais
Auswerfer m ejector (Ord).
sance, spying.
Auswerfervorrichtung / ejector
aussparen to leave untouched, to by
pass. mechanism (Ord).
ausspringender Winkel salient. Auswertelineal n computing slide rule
ausstatten equip. (FR).
aussteigen bail out (Avn slang). auswerten evaluate, interpret, com
AusstoBbiichse / smoke canister pute, plot (maps).
ejected from projectile on burst. Auswertestelle / computing station
AusstoBen n exhaust stroke (Mtr); (SR).
expulsion. Auswertung/ evaluation, interpreta
ausstoBen to expel, eliminate, tion.
cashier. Auszeichnung / decoration, medal.
Ausstrahlung / radiation. ausziehen extract, draw out, pull out.
Austauschm exchange (PW, etc.). Auszieher m extractor (Ord).
austauschbar interchangeable. Ausziehgleis n lead track (RR).
Austauschschiff n exchange ship, car Auszugm extract, summary, depar
tel ship (Nav). ture; extension (Tech).
Austauschstoff m substitute material. Autobahn/ -automobile express high
austreten relieve oneself, attend to way.
one's needs. Autofrettage / cold-drawing, auto-
Aus- und AbgieBgerat n gas-spray frettage (Ord).
ing apparatus (Ap, CWS). Autokartograph m stereoscopic plot
Auswanderungsmesser m lead com ting machine.
puter (A A). Autokolonne / motor vehicle column,
Auswanderungsstrecke / linear travel motor march column.
of target, leg between present and automatische Kurssteuerung auto
future positions (AAA). matic pilot, mechanical pilot (Ap).
auswartig foreign. Autoschleppstart m auto-tow take-off
auswechselbar interchangeable, re (glider).
movable. Axt / ax.
Azetylen 18 Ballon reif en
Azetylen n acetylene. Azimutalprojektion / azimuthal pro
Azetylensauerstofifbrenner m oxyacet- jection.
ylene torch. Azimutentfernungsmesser m depres
Azimutw azimuth. sion position finder.

Bach m stream, brook, rivulet. BajonettstoB m bayonet thrust.
Bachiibergang m stream crossing1. BajonettverschluB m bayonet lock,
Backbord n port side. bayonet joint.
Backbordmotor m port engine. Bake / beacon; navigation guide,
Backe / cheek. channel marker, landmark (Nav).
Backenbremse / shoe brake (MT). Bakenempfang m radio-beacon recep
Backenschiene / stock rail (RR). tion.
Backenstiick n cheek strap (harness). Bakterienkrieg m bacteriological
Backerei / bakery. warfare.
Backereikompanie / bakery company. Baldachin m canopy (center section
Badewa gen m, shower-bath truck. of upper wing of biplane).
Bagger m excavator, dredge, po\ver Balken m balk, beam; girder; log.
shovel. Balkenbahn/ timber road.
Bahn / path, road; runway; rail BalkenfloB n timber raft.
road; orbit; course; trajectory. Balkensperre / timber road block.
Bahnanlage / railroad installation. schwimmende Balkensperre floating
Bahndamm m, railroad embankment. boom.
Bahnhof m railroad station; trolley Balkenstapel m log crib, timber crib
or bus station. (Bdg).
Bahnhofsleistung / station capacity Balkenverhau m timber obstacle.
(number of trains loaded or unloaded Ballen m bulb (horse); heel (har
per day). ness) ; bale.
Bahnhofsoffizier m railroad station Ballistik / ballistics.
traffic officer. ballistische Tageseinfliisse ballistic
Bahnhofswachabteilung / railroad density and wind factors.
station guard detachment. Ballistit n ballistite (Am).
Bahnkorperm roadbed (RR). Ballon m balloon.
Bahnkrone / crown of roadbed Ballonabweiser m anti-balloon device
(RR). (Ap).
Bahnplanum n subgrade (RR). Ballonamme / supply balloon, nurse
Bahnsteig m platform (RR). balloon.
Bahnsteigunterfiihrung / platform Ballonaufstiegplatz m balloon site.
underpass (RR). Ballonbatterie / observation balloon
Bahntransport m railroad transpor section (Arty).
tation. Ballonbeobachter m, balloon observer.
Bahniiberfuhrung / overpass (RR). Ballonbeobachtung / balloon observa
Bahniibergang m railroad crossing. tion.
Bahnunterfiihrung / underpass (RR). Ballonfiihrer m balloon pilot.
Bahnverbindung / railroad line, rail Ballongurtm rigging band (captive
road communication. Bin).
Bajonett n bayonet. See also Seiten- Ballonhiille / envelope, gas bag, outer
gewehr. cover, balloon cover.
BajonettangriflF m bayonet charge. Ballonkorb m balloon basket.
Bajonettfechten n bayonet fighting. Ballonmannschaft / balloon crew.
Bajonettgriff m bayonet grip. Ballonnetz n balloon net.
Bajonettkupplung / bayonet joint. Ballonreifen m balloon tire.
Ballonsperre 19 Bauchtreffer
Ballonsperre/ balloon barrage. ecutive officer, aide to battalion com
Ballonstoff m balloon fabric. mander.
Ballonvariometer n balloon stato- Bataillonsfiihrer m battalion com
scope. mander; acting battalion commander.
Ballonventil n gas valve (Bin). Bataillonsgefechtsstand m battalion
Ballonwinde / balloon winch. command post.
Balta See ballistische Tageseinfliisse. Bataillonshornist m drum major
Baltasekunden fpl ballistic density (formerly called Tambourmajor).
and wind factors in time-of-flight Bataillonskolonne / battalion train.
seconds. Bataillons-Kommandeur m battalion
Baltasekunden-Verfahren n procedure commander.
in correcting for ballistic density and Bataillonsnachrichtenstaffel / bat
wind. talion communication section.
Bananenstecker m banana plug. Bataillonsstab m battalion staff, bat
Bandn band, cord, tape, strip, rib talion headquarters.
bon. Bataillonstf-mbourstockm baton.
Bandbreite/ band width (Rad). BataillonstroB m battalion train.
Bandbremse / band brake (MT). Bataillonsverbandplatz m battalion
Bunddienmikrophon n See Bandmi- aid station.
krophon. Batterie / battery (Arty, Elec).
Bandfeder/ flat coil spring (fuze). Batteriebild n battery-location plot
Bandgestell n harness (gas mask). (SR).
Bandmikrophon n ribbon microphone. Batteriechef m battery commander.
Bandsage/ band saw. Batteriefront / battery front.
Bandspreizung / bandspread (Rad). Batteriefiihrer m battery commander;
Bank/ bench; lathe; bank; parapet, acting battery commander.
barbette. Batteriekasten m battery box (Elec).
Bannware/ contraband of war. Batteriekran m gun hoist, loading
Baracke / temporary barracks, semi crane (Arty).
permanent cantonment building. Batterieoffizier m executive (firing
Barackenlager n cantonment, camp Btry).
having semipermanent buildings. Batterieplan m firing chart (Arty).
Barbarabehelfsmeldung / hasty mete Batteriestand m See Batteriestellung.
orological message (Arty). Batteriestellung / battery position
Barbarameldung / meteorological (Arty).
message (Arty) (from Barbara, Batterietafel / battery manning table
patron saint of Arty). (Arty).
Barbaristm artilleryman (slang). Batterietrupp m battery detail, bat
See also Barbarameldung. tery headquarters detail, battery
Barbarasondermeldung / special commander's detail (Arty).
meteorological message (Arty). Batterieziindung / battery ignition
Barbette / barbette.
Bauw construction, structure, type
Barbettelafette / barbette carriage, of construction.
barbette mount (G). Bauart / type of construction.
Bargeld n cash. Bauausfiihrung / construction, struc
barometrische Reglerdose control tural design.
aneroid (Ap engine). Baubataillon n construction bat
barometrisches Gefalle pressure talion.
gradient (Met). Bauch m abdomen, belly.
Basis / base; horizontal base (Btry Bauchfreiheit / chassis clearance
Surv). (MT).
Basislineal n base-line arm (plotting Bauchgurt m front cinch (pack
protractor). saddle).
Bataillon n battalion. Bauchlandung / belly landing (Avn).
Bataillonsabschnitt m battalion sector. Bauchtreffer m sidewise-striking
Bataillons-Adjutant m battalion ex projectile.


Bauglied 20 Befestigungsanlage
Bauglied n structural unit, section Bedienungsplatte / operating panel
of a structure, structure element. (Rad).
Bauholz n lumber. Bedienungsschalter m operating
Baukompanie / construction company switch (Eleo).
(Mil). Bedienungsvorschrift / operating in
BaumaB n structural dimensions. structions.
Baumbeobachtungsstand m observa bedingungslose Dbergabe uncondi
tion post in a tree. tional surrender.
Baumschiitze m, sniper in a tree. Bedrohung / threat.
Baumsperre / abatis, dead abatis. Beendigung der Luftgefahr "all
Baumstamm m tree trunk. clear."
Baumstammkufe / log runner (log Beerdigung / burial.
sled). Befehl m order, command.
Baumstumpfm tree stump. "Zu Befehl!" "Yes, sir!" (in ac
Baumuster n model, type (Ap, MT). knowledgment of an order).
Baumverhau m live abatis. Befehlsausgabe / briefing, issuance
Baumwollabf all m cotton waste, cot of orders.
ton linters. Befehlsbefugnis / authority (Mil).
Baumwolle / cotton. Befehlsbereich m extent of com
Bausoldat m engineer soldier in con mand.
struction unit. Befehlsbestatigung / confirmatory
Baustabm construction staff. order.
Baustange/ lance pole (Tp). Befehlserteilung / issuance of orders.
Bautrupp m construction detail, con Befehlsgebaude n control tower
struction squad. (Adrm).
Bautruppen fpl construction troops. Bef ehlsgebung / giving of commands.
Bauunternehmer m contractor,builder. befehlsgemafi according to instruc
Bauweise/ type of construction or tions, as ordered.
structure, method of construction. Befehlsgewalt / command, authority
Beamter m official, civil servant. See of command.
also Wehrmachtbeamter. Befehlsgruppe / command group.
Beanspruchung / load, stress, strain. Befehlshaber m commander.
beaufsichtigen supervise. Befehlshaber des Ersatzheeres See
Beauf tragter m representative. Chef der Heeresriistung und Befehls
bebaute Felder cultivated fields. haber des Ersatzheeres.
bebautes Gelande built-up area. Befehlsnetz n command net.
Bedarf m requirements. Befehlspanzer m command tank.
bedeckt covered, overgrown; over Befehlssprache / terminology of
cast (Met). orders.
fast bedeckt broken (Met). Befehlsstand m command post, head
Bedeckung/ coverage (Met); escort, quarters.
convoy, cover (Tao). Befehlsstelle / control tower (Adrm);
Bedeckungsabteilung / covering party, command post, headquarters.
escort detachment. Bef ehlsiibermittlung / transmission
Bedeckungsmannschaft / escort per of orders.
sonnel. Befehlsverhaltnisse npl chain of com
Bediener m controller (AA SL). mand.
Bedienung/ gun squad; service of Befehlswagen m command car, com
the piece. mand truck, commander's car, staff,
Bedienungsanweisung / operating car.
directions. Befehlsweg m chain of command,
Bedienungseinrichtung / control de command channel.
vice, operating device. befestigt fortified; secured, tied,
Bedienungsentlastung / relief of fastened.
strain on pilot (Aim). Befestigung / fortification.
Bedienungsmannschaft / gun crew, Befestigungsanlage/ fortified de
gun squad. fense system.
Befestigungsarbeiten 21 Bekleidungsentgiftung
Befestigungsarbeiten fpl fortifica Behelfsbrucke / emergency bridge,
tions, works. hasty bridge.
Befestigungswerk n permanent forti BehelfsfloBsack m emergency pneu-
fication, work. matic boat.
befeuern to mark or light with beacon Behelfsgasschutz m emergency gas
lights (an airway or Adrm). protection.
befordern to forward (supplies, Behelfslandebriicke / hasty landing
etc.); promote; transmit. stage.
Befb'rderung / advancement, promo behelfsmaBig improvised, hasty,
tion; transmission, forwarding, emergency, temporary, auxiliary,
transportation. makeshift.
Beforderungsliste / promotion list. Behelfsmaterial n emergency con
Beforderungsmittel n carrier, vehi struction material.
cle; means of transportation; means beherrschend commanding, dominat
of transmission. ing.
Befragung/ questioning (of PW, BehinderungsschieBen n interdiction
etc.). fire.
Befugnis / authority, powers. Behmlot n fathometer, echo depth
begasen to gas (CWS). sounder (Nav); Behm sound-ranging
Begasung/ laying of gas obstacles, altimeter, sonic altimeter (Ap).
gassing (CWS). Behorde / authority (Adm, Law).
Begegnungsgefecht n meeting engage behordlich zugelassen authorized, of
ment. .- ficially sanctioned.
beglaubigen certify, authenticate, beibringen inflict (losses, etc.).
verify, confirm. Beiende n warp (of a rope).
beglaubigt authenticated, certified, Beifahrerm rear rider, sidecar rider
notarized, verified, confirmed. (Mtcl); assistant driver (MT).
Beglaubigung / authentication, cer beifugen add; attach, enclose.
tification, confirmation, verification. beiklappbar folding.
Begleitartillerie / accompanying ar Beil n ax.
tillery. Beiladung/ igniting charge, igniter,
Begleitbatterie / accompanying bat booster charge (Am).
tery. Beilage / enclosure, supplement (in
Begleiterm escort; assistant driver. a manual, etc.).
Begleitfeuer n accompanying fire. Beilpicke / pickax.
Begleitgeschiitz n accompanying gun. Beinleder npl leather puttees, leather
Begleitkommando n escort party, leggins.
escort detachment, covering party. Beisitzer m law. member.
Begleitpanzer m accompanying tank. BeiBzange / nippers.
Begleitschiff n escort vessel. beitragen contribute to, cooperate.
Begleitschutz m escort, fighter escort beitreiben to requisition (from civil
(Avn). ians); to commandeer.
Begleitzettel m emergency medical Beitreibung/ requisitioning (from
tag. civilians).
Begleitzu^ m convoy. Beitreibungsschein m requisition re
Begrabnis n burial. ceipt (for civilian property).
begrenztes Ziel limited objective. Beiwagen m sidecar (Mtcl).
Begrenzungshebel m clamping lever Beiwagenkrad n sidecar motorcycle.
(MG). Beiwert m coefficient.
Begrenzungsstift m traversing stop Bekanntgabe / announcement.
(MG). bekleiden to revet (Ft); to clothe;
Behalterm gasoline tank; container. to hold (office).
Behandlung / treatment. Bekleidun<y/ revetment (Ft); cloth
Beharrungsvermogen n inertia. ing.
Behelf m expedient, makeshift. Bekleidungsentgiftung/ clothing de
Behelfsantenne / emergency antenna. contamination.
Bekleidungsnachweis 22 Bereitschaften
Bekleidungsnachweis m clothing ac Beobachterabzeichen n observer
count. badge (decoration).
Bekleidungssack m duffle bag, bar- Beobachterfernrohr n observer tele
rack(s) bag. scope.
Bekleidungsstuck n article of cloth Beobachtersitz m observer's seat
ing. (Ap).
Bekostigungsgeld n garrison ration. beobachtetes SchieBen observed fire.
Bekostigungsmittel npl ration sup Beobachtung/ observation; spotting
plies, subsistence supplies. (Arty).
Beladeplan m stowage chart (for Beobachtung der Langenabweichung
vehicle). vertical spotting (Arty).
Belag m planking (Bdg); reinforc Beobachtungsabteilung / observation
ing strap (harness). battalion (Arty).
belagern besiege. Beobachtungsbereich m observation
Belagerung / siege. area (Arty).
Belagerungszustand m state of siege. Beobachtungsfehler m personnel error.
beliistigen to annoy, harass (Tac). Beobachtungsfernrohr n observation
Belastung/ load, maximum load telescope (BC telescope).
(Engr); inductance (Rad). Beobachtungskorb m observer's bas
bleibende Belastung basic load ket (captive Bin).
(Ap). Beobachtungskuppel / cupola (Tk).
Belastungsfaktor m load coefficient. Beobachtungsmine / controlled mine,
Belastungsprobe / load test. observation mine (Nav).
Belegm voucher, proof, evidence, Beobachtungsnetz n observation post
document. system (Arty).
belegen to cover (with fire), to fire Beobachtungsoffizier m observation
on, to shell; to billet. post officer (Arty).
Belegung/ coverage; shelling; bil Beobachtungspatrone / explosive
leting, quartering; condenser plate smoke-producing observation cart
(Rad). ridge.
Belegungsstarke / density of gas Beobachtungsraum m " searching sec
coverage (CWS). tor (AAA); observation area.
BelehrungsschieBen n instruction Beobachtungsrohr n trench periscope.
firing. Beobachtungsstand m See Beobach-
Belehrungs- und VersuchsschieBen n tungsstelle.
special service practice (Arty). Beobachtungsstelle / observation
beleuchten illuminate, light. post.
Beleuchtung / illumination. Beobachtungsturm m cupola (Tk).
Beleuchtungsfenster n illuminating Beobachtungs- und Wirkungsstreifen
window (panoramic sight). m sector of fire (SA firing).
Belichtung/ exposure (Photo). Beobachtungswagen m' observer's car.
beliefern to deliver, to supply. Beobachtungswinkel m aiming point
Beliif tung / ventilation. offset (Arty).
Beliiftungsanlage / ventilation sys Beobachtung von seitlicher Beobach
tem. tungsstelle flank spotting (Arty).
Bemannung / complement, crew. Berater m adviser.
benachrichtigen inform. berechnen calculate.
Benennung / nomenclature. Berechtigung/ authorization; justi
Benzin n gasoline. fication.
Benzinbehalter m gasoline tank. Bereich m area, district, zone; range,
Benzinkanister m gasoline container. scope.
Benzinmanometer w gasoline pres Bereifung / tires, set of tires.
sure gage. bereit ready.
Benzinstandmesser m fuel gage. Bereitschaft / alert, preparedness,
Benzol n benzol. readiness.
Beobachter m observer; air observer, Bereitschaften fpl alerted reserve
navigator-observer. troops or police.
Bereitschaftsbaracke 23 Beschwerungsrohr
Bereitschaftsbaracke / cantonment Berichtigung / collimation (Surv);
building for troops on the alert, alert adjustment, correction, rectification.
hut. Berichtigungswalze / adjustment
Bereitschaf tsbataillon w reserve bat drum (range finder).
talion. beritten mounted (on horse).
Bereitschaftslazarett n mobile sur berittene Artillerie horse artillery.
gical unit. Berme/ berm (Ft).
Bereitschaf tsmunition / ammunition bersten to burst, explode.
at the gun, ammunition kept in rea beriicksichtigen to consider, to allow
diness (Arty). for, take into consideration.
Bereitstellung / moving into assem Beriicksichtigung / consideration, al
bly area or position; assembly posi lowance for, correction for.
tion, position of readiness (Tac); Beriihrung/ touch, contact.
making ready, preparation. Beriihrungslinie / tangent.
Bereitstellungsbefehl m assembly Beriihrungspunkt m point of contact.
order. Beriihrungswarngerat n high-volt
Bereitstellungsplatz m assembly po age warning device.
sition, assembly point (Tac). Beriihrungszeichen n touch signal
Bereitstellungsraum m assembly area (Tk).
(Tac). Beriihrungsziindung / contact fire
Bergm hill, mountain (collective: (Nav).
Gebirge n). Besatzung / garrison, crew.
bergab downhill. Besatzungsheer n army of occupa
bergauf uphill. tion.
Bergedienst m recovery service, sal Beschadigung / damage, injury.
vage collecting service. beschaffen procure.
Bergegrrat n recovery equipment, Beschaffung / procurement.
salvage collecting equipment. bescheinigen certify, authenticate,
Bergekolonne / recovery column, sal receipt for.
vage column. Bescheinigung / authentication, cer
Bergekommando n collecting unit, tificate, receipt, voucher.
salvage party, recovery party. beschieBen to shell, to fire at.
Bergen n recovery, salvage. der Lange nach beschieBen to en
Bergenge / defile. filade.
Berger-Mischung / Berger-type smoke Beschlag m ferrule.
agent (mixture composed of two beschlagen to shoe.
parts of nine dust to three parts of Beschlagmeister m horseshoer (with
hexachlorethane). rank of Tech Sgt).
Berghang m mountain slope, hillside. Beschlagnahme / confiscation, sei
Bergjoch n saddle (Top). zure.
Bergkammm crest (Top).. Beschlagschmied m horseshoer.
Beschlagschmiedobergefreiter m
Bergmiitze / mountain cap, alpine horseshoer (with rank of Cpl).
cap. beschleunigen accelerate.
Bergrucken m ridge (Top). Beschleuniger m accelerator.
Bergschuhe mpl mountain boots, ski Beschleunigung / acceleration,
boots. Beschleunigungsmesser m accelero-
Bergstriche mpl hachures. meter (Ap).
Bergung/ rescue, salvage, recovery. BeschuB m fire, shooting.
Bergungskolonne / See Bergekolonne. BeschuBfestigkeit / resistance to
Bergungsschiff n rescue vessel, sal fire, resistance to penetration (ar
vage vessel. mor).
Bericht m report; communique, news beschuBsicher bulletproof.
dispatch. beschiitzen protect.
Berichter m correspondent, reporter. Beschwerde / complaint.
berichtigen collimate (Surv); cor Beschwerungsrohr n counterpoise,
rect, rectify, adjust. counterweight (G).
Beschwerungsstiick 24 Betriebskompanie
Beschwerungsstiick n See Beschwe- Bestattung / burial.
• rungsrohr. Bestattungskommando n burial detail.
beseitigen reduce (a stoppage) bestechen to bribe.
(Ord); remove (an obstacle). Bestechung / bribery.
Beselerstegm hasty trestle foot Besteckw ship's position; set of in
bridge (named after General H. H. struments or utensils; knife, fork
van Beseler: 1850-1921). and spoon (considered as unit of
besetzt busy (Tp); occupied, invaded. mess kit).
Besetztschauzeichen n "busy" signal Bestellnummer / requisition number.
light (Tp). Bestellschein m requisition ticket
Besetztzeichen n busy signal (Tp). (Adm).
Besetzung / occupation. Bestellung / requisition (Adm).
Besetzungsarmee / army of occupa Bestimmung/ regulation; decision;
tion. destination; determination.
besichtigen inspect, review. Bestraf ung / punishment.
Besichtigung / inspection, review. bestreichen to graze, sweep (with
besiegen to defeat. fire); to spread, cover, coat.
Besitz m property. bestreichendes Feuer grazing fire
Besoldung / payment, pay, wages. (Arty).
Besoldungsdienstalter n seniority for bestrichener Raum beaten zone (fir
computation of pay. ing).
Besoldungseinbehaltung / detention bestrichener Raum der Kerngarbe
of pay. effective beaten zone, 85% zone (MG
Besoldungswesen n pay and allow fire).
ance administration. Bestiickung/ armament (Ap, Tk).
Besoldungszulage / additional pay. betatigen actuate, bring into play,
Besoldungszulage nach dem Dienst- set going, put into operation.
alter longevity pay. Betaubungsmittel n anesthetic.
besonder special. Beton m concrete.
besondere Anordnungen administra Betonbaum concrete construction.
tive details in combat orders. Betonbombe / concrete bomb.
besondere Dienstzweige special ser Betonbriicke / concrete bridge.
vices. Betonbunker m concrete bunker, con
besondere Einfliisse interior ballistic crete pillbox.
factors. betoniert concrete, built of or rein
besondere und Witterungseinfliisse forced with concrete.
interior and exterior ballistic factors. Betonmischmaschine / concrete
besorgen procure. mixer.
Besorgung / procurement. Betonschicht / layer of concrete, con
bespannt animal-drawn; covered with crete burster course.
stressed skin (Ap). Betonsperre/ concrete obstacle.
Bespannung / covering (Ap skin or Betonstarke / thickness of con
fabric); team of horses. crete.
Besprechung/ consultation, critique, Betonturmm concrete turret (Ft).
discussion, conference. Betonunterstand w, concrete shelter,
Bestallungsurkunde / certificate of concrete dugout.
appointment. Betrag m, amount, sum.
Bestandm stock (supplies, equipment, Betrauung/ charge, trust.
etc.); inventory, supply, strength, Betriebm operation (Tp, Rad);
balance, cash on hand. traffic; action; factory.
Bestandsbuch n stock book. auBer Betrieb not in use, out of
Bestandsliste / inventory of supplies, order, not running.
equipment, etc.; property book. Betriebsbuch n station log (Rad).
Bestandsnachweisung / stock inven Betriebsf unkspruch m routine radio
tory, stock report. message.
Bestandteil m component. Betriebskompanie/ operating com
bestatigen confirm. pany (Adrm, RR, Tp).
Betriebsschalter 25 Biegemaschine
Betriebsschalter m operating switch bevollmachtigen to authorize, em
(Tp). power.
Betriebssicherheit / reliability of bevollmachtigter Transportoffizier
operation, safety of operation. chief transportation officer (on an
Betriebsstoff m fuel, gasoline, Diesel army staff).
fuel. bewachen to guard.
Betriebsstoffausgabestelle / gasoline Bewachungsfahrzeug M patrol vessel,
and lubricants distributing point. escort vessel (Nav).
Jetriebsstoffkesselkraftwagen m gaso bewaffnet armed.
line tank truck. Bewaffnung / armament.
Betriebsstoffkolonne / gasoline and Bewahrung / proving of fitness, com
lubricants supply column. petence or durability.
Betriebsstoffversorgung/ gasoline beweglich mobile, movable,' moving,
and lubricants supply. flexible, portable.
Betriebsstoffverwaltungskompanie / bewegliches Geschiitz flexible gun.
gasoline and lubricants administra bewegliches Hindernis portable ob
tion company. stacle.
Betriebsstoffzusatzmittel n dope (for bewegliches Maschinengewehr flex
Avn gasoline). ible machine gun.
Betriebsstrom m operating current. bewegliches Ziel moving target.
Betriebsstunde / hour of operation. Beweglichkeit / mobility, maneuver
Betriebsunterlagen fpl consolidated ability.
plan of telephone communication. Bewegung / movement.
Bettung/ roadbed (RR); ground Bewegungsbuch n record of transac
platform (RR gun); base (fixed G); tions.
foundation (G emplacement). Bewegungskontrolle / flight control
Bettungsloch n gun platform excava : (Avn).
tion (RR 'gun). Bewegungskrieg m war of movement,
Beugung/ diffraction. mobile warfare.
beunruhigen to disturb, harass, cause BewegungsgroBe / momentum.
uneasiness. bewegungsunfahig incapable of mov
Beunruhigung / harassment, uneasi ing, immobilized; stuck, stalled
ness, disturbance, alarm. (MT).
Beunruhigungsfeuer n harassing fire. Bewehrung/ cable armor (Tp); iron
beurlaubt 'on leave. reinforcement (concrete construc
Beurlaubteristand m reserve status. tion).
Offizier des Beurlaubtenstandes of Beweismaterial n written evidence.
ficer commissioned for the duration Bewetterung/ mine ventilation.
(abbr. d.B.). bewirken to cause, bring about,
beurteilen estimate, judge, evaluate, effect.
interpret. bezeugen to certify, witness.
Beurteilung / estimate, appreciation, beziehen to mount (guard); occupy
judgment. (a position); collect (pay).
Beute/ booty, captured materiel, Bezirk m district.
prize, pillage, loot. Bezug m datum, reference, relation.
Beutebergungsabteilung / salvage Bezugsebene/ datum level, datum
detachment for captured materiel. plane (Surv).
Beutegeschiitz n captured gun. Bezugsflache/ See Bezugsebene.
Beute-Kraftfahrzeug n captured mo Bezugslinie / datum line, reference
tor vehicle. line (Surv).
Beutelm bag, pouch. Bezugspunkt m check point, datum
Beutesammelstelle / See Beutestelle. point.
Beutestab m salvage staff for cap Bezugsschein m ration card; requi
tured enemy materiel. sition ticket.
Beutestelle / salvage depot, salvage bezwingen to reduce, overcome (Tac).'
dump (for enemy materiel). Biberwehrw beaver dam.
Bevolkerung / population. Biegemaschine / bending machine.
Biegung 26 Blinken
Biegung/ bend, turn, flexure. Blattchenpulver n flake powder (Am).
Bildra picture, photograph. Blattern fpl smallpox.
Bildaufklarung / photographic re Blattfeder/ leaf spring (MT).
connaissance. Blaukreuz n sternutators (Ger.
Bildauswertung / interpretation of marking "Blue Cross") (CWS).
photographs. Blaupause / blueprint.
Bildberichter m war photographer Blausaure / hydrocyanic acid, prus-
(in Ger propaganda company). sic acid (CWS).
Bilderkundung / photographic recon Blech n sheet metal; nonsense
naissance. (slang).
Bildflieger m aerial photographer. Blechbehalter m metal container.
Bildfunk m radiophotography, radio- Blechbeplankung / metal skin (Ap).
photo transmission. Blechbiichse/ can; sheet-metal box
Bildmefiwesen n photogrammetry. or container.
BildoiBzier m photographer (officer). Blechgehause n sheet-metal case,
Bildplan m controlled mosaic (aerial sheet-metal housing.
Photo). Blechkanister m metal container (for
Bildplanskizze / partially controlled water, gasoline, etc.).
mosaic (aerial Photo). Blechschmied m tinsmith.
Bildpunkt m picture point (aerial Blechtrommel / metal drum.
Photo). Bleiw lead (metal).
Bildreihe / strip mosaic (aerial Bleichmittel n bleach.
Photo). Bleimantelm lead jacket (Am);
Bildskizze / uncontrolled mosaic lead sheath (armored cable).
(aerial Photo). Bleiplombe / lead seal.
Bildwerferm still projector (Photo). Bleisammler m lead-plate storage
Binauralverfahren n binaural method battery.
(sound locator). Bleispritzer m lead spatter, bullet
Binde / bandage. spatter.
binden contain (Tac); bind, tie. Bleitetraathyl n tetraethyl lead.
Binder m necktie (Clo). Blendabdeckung / shutter cover
Bindereif en m rim (G-carriage (Tk).
wheel). Blende / gun mantlet, gun shield,
BinnenwasserstraBe / inland water shielded port (Tk); diaphragm
way. (Photo); occulter (SL); 'shutter.
Bittschrift / petition. blenden to blind, to dazzle; to cover
Biwak n bivouac. or shield; to lay a smoke screen.
Biwakskommandant m bivouac com Blendenhebel m shutter lever (SL).
mander (ranking officer at bivouac). Blendkbrper m frangible glass smoke
Biwaksplatz m bivouac (site). grenade.
blanker Draht bare wire (Tp). Blendschutz-Scheibe / anti-glare
blanke Waffe "cold steel." windshield. Waffen armes blanches, BlendungsschieBen n smoke-screen
hand weapons. ing fire (Arty).
Blasangriff m cloud attack, cloud gas Blickfeldn field of view (Optics).
attack, gas-cylinder attack. Blindabwurf m emergency release
Blase / blister. (bombing).
blasenziehend blistering, vesicant. Blindflugw blind flying, instrument
blasenziehender Kampfstoff vesicant flying.
agent (CWS). Blindganger m dud.
Blasflasche/ gas cylinder (CWS). blindgeladen blank, with inert filling.
Blaspistole / air gun, compressed-air blindgeladene Granate blank shell.
cleaner (MT). Blindkurbeln n blindfold operation of
Blasverfahren n gas-cylinder method crankwheels (gun-laying exercise).
(of gas release) (CWS). Blindlandung / instrument landing.
Blatt n leaf; blade; sheet; propeller Blindwiderstand m reactance (Elec).
blade. Blinken n signal-lamp transmission.
Blinkfeuer 27 Bodensicht
Blinkfeuer n flashing light, blinker Bodenabwehr/ antiaircraft defense,
light (Avn). antiaircraft artillery, ground de
Blinkgerat n signal lamp, signal-lamp fense.
apparatus. Bodenanlage / ground installation.
Blinklampe/ signal lamp. Bodenanlage der Luftwaffe air-base
Blinkspruch m signal-lamp message. service area.
Blinkstelle / signal-lamp station. Bodenantenne / surface antenna.
Blinksuchtrupp m signal-lamp spot Bodenaushub TO spoil (Engr, Ft).
ting squad. Bodenbedienung / ground crew
Blinktornister m portable signal- (Avn).
lamp case. Bodenbewachsung / vegetation (Top).
Blinktrupp m signal-lamp team. Boden-Bord air-ground (Sig Com).
Blinkverbindung / signal-lamp com Bodenbrett n floor board (MT).
munication. Bodendienst TO base services (Avn).
Blinkverfahren n lamp-signaling Bodendruck TO ground pressure.
method. spezifischer Bodendruck ground
Blinkzeichen n flash signal (Sig pressure per unit area (MT, Tk).
lamp). Bodenerhebung / elevation, rise (Top).
Blitz TO lightning, lightning flash. Bodenfalte/ furrow, gully (Top).
Blitzableiter m lightning arrester. Bodenfreiheit / road clearance (MT).
Blitzbundel n lightning-flash cluster Bodenfunkdienst TO ground radio ser
(badge worn by Sig Pers). vice (Avn).
Blitzkrieg in lightning war, blitzkrieg. Bodenfunkstelle / ground radio sta
Blitzlichtbombe / photo flashbomb. tion.
Blitzschutzsicherung / lightning ar Eodengestaltung / configuration of
rester. ground, terrain features.
Blitzstrahlm lightning flash. Bodenhaftung / road traction (MT).
Block m block; writing pad. Bodenkaminerladung / base charge
Blockwart m block warden. (Am).
Blumenkohlm cauliflower; Oak Leaf Bodenkanzel / ball turret, belly tur
Cluster (slang). ret, ventral turret (Ap).
Bluse / service coat, blouse. Bodenkrepierer m dud.
Blut n blood. Bodenlader m supercharger with low
Blutgruppe / blood group, blood type. blower ratio (Ap).
Blutopfer n heavy losses, heavy Bodenlafette / ventral gun mount
casualties. (Ap).
Blutorden TO medal awarded to par Bodenleitung / surface line (Tp).
ticipants in Munich riots of 1923. • Bodenluke / escape hatch in belly or
Blutspender TO blood donor. floor (Ap, Tk).
blutstillend styptic. Bodennavigation / pilotage (Avn).
Blutvergiftung / blood-poisoning. Bodennebel m ground fog.
Bo/ squall, gust. Bodenorganisation / ground person
Bockw trestle, bent (Bdg); wagon- nel (Avn).
driver's seat. Bodenpeilfunkstelle / radio direction
Bockbeinra trestle leg (Bdg). finder station (Avn).
Bockbrucke / trestle bridge. Bodenpeilstelle / See Bodenpeilfunk
Bockschnellsteg m hasty trestle stelle.
bridge. Bodenpersonal n air base troops;
Bockschniirbund m square lashing ground crew, ground personnel,
(Bdg). maintenance personnel, service per
Bocksprengwerk n lock-spar support sonnel (Avn).
'(Bdg). Bodenplatte/ base plate (Mart).
Bockwagen TO trestle carrier (MT). Bodenpunkt TO place mark (Surv).
Boden TO ground (Top); base (Am); Bodenschwanz m tail (of a bomb).
floor; earth; bottom. Bodensicht/ ground visibility (Avn).
Bodenabstandszunder m base delay- auf Bodensicht in sight of the
action fuze (Am). ground.
Bodenstelle 28 Bombenwurf
Bodenstelle/ ground station (Rad). Bombenabwurfzielgerat n See Bom-
Bodenstrahlung / ground radiation benzielgeriit.
(Rad). Bombenabzughebel m bomb control,
Bodenstiickw floor plate, butt as bomb rack control (Ap).
sembly (MG); breech, breech ring Bombenangriff m bombing attack,
(G). bombing raid (Avn).
Bodenstiicksperre / floor-plate lock Bombenauslosung / bomb release.
(MG). Bombenauslb'sungsvorrichtung / bomb
Bodentreffbild n dispersion pattern, control mechanism, bomb release
horizontal shot group. mechanism (Ap).
Bodentreffer m overended shot. Bombeneinschlag m bomb hit.
Bodenverdichter m road grader and Bombenfallkurve / bomb trajectory.
tamper. Bombenfallzeit / time of fall (bomb
Bodenwanne/ bottom gondola (Ap). ing).
Bodenwelle/ ground wave (Rad). Bombenfernrohr n telescopic bomb
Bodenwellenempfangszone / ground- sight (Ap).
wave reception zone (Rad). bombenfesf bomb-resistant, bomb
Bodenwindm surface wind. proof.
Bodenziel n ground target. Bombenflieger mpl bombardment avi
Bodenziinder in base detonating fuze. ation.
Boenkragen m arcus, scud roll (Met). Bombenflugbahn / bomb trajectory.
Bogen m arc, arch; bend, curve; Bombenflugzeug n bombardment air
sheet (of paper). plane, bomber.
Bogenbriicke / arched bridge. Bombengeschwader n bomber wing.
Bogenlampe / arc lamp. See also Geschwader.
Bogenspitze / ogive (Am). Bombenhebel m bomb release handle.
Bohle / plank. Bombenhiille / bomb case.
Bohlenbahn / plank road. Bombenjager m "bomber destroyer"
bohren to drill, bore. (airplane employed to combat bomb
Bohrerm bit, drill, auger. ers by dropping bombs on them).
Bohrladung / borehole blasting Bombenkammer / bomb bay (Ap).
charge. Bombenklappe / bomb-bay doors,
Bohrloch n borehole. bomb doors (Ap).
Bohrpatrone/ blasting cartridge. , Bombenkopf m bomb nose.
Bohrung/ bore (Mech). Bombenlast / bomb load.
Bohrwinde / brace (a tool). Bombenlochu bomb crater.
Bbigkeit / turbulence (Met). Bombenmagazin n bomb bay (Ap).
Boje / buoy. Bombenreihe / train of bombs, bomb
Bola / See Bodenlafette. train.
Bolinie / squall line. Bombenrichtgerat n bomb sight.
Bolzen m bolt, pin. Bombenschacht m bomb rack (Ap).
Bombardierung / bombing, bombard Bombenschiitze m bombardier.
ment. Bombenschiitzenstand m bombardier's
Bombe / bomb. position, bombardier's compartment.
Bombe mit Verzugszeit time bomb. bombensicher bomb-resistant, bomb
Bombenabwurf m bomb release. proof, heavy shellproof.
Bombenabwurf auf Flachenziel area bombensichere Deckung bombproof
bombing. shelter.
Bombenabwurf gerat n bomb release Bombenteppich m practice-bombing
controls. panel.
Bombenabwurfkurve / bomb trajec Bombentiefangriff m low-level bomb
tory. ing attack (Avn).
Bombenabwurfvorrichtung / bomb Bombentreffer m bomb hit.
control mechanism, bomb release Bombenvisier n bomb sight (Ap).
mechanism (Ap). Bombenvolltreffer m direct bomb hit.
Bombenabwurfwinkel in dropping Bombenwurf m bomb release, bomb
angle (bombing). ing.
Bombenvvurf 29 Brandmunition
gezielter Bombenwurf precision Bordverstandigungsanlage / inter
bombing. communication system (Ap, Tk).
Bombenwurfplatz m target area Bordwaffen fpl aircraft armament;
(bombing). tank armament.
Bombenzielapparat m See Bomben- BordwaffenbeschuB m fire from air
zielgerat. craft weapons.
Bombenzielgeriit n bomb sight. Bordwandwagen m gondola car
Boraben-Zubringewagen m bomb (RR).
trailer. Bordwart m flight mechanic, flight
Bombenziinder m, bomb fuze. engineer (Avn).
Boot n boat; hull (of flying boat). Bord zu Boden air-ground (Sig Com).
Bootshaken m boathook. Borsalbe / boric acid ointment.
Bootsmann m boatswain (Nav). Bbrsaure / boric acid.
Bordaufklurer m shipboard reconnais Borte/ braid (Clo).
sance airplane. Bb'schung / escarpment, scarp, slope.
Bordbatterie / aircraft radio battery. Boschung im Abtrag downward slope.
Bordbesatzung / air crew. Bb'schung in Auftrag upward slope.
Bordbuch n log book (Ap). Boschungsanlage / batter (Ft).
Borderkunder m shipboard reconnais Boschungskante / military crest
sance airplane. (Top).
Bordflak/ shipboard antiaircraft ar BoschungsfuB m foot of slope (Top).
tillery. Bb'schungskrone / See Boschungs
Bordfliegerstaffel / squadron of car kante.
rier-based airplanes. Boschungswinkel m, angle of slope,
Bordflugzeug n shipboard airplane. gradient angle, gradient (Top).
Bordfunker m radio operator (Avn). Botschaft/ embassy; message.
Bordgerat n intercommunication tele Bowdenzug in bowden control cable
phone (Ap, Tk). (control cable in flexible steel con
Bordgerate npl aircraft equipment; duit).
aircraft instruments. Boxe / submarine pen; aircraft revet
Bordlafette / gun mount on ship or ment (colloquial).
airplane. Boxermotor m opposed-piston engine.
Bordlandefackel / landing flare (Avn). B.-Patrone / See Beobachtungspa-
Bordmannschaft / air crew.
Brakenstange / side rail (limber).
Bord-Maschinengewehr n aircraft
Bramo / name of a type of aircraft
machine gun. engine (abbr. of Brandenburgische
Bordmechaniker m flight engineer. Motorenwerke).
Bordmonteurm aircraft mechanic; Brand m fire; gangrene.
flight engineer (Avn}. Brandbinde / absorbent gauze treated
Bordmunition / aircraft ammunition. with bismuth for burns.
Bordnetz n aircraft wiring system Brandbombe / incendiary bomb.
(Elec). Brandbombenbundel n cluster of in
Bordpeiler m radio compass, direction cendiary bombs.
finder, direction-finder operator (Ap). Brander m fire raft.
Bordschiitze m aerial gunner, gunner Brandflasche/ frangible grenade, in
(Avn). cendiary bottle, "Molotov cocktail."
Bordsprechanlage / intercommunica- BrandgeschoB n incendiary bullet,
., tion system, interphone system (Ap, incendiary projectile.
Tk). Brandgranate / incendiary shell.
Bordsprechgerat n intercommunica Brandhahn m distributor cock (of Ap
tion telephone, interphone (Ap, Tk). fire extinguisher).
Bordtelephon n interphone (Ap, Tk). Brandmasse / incendiary composition.
Bordverpflegvmg / flight ration Brandmeister m fire marshal.
(Avn). Brandmittel n incendiary agent.
Bordverstandigung / interphone com Brandmunition/ incendiary ammuni
munication. tion.
Brandsatz 30 Brennstoffverbvauch
Brandsatz m incendiary composition, Bremsbockm brake carrier (G car
incendiary filling (Am). riage).
Brandschott n fire wall (Ap). Bremsbuchse / brake bushing (recoil
Brandschutzm fire prevention, fire mechanism).
protection. Bremse / brake, buffer.
Brandspant m See Brandschott. Bremsfeder/ brake release spring
Brandstoff m incendiary agent. (MT).
Brand- und Asche-Taktik / scorched Bremsfliissigkeit / recoil oil (G);
earth tactics. brake fluid (MT).
Brandwirkung / incendiary effect. BremsfuBhebel m brake pedal (MT).
Brandwunde / burn. Bremsgestange n brake rod (MT).
Bratlingm soya-bean meat subsfi- Bremsgitter n suppressor grid (Rad
tute. tube).
Bratlingspulver n soya-bean flour. Bremshebelm brake level (G, MT);
brauchbar serviceable, usable; prac locking lever (panoramic telescope).
ticable. Bremsklappe / landing flap, wing
Braunkohle / lignite. flap (Ap).
Braunsche Rbhre cathode-ray tube. Bremsklaue/ brake shoe (G-carriage
Braunstein m manganese dioxide. wheel).
Braunsteinbeutel m manganese Bremsklotz m brake shoe; chock,
dioxide compartment (of Eleo cell). wheel block.
Brecheisen n See Brechstange. Bremskolben m recoil piston (G).
Brechreiz m nausea. Bremsleistung / brake horsepower.
Brechstange / crowbar, pinch-bar. Bremslichtm stop light (MT).
Breite / width. Bremsscheibe / brake drum.
Breitenausdehnung / extension in Bremsspur/ skid mark (MT).
width (Tac). Bremsstrecke / stopping distance
Breitenfeuer n distributed fire (R, (MT); braking section (Ap catapult).
MG); sweeping fire, traversing fire Bremstrager m anchor pin (of brake
(MG). shoes).
Breitenfeuer mit Tiefenfeuer tra Bremstritt m brake pedal.
versing and searching fire (MG). Bremstrommel / brake drum.
Breitengliederung / distribution, for Bremsvorrichtung / recoil mechanism
mation, or organization in width (G); brake mechanism (MT).
(Tac). Bremswegm stopping distance (MT).
Breitengrad m degree of latitude. Bremswirkung / braking effect.
Breitenhohe/ meridian altitude (ce Bremszylinder 'm recoil cylinder (G);
lestial navigation). brake cylinder (MT).
Breitenkreis m parallel of latitude. Brenndauer / burning rate, burning
Breitenstreuung / direction disper time (fuze).
sion, deflection dispersion (Ballis Brennebene / focal plane (Optics).
tics). Brennermotor m internal combustion
Breiten- und Tiefenfeuer n traversing engine.
and searching fire (MG). Brenngemisch n gasoline mixture.
Breitenziel n linear target. Brenngeschwindigkeit / burning
Breitkeil m inverted wedge formation rate, rate of burning (fuze).
(Tac). Brennlangenschieber m corrector
Breitseite/ flank (Tac); broadside (fuze).
(Nav). Brennpunkt m focus (Optics). »
Breitspur / wide gage (RR). Brennstoff m gasoline, fuel, Diesel
Bremsarmm brake arm (G-carriage fuel.
wheel brake). Brennstofflager n gasoline dump,
Bremsausgleich m brake equalization; fuel dump.
brake equalizer. Brennstofftankwagen m gasoline tank
Bremsbacke / brake shoe. truck.
Bremsband n brake band. Brennstoffverbrauch m gasoline con
Bremsbelag m brake lining. sumption, fuel consumption.
Brennstoffvorrat 31 Briinierung-
Brennstoflfvorrat m gasoline supply, Briicke mit festen Stutzen fixed
fuel supply. bridge.
Brennweite/ focal distance (Optics). Briicke mit schwimmenden Stutzen
Brennziinder m powder-train fuze floating bridge.
(shell); igniting fuze, time fuze Bruckenachse / bridge center line.
(hand grenade). Briickenbahn / bridge roadway.
BrennzunderschuB m time fire (Arty). Briickenbau m bridge construction;
Bresche / breach. bridge structure; bridging.
Brett n board, panel. Briickenbaubataillon n bridge con*
Bretterbahn/ boardwalk, duckboard struction battalion.
(trench). Briickenbaugerat n bridge-building
Bretterbock m plank trestle. equipment.
Bretterstapel m plank crib (Bdg). Briickenbelag m chess, planking
Brettertafel / plank floor (Bdg). (Bdg).
Bretterteppich m plank flooring Briickenbock m bridge trestle.
(rope Bdg). Brtickenbogen m arch, span (Bdg).
Brettstiickmine / duckboard mine, Briickendamm m approach embank
pressure-board mine. ment (Bdg).
Briefmarke/ postage stamp. Briickenendwiderlager n abutment
Brieftaube / carrier pigeon, homing (Bdg).
pigeon, messenger pigeon. Briickenfahrbahn / See Bruckenbahn.
Brieftaubenmeister m pigeoneer Briickenfahrzeug n bridge-carrying
(Tech Sgt). vehicle.
Brieftaubenpfleger m pigeoneer. Briickengelr.nder n bridge railing.
Brieftaubenschlag m pigeon loft. Briickengerat n bridge equipage,
Brieftaubenstelle / See Brieftauben bridge equipment.
schlag. Briickenglied n bay, section (Bdg).
Brigade / brigade. Briickenkolonne / bridge column,
Brigadefiihrer m brigade commander. ponton train, bridge train.
See also SS-Brigadefiihrer. Briickenkommandant m bridge com
Brigadekommando n brigade head mander.
quarters. ' Briickenkopf m bridgehead.
Brillenglassalbe / antidim compound Briickenkopflinie / bridgehead line.
(for gas mask). Briickenkopfstellung / bridgehead
brisant high-explosive. position.
Brisanz / brisance, explosive effect. Briickenlinie / bridge center line.
Brisanzgranate / high-explosive shell. Briickenoberbau m superstructure
Brisanzschrapnell n high-explosive (Bdg).
shrapnel. Bruckenpanzerkampfwagen m bridge-
Brisanzsprengstoff m detonating ex carrying tank.
plosive. Briickenpfeiler m pile (Bdg).
Briickenschlag m bridge construction,
Brombenzylzyanid n brombenzylcya-
nide (CWS). Briickenskizze / bridge diagram.
Bromzyan n cyanogen bromide Briickenspitze / open end of bridge
(CWS). under construction.
Brotbeutelm field bag, musette bag. Bruckenstelle / bridge site.
Brotsatz m bread ration. Briickenstrecke / bay (Bdg).
Bruch m crack-up, crash (Avn); Briickenstiitzweite / span of bridge.
fraction (Math); fracture, rupture. Briickentrupp m bridge-construction
Bruchfestigkeit / breaking strength. party.
Bruchgrenze / point of rupture Bruckeniiberbau m See Briickenober
(Meeh). bau.
Bruchlandung / crash landing (Avn). Briickenunterbau m foundation, sub
bruchsicher breakproof, shatterproof. structure (Bdg).
Bruchstiick n fragment. Briickenwiderlager n abutment (Bdg).
Briicke / bridge. Briinierung/ browning (anti-rust
Brunnen 32 Charakterisierung
treatment or coating on R or G Bugstandm nose-gun station (Ap).
barrel). Buhne / diversion dam (Engr).
Brunnen m well. Bullauge n porthole.
Brustblatt n breast-collar body (pack Bumslandung / pancake landing,
saddle). rough landing (slang).
Brustbohrer m hand drill. Buna n buna (rubber).
Brustfallschirm m chest pack para Bunareifenm buna tire (MT).
chute. Bund m tie, lashing (Engr, Tp);
Brustfernsprecher m head and chest league, alliance; bunch (of keys, etc.).
set (Tp). Biindel 7i bundle; cluster; package.
Brustschildm shield (G). Bundesgenosse m ally.
Brustwehr / breastwork, parapet. Bunde und Knoten knots and ties.
Brustwehrkrone / fire crest (trench). Bunker m concrete emplacement, con
Bruttotonnengehaltm gross tonnage crete shelter, pillbox, bunker, sub
(Nav). ' marine pen.
B.-Stelle/ See Beobachtungsstelle. Bunkeranlagen fpl group of bunkers
B-Stoffm bromaceton (CWS). (Ft).
Buchse / jack, socket (Rad); bush Bunkerlinie / line of concrete em
ing. placements and pillboxes.
Buchse/ box, can, canister; case; Bunkerstand m concrete emplacement.
gas-mask carrier; filter canister. Bunkerstellung / position fortified
Buchsenfilter m canister filter (gas with concrete emplacements and
mask). shelters.
Biichsenfleisch n canned meat. bunt varicolored, bright, dazzling;
Biichsenkonserven fpl canned f ood> mixed, confused.
canned ration. bunt bemalt dazzle-painted (Cam).
Buchsringm bushing (G). bunte Lappen colored cloth garnish,
Buchstabengruppe / code group garlands (Cam).
(Sig C). Buntfarbenanstrich m camouflage
painting, dazzle painting.
Buchstabiertafel / phonetic alphabet Buntkreuze npl colored cross mark
(Sig C). ings (to identify CWS -munitions).
Bucht / inlet, creek, bay. BuntschieBen n simultaneous or al
Buchung / accounting. ternate shelling with HE and Cml
Bug m bow, front, nose ( Ap, Nav, shells of different type.
Tk). Burger m citizen.
Biigel m trigger guard; stirrup. Biirgerkrieg m civil war.
Buggeschutz n bow gun, front gun Bursche m orderly.
(Tk). Biirste / brush.
Bugkanzel/ forward gunner's com Bussole / compass; declinator (aim
partment, nose turret, nose compart ing circle).
ment (Ap). Bussolengehause n compass case.
Bugpanzerm front armor (Tk). Bussolenring m compass azimuth
Bugradfahrgestell n tricycle landing circle.
gear (Ap). Bussolenzug m compass traverse
Bugschiitze tn nose gunner, bow gun (Arty, Surv).
ner, front gunner (Ap, Tk), Bz.-SchuB m See BrennziinderschuB.

Calypsol n a cold-resistant grease. Charakter m honorary rank carrying

Ce-Stoff m cyanogen bromide (CWS). specific seniority but not the pay;
Celsius centigrade. character, quality, peculiarity; quali
Cetenzahl / cetane rating (Diesel fication (Law).
fuel). Charakterisierung/ conferment of
Chausseewalze 33 Daten
honorary rank as defined under Cha- Chloraminw chloramine-T (CWS).
rakter. Chlorarsinkampfstoff m diphenyl-
Chausseewalze / road roller. chlorarsine (CWS, abbr. Clark).
Chef m chief. Chlorat-Sprengmittel n chlorate ex
Chef der Heeresriistung und Befehls- plosive.
haber des Ersatzheeres Chief of Chlorazetophenon n CN, chloraceto-
Army Equipment and Commander of phenone (CWS).
Replacement Training Army (Com Chlorazetophenon -Chlorpikrin-Lb'sung-
mander of rear echelon of Oberkom- / chloracetophenone solution, CNS
mando des Heeres, in charge of all (CWS).
non-operational branches and whole Chlorcyan n cyanogen chloride
basic Army structure) (abbr. Ch Ru (CWS).
u B d E). Chlorgas n chlorine (CWS).
Chef der Luftwehr chief of adminis Chlorkalk m calcium chloride, chlor
trative and supply services of German ide of lime, chlorinated lime, calcium
Air Ministry. bleach (CWS).
Chef der Schnellen Truppen Chief of Chlorkohlenoxyd n carbonylchloride,
Mobile Troops (branch of Oberkom- phosgene (CWS).
mando des Heeres). See also Chlornatron n sodium hypochlorite.
Schnelle Truppen. Chlorpikrin n chlorpicrin (CWS).
Chef der Zivilverwaltung. chief of Chlorsulfonsaure / chlorsulfonic acid
civil affairs section at an army head (CWS).
quarters. Chlorvinyldichlorarsin n lewisite
Chef des Generalstab(e)s Chief of (CWS).
Staff. Cholmschild m, shield-shaped insignia
Chef des Heeres-Waffenamtes Chief awarded to troops besieged at Kholm-
of Ordnance. on-Lovat.
Chef des Transportwesens Chief of Christie-Panzerkraftwagen m Christie
Transportation (Tac, RR). tank.
Chefveterinar m Chief of Veterinary Chrom n chrome, chromium.
Service. Chronograph m chronograph.
chemische Kampfstofle chemical war Chronometer n chronometer.
fare agents.
chemischer Krieg chemical warfare. Cirruswolke / cirrus cloud.
Chiffre / cipher. Clark I diphenylchlorarsine (CWS).
chiffrieren encipher. Clark II diphenylcyanarsine (CWS).
Chiffriermaschine / cipher device, Cletrac-Lenkgetriebe n Cleveland-
converter (Sig C). tractor type of steering mechanism.
Chiffrierung / encipherment. Cyan-Chlorarsinkampfstoff m di
Chinin n quinine. phenylcyanarsine (CWS).
Chirurg m surgeon. Cyan Clark See Cyan-Chlorarsin
Chlorw .chlorine (CWS). kampfstoff.

Dach n roof. Dampfmaschine / steam engine.
Dachluke/ turret hatch (Tk). Dampfrohrm steam tube (MG).
Dachpappe / roofing paper. Dampfung/ damping (Elec, Rad).
daktyloskopieren to fingerprint. Dampfungsflache / stabilizing surface
Dammkorper m dam embankment. (Ap).
Dampfer m stabilizer (Ap); Dampfungsflosse / tail turf ace (Ap).
silencer, flash hider (Ord); damper Dampfwalze / steam roller.
(Tech). Daten npl data,
Daube 34 dicht
Daube / stave. Deckung/ cover, shelter (Ft); mask
Dauer / duration. (Gunnery); concealment (Tac).
Dauerabzugm trigger for full-auto Deckungsfeuer n covering fire.
matic fire (MG). Deckungsgraben m cover trench, slit
Dauerbefehl m standing order. trench, shelter trench.
Dauerfahrbetrieb TO permanent fer Deckungshb'he / height of mask
rying operations. (Arty).
Dauerfestigkeit / fatigue strength, Deckungsloch n foxhole.
endurance limit (Mech). Deckungsspiegel m trench periscope.
Dauerfeuer n full-automatic fire, Deckungsstiirke / strength of cover
automatic fire (MG, R); continuous (Ft).
fire, sustained fire. Deckungstrupp m support party, cov
Dauerfleisch n preserved meat. ering party, covering detachment.
Dauerleistung / normal rating, con Deckungstruppe / covering force.
tinuous output (Mtr); feat of endur Deckungswinkel m angle of site to
ance. mask (Ballistics).
Dauerleitung / permanent line (Tp). Deckungswinkelmesser m site-to-mask
Dauermarsch m forced march. clinometer.
Dauerstorung / continuous interfer Deckvermbgen n effective coverage
ence (Rad). (of smoke screen).
Dauerstrichm long dash (Tg). Deckwortm code word.
Dauertonw continuous note (Rad). Deckzeichen n code sign, code signal.
Dauerunterkiinfte fpl permanent defilieren to pass in review.
billets. Degen m sword.
Dauerwirkung / lasting effect, per Degradation / demotion.
manent effect. degradieren to break, reduce in rank.
Daumen m cam; thumb. Dehnung / lengthening, elongation;
Daumenbreite / thumb width (range strain (Mech).
estimation). Deich m dike.
Daumensprung m thumb jump Deichsel / limber pole, wagon shaft.
(method of range estimation). Deichselbolzen m pole pin (limber).
Daumenwelle / camshaft. Deichselstiitze / pole prop (limber).
Dazwischensprechen n break-in pro dejustiert out of alinement.
cedure (Rad). Dekade/ 10-day pay period.
dechiffrieren decipher. demobilmachen demobilize.
Deckanruf m code call (Tp). Demobilmachung / demobilization.
Deckblatt n change sheet (to be in Demolierung / demolition.
serted in a manual). Denkmal n monument.
Decke / casing, shoe (of a tire); ceil Desinfektionskammer / disinfecting
ing (of a room); blanket, cover, chamber (Med).
tarpaulin. Desinfektionsmittel n disinfectant.
Deckel m, cover. Detektor m detector (Rad and
Deckelriegel m cover-plate latch Detonationsdruck m blast pressure.
(MG). deuten interpret, explain, indicate.
Deckelsperre / cover-plate lock Deiitpatrone / indicator cartridge
(MG). (for Ger grenade pistol).
decken to cover, support (Tac). Deutsche Industrie-Norm German
Deckengurt m surcingle (harness). Industrial Standard (abbr. DIN).
Deckenlicht n dome light, tonneau Deutscher GruB Nazi salute.
light (MT). Deutsches Kreuz German Cross (dec
Deckenventilator m ceiling ventilator oration).
(MT). Dezimetergerat n microwave radio set.
Decklandeflugzeug n deck-landing air Diatomitschicht / diatomite layer
plane. (gas filter) (CWS).
Deckname m code name. dicht compact, dense, leakproof,
Deckplatte / casing, cover plate. thick.
Dichte Divisionsbegleitkompanie
Dichte / density; concentration Dienstpflichtiger m one who is sub
(CWS). ject to military service.
Dichtemesser m densimeter, aero Dienstplan m duty roster.
meter. Dienststelle / duty station, command
dichten to calk, pack, seal. headquarters, administrative center
Dichtigkeit/ density; impermeabil or office.
ity. Dienststellung / appointment.
Dichtigkeitsmesser m densimeter, Dienststempel m official stamp.
aerometer; viscometer. Dienstumschlag m official envelope.
Dichtlinie/ sealing band (gasmask). Dienstunfahiger TO noneffective, one
Dichtrahmen m sealing frame (gas who is unfit for service.
mask). Dienstvorschrift / service regulation;
Dichtringm binder ring (gas mask). service manual.
Dichtung/ gasket; washer; insula Dienstweg m military channel (Adm).
tion; packing. auf dem Dienstweg through chan
Dichtungsring m sealing ring, nels.
washer. Dienstzweig m branch of the service.
Dick See Athyldichlorarsin. Dieselkraftstoff in Diesel fuel.
Dienst m duty, service, detail. Diesel-Lastwagen m Diesel truck.
auBer Dienst retired (abbr. a.D.). Dieselmotor m Diesel engine.
Dienstalter n seniority. Dieselschlepper m Diesel tractor.
Dienstaltersgrenze / age limit. diesig hazy (Met).
Dienstaltester m senior officer. Diglykolnitrat-Blattchenpulver n di-
Dienstanweisung / service regula glycolnitrate flake powder (abbr.
tions, list of instructions. Digl. Bl. P.).
Dienstanzugm service uniform. DIN See Deutsche Industrie-Norm.
Dienstausriistung / service equip Dina / See Divisionsnachrichtenabtei-
ment. lung.
Dienstbefehl m routine order. Dinafii m See Divisionsnachrichten-
Dienst bei der Truppe service with fiihrer.
troops, field'duty. Diopter m diopter, alidade.
Dienstbeschadigung / damage or in Diopterfaden m diopter hair (Optics).
jury occurring while in service. Diopterlineal n alidade ruler (aiming
Dienstbesclieinigung / certificate of circle).
service. Diopterschlitz m diopter slit (Optics).
Diensteidw. oath of enlistment; oath Diphenylaminchlorarsin n adamsite.
of office. Diphenylchlorarsin n diphenylchlor-
Diensteinteilung / duty roster.
Dienstentlassung / discharge without arsine (CWS).
Dipolantenne / dipole antenna.
honor, dismissal.
dienstfahig fit for duty, fit for active Disziplin / discipline.
service. Disziplinarstrafe / punishment for
dienstfrei off duty. breach of discipline.
Dienstgebrauch m service use, ser Disziplinarverfahren n disciplinary
vice tradition. action.
nur fur den Dienstgebrauch re Division / division.
stricted (manuals, etc.). Divisionsarzt m division surgeon
Dienstgipfelhb'he / service ceiling (generally with rank of Oberstarzt,
(Avn). colonel).
Dienstgradm grade; rating (Nav). Divisionsbataillon n divisional bat
Dienstgradabzeichen n grade chevron. talion (provisional unit whose pri
Dienstgradherabsetzung / demotion. mary mission is counterattack).
Dienst grad mit Patent permanent Divisionsbefehl TO division order, di
rank. vision combat order.
dienstlich authorized, official. Divisionsbegleitkompanie / division
Dienstpflicht / liability for service, escort company (for protection of
obligation to serve. Div Hq).
Divisionsfeldlazarett 36 Drahtrohr
Divisionsfeldlazarett n division sur DoppelringtrensengebiB n double-
gical hospital. ring snaffle bit.
Divisionsgefechtsstand m division Doppelringvisier n double ring sight.
command post. Doppelschieber m double slide (plot
Divisionsintendant m See Intendant. ting protractor).
Divisionskommando z.b.V. special ad Doppelschraubenrichtmaschine
ministrative division (consists of twin-screw elevating mechanism
Landesschiitzen Bns and GHQ troops (G).
in a Wehrkreis). Doppelschritt m stride (2 paces).
Divisionsnachrichtenabteilung / divi Doppelseitensteuer n twin rudders
sion signal battalion. (Ap).
Divisionsnachschubfiihrer m- chief of Doppelsprechen n phantoming (Tp).
division supply services. Doppelsprechschaltung / phantom
Divisionsnachschubkolonne / division circuit (Tp).
supply column. Doppelsprengkabel n two-conductor
Divisionspanzerabwehrabteilung / di firing wire (demolitions).
vision antitank battalion. Doppelstecker m two-way plug (Tp,
Divisionspferdelazarett n division Rad).
veterinary clearing station. Doppelsternmotor m double-row
Divisionspferdepark m division re radial engine.
mount depot. Doppelsteuerung / dual controls
Divisionsstab m division headquarters (Ap).
or headquarters personnel.. Doppelumfassung / double envelop
Divisionsstammleitung / division ment (Tac).
trunk line (axis of Sig Com). Doppelverkehr m two-way communi
Dixolw an antifreeze solution. cation, two-way traffic.
Docht m wick. Doppelziinder m combination fuze.
Dockanlagen fpl clock installations. Db'rrfleisch n dehydrated meat.
Dolch m dagger. Dorrgemiise n dehydrated vege
Dollbord n gunwale (rowboat). tables.
Dolmetscher m interpreter, trans Dose / box, can.
lator. ' Dosenbarometer n aneroid barom
Doppelanschnitt m two-station pilot- eter.
balloon spotting (Met). Dosenlibelle / box level.
Doppelbereifung / double tires, dual Drache(n) m kite.
tires (MT). Drachenballon m kite balloon.
Doppelbetriebsschaltung / composite Dragge / grapnel.
connection (Tp). Draht m wire.
Doppeldecker m biplane. Drahtbund n wire-cable lashing.
Doppelfernglas n field glass, binoc Drahteinzaunung / wire inclosure.
ular. Drahtgabel / wire pike (Tp con
Doppelfernrohr n See Doppelfern struction).
glas. Drahtgeflecht n wire netting.
Doppelfliigel m "double wing" (wing Drahthindernis n protective wire,
with double ailerons and flaps). wire entanglement.
Doppelglas n See Doppelfernglas. Drahtigel m gooseberry (obstacle).
Doppellafette / two-barreled mount. Drahtleitung / wire line (Tp).
doppellimfig double-barreled. Drahtmatte / wire mesh mat.
Doppelleitung / metallic circuit (Tp). Drahtnachrichtenmittel n means of
Doppelposten m double sentry. wire communication.
Doppelpropeller m coaxial contra- Drahtnachrichtennetz n wire net,
rotating propellers (Ap). wire system (Sig C).
Doppelreihe / column of twos, double Drahtnetz n wire net, wire mesh.
file. Drahtnetz zum Tarnen chicken wire
'"In Doppelreihe, angetreten!" "In (Cam).
column of twos, fall in!" Drahlrohr n wire-wound gun barrel.
Drahtrolle 37 Dreifachziinder
Drahtrolle / wire roll, concertina, Drehlichtscheinwerfer m revolving
wire-roll entanglement. searchlight, revolving beacon light.
Drahtschere / wire cutters. Drehlichtsignal n revolving beacon.
Drahtschleife / wire winding, wire Drehmoment n torque.
turn, wire loop (Elec). Drehpunkt m, pivot, fulcrum.
Drahtschlinge / wire snare, trip Drehrahmenantenne / rotating loop
wire. antenna.
Drantseil n wire cable. Drehring m racer (AA gun).
Dralitseilhindernis n cable block, Drehscheibenlafette / turntable gun
wire-cable obstacle. carriage.
Drahtspirale / spiral wire, helical Drehschemellenkung / fifth-wheel
wire. steering.
DrahtstraBe / metal mesh road, wire Drehschieber m rotor-type valve
mesh road. (Mtr).
Drahttelegraphie / wire telegraphy. Drehschwingung / torsional vibra
Drahttelephonie / wire telephony. tion.
Drahtverbindung / wire circuit, wire Drehsinn m direction of rotation.
communication, connecting wire, Drehspule / moving coil (Elec).
wire connection (Tg, Tp). Drehspulinstrument n moving coil
Drahtverhau m wire entanglement. instrument (Elec).
Drahtwalze / reinforced concertina Drehstabfeder / torsion-rod spring
roll. (MT).
Drahtzange / pliers (for handling Drehstrom m, three-phase alterna
wire). ting current.
Drahtzaun m double-apron entangle Drehturm m, revolving turret.
ment, double-apron fence, wire Drehzahl / number of revolutions,
fence. rpm.
Drahlzug m .flexible steel cable (Ap). Drehzahlmesser m tachometer.
Drall m rifling, twist (Ord); spin Drehzahlregler m governor (Mtr).
(of a projectile). Drehzahlschwankung / rpm fluctua
Drallabweichung / drift (due to spin tions (Mtr).
of projectile), Drehzapfen m pivot.
Draliange / length of rifling (Ord). Dreiachser m six-wheel vehicle.
Drallwinkel m angle of twist Dreibein n tripod.
(rifling). Dreibeinlafette / tripod mount.
Drallwirkung / twist effect of slip Dreibeinmast m tripod mast.
stream (Avn). Dreiblattverstellschraube / three-
Drallziige mpl grooves (rifling). blade controllable propeller (Ap).
Draufgangertum n audacity, daring. Dreibock m tripod cable support.
Drauflosfahrt / headlong movement Dreieck n triangle.
(MT, Tk). Dreieckbalkensperre / triangular
Dreiibank / lathe. timber obstacle.
Drehbewegung / rotation (of pro Dreieckrechner m computer (circular
jectile). slide rule for air navigation).
Drehbolzen m pivot pin. Dreiecksaufnahme / triangulation
Dreher m lathe operator. (Surv).
Drehfliigelflugzeug n rotor airplane. Dreieckschaltung / delta connection
Drehg-estell n truck (RR car); turn (Elec).
table. Dreieckzielen" n sighting-triangle
Drehgriff m control grip (Mtcl). aiming exercise (Gunnery); tri
Drehkolbenpumpe / port-control fuel- angle exercise (R practice).
injection pump (Diesel engine). Dreielektrodenrohre / triode tube.
Drehkondensator m variable capaci Dreiergemisch n triple mixture (gas
tor, variable condenser. oline 50%, benzol 40%, alcohol
Drehkranz m circular track (MG 10%).
mount). Dreifachziinder m combination fuze
Drehkuppel / revolving turret. (superquick, delay and time).
Dreifliigelschraube 38 Ducht
Dreifliigelschraube / three-bladed driicken to press, push; to push con
propeller (Ap). trol stick or wheel forward (Ap).
DreifuB m tripod. Driicker n thumb nut (sight),: trig
DreifuBaufsatzstiick n tripod exten ger.
sion piece (MG). Druckgurt m compression chord
Dreiganggetriebe n three-speed (truss).
transmission (MTJ. Druckkabine / pressure cabin (Ap).
dreigliedrige Division triangular Druckknopf m pushbutton; snap,
division. snap fastener.
Dreipolrohre / triode tube (Rad). Druckleitung / pressure line.
Dreipunktlandung / normal landing, Druckluft / compressed air.
three-point landing (Avn). Druckluftbremse / air brake.
Dreipunktschaltung / Hartley oscil Drucklufterzeuger m air compressor.
lator (Rad). Drucklufthammer m pneumatic
Dreiradfahrgestell n tricycle land hammer.
ing gear (Ap). Druckluft-Niethammer m pneumatic
Dreireihenstandmotor m three-bank riveter.
upright engine. Druckluftramme / pneumatic pile
Dreiwegehahn m three-way selector driver.
cock. Druckmesser m pressure gage.
Drillich m denim (also spelled Drucknase / trigger cam (R).
Drilch). Druckplatte / pressure plate
Drillichanzug m fatigue uniform, (clutch).
work uniform. Druckpunkt m pressure point.
Drillstab m torsion rod (MT). Druckpunkt nehmen to take up the
dringend urgent. slack (of the trigger).
Dringlichkeitsliste / priority list. Druckraum m surge chamber.
Dringlichkeitszeichen n urgent sig Druckregler m pressure regulator.
nal (Sig Com). Druckschmierung / pressure lubrica
DRK-Helfer m German Red Cross tion.
attendant. Druckschraube / pusher propeller
DRK-Helferin / German Red Cross (Ap).
nurse apprentice. Druckschrauber m pusher airplane.
DRK-Schwester / German Red Cross Druckseite / pressure side, pressure
nurse. surface (Ap wing).
DRK-Schwesternhelferin / German Druckstelle / pressure point.
Red Cross junior nurse, nurse's aid. Druckstempel m pressure plug
Drohung / threat. (Arty).
Drossel / throttle (Mtr). Druckstiick n contact piece on trig
Drosselgriff m throttle grip. ger (R).
Drosselhebel m throttle lever. Drucktaster. m sending key.
Drosselklappe / throttle valve. Druckumlaufschmierung / See
Drosselklappenwelle / throttle shaft. Druckschmierung.
Drosselrinne / jugular groove Druckvorschrift / Field Regulations,
(horse). Field Manual (abbr. Dv.).
Drosselspule / choke coil (Elec). Druckzerstauber m pressure spray
Drosselung / choking, throttling. gun (CWS).
Druck m pressure. Druckziinder m pressure firing de
Druckanderung / pressure change vice, pressure igniter, push igniter
(Met). (LM).
Druckausgleicher wl pressure equal Druckzylinder m master cylinder
izer. (hydraulic brake).
Druckbohlenmine / pressure-plank Dschungel / jungle.
minei D-Stoff m dimethylsulfate (CWS).
Druckbrettmirie / pressure-board Dubel m lug (G).
mine. Ducht / crosspiece, thwart (boat or
drucken to print. Pon)*
Diicker 39 Ehrenparade
Diicker m sluice pipe. durchpausen to trace (a, map, etc.).
Dulag See Durchgangslager. Durchpunkt in point at which tra
Dulagluft See Durchgangslager jectory intersects plane of aerial
Luftwaffe. target perpendicular to line of sight
Dumdum-GeschoB n dumdum bullet. ing.
Dunkelheit / darkness. durchsacken to drop, to do a power
Dunkelkammer / darkroom. stall, to sink, to pancake (Avn).
Dunnit n dunnite (Am). Durchsackgeschwindigkeit / critical
Dunst m haze, vapor. speed, stalling speed (Avn).
Durchbiegung / deflection (of a beam durchsagen to pass the word along.
or girder). Durchschlag m carbon copy (typed);
durchbrechen to break through, drift pin.
pierce. Durchschlager m punch, drift (tool).
durchbrennen to burn out (Elec Durchschlagskraft / penetration,
fuse). force of penetration (Am).
Durchbruch m break-through (Tac). durchschmelzen to burn out (Elec
"Durchdecken!" "Dress and Cover!" fuse).
durchdrehen to pull (a propeller) Durchschnitt m average, mean; cross
through. section.
Durchfiihrung / gland (Bin); carry Durchschnittsleistung / average per
ing out, execution. formance.
Durchgabe / transmission (of Rad Durchschnittspanzerstarke / average
messages, etc.). thickness of armor (Tk).
Durchgangsbahnhof m through sta Durchschreibeblock m carbon-copy
tion (RR). pad.
Durchgangsfernspruch m long-dis Durchschrift / carbon copy
tance telephone call. (written).
Durchgangslager n PW transit canjp durchsichtig transparent.
(abbr. Dulagj. Durchstich n cut (Engr, RR).
Durchgangslager Luftwaffe PW DurchstoB m penetration by assault.
transit camp for Air Forces person- durchstoBen pierce, penetrate; fly
nel (abbr. Dulagluftj. through (a layer of clouds).
durchgeben to transmit (Sig C). durchsuchen to search.
Durchgriff m reciprocal of amplifica
tion factor in percent (Rad). Durchtrittsoffnung / cutaway (for
Durchhang m sag. ejected cartridge cases).
Durchhiingen n droop (Mech). durchwaten to ford.
durchkriimmen to squeeze (the durchziehen to pull out (dive bomb
trigger). ing).
DurchlaB m culvert, passage, con Dusche / shower bath.
duit, opening. Diise / injector, jet, nozzle; vent
durchladen to load (a magazine or (rocket).
belt). Diisenkorrektor m mixture control.
Durchlaufgleis n through track (RR). Dynamomaschine / dynamo, gener
durchlochern pierce. ator.
Durehmesser m diameter. Dynastart m starter-generator.

Echolot n sonic altimeter, sound- Edler m knight, noble.
ranging altimeter (Avn); fatho Ehre / honor.
meter, echo depth sounder (Nav). Ehrenbezeigungen bei Beerdigung
Eckplatte / gusset. graveside service (Mil funeral).
Edelgas n rare gas. Ehrenbezeugung /' salute.
Edisonsammler m Edison storage Ehrengeleit n escort of honor.
battery. Ehrenparade / dress parade.
Ehrenposten 40 Einflug
Ehrenposten in guard of honor, einberufen to induct into the armed
Ehrenrang m honorary rank. forces, to call to the colors, to order
Ehrenrat m court of honor. to report for active duty. See Ein-
Ehrensalve / volley (at burials). berufung. .
Ehrensold m award. Einberuf ung / call to the colors (cor
Ehremvache / guard of honor, honor responds roughly to US induction,
guard. and is followed by Einstellung, as
Ehrenwort n parole, word of honor. signment to a unit).
Ehrenzeichen n decoration. Einberufungsbefehl m ordei' to re
eichen calibrate. port for active duty.
Eichenlaub n oak leaf cluster. Einberufungskarte / notice of induc
Eichstrich m measuring line, gradu tion.
ation. Einberufungsort m induction station.
Eichung / calibration, adjustment. Einblick m view into (enemy posi
Eierhandgranate / egg-shaped hand tions, etc.); insight; eyepiece (Op
grenade, "pineapple" hand grenade. tics).
Bigenfrequenz / natural frequency Einblicklinse / eyepiece lens
(Rad). (Optics).
Eigengeschwindigkeit / indicated air Einblickrohr n eyepiece tube.
speed (Avn). Einblickstutzen m eyepiece mount.
Eigengewicht n empty weight. Einbruch in penetration (Tac).
eigenmachtig on one's own author Einbruchsfeuer n assault fire.
ity, unauthorized. Einbruchsfront / frontage of penetra
eigenmachtige Entfernung absence tion (Tac); cold front (Met).
without leave. Einbruchstelle / breach, point of
Eigenpeilung / direction finding by penetration, point chosen for pene
taking bearings from an aircraft on tration (Tac).
two or more radio stations. Einbuchtung / dent in the enemy's
Eigenschaft / quality, characteristic, line, salient (Tac).
property. Eindecker m monoplane.
Eigenschatten m shadow on object Eindeckung / cover (Ft).
(as distinguished from shadow cast eindringen infiltrate, penetrate.
by the object) (Cain). Eindringungstiefe / depth of pene
Eigenschwingung / natural oscilla tration or infiltration (Tac).
tion (Rad). Eine'mhalbdecker m sesquiplane.
Eigentum n property. Einerzelt n one-man shelter tent,
•Eigenverstandigung / interphone pup tent.
(Ap); intravehicular communication Einfachanschnitt m single-station
(Tk). pilou-balloon spotting (Met).
Eignungspriifung / aptitude test. Einfachleitung / ground-return cir
Eihandgranate / See Eierhandgra cuit (Tp).
nate. einffideln to thread (a, needle); to
Elmer m bucket. join a march column, to get into line.
"Bin!" "Contact!" (Avn). einfahren to float bridge-sections into
Einankerumformer m dynamotor. place; to break in (a horse, etc.); to
Einatemventil n inlet valve (gas harness; to drive in.
mask, oxygen breathing apparatus). Einfahrgleis n incoming track (RR).
EinbahnstraBe / one-way road or Einfalhvinkel m angle of incidence.
street. einfetten to grease, lubricate.
Einbahnverkehr m, one-way traffic einfliegen to penetrate (air attack
(MT). tactics); make a test flight.
Einbaufahre / construction float Einflieger m test pilot.
(Bdg). Einfliegerei / aircraft-testing depart
Einbehaltung / detention (of pay, ment.
etc.). - ' Einfluchten n marking out (in fixing
Einbeinfahrgestell n landing gear the azimuth) (Surv).
with individual cantilever legs (Ap). Einflug m penetration (air attack
Einfluggenehmigung 4 einolen
tactics); approach flight (Avn); ap Einheitsmutze / regulation field cap
proach of a target (AWS). (replaces the Feldmiitze,).
Einfluggenehmigung / traffic-control Einheitsprinzip n. unit principle
clearance (Avn). (Ger Mil doctrine providing maxi
Einflugsmeldung / report of ap mum independence and self-suffi
proaching target (AWS). ciency for each unit).
Einflugzeichen n "come in" signal Einheitswaffe / dual-purpose weap
(Inst landing). on.
Einfliisse mpl See besondere und
Einheitszeit / standard time.
Einheitsziinder m combination fuze,
Witterungseinfliisse. standard fuze (Am).
einfiihren introduce, initiate, lead in. einholen overtake, collect, bring in;
Einfuhrhafen m port of entry. haal down.
Einfuhrungsdraht m lead-in (Rad). einigeln take up a position of all-
Einfu'llstutzen m oil-filling plug (re around defense.
coil mechanism); filler neck (of gaso einkesseln to encircle, trap, pocket.
line or oil tank). Einkesselung / encirclement.
eingabeln to bracket (Arty). Einkipptrieb m leveling mechanism
Eingabelung / bracket, bracketing. (Mort).
Eingang m entrance. Einkieidungsbeihilfe / clothing
Eingangswerte mpl initial data money allowance.
(AAA). Einkreisempfanger m receiver with
Eingangsziindung / priming charge. one resonant circuit (Rad).
eingesehen exposed to observation Einkreisung / encirclement.
(emplacement, trench, etc.). Einkteisungsmanb'ver n encircling
EingitterriJhre / single-grid tube, maneuver.
triode (Rad). Einkreisungsschlacht / battle of en
eingleisig single-track. circlement (Tac).
eingliedern assign; incorporate, Einkreisungsversuch m attempted
make an organic part of; classify. encirclement.
einkuppeln engage, thrown in (the
Eingliederung / assignment; incor clutch).
poration, organic arrangement; einiaden to load, entrain, entruck,
classification. etc.
eingraben dig in, entrench; bury. Einladeiibersicht / entraining table,
Eingreifdivision / reserve division. entrucking table.
eingreifen intervene, come to the aid Einlaf! m inlet, intake.
of, take a hand in; to catch, mesh, Einlafikanal m intake line (Mtr).
engage. EinlaBventil n intake valve (Mtr).
einhangen suspend (a bomb). Einlafiventilkammer / intake-valve
Einheit / unit, element (Tac). chamber (Mtr).
kleinste taktische Einheit basic einlaufig single-barreled.
tactical unit. Einiegerohr n liner, subcaliber tube
Einheitsfiihrer m commander of a (Ord).
unit. einleiten begin, introduce, initiate,
Einheitsgeschiitz m dual-purpose commence.
gun. einleitendes Gefecht preliminary ac
Einheitsgewicht n specific gravity. tion or engagement.
Einheitsgranate / combination high- einmessen to survey (Arty).
explosive and shrapnel shell. Einnahme / capture, occupation,
Einheitskanister m standard gasoline seizure (of a locality); reception, ac
container, unit container. ceptance (of equipment, Ord, etc.);
Einheitsmafi n unit of measurement. receipts (money, etc.).
Einheitsmunition / fixed ammunition. Einnahmeschein m receipt.
Einheitsmunitionszug m ammunition einnebeln to blanket, to lay a smoke
train carrying only one type and screen.
caliber of ammunition (RR). einolen to oil, lubricate.
einpeilen 42 Einstiegklappe
einpeilen take a radio bearing. Einschiffung / embarkation.
Einpolluftleiter in Marconi antenna, Einschlag m impact, strike (Arty);
quarter-wave vertical antenna. toe-in (MT).
einrasten engage; lock; ram home; Einschlagsgarbe / sheaf of fire at
snap shut; catch. point of impact, shot group, shot
einrichten adjust (fire, etc.); orient pattern (Arty).
(a map); prepare, improve (a posi Einschlagsgruppe / shot group, shot
tion); install; furnish, equip. pattern (of a volley).
Einrichten einer Karte orientation of Einschleifen einer Leitung connect
a map. ing a line into a telephone circuit.
Einrichten einer Stellung prepara einschneiden to intersect, to take
tion or improvement of a position. cross bearings.
Einrichtung / installation; organiza Einschneiden auf Richtungslinie
tion, establishment; adjustment; ar point determination along an orient
rangement; device; orientation. ing line (Surv).
Einrumpfflugzeug n single-fuselage Einschneiden nach drei Punkten
airplane. three-point resection (Surv).
Einsatz m commitment, employment; Einschnitt m cut (Engr, RR).
mission; operation, action; effort; EinschuB m hit.
insertion; duty; sortie (Avn). einschwenken to pivot (Tac, drill).
bei besonderem Einsatz on active seitlich einschwenken to pivot to
duty; during special commitment the left or right, to fan out (Tac).
(in time of war or national emer einsetzen to commit, employ, insert.
gency). einsickern infiltrate (Tac).
Einsatzbereitschaft / aggressiveness, Einsitzer m single-seater airplane.
initiative, readiness for action. einspielen bring into play, throw in,
Einsatzbesprechung / orders confer engage, actuate.
ence, "briefing" (Avn). Einspielen der Libellen leveling,
einsatzfahig available for assign cross-leveling (Arty).
ment, commitment or employment. Einsprache / mouthpiece (Tp).
Einsatz fliegen to fly a sortie (Avn). einspringender Winkel reentrant.
Einsatzhafen m home field (Avn). Einspritzdiise / fuel injector, injec
Einsatzhafenkommandantur / opera- tion nozzle (Mtr).
' tional airdrome command (sub-divi Einspritzpumpe / injection pump.
sion of Lufthafenbereichkomman- Einspruch TO challenge.
dantur). Einstecklauf m subcaliber tube.
Einsatzort m locality to be occupied, Einsteigluke / entrance hatch (Tk).
area where units are to be sent into Einsteigoffnung / manhole.
action. einstellbare Luftschraube adjustable
Einsatzraum m operational area. propeller (Ap).
Einsatztopf m filter-element contain einstellen tune in (Bad); to dial
er (gas mask). (Tp); adjust, set (a fuze, etc.);
Einschaltung / switching on, throw cease (fire, etc.).
ing into gear. Einstellhulse / adjustable holder
einschanzen dig in, entrench. (panoramic telescope).
Einscheibenkupplung / single-plate Einstellmarke / index; adjustable
clutch (MT). marker.
EinschieBen n adjustment fire, trial Einstellmutter / adjustment nut,
fire (Arty). regulating nut.
EinschieBen mit hohen Spreng-punkten Einstellring m adjusting ring (fuze).
high-burst ranging. Einstellung / adjustment, setting;
EinschieBen nach der Lange range cessation. See also Einberufung.
adjustment. Einstellvorrichtung / adjustment de
EinschieBpunkt m adjusting point vice, setting device.
(adjustment fire). Einstellwinkel m angle of wing set
Einschiefiziel n adjustment target ting, angle of incidence.
(Arty). Einstiegklappe / hatch cover (Ap).
Einstiegluke 43 eiserne Portion
Einstiegluke f hatch (Ap). Eisenbahnaufmarsch in strategic
einstopseln plug in (Rad, Tp). concentration by rail.
einsturzen to qave in. Eisenbahnbatterie / railway artillery
einteilen graduate (into degrees, battery.
etc.); to divide, classify, separate Eisenbahnbaubataillon n railway
into groups. construction battalion.
Einteilung / classification; scale; Eisenbahnbeforderung / transporta
graduation, division (into degrees tion by rail.
or units). Eisenbahnbetrieb m railway traffic;
eintreffen arrive. railway operation.
Eintreffzeit / arrival time. Eisenbahnbetriebskompanie / rail
Einweiser m guide. way operating company.
Einweisungskommando m party of Eisenbahnendpunkt m railway term
guides. inal, railhead.
Einwohnerschaft / population, in Eiseiibahnflak / railway antiaircraft
habitants. gun; railway antiaircraft artillery.
Einzaunung / enclosure, stockade, Eisenbahngeleise n railroad track.
compound (PW). Eisenbahngeschiitz n railway gun.
Einzelabfederung / independent sus Eisenbahnhaubitze / railway
pension (of wheels). howitzer.
Einzelabwurf m individual release, Eisenbahnkesselwagen in tank car
single release (Bombing). (RR).
•Einzelaufhangung / independent sus Eisenbahnklaue / spur track.
pension (of wheels). Eisenbahnknotenpunkt TO railway
Einzelausbildung / individual train center, railway junction.
ing. Eisenbahnkiichenwagen m kitchen
Einzelbefehl m fragmentary order, car (RR).
extract order (Tac). Eisenbahnnachschublinie / railway
Einzelfeuer n single-shot fire, semi supply line.
automatic fire (MG). Eisenbahnpanzerzug TO armored
Einzelhaft / solitary confinement. train (RR).
Einzelkrad n solo motorcycle. Eisenbahn-Pfeilerbaukompanie /
Einzellader m single loader, single- railway pile-driving or pier-building
shot weapon. company (Mil).
Einzelschnittverfahren n single-in Eisenbahnpioniere mpl railway en
tersection method (target location in
gineer troops.
EinzelschuB m single shot, single Eisenbahnstelhverk n railway signal
round. tower, switch control room.
Einzelschutz m individual protection. Eisenbahntankstelle / gasoline and
Einzelspriinge mpl bounds (method lubricant railhead, bulk reduction
of advancing). point.
Einzelwurf m individual release, Eisenbahntransportfolge / railway
single release (Bombing). transportation timetable.
Einzelziel n point target (Bombing). Eisenbahntruppen fpl railway oper
einziehbar retractable (landing gear, ating troops.
etc.). Eisenbahnwagen m railway car.
einziehen draw in, retract; withdraw Eisenbeton m reinforced concrete,
(a sentry); conscript, draft (re ferro-concrete.
cruits) ; confiscate. Eisenblech n sheet iron.
Einziehfahrgestell n retractable Eiseneinlage / iron reinforcement
landing gear (Ap). (in ferro-concrete).
Eisansatz m accumulation of ice. Eisenkern TO iron core (Elec).
Eisbrecher m ice apron (Bdg). Eisenwalze / iron roller (mine
Eisenbahn / railroad, railway. clearance).
Eisenbahnanlage / railroad installa eiserne Portion emergency ration
tion. (for Pers).
eiserne Ration 44 EntfernungsgerSt
eiserne Ration emergency ration (for empfindlicher Aufschlagzunder su-
animals). perquick impact fuze.
Eisernes Kreuz Iron Cross (decora empfindlicher Kopfziinder allways
tion). fuze.
Eisregen m sleet. empfindlicher Ziinder superquick
Eissporn m ice spade (trail spade). fuze.
Ekrasit n ecrasite (explosive). Endauflager n abutment (Bdg).
E-Latte / aiming stake, aiming post Endbahnhof m railhead, terminal.
(E=Entfernung, range). Enddrall m terminal twist (OrA).
Elektrizitatszahler m electric meter. Endgeschwindigkeit / terminal ve
Elektrode / electrode; grounded elec locity.
trode (spark plug). Endmontage / final assembly.
Elektrodenrohre / radio tube. Endverstarker m terminal repeater
Elektromechaniker m electrician. (Tp); final amplifier, power am
Elektron n electron; trade name of plifier (Rad).
a magnesium-aluminum alloy. Endziel n final objective.
Elektronbrandbombe / electron in Energieleitung / feeder cable (Elec).
cendiary bomb. Energienachfuhr / additional supply
Elektrotechniker m electrical engi of power (Elec).
neer. Energieverlust m power loss (Elec,
Element n cell, element (Elec). Rad).
Elementbecher m cell container Energievorrat m power supply.
(Elec). Enge / defile (Tac).
Elementekiihler m cellular-type Englander m Englishman; monkey
radiator (MT). wrench.
Elementpriifer m battery tester EngpaB m bottleneck, defile.
(Elec). entbloBen uncover (Tac).
Ellbogen m elbow. Ente / duck; canard airplane.
E.MeBgerat n See Entfernungs- Enteiser m de-icer (Ap).
meBgerat. Enteisungsanlage / de-icer system,
E.Mefimann m See Entfernungsmefi- ice-eliminating system (Ap).
mann. Enteisungsgerat n de-icer (Ap).
E.Messer m See Entfernungsmesser. Enteisungmittel n anti-icer solution.
Emfang m receipt, reception. Entenflugzeug n canard airplane.
Empfanger m indicator (follow-the- entfalten develop (a route column,
pointer mechanism of AA gun); in etc.); unfold.
dicator (fuze setter); receiver, re entfalteter Anmarsch advance in de
ceiving set (Rad); data receiver, in veloped formation (Tac).
dicator-regulator (data transmission Entfaltung / development (followed
system of A A gun). by Entwicklung, deployment).
Empfangsapparatur / receiver chas Entfaltung aus dem Marsch develop
sis, receiving equipment (Rad). ment from march column.
Empfangsberechtigter m beneficiary. Entfaltungszeit / parachute opening
Empfangsbescheinigung / See Emp- time.
fangsschein. Entfernung / range, distance; re
Empfangsbestatigung / - acknowledg moval; departure.
ment of receipt (Sig C). mittlere Entfernung
Empfangslautstarke / volume of re medium range (up to 800 m).
ception (Rad). nachste Entfernung
Empfangsschaltung / receiver cir close range- (up to 100 m).
cuit (Rad). nahe Entfernung
Empfangsschein m receipt form. close range (up to 400 m).
Empfangswelle / receiving frequency weite Entfernung
(Rad). long range (beyond 800 m).
Empfangszone / reception zone Entfernungsermittlung / range de
(Rad). termination.
empfindlich sensitive. Entfernungsgerat n range finder.
Entfernungslineal 45 Entseuchungsgerat
Entfernungslineal n range ruler entkohlen decarbonize.
(Arty). entkupfern decopper.
Entfernungsmarke / -range indicator entladen unload, empty; discharge.
(practice firing). Entladestab m unloading staff (har
EntfernungsmeBgerat n range-find bor).
er, altimeter, height-finder (AAA). Entladung / to discharge (Am,
Entfernungsmefimann m range-find Elec, etc.).
er operator; height-finder sergeant EntladungsstoB' m discharge surge
(AAA). (Elec).
Entfernungsmefimann zur Seitenbe- entlassen to dismiss, discharge; re
obachtung lateral tracker (AAA). lease ; disband, demobilize.
Entfernungsmesser m range-finder; Entlassung / discharge; dismissal;
range-finder operator; height-finder release.
sergeant (AAA). Entlassung auf Ehrenwort release
Entfernungsschatzen w range esti on parole, home parole.
mation. Entlassungsjahrgang m, age class
Entfernungsteilung / range scale. due for discharge.
Entfernungstrommel / range knob Entlassungsschein m certificate of
(G). discharge.
Entfernungsunterschied m range Entlassungsstelle / demobilization
difference. center, discharge center.
Entfernungsvorhalt m linear differ entlasten relieve (of pressure).
ence between present slant range Entlastung / relief (of pressure).
(at instant of range determination) Entlastungsangriff m relief attack
and future slant range (AAA). (made to relieve enemy pressure
Entfettung / degreasing. elsewhere).
Entgasung' / degassing. entlaufen to escape.
entgegenwirken counteract, act entlausen delouse.
against, work against. Entlausungsanstalt / delousing sta
Entgiftung / decontamination. tion.
Entgiftungsabteilung / decontamina entliiften ventilate; bleed (recoil
tion battalion. mechanism).
Entgiftungsdienst m decontamina Entliifter m ventilator.
tion service. Entliiftungsstutzen m breather
Entgiftungsgerat n decontamination (Mtr).
apparatus. Entmagnetisierung / de-gaussing.
Entgiftungskompanie / decontamin entrollen to unfurl or uncase (a
ation company. flag).
Entgiftungskraftwagen m decontam Entsatz m relief (of a fortress, etc.).
ination truck. Entschadigung / compensation, re
Entgiftungsmittel n decontamina imbursement, allowance, recoupment.
tion agent. entscharfen disarm (Am).
Entgiftungspflug m decontamination Entscheidung / decision.
plow. Entscheidungsgefecht n decisive ac
Entgiftungsplatz m decontamination tion, decisive battle (Tac).
point. EntschluB TO decision (Tac).
Entgiftungsstoff m decontamination EntschluBfassung / formulation of
agent. decision (s).
Entgiftungstrommel / perforated de EntschluBkraft / power of decision.
contamination drum. entschliisseln decode, decryptograph.
fahrbare Entgiftungstrommel de entsenden to dispatch, send off.
contamination cart. entsetzen relieve (a fortress, etc.);
Entgiftungstrupp m decontamina be terrified; relieve (of a command).
tion squad. Entsetzung / relief (of a fortress,
entheben relieve (of a command, etc.).
etc.). entseuchen disinfect.
entkeimen sterilize. Entseuchungsgerat n disinfestor.
Entseuchungsmittel 46 Erganzungsbedarf
Entseuchungsmittel n disinfecting Erdbeobachtung / ground observa
agent. tion.
Entseuchungsschrank m disinfecting ErdbeschufJ m anti-aircraft fire (as
chamber. seen from target).
entsichern to disengage or release Erdbildmessung / phototopography.
the safety (SA, R, etc.); to arm or Erde / earth, soil; ground (Elec).
activate (a mine, bomb, etc.). Erdei See ErdeinschieBziel.
Entsicherungsfliigel m arming vane Erdeinschiefiziel n ground adjust
(bomb). ment target (Gunnery).
entspannen to uncock; to relieve erden to ground (Elec).
tension. Erder m ground (Elec).
Entstaubung / dust filtering (MT). Erdfernsprechverbindung / ground-
Entstorkappe / ignition shield (over return telephone circuit.
spark plug). Erdgegner m hostile ground force.
Entstbrung / interference elimina Erdgleiche / ground level (Ft).
tion (Rad). Erdgrube / borrow pit.
enttarnen remove camouflage. Erdhorer m geophone.
entwaffnen disarm. Erdkabel n underground cable or
Entwarnung / "all clear" signal. wire (Tp).
Entwasserungsgraben m drainage Erdkriimmungslineal n altitude-cor
ditch. rection ruler.
Entweichen n escape, evasion. Erdleitung / ground, ground lead
Entwesung / sterilization. (Elec).
entwickeln deploy (Tac); develop Erdleitungsdraht m ground wire
(Photo); generate (smoke, etc.). (Elec).
Entwicklung / deployment (follows Erdleitungsrohr n ground pipe, un
Entfaltung, development); develop derground pipe.
ment (Photo); generation (of Erdmine / land mine.
smoke, etc.). Erdol n petroleum.
Entwurf m sketch, outline; plan, Erdortung / pilotage (Air Naviga
scheme. tion).
Entzerrer m balancing network erdrosseln to throttle, strangle.
(Rad, Tp). Erdriickleitung / ground-return cir
Entzerrung f rectification, restitu cuit (Tp).
tion (aerial Photo); correction, com Erdschluft m ground leak, ground
pensation (of frequency response, short (Elec).
Rad, Tp). Erdschwere / gravitation, gravity.
Entzerrungsgerat n rectifying cam Erdsporn m trail spade (G).
era (aerial Photo). Erdstecker m grounding rod (Elec).
entziehen remove, withdraw, deprive. Erdtelegraphieverbindung / ground-
sich entziehen avoid, evade, disen return telegraph circuit.
gage (Tac). Erdtruppen fpl ground forces.
entziffern decipher, decryptograph. Erdung / ground, grounding (Elec).
Entzifferung / deciphering. Erdvergleichsziel n auxiliary ground
entzurren unlock, unclamp. target (Arty).
Episkop n reflecting projector, Erdvermessung / topographic sur
episcope. vey.
erbeuten to capture (materiel). Erdwinde / winch (for Bin).
ErdanschluB m ground connection ErdzielbeschuB 'm firing against
(Elec). ground targets (AAA).
Erdarbeit / excavation work; earth Erdzuleitung / ground lead (Elec).
work (Ft). Erganzung / supplement, replace
Erdartillerie f artillery used against ment (s), reserve (s); completion,
ground targets (as distinguished rounding out, bringing to full
from A A A). strength.
Erdaufklarung / ground reconnais Erganzungsbedarf m deficiency,
sance (Tac). shortage, replacement requirements.
Erganzungsgruppe 47 Ersatztruppen
Erganzungsgruppe / replacement Ermiidungskampfstoff m harassing
training group (Air Force group agent (CWS).
composed of 2 or more Erganzungs- Ermiidungsschiefien n harassing fire,
staffeln). gas-shell fire (Arty).
Erganzungsstaffel / See Ergan ernannt See Ernennung.
zungsgruppe. Ernennung / appointment to brevet
Erganzungsstelle / replacement cen rank.
ter. Ernstfall m emergency.
ergeben, sich to surrender, capitu erobern conquer (territory or local
late. ity).
Ergebnis n result; score. Eroberung / conquest.
Erhebungswinkel m quadrant angle Erreger in exciter (Rad).
(Surv). Erregerstrom m excitation current
Erhohung / quadrant elevation (Elec).
(Gunnery). Erregerwicklung / excitation wind
Erhohungsskala / elevation scale ing (Elec).
(G, MG). Ersatz m replacement; substitute,
Erhohungswinkel m quadrant angle synthetic material; spare part; com
of elevation (Gunnery). pensation, damages.
Erholungsurlaub m leave; arrest, Ersatzbataillon n replacement train
imprisonment (slang). ing battalion.
Erinnerungsmedaille / campaign Ersatzbatterie / spare battery
medal. (Elec).
erkampfen to force (a crossing, Ersatzbedienung / gun crew replace
etc.). ments, reserve gun crew.
Erkennungsmarke / identification Ersatzdienststelle / recruiting cen
tag, "dog tag." ter.
Erkennungsmunition / signal am Ersatzeinheit / replacement unit,
munition. replacement training unit.
Erkennungstuch n identification Ersatzfunkstelle / secondary radio
panel, ground panel. station.
Erkennungswort n countersign, Ersatzheer n replacement training
password. Army.
Erkennungszeichen n marking, in Ersatzkarte / provisional map, sub
signia, identification mark; recogni stitute map.
tion signal. Ersatzmann m replacement.
Erker m "bay window" type gun Ersatzmannschaften fpl replace
mount in front right sponson (Tk). ments.
Erkunder m scout; reconnaissance Ersatzpferd n remount.
airplane. Ersatzregiment n replacement train
Erkundung / reconnaissance (Tac). ing regiment.
Erkundungsfahrzeug n reconnais Ersatzreifen m spare tire.
sance vehicle, scout vehicle. Ersatzreserve / replacement re
Erkundungsorgan n reconnaissance
element. serves.
ErkundungsvorstoB m scouting raid. Ersatzreserve I reserves comprising
Erlaubnis / permission. untrained men under 35.
Erlaubnisschein m leave pass. Ersatzreserve II reserves comprising
Erledigung / accomplishment, com physically unfit, untrained men un
pletion. der 35.
ErmaBigung der Strafe remission of Ersatzreserveausbildung / training
sentence. of replacement reserves.
ermachtigen empower. Ersatzschaltschema n equivalent cir
Ermattungsstrategie / strategy of cuit (Elec).
attrition. Ersatzteil n reserve unit (Tac);
Ermessen n discretion. spare part.
Eriniidung / fatigue, exhaustion. Ersatztruppen fpl replacements.
Ersatzverpflegungsmagazin 48 Fahnenjunker
Ersatzverpflegungsmagazin n ration erzwingen force (a crossing, etc.).
depot (Z of I). Etappe / communications zone (su
Ersatzwesen ?i recruiting and re perseded by riickwartiges Armeege-
placement administration. biet, but still frequently used).
Erschiefien der Tageseinfliisse ob Etappenmarsch m administrative
taining metre data by registration march.
(FA). Etat m budget.
erschopfen to exhaust, wear out, use Etatposten m budget item.
up. Exerzierbombe / drill bomb, practice
Erschutterung / concussion, shock. bomb.
erstarren become rigid or stiff; Exerzieren n drill, practice.
"freeze" in position. Exerzierform / drill formation.
Erstausstattung / initial issue. Exerziergescho/5 n dummy projectile.
erste Hilfe first aid. Exerzierhalle / drill hall.
Erster Offizier first officer (Nav). Exerzierhaus n armory.
ersticken asphyxiate, choke, stifle, Exerziermarsch m goose step.
suffocate. Exerziermunition / drill ammuni
erstickender Kampfstoff lung irri tion, dummy ammunition.
tant. Exerzierordnung / drill formation;
Erststrom m primary current. drill regulations.
ersturmen to rush, take by assault- Exerzierpatrone / dummy cartridge.
(Tac). Exerzierplatz m drill ground, parade
Ertraglichkeitsgrenze / harassing ground.
concentration (CWS). Exerzierschritt m See Exerzier
Erwa-Meldung / stand-by message marsch.
(preliminary to metro message) Exerziervorschrift / drill regula
(Arty). tions.
Erwiderungsfeuer n retaliation fire, Exzenterhiilse / eccentric sleeve
counterfire. (aiming circle).

Fabrik / factory. Fachwerk n latticework, grillage;

Pach n field of competency, trade, truss.
profession; branch of knowledge; Fachwerkbriicke / truss bridge.
specialty; compartment, pigeonhole. Fachwerktrager m truss (Bdg).
Fachabteilungen fpl professional Fackel / flare, torch.
service units (Med). Faden m thread, filament; string;
Facharbeiter m technician, skilled fathom (Nav); front-sight slit
workman, specialist. (aiming circle); hair (Optics).
Fachausdruck m technical term. Fadenkreuz n cross hairs, cross
Fachbearbeiter m staff officer or of wires (Optics).
ficial in charge of some technical Fadenstiick n front-sight piece
branch or administrative depart (aiming circle).
Fachberater m technical adviser. Fahne / colors, flag, guidon.
Fachermotor m fan-type engine, Fahnenband n battle honors.
double-V engine. Fahneneid m oath of allegiance, oath
Facherturn m half-loop wing-over of enlistment.
(Avn). Fahnenflucht / desertion.
Fachmann m specialist, expert. Fahnenfliichtiger m deserter.
Fachsprache / technical terminology. Fahnenjunker m officer candidate
Fachverstandiger m specialist, ex (from enlistment until promotion to
pert. Fahnrich).
Fahnenjunker-Gefreiter 49 Fallpunkt
Fahnenjunker-Gefreiter m officer Fahrlassigkeit / negligence.
candidate (with grade of Gefreiter). Fahrleistung / traveling capacity
Fahnenjunker-Unteroffizier' m NCO (MT, Tk).
officer candidate (with grade of Fahrplan m timetable, train sched
Sgt). ule.
Fahnenkompanie / color guard com Fahrprahm m tank landing craft.
pany. Fahrrad n bicycle.
Fahnenmast m flxed flagpole. Fahrrinne / rut.
Fahnenposten m color sentinel. Fahrseil n ferry cable.
Fahnenschaft m flagpole. Fahrstelle / ferrying site, ferry em
Fahnenstange / flagpole, pike. barkation point.
Fahnentrager m color bearer, Fahrstellung / traveling position
guidon. (Ord).
Fahnentrupp m color guard. Fahrt / ride, run; trip, journey;
Fahnentuch n bunting. speed.
Fahnenwache / color guard, color Fahrtenschwimmer m qualified
sentinel. swimmer (on basis of time-endur
Fahnrich m officer candidate (grade ance test).
above Fahnenjunker-Unteroffizier). Fahrtliste / entraining table.
Fahrabteilung / supply-train bat Fahrtmesser m airspeed indicator.
talion (H-Dr). Fahrtrupp m boat crew (Engr).
Fahrausweis m travel order, travel Fahrtruppen fpl transportation
ing permit. units (H-Dr).
Fahrbahn / roadway. Fahrweg m dirt road.
Fahrbahntrager m floor beam, road Fahrwerk n landing gear (Ap);
way girder (Bdg). running gear, chassis (MT); sus
fahrbar passable (for vehicles); pensions and tracks (Tk).
mobile; practicable; navigable. Fahrwerkachse / landing-gear axle
Fahrbefehl m transportation order (Ap).
(MT). Fahrwerkrahmen m chassis frame
Fahrbenzin n standard gasoline. (MT).
Fahrbereich m operating range, Fahrwerkstrebe / landing-gear strut
traveling distance, cruising radius (Ap).
(MT, Tk). Fahrwiderstand m tractional resist
Fahrbetrieb m ferrying operations. ance (MT).
Fahrbremse / wheel brake (G car Fahrwind m air stream, airflow.
riage). Fahrzeug n vehicle; craft.
Fahre / ferry. Fahrzeuguberhang m overhang,
fahren to drive, travel, ride. angle of approach (MT).
fahrendes Ziel moving target (Tk, Fall m drop, fall; case, instance.
. vehicle). Fallbahn / bomb trajectory.
Fahrer m driver (MT, Tk, etc.); pri Fallbenzintank m gravity tank
vate (H-Dr Transport). (MT).
Fahrerhaus n cab (Trk). Fallbeschleunigung / downward ac
Fahreroptik / driver's periscope celeration (Ballistics).
(Tk). Fallbo / downdraft (Met).
Fahrgast m passenger. FallblockverschlufJ m drop-block
Fahrgerat n propelling equipment type breechblock (G).
(Engr). Falle / trap, decoy; catch (MG).
Fahrgestell n chassis (MT); landing Fallenachse / catch pivot (MG).
gear, landing-gear frame (Ap). Fallgeschwindigkeit / velocity of fall
Fahrkarte / transportation ticket (Ballistics).
(RR, bus, etc.). Fallgesetz n law of falling bodies.
Fahrkolonne / horse-drawn column. Fallhohe / drop, height of drop.
Fahrkostenentschadigung / travel Fallklappe / drop (Tp switchboard).
allowance (reimbursement). Fallpunkt m level point, point of fall
Fahrkiiche / rolling kitchen. (Ballistics).
Fallschirm 50 Pederwolke
Fallschirm m parachute. Farb-Spritzanlage / spray painting
Fallschirmabsprung m parachute unit.
jump. farbtonrichtig orthochromatic;
Fallschirmabsprungturm m para Faschine / fascine.
chute tower, controlled tower. Faschinenbahn / fascine road.
Fallschirmbombe / parachute bomb. Faschinendamm m raised fascine
Fallschirmgerat n parachute equip road.
ment. Faser / fiber.
Fallschirmgewehr n parachutist's Fassung / receptacle, socket (Elec);
automatic rifle. text or wording, version; composure.
Fallschirmgurt m parachute har Fassungsvermogen n volumetric
ness. 9apacity.
Fallschirmjager m parachutist. faulnisbekampfend antiseptic.
Fallschirmjiiger-Abteilung / para Faust / fist.
chute detachment. Faustachse / Mercedes-type front
Fallschirmjagerbataillon n para axle (MT).
chute battalion. Faustel n mallet.
Fallschirmlast / delivery unit (air Fausthandschuh m, mitten.
borne operations). Faustriemen m sword knot.
Fallschirmleuchtbombe / aircraft Faustskizze / rough sketch.
parachute flare. F-Boot n tank landing craft.
Fallschirmleuchtkugel / parachute Feder / pen; spring; feather.
flare. Federantrieb m spring action (clock
Fallschirmleuchtpatrone / para work fuze).
chute-flare cartridge (for Sig pistol). Federaufhangung / spring suspen
Fallschirmrakete / parachute rocket sion (MT).
signal. Federausgleicher m spring equilibra-
Fallschirmsack in pack assembly, tor (G).
pack (Prcht). Federbarometer n aneroid barom
Fallschirmschiitze m parachutist eter.
rifleman. Federbein n shock-absorbing strut
Fallschirmschiitzen-Abzeichen n par (Ap).
achute badge (decoration). Federbock m spring hanger (MT).
Fallschirmspringer m parachutist. Federbolzen m spring bolt (MT).
Fallschirmtruppen fpl parachute Federbund n spring clip (MT).
troops. Federeinrichtung / spring mecha
Fallschirmturm m parachute tower. nism (MG).
Fallstromvergaser m downdraft car Federgehange n spring suspension.
buretor. Federhand / spring bracket (MT).
Falltafel / bomb trajectory table. Federkolben m breechblock endpiece
Falltiir / trapdoor; escape hatch (self-loading pistol).
(Ap). Federkopf m follower-spring stud
Fallwind m katabatic wind (Met).
Fallwinkel m angle of fall (Ballis (self-loading pistol).
tics). Federkraft / elasticity.
Fallzeit / time of fall (Bombing). Federlasche / shackle, spring shackle
Faltboot n faltboat, collapsible boat (MT).
with rubberized-cloth skin. Federluftdruckmesser m aneroid ba
Familienunterhalt m dependency rometer.
benefits. Federring m lockwasher.
Fangleine / shroud line (Prcht). Federteller m valve-spring retainer
Fangnetz n anti-submarine net. (Mtr).
Fangschnur / aiguillette, fourragere. Federung / suspension (MT).
FangstoB m parry. Federvorholer m spring counterre-
farbenblind color blind. coil mechanism, spring recuperator
Farbentiichtigkeit / color vision. (G).
farblos colorless. Federwolke / cirrus cloud.
Fehlbestand 51 Feldflasche
Fehlbestand m shortage, discrepancy Feinkorn n fine sight (R aiming);
(supplies, etc.). fine grain (Photo).
Fehler m error; defect; miss. Feld n field (Top, Elec); land (ri
Fehlerdreieck n triangle of error fling); bay (Ap).
(Surv). langes Feld chase of gun barrel.
fehlerhaft defective. Feldanzug m field uniform.
Fehlganger m miss. Feldarmee / field army.
Fehlgriff m blunder. Feldausbildungsdivision / field train
Fehlleistung / malfunction. ing division.
fehlschlagen fail. Feldausriistung / field equipment.
FehlschuB m miss. Feldausstattung / field equipment;
Fehlstart m unsuccessful take-off ammunition reserve.
(Avn). Feldbackerei / field bakery.
Fehlstelle / vacancy (Adm). Feldbahn / narrow-gage field rail
Fehltreffer m near miss. way.
Fehlweisung / deviation (Bad). Feldbauamt n airdrome maintenance
Fehlzerspringer m low-order burst, office.
low-order shell (Am). Feldbefestigung / field fortification.
Fehlzundung / backfire (Mtr). Feldbischof m Chief of Chaplains.
Feigheit / cowardice. Feldbluse / service coat.
Feile / file (tool). feldbrauchbar serviceable for use in
Feind wi enemy. the field.
Feindbeobachtung / observation of Feldbrunnen m field well.
or by the enemy. Feldbiicherei / military field library.
Feindberiihrung / contact with the Felddauerlinie / permanent field-tele
enemy. phone line.
FeindbeschuB m enemy fire. Felddienst m field duty.
Feindbesetzung / occupation by the felddienstfahig fit for active duty.
enemy. Felddienstordnung / field service
Feinddruck m enemy pressure. regulations.
Feindeinsicht / enemy observation. Felddienstiibung / field exercise.
Feindeinwirkung / enemy action. Feldeisenbahn / field railway.
Feindesland n enemy territory, hos Feldeisenbahnbetriebsamt n field
tile territory. railway operations office.
Feindflug m raid, sortie, combat mis Feldeisenbahndirektion / field rail
sion (Avn). way command station.
Feindflugausweis m special identifi Feldeisenbahner m field railway en
cation card carried on missions dur gineer.
ing which capture by enemy is likely Feldeisenbahnmaschinenamt n field
(Avn). railway machinery office.
Feldeisenbahnwerkstattenamt n field
feindfrei clear of the enemy. railway workshop office.
Feindgelande n enemy terrain. Feldelement n field cell (Tp).
Feindnachrichten fpl information Felder npl lands (Ord); fields (Top).
about the enemy. Feldersatzbataillon n replacement
Feindnahe / closeness to the enemy, training battalion (assigned to the
nearness to the enemy. field forces).
Feindraum m enemy zone. Felderscheibe / target divided into
Feindseligkeiten fpl hostilities. squares.
Feindsicht / enemy observation. Felder und Ziige lands and grooves.
Feindtatigkeit / enemy activity. Feldfernkabel n field trunk wire
Feindzusammenstofi m collision with (Tp).
the enemy. Feldfernkabeltrupp m wire-laying
Feineinstellung / fine tuning (Rad); team (Tp).
fine setting, precision adjustment. Feldfernsprecher m field telephone;
Feinhohenmesser m sensitive altime field telephone operator.
ter (Ap). Feldflasche / canteen (for water).
Feldflughafen 52 Felsenklippe
Feldflughafen m field airdrome. Feldnachrichtenkommandantur /
Feldflugplatz m advanced airfield. field signal command (signal Hq for
Peldfunksprecher m See Peldfunk- an area of occupied territory or in
sprechgerat. rear area of T of Opns).
Feldfunksprechgerat n field radio Feldpolizei / See Geheime Feldpo-
set. lizei.
Feldgeistlicher m chaplain. Feldportion / field ration (for Pers).
Feldgendarm m military policeman. Feldpost / army postal service.
Feldgendarmerie / military police. Feldpostamt n army post office.
Feldgendarmerievorsehrift / mili Feldpostbeamter m army mail clerk
tary police regulations. (Civ official).
Feldgerat n field equipment. Feldposteinheit / army postal unit.
Feldgericht n provost court, court- Feldposten m outguard sentinel.
martial. Feldpostwesen n army postal service.
Feldgeschiitz n field gun. Feldprediger m chaplain.
Feldhandapparat m field handset Feldpriifschrank m field testing box
(Tp). (Tp).
Feldhaubitze / field howitzer. Feldrain m uncultivated .strip at
Feldheer n field forces. edge of field.
Feldherrnkunst / strategy, general Feldration / field ration (for ani
ship. mals).
Feldinstandsetzung / line mainte Feldschanze / field fortification,
nance. earthwork.
Feldjustizamt n legal branch of Feldsicherungskastchen n field fuse
army, corps and division general box (Tp).
staffs (consists of civilian officials). Feldsonderbataillon n field disciplin
Feldkabel n field wire (Tp). ary battalion.
Feldkabelader / field-wire strand Feldstraflager n field disciplinary
(Tp). camp.
Feldkabelbau m field-wire laying Feldtrage / field litter (Med).
(Tp). Feldunterarzt m acting medical offi
Feldkabelleitung / field-wire line cer.
(Tp). Feldverpflegung / field messing.
Feldkanone / field gun. Feldwache / outguard.
Feldkaplan m chaplain. Feldwagen m field wagon.
Feldklappenschrank m portable Feldwebel m technical sergeant.
switchboard. Feldweg m cross-country dirt road.
Feldkochherd m field range (cooker). Feldwerkstatt / field workshop.
Feldkochunteroffizier m cook (NCO). Feldwerkstattzug m field workshop
Feldkommandantur / military ad platoon.
ministration headquarters (in Com Feldwetterstelle / field weather sta
Z and occupied countries). Compare tion.
Ortskommandantur, Stadtkomman- Feldwetterwarte / See Feldwetter
dantur. stelle.
Feldkuche / field kitchen, rolling Feldzeugbataillon n ordnance bat
kitchen. talion.
Feldlaboratorium n field laboratory Feldzeugkommando n ordnance com
(Med). mand (one in each Wehrkreis and
Feldlager n bivouac, encampment. some in occupied countries).
Feldlazarett n surgical hospital. Feldzeuglager n ordnance depot.
Feldmarschall m Field Marshal Feldzeugstab m ordnance staff.
(Ger). Feldzug in campaign.
Feldmeister m first sergeant (Reich Felge / felloe, rim.
Labor Service). Felgenband n tire flap (MT).
FeldmeBkastchen n field testing set Fels m rock, cliff.
(Tp). Felsblock m boulder, rock.
Feldmiitze / garrison cap. Felsenklippe / bluff (Top).
Fenster 53 Fernsprechbetriebszug
Fenster n sight peephole (AA Fernkurs m correspondence course.
sight); window. Fernleitung / long-distance circuit,
Fepo / See Geheime Feldpolizei. interurban line (Tp).
Ferdinand name of a heavily-ar Fernlenkung / remote control.
mored German self-propelled gun. Fernlicht n bright. light (on auto
Fernantrieb m rempte drive, remote headlight).
control. Fernmefigerat n range finder.
Fernauf klarer m long-range recon Fernmeldeanlage / communication
naissance airplane. station (Sig C).
Fernaufklarung / distant recon Fernmesser m range finder; range-
naissance; long-range reconnaissance finder operator.
(Avn). fernmiindlich by telephone.
Fernaufklarungsflugboot n patrol Fernrichten des Geschiitzes remote
bomber, long-range reconnaissance gun control (CA, Nav).
flying boat. Fernrohr n telescope; binoculars (in
Fernaufklarungsflugzeug n See Fern- this sense, generally Doppelfern-
aufklarer. rohr).
Fernaufklarungsgruppe / air force Fernrohrarme mpl telescope tubes
long-range reconnaissance group (BC telescope).
(attached to ground forces and com Fernrohraufnahme / telephoto.
posed of two or more F-Staffeln). Fernrohraufsatz m- telescopic sight.
Fernaufklarungsstaffel / long-range fernrohrbesetzt equipped with tele
reconnaissance squadron attached to scopic sight (R).
army ground units (abbr. F-Staffel). Fernrohrhals m telescope center sec
Fernbesprechgerat n remote control tion.
unit (Rad). Fernrohrhiilse / telescope housing.
Fernbesprechung / remote control Fernrohrkopf m telescope head.
operation (Rad). Fernrohrkorper m telescope tube;
Fernbild n telephoto. body (of binoculars).
Fernbomber m long-range bomber. Fernrohrlager n telescope seat.
Ferndrucker m teletype, teletype Fernrohrsteg m telescope support.
writer, telegraph printer. Fernschreiber TO teletype, teletype
Fernempfang m long-distance recep writer, telegraph printer; teletype
tion (Rad). operator.
Fernempfangszone / reception zone Fernschreibkompanie / teletype com
beyond the skip distance (Rad). pany, telegraph-printer company.
Fernerkunder m See Fernaufklarer. Fernschreibleitung / teletype circuit.
Fernfahrtmesser m remote-reading Fernschreibnetz n teletype net
airspeed indicator (Ap). (Luftwaffe).
ferngelenkt remote-controlled.
Ferngeschiitz n See Fernkampfge- Fernschreibwagen TO teletype truck.
schiitz. Fernsehen n television.
Ferngesprach n telephone call, tele Fcrnsicht / visibility.
phone conversation. FernsprechanschluB m telephone con
ferngesteuert remote-controlled. nection.
Fernglas n binoculars, field glass. Fernsprechbaukompanie / telephone-
Fernhorer m receiver (Tp, Rad construction company.
Tp). Fernsprechbautrupp m telephone-
Fernkabel n trunk wire (Tp). construction crew.
Fernkampfartillerie / long-range ar Fernsprechbauvvagen m telephone-
tillery. construction truck.
Fernkampfflugzeug n long-range Fernsprechbetriebstrupp m tele
bombardment airplane. phone-operations team.
Fernkampf geschiitz n long-range Fernsprechbetriebswagen m tele
gun. phone-operations truck.
Fernkompaft m remote-reading com Fernsprechbetriebszug m telephone
pass (Ap). operating platoon.
Fernsprechdoppelleitung 54 Festungskrieg
Pernsprechdoppelleitung / metallic! Fesselseil n ground cable, mooring
telephone circuit. | cable (Bin).
Fernsprecher ni telephone; tele- Fesseltau n See Fesselseil.
phone operator. Fesselung / pinning down, contain
Fernsprechfahrzeug n telephone-op ing (Tac).
erations vehicle. FesselungsvorstqB m containing at
Fernsprechgerat n telephone equip tack, holding attack.
ment, fest firm, solid, steady; locked;
Fernsprechkompanie / telephone- fixed, stationary; fastened.
communications company. Festantenne / fixed antenna.
Fernsprechkraftwagen m telephone festfressen, sich to seize, freeze (pis
motor truck. ton, etc.).
Fernsprechleitung / telephone line. festhalt'en to contain, hold, immobil
Fernsprechnetz n wire net (Tp). ize (Tac); to track (a target).
Fernsprechrelais n telephone relay. Festhaltevorrichtung / locking de
Fernsprechstelle / telephone station. vice (MG).
Fernsprechtrupp m telephone sec Festigkeitslehre / strength of mate
tion. rials.
Fernsprechverkehr m telephone traf Festigkeitsnachweis m stress analy
fic. sis.
.Fernsprechvermittlung / telephone Festklemmvorrichtung /• clamping
central, switching central. mechanism (MG tripod).
Fernsprechwagen m telephone Festland n mainland, continent.
wagon, telephone truck. f estlegen to refer (Gunnery); to
Fernspruch m telephone transcrip fix; pinpoint, plot, determine; to
tion, telephone message. sense, spot.
Fernsteuerung / remote control. Festlegepunkt m reference point.
Fernthermometer n water tempera Festlegezahl / deflection reading,
ture gage (MT). new reading (in referring the
Ferntrauung / marriage by proxy piece) (Gunnery).
(while on active duty). festmachen to make fast, secure,
FerntroB m third echelon supply tie, moor.
train (behind the MitteltroB). , Festnahme / arrest, seizure.
Fernunterricht m instruction by cor Festpunkt m control point, refer
respondence. ence point.
Ferse / heel (Anatomy). Festpunktnetz n control-point net
"Fertig!" "Ready!" (Arty). (Surv).
festschiefien seat 'the base plate by
Fertigaufschlagziinder m ready- firing (Mart).
fixed percussion fuze (Am). Festung / fortress, fort.
Fertigerzeugnis n finished product. Festungsartillerie / fortress artil
Fertigmontage / final assembly lery.
(Tech). Festungsartilleriekommandeur m
Fertigung / production, manufac- forti'ess artillery commander.
' ture, construction. Festungsbaubataillon n fortress
Fertigungshalle / factory shop. construction battalion.
Fertigungsjahr n year of manufac Festungsgraben m moat.
ture. Festungsgiirtel m cordon of forts.
Fertigziinder m ready-fixed fuze Festungshaft / confinement in a
(Am). fortress.
Fessel / pastern (horse). Festungsingenieur m civilian engi
FesseJballon m captive balloon. neer in charge of fortifications.
Fesselgelenk n pastern joint (horse). Festungsinspekteur m superintend
Fesselkabel n ground cable, moor ent of fortress engineering service
ing cable (Bin). (superior of Festungspionierkom-
fesseln to contain, to fix, pin down mandeur).
(Tac); to chain, tie up. Festungskrieg m siege warfare.
Festungsnachrichten- Feuersteigerung
Festungsnachrichtenkommandantur / Feuer in der oberen Winkelgruppe
fortress signal command (attached high-angle fire.
to staff of Ft Engr units). Feuer in der unteren Winkelgruppe
Pestungspionier m fortress engi low-angle fire.
neer. Feuerkampf m fire fight, fire duel,
Festungspionierfeldwebel m techni weapons duel.
cal sergeant (Ft Engr). Feuerkette / line of skirmishers.
Festungspionierkommandeur m for Feuerkommando n firing command
tress engineer brigade commander. (Arty).
Fett n grease. Feuerkraft / fire power.
Fettpresse / grease gun. Feuer kreuzen to cross fire.
Fettiiberzug m grease coating. Feuerleitgerat n fire-controi equip
FeiJchtigkeit / humidity, moisture, ment, ballistic director (Arty).
dampness. Feuerleitung / fire direction, fire
Feuchtigkeitsgehalt m moisture con control.
tent, humidity (Met). Feuerleitungsnetz n fire control net,
Feuchtigkeitsmesser in hygrometer. fire direction net (Arty).
Feuchtigkeitsschreiber m hygro- Feuerleitungsplan m fire-control
graph (Met). map (Arty).
Feuer n fire. Feuerleitungsstand m fire-direction
unter Feuer nehmen to shell, to center.
strafe. Feuerleitungsstelle / See Feuerlei
Feuerabriegelung / box barrage. tungsstand.
Feuerabriegelung schieften to box in, Feuerlinie / firing line.
to lay down a box barrage. Feuerloscher m fire extinguisher.
Feuerart / method of fire. Feuerloschordnung / fire plan (fire
Feuerauftrag m fire mission (Arty). prevention measure).
Feuerbefehl m fire order, fire com Feuerbffnung / commencement of
mand. firing.
Feuerbegriffe mpl fire classification Feuerpatsche / fire swatter (used in
(Arty). fire fighting).
Feuerbeobachtung / observation of Feuerpause / cessation of fire
fire (Gunnery). • (Arty).
Feuerbereich m zone of fire. "Feuerpause!" "Cease firing!"
feuerbereit in firing position; un Feuerplan m plan of fire (Tac).
coupled, unlimbered, ready for action Feuerplattform / gun platform.
(Arty). Feuerregelung / fire control, conduct
Feuerdampfer m flash hider. of fire.
Feuerdichte / density of fire. Feuerriegel m box barrage.
Feuereinheit / fire unit (Arty). Feuersaule / column of flames.
Feuereinheit der Artillerie basic tac Feuerschiff n lightship.
tical unit of the artillery. Feuerschlag m sudden concentration
Feuer einstellen,, to cease fire. (Arty).
Feuer eroffnen to open fire. Feuerschutz m covering fire, protec
Feuererbffnung / commencement of tive fire; fire support, coverage by
fire, opening of fire. supporting fire; artillery protection.
feuerfest fireproof. Feuerschiitze m aerial gunner.
Feuerformen fpl types of fire, Feuerschutzpolizei / fire protection
forms of fire (Arty, MG). police.
"Feuer frei!" "Fire!" feuersicher fireproof.
Feuergarbe / sheaf of fire, cone of Feuersignal n fire call.
dispersion, cone of fire. Feuersperre / barrage.
feuergefahrlich inflammable. Feuerspritze / fire engine.
Feuergefecht n fire fight, fire duel. Feuerspucker m Spitfire (slang).
Feuergeschwindigkeit / rate of fire Feuerstarke / density of fire.
(MG). Feuersteigerung / increased rate of
Feuerhb'he / height of muzzle. fire, intensification of fire.
Feuerstellung 56 Flachtrudeln
Feuerstellung / firing position, field Filmvorfiihrapparat m motion-pic
emplacement, gun position. ture projector.
in Feuerstellung in abatage, in fir Filterbiichse / gas mask canister.
ing position. Filtereinsatz m filter element (gas
verdeckte Feuerstellung position mask).
defilade. Filtergehause n filter container (gas
FeuerstoB m burst (MG). mask).
Feuerstrahl m jet of liquid fire; gun Filterkolonne / water purification
flash. column.
Feuertaufe / baptism of fire. Filterwechsel m filter replacement
Feueriiberfall m sudden concentra (gas mask).
tion (Arty); surprise fire (Arty, Filz m felt.
MG). Filzstiefel m felt boot.
Feueriiberlegenheit / fire superior Fingerabdruck m fingerprint.
ity. Finnenzelt n plywood shelter (win
Feuer und Bewegung fire and move ter operations).
ment, fire and maneuver. Finsternis / darkness.
Feuerunterstiitzung / fire support. Firnis m varnish.
Feuervereinigung / concentration of Fischgratenhindernis n fishbone ob
fire (Arty). stacle pattern.
Feuervereinigungswinkel m deflec Fla / antiaircraft defense (original
tion difference (Btry firing). ly abbr. of Flugabwehr; now used
Feuerverlegen n shift of fire as independent word). Compare
(Arty). Flak.
Feuer verlegen to shift fire. Flabataillon n antiaircraft bat
Feuerverteilung / fire distribution talion.
(Arty, MG). flach flat.
Feuerverteilungswinkel m diver Flachbahngeschiitz n flat-trajectory
gence difference (Btry firing). gun.
Feuervorbereitung / fire preparation Flachbettfelge / flat-base rim (MT).
(Tae). Flache / wing (Ap); surface, area.
Feuervorhang m fire curtain, curtain flache Bb'schung gentle slope.
of fire. Flachenausgleich m aerodynamic
Feuer vorverlegen to lift fire, to ad balance (Ap).
vance fire (Arty). Flachenbelastung / wing loading.
Feuerwaffe / firearm. Flachenbrand m area conflagration
Feuerwalze / rolling barrage. (Bombing).
Feuerwand / fire curtain, curtain of Flachendrahthindernis n multiple-
fire. belt entanglement.
Feuerwehr / fire department. Flachenfeuer n area fire, zone fire.
Feuerwerker m technical sergeant Flacheninhalt m area.
(Or A). Flachenmefiplan m plotting board
Feuerwerkskorper m pyrotechnic (FR).
composition (Am). FlachenschieBen n area fire, zone
Feuerwirkung / effect of fire (Gun fire.
nery). flachentreue Projektion equal area
Feuerzeug n cigarette lighter. projection (mapping).
Feuerzone / zone of fire. Flachenziel n area target.
Feuerzucht / fire discipline. Flachfeuer n flat fire, flat trajectory
F-Haube / cowling (Ap). fire.
Fieber n fever. Flachfeuergeschiitz n flat-trajectory
Fieseler-Storch m a German liaison gun.
airplane. FlachkeilverschluB m sliding square-
Filmkammer / roll-film camera. wedge breechblock (G).
Filmkassette / film cartridge, film- Flachlasche / butt strap.
pack adapter (Photo). Flachmeifiel m flat chisel.
Filmstreifen m film strip. Flachtrudeln n flat spin (Avn).
Flachzange 57 Flankenbewegung
Flachzange / flat-jawed pliers. Flakmaschinengewehr n antiaircraft
Flackertaste / flicker-signal calling machine gun.
key (Tp). FlakmeBgerat n plane spotter and
Fladdermine / land mine. range finder (A A A).
Fla-Einheit / antiaircraft machine- Flakmunition / ammunition for anti
gun unit. aircraft weapons.
Flagge / flag. Fla-Kompanie / antiaircraft com
Flaggentruppen fpl units repre pany.
sented by flags (in maneuvers). Flakregiment n antiaircraft regi
Flaggentuch n bunting. ment.
Flaggoffizier m flag officer (Nav). Flakscheinwerfer m antiaircraft
Flaggschiff n flagship. searchlight.
Flak / antiaircraft gun, antiaircraft FlakschieBen n antiaircraft fire.
artillery (originally abbr. of Flug- Flakschiefilehre / theory of antiair
• abwehrkanone; now used as inde craft fire.
pendent word). Compare Fla. Flakschutz m antiaircraft-artillery
Flakabteilung / antiaircraft artil protection.
lery battalion. Flaksperre / antiaircraft barrage,
Flakabwehr / antiaircraft defense. curtain of antiaircraft fire.
Flakalarm m air warning for anti Flakstellung / antiaircraft gun env
aircraft artillery units. placement.
Flakartillerie / antiaircraft artil Flaksturmabzeichen n antiaircraft-
lery. artillery assault badge (decoration).
Flakbatterie / antiaircraft battery.- Flaktreffer TO hit by antiaircraft
Flakbedienung / antiaircraft gun fire, antiaircraft hit.
crew. Flaktruppe / antiaircraft artillery
Flakbrigade / antiaircraft brigade (as a branch of the Army).
(sometimes known as Flakdivision). Flakuntergruppe / subdivision of a
Flakdivision / antiaircraft artillery Flakgruppe.
"division" (contains two to five Flakvierling m four-barreled anti
Flakregimenter). See also Flak- aircraft gun.
brigade. Flakvisier n antiaircraft gun ^ight.
Flakfeuer n antiaircraft fire. Fla-Maschinengewehr n antiaircraft
Flakgeschiitz n antiaircraft gun. machine gun.
Flakgranate / antiaircraft shell. Fla-Maschinenkanone / automatic
Flakgruppe / antiaircraft artillery antiaircraft gun.
group (for the defense of an air dis Flammendampfer m flash hider
trict). (Ord).
Flakgiirtel m cordon of antiaircraft Flammenverzehrer m flame dampen-
fire. er exhaust stack (Ap).
Flakhelferin / antiaircraft artillery Flamm(en)ol n flame thrower fuel.
woman auxiliary. Flammenstrahl m jet of liquid fire.
Flak-Kampfgruppe / antiaircraft Flammenwerfer TO flame thrower.
combat group. Fiammenwerfer-Fiillwagen m re
Flakkommandeur m antiaircraft ar charging trailer for flame throwers.
tillery commander. Flammenwerferpanzerwagen m
Hoherer Flakkommandeur antiair flame-throwing tank.
craft artillery commander of a Flammenwerferschutzanzug m
Luftgau. flame-thrower operator's protective
Flakkommandogerat n antiaircraft clothing.
director. Flandernzaun m double-apron en
Flakkorps n antiaircraft artillery tanglement, double-apron fence.
corps (contains from two to four Flanke / flank.
Flakdivisionen or two to three Flak- Flankenangriff -m flank attack.
brigaden). Flankenbewegung f flanking move
Flakkreuzer m antiaircraft cruiser. ment.
Flankeneinbruch 58 Fliegertauglichkeit
Flankeneinbruch m flanking penetra Fliegerfiihrer m air force command
tion. er (commander of a Luftflotte or
Flankenfeuer n flanking fire, enfi of an area of air operations).
lade fire. Fliegergasbombe / chemical bomb
Flankenmarsch m flanking march. (Avn).
Flankenschutz m flank protection. Fliegergruppe / group (Avn).
Flankensicherung / flank security. Fliegerhandkammer / aerial hand
Flankenstellung / flanking position. camera.
flankieren to flank, outflank. Fliegerhaube / helmet (Avn).
Flankierungsdurchbruch m flanking Fliegerheld m ace.
break-through. Fliegerhilfe / aviation support.
Flansch m flange. Fliegerhorizont m artificial horizon.
Flaschenhals m bottleneck. Fliegerhorst m airdrome, air base
Flaschenzug m block and tackle. airdrome.
Flata m flame-thrower tank (prob Fliegerhorstkommandant m air base
ably abbr. of Flammenwerfertank). commander.
Flattermine / See Fladdermine. Fliegerhorstkompanie / airdrome
Flattern n shimmying (MT). protection company.
Fla-Waffe / antiaircraft weapon. Fliegerkammer / aircraft camera,
Flechtwerk n brush work, brushwood aerial camera.
revetment. Fliegerkarte / air map, flight map,
Fleckfleber n typhus. pilot chart.
Fleischbeschau m meat inspection. Fliegerkorps n air force corps (sub
Fleischer m butcher. ordinate operational command of a
Fleischhackmaschine / meat grinder. Luftflotte).
Fleischkonserve / canned meat. Fliegerkrafte fpl air forces.
Flettner-Seitenruder n servo rudder Fliegerkraftstoff m aviation fuel.
(Ap). Fliegerkrankheit / fliers' sickness
fliegen to fly. (complex of disorders affecting fly
fliegendes Personal flying personnel. ing Pers; not to be confused with
Flieger m private (Luftwaffe); pilot, Hohenkrankheit).
flier; airplane (as seen from Fliegerleuchtpistole / aircraft signal
ground). pistol.
Fliegeralarm m air alert warning, Fliegermarschbreite / dispersed for
air raid warning. mation in width (AA security).
Fliegerabwehr / antiaircraft de Fliegermarschtiefe / dispersed for
mation in depth (AA security).
fense. Fliegermaske / camouflage net (AA
Fliegerabzeichen n aviation badge. defense).
Fliegerangriff m air attack, air raid. Fliegermiitze / pilot's garrison cap.
Fliegerarzt in flight surgeon. Fliegeroffizier m flying officer.
Fliegerausbildungsregiment n air Fliegerschule / flying school.
force preflight training regiment. Fliegerschule fur technische Ausbil-
Fliegerbenzin n aviation gasoline. dung ground school (Avn).
Fliegerbluse / flight blouse, pilot's Fliegerschulung / pilot training
blouse. (Avn).
Fliegerbombe / aircraft bomb. Fliegerschutz m antiaircraft defense.
Fliegerdeckung / cover from air ob Fliegerschutzanzug m flying suit.
servation or attack. Fliegerschiitze m aerial gunner.
Fliegerdivision / airborne division, Fliegerschutzgraben m slit trench
parachute division. (AA security).
Fliegerei / aviation. Fliegersirene / air raid siren.
Fliegerfilz m grenades ejected from Fliegersoldat m enlisted man (Luft
airplanes into the path of attacking waffe).
fighters (slang). Fliegertatigkeit / air activity.
Fliegerformation / formation of air Fliegertauglichkeit / fitness for fly
planes. ing.
fliegertechnisches Personal 59 Flugbetrieb
fliegertechnisches Personal ground Flotte / fleet (Nav). See also Luft-
crew (Avn). flotte.
Fliegertruppe / flying and mainten Flottenchef m Commander-in-Chief
ance personnel of the Luftwaffe. of a fleet (Nav). See also Luftflot-
Fliegertuch n ground panel, marking tenchef.
panel. Flotteneinheit / naval unit.
Fliegerunterstiitzung / aviation sup Flottenstiitzpunkt m naval base.
port, air support. flottmachen to free (stuck or stalled
Fliegerverband m formation of air vehicle); to float (a grounded ves
planes, air task force. sel).
Fliegerverbindungsoffizier m air sup Flucht / flight, escape.
port officer (air force liaison officer fliichten flee, escape.
between Luftwaffe and Army; abbr. ftiichtig hasty (Ft); nonpersistent
Flivo). (CWS); .fleeting; volatile.
Fliegervisier n antiaircraft sight. fliichtige Feldbefestigung hasty field
Fliegervisiereinrichtung / antiair fortification.
craft sight assembly, aircraft gun fliichtiger Kampfstoff nonpersistent
sights. chemical agent.
Fliegerwaffenpersonal n aircraft FlUchtigkeit / volatility (CWS).
armament personnel. Fluchtlinie / directional traverse.
Fliegerwarnung / aircraft warning, Fliichtling m refugee.
air raid alarm. Fluchtstab m range pole (Surv).
Fliegerwetter n good flying weather; Fluchtversuch m attempt to escape.
bad flying weather (ironic). Flug m flight, flying. See also terms
Fliegerzeugnis n pilot's rating, under Flieger and Luft.
pilot's certificate. Flugabwehr / antiaircraft defense.
Fliegerzulage / aviation pay, flight Flugabwehrbezirk m air defense re
pay, flying pay. gion.
Fliehbacke / centrifugal arming de Flugabwehrfiihrer m antiaircraft
vice (fuze). commander.
Fliehbackenfeder / spring of centri Flugabwehrgeschiitz n antiaircraft
fugal arming device (fuze). gun.
Fliehbolzen m centrifugal bolt Flugabwehrkanone / antiaircraft
(fuze). gun (abbr. Flak).
fliehen flee, escape. Flugabwehrmaschinengewehr n anti
Fliehgewicht n flyweight (engine aircraft machine gun.
governor). Flugabwehrmaschinenkanone / auto
Fliehkraftantrieb m centrifugal ac matic antiaircraft gun.
tion (fuze). Flugabwehrmaschinenwaffen fpl
Fliehkraftregler m centrifugal gov automatic antiaircraft weapons.
ernor (Mtr). Fluganwarterkompanie / pool com
Fliehkraftziinder m centrifugal pany for pilot candidates (waiting
fuze. for assignment to a pilot school).
Fliefirichtung / direction of flow. Flugbahn / trajectory.
Flinte / shotgun. Flugbahnaufrifi m See Flugbahnbild.
Flivo m See Fliegerverbindungs Flugbahnbild n trajectory diagram.
offizier. Flugbahngrundrifi m See Flugbahn
Flofi n float, raft. bild.
FloBbriicke / floating bridge. Flugbereich m range, maximum
Flosse / fin (Ap). range (Ap).
Flossenstummel m inboard stabiliz flugbereit "on the hangar line"
ing float (seaplane). (after servicing).
FloBsack m pneumatic float, pneuma Flugbereitschaft / ground readiness
tic ponton, pneumatic boat. (Avn).
FloBsacksteg m. pneumatic-boat foot Flugbesprechung / orders confer
bridge. ence, "briefing" (Avn).
Flotille / flotilla. Flugbetrieb m airdrome traffic, air-
Flugbetriebsstoffkolonne 60 Flugmeldung
drome activities, routine flying oper Fliigelstiel m interplane strut.
ations. Flugelstrebe / wing strut.
Flugbetriebsstoffkolonne / aviation Fliigelstreckung / aspect ratio.
gasoline, oil and lubricants column. Fliigeltiefe / depth of wing profile.
Flugblatt 7i propaganda leaflet. Flugelverspannung / wing bracing.
Flugboot n flying boat. Fliigelverstrebung / wing strut sys
Flugbuch n flight log. tem.
Flugdauer / endurance, duration of Fliigelvorderkante / leading edge.
flight (Ami). fliigelweise in width, in line.
Flugdeck n landing deck, flight deck fliigelweise Aufstellung disposition
(aircraft carrier). in width (Tac).
Flugebene / slant plane determined Fliigelwurzel / wing root (Ap)
by lines of present and future posi Flugelzelle / cell, cellule (Ap).
tion (AA gunnery). Flugfigur / flight maneuver.
Fliigel m wing (Ap, Tac); fin (Mort Flugform / flight formation.
shell, R grenade, bomb); vane (Cml Fluggast m airplane passenger.
shell, bomb); propeller blade. Fluggerat n aircraft instruments.
Fliigelangriff m frontal attack direc Fluggeschwindigkeit / flying speed.
ted obliquely against one wing. Fluggewicht. n gross weight (Ap).
Fliigelanordnung / wing setting (Ap). Flughafen m airport, airdrome.
Fliigelblech n stabilizing fin (Mort Flughafenbautrupp m airdrome con
Am). struction detachment.
Fliigeleinstellwinkel m angle of wing Flughafengrenze / airdrome bound
setting (Ap). ary.
Fliigeleinteilung / classification of Flughbhe / altitude (Avn); ordin-
wing parts (Ap). ate of trajectory, vertical height
Flugeleintrittskante / leading edge (Ballistics).
(Ap). hochste Flughohe absolute ceiling
Fliigelende n wing tip. (Avn).
Flugelgeschiitz n outside or end gun Flughohe iiber dem Erdboden abso
of a battery. lute altitude (Avn).
Fliigelhaut / wing skin. flugklar airworthy, capable of flying;
Fliigelholm m wing spar. cleared for take-off.
Fliigelinhalt m wing area. Fluglage / attitude, attitude of flight
Fliigelkanone / wing-mounted can (Avn).
non. Fluglehre / theory of flight.
Fliigelkolben m pump vane. Fluglehrer m flight instructor.
flugellastig wingheavy. Flugleistung / flight performance
Fliigelleuchtpatrone / wing-tip flare. (Ap).
Fliigelmann m flank man (drill). Fluglinie / flight line.
Fliigelmann am Drehpunkt fixed Flugmeldedienst m aircraft warning
pivot, pivot man (drill). service.
Fliigel-Mittelstiick n wing center sec Flugmeldekommando n information
tion (Ap). center (AWS, Z of I).
Fliigelmutter / wing nut. Flugmeldenetz n aircraft warning
Fliigelnase / leading edge (Ap). net.
Fliigelprofll n wing profile. Flugmeldeposten in antiaircraft
Fliigelrippe / wing rib. lookout, air guard observer (AWS).
Fliigelschaft m fin shaft (Mort shell). Flugmelderose / orientation card
Fliigelschiene / wing rail (RR). (AWS); orientation clock (to indi
Fliigelschnitt m wing section (Ap). cate target's direction of approach)
Fliigelschraube / thumbscrew. (AAA).
Fliigelsehne / wing chord. Flugmeldezentrale / information
Fliigelsignal n wing signal. center (AWS, T of Opns).
.Fliigelspannweite / wing span. Flugmeldung / flight report (Avn) ;
Fliigelspitzenkurve / ninety-degree report of approaching aircraft
. turn (Avn). (AWS).
Flugmotor 61 Flugzeugortung
Flugmotor w aircraft engine. Flugwesen n aviation.
Flugneigungswinkel m angle of dive Flugwetter n (good) flying weather.
(AA gunnery). Flugwetterdienst m aviation weather
Flugordnung / flight formation. reporting service.
Flugpeildienst m airways navigation Flugwetterwarte / aviation weather
service. station.
Flugplatz m airfield, airdrome. Flugwinkel m angle of approach
Flugplatzanlagen fpl airdrome in (AAA).
stallations. Flugwinkel im AbschuBpunkt angle
Flugplatzbefeuerung / airdrome of approach at instant of firing.
lighting. (AAA).
Flugplatzfeld n landing field. Flugwinkel im MeBpunkt angle of
Flugplatzzone / " control zone approach at instant of range de
(Adrm). termination. (AAA).
Flugrichtung / direction of flight, Flugwinkel im Treffpunkt angle of
course (Avn). approach at future position. (AAA).
Flugrichtungspfeil m path-of-flight Flugwissenschaft / aeronautics.
pointer (reflector sight). Flugzeit / flying time, endurance
Flugschiiler m pilot trainee. (Ap); time of flight (of projectile).
Flugsicherheit / flying safety (Avn). Flugzeitkurve / time-of-flight curve
Flugsicherung / air-trafBc safety (imaginary curve indicating different
control. points of burst at constant time set
Flugsicherungsbereich m air-traffic ting with varying elevation).
control area. Flugzeitsekunden fpl time of flight
Flugsicherungsdienst m air-traffic in seconds (Ballistics).
control service. Flugzeug n airplane, aircraft.
Flugsicherungshauptstelle / air- Flugzeugabwehrscheinwerfer m an
traffic control station. tiaircraft searchlight.
Flugsicherungsschiff n air-traffic Flugzeugachse / axis of'an aircraft.
safety ship (vessel employed as Flugzeugbaumuster n airplane
radio aid for air navigation and in model.
aircraft rescue service). Flugzeugbein n shock strut (Ap).
Flugstrecke / airway, flight route, Flugzeugbesatzung / air crew.
flight line, leg of a flight. Flugzeugbewaffnung / airplane
Flugstreckenfeuer n airway beacon, armament.
course light. Flugzeug-Fliigelkanone / wing-
Flugstreckenkarte / strip map, ail- mounted cannon (Ap).
navigation map. Flugzeugfiihrer m pilot.
Flugstiitzpunkt m air base. zweiter Flugzeugfiihrer co-pilot.
Flugtagebuch n flight log. Flugzeugfiihrerschein m pilot's certi
flugtechnisch pertaining to aeronau ficate.
tical technology or technique of fly Flugzeugfiihrerschule / pilot school.
ing. Flugzeuggerippe n airframe.
Flugtorpedoboot n torpedo-carrying Fhigzeuggeschwindigkeitslineal n
flying boat. airplane speed slide rule (AAA).
flugtiichtig airworthy, capable of Flugzeughalle / hangar.
flying. Flugzeugkanone / aircraft cannon,
Flugwache / observation post (A WS, aircraft automatic gun.
Z of I). Flugzeugmechaniker m air mechanic.
Flugwachkommando n filter center Flugzeugmetaller m metalsmith
(AWS, Zofl). (Avn).
Flugweg m airway, course, path of Flugzeug-M.G.-Steuerung / impulse
flight. generator mechanism (Ap MG).
Flugwegbestimmung / course de Flugzeugmotor m aircraft engine.
termination (Air Navigation). Flugzeugmutterschiff n seaplane
Flugweite / range of flight, flying tender.
distance. Flugzeugortung / air navigation.
Flugzeugrumpf 62 Frei/eichen
Flugzeugrumpf m fuselage. cator (follow-the-pointer-type fuze
Flugzeugriistpersonal n aircraft setter).
armorer-artificers. Forderbahn / miners' tramway.
Flugzeugschlepp m airplane towing. Formel / formula.
Flugzeugschleuder / catapult (Avn). Formgebung / lofting (Ap).
Flugzeugschleudersehiff n seaplane Formular n form, blank.
tender with catapult facilities. Formveranderung / evolution (Tac).
Flugzeug-Schwerb'Imotor m Diesel- Formwert m coefficient of form
type aircraft engine. (Ballistics).
Flugzeugsteuerung / airplane con Forstamt n forest service office.
trols, flight control. Forsterei / forest service station.
Flugzeugtender m seaplane tender. Fortbewegung / propulsion, move
Flugzeugtorpedo n aerial torpedo. ment.
Flugzeugtrager m aircraft carrier. Fortbildung / advanced training.
Flugzeugwart m airplane mechanic. Fortschritt m effective pitch (pro
Flugzeug zu Flugzeug air-air (Sig peller) ; progress.
Com). Fracht / freight.
Flugziel n air target, air objective. Frachtbrief m bill of lading.
FlugzielbeschuR m firing at air Frachtdampfer m freighter.
target. Frachtenbefbrderung / transporta
Flugzustand m attitude, attitude of tion of freight.
flight (Avn). Frachter m freighter.
Fluoreszenzfarbe / luminous paint. Frachtflugzeug n cargo-transport
Flufi m river. plane.
Flufibreitenmesser m river-width Fragebogen m questionnaire.
measuring instrument. "fraglich" "doubtful" (uncertain re
Flufierkundung / river reconnais garding effect of a projectile).
sance. Frasmaschine / milling machine.
Fliissigkeit -/ liquid. Fregattenkapitan m commander
Fliissigkeitsausgleicher m fluid (Nav).
equalizer (recoil mechanism). Freibord m freeboard.
fliissigkeitsgekiihlt liquid-cooled. Freigabe / clearance.
Fliissigkeitsgetriebe n fluid drive Freihandnivellierinstrument n hand
(MT). level (Surv).
Fliissigkeitskiihlung / liquid cooling Freiheitsstrafe / sentence of confine
(Mtr). ment.
Fliissigkeitsriicklaufbremse / hy Freiherr m baron.
draulic recoil brake (G). Freilassung / release (of prisoner).
FliissigkeitsstoBdampfer m hydrau Freilassung auf Ehrenwort release
lic shock absorber (MT). on parole.
Fliissigkeitszerstauber m decontam Freilauf m freewheeling (MT).
ination sprayer. Freileitung / overhead line (Tp).
FluBkabel n marine cable, under Freischarler m guerrilla.
water cable (Tp). Freischwimmer m qualified swimmer.
FluBpolizei / river police. See also Fahrtenschwimmer.
FluBiibergang m river crossing, ford. Freischwimmertrupp m swimmer de
Flutlicht n floodlight. tail (for swimming horses across a
Folgeladung / induced-detonation stream).
charge. freitragend cantilever.
Folgezeiger m pointer, indicator Freiiibung / setting-up exercise.
(folloiv-the-pointer mechanism in freiwillig voluntary, volunteer.
data transmission system,). sich freiwillig melden to volunteer,
Folgezeigerantrieb m follow-the- enlist, enroll.
pointer drive (AAA). Freiwilliger m volunteer.
Folgezeigereinrichtung / follow-the- Freiwilligenlegion / legion composed
pointer mechanism (AAA). of non-German volunteers.
Folgezeigerempfanger m fuze indi- Freizeichen n dial hum (Tp).
Fremdpeilung 63 Fiihlungnahme
Fremdpeilung / direction finding by Frontpanzer m front armor (Tk).
means of bearings radioed to the Frontsammelstelle / front collecting
aircraft by surface direction-finder point (for reception of trained re
stations. placements and distribution to
Frequenz / frequency. units).
Frequenzangabe / frequency desig Frontsoldat m soldier at the front,
nation (Rad). combatant.
Frequenzband n frequency band Frontstalag n forward prisoner of
(Rad). war camp. See also Stalag.
Frequenzbereich m frequency range Fronturlaub m furlough from the
(Rad). combat zone.
Frequenzeinstellung / tuning control Frontverband m combat element
(Rad). (Tac); support force, formation of
Frequenzkorrektur / calibration ad support aircraft (Avn).
justment (Rad). Frontvorsprung m salient (Tac).
Frequenzmesser m frequency meter Frontzeitung / army newspaper in
(Rad). combat zone.
Frequenzmodulation / frequency Frontzulage / combat pay (addi
modulation (Rad). tional pay for personnel in the com
FreBbeutel m feed bag. bat zone).
Friede m peace. Frostgraupeln pi sleet.
Friedensstarke / peace strength. Frostschutzmittel n antifreeze solu
Friedensstarkenachweisung / table tion.
of organization (peacetime). Frostschutzsalbe / antifrostbite oint
Friedensverhandlungen fpl peace ment.
negotiations. frostsicher nonfreezable, frost-re
Friedhof m cemetery. sistant.
Front / front (Mil, Met). Friihzerspringer m premature burst
innere Front home front. (Arty).
Frontabschnitt m front sector.
Friihziindung / preignition (Mtr).
Frontalangriff m frontal attack.
Frontalfeuer n frontal fire. F-Staffel / See Fernaufklarungs-
Frontantrieb m front-wheel drive staffel.
(MT). F-Stoff m titanium tetrachloride (a
Frontbogen m front arc, curved smoke agent) (CWS).
front line. F.T.-Anlage / radio installation,
Frontdienst m service at the front. radio equipment, radio set (Ap).
Fronteinsatz m commitment to the F.T.-Gerat n radiotelegraph set,
front, employment at the front. radio equipment, radio set (Ap).
Frontensegeln .n frontal soaring F.T.-Haube / helmet with built-in
(glider). . headset and throat-type microphone.
Frontflugspange / combat aviation F.T.-Verbindung / radiotelegraph
clasp (decoration). communication.
Frontflugzeug n combat airplane. Fuchsloch n niche (Ft) (Note: fox
Frontkampfer m fighter at the hole = Schiitzenloch).
front; combatant; veteran. Fugasse / fougasse.
Frontkampferkreuz n veterans cross Fiihlerlehre / thickness gage.
(decoration awarded to all veterans Fiihlung / contact (Tac).
of World War 1). Fuhlung aufnehmen to make contact
Frontingenieur m engineer of the (with friendly or enemy troops).
Todt Organization (Ft). FUhlunghalten n contact mission
Frontleitstelle / forward directing (Avn).
center for personnel in transit. Fiihlunghalter m airplane maintain
Front:MG. n bow machine gun (Tk). ing contact with enemy force (Avn,
Frontmitte / center of the front Nav).
(Tac). Fiihlungnahme / establishment of
Frontoffizier m line officer. contact (Tac).
fiihren 64 Funkbetrieb
fiihren to lead, direct, manage; to Fiihrungsklaue / assembly guide
drive; to guide; to pilot. claw (G).
Fiihrer m leader; commander, com Fiihrungskunst / art of leadership,
manding officer; chief; guide; art of command (Tac).
driver; pilot. Fiihrungsleiste / ribbed guide
Fiihreranwarter m SS officer candi (breechblock).
date. Fiihrungs-Nachrichtenregiment n
Fiihrerbesprechung / conference. signal regiment which provides com
Fiihrer der Luft air liaison officer munication down to Army Hq.
with the Navy. Fiihrungsring m rotating band
Fiihrereigenschaft / quality(-ies) of (Am).
leadership. Fiihrungsrolle / guide roller (Tk).
Fiihrerflugzeug n commander's air Fiihrungsschiene / guide rail (G
plane, leading airplane, command cradle).
airplane. Fiihrungsstab m operations staff
Fiihrergehilfe m assistant chief of (Luftwaffe).
staff. FUhrungsstiick n traversing arc
Fiihrergondel / control car (Ash). (MG).
Fiihrerhauptquartier n Hitler's head Fiihrungsvermittlung / command
quarters in the field. telephone central.
Fiihrerkanzel / pilot's cockpit, con Fiihrungswulst m rear bourrelet
trol cabin (Ap). (Am).
FiihrerkompaB m pilot's compass Fiihrungszeichen n driving signal.
(Ap). Fiillansatz m appendix (Bin).
Fiihrerkurs m officer training Fiillelement n desiccated cell, "add-
course. water" cell (Elec).
Fiihrerraum m control cabin, pilot's Fiillfunkspruch m dummy radio mes
compartment, pilot's cockpit (Ap). sage.
Fiihrerschaft / leadership; group of Fiillpulver 02 n TNT.
leaders. Fiillschraube / filler cap (MG).
Fiihrerschein m operator's permit, Fiilltrichter in filling funnel.
driver's permit (MT). Fiillung / filler (Am); filling
Fiihrersitz m cockpit; pilot's seat; (CWS).
driver's seat. Fiillzapfen m filling plug.
Fiihrerstab m command group. Fundamentring m base ring (Ord).
Fiihrerstand m control cabin, pilot's Fiinfer-Schwarmwinkel m wedge
cockpit, pilot's compartment (Ap); formation of 5 airplanes.
tank commander's position. Fiinfte Kolonne fifth column.
Fiihrerziigel m lead rein (harness). Funk m radio.
Fiihrung / command, conduct, lead Funkabkiirzung / procedure sign,
ership; command post, headquarters;
guide (Mech). code group, prosine, prosig.
obere Fiihrung higher command' Funkanlage / radio installation.
(Div and up). Funkaufklarung / radio intelligence.
untere Fiihrung lower command Funkauswertekraftwagen m radio-
(Kegt and down). intelligence truck.
Fuhrungsabteilung / tactical group Funkbake / radio beacon.
of general staff sections. Funkbefehl m radio command, radio
Fiihrungsband n rotating band order.
(Am). Funkbereitschaft / radio alert.
Fiihrungsflache / flank (G barrel). Funkbeschickung / radio compass
Fiihrungshiilse / traversing slide calibration (Air Navigation).
(MG). Funkbeschickungskurve / deviation
Fiihrungskante / edge of land (G curve (Rad).
barrel). Funkbeschrankung / limited radio
Fiihrungskette / squadron command silence.
er's flight, leading flight (Avn). Funkbetrieb m radio operations.
Funkbetriebskraftwagen 65 Funkuberwachung
Funkbetriebskraftwagen m radio FunkmeBgerat n radar.
operations truck. Funkmeflturm m radar tower, radar
Funkbetriebsstelle / radio operations station.
station. Funknachrichten fpl radio messages,
Funkdauerbereitschaft / continuous radio communications.
radio alert. Funknavigation / radio navigation
Funkdienst m radio communication . (Avn).
service. Funknetz n radio net.
Funkdoppelverkehr m simultaneous Funknetz fiir den Verkehr Boden-
two-way radio traffic. Bord air-ground net (Rad).
Funke m .spark. Funkpanzerkampfwagen m radio
Funkeinsatz m employment of radio. command tank.
Funkempfang m radio reception. Funkpeiler m radio direction finder.
Funkempfanger m radio receiver. Funkpeilgerat n radio direction-
funken to radio, send by radio. finding apparatus.
Funkenbildung / production of Funkpeilung / radio direction find
sparks (Elec). ing.
Funkenstrecke / spark gap. Funkquerverbindung / intercommun
Funkentelegraphie / radioteleg- ication channel (Rad).
raphy. Funkrufzeichen n radio call signal.
Funkentelephonie / radiotelephony. Funksender m radio transmitter.
Funkentladung / spark discharge Funksendung / radio transmission.
(Elec). Funksignal n radio signal.
Funkentstorer m static eliminator Funkskizze / radio net diagram.
(Rad). Funksprechen n radio voice trans
Funker m radio operator (with grade mission, radiotelephone communica
of private). tion, voice-radio communication.
Funkfeuer n radio beacon. Funksprechgerat n radiotelephone.
Funkgefreiter m radio operator Funkspre'chiibermittlung / voice-
(with grade of Gefreiter). radio communication.
Funkgerat n radio set, radio equip Funkspruch m radio message.
ment. Funkspruchkopf m heading on radio
Funkgeratkraftwagen m radio truck, message.
radio-equipment truck. Funkspruchiibersicht / radio signal
Funkgeratmechaniker m radio re unit journal, number sheet.
pairman. Funkspruchvermittlung / radio-mes
Funkhorchdienst m radio intercept sage transmission, radio message re
service. lay (station).
Funkhorchkraftwagen m radio inter Funkspruchweg m radio channel.
cept truck. auf dem Funkspruchweg by radio,
Funkhorchstelle / radio intercept via radio.
station. Funkstaffel / echelon of radio units;
Funkkiste / radio chest, radio case. radio detachment.
Funkkompanie / radio company.
Funkstelle / radio station.
Funkkraftwagen m radio car, radio
truck, radio command truck. Funkstille / radio silence.
Funklinie / radio line, two-station Funkstorung / radio interference,
net. radio jamming.
Funkmast m antenna mast, mast- Funktafel / radio code table.
type antenna. Funktasten n keying (Rad).
Funkmastkraftwagen m radio an Funktauschung / radio deception.
tenna truck. Funktechnik / radio engineering.
Funkmeister m technical sergeant Funktechniker m radio engineer.
(Rad). Funktrupp m radio section.
Funkmeisterei / signal supply and Funkturm m radio tower.
radio maintenance shop. Funkuberwachung / radio monitor
Funkmeldung / radio message. ing.
Funkiibung 66 Gangspill
Funkiibung / radio-communication Furier TO quartermaster sergeant.
exercise. Furnier n veneer.
Funkunteroffizier m radio operator Fiirsorge / welfare.
(Sgt). Furt / ford.
Funkverbindung / radio communica Fusilier TO private, infantry rifle
tion. man.
Funkverbot n radio silence. FuBbremshebel TO brake pedal.
Funkverkehr m radio traffic. FuBhetoel TO pedal'(Ord, MT).
Funkverkehrsabkiirzungen fpl brev fuflkrarik footsore.
ity code, prosigs (Rad). FuBlappen TO foot rag, foot cloth;
Funkverkehrsart / type of radio-net cabbage (slang).
traffic. FuBlatscher TO "foot-slogger," infan
Funkverkehrsform / method of radio tryman (slang).
communication. FuBlatte / sill (Bdg).
Funkwagen m radio car, truck, or FuBmelder m runner.
wagon. FuBplatte / foot plate, float (AA
Funkwart TO radio technician. gun outrigger).
Funkwechselsprechen TO alternate FuBpunkt m nadir point.
two-way radiophone communication. FuBschalter in foot switch' (Elec);
Funkwechselverkehr m alternate foot starter (MT).
two-way radio traffic. FuBschaltung / foot shifter (MT).
Funkweg m radio channel. FuBschlingenmine / foot snare mine.
auf dem Funkweg by radio, via Fuflstiitze / footrest.
radio. FuBteller TO float, float plate, jack
Funkwelle / radio wave.
Funkwerkstatt / radio maintenance float (AA gun).
shop. Fuflweg m footpath.
Funkwetterwarte / radio weather Futter n forage, fodder; lining
station. (Clo); bushing, liner (Tech); chuck
Funkzucht / radio discipline. (of lathe, etc.).
furagieren to forage. Futteral TO case; scabbard; sheath.
Furagierleine / picket line (for Futterholz n frame, shim (Engr).
horse). Futterration / forage ration.
Furche / furrow; scour (river bed); Futterrohr n removable liner (G).
groove; white line (hoof). Futterstiick n bushing (breechblock).

Gabel / fork (utensil); bracket Gabelstiitze / bipod (MG).
(Arty). Gabelumschalter TO hook switch
eine Gabel bilden to bracket (Tp).
(Arty). Gabelung / bracket (Arty).
Gabelachse / Elliot-type front axle Gamaschen fpl leggins, puttees.
(MT). Ganasche / jaw (horse).
Gabelbildung / bracketing method, Gang w gear, speed, action, play,
bracket adjustment (Arty). motion, travel (Mech); passage,
Gabeldeichsel / pair of wagon shafts. gangway.
Gabellafette / gun carriage with Gangart / gait (horse).
shafts. gangbar passable.
Gabelmotor m V-engine. Gangrolle / pivoted dial (speed
gabeln to bracket (Arty). ometer).
Gabelschiefien n bracket fire. Gangschaltung / gearshift (MT).
Gabelschwanz m twin tail (Ap). Gangspill in capstan.
Cansemarsch 67 Gasraum
Gansemarsch TO Indian file, single Gasdruckpriifung / pressure test
file. (Ord).
"Ganze Abteilung, Kehrt!" "About Gasdiise / gas-cylinder nozzle.
Face!" (to a detail, squad, company, Gasentladungsrb'hre / gas tube
etc.). (Bad).
Ganzmetallflugzeug n all-metal air Gas-Erdmine / chemical mine, chem
plane. ical land mine.
Garbe / sheaf of fire, cone of disper Gaserkennungsdienst TO gas-detect
sion, cone of fire. ing service.
Garnison / garrison (now Standort). Gasflasche / chemical cylinder, gas
garnisonverwendungsfahig fit for cylinder.
limited service (i.e., in a garrison Gasfufihebel TO accelerator pedal
post, station or in Com Z) (abbr. (Mtr).
g-v.). GasfuBtritt TO See GasfuBhebel.
Gasabblaseverfahren n gas-release Gasgenerator TO wood-gas generator
metho_d (CWS). (MT).
Gasabdichtung / gas check (breech GasgeschoB n chemical projectile.
block). gasgeschiitzt gasproofed.
Gasabwehr / gas defense. Gasgewehrgranate / gas rifle gren
Gasabwehrdienst TO chemical defense ade.
service. Gasgranate / chemical shell, gas
Gasabwehrmafinahmen fpl tactical shell.
protection (CWS). Gashandgranate / gas hand grenade,
Gasabwehrmittel n gas-defense chemical hand grenade.
equipment. Gashandschuh TO gas-protection
Gasabwehrwaffe / gas-defense glove.
weapon. Gashandwerfer m chemical mortar.
Gasalarm m gas alarm. Gashebel m throttle lever (Ap); ac
Gasalarmsirene / gas-alarm siren. celerator (Mtr).
Gasalarmzeichen n gas-alarm signal. Gaskampf m chemical warfare.
Gasangriff m gas attack. Gaskampfgeriit n chemical warfare
Gasanzeiger TO gas detector kit. equipment.
Gaskampfmittel npl chemical war
Gasanzug TO gas-protection suit.
fare material.
Gasaufklarung / gas reconnaissance.
Gaskrieg TO chemical warfare.
Gasausbildung / gas-defense instruc Gaslaufer TO antigas runner (roll of
tion. impregnated paper on which to cross
Gasbehalter m gas container. contaminated ground).
Gasbekleidung / protective clothing Gasleitung / gas line, gas pipe.
(CWS). Gasmaske / gas mask.
Gasbereitschaft / gas alert. Gasmaskenkorper TO body of gas
GasbeschuB m gas-shell fire (Arty). mask.
Gasbrand m gas gangrene. Gasmaskenpriifgerat n gas-mask
Gasbrille / gas goggles (CWS). testing apparatus.
Gasbrisanzgranate / high-explosive Gasmaskentragbiichse / gas-mask
chemical shell. carrier (canister type).
gasdicht gasproof, gastight. Gasmaskenzubehor n gas-mask ac
Gasdichte / gas' concentration. cessories.
Gasdichtigkeit / impermeability to Gasmorser TO chemical mortar.
gas. Gasmunition / .chemical munitions.
Gasdisziplin / gas discipline. Gasoffizier m gas officer, chemical of
Gasdruck TO blowback, gas pressure ficer.
(Ord). Gasb'l n gas oil, Diesel fuel.
Gasdrucklader TO blowback-operated Gasplane / antigas paulin, protective
weapon. awning (CWS).
GasdruckmeBgerat n pressure gage Gasraum m gas chamber (Bin,
(Arty). CWS).
Gasraumprobe 68 Gebrauchsanweisung
Gasraumprobe / gas-chamber test Gasvorhang m gas curtain.
(CWS). Gaswarnung / gas warning.
Gasraumpriifung / See Gasraum Gaswerfen n chemical-projector
probe. fire.
GasschieBen n gas-ishell fire (Arty). Gaswerfer m chemical projector.
Gasschleuse / gas trap, air lock Gaswolke / gas cloud.
(CWS). Gaszelle / cell, cellule (Ash),
Gasschutz m chemical defense. Gaszucht / gas discipline.
Gasschutzdecke / protective mat Gaze / gauze.
(CWS). geballt concentrated.
Gasschutzfilm m chemical-defense geballte Ladung concentrated charge
training film. (consisting of several explosive
Gasschutzgerat n gas protective blocks tied together).
equipment. geben to give; transmit (Rad, Tg).
Gasschutzgeratepark m chemical de Geber m sender, transmitter; data
fense equipment park. transmitter (data transmission sys
Gasschutzgeratwerkstatt / repair tem); azimuth and elevation indi
shop for gas protective equipment. cator (AA director).
Gasschutzsalbe / protective ointment Gebiet n region; territory; zone.
(CWS). Gebirgsartillerie / mountain artil
Gassschutziibungsmittel n- chemical lery, pack artillery.
defense training agent. Gebirgsfahrkolonne / mountain sup
Gasschutzunteroffizier m gas non ply column (H-Dr).
commissioned officer. Gebirgsgeschiitz n mountain gun,
Gasschutzvorhang m gas curtain, pack gun.
blanket door. Gebirgshang m mountainside.
Gasschutzvorrat m stock of chemical Gebirgskanone / mountain gun.
defense equipment. Gebirgsinfanteriegeschiitz n moun
Gasschutzvorschrift / gas-defense tain infantry howitzer.
regulations. Gebirgsjager m mountain infantry-.
Gasschwaden mpl gas fumes (CWS). man.
Gasse / gap (in obstacle or mine Gebirgsjager-Bataillon n mountain
field); alley, street. infantry battalion.
gassicher gasproof. Gebirgsjager-Regiment n mountain
Gassperre / gas barrier, contami infantry regiment.
nated area. Gebirgskampf m mountain combat.
Gasspiiren n gas detection. Gebirgskorps n mountain corps.
Gasspiirer m gas sentry. Gebirgskorpskommando n mountain
Gasspiirfahnchen n gassed-area corps headquarters.
Gasspiirgerat n gas-detection appa Gebirgskrieg m mountain warfare.
ratus. Gebirgsmiitze / mountain cap.
Gasspiirkraftwagen m gas-detection GebirgspaB m mountain pass.
car. Gebirgs-Pionier-Regiment n moun
Gasspiirmittel npl gas-detection tain engineer regiment.
equipment. Gebirgstragerkompanie / mountain
Gasspiirstoff m gas-detection agent. carrier company (on foot).
Gasspiirtrupp m gas-detection squad. Gebirgstruppen fpl 'mountain troops.
Gasstiefel mpl gas-protection boots. Gebifi n bit (harness). .
Gastruppen fpl chemical troops. Geblase n blower, supercharger;
Gasiiberfall m surprise gas attack, ventilator.
surprise gas-shell fire. Geblasemotor m supercharged en
Gasumhang m gas-protection cloak. gine.
Gasvergifteter m gas casualty. Geblasewind m airflow.
Gasvergiftung / gas poisoning, con Gebrauch m use, custom.
tamination. Gebrauchsanweisung / instructions
Gasverluste mpl gas casualties. for use, operating instructions.
Gebrauchsflugzeug 69 gefechtsmalMg
Gebrauchsflugzeug n general-pur Gefecht im Gebirge mountain com
pose airplane. bat.
Gebrauchsladung / normal charge. Gefechtsabschnitt m combat sector,
Gebrauchsstufe / the sum of all in zone of action.
terior ballistic factors. See also Gefechtsaufgabe / combat task.
Grundstufe. Gefechtsaufklarung / battle recon
Gebiihr / charge, rate, allowance, fee. naissance, combat reconnaissance.
Gebiihrnisse fpl allowances, rates. Gefechtsauftrag m combat mission.
Geburtsjahrgang m age class. Gefechtsausbildung / combat prac
Geburtsurkunde / birth certificate. tice, tactical training.
gedampft damped (Elec, Mech). Gefechtsbatterie / firing battery.
gedeckt covered, concealed, defiladed, Gefechtsbefehl m combat order.
masked, sheltered. Gefechtsbefehlsstelle / command
gedeckte Bahn shooting gallery. post.
gedeckte Batterie masked battery. Gefechtsbereich m zone of action.
gedeckter Raum dead space, safety Gefechtsbereitschaft / readiness for
zone. action.
gedeckte Stellung cover position. Gefechtsbericht m combat report.
geeicht calibrated. Gefechtsberiihrung / contact with
geerdet grounded (Elec). the enemy.
Gefahr / danger. Gefechtsbreite / combat frontage.
gefahrden endanger. Gefechtseinheit / combat unit.
gefahrlich dangerous. Gefechtseinsatz m employment . in
Gefahrpunkt m critical point (Tac). action, commitment to action.
Gefalle n gradient (Met, Top). Gefechtsentwicklung / deployment
Gefallemesser m clinometer (Engr). for action (Tac).
gefallen fallen, dead, killed. Gefechtsfahrzeug n combat vehicle.
im Felde gefallen killed in action. Gefechtsform / combat formation.
Gefangenenabschub m evacuation of Gefechtsgebiet n combat zone.
prisoners. Gefechtsgliederung / tactical group
Gefangenenaussage / prisoner's ing.
statement. Gefechtsgruppe / combat unit; ar
Gefangenenaustausch m exchange of mored support unit.
prisoners. Gefechtshandlung / operation, ac
Gefangenenbewachungskommando n tion, engagement, battle.
prisoner guard detachment. Gefechtskarren m ammunition and
Gefangenenlager n prisoner-of-war weapons cart (H-Dr).
camp. Gefechtskarte / battle map.
Gef angenensammelkommando' n Gefechtskasten m medical supplies
prisoner-collecting detachment. and equipment chest.
Gefangenensammelstelle / prisoner gefechtsklar cleared for action
collecting point. (Nav).
Gefangenenverhb'r n See Gefange- Gefechtskompanie / assault company
nenvernehmung. (Prcht troops).
Gefangenenvernehmung / interroga Gefechtskopf m warhead (torpedo).
tion of prisoners. Gefechtskraftwagen m combat car.
Gefangener m prisoner. Gefechtslage / combat situation.
Gefangennahme / capture. Gefechtslandeplatz m advance (d)
Gefangnis n prison. landing field.
Gefangnisstrafe / sentence of con Gefechtslarm m noise of battle.
finement to a prison. Gefechtslehre / tactics.
Gefecht n action, battle, combat, en Gefechtslinie / line of battle.
gagement, fight. See also terms un Gefechtsluftaufklarung / combat air
der Kampf, Krieg. reconnaissance.
Gefechte unter besonderen Verhalt- gefechtsmafiig similar to actual com
nissen special operations. bat or conditions in the field.
gefechtsmaBiges SchieBen 70 GegenstoB
gefechtsmafiiges SchieBen combat Gefrierschutzmittel n antifreeze so
practice firing. lution (MT).
Gefechtsmeldung / combat message, Gegenangriff m counterattack (Tac).
combat report. Gegenaufklarung / counterrecon-
Gefechtspause / lull in combat. naissance.
Gefechtsraum m zone of action, com Gegenbefehl m counterorder.
bat area (Tac); fighting compart einen Gegenbefehl geben to coun
ment, turret basket (Tk). termand.
Gefechtsscheibe / field target, aim Gegenboschung / counterslope.
ing silhouette. Gegend / region, vicinity, neighbor
Gefechtsschiefien n advanced combat hood.
practice firing. Gegenfeuer n counterfire, retaliation
GefechtsschieBstand m field firing fire. :
range (R). Gegenfunkstelle / called station
Gefechtsschlitten m combat sled. (Rad).
Gefechtsschreiber m clerk at a com Gegengewicht n counterpoise (Rad);
mand post. counterweight, counterbalance.
Gefechtsspahtrupp m combat patrol. Gegenhang m counterslope.
Gefechtsstab m command group; Gegenkolbenmotor m opposed-piston
tactical operations staff. engine.
Gefechtsstaffel / combat-train eche Gegenlaufgraben m counterapproach
lon. trench.
Gefechtsstand m command post (in gegenlaufige Luftschrauben contra-
combat); headquarters (Avn); gun rotating propellers.
position, gunner's station (Ap). Gegenlicht n "counter-light" (sun
Gefechtsstellung / action station. light against the attacker, defender
Gefechtsstreifen m combat sector, or observer).
zone of action. Gegenlosung / countersign.
Gefechtstatigkeit / combat activity. Gegenmarsch m countermarch.
GefechtstroB m combat train; main GegenmaBnahme / countermeasure.
tenance section (Btry). Gegenmine / countermine.
Gefechtsiibung / combat practice. Gegenmutter / lock nut.
Gefechtsverlauf m progress of action Gegenoffensive / counteroffensive.
(Tac). Gegenpropaganda / counterpropa-
Gefechtsverwendung / employment ganda.
in combat. Gegenseil n stagger wire (biplane).
Gefechtsvorposten m combat outpost. gegenseitig two-way, mutual, recip
Gefechtswagen m ammunition and rocal.
weapons wagon. gegenseitige Sprechverbindung two-
Gefechtszeitangabe / chronology of way telephone circuit.
battle. Gegensignal n answer signal.
Gefechtszweek m objective of com Gegensinn m counterclockwise direc
bat, purpose of an action.
Gefecht um Engen combat at defiles. tion, opposite direction.
Gefolgschaft / collective term for im Gegensinn zum Uhrzeiger coun
subordinate officers and/or enlisted terclockwise.
personnel. Gegenspionage / counterespionage.
Gefreitenarmwinkel m acting cor Gegensprechen n duplex operation,
poral's chevron. two-way break-in communication
Gefreitenwinkel m See Gefreiten (Rad); duplexing (Tp).
armwinkel. Gegenstand m item, object, article.
Gefreiter m acting corporal (grade Gegenstelle / called station (Rad).
between Pvt Id and Cpl, strictly not Gegeiisteuern n trimming (with one
NCO in Ger definition of term; or more engines inoperative) (Avn).
translated as acting Cpl, lance Cpl, Gegenstollen m countermine.
etc.). GegenstoB m counterthrust, counter
Gefrierschutz m antifreeze (MT). attack (Tac).
Gegentakt-Verstarker 71 Gelanderaum
Gegentakt-Verstarker m push-pull the terrain, blending with the ground
amplifier (Rad). (Cam).
Gegenvorbereitungsfeuer n counter- Gelandeaufnahme / terrain photo-
preparation, counterpreparation fire. survey.
Gegenwehr / resistance (Tac). Gelandeausbildung / field training.
Gegenwind m head wind. Gelandeausnutzung / utilization of
Gegenzeiger m pointer, indicator terrain.
(follow-the-pointer mechanism). GeHindeausschnitt m coverage (aerial
Gegenzeigersinn m counterclockwise Photo).
direction. Gelandebedeckung / .mask (Gun
Gegner m opponent. nery).
Gegnerpfeil m path-of-flight pointer Gelandebesprechung / tactical ride,
(reflector sight). tactical walk.
Gegnerpunkt m future position at Gelandebeurteilung / terrain appre
moment of burst (A A A). ciation, estimate of terrain.
gegossen cast (-metals, armor, etc.). Gelandedarstellung / terrain repre
gegurtet belted (Am, etc.). sentation (Surv).
Gehalt m concentration (CWS); con Gelandeentgiftung / ground decon
tent, volume. tamination.
Gehause « case, casing, housing. Gelandeerkundung / terrain recon
geheim secret, confidential. naissance.
Geheime Feldpolizei secret field po gelandefahig capable of cross-coun
lice (special MP units attached to try travel (MT).
armies and Mil Adm of occupied Gelandefahren n cross-country driv
countries; abbr. G.F.P.). ing.
geheimer Gegenstand classified mili Gelandefahrzeug n cross-country
tary item, secret item. vehicle (MT).
Geheime Staatspolizei secret state Gelandegang m auxiliary gear, un-
police (political police; abbr. Ge derdrive (MT).
stapo). gelandegangig capable of cross
Geheimhaltung / secrecy. country travel, having cross-country
Geheimnis n secret. mobility (MT).
Geheimschrift / cryptography. Gelandegiingigkeit / cross-country
Geheimschriftanalyse / cryptanaly- traveling ability, cross-country mo
sis. bility (MT).
Geheimtext m cipher text. Gelandegegenstand m terrain fea
Geheimwort n cipher key. ture, landmark.
Gehilfe m aid, assistant. Gelandegestaltung / configuration of
Gehilfe des Richtschiitzen assistant terrain, terrain features.
gunner (MG squad). Gelandehindernis n natural obstacle,
Gehirnerschutterung / concussion of terrain obstacle.
the brain. Gelandekampfstoff m ground-con
gehoben raised, lifted, elevated; taminating agent, persistent agent
higher grade (of Wehrmachtbeam- (CWS).
ter). Gelandekette / traction band (MT),
Gehorsam m obedience. Gelandekraftfahrzeug n cross-coun
Gehorsamsvenveigerung / insubor try motor vehicle.
dination. Gelandenachbildung / simulation of
Geisel / hostage. terrain.
geladen loaded, armed, charged, acti Gelandeneigung / slope.
vated. Gelandeorientierung / orientation by
geladener Draht live wire. map.
Gelande n terrain, ground, country. Gelandepunkt m terrain point, land
Gelandeabschnitt m terrain sector, mark.
terrain compartment. Geliindern railing; handrail (Bdg).
Gelandeanpassung / adaptation to Gelanderaum in terrain area.
Gelanderstiitze 72 Generalquartiermeister
Gelanderstiitze/ railing post; hand drive shaft and universal joint, pro
rail post (Bdg). peller shaft.
Gelandescheibe / landscape target gelb'ste Flugordnung route formation
(Tng). (Am).
Gelandeschutz m defilade, natural Gemeinerm private, common soldier
protection. or sailor (in disuse).
Gelandeskizze / military sketch. Gemischbildung / mixing, mixture
Gelandestreifen m terrain sector. formation (carburetor).
Gelandeiibung / field exercise. gemischt mixed, combined.
Gelandevergiftung / terrain contami Gemischtbauweise / composite con
nation (CWS). struction.
Gelandeverhaltnisse npl terrain con gemischter Verband combined-arms
ditions. unit.
Gelandevermessung / terrain survey. gemodelte Welle modulated wave.
Gelandeverstarkung / organization genau accurate, exact, precise; tight;
of the ground (Tac). close; strict.
Gelandewinkel m angle of site (Gun genaues EinschieBen precision ad
nery); angle of slope (Top). justment fire.
negativer Gelandewinkel angle of Gendarm m rural policeman.
depression, negative angle of site. Gendarmerie / rural police.
Gelandewinkellibelle / angle-of-site genehmigen authorize, approve.
level. General m lieutenant general; gen
Gelandewinkelmesser m angle-of-site eral; general officer (specifically, Lt
instrument, clinometer. Gen). Compare Generaloberst.
GelandewinkelmeBvorrichtung / Generaladmiral m admiral (com
angle-of-site mechanism (telescopic mander of a fleet).
sight). Generalarzt m brigadier general
Gelatitw a rock-blasting explosive. (Med).
gelb yellow. Generalarbeitsfiihrer m brigadier
Gelbkreuz n Yellow Cross (Ger mark general (Reich Labor Service).
ing for vesicants) (CWS). Generalfeldmarschall m Field Mar
GelbkreuzbeschuB m chemical-shell shal.
fire (vesicant filler). Generalgouvernement n Government
Geldabfindung / money allowance, re General (administrative region es
imbursement, cash settlement. tablished in occupied territory; spe
Geldstrafe / fine (Law). cifically, in Central Poland in 1939,).
Geldwert der Verpflegungsersparnisse Generalinspekteur fiir die Panzerwaffe
ration savings. Inspector General of Armored Forces.
Gelegenheitsziel n target of oppor Generalintendant m civilian official in
tunity. administrative services ranking as
Geleisew track (RR). brigadier general.
Geleit n escort, convoy.
Geleitmannschaft / escort personnel. Generalkommando n corps headquar
Geleitschiff n convoy vessel, escort ters.
vessel. Generalleutnant m major general.
Geleitschutz m convoy guard (Nav). Generalluftzeugmeister m chief of
Geleitzug«t convoy (Nav). air forces special supply and procure
Gelenk n knuckle, joint, flexible ment service.
coupling. Generalmajor m brigadier general.
Gelenkbinden fpl ankle wrap puttees. Generaloberst m general (full gen
Gelenkbogenbriicke / hinged-arch eral).
bridge. Generaloberstabsarzt m surgeon gen
Gelenkgehause n universal-joint eral (lieutenant general).
housing (MT). Generaloberstabsveterinar m lieuten
Gelenkstiick n joint piece (MG tri ant general (Vet).
pod). Generalquartiermeister m general
Gelenkwelle / flexible drive shaft, staff officer Ib in charge of supply
Generalstab 73 Gesamtauswanderungszeit
and administration at headquarters Geratedurchsicht / inspection of
of field forces. equipment or ordnance.
Generalstab m general staff. Gerateeinheit / unit assemblage (of
Generalstab des Heeres General Staff equipment, etc.).
of the Army. Gerateentgif tung / decontamination
Generalstabsarzt m major general of equipment.
(Med). Geratelicht n instrument light.
Generalstabschef m, Chief of Staff. Gerateoffizier m ordnance staff offi
Generalstabskarte / strategic map cer, ordnance officer, property officer.
(1:100,000). Gerateunteroffizier m ordnance ser
Generalstabskorps n General Staff geant.
Corps. Gerateverwalter m quartermaster
Generalstabsoffizier m general staff sergeant.
officer. Geratewagen m See Geratwagen.
Generalstabsveterinar m major gen Geratinspizient m equipment inspec
eral (Vet). tor.
Generalveterinar m brigadier gen Geratklasse / class of equipment.
eral (Vet). Geratsammelstelle / ordnance collect
Generatoranhanger m wood-gas gen ing point
erator trailer (MT); generator Geratsatz m unit of equipment.
trailer (Elec). Geratstiickw piece of equipment,
Genesung / convalescence. item of equipment.
Genesungskompanie / convalescent Geratwagen m equipment truck,
company, rehabilitation company. equipment wagon.
Genesungsurlaub m sick leave. Gerausch n noise, sound,
Genfer Abkommen Geneva Conven Gerauschtarnung / "noise camou
tion. flage" (any noise-producing means
Genfer Rotes Kreuz Geneva Cross. intended to deceive enemy as to posi
genormt standardized. tion of guns, advance of tanks, etc.).
gebffnet open, extended. Gerbersche Anordnung Gerber design
gebffnete Ordnung extended order. (a type of cantilever bridge).
geographische Breite latitude. Gerbertrager m cantilever span (two
geographische Karte geographic cantilever arms with suspended
map. span).
geographische Koordinaten geo Gericht n court.
graphic coordinates. gerichteter Empfang directional re
geographische. Lange longitude. ception (Rad).
Geographisch-Nord m true north. Gerichtsherr m appointing authority
Gepack n baggage, impedimenta. (Law).
GepacktroB m baggage train. Gerippen skeleton, framework, out
Gepackwagenm baggage car (RR). line.
gepanzert armored. Gerippeabteil n bay (Ap).
gepflastert paved. Germanisches SS-Panzerkorps SS ar
gerade straight. mored corps composed of non-German
geradeaus straight ahead. volunteers from "Germanic" coun
Geradeausflug m horizontal flight, tries.
Geruch m odor.
level flight (Avn). geruchlos odorless.
Geradseitfelge / straight-side rim Geriicht n rumor.
(MT). Geriist n scaffold, frame.
Gerat n nonexpendable supplies, Gesamtausfall m total loss(es).
materiel, ordnance, equipment; in Gesamtauswanderungsstrecke / linear
strument; apparatus. travel of target from position at in
Geratart / type of equipment. stant of range determination to
Geratausstattung / allotment of future position (AA gunnery).
equipment. Gesamtauswanderungszeit / dead time
Geratbrettw instrument panel. plus time of flight (AA gunnery).
Gesamtbefehl 74 Geschiitzstand
Gesamtbefehl m complete order (Tac). GeschoBgarbe / cone or sheaf of fire,
Gesamtdruck m total pressure. cone of dispersion.
Gesamterhohung / quadrant elevation GeschoBgewicht n weight of projec'-
(Gunnery). tile.
Gesamtkilometerzahler m total mile GeschoBheber m gun hoist.
age odometer (on speedometer). GeschoBhb'hlung / shell cavity (Am).
Gesamtkriegfiihrung/ grand strat GeschoBhiille / body of projectile
egy, general conduct of the war. (Am).
Gesamtlage / total situation, over-all GeschoBhiilse / cartridge case (Am).
situation (Tac). GeschoBkanal m bullet tube (gren
Gesamtrohrerhb'hung / total eleva ade launcher).
tion (G). GeschoBkappe / cap of projectile.
Gesamtseitenrichtung / total traverse, GeschoBkern m core of bullet.
total deflection (G). GeschoBknall m report produced by
Gesamtvorhaltewinkel m principal shell wave (SR).
lateral deflection angle (AA gun GeschoBkopf m head of projectile.
nery). GeschoBkran m gun hoist.
Gesandtschaft / legation. GeschoBmantel m jacket of bullet.
Geschirr n harness; utensils. GeschoBmine / improvised antitank
Geschirrtau n trace (harness). mine made of a high-explosive shell.
Geschlechtskrankheit / venereal GeschoBspitze / ogive of shell.
disease. GeschoBwagen m ammunition truck.
geschlossen closed, close; combined; GeschoB wirkung / effect of projec
compact. tile.
geschlossene Ordnung close order. GeschoB-Zubringewagen m ammuni
geschlossener Bau close-order con tion truck (for carrying heavy pro
struction (method of Tp line construc jectile to the piece).
tion by a single crew). Geschiitz n gun (Arty piece). See
geschlossenes Exerzieren close-order Artillerie for classification as light,
drill. medium and heavy.
geschliisselt encoded, secret, Geschiitzart / type of gun (Arty).
geschliisselter Funkspruch radio code Geschiitzbank / barbette.
message. Geschiitzbedienung/ gun crew; ser
GeschoB n projectile, bullet, shell. vice of the piece.
GeschoBabweichung / deviation, ab Geschiitzbettung / ground platform
solute deviation (Gunnery). (RR gun).
GeschoBanlage / clearance space Geschiitzexerzieren n ^ervice of the
(R). piece drill.
GeschoBaufschlag m impact of pro Geschiitzfiihrer m chief of section
jectile, point of impact. (FA).
Geschiitzkompanie / howitzer com
GeschoBbahn / trajectory, ballistic
pany (Inf).
curve. Geschiitzladung / propelling charge
GeschoBbo / blast effect of antiair (Am).
craft shell. Geschiitzmannschaft / gun crew.
GeschoBboden m base of projectile. Geschiitznullpunkt m position of gun
GeschoBdrall m spin of projectile. (on firing charts and diagrams).
GeschoBdrehung / See GeschoBdrall. Geschiitzort m See Geschiitznullpunkt.
GeschoBdurchmesser m diameter of Geschiitzpark m ordnance park.
projectile. Geschiitzplane / gun cover.
GeschoBeinschlag m impact of pro Geschiitzrohr n gun barrel.
jectile, point of impact. Geschiitzschlepper m prime mover
GeschoBflugzeit / time of flight of (Arty).
projectile. Geschutzstaffel / gun section.
GeschoBform / shape of projectile. Geschiitzstand m gun position, gun
GeschoBfiihrung / seating of projec emplacement, position of the piece
tile. (Arty).
Geschiitzstellung 75 Getriebehauptwelle
Geschiitzstellung/ gun position, gun Gesprachsverbindung / call, connec
emplacement. tion (Tp).
geschutzt protected. gestaffelt echeloned, staggered.
geschiitzter Behalter self-sealing Gestalt / form, shape, figure, con
tank (Ap). figuration.
GeschiitzverschluB m breech mech Gestalt der Flugbahn curve of the
anism, breechblock (Ord). trajectory.
Geschiitzwagen m gun car (RR). Gestange n bars, poles, rods, linkage.
geschiitzweises Feuer fire by piece at Gestapo / See Geheime Staatspolizei.
command (Arty). gestattet allowed, allowable, granted,
Geschiitzwinde / firing jack (G). permitted.
Geschiitzzielfeuer n simulated fire gestattete Abweichung tolerance
representing an enemy gun target (Tech).
(Tng). Gesteinssprengmittel n rock-blasting
Geschiitzzug m howitzer platoon explosive.
(Inf). Gestell n stand; mount; frame;
Geschwader n wing (air force opera block; trestle; carriage; gear.
tional unit consisting of about 100 Gestellungsbefehl m induction order.
aircraft organized into from 3 to 5 Gestellungspflicht / obligation to ap
Gruppen); squadron (Nav). pear before draft board.
Geschwaderflugform / wing flight for gesteuert controlled, steered; syn
mation. chronized.
Geschwaderkeil m wing wedge for gesteuertes Maschinengewehr syn
mation (Avn). chronized machine gun (Ap).
Geschwaderkolonne / wing column Gestrauch n underbrush, shrub
formation (Avn). bery.
Geschwaderkommodore m wing com gestreckt elongated, extended;
mander (Avn). stretched; flat.
geschweiBt welded. gestreckte Flugbahn flat trajectory.
Geschwindigkeit / speed, velocity; gestreckte Ladung elongated charge.
rate (of fire). See also Reihenladung.
Geschwindigkeitsdreieck n triangle of gestrichenes Korn medium sight (R
velocities (Avn). aiming).
Geschwindigkeitsmesser m speedom Gestriippti underbrush, brush.
eter (MT). Gesuch n petition, request, applica
Geschwindigkeitssteigerung / speed tion.
increase. Gesundheit / health.
Geschwindigkeitsverlust m loss ofN Gesundheitsappell m physical inspec
velocity (Ballistics). tion.
Geschwindigkeit zur Luft indicated Gesundheitsdienst m Sanitary Corps.
airspeed. Gesundheitsoffizier. m health officer.
Gesundheitszustand m physical con
Gesellschaftsanzug m dress uniform dition.
for social occasions. Getrank n beverage.
Gesenk n die (for stamping or pun getrennt separate(d); cut off (Tp).
ching), getrennte Munition separate-loading
Gesetz n law, statute. ammunition.
Gesetze und Gebrauche des Land- getrennter Bau extended-order con
krieges Laws and Customs of War struction (method of Tp line con
on Land (Hague Convention, 1907). struction by two separate crews).
gesichert safe; secured. Getriebe n gear, transmission (MT).
Gesichtsfeld n field of view (Optics). Getriebebremse / transmission brake
Gespann n team of horses. (MT).
Gesprachn conversation; telephone Getriebefett n transmission grease
call. (MT).
GesprachsschluB m completion of Getriebehauptwelle / transmission
call (Tp). main shaft (MT).
Getriebegehause 76 Gipfelentfernung
Getriebegehause n transmission case "Gewehr umhangen!" "Sling arms!"
(MT). Gewehrzielfeuer n simulated fire rep
Getriebewelle / transmission shaft resenting enemy rifle or MG target
(MT). (Tng).
Gewahrsam m custody. Gewehrzubehor n rifle accessories.
Gewaltmarsch in forced march. gewerblich industrial.
gewaltsam forceful, in force. Gewicht n weight; gravity.
gewaltsame Erkundung reconnais Gewichtsverteilung / weight distri
sance in force. bution, balance.
Gewehr n rifle. Gewinde n thread (Tech).
"Gewehr, ab!" ' "Order, arms!" Gewindebacken fpl die (for cutting
"Gewehr abnehmen!" "Unsling, threads).
arms!" Gewindegang m pitch (of screw
Gewehrappell m rifle inspection. thread).
Gewehrauflage / fire crest (Ft). Gewindeschablone / screw pitch gage.
Gewehrfeuer n rifle fire. Gewitter n thunderstorm.
Gewehrf iihrer m machine-gun squad gewitterdrohend ugly, threatening
leader, gun leader (heavy MG). sky (Met).
GewehrgeschoB n rifle bullet. Gewitterflug m frontal soaring
Gewehrgranate / rifle grenade. (glider).
Gewehrgranatenschiitze m rifle gren Gewitterstbrung / atmospherics,
adier. static (Bad).
"Gewehr in die, Hand!" "Take, gewohnliches Ferngesprach routine
arms!" call (Tp).
Gewehrkartusche / propelling cart gewolbt convex, arched, vaulted.
ridge for rifle grenade. gewolbte Boschung convex slope.
Gewehrkolben m rifle butt. Gezeiten pi tide(s). *
Gewehrkupplungsstuck n barrel-lock Gezeitentaf el / tide table.
ing stud (MG). gezogen rifled (barrel); drawn,
Gewehrmieke / arms rack. towed.
Gewehrmiicke/ See Gewehrmieke. gezogene Kurve climbing turn (Avn).
Gewehrmunition /' rifle ammuni gezogenes Geschiitz rifled gun
tion. (Arty).
Gewehr-Panzergranate / armor- gezogenes Ziel towed target.
piercing rifle grenade. Gieren n yawing; trail-ferrying.
Gewehr-Propagandagranate / rifle Gierfahre/ trail ferry.
propaganda grenade (scatters leaf Gierungsmesser m yawmeter (Ap).
lets). 'Gierwinkel m angle of yaw
Gewehrriemen m rifle sling. (Avn).
Gewehrschaft m rifle stock. GieBerei / foundry.
GewehrschieBstand m rifle range. Gift n poison.
GewehrschuB m rifle shot. giftig poisonous, toxic.
Gewehrschiitze m rifleman. Giftnebel m toxic smoke (CWS).
Gewehrsprenggranate / high-explo Giftnebelkerze / gas candle, irritant
sive rifle grenade. gas candle (CWS).
Gewehrstock m cleaning rod (R). Giftnebelwolke / gas cloud.
Gewehrstutze / arms rack. Giftrauch m irritant smoke
Gewehrtrager m rifleman; machine- (CWS).
gun carrier (gunner No. 1); cradle Gif trauchkerze / toxic-smoke candle,
(on MG sleigh mount or tripod). gas candle (CWS).
Gewehrtragevorrichtung / rifle scab Giftregen m aerial gas spray (CWS).
bard (Cav). Giftregenangriff m spray attack
"Gewehr, uber!" "Left shoulder, (CWS).
arms!" (with tightened sling); "Sling Giftstoffm toxic agent (CWS).
arms!" (with loosened sling). Gipf el m peak, summit.
Gewehrubung / rifle exercise (calis Gipfelentfernung / abscissa for max
thenics). imum ordinate (of trajectory).
Gipfelhohe 11 GleitstoBel
Gipfelhohe / maximum ordinate (of Gleichrichter m rectifier (Elec).
trajectory); absolute ceiling (Avn). Gleichrichterrohre / rectifier tube.
Gipfelhohe mit einem stehenden Motor Gleichrichtung / rectification (Rad).
emergency ceiling (Avn). Gleichschritt m cadence; quick time.
Gipfelpunkt w summit (of trajec "Im Gleichschritt, marsch!" "For
tory, etc.). ward, march!" (being at a halt).
Cittern grid (maps, Rad); trellis, "Im Gleichschritt!" "Quick time,
lattice, grillage. march!" (being in march in double
Gitterantenne / parasol-type antenna. time).
Gitterdrossel / grid resistor (Rad). gleichstellen synchronize (watches);
Gittergleichrichter m grid rectifier equalize.
(Rad). Gleichstrom m direct current.
Gitterkondensator m grid condenser, Gleichung / equation.
grid capacitor (Rad). gleichzeitig simultaneous.
Gitterkreis m grid circuit, grid reso Gleisw rail, track (RR).
nant circuit (Rad). Gleisanlage / railroad yard.
Gitterlinie / grid line. Gleisbalken m stringer (Bdg).
Gittermast m trellis mast. Gleiskette/ caterpillar track.
Gitternetz n coordinate map grid, Gleiskettenantrieb m, caterpillar drive.
grid system, military grid. Gleiskettenf ahrzeug n track-laying
Gitternetzkarte / gridded map. vehicle.
Gitternetzlinie / See Gitterlinie. Gleiskettenschlepper m caterpillar
Gitter-Nord W grid north. tractor.
Gitterrichtung / grid base-line direc Gleiskettenzugmaschine / caterpillar
tion (Gunnery). prime mover.
GitterschieBplan m fire-control grid Gleiskurve/ epi, curved spur track
(Gunnery). (RR gun).
Gitterschwanz m open tail (Ap). Gleitbahn/ slide (G cradle).
Gitterspannung / grid voltage (Rad). Gleitbombe/ glider bomb (Avn).
Gittervorspannung / bias (Rad). gleiten to glide.
Gitterwerte mpl grid coordinates, Gleiter m glider.
grid numbers (maps). Gleitfahigkeit / gliding ability; slid
Gitterwiderstand m grid resistance ing ability.
(Rad). Gleitflugm glide, gliding (Avn).
Glasw glass; binoculars, field glass. Gleitflugwinkel m gliding angle
glasartig glasslike. (Avn).
glasartige Vereisung clear ice, glaze Gleitflugzeug n glider.
(Avn). Gleithebel m sliding lever (breech
Glasbeobachtung / observation with block).
field glass or telescope. GleithebelverschluB m sliding-lever
GlasgefaB n envelope (of Rad tube). breechblock.
GlasmaBstab m glass scale (Optics). Gleitkufe/ landing ski (Ap).
glatt smooth, smooth-bore. Gleitlager n plain bearing.
glattes Geschiitz smooth-bore gun.
Gleitmittel n lubricant.
gleichachsig coaxial.
gleichbleibend uniform, constant. Gleitriegel m sliding bolt (breech
gleichbleibender Drall uniform twist block).
(Ord). Gleitschiene / guide slide, guide rail
gleichformiger Drall See gleichblei (G cradle); track (of a catapult).
bender Drall. Gleitschuh m gun slide.
Gleichgewicht n balance, equilibrium. Gleitschutz m, nonskid tread (MT).
Gleichlauf m synchronism. Gleitschutzkette / skid chain (MT).
Gleichlaufende / parallel line. Gleitschutzmittel n nonskid device,
Gleichlaufstellung/ laying pieces re traction aid (MT).
ciprocally (Btry). Gleitstein m cam plate (G).
Gleichlaufverfahren n reciprocal lay Gleitstb'Bel m tappet rod (sliding-
ing (Btry). cam type).
Gleitvorrichtung 78 Grenadier
Gleitvorrichtung/ slide mechanism Graberoffizier m graves registration
(MG). officer.
Gleitwand / slide plate (MG). Grabkreuz n grave marker.
Gleitwinkelm gliding angle (Avn). Grabtafel / grave marker.
Glied n rank (in formation); limb; Gradabteilung / map square.
link; member; unit; penis. Gradabzeichen n See Dienstgradab- •
Gliederung / formation, organiza zeichen.
tion; distribution; classification, ar Gradbogenm quadrant, scale (G).
rangement; composition. Gradeinteilung / graduation, scale.
Gliedersage / chain saw. Gradfeld n map square.
Glimmer m mica. Gradnetzn map grid.
Glimmlampe / neon lamp. Gradzahl / number of degrees, num
Gliihdraht m See Gliihfaden. ber of graduations.
Gliihfaden m filament. Granatbiichse / antitank grenade
Gliihkathode / hot cathode (Rad). rifle.
Gliihkathodenrohre / vacuum tube, Granate / shell (Am).
incandescent cathode tube (Rad). Granatfiillung / shell filler (Am).
Gliihkerze/ glow plug (Diesel en Granathiilse / shell case.
gine). Granatloch n shell hole.
Gliihkopfchen n hot-wire-bridge head Granatsignal n projector signal, star
(Elec igniting device). shell.
Gliihlampe/ incandescent lamp. Granatsplitter m shell splinter.
Gliihrohrziindapparat m hot-tube ig Granattreffer m hit (shell fire).
niter. Granattrichter m shell crater.
Gliihziindapparat m blasting machine, Granatwerfer m mortar (Ord); gun
exploder (Engr). ner (Mart squad).
Gliihziinder m electric igniter (blast GranatwerfergeschoB n mortar shell.
ing cap). Granatwerfer-Gruppe / mortar sec
Gliihziindstiick n electric detonator, tion.
electric igniter (Engr). Granatwerfernest n mortar pit.
Glysantin n an antifreeze solution Granatwerferstand m mortar em
(MT). placement.
Gnade/ quarter, mercy; grace; par Granatwerfertrupp m mortar team.
don. Granatwerferzug m mortar platoon.
Goerz-Visier n bomb sight manufac graphisch graphic; mapped, surveyed
tured by Goerz Company. or plotted.
Gondel/ gondola, nacelle (Ap). graphischer Punkt topographical
Goniometer re goniometer (Surv). point (on map).
Goniometrie/ goniometry (Surv). graphische SchuBtafel trajectory
Graben m trench; ditch. chart (not to be confused with US
Grabenbagger m trench excavator. graphical firing table).
Grabenbekleidung / trench revet Graphitschmiermittel n graphite lu
ment. bricant.
Grat m ridge (especially a sharp,
Grabendurchfahrt / crossing of rocky ridge); scoring (in bore of
trenches or ditches (MT).
Grabenkopf/ saphead (Ft). Grate / fishbone.
Grabenkrieg m trench warfare. Graupelschauer m snow-pellet
Grabenprofll n trench profile (Ft); shower, graupel shower (Met).
ditch profile (Engr). Greifer m cleat, grouser (MT,
Grabenrost m trench boards, board Tk).
walk. Greifervorrichtung / traction device
Grabensohle / trench bottom. (MT).
Grabenspiegel m trench periscope. Greifzirkel m calipers, dividers.
Grabenstellung / trench position. Grenadier m private, infantry rifle
Grabenstufe / firing step. man (historical term reintroduced).
Grabenwehr / parapet. See also Panzergrenadier.
Grenadierbataillon 79 Grundschwelle
Grenadierbataillon n rifle battalion. Grofm heavy flame thrower (on
Grenadierkompanie / rifle company. two-wheel carrier) (abbr. of grosser
Grenadier-Panzerwagen m armored Flammenwerfer).
personnel carrier (MT). Grosn. main body (Tac).
Grenadierregiment n rifle regiment, GroBadmiral m Admiral of the
infantry regiment. Fleet; Commander-in-Chief (opera
Grenzbahnhof m frontier station tional and/or administrative) (Nav).
(RR). GroBangriff m large-scale attack,
Grenzbezirk m frontier district. major attack, major offensive opera
Grenze/ frontier, border; boundary; tion.
limit. GroBe / quantity (Math); great
Grenzfrequenz / cut-off frequency ness, magnitude, size.
(Rad). GroBeinsatz m major commitment,
Grenzgebiet n border area, frontier commitment of large forces, employ
area. ment of great numbers (Tac).
Grenzlehre / fixed gage, plug or snap GroBer Bar Big Dipper.
gage. GroBfertigung / mass production.
Grenzschicht / boundary layer (fluid GroBfunkstelle / high-power long
mechanics). distance radio station.
Grenzschraube / setscrew. groBkalibrig large-caliber.
Grenzschutz in frontier guard; fron GroBkampfschiff n capital ship.
tier protection. GroBkreis m great circle.
Grenzschutzabschnittskommando n GroBreihenfertigung / large-scale
frontier guard sector command series production.
(Regtl Hq). Grb'Btgeschwindigkeit / maximum
Grenzschutzunterabschnitt m frontier speed.
guard sub-sector (Bn Hq). GroBvernebelung / extensive smoke
Grenziiberschreitung / crossing a screen, large-area screening.
frontier. Grube / pit.
Grenzwache / frontier sentry, fron Grundausbildung / basic training.
tier guard. Grundbegriffe mpl fundamentals,
Grenzwacht / frontier guard. basic concepts.
Grenzwachtdivision / frontier guard Grundbuchse / base bushing (coun-
division. terrecoil mechanism).
Grenzzwischenfall m border incident, Grundgehalt n base pay.
frontier incident. Grundgeschiitz n base piece, direct
Griff m grip; hold; handle; door ing gun.
knob. Grundgeschwindigkeit / ground speed
Griffigkeit / grip, traction (tires); (Avn).
traction, ground-gripping ability Grundlagen fpl data.
(Mt, Tk). Grundlinie/ base line.
Griffplatte/ holding plate (G sight). Grundmaschinengewehr n base ma
Griffrohr n tubular handle (trail
chine gun.
Griffschale/ stock (pistol). Grundmine/ ground mine, controlled
Griffstiick n grip (MG); receiver mine, observation mine (Nav).
(pistol). Grundplatte/ base plate.
grob approximate, rough, gross, Grundrichtung / base-line direction
coarse; bad, serious (mistake). (Gunnery).
Grobeinstellung / frequency selection Grundrichtungslinie / base line (Gun
(Rad); coarse setting (Optics). nery).
grobes EinschieBen approximate ad Grundrichtungspunkt m, base point
justment fire. (Gunnery).
Grobfeile / coarse file. Grundrichtungswinkel m base angle
Grobsicherung / fuse (Elec). (Gunnery).
Grobstufenschalter m band switch GrundriBskizze / area sketch.
(Rad). Grundschwelle/ ground sill (Bdg).
Grundstellung 80 Gyrorektor
Grundstellung / position of attention, GruBpflicht / obligation to salute.
position of the soldier (drill). GruBweite / saluting distance.
Grundstufe/ a factor used for cor Guerillakampfer m guerrilla.
rection of velocity error (expressed Guerillakrieg m guerrilla warfare.
in units Stufeneinheiten — each Gulasch n beef stew.
equal to % of 1 % of standard muzzle Gulaschkanone / field kitchen (slang).
velocity). Gummim-M. rubber; gum.
Grundwasser n subsoil water, under Gummierung / rubberizing, rubber
ground water. coating; gumming.
Grundzahl/ reference-point reading Gummifederung / rubber shock ab
(Gunnery). sorber.
Griinkreuz n green cross (Ger mark Gummigleiskette / rubber track (Tk).
ing for lung irritants) (CWS). Gummikabel n rubber-insulated wire
Gruppe/ group, groupment (Tac); (Tp).
rifle squad (Inf); section (Cav); Gummikniippel m rubber truncheon,
volley (Arty); group (air force rubber club.
operational unit of 3 Staffeln, about Gummipolster n rubber block (cater
27 aircraft). pillar track).
Gruppenfeuer re volley fire (Arty). Gummirad H rubber-tired wheel.
Gruppenflugform / group formation Gummistoffm rubberized material:
(Avn). giinstig favorable.
Gruppenfiihrer m squad leader (Inf); Gurtm belt, strap, web (Clo); am
section leader (Cav). See also munition belt, feed belt (MG); chord
SS-Gruppenfiihrer. (of a truss).
Gruppenf iihrerabmarsch m section- Giirtel m belt, strap; cordon; zone.
leader half-squad (Cav). Giirtelfestung / fortress with an
Gruppengefechtsstand m group com outer cordon of smaller forts.
mand post (Avn). gurten to load an ammunition belt.
Gruppengetriebe re auxiliary trans Gurtforderer m belt conveyor.
mission (MT). Ghirtfiiller m belt-filling machine,
Gruppenkeil m group wedge (Avn). belt-loading machine, link-loading
Gruppenkolonne / group of squadron machine.
javelins (Avn). Gurfhebelm belt-feed guide (MG).
Gruppenkolonne a us geschlossenen Gurtladung / belt feed.
Winkeln group column of squadron Gurtschieber m belt-feed pawl (MG).
wedges. Gurtstrippe/ rear cinch (pack-
Gruppenkolonne links group of saddle).
squadron javelins echeloned left. Gurttrommel/ belt drum (MG).
Gruppenkommandeur m commander Gurtwerkre parachute harness.
of a Gruppe (Luftwaffe). Gurtzufiihrer m belt feed CMC,).
Gruppenkommando n army group GuBeisen re cast iron.
headquarters; air force headquar GuBgehause n cast-metal case or
ters of a Gruppe. housing.
Gruppenschaltung / series-parallel GuBstahl m cast steel.
connection (Elec). Giiterbahnhof m freight station
GruppenschieBen n volley fire. (RR).
(Arty). Giiterwagenm freight car (RR).
gruppenweise by squads; by sec Giiterzugm freight train (RR).
tions; by groups. Guttaperchapapier n gutta-percha
Gruppenwinkel m group column of paper, waterproof paper.
squadron V's (Avn). G.W.-Stand m See Granatwerfer-
Gruppe zu Pferde mounted section stand.
(Cav). Gyrorektor m gyro flight indicator
GruB m hand salute. (Ap).
Haager Abkommen 81 "Halt, wer da!"

Haager Abkommen Hague Conven Halbkettenfahrzeug n half-track
tion. vehicle.
Haarrohrw capillary tube. Halbkettenkraftfahrzeug n half-track
Hacke / hatchet, ax, pickax; point motor vehicle.
of hock (horse). Halbketten-Lastkraftwagen ra half
Hackmesser n machete; meat cleaver. track motor truck.
Hafen m harbor, port. "Halblinks schwenkt, Marsch!" "Col
Hafenanlage / port installation. umn half left, march!"
Hafenarbeiter m longshoreman. Halbmesser m radius.
Haf enbecken n harbor basin. "Halbrechts schwenkt, Marsch!" "Col
Hafendamm m mole, jetty. umn half right, march!"
Hafengebiet n harbor area. halbstarr semirigid.
Hafenoffizier m port officer, port con halbstarres Luftschiff semirigid air
trol officer. ship.
Hafenschlepper m harbor tugboat. halbstocks half-mast, half-staff.
Hafenschutz m harbor defense. Halbzelt n lean-to tent.
Hafenschutzboot n harbor defense Halbzugm section (of MG -platoon).
boat. Halbzugfiihrer m section leader (MG
Hafeniiberwachung / port control. section).
Haft / custody, arrest, detention, Halfter / halter (harness).
confinement. Half terkinnkette / halter chain (har
Haft-Hohlladung / magnetic anti ness).
tank hollow charge. Halfterriemen m halter strap, halter
Haftlokal n guardhouse, detention tie (harness).
room. Halfterstrick m picket line.
Haftpflock m steel picket or stake Halftertasche / holster.
(Bdff). Halle/ hangar; garage; shed; hall.
Haf tung / adhesion. Hallenvorplatz m, apron (Adrm).
Haftung am Erdboden stability, low Halsbinde/ neckband (Clo).
center of gravity (of a vehicle). Halshalfter/ neck halter (harness).
Hagel m hail (Met). Halshalfterriemen «i neck-halter tie
Hahnm hammer (SA); cock; stop (harness).
cock, faucet. Halskerbe / neck groove (horse).
Hahnbolzen m trigger pin (MG). Halskoppel/ breast strap (harness).
Hahngewehrn hammer gun (as dis Halsriemen m neck strap (harness).
tinguished from hahnloses Gewehr, Halt m halt.
hammerless gun). Halteleinenbund m maneuvering spi
hahnlos hammerless (Ord).
Hakenm hook; clasp; clamp; catch. der (Bin).
Hakenkreuz n swastika. halten to hold; to carry (AA SL);
Hakenumschalter m hook switch to aim.
(Tp). Halteplatzm halt area; stopping
halbautomatisch semiautomatic. place; parking place; loading place.
Halbbildentfernungsmesser m split- Haltepunkt m. point of aim; stop
field coincidence range finder. (halting place).
Halbflachbettfelge / semiflat-base rim Halterung/ arms rack, ammunition
(MT). rack.
Halbflachfelge / See Halbflachbett Haltestelle/ halting place, stop.
felge. Haltetaun handling line (Bin); guy
halbfreitragend semicantilever. line.
Halbholz n split post, split log. Haltezeichen n stop signal (MT);
Halbinsel / peninsula. block signal (RR).
Halbkettenantrieb m half-track drive "Halt, wer da!" "Halt! Who is
(MT). there?"
Handanlasser 82 Hauptgefreiter
Handanlasser m crank starter, hand Handstreutrommel / hand sprinkler
starter (Mtr). (CWS).
Handapparatm handset (Rad, Tp). Handstiitze/ pistol grip.
Handbeil n hatchet. handtatig hand-operated, manually
Handbohrmaschine / hand drill. operated, manual adj.
Handbremse/ hand brake, emer Handwaffe / hand weapon, hand arm.
gency brake. Handwagen m handcart.
Handdrehmaschine / hand-crank gen- j Handwerfer m mortar.
erator (Tp). Hang m slope.
Handelsmarine / merchant marine. Hangeantenne / trailing wire an
Handelsschiff n merchantman (Nav). tenna (Ap).
Handelsschiffsraum m merchant ton Hangebriicke / suspension bridge.
nage (Nav). I Hangeleine / suspension line (Prcht).
Handelssperre / embargo on com Hangematte / hammock.
merce. Hangemine / hanging mine.
handelsiiblich commercial. Hangesaule/ king post.
Handfaustel re mallet. Hangeventil n inverted valve (Mtr).
Handfesseln fpl handcuffs, manacles. Hangewerkn erect truss (Bdg).
Handfeuerloscher m hand fire extin Hangfaktor m slope factor (influence
guisher. of slope of target surface on longi
Handfeuerwaffen fpl small arms. tudinal dispersion) (Ballistics),
Handgeld n See Kapitulantenhand- Hangsegelnw ridge soaring (glider).
geld. Hangstellung / slope position (Tac).
Handgemenge n hand-to-hand fight Hangwind m anabatic wind.
ing. Hangwinkelm gradient (Top).
Handgranate/ hand grenade. Hardyscheibe / flexible disk (MT).
Handgranatenwurfstand m, grenade Harke / rake.
court. Hartfutter n oats and grain.
Handgriffm grip, handle; single Hartgummi n ebonite.
manual operation. Haschee n hash.
Handhabungstau n prolonge, drag Haube/ cap (Am); hood (Mtr);
rope (Arty). spinner (Ap propeller).
Handkammer / hand camera. Haubenverkleidung / engine cowling
Handkurbel / hand crank. (Ap).
Handleuchtzeichen n ground signal Haubitze / howitzer (light and me
flare. dium). ,
Handloch n hand hole (G carriage Haue / pickax.
wheel). Haufenwolke / cumulus cloud.
Handluf ter m hand-operated venti Hauptangriff m main attack, main
lator. effort.
Handpferd off horse, led horse. HauptanschluB m trunk station
Handrad n handwheel.
Handradchen n micrometer-scale (Tp).
knob . (cmgle-of-site Instr).; small Hauptauswanderungsstrecke / linear
handwheel. travel of target during time of flight
Handrad zur Hohenrichtung elevat (AA gunnery).
ing handwheel (G). Hauptbeobachtungsstelle / fire direc
Handrad zur Seitenrichtung travers tion center (Arty).
ing handwheel (G). Haupteinbruchsstelle / main point of
Handramme/ hand piledriver; maul. penetration (Tac).
Handrauchzeichen n hand smoke sig Hauptfeldwebel m first sergeant.
nal. Hauptfunkstelle / net control station
Handschellen fpl handcuffs, manacles. (Rad).
Handschuh m glove. Hauptgefreiter in a grade in the
Handschutz m hand guard. Luftwaffe between Obergefreiter
Handstreich m surprise raid; coup (Cpl) and Unteroffizier (Sgt); sea
de main. man, 1st class (highest rated 1st
Hauptgestell 83 Heeresbetriebsstofflager
class seaman, with 4% years' seni Hautentgiftungssalbe / decontamina
ority). tion ointment.
Hauptgestell n headstall (harness). Hautgift n blister agent, vesicant
Hauptgetriebe n main transmission agent (CWS).
gear (MT). Hautwirkung / skin effect (Rad).
Hauptkampffeld n main defensive Heavisideschicht / Heaviside layer.
area, battle position. Hebebaum m crowbar, handspike,
Hauptkampflinie / main line of re lever.
sistance. Hebel m lever.
Hauptladung / main charge (blast heben elevate (a, gun); raise, lift.
ing cap). Hebezeug n hoisting gear, hoist.
Hauptleute pi captains. Heckw stern (Nav, Ash); tail (Ap);
Hauptmacht / main striking force. rear (Tk).
Hauptmann m captain. Heckantrieb m rear drive (MT).
Hauptmasse / main body. Hecke / hedge.
Hauptquartier n headquarters. Heckenschiitze m, sniper.
Hauptreinigung/ complete cleaning Heckenspringen n hedge-hopping
(R). (Avn).
HauptschluBmotor m series motor Heckkanzel / tail turret (Ap).
(Elec). Heckmaschinengewehr n tail gun
HauptschluBschaltung / series con (Ap).
nection (Elec). Heckmotorwagen m rear-engine mo
Hauptschnittverfahren n main- tor car.
station intersection method (FR). Heckpanzer m rear armor (Tk).
Hauptsender m final amplifier, power Heckschiitze m tail gunner (Ap).
amplifier (Rad). Heckstand/ tail-gun position (Ap).
Hauptstelle / trunk station (Tp). Heckwaffe/ tail gun (Ap).
Hauptsturmfiihrer m See SS-Haupt- Heer n Army (the Army, as distin
sturmfiihrer. guished from Armee, a tactical unit).
Haupttrager m- longeron (Ap); main Heeresakja / See Akja.
beam or girder (Bdg). Heeresamtn See Allgemeines
Haupttrupp m advance guard reserve Heeresamt.
(in Adv Gd of large unit); rear Heeresanstalt / Army establishment,
guard reserve (in rear Gd of large organization, or institution.
unit); advance guard support (in Heeresartillerie / GHQ artillery.
Adv Gd of smaller unit); rear guard Heeresarzt m chief representative of
support (in rear Gd of smaller unit). Army Medical Department at Ober-
Hauptuhr / master watch. kommando des Heeres (subordinate
Hauptverbandplatz m clearing sta to Heeressanitatsinspekteur).
tion (Med). Heeresatmer m service oxygen
Hauptvorgelege n main reduction breathing apparatus (automatically
gear (Tk). operated).
Hauptwache/ main guard. Heeresbaudienst m Army construc
Hauptwachtmeister m first sergeant tion service.
(Arty, Cav). Heeresbeamter m civilian official' of
Hauptwelle / mainshaf t. the Army.
Hauptziindung / main ignition lead Heeresbediirfnisse npl military neces
(blasting). sities.
Haushaltsjahr n fiscal year. Heeresbergf iihrer n. Army mountain
Hauswart m house warden; janitor. guide (mountaineer specialist).
Hauszelt n "house tent" (a 16-man Heeresbericht m official Army com
tent constructed from shelter halves). munique.
Haul / skin. Heeresbestande mpl military stores.
han tat zend vesicant (CWS). Heeresbetreuungsabteilung f Army
Hautentgiftungsmittel n skin decon welfare unit, Army morale unit.
tamination agent. Heeresbetriebsstofflager n Army
Heeresbildungsanstalt 84 Helm
gasoline and lubricant bulk storage general (with rank of Generalober-
plant. stabsarzt).
Heeresbildungsanstalt / military Heeres-Sauerstoffschutzgerat n ser
school. vice oxygen breathing apparatus
Heeresbiicherei / Army library. ( manually operated).
Heeresdruckvorschrif t / Army Man Heeresstandort 'in army post.
ual (abbr. H. Dv.). Heeresstandortkasse / army post
Heereseinrichtung / Army establish finance office.
ment, organization, or institution. Heeresstandortverwaltung / army
Heeresflak / Army antiaircraft artil post administration.
lery (as distinguished from AAA Heerestruppen fpl GHQ troops.
of the Luftwaffe). Heeresversorgung / Army supply.
Heeresgerat n Army equipment (in Heeresverwaltung / Army adminis
its broadest sense; to be distin tration, administrative services.
guished from Heergerat). Heeresverwaltungsamt n Army Ad
Heeresgruppe / group of armies. ministration Office (branch of the
Heeresgruppenkommando n head Oberkommando des Heeres) (abbr.
quarters of a group of armies. HVA, VA).
Heereshochgebirgsschule / Army Heereswaffenamt n Army Ordnance
training school for mountain war Office (branch of the Oberkommando
fare. des Heeres) (abbr. HWaA).
Heeresintendant m See Intendant. Heeres-Zeugamt n Army ordnance
Heeresjustizbeamterm military law supply office or depot.
official. Heergerat n Army transport equip
Heereskavallerie / GHQ cavalry. ment (includes transport accessories;
Heereskraftfahrpark m GHQ motor to be distinguished from Heeres
transport park. gerat) .
Heereskrankenschwester / Army Heimatgebiet n zone of the interior.
nurse. Heimatflughafen m home base
Heereskiistenartillerie / Army coast (Avn).
artillery (as distinguished from the Heimat-Pferdelazarett n veterinary
Marineartillerie). general hospital (Z of I).
Heereslazarett n general hospital, Heimathorst m home base ('Avn).
Army hospital. Heimatstaat m country of origin
Heeresleitung / GHQ, Army Com (PW).
mand. Heimatwachbataillon n guard bat
Heeresmunitionslager n Army am talion (Z of I).
munition-supply depot. Heimsendung / repatriation.
Heeresnachrichtenregiment n GHQ heifien to hoist (a flag).
signal regiment. heiter bright, cheerful; scattered
Heeresnachschubfiihrer m GHQ chief (Met).
of rear services. Heizbatterie / "A" battery, filament
Heeresnachschubkolonne / GHQ sup battery (Rad).
ply column. Heizfaden m filament (Rad).
Heerespersonalamt n Army Person Heizkanal m hot-air duct (thermo
nel Office (branch of the Oberkom anti-icer).
mando des Heeres) (abbr. HPA, Heizkreism filament circuit (Rad).
PA). Heizol n fuel oil (for heating).
Heerespferdelazarett n GHQ veteri Heizregler m variable filament
nary hospital. resistor (Rad).
Heerespsychologe m personnel con Heizsammler m filament battery
sultant. (Rad).
Heeresreserve / GHQ reserve. Heizstrom m filament current (Rad).
Heeressanitatsabteilung / GHQ med Heldenfriedhof m military cemetery.
ical battalion. Heldentat / heroic deed, exploit.
Heeres-Sanitatsinspekteur m surgeon Helm TO helmet.
Helmband 85 Hirnsiige
Helmband n identification helmet non-combat service with the German
band (Tng). Army).
Helmbezug m helmet cover. Hilfsziel n auxiliary target; refer
Helmiiberzugm See Helmbezug. ence point.
hemmen to check (recoil, etc.); to Himmelskugel / celestial sphere.
jam (a gun, etc.); to obstruct, Himmelsrichtung / point of the com
hinder, slow down; inhibit. pass, cardinal point.
Hemmung / stoppage (Ord); obstruc Hindernis n obstacle, hurdle, obstruc
tion; inhibition. tion; accessory defense (Tac).
Beseitigen von Hemmungen imme Hindernisbahn / obstacle course.
diate action (Ord). Hindernisfeuer n obstacle light,
herabsetzen reduce (in rank). obstruction light (Avn).
heranlocken to decoy, to lure. Hindernisschlagpfahl m driving-
heranpirschen, sich to creep or stalk type obstacle picket (i.e., set up by
up to. driving into ground).
herausmanovrieren to maneuver the Hindernisschraubpfahl m screw-type
enemy out of position. obstacle picket (i.e., set up by
"Heraustreten!" "Fall out!" (to men screwing into ground).
in barracks). Hindernissprengtrupp m obstacle
Herbertgerat n Herbert bridge unit demolition squad.
(similar to US Bailey-type bridge). Hindernisstrecke / obstacle course.
Hereinlotsen n "piloting-in" by Hindernistrupp m obstacle construc
ground-air radio communication. tion squad.
Bering m tent pin. hinhaltend delaying.
Hersteller m maker, manufacturer. hinhaltender Widerstand delaying
Hertz n cycles per second (Ger unit action (in successive positions).
of frequency). hinhaltendes Gefecht delaying action.
Herzstiick n switch point (RR). Hinterachsantrieb m rear-axle drive
Heulsignal n siren. (MT).
Hexachlorathan n hexachlorethane Hinterachsgehause n differential
(CWS). housing, differential case (MT).
Hiebw, slash (bayonet); cut (saber, Hintereinanderschaltung / ' series con
etc.). nection (Elec).
Hiebwaffe / slashing weapon. Hintergelenk n rear toggle joint
Hilfe/ help, aid, assistance. (pistol).
Hilf santenne / sensing antenna (Rad Hinterhalt m ambush, concealment;
direction finder). trap.
Hilfsbeobachter m assistant observer Hinterhand / hindquarters (horse).
(Avn). Hinterhangm reverse slope.
Hilfsfliigel m slat, auxiliary airfoil. Hinterhangstellung / reverse-slope
Hilfskette/ auxiliary track (MT). position.
Hilfskettenf ahrzeug n combination Hinterholm m rear outrigger (AA
wheel-track vehicle. gun).
Hilfskreuzer m auxiliary cruiser. Hinterkaffe / stern compartment
Hilfslafette / improvised mount (Pon).
J(MG). Hinterkante / trailing edge (Ap
Hilfslandeplatz m auxiliary landing wing).
field. Hinterradantrieb m rear-wheel drive
HilfsmaBstab m auxiliary scale (MT).
(Inst). Hintersielengeschirr n wheel harness.
Hilfsmotor m auxiliary engine. Hintersteven m sternpost.
Hilfsschirm m pilot parachute. Hinterstutze / trail (MG tripod).
Hilfstruppen fpl auxiliary troops. Hinterwagen m caisson.
See also Hilfswilliger. Hinterzeug n breeching (harness).
Hilfswaffe / auxiliary arm. Hinterzwiesel m cantle of saddle;
Hilfswilliger m auxiliary volunteer rear of packsaddle arch.
(East-European or PW -volunteer for Hirnsage/ crosscut saw.
hissen 86 Hiihenkrankheit
hissen to hoist (a flag). Hb'chstschuBweite / extreme range,
Hitler-Jugend / Nazi party youth maximum range (Ord).
organization. Hochstwertverfahren n maximum in
hitzebestandig - heat-resistant. tensity method (sound locator).
Hitzschlag m heatstroke. Hochstzahl / maximum number.
Hochachse/ vertical axis (Ap). Hochwert m Y-coordinate number
Hochangriff m high-altitude bombing (map grid or coordinate scale).
attack (Avn). Hochziehen n steep climb, zoom
Hochbau in overhead construction (Ap).
(Tp line). Hbckerhindernisse npl "dragon's
hochbrisant high-explosive. teeth" (AT obstacle).
Hochdecker m high-wing mono Hockloch n crouching foxhole.
plane. Hof m yard, courtyard; farm.
Hochdruckgebiet n high-pressure Hohe / altitude, elevation, height;
area (Met). hill; rate, amount.
Hochdruckreifen m high-pressure Hoheitsabzeichen n nationality
tire (MT). marking (Ap, Tk); national insignia,
Hochdruckschmierung / high-pressure national emblem (Clo).
lubrication. Hoheitsgewasser npl territorial
Hochebene / plateau. waters.
Hochelastikreifen in cushion tire Hoheitszeichen n See Hoheitsab
(MT). zeichen.
hochempfindlich supersensitive. Hb'henabstand m vertical interval.
hochempfindlicher Aufschlagziinder Hbhenabweichung / range deviation,
supersensitive fuze (AA Am). vertical deviation (Gunnery).
Hochfrequenz / radio frequency, Hbhenangabe / altitude indication,
high frequency. altitude reading.
Hochfrequenzdrossel / radio-fre Hbhenanderung / change of height
quency choke. (AA predictor).
Hochfrequenzstbrungen fpl high-fre Hb'henatmer m oxygen apparatus
quency interference (Rad). (Avn).
Hochfrequenzstufe / radio-frequency Hbhenbegrenzer m elevating stop
stage. (Ord).
Hochfrequenztransformator m radio Hohenbestimmung / determination
frequency transformer. of altitude.
Hochf requenzverstiirker m radio fre Hbhenbombenwurf m high-altitude
quency amplifier. bombing.
Hochgebirgsbataillon n high-moun Hbhenebene / horizontal plane
tain rifle battalion (consists entirely through path of target in horizontal
of mountaineer specialists). flight (AA gunnery).
hochgezogene Kehrkurve Immelmann Hbhenempfanger m elevation indi
turn. cator, elevation indicator-regulator
Hochleitung / overhead line. (AA gun).
Hochofen m blast furnace. Hbhenentferniingsmesser m height
Hochseeschlepper m ocean-going tug finder, altimeter (AAA).
boat. Hohenflosse/ stabilizer (Ap).
Hochspannungsleituiig / high-tension Hbhenflug m high-altitude flight
line, ' power transmission line (Avn).
(Elec). Hbhenflugzeug n sub-stratoplane.
Hochstand m high lookout post. Hb'hengradbogen m elevating sector
Hbchstgasdruck m maximum gas (G).
pressure (Ord). Hbhenhebel m elevating gear lever
Hbchstgeschwindigkeit / maximum (MG).
speed. Hohenkabine / pressure cabin
Hochstlast / maximum load. (Ap).
Hbchstleistung / maximum power, Hohenkrankheit / aeroembolism,
maximum performance. bends (Avn).
Hiihenlader 87 Holzweg
Hbhenlader m supercharger with Hbhenteilung / elevation scale (G,
high blower ratio (Ap). MG).
Hbhenleitwerk n elevator assembly Hbhentemperatur / temperature at
(Ap). various altitudes (Met).
Hbhenlibelle / elevation level (MG Hbhentrieb m elevating worm (sight
sight). mechanism).
Hbhenlinie / contour line. Hbhenunterschied m difference in al
Hbhenmesser m altimeter (Ap); titude between target and piece
height finder, altimeter (AAA). (Gunnery); elevation difference
HohenmeBplan m elevation plotting (Surv, Top); vertical interval, ver
board (Gunnery). tical offset.
Hohenmessung / hypsometry (Surv). Hbhenvorhalt m See Hbhenwinkelvor-
Hbhenmischregelung / high-altitude halt.
mixture control (Ap). Hbhenwinkel m angular height, ver
Hbhenmotor m supercharged engine tical visual angle (AA gunnery).
(Ap). Hbhenwinkel verbesserungsknopf m
Hb'henrichtfeld n elevation, total vertical correction knob (AA gun).
movement in elevation (Ord). Hbhenwinkelvorhalt m vertical lead,
Hbhenrichtfernrohr n elevation track vertical deflection (AA gunnery).
ing telescope (height finder). Hbherer. . .Offizier Senior.. .Officer
Hbhenrichtkanonier m elevation (with mention of arm or service) (at
setter. Army Hq, e.g. Hoh. Kav. Offz.,
Hbhenrichtmaschine / elevating Senior Cav Officer at Army Hq).
mechanism (Ord). hohl hollow, concave, sunken.
Hbhenrichtrad n elevating hand- Hbhle / cave.
wheel (G). HohlkopfgeschoB n hollow-charge
Hbhenrichtschraube / elevation screw projectile.
(prismatic sight). Hohlladung / hollow charge.
Hbhenrichttrieb m elevating drive, Hohlraumpanzerung / spaced armor
elevating mechanism (Ord). (Tk).
Hbhenrichtung / adjusted range; Hohlringladung / hollow ring charge.
laying for elevation (Gunnery). Hohlweg m sunken road.
Hbhenrichtwelle / elevating shaft Holm m spar (Ap); stringer, spar
(G). (Bdg); outrigger (AA gun); trail
Hbhenrichtwerk n elevating mechan (right or left trail of a split trail).
ism (Ord). die Holme spreizen to spread the
Hbhenrichtzeiger m elevation indi trails.
cator (Ord). Holmzurrung/ outrigger lock (G).
Hbhenrippe/ ridge (Top). Holzbunker in log bunker, timber
shelter (Ft).
Hbhenriicken m ridge, crest of ridge. Holzgasanlage / wood-gas generator.
Hbhenruderw elevator (Ap). Holzgas-Lastkraftwagen m wood-gas
Hbhenruderhebel m elevator control motor truck.
lever (Ap). Holzgehause n wooden baffle, cabinet
Hbhenschicht / altitude bracket (Had).
(Avn, Met). Holzgeist m wood alcohol.
Hbhenschichtlinie / contour line. Holzkohle / charcoal.
Hbhenschreiber m barograph (Avn). Holzkohlen-Gasgenerator m wood-
Hbhenstaffelung / stepped-up forma gas generator (MT).
tion (Avn). Holzmine / wooden box mine.
Hbhenstellung / position on domi Holzrost m wooden grating; trench
nant height. flooring, catwalk, boardwalk
Hbhensteuer n elevator (Ap). (trench).
Hbhensteuerung / elevator control Holz-Tankstelle / filling station for
(Ap). wood-gas motor vehicles.
Hbhenstreuung / range dispersion on Holzverkleidung / wood revetment.
vertical target (Ballistics). Holzweg m dead-end loggers' road.
Holzzwischenlage 88 Hyperbelplan
Holzzwischenlage / wood separator Hubhohe/ angle of axle displace
(storage battery), ment (MT).
Horchauswertestelle / radio intelli Hubraum m piston displacement
gence post. (Mtr).
Horchdienst m intercept service Hubschrauber m helicopter.
(Rad, Tp). Hubvolumen n See Hubraum.
Horchempfang m stand-by operation Hufbeschlag m horseshoeing.
(Rad). Hufkrone / hoof coronet (horse).
Horchempfanger m intercept- set Hiigel m hill.
(Rad). Hiille / case, envelope, skin, cover,
Horcherpriif- und Dbungsgerat n shell.
binaural trainer, binaural training Hiillenbahn/ panel (Bin).
instrument. Hiilse/ hoop (Mort); gas-cylinder
Horchgerat n sound locator, sound plug (MG); receiver (pistol, R);
detector; intercept receiver. socket (G carriage); cartridge or
Horchkompanie / intercept company shell case.
(Sig C). Hiilsenauswurf m ejection of cart
Horchortung/ sound location, sound ridge case.
ranging (AAA). Hiilsenauszieher m extractor (Ord).
Horchposten m listening sentry, Hiilsenboden m base of cartridge
listening post. case.
Horchstelle/ listening post, inter Hiilsenbriicke / receiver cover (R).
cept post. Hiilsenfanger m deflector bag (AA
Horfrequenz / audio frequency. gun, MG).
Hbrer m telephone receiver, head Hiilsenhals m neck of cartridge.
phone. Hiilsenkartusche / semifixed cart
Horizontm horizon; artificial hori ridge.
zon (Ap). Hiilsenkasten m deflector box (AA
Horizontalebene / horizontal plane. gun, MG).
Horizontalflug m horizontal flight, Hiilsenkopfm front end of receiver
level flight (Avn). (R).
Horizontalgeschwindigkeit / ground Hiilsenmantel m cartridge-case jacket.
speed (of target) (AA. gunnery). Hiilsenrand m cartridge-case rim.
Horizontiergriff m leveling jack HiilsenreiBer m stoppage caused by
handle (AA gun outrigger). broken cartridge case.
Horizontierung / leveling jack (AA Hiilsenzapfen m recoil lug (R).
gun outrigger). Hummel / bumblebee (nickname for
Horizontierungsvorrichtung / level Ger self-propelled medium field how
ing device (AA gun mount). itzer).
Hormuschel/ earpiece (Tp). Hundefiihrer m dog handler, dog
Horn n bugle, horn. guard.
Hornisse / hornet (name of Ger Hundefiihrerrotte / dog-handler
self-propelled AT gun). party.
Hornist m bugler. Hiipflinie / short hop, short leg of
Hornsignalw bugle call; horn sig flight (Avn).
nal (MT). Hurde / brush hurdle.
Horsaalflugzeug n "flying class Hiitchenw blasting cap; cup (cart
room." ridge).
Horsaalsummer m oscillator-amplifier Hiitte / hut, cottage; iron works;
(code practice). rolling mill.
Horstm See Fliegerhorst. Hiittenlager n cantonment.
H-Staff el / tactical reconnaissance Hydrozyansaure / hydrocyanic acid,
squadron attached to army ground prussic acid (CWS).
units (Luftwaffe). Hyperbelplan m asymptote correction
Hubm stroke (Mtr). chart (SR).
Igel 89 Instandsetzung

Igelm hedgehog (AT obstacle); all- Infanterie-Reiterzug m mounted rifle
around defense (Tac). platoon (Inf Regt).
Igelit n a type of electric wire insu Infanteriespitze / infantry point
lation. (march column).
Igelstellung / "hedgehog" defense Infanteriesturmabzeichen n infantry
position, position of all-around de assault badge (decoration).
fense. Inf anterist m infantryman.
Hag n See Interniertenlager. Infinitesimalrechnung / calculus
impfen inoculate, vaccinate. (Math).
Impfschein m vaccination certificate. Influenz / electrostatic induction.
Impfung / inoculation, vaccination. Ingangsetzen n starting.
Impragniermittel n impregnite. Ingenieur m engineer (a Civ official
Inaktive Offiziere inactive reserve. with nominal Mil rank serving in
Inaugenscheinnahme / inspection. technical capacity generally in MT,
Inausgabegenehmigung / authorized Ft Engr, or Avn).
permission to delete from stock rec Initialziinder m initiator (Am).
ord items issued. Inklination/ dip (compass).
Inbesitznahme / occupation (Tac); Innenauskreuzung / interior bracing
act of taking possession. (Ap).
Indienststellung / commissioning (of Innenbackenbremse / internal ex
a vessel). panding brake.
Indizienbeweis m circumstantial Innendienst m interior duty, duty in
evidence. barracks.
indizierte Leistung indicated horse Innengrenzlehre / plug gage.
power. Innenhafen m inner harbor.
Industrieanlagen fpl industrial in Innenhiitchen n plug, inner cap
stallations. (blasting cap).
Induktor m generator (Tp). Innenraum m interior.
Ineinklangbringen n harmonization. Innenschieber m inner sleeve (sleeve-
Infanterie / infantry. valve engine).
Infanteriebegleitgeschutz n infantry Innenverspannung / interior bracing
accompanying gun. (Ap).
Infanteriefliegerstaffel / air support Innenwache / interior guard.
squadron. See also Staffel. innerballistisch pertaining to interior
Infanterieflug m contact patrol Insel / island.
(Avn). Inspektion / inspectorate (any of the
Infanteriegeschiitz n infantry gun, sections devoted to various arms and
infantry howitzer. services in the Allgemeines Heeres-
Infanteriegranate / shell fired by in .amt).
fantry gun or howitzer. Inspekteur m inspector (chief of an
. Infanteriekolonne / infantry supply inspectorate in the Allgemeines
column (generally prefixed by Heeresamt, as Waffeninspekteur
leichte). lOrd]).
Infanteriekommandeur m infantry Inspizient m inspector.
commander (supervises training of Inspizierung / inspection.
Inf units under Div Commander). Installateur m plumber; electrician.
Infanterienachspitze / infantry rear Installationsplan m wiring diagram;
point (march column). pipe layout.
Infanteriepark m infantry equip Instandhaltung / maintenance.
ment park. Instandsetzung / repair.
Infanteriepionier m infantry pioneer. nach Bedarf durchgefiihrte Instand
Infanteriepionierzug m pioneer pla setzung march maintenance, op
toon (Inf Regt). erating maintenance.
Instandsetzungs abteilung 90 Jagdverband
regelmaBig durchgefiihrte Instand- Intendanturinspektor m civilian offi
setzung scheduled maintenance. cial in administrative services
Instandsetzungsabteilung / main (ranking as 1st Lt).
tenance unit. Intendanturrat m civilian official in
Instandsetzungsdienst m damage- administrative services (ranking as
clearance and repair service (Civ major).
defense). internieren to intern.
Instandsetzungskraftwagen m main Internierter m internee.
tenance truck, repair truck. Interniertenlager n internment camp.
Instandsetzungsstaffel / maintenance Invarol n a cold-resistant grease.
echelon. Invertentfernungsmesser m inverted-
Instandsetzungswerkstatte / repair image range finder.
shop. Irrung / correction (Rad procedure).
Instandsetzung und Unterhaltung re Isolator m insulator (Elec).
pair and maintenance. Isolierband n friction tape (Elec).
Instanz / authority, court (Law). Isolierbecher m insulating case (cir
Instellungbringen n emplacing (Arty). cuit tester).
Instellunggehen n moving into posi isolieren to insulate (Elec); isolate
tion (Tac). (Med).
Isoliergerat n oxygen breathing
Instrumentenbrett n instrument apparatus.
panel. Isolierschutz m insulation (Elec).
Instrumentfehler m instrumental Isolierstoff m insulating material, in
error. sulator (Elec).
Intendant m civilian official in ad Isolierstreifen m friction tape, insu
ministrative services (ranking as lating tape.
colonel). Isolierung / isolation, absolute quar
Tntendantur / general staff adminis antine.
trative section (section IV of an Istbestand m equipment on hand.
army, corps, or Div general staff, Iststand m See Iststarke.
dealing mostly with supply). Iststarke / actual strength, morning-
Intendanturassessor m civilian offi report strength.
cial in administrative services Iststarkenachweisung / daily strength
(ranking as captain). report.

Jabo m See Jagdbomber. Jagdfuhrer m commander of all

Jackenwiege / jacket cradle, ring fighter units of a Luftflotte.
cradle (G). Jagdgesch wader n fighter wing (Avn).
Jafii m See Jagdfuhrer. See also Geschwader.
Jagdabwehr / fighter defense (Avn). Jagdgruppe/ fighter group (Avn).
Jagdbomber m fighter bomber. See also Gruppe.
Jagdeinsitzer m single-seater fighter Jagdmehrsitzer m multi-seater
(Avn). fighter airplane.
Jagdflieger m fighter pilot (Avn)
(same word used in plural to denote Jagdraum m patrol area for fighter
fighter aviation). aircraft.
Jagdflieger-Erganzungsstaffel / Jagdschutz m fighter escort (Avn).
fighter replacement squadron (Avn). Jagdsperre/ fighter screen (Avn).
Jagdflugw fighter patrol, fighter Jagdstaffel/ fighter squadron (Avn).
sweep (Avn). See also Staffel.
Jagdflugzeug n single-engine fighter Jagdverband m fighter formation
airplane, (Avn),
Jagen 91 Kammerhulse
Jagen n subarea of forest (for map Jahrgangm age class; year (of a
ping purposes). publication, etc.).
Jager m rifleman (in a light Mtz Inf Jochm bent, trestle (Bdg); yoke.
Div, Jagerdivision); private (in Jochleiste/ cheekbone (horse).
mountain Inf, Gebirgsjager); fighter Jochpfahl in pile of pile bent (Bdg).
airplane, pursuit airplane. Jod n iodine.
Jagerbataillon n rifle battalion. See Jodessigester m ethyliodoacetate
Jagerdivision. (CWS).
Jagerdivision/ light infantry divi
sion (so-called "light division" some Jodtinktur/ tincture of iodine.
what similar to Ger Mtz Inf Div). Jolle/ yawl (Nav),
Jagerplatz m fighter airdrome. Jugendherberge / youth hostel.
Jager-Regiment n rifle regiment. See justieren to adjust, to collimate
Jagerdivision. (bore-sight alinement, etc.).
Jagerschutzm fighter escort (Avn). Justiergerat n bore sight.

Kabelw cable, wire (Tp). caliber ammunition (approximately
Kabelader/ strand, conductor (of 18-ton unit for one RR car).
Tp wire). Kaliberlange / barrel length ex
Kabelauffiihrungspunkt m wire lead- pressed in calibers.
in point (Tp). Kaliberring m bore gage, breech bore
Kabelgraben in wire trench (Tp). gage.
Kabelleitung / wire line (Tp). Kaliberzylinder m See Kaliberring.
Kabelmantel m cable sheath (Elec, Kalipatrone / potassium cartridge
Tp). (oxygen breathing apparatus).
KabelmeBgerat n wire-testing in Kaliumpermanganat n potassium per
strument (Tp). manganate.
Kabelmesser n electrician's knife. Kalk m lime.
Kabelschuh m loop-tip terminal . Kalkmilch / lime solution (CWS).
(Elec). kaltebestandig cold-resistant.
Kabelseele / core conductor (Tp kaltgereckt cold-worked.
wire). Kaltklebekitt m cold adhesive putty
Kabelstecker m wire plug (Elec). (for attaching demolition charges)
Kabeltau n hawser. (abbr. Kat).
Kabeltrommel / reel (Tp). Kaltluftfront / cold front (Met).
Kabelverbinder n connecting sleeve KaltmeiBel m cold chisel.
(Tp wire). Kaltrecken n cold-working process,
Kabelverbindung / wire -splice (Tp). autofrettage (Ord).
Kabelwachs n cable wax, adhesive Kameradschaftsheim n service club,
pitch (Tp). canteen.
Kabine/ compartment, cockpit (Ap). Kammm crest, ridge; comb.
Kader m cadre. Rammer/ bolt (R, pistol); camera;
Kadett m cadet. chamber; stockroom.
Kaffe / compartment, sponson (Pon). Kammerbahn / bolt slide (R).
Kahn m boat. Kammerfang m bolt catch (MG).
Kahnfahre / punt ferry, boat ferry. Kammerfangstiick n bolt-catch piece
Kai m quay. (pistol).
Kajiite/ cabin (Nav). Kammergriff m bolt handle (MG).
Kaliber n caliber. Kammerhulse / central tube, flash
Kalibereinheit / unit load of single- tube (shrapnel).
Kammerhiilsenladung 92 Kampf wagenfalle
Kammerhiilsenladung / flash-tube Kampfgruppe/ bombardment group
charge (shrapnel). (Avn); . combat command (Armd
Kammerhiilsenrohr n burster tube Comd); combat team, task force.
(Am). Kampfhandlung / engagement, ac
Kajnmerknopf m bolt knob (R). tion.
Kammerstengel m bolt handle (R). Kampfkraft / fighting power.
Kammerunteroffizier m supply ser Kampflage/ tactical situation.
geant. Kampfleistung / battle performance,
Rammerwarze/ bolt lug (R). combat performance.
Kammkissen n back pad (harness). Kampflinie/ line of battle. •
Kammkissengurt m back-pad strap Kampf mehrsitzer m multiseater
(harness). bomber.
Kammlinie / ridge line (Top). Kampfmittel npl means of combat,
Kampf m battle, combat, fight. See arms and ammunition.
also terms under Gefecht, Krieg. Kampfnachricht / combat message
Kampfabschnitt m combat sector. (Rad).
Kampfabteil m fighting compart Kampfpistole / rifled Very pistol
ment, turret basket (Tk). (for Sig and/or incendiary car
Kampfaufgabe / combat task (Tac). tridges).
Kampfauftrag m combat mission. Kampfraum m combat zone, forward
Kampfeinheit / combat unit, tactical area, combat area.
unit. Kampfruf m password, slogan, battle
kampfen to fight. cry.
kampfende Truppe combat element. Kampfschule / bombardment school
Kampferm fighter; abutment (of an (Avn).
arch). Kampfstaffel / combat echelon (Tac) ;
kampferprobt seasoned, battle-tried, bombardment squadron (Avn). See
having combat experience. also Staffel.
Kampffahrzeug n combat vehicle. Kampfstellung / battle position.
Kampffeldm field of combat. Kampfstoff m chemical warfare
Kampfflieger m bomber pilot; any agent.
member of a combat crew (same Kampfstoffbelegung / gas coverage.
word used in plural to denote bom KampstoffbeschuB m chemical-shell
bardment aviation). fire.
Kampffliegerei / bombardment avia Kampfstoffbombe / chemical bomb.
Kampfstoffgehalt m gas concentra
tion (CWS).
Kampffliegergruppe / bombardment
Kampfstoffgruppen fpl classification
group (Avn). See also Gruppe.
of chemical warfare agents.
Kampmiegerstaffel / bombardment Kampfstoffriegel m chemical ob
squadron (Avn). See also Staffel. stacle; chemical-shell box barrage.
Kampffliegerverband m bombardment Kampfstoffschwaden mpl chemical
formation (Avn). fumes (CWS).
Kampffiugzeug n bombardment air Kampfstoffsperre / chemical obstacle,
plane. contaminated area (CWS).
Kampffiihrung / battle command, Kampfstoffverwendung / employment
conduct of battle. of chemical warfare agents.
Kampf gas n war gas (CWS). Kampfstoff zerstauber in chemical-
Kampfgebiet n combat zone, forward spray apparatus.
area, combat area. Kampftatigkeit / combat activity,
Kampfgelande n battle terrain. active combat, action.
Kampfgemeinschaft / combat team. Kampf truppe / combat element.
Kampf geschwader n bombardment Kampfverband m bomber formation
wing (Avn). See also Geschwader. (Avn); combined arms unit, combat
Kampf geschwader z.b.V. special pur team.
pose transport wing (airborne opera Kampfwagen m tank, combat car.
tions). Kampfwagenfalle/ tank trap.
Kampfwagengeschiitz 93 Kartensignatur
Kampfwagengeschiitz n See Kampf- Kappe/ cap (of a projectile).
wagenkanone. Kapsel/ detonator, blasting cap;
Kampfwagenkanone / tank gun. capsule.
Kampfwagennachbildung / tank Kapuze / hood.
silhouette, dummy tank. Karabiner m carbine.
Kampfwagenscheibe / tank-silhouette Karabinertragevorrichtung / carbine
target. scabbard carrier.
Kampfwagenwerk n tank factory. Karbolsaure/ carbolic acid, phenol.
Kampfwert m. fighting qualities (of Kardangelenk n universal joint.
a unit). kardanische Aufhangung compass
Kampfwunde/ battle injury, wound. gimbal.
Kampfzielw. objective (Tac). Kardanwelle / flexible drive shaft,
Kampfzone/ battle zone. propeller shaft.
Kampfzweckm tactical purpose, in Karosserie/ body (MT).
tention. Kartatsche / canister (separate-
Kandare/ curb bit (harness). loading Am).
Kandarenziigel m curb rein (har- Karte / map, chart; card, ticket.
Kartei / card file.
Kanone / gun, cannon. Karteikarte / filing card.
Kanonenboot n gunboat. Kartenausschnitt m map section.
Kanonenflugzeug n cannon-armed Kartenbatterie / topographic section,
airplane. mapping section.
Kanonenjagdflieger m cannon-armed Kartenblatt n map sheet, zone map.
fighter airplane. Kartenblatt mit Gitter grid sheet.
Kanonenrohr n gun barrel. Kartenblattnummer / geographic in
Kanonensalut m gun salute. dex number.
Kanonenschlag m firecracker (simu Kartenbrett n map-mounting board,
lated fire). military sketching board.
Kanonenschlag mit Knallerscheinung Kartendruckerei / map-printing
firecracker. office or plant.
Kanonenschlag mit Raucherscheinung Kartenebene / horizontal plane
smoke-puff charge. through base of trajectory.
KanonenschuB m gun shot. Kartenentfernung / horizontal range,
Kanonenwagen m assault gun car. map range.
Kanonier m private (Arty); can Kartenentfernung zum AbschuBpunkt
noneer. horizontal range to present position
Kante/ edge; ridge. (instant of firing) (AAA).
Kantholz n squared timber. Kartenentfernung zum MeBpunkt
Kantine / canteen. horizontal range to present position
Kanzel / cockpit, turret (Ap); pill (instant of range determination)
box (Ft). (AAA).
vordere Kanzel nose turret (Ap). Kartenentfernung zum Treffpunkt
Kapw cape (point of land). horizontal range to future position
Kapelle / band (music); chapel. (AAA).
Kaperfahrt / naval raid against Kartenentfernung zum Wechselpunkt
enemy merchant shipping. horizontal range to midpoint, mini
kapern to capture (a ship). mum horizontal range (AAA).
Kapitanleutnant.m lieutenant (Nav). Kartenentwurf m map projection.
Kapitan zur See captain (Nav). Kartengitternetz n map- grid.
Kapitulant m reenlisted man. Kartenkurs m map course (Navi
Kapitulantenhandgeld n reenlistment gation).
bonus. Kartenlesen n map reading.
Kapitulation / capitulation, surren KartenmaBstab m map scale.
der; reenlistment. Kartenprojektion / map projection.
kapitulieren capitulate, surrender; Kartenraumm chartroom (Nav).
reenlist. Kartensignatur / conventional sign
Kappagerat n predictor (AA). (on maps).
Karten- 94 Keilwelle
Karten- und Vermessungstruppen fpl Kastenleitwerk n box tail unit (Ap).
topographic troops. Kastenmagazin n box magazine.
Kartenunterlage / plane table. Kastenschliissel m transposition
Kartenvervollstandigung / map com cipher (Sig C).
pilation. Kastentrager m box girder.
Kartenwinkelmesser m map protrac Kastenwand/ side of receiver (MG).
tor. Katm See Kaltklebekitt.
Kartenzeichen n conventional sign Katapultflugzeug n catapult airplane.
(on maps). Kathodenstrahlrbhre / cathode-ray
Kartenzeichner m cartographer. tube.
kartieren to map. Kausche / grommet; thimble (rig
Karton m cardboard. ging, etc.).
Kartothek / card file. kaustisches Natron lye, caustic soda,
Kartuschbeutel m cartridge bag, sodium hydroxide.
powder bag (Am). Kautschuk m rubber.
Kartusche/ cartridge; cartridge Kavalierstart m climbing take-off
case; powder bag; any container (Avn).
of the propelling charge (generally Kavallerie / cavalry.
for separate-loading Am); cartridge Kavallerist m cavalryman.
pouch (Cav). K.-Blink n portable signal lamp.
Kartuschenwagen m ammunition ve K-Briickengerat n portable bridge
hicle for cartridge cases. unit.
Kartuschhiilse / cartridge case. Kegel TO cone; conical peak (Top).
Kartuschmunition / separate-loading Kegelfeder / volute spring.
ammunition. Kegelkupplung / cone clutch (MT).
Kartuschraum m chamber (G). Kegelprojektion / conic projection.
Kartuschvorlage / flash-reducing Kegelrad n bevel gear.
wad (Am). Kegelrollenlager n conical roller
Kaseinleim m casein glue. bearing.
Kasematte / casemate. Kegelzahnrad n bevel gear.
Kasemattenlafette / casemate gun Kehlriemen m throatlatch (harness).
mount. Kehlkopfmikrophon n throat-type
Kaserne/ permanent barracks. microphone (Avn).
Kasernenarrest m restriction to bar Kehrbildentfernungsmesser m in
racks. verted-image range finder.
Kasernenhof m barracks yard. Kehrichtofen m incinerator.
kaserniert quartered in barracks. Kehrkurve / turn (Avn).
kasernierungspflichtig obliged to kehrtmachen to face about.
live in barracks. Kehrtwendung / turn (Avn); about
Kasino n officers' mess, officers' club. face (drill).
Kasino-Ordonnanz / dining room Kehrtwendung links left-about
orderly. (drill).
Kasinovorstand m mess council. Kehrwert m inverse value, recipro
Kassenabteihmg / finance depart cal value.
ment. Keil m breech wedge (G); wedge
Kassenordnung / finance regulations. formation (Tac); wedge; key; cotter
Kassenverwaltung / finance admin pin.
istration. Keilloch n breech recess (G).
Kassenwesen n finance. Keillochflache / breech-recess surface
Kasten m receiver (MG); magazine (G).
(R); tank, airplane (slang); box, Keilnut / keyway.
case. Keilriemen m V-type belt (Tech).
Kastenboden m receiver floor plate Keil und Kessel breakthrough and
(MG); magazine floor plate (R). encirclement.
Kastendeckel m receiver top (MG). KeilverschluB m wedge-type breech
Kastenlafette / box-trail gun car block.
riage. Keilwelle/ spline shaft (MT).
Keim 95 Kiste
Keim m germ. Kettenkraf trad n See Kettenkrad.
Keks TO-n biscuit. Kettenkurbel / connector (MG).
Kelle/ signaling disk; marking disk; Kettenlaufrader npl bogie wheels
trowel. (Tk).
Kellerwart in shelter warden (Civ Kettenreihe/ flight of airplanes
defense). echeloned left or right. See also
Kennbuchstabe m identification letter. Kette.
Kennfaden m tracer thread (Tp Kettenspanner TO track-connecting
wire), fixture, track-con lecting tool (for
Kennkarte / civilian identity card. Tk track).
Kennlicht n identification light, navi Kettentriebrad n driving sprocket
gation light (Ap). (Tk).
Kennscheinwerfer m identification Kettenwinde / chain winch.
light (Ap). K.-Gerat n See Kraf tfahrgerat.
Kenntlichmachen n marking, identi Kiel m keel.
fication. Kielflosse / keel fin (of flying-boat
Kennummer / identification number. hull or seaplane float).
Kennung / identification signal, Kielwassern wake (of a ship).
marker beacon signal (Avn). Kiesgrube/ gravel pit.
Kennwort n password. KiesstraBe / gravel road.
Kennzeichen n identification mark. Kilohertz n kilocycles per second
Kern m core. (Ger unit of frequency).
Kerngarbe/ effective part of cone Kilometerzahler m mileage indica
(Ballistics). tor, odometer (MT).
KerngeschoB n armor-piercing bul Kimme/ sight notch (MG, R, etc.).
let. Kimmtiefe/ dip (Avn).
Kernladung / base section (separate- Kinderzulage / dependency allowance
loading Am). for children.
Kernrohr n liner (G). Kinnkette/ curb chain (harness).
KernschuBweite / point-blank Kinnkettengrube / chin groove.
range. Kinnriemenm chin strap (helmet).
Kerntruppen fpl crack troops, picked KinnstoBel m chin strap (harness).
troops, elite troops. Kinnstiitze/ chin support (gas mask).
Kerze/ candle; spark plug. Kinotheodolit m recording theodolite
Kesselm pocket, encircled area (practice firing).
(Tac); deep hollow (Top); meat can kippen to tip, tilt.
(mess kit); boiler; kettle. Kippfrequenz / sweep frequency
Kesselhaus n boiler house. (Rad).
Kesselschlacht / battle of encircle Kippgerat n sweep generator (Rad).
ment. Kipphebelwi rocker arm (Mtr).
Kesselwagen m tank truck (MT). Kipplore / dump car (field RR),
Kette/ chain; track (Tk); flight (3 Kippneigung/ tipping gradient
airplanes). (MT).
Kettenabdeckung / track shield (Tk). Kippregel/ alidade (Surv).
Kettenbolzen m track pin (Tk track). Kippschalter m toggle switch (Elec).
Kettenfahrzeug n track-laying ve Kippschnecke / elevating worm (aim
hicle (MT). ing circle, BC telescope).
Kettenfiihrer m flight commander Kippschwingung / sawtooth oscilla
(Avn). tion, relaxation oscillation (Rad).
Kettenglied n track shoe, track block Kippvorrichtung / dumping mecha
(Tk); chain link. nism (dump truck).
Kettenhund m rear outside airplane Kippwagen m dump truck.
in a formation, "tail-end Charlie," Kirche / church.
"wing man." Kissen n cushion; pad (Clo, harness,
Kettenkeil m flight wedge (Avn). etc.); gas-check pad (G); pillow.
See Kette. Kiste/ case, crate, chest, box; air
Kettenkrad n half-track motorcycle. plane (slang).
Kitt 96 Klippe
Kitt m putty. Kleinfunkkraftwagen m small radio
Klage / complaint. truck.
Klammer / butt swivel (R); clip, Kleinfunktrupp m portable-radio see.-
paper clip; clamp, clasp; parenthe tion.
sis. Kleinfunkwagen m See Kleinfunk
KlammerfuB m butt-swivel plate (R). kraftwagen.
Klapparm m extension arm (AA Kleinkaliberlauf m sub'caliber tube
sight). (G); small-bore barrel (R).
Klappblende/ drop cover (Ft). Kleinkalibermmiition / subcaliber
Klappbriicke/ drawbridge, bascule ammunition.
bridge. KleinkaliberschieBen n subcaliber
Klappe/ drop (Tp switchboard); target practice (Arty); small-bore
tailboard (Trk); flap (Ap); landing target practice (R).
ramp (on landing craft). Kleinkraftrad n light motorcycle.
Klappenschrank m portable switch Kleinkrieg m guerrilla warfare.
board. Kleinluf tschiff n blimp.
Klappfliigel m folding wing (Ap). Kleinmaschinensatz m portable gen
Klapphacke/ pick mattock. erating unit (Elec).
Klapplafette / extendable mount Klein-Panzerkampfwagen m light
(Ap MG). tank.
Klappmesser n jackknif e. Kleinschiefiplatz m miniature range;
Klappscheibe / bobbing target (prac subcaliber target range (Arty);
tice firing). small-bore target range (R).
Klappsporn in folding trail spade. Kleinsendegerat n portable radio
Klappvisier n leaf sight. transmitter.
Klarinol n a cleaning fluid for op Klein vernebelung / limited-area
tical glass. smoke screen, local smoke screening.
Klarscheibe / ahtidim eyeglass. Kleister m adhesive paste.
Klarsichtsalbe / antidim compound. Klemme/ clip; clamp; terminal;
Klartext m text in clear (Siff C). binding post.
Klartextf unken n transmitting in klemmen to hold right or left (R
clear (Rod). aiming); to clamp, to jam, to become
Klaue/ dog (clutch); epi, curved wedged,
spur track (RR gun); claw. Klemmenspannung / voltage across
Klauenbeil n claw hatchet. terminals.
Klauenfutter n guide lining (G). Klemmhebel m clamping lever (MG).
Klemmplatte/ clamping plate (G
Klauenkupplung / dog clutch (MT). barrel guide).
Klauenringm guide ring (G). Klemmring m clamping ring (gre
Klebeflugzeug n intruding airplane, nade launcher).
intruder (one which trails an enemy Klemmschraube / setscrew; clamping
plane back to its home base). screw (aiming circle).
Klebelack m dope (Ap). Klemmzange / clamp (blasting-cap
kleben to adhere, to stick to; to fol fuze).
low closely, to trail. Klempner m plumber.
Klebestreifen m adhesive tape. Klettereisen npl climbers', climbing
Klebezettel m paster, sticker irons.
(sticker-type baggage tag, etc.). Kletterfahigkeit / vertical axle dis
Kleiderkarte / ration card for cloth placement (MT).
ing. Kletterschuhe mpl rock7climbing
Kleif m portable flame thrower shoes (mountain operations).
(abbr. of kleiner Flammenwerfer). Klettersporn m gaff (of climbers).
Kleinbahn/ substandard-gage rail Kletterwalze / front rollev (MT).
way. Klima n climate.
Kleiner Bar Little Dipper. Klimaanlage / air conditioning plant.
Kleiner Krieg guerrilla warfare, par Klinke/ pawl, catch; jack (Tp).
tisan warfare. Klippe/ bluff, cliff (Top).
Klop 97 Kollektor
Klop n See Chlorpikrin. Kniippeldamm m corduroy road.
Klopfen n detonation, knock, pinking Kniippelgriff m grip of control stick
(of an engine). (Ap).
Klopferm telegraph sounder. Kniippelsteuerung / stick control
klopffest antiknock. (Ap).
Klopffestigkeit / antiknock quality Knuppelweg m corduroy road.
(engine fuel). Kobona chocolate with caffeine
Klotz m block, log. (Prcht ration).
Kluppe/ stock (die holder). Kochgeschirr n mess kit, mess gear.
Knagge/ prop, wedge. Kochgeschirrhiille / mess-kit cover.
Knall m report (G); bang, crack, Kochloch n cooking pit.
detonation. Kohle/ carbon, coal; carbon brush,
Knallbild n sound track (on SR film). carbon rod (Elec).
Knalldampfer m silencer (R, pistol, Kohlebiirste / carbon brush (Elec).
etc.). Kohleklotz m carbon block (micro
Knallerscheinung / sound effect (SR). phone).
Knallkb'rper m firecracker (simulated Kohlenelektrode / carbon electrode.
fire). Kohlenkorner npl carbon granules
KnallmeB- See SchallmeB-. (microphone).
Knallnetz n mine-exploding net, Kohlenmikrophon n carbon micro
primacord net. phone.
Knallquecksilber n mercury fulminate. Kohlenoxyd n carbon monoxide.
Knallziindschnur / detonating cord, Kohlensaure/ carbon dioxide.
primacord (Engr). Kohlenstoff m carbon.
Knebel m gag. Kohlenstofftrager m carbon filler (in
Kneifzange / pincers. liquid-oxygen blasting charges).
Knemeyer m computer (circular Kohlepapier n carbon paper.
slide rule used in air navigation). Kohleschicht / charcoal layer (gas
Knetlegierung / malleable alloy. mask).
Knick m break; crack; kink; knee Kohlestab m carbon rod (Elec).
(Rad). Kohle-Zink-Element n carbon-zinc
knicken to buckle. cell (Elec).
Knickfestigkeit / resistance to buck Kohle-Zinksammler m carbon-zinc
ling. battery.
Knickfliigelm gull wing (Ap). Koinzidenzentfernungsmesser m co
Kniew knee; salient (Tac); stifle incidence range finder.
joint (horse); elbow, bend (of pipe, Koje/ cabin (Nav).
etc.). KokillenguB m chilled casting.
Kniegelenfc TO toggle joint (pistol). Kolben m piston (Mech); butt
kniender Anschlag kneeling position (MG, R).
(in firing). Kolbenbolzen m piston pin (Mtr).
Kniepausche/ knee pad (harness). Kolbenbolzenlager n piston-pin bush
Knieschiitzer mpl knee pads (Prcht ing (Mtr).
troops). Kolbenhals m small of the stock
Kniestellung / salient (Tac). (R).
Kniff?w knack; helpful hint, handy Kolbenhieb m butt stroke.
device; "shortcut," trick. Kolbenhub m piston stroke (Mtr).
Knochen m bone.
Knochenbruch m fracture (Med). Kolbenkappe / butt plate (R).
Knopf m button. Kolbenpistole / submachine gun con
Knorrbremse / Knorr air brake. sisting of automatic pistol with tel
Knoten m knot. escope or skeleton stock.
Bunde und Knoten knots and ties. Kolbenring m piston ring (Mtr).
Knotenpunkt m intersection, junc Kolbenstange / piston rod (Mtr).
tion. Kolk m scour (in river bottom).
Kniippel m control stick (Ap); club, Kollektor m commutator, collector
bludgeon; log, round timber. ring (Elec).
Kollimationslinie 98 KompaBkurs
Kollimationslinie / collimating mark Kommandosache / confidential mili
(Optics). tary document.
Kollodiumwolle / pyroxylin (Am). Kommandospruch m radio message
Kolonne / column; train (supply); from commander's tank.
javelin (Awn). Kommandostelle / command post,
Kolonnenbriicke / portable bridge. headquarters.
Kolonnenchef m column commander Kommandotafel / range conversion
(MT). table (Gunnery).
Kolonnengebiet n communications Kommando- und Ladeverzugszeit dead
zone. time (Gunnery).
Kolonnenspitze / head of column. Kommando- und Stadsschwadron
Kolonnenstaffel / rear echelon train. headquarters troop (Cav).
Kolonnenverkehr m column traffic. Kommandowagen m command car,
Kolonne zu Einem column of files. command truck.
Kolonne zu Zweien column of twos. Kommandowerte mpl fire-director
Koluft m See Kommandeur der Luft data (AAA).
waffe. "Kommando zuriick !" "As you were!"
Kombination / flying suit, coverall. KommiB m, military service, "the
Kombiise / galley (Nav). service" (corresponds in many cases
Kommandant m commander (of an to the term "G.I." as used collo
Ap, Tk, ship, etc.); commanding offi quially).
cer (of a, post, garrison, or station). KommiBbrot n G.I. bread.
Kommandantur / commander's office, KommiBstiefel in G.I. boot.
garrison headquarters. See also Feld- Kommodore m wing commander
kommandantur, Ortskommandantur. (Avn).
Kommandeur m commander, com Kommodor und Lufttransportfiihrer
manding officer (Bn and higher chief of air transport (at Ger Air
units, including entire arm or ser Ministry).
vice); commandant (of a, service Kompanie / company.
school). Kompanieabschnitt m company sector.
Kommandeur der Luftwaffe air sup Kompaniebezirk m company area.
port commander. Kompaniebreitkeil m company in
Kommandeurpanzer m commander's verted wedge formation.
tank. Kompaniechef m company com
kommandieren to command; to de mander.
tach, to detail. Kompaniefiihrer m officer in charge
kommandierender General command of company, temporary company
ing general (of a corps or service commander.
command). Kompaniegefechtsstand m company
Kommandierrolle / duty roster. command post (in combat).
Kommando n order, command; head Kompaniegelder npl company fund.
quarters (D.iv and larger units); de Kompaniegrenze / company boundary.
tached duty or service; detached Kompaniekeil m company wedge for
unit; party or detail. mation.
Kommandobehorde / command, com Kompanierevier n company area.
mand agency, headquarters (Div and Kompanieschreiber m company clerk.
larger units). Kompanietrupp in company headquar
Kommandoflagge / command post ters (personnel).
flag (Bn or higher unit). Kompanietruppfiihrer m leader of
Kommandof iihf er m commander of a company headquarters personnel.
detachment, leader of a party. KompaB m compass.
Kommandogerat n data computer, KompaBablenkung / compass error.
ballistic director (AAA); command KompaBausgleichung / compass
set (Rod). compensation.
Kommandohilfsgerat n auxiliary fire KompaBkessel m compass bowl (Ap).
director (AAA). KompaBkurs m compass heading,
Kommandopanzer m command tank. compass course (Avn),
KompaBkurswinkel 99 kordieren
KompaBkurswinkel m compass azi Koordinatenschieber mpl coordinate
muth. cards.
KompaBlenkung / compass deviation. Koordinatenverzeichnis n table of
KompaBmiBweisung / compass coordinates (Surv).
declination. Koordinationsausgangspunkt m point
KompaBpeilung / compass bearing. of origin of coordinates.
KompaBrose / compass rose, com Kopfm head; heading (on a mes
pass card. sage); nose or point (of a shell).
KompaBstrich m point of the com Kopfbahnhof m terminal; railhead.
pass. Kopfbander npl head straps (gas
KompaBzahl / azimuth, compass mask).
reading, bearing. Kopfbanderung / head harness (Gas
Komplizem accomplice (Law). mask).
Kompressionsraum m compression Kopfbedeckung / headgear, hat or
chamber (Mtr). helmet.
Kompressor m compressor, super Kopffernhorer m headphone, headset.
charger. Kopfgestell m headstall (harness).
Kompressormotor m supercharged Kopfhaube/ helmet (Avn).
engine. Kopfhorer m headphone, headset.
Kondensationswarme / heat oi conden kopflastig noseheavy (Ap).
sation (Met). Kopfplatte / head-strap cushion (Gas
Kondensator m condenser, capacitor mask).
. (Rod). Kopframpe/ end ramp (RR).
Kondensatormikrophon n condenser Kopfschiitzer m woolen cap, winter
microphone. cap.
Kondensstreifen m vapor trail (Avn). Kopf stand m nose-over (Avn).
konisch conical, tapered. Kopfstarke/ strength (of a unit).
konisches Rohr tapered-bore barrel Kopfstiick n crownpiece (harness);
(G). head (MG).
Konstrukteur m technical designer. Kopfsturz m vertical dive, nose dive
Konstruktion/ design; construction; (Avn).
structure. Kopfteilm nose section of shell (Am).
Konstruktionsfehler m faulty design, Kopfteilung/ graduation on head of
structural defect. panoramic telescope.
Konstruktionszeichner m designer, Kopfwelle/ shell wave, ballistic
draftsman. wave, bow wave (Ballistics).
Kontaktmesser n knife-switch prong Kopfziinder m point-detonating fuze
(Elec). (Am); nose fuze (bomb).
Kontaktmine/ contact mine (Nav). Koppel n belt.
Kontaktstift m prong of jack (Elec). koppeln to determine a course or
Kontaktstiick n contact, contact piece establish a fix by dead reckoning
(Elec). (Avn); to couple (Arty).
Konteradmiral m rear admiral. Koppelnavigation / navigation by
Konterbande / contraband. dead reckoning (Avn).
Kontrollkarte / intercept board Koppelort m fix, dead reckoning posi
tion (Air Navigation).
(AWS). KoppelschloB n belt buckle.
Kontrollampe / pilot light (Ap, MT). Koppelzeit / time at which, exact po
Kontrolliste / check list. sition is ascertained by means of
Konuskupplung / cone clutch (MT). dead reckoning (Air Navigation).
konvergieren to converge. Kopplung/ coupling (Arty, Rad).
Konzentrationslager n concentration Korb m basket (Bin, etc.); cluster of
camp. bombs (slang).
konzentrisch concentric, converging. Korbring m concentration ring (Bin).
Koordinate / coordinate. Kordelmutter / knurled nut.
Koordinatennetz n map grid, coordi Kordelung / knurl, knurling.
nate grid system. kordieren to knurl.
Kordit 100 Kraftquelle
Kordit n cordite. Kradspitze/ motorcycle point of ad
Korkenzieher m spiral dive, "cork vance guard.
screw dive" (Ap), Kraft durch Freude Strength
Korn n front sight (R, pistol, etc.); Through Joy (Ger Civ morale and
muzzle sight (G); grain; bead; travel organization).
acorn. Krafte/pZ forces; power; strength.
das Korn klemmen to hold right or Kriifteersparnis / economy of man
left. power, sparing of personnel.
geklemmtes Korn incorrectly cen Krafteverteilung / distribution of
tered front sight. forces, tactical grouping (Tac).
Kornchen n granule. Kraftezersplitterung / splitting up of
Kornerw. center punch. forces, dissipation of forces (Tac).
Kornerform / granular form (pow Kraftfahrabteilung / motor .transport
der). battalion.
KornfuB m front-sight base (R). Kraftfahrausbildung / driver train
Kornhalterm front-sight holder (R). ing (MT).
Kornwarze/ front-sight stud (R). Kraftfahrerm driver; private (MT).
Korperschutzmittel n protective Kraftfahr-Ersatzteil-Staffel / spare
clothing (CWS). parts section (MT).
Korps n corps. Kraftfahrgerat n motor-transport
Korpsbezirk m corps area. equipment.
Korpsfuhrer m assistant band leader. Kraf tf ahrkampf truppen fpl armored
Korpsgeist m esprit de corps, group troops.
spirit, group morale. Kraftfahrkorps n See National-
Korpskommando n corps headquar sozialistisches Kraftfahrkorps.
ters. Kraftfahrlehrstab m motor transpoi't
Korpsnachschubfiihrer -m chief of training staff.
corps supply services. Kraftfahrpark m motor transport
Korpsstab m corps headquarters staff. park (GHQ or Army); motor pool,
Korrekturluftdiise / air-adjustment vehicle park.
jet (Mtr), Kraftfahrparkkompanie / motor
Korrosionsbestandigkeit / resistance transport company (component unit
to corrosion. of a Kraftfahrpark).
Korvettenkapitan m lieutenant com kraftfahrtechnisch pertaining to au
mander (Nav). tomotive mechanics.
Kost/ meal, food; diet. Kraftfahrtransport in motor trans
Kotw mud, excrement, filth. port.
Kote / fetlock. Kraftfahrtruppen fpl motor trans
port troops.
Kotfliigel m mudguard, fender. Kraftfahrversorgung / motor trans
Krad n motorcycle (abbr. of Kraft- port supply.
rad). Kraftfahrwesen n motor transport
Kradfahrer m motorcyclist. service.
Kradmantel m motorcyclist's overcoat. Kraftfahrzeug n motor vehicle.
Kradmelder m motorcycle messenger. Kraftfahrzeugkolonne / motor con
Kradmeldetrupp m motorcycle mes voy, motor column.
senger detachment. Kraftfahrzeugpark m motor vehicle
Kradschiitze m motorcycle rifleman. park.
Kradschiitzen-Bataillon n motorcycle Kraftfahrzeug-Verwertung / sorting
battalion. and classification of motor vehicle
Kradschiitzenschwadron / motorcycle salvage.
troop. Kraftfahrzeugzubehb'r n motor-
Kradschiitzensteg m floating wooden vehicle accessories.
treadway bridge. Kraftlinieri fpl lines of force (Elec).
Kradschiitzenzug m motorcycle pla Kraftmoment n moment of force.
toon. Kraftomnibus m bus.
Kradspaher m motorcycle scout. Kraftquelle / power source.
Kraftquellenwagen 101 Kragenlitze
Kraftquellenwagen m horse-drawn Kraftverstarker m power amplifier
generating unit. (Bad).
Kraf trad ?i motorcycle. For com- Kraftverstarker-Anlage / public-
. pounds see under Krad. address system (Elec).
Kraftsage / power saw. Kraftwagen m automobile, motor ve
Kraftschlepper m tractor, prime hicle (occasionally used in sense of
mover. Lastkraftwagen, truck).
Kraftspeicher m closing spring cylin Kraftwagenanhanger m trailer.
der (AA gun); storage battery. Kraftwagenbegleiter m assistant
Kraftstoffm fuel, gasoline. driver (MT).
Kraftstoffabstellhahn m fuel shut-off Kraftwagenflak / mobile antiaircraft
valve (Mtr). artillery.
Kraftstoffanlage / fuel system (Mtr). Kraftwagengeschiitz n See Kraft-
Kraf tstoffausgabestelle / gasoline wagenkanone.
distributing point. Kraftwagenkanone / gun mounted on
Kraftstoffbehalter m fuel tank, gaso motor carriage.
line tank. Kraftwagenkanonenwagen m assault
Kraftstoffdruckmesser m fuel pres gun car, motor carriage for gun.
sure gage (Ap). Kraftwagenkolonne / motor transport
Kraftstoffdiise/ fuel "jet (Mtr). column.
Kraftstoffgemisch n fuel mixture groBe Kraftwagenkolonne heavy
(Mtr). motor transport column (capacity
Kraftstofflager n fuel dump. 60 tons).
Kraftstoffleitung / fuel line (MT). kleine Kraftwagenkolonne light
Kraf tstoff-Luf tgemisch n fuel-air motor transport column (capacity
mixture (Mtr). 30 tons).
KraftstoffmeBuhr / fuel gage (Mtr). Kraftwagenkolonne fiir Betriebsstoffe
Kraftstoffnachschub m fuel supply, gasoline and lubricant supply col
gasoline supply. umn.
Kraftstoffnormverbrauch m, normal Kraftwagenkiichenkompanie / mobile
fuel consumption (MT). kitchen company.
Kraftstoffolmischung / gasoline-oil Kraftwagenmarsch m motorized
mixture. march.
Kraftstoffb'rderpumpe / fuel pump Kraftwagenpark m motor park.
(Mtr). Kraftwagentransport m motor
Kraftstofforderung / fuel feed (Mtr). transport.
Kraftstoffreiniger m fuel filter (Mtr). Kraftwagentransportabteilung/ mo
Kraftstoffsieb n See Kraftstoffrei tor transport battalion.
Kraf twagentransportkolonne / motor
niger. transport column.
Kraftstoffstaffel / gasoline supply Kraftwagenwerkstatt / motor vehicle
section (Tk Bn). repair shop.
Kraftstoffverbrauch in fuel consump Kraftwagenwerkstattzug m motor
tion (MT). maintenance repair shop platoon.
Kraftstoffverbrauchssatz in rate of Kraftwerk n power house, power sta
fuel consumption (MT). tion.
Kraftstoffversorgung / gasoline sup Kraftzug m power traction (as of a
ply. prime mover).
Kraftsoffvorratsmesser m fuel level mit Kraftzug tractor-drawn, truck-
gage (Ap). drawn.
KraftstoffzufluB m fuel feed (Mtr). Kraftzugartillerie / motorized artil
Kraftstoffzug m gasoline-supply lery.
train (RR). Kraftzuggeschiitz n motorized gun.
Kraftiibertragung / power transmis Kraftzugmaschine / prime mover.
sion, power train (MT). Kragenm collar (Clo).
Kraftiibertragungsteile mpl power Kragenlitze/ collar badge (facing
train (MT). sewn on the Kragenpatte).
Kragenpatte 102 Kresolwasser
Kragenpatte/ collar patch (cloth Krankenurlaub m sick leave.
backing for the Kragenlitze). Krankenwarter m ward attendant
Kragenspiegel m collar patch (Luft (Med).
waffe). Kranz m circular track (MG mount),
Kragtrager m cantilever beam. Kratze / scraper, hoe.
Kragtragerbriicke / cantilever bridge. Kraxe / wood frame pack carrier.
Krahennest m "crow's nest," gun Kreis m circle; area; circuit.
ner's compartment (Ap upper tur Kreisbogen m arc of a circle.
ret). Kreisbogenabsteckung / measuring or
Krampe/ staple (Tech). transferring an arc with dividers.
Kran m crane, hoist; crane tractor Kreisel m gyroscope.
(used as a power shovel). Kreiselabfeuergerat n gyro control,
krangen to heel (Avn). gyro-stabilizer (Tk).
Krangungsfehler m heeling error KreiselkompaB m gyro compass.
(Avn). Kreiselkompressor in centrifugal
krank sick, ill. compressor.
sich krank melden to go on sick call, Kreiselneigungsmesser m bank-and-
to report sick. turn indicator (Ap).
Krankenabschub m evacuation of the Kreiselpumpe / centrifugal pump.
sick. Kreiselsteuerzeiger m, gyro indicator,
Kranken-Absonderung / medical iso gyroscopic turn indicator (Ap).
lation. Kreiselwendezeiger m gyro turn indi
Krankenabteilung / ward (Med). cator, gyroscopic turn indicator
Kra'nkenabtransport m evacuation of (Ap).
the sick. kreisen to circle, to maneuver in cir
Krankenbehandlung / treatment of cles.
sick. Kreisflugm circular course (Avn).
Krankenblatt n clinical record. Kreisfunkfeuer n fan-marker bea
Krankenbuch n See Krankenmelde- con, omnidirectional beacon (Rad).
buch. Kreisfunktion / trigonometric func-
Kranken-Isolierung / medical isola tionf
tion. Kreiskimme/ rear ring sight (MG).
Krankenkraftwagen in motor ambu Kreiskommandantur / area head
lance. quarters (Mil Govt).
Krankenkraftwagenzug in motor am Kreiskornw front ring sight (MG).
bulance platoon. KreiskornfuB m front ring sight
Krankenmeldebuch n sick report book base (MG).
or folder. Kreiskornhalter m front ring sight
Krankenmeldung / daily sick report. support (MG).
Krankenrevier n infirmary, dispen Kreiskornrahmen m front ring sight
sary. frame (MG).
Krankensammelpunkt m See Kran- Kreislauf m cycle.
kensammelstelle. Kreisleitung / series circuit (demo
Krankensammelstelle / collecting sta litions).
tion (Med). KreisprozeB m cycle.
Krankenschwester / nurse.
Krankenstall m veterinary hospital. Kreisverkehr m "circular" radio traf
Krankenstube / infirmary, ward. fic (radio-net traffic in which sta
Krankentrage m litter, stretcher. tions communicate directly with each
Krankentragenf ahrgerat n wheeled other on a common frequency with
litter carrier (Med). different call signs and without a net
Krankentrager m, litter bearer (Med). control station).
Krankentransportabteilung / ambu Kreisvisierw ring sight (Ord).
lance battalion. krepieren to explode, burst; to die.
Krankenunterkunft / field hospital. Kresolseifenlb'sung / cresol soap solu
feste Krankenunterkunft fixed hos tion.
pital. Kresolwasser n cresol solution.
Kreuz 103 Kriegsstammrolle
Kreuz n cross; crosspiece (of univer Kriegsbriickengerat n military bridge
sal joint). equipment.
Kreuzbundn shear lashing (for Kriegsdauer / duration of war.
diagonal timbers). auf Kriegsdauer for the duration
Kreuzen n traffic crossing. (abbr. a.K.).
kreuzen to cross; to cruise (Nav). Kriegsdenkmiinze / campaign medal.
Kreuzer m cruiser. Kriegsdienstverweigerer m consci
Kreuzf euer n cross fire. entious objector.
Kreuzgelenk n universal joint. Kriegserfordernisse fpl military re
Kreuzhacke / double-bitted pickax. quirements in wartime.
Kreuzlafette / outrigger-type gun Kriegserklarung / declaration of war.
mount. Kriegsflagge / ensign.
Kreuzleinen fpl cross line (reins). KriegsfuB m war footing.
Kreuzlochschraube / cross-hole screw. Kriegsgebiet n theater of operations.
Kreuzmuffe / cross pipe fitting, four- Kriegsgebrauch m customs of war.
way pipe joint. Kriegsgefangenenbau- und Arbeits-
Kreuzpeilung / determining a fix, tak bataillon PW construction and labor
ing cross bearings (Air Navigation). battalion (for guarding PWs work
Kreuzschraube / trigger-guard screw ing in Germany or rear areas).
(R). Kriegsgefangeneneinsatz m employ
Kreuzteil n rear of receiver well (R). ment of prisoners of war.
Kreuzung / intersection. Kriegsgefangenensammelstelle / pris
Kreuzungsbahnhof m crossing station oner-of-war collecting point.
(RR). Kriegsgefangener m prisoner of war.
Kreuzverhor n cross-examination. Kriegsgerat n war materiel.
kriechen to creep or crawl. Kriegsgericht n court-martial.
Kriechgraben m crawl trench, shal Kriegsgerichtsrat m judge advocate.
low communication trench. Kriegsgerichtsrechtsprechung / mili
Krieg m war. See also terms under tary justice.
Gefecht, Kampf. Kriegsgerichtsverfahren n court-
kriegfiihrend belligerent. martial proceedings.
kriegfiihrende Macht belligerent Kriegsgliederung / order of battle.
power. Kriegskasse/ field safe; war chest.
Kriegfiihrung / warfare. Kriegskonterbande / contraband of
Kriegsakademie / war college. war.
Kriegsartikel mpl Articles of War Kriegskunst / art of war.
(now replaced by brief summary of Kriegslazarett n base hospital.
military ideals and obligations called Kriegslist / stratagem, ruse (Tac).
Pflichten des deutschen Soldaten). Kriegsmarine / navy.
Kriegsausgangm outcome of war. Kriegsmarsch m tactical march.
Kriegsausriistungsnachweisung / kriegsmaBig warlike, similar to ac
table of basic allowances (wartime). tual conditions in the field.
Kriegsband n battle honors. Kriegsneurose / war neurosis.
Kriegsbeorderung / See Kriegsbeord- Kriegsoffizier-Bewerber m applicant
nung. for wartime commission.
Kriegsbeordnung / mobilization'order Kriegsrangliste / army directory.
for reservists. Kriegsrason / military necessity.
Kriegsbericht m war communique, Kriegsrecht n military law.
war news report. Kriegssanitatsordnung / medical field
Kriegsberichter m accredited corre regulations or manual.
spondent (in a Ger propaganda Co). Kriegsschauplatz m theater of war.
kriegsbeschadigt disabled on active Kriegsschiff n warship.
duty. Kriegsschule / officer candidate school.
Kriegsbeteiligung / participation in Kriegsspiel n war game, map maneu
war. ver.
Kriegsbrauch m customs of war. Kriegsstammrolle / personnel roster
Kriegsbriicke / military bridge. (wartime).
Kriegsstand 104 Kuppelstange
Kriegsstand m See Kriegsstarke. Kiihlerm radiator (Mtr).
Kriegsstarke/ war strength (of a KUhler-EinfiillverschluB m radiator
unit, etc.). cap (MT).
Kriegsstarkenachweisung / table of Kiihlerklappe / louver (Mt, Tk).
organization (wartime). Kiihlerschutzhaube / radiator guard'
Kriegstagebuch n war diary; journal, (MT).
daybook. KuhlerverschluB m radiator cap
Kriegsverdienstkreuz n War Service (MT).
Cross (decoration). Kiihlfliissigkeit / cooling liquid (Mtr).
Kriegsverrat m war treason. Kiihlmantel m water jacket (Mtr,
Kriegsverrater m war traitor. MG).
kriegsverwendungsfahig fit for active Kiihlmittel n coolant (Mtr).
service (abbr. k.v.). Kiihlrippe/ cooling fin (Mtr).
Kriegswerft / navy yard. Kiihlstoff m coolant.
kriegswichtig of military importance. Kiihlung/ cooling system (Mtr).
Kriegswissenschaft / military science. Kiihlwagen m refrigerator truck,
Kriegszahnarzt m dental surgeon. refrigerator car.
Kriegszustand m state of war. Kiihhvassermantel m water jacket.
Kriminalpolizei / criminal investiga Kulissenschaltung / gate-type gear
tion police. shift.
Krimscliild m Crimea Shield (deco Kumpel m buddy.
ration on upper left sleeve, worn by Kumuluswolke / cumulus cloud.
all veterans of the battle in the Kundschafter m spy.
Crimea). Kunstflug m stunt flying.
Kripo / See Kriminalpolizei. Kunstflugfigur/ stunt-flying maneu
K.-Rolle / plain-wire concertina ver.
(abbr. of Klaviersaitendraht-Rolle). Kunstleder n artificial leather.
Kronenmutter / castellated hut. kiinstliche Antenne artificial antenna
Krbpfung / right-angle bend; throw (Had).
(of a crankshaft). kiinstliche Atmung artificial respi
Kriimmer m elbow pipe; manifold. ration.
Kriimmung/ bend; turn; camber; kiinstliche Luftung artificial ventila
curvature. tion.
Kruppe/ croup (horse). kiinstlicher Gummi synthetic rubber.
K-Stoffm diphosgene (CWS). kiinstlicher Horizont absolute in
Kiibel m bucket; jeep. clinometer, gyro horizon indicator,
Kiibelsitzer m See Kiibelwagen. artificial horizon (Ap Inst).
Kiibelsitzwagen m See Kiibelwagen. kiinstlicher Nebel screening smoke
Kiibelwagen m command car, jeep. (CWS).
Kubikzahl/ cube (Math). kiinstliches Hindernis artificial ob
Kiiche / kitchen. stacle.
Kiichendienst m kitchen police, KP; kiinstliche Spur artificial scent (for
mess orderly, mess attendant. army dogs).
Kiichenunteroffizier m mess sergeant. Kunstschaltung / superposed connec
Kufe / sled runner; skid. tion '(Tp).
Kugel/ bullet; ball; sphere.
Kugelblende / mantlet of flexible ball Kunstseide / rayon.
mount, ball mount (Tk). Kunststoff m synthetic plastic.
Kugelfang m target butt, range butt. Kupfer n copper.
kugelfest bulletproof. Kupferdraht m copper wire.
Kugelfiillung / ball filler (shrapnel). Kupf erkapsel / copper shell (detona
Kugelgelenk n ball-and-socket joint. tor cap).
Kugellafette / ball mount (MG). Kuppe f knoll, knob, rounded hilltop.
Kugellager m, ball bearing. Kuppel / cupola.
Kugelpfanne/ ball socket (Mart). Kuppellafette / cupola mount (Ap).
kugelsicher bulletproof. Kuppelstange / tie rod (split-trail
Kiihlanlage/ cooling system (Mtr). carriage).
Kupplung 105 Kiistenlafette
Kupplung/ clutch (MT); coupling Kurssteuerung / piloting, navigat
(Meoh); recoil connection (pistol). ing, pilot control.
Kupplungsfeder / clutch spring (MT). automatische Kurssteuerung auto
KupplungsfuBhebel m clutch pedal matic pilot, mechanical pilot (Ap).
(MT). Kursverbesserung / off-course cor
Kupplungsgehause n clutch housing rection (Air Navigation).
(MT). Kursvisier n bomb sight (Ap).
Kupplungshebel m clutch lever (MT); Kurswechsel m change of course,
recoil-spring lever (pistol). change of direction (Avn).
Kupplungskasten m junction box, Kurswinkel m azimuth of target
gun junction box, control box (AA (AAA).
director). Kurszeiger TO navigator's compass
Kupplungskegel m clutch cone (MT). (Ap).
Kupplungskopf m coupling head Kurve / curve, turn.
(trailer). Kurvenblatt n graph.
Kupplungspedal n clutch pedal (MT). Kurvenflug m curvilinear flight
Kupplungsscheibe / clutch plate (Avn).
(MT). Kurvengleitflug m spiral (Avn).
Kupplungsstange / recoil-spring lever Kurvenkampf m turning combat,
bar (pistol). dogfight (Avn).
Kupplungstritt m clutch pedal (MT). Kurvenniesser m map measurer
Kupplungswelle / clutch shaft (MT). (Inst).
Kurbel / crank. Kurvenscheibe / cam plate (Ord);
Kurbelarm m crank arm (of crank curvilinear target (Tng).
shaft). Kurvenvisier n tangent sight (SA).
Kurbeldynamo / 'hand-crank gen Kurzleistung / military rating (of
erator. an Ap engine).
Kurbelgehause n crankcase (Mtr). KurzschluB m short circuit, short
Kurbelgriff-m, crank handle. (Elec).
Kurbelinduktor m hand-crank gen RurzschluBankermotor m squirrel-
erator (Tp). cage motor.
Kurbelkropfung / crankshaft throw. KurzschuB m short (Gunnery).
Kurbellager n crankshaft bearing, Kurzsignal n code group.
pillow block. Kurzwelle/ short wave (Rod).
Kurbelrad n crankwheel (G). Kurzwellensender m short-wave
Kurbelstange / connecting rod (Mtr). transmitter.
Kurbeltrieb m crank mechanism. Kiiste/ coast, shore.
Kurbeltriebwerk n crankshaft assem Kiistenartillerie / coast artillery.
bly (Mtr). Kiistenaufklarer m coast reconnais
Kurbeliibung / crankwheel operation sance airplane.
exercise (gun laying). Kustenaufklarung / coast reconnais
Kurbelwelle/ crankshaft (Mtr). sance.
Kurbelzapfen m crank pin (Mtr). Kiistenbatterie / coast battery, shore
Kurierm courier, special messenger. battery.
Kurierflugzeugn liaison airplane. Kiistenflak / coast antiaircraft gun,
Kurierpost / courier mail. coast antiaircraft artillery.
Kurier-Staffel / special communica Kiistenfliegergruppe / coast recon
tion squadon (Luftwaffe). See also naissance and naval support group
Staffel. (Avn). See also Gruppe.
Kurs m course, heading. Kiistengebiet n coastal area.
Kursgleiche / rhumb line (Air Navi- Kiistengeschiitz n coast artillery
.gation). gun.
Kurskreisel m directional gyro. Kustengewasser npl coastal zone,
Kursscheibe / bearing plate (Avn). coastal waters.
Kursstabilitat / directional stability Kiistenlafette / coast artillery gun
(Ap). mount.
Kiistenstaffel 106 Ladezeit
Kustenstaffel / coastal squadron Kiistenwehr/ coast defense, coast
(Ami). See also Staffel. defense troops.
Kiistenstation / coast guard station. Kutonnase/ cable cutter on leading
Kiistenverteidigung / coast defense. edge of wing (an anti-barrage-bal
Kiistenvorfeld n coastal zone. loon device).
Kustenwache/ coast guard, coast Kuvi n See Kursvisier.
guard station. KWK.-Standm fixed emplacement
Kiistenwacht/ coast patrol. made of tank gun turret.

Lack m lacquer, varnish. Lader m stevedore, loader, super

Ladebaum m boom, derrick, crane. charger (Mtr).
Ladebriicke / loading ramp (on Laderampe / loading ramp.
trailer). Laderaum m chamber, powder cham
Ladedruck m manifold pressure ber (G); hold (Nav).
(Mtr). Laderauntverlangerung / advance of
Ladedruckmesser m manifold pres forcing cone (G).
sure gage (Ap engine). Ladergetriebe n supercharger drive.
Ladedruckregler m manifold pres Ladeschale / loading tray (G).
sure control (Ap engine). Ladeschiitze m assistant gunner,
Ladeeinheit / load unit, unit load. loader (Tk).
Ladefahigkeit / load' capacity; Ladesitz m loader's seat (G).
serviceable condition of ammunition. Ladespannung / charging voltage
Ladegewicht n load capacity, weight (battery charger).
of -load. Ladestelle / loading point, entrain
Ladegleis n loading siding (RR). ing or entrucking point; battery-
Ladegurt m cartridge belt. charging station.
Ladehemmung / stoppage in loading Ladestock m rammer.
mechanism (OrA). Ladestorung / stoppage in loading
Ladekanonier m gun loader, loader, mechanism (Ord).
assistant gunner, cannoneer No. 1. LadestraBe / delivery roadway (RR
freight station).
Ladeklappe / breechblock.
Ladestreifen m cartridge clip, am
Ladekran m gun hoist. munition clip.
Ladelaufrad n impeller (super Ladetatigkeit / loading operations
charger). (service of the piece).
Ladeleitrad n diffuser (super Ladetisch m loading tray (G).
charger). Ladetrommel / cartridge drum.
Ladeloch n loading recess (G). Ladetrupp m loading detail.
Ladeluftkiihler m intercooler (Ap Ladeverzug m loading lag (Gun
supercharger). nery).
Ladeluke / loading hatch (Ap). Ladeverzugszeit / loading lag, load
Lademaschine / battery charger ing time (Gunnery).
(Elec). Ladevorgang m loading action
Lademaschinensatz m battery (semi- or full-automatic weapons).
charging unit (Elec). Ladevorrichtung / breech mechan
Lademulde / loading tray (G). ism, loading device (Ord); feeding
laden to load (R, G, etc.). device (SA).
"Laden und sichern!" "Load and Ladezeit / loading time, entrucking
lock!" time, entraining time; charging time
Ladeplatz m pier, wharf, quay. (Elec battery).
Ladung 107 Landegeschwindigkeit
Ladung/ cargo, load; charge. Lagergehause n housing or case en
Ladungsbiichse / blasting-charge closing a bearing or bushing.
container (generally of galvanized Lagergeld n pay (PW).
metal). Lagergeriist n storage-closet rack.
Ladungsgefafi n blasting-charge Lagerhaus n warehouse.
Lagerkommandant m prison camp
Ladungskasten m blasting-charge
or internment camp commander.
Ladungsraum m See Laderaum. Lageileitung / camp authorities
Ladungsverhaltnis n loading ratio (PW).
(ratio between weight of charge Lagermetall n bearing metal.
and weight of projectile). Lagern n storage.
Ladungswerfer m spigot mortar. Lagerort m camp site.
Lafette / gun carriage, gun mount. Lagerplatz m storage place; camp
Lafettenachse / gun-carriage axle. site.
Lafettenart / type of gun carriage Lagerraum m storeroom.
or mount. Lagerschale / bushing.
Lafettenaufsatzstiick n adapter, tri Lagerschuppen m storage shed.
pod extension piece (MG). Lagerstelle / camp site.
Lafettendreieck n triangular base Lagerung / storage, stowage.
(AA gun). Lagerzapfen m journal (crank
Lafettenfahrzeug n trailer mount shaft); pivot pin (trail spade);
(Arty). trunnion (aiming circle).
Lafettenholm m gun-mount outrig lahmen paralyze, immobilize, neu
ger; gun-trail crosspiece. tralize (Tac).
Lafettenkasten m trail box (G). lahmlegen neutralize (an attack).
Lafettenkranz m circular track Lahmlegung / neutralization (Tac).
mount (Ap, Tk). Lahmungsschiefien n harassing fire
Lafettenkreuz n outriggers (AA (with Cml shell).
gun). Lamelle / disk; leaf; plate; shim;
Lafettenschwanz m trail (G). cooling fin.
Lafettensporn m trail spade (G). Lamellenkupplung / multiple-disk
Lafettenstiitze / firing base (G-). clutch (MT).
Lafettentisch m gun-carriage bed. Lamellenschluf? m armature short
Lafettenwand / gun-carriage side (Elec).
plate. Lampenfassung / lamp socket (Elec).
Lage / situation (Tac); position, Lampengehause n lamp case (Sig
site; salvo (pieces fire in succes lamp).
sion); layer, stratum (Met). Landankertau n shore anchor line
Lagebericht m situation report. (Pan Bdg).
Lagebeurteilung / estimate of the Landbatterie / land-based antiair
situation (Tac). craft battery (as distinguished from
Lagenfeuer n salvo fire (pieces fire ship-based battery).
in succession). Landbord m shoreward side.
Lagenkarte / situation map (Tac). Landbriicke / landing stage (Engr).
Lagenmeldung / situation report. Landebahn / landing strip, runway.
Lager n camp; depot, dump; bear Landebahnfeuer n contact light
ing, support. (Adrm).
das Lager abbrechen to strike Landedeck n landing deck, flight
camp. deck (aircraft carrier).
das Lager aufschlagen to pitch Landefackel / wing-tip flare (Ap).
camp. Landefeuer n landing light (Ap).
Lagerbestand m stock, stockage. Landefunkfeuer n runway localizing'
Lagerbock m support (for piston beacon (Had).
rod of counterrecoil mechanism); Landegeschwindigkeit / landing
pillow block. speed (Ap).
Landeklappe 108 Langsslabilitat
Landeklappe / landing flap (Ap). Landungsplatz m landing area.
Landekopf m beachhead. Landungsrauchzeichen n landing
Landekreuz n landing T (Avn). smoke signal (Avn).
Landelicht n landing light (Ap). Landungstrupp m landing party.
Landemannschaft / ground crew Landungsunternehmung / landing
(Bin). operation.
Landeplatz m landing area, landing Landverankerung / guy-line anchor
field (Avn). age (Pon).
Landesaufnahme / topographic Landwehr / reserves (age group 35-
survey, geodetic survey. 45).
landeseigener Verband "native" unit Landwehr I trained reserves (35-
(composed of inhabitants of Ger 45).
man-occupied country who fight, on Landwehr II untrained reserves
their own soil, as auxiliaries of (35-45).
German Army). Landwehroffizier m reserve officer.
Landesschiitzeneinheit / regional de See Landwehr.
fense unit (such as Landesschiitzen- Langbasis / horizontal base (Arty,
division, -regiment, -bataillon, and Surv).
-kompanie; mainly for guard duty Langbasisanlage / base end station.
in Com, Z and Z of I). Langbasisverfahren n horizontal
Landesteg m landing ramp (Nav). base method, long base method
Landesverrat m treason. (Gunnery).
Landesverteidigung / home defense. Lange / length.
Landetrupp m landing and saddling der Lange nach beschiefien to en
detail (at stream, crossing) (Cav). filade.
Landezeichen n landing signal. Langenabweichung / longitudinal
Landezone / landing zone (Adrin). deviation, range deviation (Gun
Landfahnverk n wheel-type landing nery).
gear (Ap). Festlegen der Langenabweichung
Landfahrzeug n land vehicle; shore range sensing, range spotting (Arty
ward ponton (Bdg). Obsn).
Landkrieg m war on land, land war Langengrad m degree of longitude.
fare. Langenkreis m circle of longitude.
Landkriegsordnung / Eules of Land Langenmessung / linear measure
Warfare. ment.
Landmeile/ statute mile (1.609fcm). Langenstreuung / range dispersion
Landmine / land mine. on horizontal target (Ballistics).
Landser m doughboy. Langenverbesserung / range cor
Landstralie / road, highway. rection (Gunnery).
Landsturm m territorial reserve, re Langenverhaltnis n aspect ratio
placement reserves (age over 45). (Ap).
Landsturm I trained reserves (age Lange iiber alles over-all length.
over 45). Langsachse / longitudinal axis.
Landsturm II untrained reserves Langsamflug m stalling flight (Ap).
(age over 45). Langsbestreichung / enfilade fire.
Landtruppen fpl ground troops. Langsfeld n chase of gun barrel.
Landung / landing. Langsfeuer n enfilade fire.
Landung mit Seitenwind cross-wind Langslibelle / longitudinal level
landing. (sighting mechanism).
Landungsabteilung / beach party or Langsneigungsmesser m pitch in
detachment. dicator, fore-and-aft inclinometer
Landungsboot n landing barge, (Ap).
landing boat. Langsschnitt m longitudinal section.
Landungsfahrzeug n landing craft. Langsseitgehen n pulling alongside.
Landungsklappe / landing ramp (of Langsstabilitat / longitudinal stabil
a landing craft or ship). ity (Ap).
Langstrager 109 Lebensmittel
Langstrager m stringer, balk bearing surface, friction surface.
(Bdg); longitudinal outrigger (AA Laufgraben m approach trench,
gun); longeron (Ap); long channel communication trench.
bar of chassis frame (MT). Laufinneres n bore (SA).
Langstreckenbomber TO long-range Lauf mantel TO jacket (MG).
bomber. Laufmundstiick n breech piece (R).
Langstreckenjager m long-range Laufrad n landing wheel (Ap);
fighter airplane. bogie wheel (Tk); impeller (of
Langstrecken-Seeflugzeug n long- pump, etc.).
range seaplane. Lauf ring TO race (ball bearing).
Langszapfen m axle pivot pin (split Laufrolle / bogie wheel (Tk).
trail carriage). Laufschritt TO double time.
Langwellen fpl long waves (Rad). "Im Laufsehritt, Marsch! Marsch!"
Langwellenpeiler m long-wave "Double time, march!"
direction finder (Rad). Laufseele / bore (SA).
Lasche / butt strap (Engr). Laufseelenpriifer TO barrel reflector
Last / load. (SA).
Lastanhanger TO truck trailer (MT). Laufsitzring m barrel-locking ring
Lastensegelflugzeug n See Lasten- (MG)
segler. Laufweite / caliber.
Lastensegler m troop-carrying Laufwerk n tracks and suspensions
glider, cargo-carrying glider. • (Tk); running gear (of a vehicle).
Lastfallschirm m cargo parachute. Laufwerkpanzerung / track shield,
Lastflugzeug n cargo transport air armored skirting (Tk).
plane. Lauschdienst m intercept service
Lastigkeitsregelung / trimming (Sig C).
(Ap). Lauschempfanger TO intercept re
Lastigkeitswaage / balance indi ceiver (Sig C).
cator (Ap). Lauschgerat n intercept set (Rad).
Lastkraftwagen m truck, cargo Lauschstelle / intercept station (Sig'
truck. C).
Lastwagenschlepper m truck-tractor. Lauschzange / wire-tapping clamp.
Latte / batten, lath, board; propel Lauthorknopf TO handset switch,
ler (Ap); stadia rod (Surv). amplifier knob (Tp).
Lattenfiihrung / pitch control (pro Lautsprecher m loudspeaker (Rad).
peller). Lautsprechertrichter m horn, cone,
Lattenpunkt m place mark (Surv). , trumpet (of loud speaker).
Lattenrost TO boardwalk, duckboard Lautsprechertruhe / baffle, speaker
(trench). cabinet (Rad).
Laubwald m deciduous forest, de Lautstarke / signal strength, vol
ciduous wood. ume, readability (Rad); sound in
Lauerstellung / ambush gun em tensity (sound locator).
placement, ambush. Lautstarkenregler m volume control
Lauf TO barrel (MG, R); run, course. (Rad).
Laufbahn / career (as an officer, Lautverstarker m volume amplifier
specialist, etc.); runway (Adrm). (Rad).
Laufbahnabzeichen n specialist's Lazarett n hospital.
insignia or badge. Lazarettaufnahme / hospitalization.
Laufbriicke / gangplank. Lazarettbehandlung / hospital treat
Laufdecke / tire casing (MT). ment, hospitalization.
laufend running; current; contin Lazarettflagge / flag of protection.
uous; serial. Lazarettschiff n hospital ship.
laufende Nummer serial number. Lazarettzug m hospital train.
Laufer m runner, messenger. Lebensdauer / accuracy life (G).
Laufflache / tread (of a tire); slid Lebensmittel npl subsistence sup
ing surface (of a sled runner); plies.
Lebensmittelkarte 110 Leitradachse
Lebensmittelkarte / food ration collecting station for walking
card. wounded.
Lederfett n dubbin. Leichtverwundeter m minor cas
Lederring m See Lederscheibe. ualty.
Lederscheibe / leather washer. Leinenbund n rope lashing.
Ledertasche / leather case, leather Leinol n linseed oil.
bag. Leimvand / linen; cloth; projection
Leere / vacuum. screen.
Leergang m backlash, lost motion; Leiste / strip; edge; fillet; batten.
neutral gear (Mtr). Leistenbruch m hernia.
Leergewicht n empty weight. Leistengegend / groin.
Leergut n empties (Am). Leistung / output, performance,
Leerlauf m idling, neutral, idling capacity; power (Rad).
speed (Mtr). Leistungsbelastung / power loading
Leerlaufdiise / idler jet (Mtr). (Ap).
Leermaterial n train of empties Leistungsfahigkeit / efficiency, ca
(RR). pacity.
Leerschraube / drain plug. Leistungsgewicht n weight per
Legierung / alloy. horsepower.
Legionsschiitze m non-German rifle Leistungsregler m power control
man in the Wehrmacht. (Rad).
Lehmgrube / clay pit. Leistungsrbhre / power amplifier
Lehrbataillon n instruction battalion tube.
(used for demonstrations, etc.). Leistungssegelflugzeug n perform
Lehre / doctrine, theory; gage. ance-type glider (Avn).
Lehrfilm m training film. Leistungssteigerung / increase of
Lehrflugwesen n training aviation. efficiency (Mtr).
Lehrgang m course of instruction. Leistungsstufe / power amplifier,
Lehrgangsleiter m instructor. final amplifier (of a Rad transmit
Lehrgruppe / instruction group ter).
(Avn). Leistungswahlhebel m output selec
Lehrregiment n instruction regiment tor lever (Ap engine).
(used for demonstrations, etc.). leiten conduct, lead, direct, manage.
Lehrtruppe / instruction unit. Leitender in director (maneuvers).
Leibgarde / bodyguard. Leitender Arzt ward officer (Med).
Leibgurt m belt (Clo). Leitender Ingenieur chief engineer
Leibgurt mit Schulterriemen Sam (a Civ official in the Armed Forces).
Browne belt. Leitender Offizier executive officer.
Leibriemen m garrison belt (Clo). Leiter TO leader, director; conductor
Leibstandarte / See SS-Leibstan- (Elec).
darte. Leiter / ladder.
Leibwache / bodyguard. Leiterschleife / armature turn
Leiche / corpse; carcass. (Elec)_.
leichte Division motorized division, Leitfahigkeit / conductivity (Elec).
"light division." Leitfeuer n cord fuze, safety fuze.
Leichtkrankenkriegslazarett n base Leitfeuerziindmittel n cord fuze de
hospital for minor cases (Com Z). tonator.
Leichtkrankenschiff n hospital ship Leitfeuerziindung / cord fuze de
for minor cases. tonation.
Leichtkrankenzug m hospital train Leitfunkstelle / net control station
for minor cases. (Rad).
Leichtkranker m ambulatory case, Leitkante / leading edge (Ap wing).
minor case (sick, not wounded). Leitrad n idler, idler wheel (Tk);
Leichtb'l n light fuel (as distinguish diffuser (supercharger).
ed from, Diesel fuel). Leitradachse / idler wheel shaft
Leichtverwundetensammelplat.z m (Tk).
Leitstand 111 Leuchtkompafi
Leitstand m fire-direction center Lenden fpl loins (horse).
(Arty); command post. Lenkballon m dirigible
Leitstelle / net control station Lenkbremse / steering brake (Tk).
(Rad). Lenkeinrichtung / steering mechan
Leitstrahl m localizer beam (Inst ism.
landing). Lenkeinschlag m maximum angle of
Leitstrahlverfahren n localizer-beam turn (steering wheels).
method (Inst landing). Lenker m steering arm (of a gun
Leitung / line (Tp); command; wheel),
direction; control; management. Lenkgehause n steering-gear hous
Leitungsbau m line construction ing (MT).
(Tp). Lenkgestange n tie rods (MT).
Leitungsgehilfe m director's aide Lenkgetriebe n steering mechanism
(maneuvers). (track-laying vehicles).
Leitungskapazitat / capacity of a Lenkhebel m steering-knuckle gear-
line, traffic capacity of a line (Elec, rod arm (MT); steering lever
Tp, Tg). (track-laying vehicle).
Leitungsmast m telephone pole. Lenkkniippel m steering lever
Leitungsmaterial n conducting ma (track-laying vehicle).
terial, electric wire. Lenkluftschiff n dirigible.
Leitungsmittel n line wire (Tp). Lenkrad n steering wheel (MT).
Leitungsnetz n wire net, circuit, Lenksaule / steering column (MT).
wiring system, wire-communication Lenkschnecke / steering worm
net. (MT).
Leitungsoffizier m assistant director Lenkschraube / cylindrical cam on
(maneuvers). steering column (MT).
Leitungsplan m wiring diagram. Lenkschubstange / steering gear
Leitungspriifer m galvanometer connecting rod (MT).
(Engr); circuit tester (Elec). Lenksegment n steering-worm sector
Leitungsskizze / circuit diagram (MT).
(Tp). Lenkstange / tie rod (MT); handle
Leitungssondertruppen fpl special bar (Mtcl).
troops of director headquarters Lenkstock m See Lenkstockhebel.
(maneuvers). Lenkstockhebel m steering arm
Leitungsstab m directing staff (MT).
(maneuvers). LenkstoBfang m steering shock sus
Leitungssystem n wiring system pension (MT).
(Elec). Lenkung / steering, steering system
Leitungstruppen fpl troops assigned (MT).
to director headquarters (maneu Lettenhaue / mattock hoe (Engr).
vers). leuchtbereit ready for action (SL).
Leitungs- und Schiedsrichterdienst m Leuchtblatt n luminous dial.
directing and umpiring service Leuchtboje / light buoy.
(maneuvers). Leuchtbombe / aircraft parachute
Leitungswiderstand m line resist flare.
ance (Elec). Leuchtdauer / burning time (of a
Leitverkehr m control-station traffic ground Sig, etc.).
(Rad). Leuchtfallschirm m parachute flare
Leitwand / baffle. (Avn).
LeitwellverschluB m sliding-wedge- Leuchtfarbe / luminous paint.
• type breechblock (G). Leuchtfeuer n beacon light (Avn).
Leitwerk n empennage, tail as Leuchtgeschofi n See Leuchtgranate.
sembly, tail unit (Ap). Leuchtgranate / star shell (Am).
Leitwert m conductance (Elec). Leuchtgranatwerfer m pyrotechnic
Leitzaun m guide fence (a type of projector.
snow fence). LeuchtkompaB m luminous compass.
Leuchtkreuze 112 Lieferant
Leuchtkreuze npl reticle image (re Libellentafel / angle-of-site table
flector sight). (Gunnery).
Leuchtkugel / ground signal, Very Lichtanlasser m generator-starter
signal light. (MT).
Leuchtmittel n pyrotechnic device. "Licht auf!" "In action!" (AA SL).
Leuchtmunition / pyrotechnics; Lichtbild n photograph.
tracer ammunition. Lichtbildaufnahme / See Lichtbild.
Leuchtpatrone / signal case; signal Lichtbildauswertung / interpretation
cartridge; cartridge-type ground of photographs.
signal. lichtbilden to photograph.
Leuchtpfad m flare path (Avn). Lichtbildentzerrung / rectification of
Leuchtpistole / pyrotechnic pistol, aerial photographs.
signal pistol, Very pistol. Lichtbilderkundung / photographic
Leuchtrakete / signal rocket. reconnaissance.
Leuchtraketengestell n pyrotechnic Lichtbildmaschinengewehr n ma
projector (for Sig rockets). chine-gun camera.
Leuchtrb'hre / fluorescent tube. Lichtbildmessung / phototopography.
Leuchtsatz m pyrotechnic composi Lichtbild-MG n camera gun (Avn).
tion, flare composition, illuminant Lichtbildner m photographer.
charge; tracer composition. Lichtbildpause / photographic over
Leuchtschiff n lightship, lay.
Leuchtspur / tracer trajectory. Lichtbildwesen n photography.
Leuchtspurgeschofi n tracer bullet, LichtbogenschweiBung / arc weld
tracer. ing.
Leuchtspurgranate / tracer shell Lichtkegel m beam of light, cone of
(Am). light.
Leuchtspurmunition / tracer am Lichtmaschine / generator (MT).
Lichtmeftbatterie / flash ranging
Leuchtspursatz m tracer composition section (Obsn Bn).
(Am). LichtmeBdienst in flash ranging
Leuchtstern m star (signal).
Leuchttonne / light buoy. Lichtmessen n flash ranging.
Leuchtturm m lighthouse. Lichtmelistelle / flash ranging sta
Leuchtvisier n luminous sight. tion.
Leuchtzeichen n ground signal, light LichtmeBtrupp m flash ranging team.
signal. Lichtnetz n lighting system.
Leuchtzifferblatt n luminous dial Lichtpause / photostatic reproduc
(Inst). tion; photocopy; blueprint.
Leukoplast n court plaster. Lichtrufanlage / light-signal call
Leute fpl personnel. system (in hospitals, etc.).
Leutnant' m second lieutenant; Lichtschallmessen n sound and flash
lieutenant (specifically, 2nd Lt). ranging.
Leutnant der Flieger second lieu Lichtschalter m light switch.
tenant (Luftwaffe). Lichtsprechgerat n modulated light-
Leutnant zur See ensign (Nav). ray communication set.
Lewisit n Lewisite (CWS). Lichtspruch m signal-lamp message.
Libelle / level (Inst); clinometer Lichtspur- See Leuchtspur-.
(Arty, Surv). Lichtstarke / luminous intensity, in
die Libelle einspielen to center the tensity of light.
bubble in a level. Lichtung / forest clearing.
Libelleneinstellung / level setting, lidern to pack, seal, obturate.
level adjustment. Liderung / gas check, obturator (G).
Libellengehause n level housing Liderungskopf m mushroom head
(panoramic telescope). (of obturator).
Libellenquadrant m gunner's quad Liderungspolster n gas-check pad.
rant (with spirit level). Lieferant m supplier, contractor.
Lieferdienst 113 Luftabwehr
Lieferdienst m ferrying service Locken n call to quarters.
(Avn). Loffelbagger m power shovel.
Lieferschein m shipping ticket. Lohmmg / base pay.
Lieferung / lot, shipment. Lokomotivbahnhof in engine yard
liegend prone, lying; berthed. (BE).
Liegeplatz m berth (in port). Lokomotivschuppen m engine house,
Linealvisier n linear sight (Ger AA roundhouse (RR).
gun). Looping m loop (Avn).
lineares System linear speed method Losantin n .a German decontaminat
(AA Gunnery). ing agent (calcium hypochlorite pre
Linie / line, rank. paration in powder or in tablet
"In Linie zu einem Gliede, ange- form).
treten!" "In single rank, fall in!" Losantinbrei m calcium hypochlorite
Linie B-Stelle-Ziel OP-target line. slurry (CWS).
Linie Geschiitz-Ziel gun-target line. loschen to unload (a ship); to ex
Linienaufstellung / line formation. tinguish (a fire); to slake (lime).
Linienbo / line squall. Loschfliissigkeit / extinguisher
Linienkarte / line route map (Tp). fluid.
Linienverkehr m "line" traffic (two- Loschgerat n fire extinguisher.
station Rad Com on one or two fre Loschmeister in sergeant fireman
quencies). (Luftwaffe official ranking as Mas
Linie zu einem Glied single rank ter Sgt).
(Inf); line (Cav). Loschplatz TO pier, wharf.
links left, to the left, on the left. Loschtrupp m fire-fighting crew.
Linkskufve / left turn (MT); left lose loose, unlocked.
bank (Avn). loslcisen, sich disengage (Tac).
linkslaufend counterclockwise. Loslosung / disengagement (Tac).
Linksdrall m left-hand twist (rif Lost n mustard gas.
ling). Losung / password.
linksgangig counterclockwise; left- Losung / solution; mixture.
hand (threads, etc.). Losungsmittel n solvent.
Linksgewinde n left-hand thread Losungswort n password, counter
(MT). sign.
linkslaufend counterclockwise. Lot n plumb bob, sounding lead;
"Links schwenkt, Marsch!" "Column solder.
left, march!" loten to solder.
"Links, urn!" "Left, face!" (being at Lotfe n See Lofternrohr.
a halt); "By the left flank, march!" Lotfernrohr n bomb sight.
(given in marching). Lotkolben m soldering iron.
Linkswendung / left face. Lot lam pe / blowtorch.
Linse./ lens. Lotmetall m solder.
List / cunning, ruse, trick; strata lotrecht perpendicular.
gem (Tac). Lotrechte / perpendicular (line).
Litze / stranded wire (Elec); color Lotschnur / plumb line.
ed facing on collar (Clo). Lotse m pilot (Nav).
Litzenspiegel m two narrow colored Lotsenflagge / Union Jack (Nav).
strips on collar (Clo). Lbtzinn n solder.
Livens-Handwerfer m Livens projec Loxodrome / rhumb line (Naviga
tor (CWS). tion) .
LM.G.-Abmarsch m light MG half L'Spur / See Leuchtspur.
squad (Cav). Liicke / gap.
l.M.G.-Trupp m light niachine-gun Luft / air (in compounds: Air
team (of Ger R squad). Forces, airborne, aircraft, aviation,
Ln.-Helferin / See Luftnachrichten- etc.). See also terms under Flieger,
Helferin. Plug.
Ln.-Zugfiihrer m See Luftnachrich- LuftabfluBklappen fpl cowling flaps.
ten-Zugfiihrer. Luftabwehr / active air defense.
Luftabwehrdienst 114 Luftkarte
Luftabwehrdienst m air defense LufteinschieBziel n high-burst ad
service. justment target (Arty).
Luftabwehrstelle / air defense post. liiften to air, to ventilate.
Luf tab wehr waff e / antiaircraft Liifter m ventilator, fan, blower.
weapon. Lufterkundung / air reconnaissance.
Luftalarm m air-raid alarm. Luftfahrt / aeronautics, aviation.
Luftamt n See Allgemeines Luftamt. Luftfahrthindernis n airway ob
Luftangriff m air attack, air raid. struction.
Luftangriffsziel n air objective. Luftfahrtmedizin / aviation med
Luftanreicherung / concentration of icine.
gas in the air (CWS). Luftfahrtministerium n See Reichs-
Luftaufklarung / air reconnaissance. luftahrtministerium.
Luftaufklarungsraum m air recon Luftfahrwesen n aeronautics.
naissance area. Luftfahrzeug n aircraft.
Luftaufsichtsdienst m flight control Luftfelddivision / air forces field
service (a branch of the Ger Air division (fighting as ground force
Ministry). with Army).
Luftausgleicher m pneumatic equili- Luftfilter in air filter.
brator (G). Luftflasche / compressed-air cylin
Luftbauamt n Air Ministry con der, oxygen flask.
struction office. Luftflotte / air force (a territorial
Luftbehalter m compressed-air tank and tactical command of the Luft
(Engr, MT); air chamber (counter- waffe).
recoil mechanism, vehicle brake). Luftflottenchef m air force com
Luftbehalter des Vorholers recupe mander. See also Luftflotte.
rator cylinder (G). Luftgau in air force administrative
Luftbeobachtung / air observation. command (administrative area of a
Luftbild n aerial photograph. Luftflotte).
Luftbildauswertung / interpretation Luftgaukommado n air force admin
of aerial photographs. istrative command headquarters. See
Luftbildentzerrung / rectification of also Luftgau, Luftflotte.
aerial photographs. Luftgegner m hostile aircraft.
Luftbildgerat n aircraft camera. luftgekiihlt air-cooled.
Luftbildkammer / aerial camera, Luftgeschwader n See Geschwader.
aircraft camera. Luftgewicht n density of the air.
Luftbildkarte / aerial mosaic; photo ballistisches Luftgewicht ballistic
graphic map. density.
Luftbildplan m photomap. Lufthafenbereichkommandantur /
Luftbildreihe / photographic strip. airdrome regional command (sub
Luftbildwesen n aerial photography. division of a Luftgau).
luftdicht airtight. Luftherrschaft / air supremacy,
Luftdichte / air density. mastery of the air, control of the
Luftdienstzulage / aviation pay, fly air.
ing pay. Lufthoheit / air sovereignty.
Luf tdraht m antenna wire, overhead Luftinfanterie / airborne infantry.
antenna. Luftkabel n overhead wire (Tp).
Luftdruck m air pressure (Mech); Luftkampf m air fighting, air at
atmospheric pressure (Met); blast tack.
(effect of explosion). Luftkampfgeschwader n bombard
Luftdruckbremse / air brake. ment wing. See also Geschwader.
Luftdruck-Fettpresse / grease gun. Luftkampfstoff m volatile chemical
Luftdruckgradient m pressure gra agent (as distinguished from Gelan-
dient (Met). dekampfstoff, ground contaminating
Luftdruckmesser m barometer. agent).
Luftdrucktur / blast baffle (Ft). Luftkampfiibung / air fighting or
Luftdruckwirkung / blast effect. air attack exercise.
Jjuftdiise / air jet (Mtr). Luftkarte / air map.
Luftklappenventil 115 Luftschutzordnungsdienst
Luftklappenventil n choke valve Luftreibung / air friction.
(carburetor). Luftreifen m pneumatic tire.
Luftkraft / aerodynamic force. Luftreiniger m air filter.
Luftkreis in air force service area. Luftsack m wind sock, wind sleeve,
Luftkreiskommando n air force serv wind cone (Avn); towed-sleeve
ice area headquarters. target (AAA practice); ballonet
Luftkrieg m air war, air warfare. (Bin).
Luftkriegfiihrung / air warfare. Luftsackmaul n air scoop (Bin).
Luftkriegsschule / officer candidate Luftsackventil n ballonet valve
school (Luftwaffe). (Bin).
Luftkiihlung / air cooling. Luftsaule / column of air (Met).
Luftlager n PW camp for air forces Luftscheibe / antiaircraft practice
personnel. target.
Luftlandegeschwader n glider wing- Luftschicht /' atmospheric layer
(strictly, a wing of transport air (Met).
planes for towing gliders). Luftschiff n airship.
Luftlandekette / glider flight (air Luftschlacht / air battle.
borne operations). See also Luft Luftschlauch m inner tube (MT).
landegeschwader. Luftschlitz m louver (Tk).
Luftlandestaffel / glider squadron Luftschraube / propeller (Ap). See
(airborne operations). See also Luft also Propeller.
landegeschwader. Luftschraubenblatt n propeller blade
Luftlandetruppen fpl air landing (Ap).
troops. Luftschraubendrehzahl / propeller
Luftleere / vacuum. rpm.
Luftleiter m antenna. Luftschraubenebene / plane of pro
Luftloch n air pocket (Avn). ' peller rotation (Ap).
Luftmacht / air power. Luftschraubenfliigel m propeller
Luftmarsch m "air march" (flight blade (Ap).
of airborne troops from departure Luftschraubenhaube / propeller
Adrm to destination). spinner (Ap).
Luftmeer n atmosphere. Luftschraubenkreis m propeller-disk
Luftmeldequadrat n grid square (for area (Ap).
reporting locations in air recon Luftschraubensteigungsmesser m pro
naissance). peller pitch indicator.
Luftmine / aerial mine. Luftschraubenstrahl m slipstream.
Luftnachrichten fpl signal communi
Luftschraubennabenstiick n propel
cation (Luftwaffe).
Luftnachrichtenabteilung / signal ler boss (Ap).
battalion (Luftwaffe). Luftschraubenverstellgerat n pitch-
Luftnachrichtenhelferin / woman control mechanism (propeller).
signal auxiliary (Luftwaffe). Luftschutz m air raid protection,
Luftnachrichtenkompanie / signal passive air defense (Civ defense).
company (Luftwaffe). Luftschutzabschnitt m civilian de
Luftnachrichtenstelle / signal center fense sector (air raid protection).
of an airdrome. Luftschutzbezirk m civilian defense
Luftnachrichtentruppe / signal com district (air raid protection).
munication troops (Luftwaffe). Luftschutzbrandspritze / stirrup
Luftnavigation / air navigation. pump.
Luftoffensive / air offensive. Luftschutzbund m See Reichsluft-
Luftparade / aerial review, aerial schutzbund.
pass in review. Luftschutzkeller m air raid shelter.
L'uftpersonalamt n See Luftwaffen- Luftschutzleiter m chief of air de
personalamt. fense (in a local defense council).
Luftpresser m air compressor. LuftschutzmaBnahmen fpl air raid
Luftraum m air area; air space; precautionary measures.
sky. Luftschutzordnungsdienst m civilian
Luftschutzpolizei 116 Luftwaffenverwaltungsamt
defense police service (air raid pro Lufttiichtigkeit / airworthiness.
tection) . Lufttiichtigkeitsschein m airworth
Luftschutzpolizei / civilian defense iness certificate.
police (air raid protection). Luftiiberlegenheit / air superiority.
Luftschutzraum m air raid shelter. Luftung / ventilation.
Luftschutzrevier n civilian defense Liiftungsrohr n ventilation shaft
zone (air raid protection). (Tk). .
Luftschutzsanitatsdienst m civilian Luftverankerung / overhead cable
defense medical service (air raid anchorage (Pan Bdg).
protection). Luftverdichter m air compressor.
Luftschutzsirene / air raid siren. Luftvergleichsziel n high-burst aux
Luftschutztruppen fpl civilian de iliary target (Arty).
fense troops (air raid protection). Luftverkehrslinie / civil airway.
Luftschutzturm in air raid tower. Luftversorgung / supply by air.
Luftschutziibung / air raid drill, Luftverteidigung / air defense, anti
practice alert. aircraft defense; air defense system.
Luftschutzveterinardienst m civilian Luftverteidigungsgebiet n special
defense veterinary service (air raid air defense command in vital areas.
protection). Luftvorholer m pneumatic recup
Luftschutzwarndienst m aircraft erator (G).
warning service (Civ defense). Luftwache / ground observer
Luftschutzwarnstelle / district warn (AWS); air sentinel, air guard.
ing center (AWS). Luftwaffe / German Air Forces.
Luftschutzwarnzentrale / control Luftwaffenbautruppe / aviation con
center (AWS). struction engineers.
Luftschutzwart m air raid warden. Luftwaffenbetriebskompanie / air
Luftschutzzentrale / See Luftschutz drome maintenance and service unit.
warnzentrale. Luftwaffen-Druckvorschrift / air
Luftsog m vacuum (resulting from forces manual (abbr. L.Dv.).
explosion). Luftwaffen-Felddivision / air forces
Luftspaher m ground observer field division (fighting as ground
(AWS); antiaircraft scout or look force with the Army).
out, air sentinel, air guard. Luftwaffenflak / air forces antiair
Luftspah- und Warndienst m air craft artillery (as distinguished
craft scout and warning service. from Army antiaircraft artillery).
Luftsperre / antiaircraft defenses Luftwaffengruppenkommando n air
(balloon barrage, fighter patrol, force headquarters of a Gruppe.
etc.). Luftwaffenhelfer m air forces order
Luftsperrgebiet n prohibited zone, ly (messenger or clerk of premili-
airspace reservation (Avn). tary age).
Luftsperrtruppen fpl barrage bal Luftwaffenhelferin / air forces wo
loon troops. man auxiliary.
Luftsprengpunkt m point of air Luftwaffen-Jager-Regiment n air
burst (Arty). forces rifle regiment.
Luftstorungen fpl atmospheric dis Luftwaffenkommando n air forces
turbances. headquarters.
Luftstofi m blast, concussion of air Luftwaffenpersonalamt n Air Forces
(resulting from an explosion). Personnel Office (a branch of the
Luftstreitkrafte fpl air forces. Ger Air Ministry).
Luftstrom m air current. Luftwaffenschiitzenregiment n air
Luftstromgerat n airplane chemical forces rifle regiment.
spray apparatus. Luftwaffen-Sturm-Bataillon n Air
Luftstiitzpunkt m air base. Forces assault battalion (air-land
lufttanken to refuel in flight. ing troops).
Lufttorpedo n aerial torpedo. Luftwaffenverordnungsblatt n Air
Lufttransport m air transport. Forces Regulations (a publication).
Lufttreffbild n air-burst pattern. Luftwaffenverwaltungsamt n Air
Luftwichte 117 Marinestation
Forces Administration Office (a Luke / door, hatch (Ap, Tk).
branch of the Ger Air Ministry). Lukendeckel m hatch cover (Tk).
Luftwichte / specific gravity of air. Lungengift n See Lungenreizstoff.
Luftwiderstand m air resistance Lungenreizstoff m lung irritant
(Ballistics, MT, etc.); drag (Avn). (CWS).
Luftzielapparat m azimuth instru Lunte / slow match (fuze lighter).
ment. Luv / weather side.
Luger 08 / German standard mili Luvwinkel m crab, angle of crab,
tary pistol. drift angle (Air Navigation).

Maat m petty officer, third class Mannschaftswagen m personnel car
(Nav). ' rier (MT).
Macht / power; country. Manover n maneuver.
Maderfelge / quick-detachable rim Manoverkartusche / blank cartridge.
(with side ring) (MT). Manovrierfahigkeit / maneuver
Magazin n storage depot; magazine. ability.
Magazinfeuer n automatic fire. Manovrierventil n maneuvering
Magazingehause n magazine hous valve (Bin).
ing (pistol). Mantel m overcoat (Clo); jacket
Magazinhaltehebel in magazine (MG, Am); casing (of a tire).
catch lever (MG). Mantelboden m jacket base (MG).
Magazinhalter m magazine holder Mantelkopf m jacket end cap (MG).
(MG); magazine catch (pistol). Mantelringrohr n built-up barrel
Magazinlager n magazine rack (G); jacketed barrel (MG).
(Ord). Marine / navy.
Magnesiumthermit n thermit filler Marineakademie / naval academy.
(incendiary bomb). Marineartillerie / naval coast artil
Magnetapparat m magneto (Mtr). lery.
Magnetisch-Nord m compass north, Marineartillerieabteilung / naval
magnetic north. coast artillery battalion.
Magnetkompali m magnetic compass. Marineartilleriemaat m petty officer,
Magnetmine / magnetic mine. third class, in naval coast artillery.
Magnetspule / solenoid (Elec). Marineattachc m naval attache.
Magnetziindapparat m magneto. Marinebaubataillon n naval con
Magnetziindung / magneto ignition. struction battalion.
Magnus-Effekt m Magnus effect (of Marine-Flak / naval antiaircraft ar
air rotation caused by projectile tillery.
spin). Marineflieger m naval aviator, naval
Major m major. pilot.
Mangan n manganese. Marineflugwesen n naval aviation.
Mannchen n whipstall (Avn). Marinelager n See Marlag.
Manneszucht / military discipline. Marineministerium n Admiralty of
Mannschaft / crew, team, party, the German Navy.
squad, "outfit." See also Mann- Marke / mark, index mark, reading
schaften. on range drum (Arty); label;
Mannschaften fpl enlisted personnel brand; stamp.
(up to and including Obergefreiter, Markenplatte / index plate (on aim
Cpl). ing circle or telescopic sight).
Mannschaftsentgiftungskraftwagen m Markenring m index ring (MG teles
decontamination truck for personnel. copic sight).
Mannschaftsstube / squad room. Marinestation / naval base.
MarinestoBtrupp 118 Maschinengewehrstand
MarinestoBtrupp m naval landing Marschleistung / march capacity,
party. march performance.
Marinewaffenamt n Bureau of Ord Marschlinie / line of march.
nance (Nav). "Marsch! Marsch!" "Double time,
Marinewerft / navy yard. march!"; "On the double!"
Markenstiick n line-up stud (on top Marschordnung / column of threes
gun carriage). (Inf drill); close order march for
Marketenderei / post exchange. mation; line of march.
Marketenderware / sales article (sold "In Marschordnung, angetreten!"
at PX). "In column of threes, fall in!"
Markscheidegerat n mine-surveying "Marschordnung!" "March order!"
set (Engr). (Arty).
Marlag n prisoner-of-war camp for Marschpause / march halt.
sailors (abbr. of Marinelager). Marschrast / march rest.
Marschabstand m distance between Marschsicherung / security on the
march units. march.
Marschallstab m baton. Marschskizze / strip map (MT).
Marschbataillon n personnel replace Marschstockung / road jam.
ment transfer battalion (conducting MarschstraBe / march route.
replacements from Wehrkreis to T Marschstrecke / march route, stretch
of Opns). or leg of a march.
Marschbef ehl m march order; official Marschtafel /* march table.
travel order. Marschtiefe / road space (march
Marschbereitschaft / march read column).
iness. Marschiibersicht / march schedule.
Marschbreite / width of march col Marschvorposten m march outpost.
umn. Marschweg m route of march.
Marschdecke / blanket. Marschzeit / time of march, time
marschfahig capable of walking, fit distance.
for marching. Marschziel n march objective, march
marschfahige Verwundete walking destination.
wounded, ambulant cases. Marschzucht / march discipline.
Marschfahigkeit / marching ability. Maschendraht m woven wire, wire
Marschfolge / order of march. netting, wire mesh.
Marschfiihlung / maintenance of Maschendrahtzaun m woven-wire
contact on the march. fence, woven-wire obstacle.
Marschfiihrer m control officer Maschine / motor, engine; machine;
(march column). airplane (colloquial).
Maschinenflak / antiaircraft auto
Marschgepack n full pack.
matic weapons.
Marschgeschwindigkeit / cruising Maschinengewehr n machine gun.
speed (Ap); rate of march. See also terms under MG.
Marschgliederung / march forma Maschinengewehrangriff m strafing
tion, organization of march. assault, strafing attack (Avn).
Marschgruppe / march group, march Maschinengewehr-Bedienung / ma
section, march unit. chine-gun crew.
Marschhalt m march halt. Maschinengewehrgarbe / sheaf of
Marschieren ohne Tritt route march, fire (MG).
route step. Maschinengewehrgruppe / machine-
Marschkolonne / march column, gun section.
route column. Maschinengewehr-Halbzug m ma
Marschkompanie / trained replace chine-gun squad.
ment company. Maschinengewehrschlitten m ma
Marschkompafi m prismatic compass. chine-gun sleigh mount.
Marschkontrollstelle / control point. Maschinengewehrschiitze m machine
Marschlange / road space (march gunner.
column). Maschinengewehrstand m machine-
Maschinengewehrsteuerung 119 Mehrlochduse
gun emplacement; machine gunner's Matrosengefreiter m seaman, second
station (Aft). class.
Maschinengewehrsteuerung / syn Matrosenhaupgefreiter m seaman,
chronization (Ap MG's). first class (highest rated, with 4%
Maschinengewehrtrupp m light MG years seniority).
team (of Inf squad). Matrosenobergefreiter m seaman,
Maschinengewehrzug m MG platoon. first class.
Maschinenkanone / automatic can Mattanstrich m lusterless paint.
non (Ap); automatic gun. Mattscheibe / ground-glass plate.
Maschinenkarabiner m automatic Mauer / stone, brick or concrete
rifle. wall.
Maschinenpistole / submachine gun. Maultier n mule.
Maschinensatz m generating unit, Maultierkolonne / mule train.
power unit. Maximaleffekt m maximum inten
Maschinenschlosser m mechanic. sity (sound locator). .
Maschinenschreiber m typist. M.-Blink n portable signal lamp
Maschinemvaffe / automatic weapon. (abbr. of mittleres Blinkgerat).
Maschinist m machinist (Nav). Mechaniker m mechanic.
Maske / mask, screen, camouflage mechanischer Ziinder mechanical
net, flat-top, overhead screen (Cam); fuze.
gas mask; oxygen mask. mechanisierter Verband mechanized
Maskenbrille / special type of eye unit.
glasses for wear under gas mask. mechanisiertes Fahrzeug armored
Maskenkorper m facepiece (gas combat vehicle.
mask). Mechanisierung / mechanization.
Maskenspanner m face form (to pre Medaille / medal.
vent gas-mask distortion). Meer n ocean, sea.
MaB n measure (of quantity, etc.). Meereskiiste / seacoast.
Masse / mass. Meeresspiegel m sea level.
Massenabwurf m salvo release Mehrachsantrieb m multi-axle drive.
(Bombing). Mehrachser m multi-axle vehicle.
Massenausgleich m counterbalance, Mehrbestand m surplus stock (i.e.
counterweight (Ap). above authorized basic allowance).
MassenbeschuB m concentrated fire. Mehrdecker m multiplane (Ap).
Masseneinsatz m commitment of ma mehrfach multiple; multiplex; com
jor forces, employment of major- bination.
forces (Tac). Mehrfachbetrieb m multiplex opera
TMassenfertigung / mass production. tion (Tp).
Massentaktik / grand tactics. Mehrfach-Reihenbildkammer / mul
Massenwirkung / mass effect (Tac). tiple lens camera (aerial Photo).
massieren to mass, concentrate; to Mehrfachsprechen n multiplex tele
massage. phony.
Massierung / mass, massing, line of Mehrfachziinder TO combination fuze
masses (Tac). (Am).
Maflnahme / measure; step; enact Mehrgitterrohre / multiple-grid tube,
ment. multielement tube (Rad).
Mafistab m scale; proportion. mehrgleisig multiple-tracked (RR).
maBstabgerecht according to scale. Mehrlader m magazine-fed rifle or
Mast m mast. carbine, clip-fed rifle or carbine.
Mastwurf m clove hitch. Mehrladevorrichtung / magazine
Materialfehler m defect of material. feeding device (R).
Materialsammelstelle / salvage mehrlaufige Fla-Waffe multiple-bar
dump. rel antiaircraft weapon.
Materialschlacht / battle of materiel. Mehrlauflafette / multiple-gun
Materialwirkung / effect of fire mount.
against material objects (Gunnery). Mehrlochduse / multiple-hole nozzle
Matrose m apprentice seaman; sailor. (Mtr).
mehrmotorig 120 Messing
mehrmotorig multiple-engine. Melder m messenger.
Mehrscheibenkupplung / multiple- Melderakete / message-carrying
disk clutch. rocket.
Mehrsitzer m multiseater airplane. Meldereiter m mounted messenger.
Mehrzweckfahrzeug n general-pur Melderose / orientation card
pose vehicle. (AWS); orientation clock (to indi
Mehrzweckflugzeug n general-pur cate target's direction of approach)
pose airplane. (AAA).
Mehrzweckgeschiitz n multipurpose Meldesammelstelle / message center.
gun. Meldestelle / control point (march
Meilenstein m milestone. column); local reporting office.
Meifiel m chisel. Meldetasche / dispatch case.
Meldeabwurf in message dropping. Meldeweg m message channel.
Meldeabwurfhiille / drop-message Meldung / message, report, dispatch.
bag. Membran / diaphragm.
Meldeabwurfstelle / message-drop Membranmaske / diaphragm gas
ping ground. mask.
Meldeblatt n message blank. Membranpumpe / diaphragm pump.
Meldeblock m message pad. mengenmafiig quantitative; volume
Meldebuch n field message book. tric.
Meldebiichse / message container Meridiankonvergenz / gisement, grid
(for dropping messages). declination (Surv).
Meldedienst m message communica Merkblatt n supplement (to a manu
tion service. al) ; instructional pamphlet or book
Meldefahrer m mounted messenger let.
(MT); dispatch rider, dispatch Merkzettel m data card, memo.
driver. Mefiband n surveyor's tape.
Meldefahrzeug n messenger vehicle. MeBbatterie / survey battery (Arty).
Meldeformular n message blank. Melibecher m dispenser, graduate.
Meldeganger m runner, messenger. MeBbildpaare npl stereoscopic com
Meldehund m messenger dog. plements (Photo Surv).
Meldehundfiihrer m messenger-dog MeBbildverf ahren n phototopography.
handler, messenger-dog guard. Meflbriicke / measuring bridge
Meldehundtrupp m dog-handler team circuit, Wheatstone bridge (Elec).
(for messenger dogs). Mefidreieck n plotting protractor
Meldekapsel / message-dropping (Arty).
container. Mefidreieckverfahren n plotting-pro-
Meldekarte / message blank. tractor method (protractor compen
Meldekopf m wire head (line con sates for position offset and deter
struction); advance message center. mines firing range on basis of
Meldelauf m message run (messen range-finder and aiming-circle
ger dog). data).
Meldelaufer m runner, messenger. MeBei n pressure gage (Arty).
melden to report. Mefieinheit / unit of measurement.
sich melden to report (to present Mefientfernung / slant range to
oneself); to register with the present position (at instant of range
police; to volunteer. determination) (AA gunnery).
sich krank melden to report sick, Messerflug m steep-bank flight.
to go on sick call. • Messerschalter in knife switch
sich freiwillig melden to volunteer, (Elec).
enlist, enroll. Meflflug m test flight (Avn).
Meldepatrone / ground signal car Meflgerat n range-finder; survey
tridge. equipment or instrument.
Meldepflicht / obligation to report MeBhb'he / altitude of target at
to, or register with, the police. instant of range determination (AA
Meldequadrat n grid square (for re gunnery).
porting locations). Messing n brass.
MeBkammer 121 Militarstrafgesetzbuch
MeBkammer / topographic-survey MG.-Mann m, machine gunner.
camera. MG.-Richtaufsatz m machine-gun
Mellkartusche / test cartridge; charge sight.
temperature cartridge (Arty). MG.-Richtkreis m machine-gun aim
MeBkette / surveyor's chain. ing circle.
MeBknopf m measuring knob (range MG.-Staffel / heavy machine-gun
finder). section (Cav).
MeBkreis m protractor arc (plotting MG.-Trager m machine-gun carrier.
protractor); azimuth circle (BC MG.-Wagen m machine-gun cart
telescope). (H-Dr).
MeBlatte / stadia rod (Surv). MG.-Warze / blister (Ap).
MeBleitung / measuring circuit (SR, MG.-Zieleinrichtung / machine-gun
FR). sighting mechanism.
MeBmann m range-finder operator. MG.-Zielfernrohr n machine-gun
MeBmarke / measuring mark (range telescopic sight.
finder). MG.-Zwilling m twin machine gun.
MeBpatrone / bore gage (SA). Mikrometerschraube / micrometer,
MeBpunkt m present position of micrometer calipers.
target (at instant of range determi Milag n See Militarlager.
nation) (AA gunnery). Milchglas n frosted glass.
MeBspiegel m reference mirror Militar n military, military forces,
(river-width measuring Inst). soldiery. See also terms under
MeBstab m stadia rod (Surv). Heer, Wehrmacht.
MeBstand m base end station Militararztliche Akademie army me
(AAA). dical school.
MeBstelle / ranging station (SR, Militarattachc m military attache.
FR). Militarausschufi m military commis
MeBtisch m plane table (Surv). sion.
MeBtischblatt n plane table sheet. Militarbefehlshaber m military com
MeBtrupp m survey team, flash or mander in occupied territory.
sound ranging team (Arty). Militarbehorde / military authorities.
MeBwalze / measuring knob (height Militarbevollmachtigter m military
finder). plenipotentiary.
MeBzentrale / flash central station, Militarbezirk m military district.
sound central station (FR, SR). Militarfriedhof m military cemetery.
MetallgefaB n metal container. Militargefangnis n military prison.
Metallgliedergurt in metallic-link Militargericht n military court, mili
ammunition belt (MG). tary tribunal.
Metallgliederkette / metallic-link Militargerichtsbarkeit / military
belt (MG). jurisdiction.
Metallsage / hacksaw. militarische Besetzung military oc
Meteorograph m aerometeorograph, cupation.
aerograph, meteorograph (Avn, militarische Formen military cour
Met). tesy.
Meteorologe m meteorologist. militarischer Auftrag military mis
Meterspur /' one-meter track gage sion.
(RR). militarischer Schriftverkehr military
Methyldichlorarsin n methyldichlor- correspondence.
arsine (CWS). militarisch raumen demilitarize.
Meuterei / mutiny. Militarkommission / military com
M.-Flak / automatic antiaircraft mission.
gun (abbr. of Flugabwehrmaschinen- Militarlager n prisoner of war camp
kanone). (abbr. Milag).
MG.-DreifuB m tripod (MG). Militarluftfahrt / military aviation.
MG.-Gerat n machine-gun materiel. Militarpfarrer m chaplain.
MG.-Gurt m machine-gun ammuni Militarstrafgesetzbuch n military
tion belt. penal code.
Militarverwaltung 122 Mitteneindruck
Militarverwaltung / military ad Minensuchboot n mine sweeper
ministration; military government. (Nav).
Militarverwaltungsbezirk m military Minensucher m mine sweeper (Nav).
subdistrict. Minensuchgerat n mine detector.
Miliz / militia. Minensuchstab m mine-probing rod.
Mindestnutzbreite / minimum useful Minensuchtrupp m mine-locating
width of roadway. detail.
Mine / mine. Minentonne / mine buoy.
Minenabweiser m paravane (Nav). Minentrichter m mine crater.
Minenanker mit Tiefensteller auto minenverseuchtes Gebiet mined area,
matic anchor (Nav). mine-infested area.
Minenanlage / demolition installa Minenwirkung / mining effect (Am).
tion (in a Bdg, etc.); mine system Minierdienst m mining service (tun
(mine warfare). neling).
Minenboje / mine buoy. Miniergerat n mining tools.
Minenbombe / aerial mine. Miniergut n spoil (mining).
Minenfahrzeug n mine layer, mine Mifibilligung / disapproval.
planter (Nav). mifilingen fail.
Minenfeld n mine field. mifiweisender Kurs magnetic head-
Minenflugzeug n mine-laying air • ing, magnetic course (Air Naviga
plane. tion).
Minengang m mine gallery. miflweisender Kurswinkel magnetic
MinengefaB n mine case (container). azimuth (Air Navigation).
Minenhund m miner's tramcar Mifiweisung / magnetic declination,
(Engr); remote-controlled explosive- magnetic variation, declination con
laden tank, "robot tank." stant, compass declination.
Minenkammer / demolition chamber Mithoreinrichtung / sidetone circuit
(Bdg, mine). (Rod, Tp).
Minenkampf m military mining, mine mithbren to listen in, to monitor
warfare. (Rad, Tp).
Minenkratze / grub hoe. Mithorstelle / intercept station.
Minenkrieg m military mining, mine Mitklingen n resonance (Rad).
warfare. Mitkoppeln n determining of course
Minenlegen n mine laying. or fix by dead reckoning (Avn).
Minenleger m mine layer, mine Mitlesen n interception (of visual
planter (Nav). signals).
Minenlegermotorboot n mine yawl Mitnehmer m translating lever
(Nav). (sight mechanism); lathe dog;
Minenlegerpanzerkampfwagen m catch; lifter; cam; lug.
mine-laying tank. Mitschuldiger m accomplice.
Minenraumboot m mine sweeper mitteilen inform.
Mitteilung / communication, mes
sage, information.
Minenraumer m mine sweeper Mittelbalken m center balk (Bdg).
(Nav). Mitteldecker m midwing monoplane.
Minenraumpanzer m mine-clearance Mittelhand / barrel (horse).
tank. Mittelpferde npl swing team.
Minenraumung / mine sweeping; Mittelpfropfen m tompion (G).
mine clearance. Mittelrohrrahmen m tubular-center
Minenrohr n borehole. chassis (MT).
Minenschacht m mine shaft. Mittelspiegel m a colored center
Minenschleppen n mine dragging strip between the halves of the
(Nav). Kragenlitze (Clo).
Minensperre / mine field, mine ob MitteltroB m second echelon supply
stacle; submarine mine field (Nav); train (behind the GefechtstroQ).
mine defense (Tac). Mitteneindruck m binaural balance
JVIinenstollen m gallery, tunnel, (sound locating).
mittlere Flugbahn 123 Mundpfropfen
mittlere Flugbahn mean trajectory. Motorenkiihlung / engine cooling.
mittlerer Fehler average error, Motorenliiftung f engine ventilation,
mean error. engine louvers (Tk).
mittlerer Panzerkampfwagen me Motorenraum m engine compart
dium tank. ment (Tk).
mittlerer Sprengpunkt center of Motorgleiter m powered glider.
burst. Motorgondel / engine nacelle (Ap).
mittlerer Treffpunkt center of im Motorhaube / engine cowling (Ap);
pact, center of dispersion. hood (MT).
mittlere Sonnenzeit mean solar time. motorisiert motorized; mechanized;
Mitwirkung / cooperation. . mobile.
mobil mobilized. motorisierte Kavallerie mechanized
mobil machen to mobilize. cavalry.
Mobilmachung / mobilization. Motorpanne / engine failure.
Mobilmachungsbestimmungen fpl mo Motorponton m ponton with out
bilization regulations. board motor.
Mobilmachungsplan m mobilization Motorrad n See Kraftrad.
plan. Motorregler m engine governor.
Modell n model, type, pattern. Motorsage / power saw.
Modelung / modulation (Rad, Tp). Motorschaden m engine damage,
modulierte Welle modulated wave. engine trouble.
Moment m moment, instant. Motorschlitten m, motor sled, aero-
Moment n factor, element. sled.
Momentstrom m instantaneous cur Motorschnellboot n motor torpedo
rent (Elec). boat, PT boat.
Montage / assembly, erection, Motorsegler m powered glider.
mounting, installation. • Motorstorung / engine trouble.
Montagehalle / assembly shop. Motortorpedoboot « motor torpedo
Montageluke / inspection hatch boat, PT boat.
(Tk). Motorverkleidung / engine cowling
Montageplatte / chassis panel (Ap).
(Rad). Motorverschalung / See Motorver
Montagewerk n assembly plant. kleidung.
Monteur m mechanic, assembler. Motorwelle f engine crankshaft.
montieren to assemble, make up, m.Pak / medium antitank gun.
erect, mount. M.Patrone / ground signal cartridge
Montierhebel m tire tool. (abbr. of Meldepatrone).
Moor n bog, marsh, moor. Mlicken n flinching (SA firing).
Morast m bog. Mildigkeit / fatigue.
Morgenkost / breakfast, morning Mudrasteg m a type of portable
meal. hasty footbridge.
Morsealphabet n Morse code. Muffe / threaded sleeve (for pipe
Morsen n transmitting by Morse connections).
code. Miihle / mill.
Morser m howitzer (caliber 210 mm
Mulde f pit, hole; depression, hollow.
and larger).
Morsespruch m telegraph message. Muldenlinie / centerlme of depres
Morsetaste / telegraph key. sion (Top).
Morsezeichen n Morse code charac miindlich oral.
ter. Mundloch n adapter opening (Am).
Motor in engine, motor. Mundlochfries m muzzle bell, muzzle
Motorblock m cylinder block (Mtr). swell (G).
Motorbremse / engine brake (MT). Mundlochgewinde n adapter thread
Motordrehmoment n engine torque. (Am).
Motordrehzahl / engine rpm. Mundlochschraube / adapter plug
Motoren-Instandsetzung / engine re (Am).
pair. Mundpfropfen m tompion (G).
Mundschicht 124 Musikkorps
Mundschicht / chemical layer (gas Munitionslager n ammunition dump,
mask). ammunition depot.
Mundstiick n mouthpiece (harness). Munitionslager in Geschiitznahe ready
Miindung / muzzle (Ord); mouth, magazine (Arty).
outlet (of a river): Munitionsloch n ammunition pit.
Miindungsarbeit / kinetic energy at Munitionsmangel m ammunition
the muzzle. shortage.
Miindungsbremse / muzzle brake Munitionsnachschub m ammunition
(G). . supply.
Miindungsdeckel m muzzle cover. Munitionsnische / ammunition niche,
Miindungsenergie / kinetic energy at hasty ammunition shelter (Ft).
the muzzle. Munitionsschlepper m ammunition
Miindungsfeuer n muzzle flash. prime mover (MT).
Miindungsfeuerdampfer m flash Munitionsschuppen m ammunition
hider. storage shed.
Miindungsgasdruck m muzzle gas Munitionsschiitze m ammunition
pressure. bearer, ammunition carrier.
Miindungsgeschwindigkeit / muzzle Munitionsstaffel / ammunition sec
velocity. tion (of firing Btry, Tk Bn, etc.).
Miindungskappe / tompion, muzzle Munitions-Staffelfiihrer m ammuni
cover (G). tion supply officer.
Miindungsknall m report produced Munitionsstapelplatz m ammunition
by gun or muzzle wave (SR). dump.
Miindungspfropfen m tompion (G). Munitionstrager m ammunition
Miindungsrauch m muzzle-blast bearer, ammunition carrier.
smoke. Munitionstrommel / ammunition
Miindungsschoner m muzzle cover drum.
(R). Munitionstrupp m ammunition detail.
Miindungswaagerechte / base of the Munitionsumschlagstelle / ammuni
trajectory- tion supply point.
Miindungswucht / kinetic energy at Munitionsunteroffizier m chief of
the muzzle. ammunition (NCO, Arty).
Munition / ammunition. Munitionsverbrauch m expenditure
Munitionieren n loading (Ap wea/p-, of ammunition.
ons). Munitionsvergeudung / waste of am
Munitionsart / grade of ammunition. munition.
Munitionsaufzug m shell hoist. Munitionsverteilungsstelle / ammu
Munitionsausgabestelle / ammuni nition distributing point.
tion distributing point. Munitionsvenvaltung / ammunition
Munitionsausstattung / issue of am administrative office (Div and up).
munition. Munitionsverwaltungskompanie / am
Munitionsbestand m stock of ammu munition administration company.
nition. Munitionswagen m caisson, ammuni
Munitionseinsatz m commitment or tion wagon, ammunition trailer, am
employment of ammunition. munition carrier (H-Dr).
Munitionsersatz m resupply of am Munitionswesen n ammunition sup
munition. ply service.
Munitionsfahrzeug n ammunition Munitionszug m ammunition train
carrier (vehicle). (RR).
Munitionskammer / ammunition Munitionszugmaschine / ammunition
sponson (Tk); ammunition 'storage prime mover (MT).
chamber, magazine. miirbe softened up, worn out, de
Munitionskarren m loading barrow; moralized.
ammunition carrier (H-Dr). M- u. R.-Patronen fpl signal and
Munitionskasten m ammunition box. smoke cartridges (abbr. of Melde-
Munitionskoionne / ammunition und Rauchpatronen).
train, ammunition column. Musikkorps n military band.
Musikmeister 125 Nachrichtenquerverbindung
Musikmeister m bandmaster (2nd Mutter / nut (Tech).
Lt). Mutterkompafi m master compass
Muster n model, type, pattern. (Avn).
Musterung / registration for the Muttermal n birthmark.
draft (includes physical examina Mutterrohr n gun tube designed to
tion and tentative classification). receive a liner.
Musterungsbezirk in draft subdis- Mutterschiff n tender (Nav).
trict (subdivision of Wehrmeldebe- Mutterschliissel m wrench.
zirk). Mutteruhr / master watch.
Musterungsstab m registration staff Miitze / cap, hat.
(for the draft). Miitzenkordel / hat cord.

Nabe / hub. Nachrichtenfahrzeug n signal ve
Nachbar m adjacent unit (Tac); hicle.
neighbor. Nachrichtenf iihrer m signal officer of
Nachbartruppen fpl adjacent troops. a Fliegerkorps (in Comd of a
Nachbildung / mock-up, model, Luftnachrichtenregiment).
dummy. Hoherer Nachrichtenfuhrer signal
nachbrennen to hang fire (Am). officer at a Luftflotte headquarters.
Nachbrenner m hangfire (Am). Nachrichtengerat n signal equip
Nachdrangen n direct pressure in ment, signal supplies.
pursuit (Tac). Nachrichtengeratkarren m signal-
Nachhinken n hysteresis (Meek). equipment cart.
Nachhut / rear guard. Nachrichtengeriitpark m signal-sup
Nachlassigkeit / negligence. ply dump.
Nachlauf m positive caster (MT). Nachrichtenhelferin / signal-com
"Nach links, richt Euch!" "Dress munication woman auxiliary.
left, dress!" Nachriehtenkolonne / signal-supply
Nachpriifung / verification. column.
Nachricht / information, intelligence, Nachrichtenkompanie / signal com
news, message. pany.
Nachrichten fpl information, intel Nachrichtenkopf m wire head, ad
ligence, signal communication. vance message center.
Nachrichtenabteilung / signal bat Nachrichtenkraftfahrzeug n signal
talion. motor vehicle.
Nachrichtenachse / axis of signal Nachrichtenmaid / woman signal
communication. auxiliary of the S3.
Nachrichtenaufklarung / signal in Nachrichtenmann m signal commu
telligence. nication man.
Nachrichtenbeschaffung / procure Nachrichtenmittel n means of signal
ment of information, intelligence. communication.
Nachrichtenbeurteilung / evaluation Nachrichtennetz n communication
of information. net.
Nachrichtenblatt n bulletin (publica Nachrichtenoffizier m signal officer,
tion). communication officer, intelligence
Nachrichtendienst m military intel officer.
ligence service, intelligence service; Nachrichtenpark m signal-supply
news service (Rad). depot.
Nachrichteneinsatz m commitment .Nachrichtenquerverbindung / liaison
or employment of signal units. communication.
Nachrichtensammelstelle 126 Nachtjagdgeschwader
Nachrichtensammelstelle / signal Nachschublager n supply depot, sup
intelligence center. ply dump.
Nachrichtenstaffel / communication Nachschublinie / supply line.
section (Bn, Btry, etc.). Nachschubmittel n means of supply
Nachrichtenstelle / message center, movement. ,
signal center. Nachschuboffizier m supply officer.
Nachrichtentrupp m communication Nachschub-Panzerkampfwagen m ar
detail. mored supply and maintenance ve
Nachrichtentruppe / Signal Corps. hicle.
Nachrichtentruppen fpl signal troops. Nachschubpark in supply dump, sup
Nachrichteniibermittlung / transmis ply depot.
sion of communications. Nachschubsammelgebiet n railhead
Nachrichtenverband m signal unit. service area.
Nachrichtenverbindung / signal com Nachschubstab z.b.V. special supply
munication. staff.
Nachrichtenverkehr m signal com NachschubstraBe / supply route, line
munication traffic. of supply, line of communication.
Nachrichtenwagen m signal wagon, Nachschubstiitzpuhkt m supply base.
signal truck. Nachschubtrupp in supply party,
Nachrichtenwege mpl signal com supply detail.
munication channels. Nachschubtruppen fpl supply troops,
Nachrichtenwerkstattkraftwagen m supply units.
signal repair truck. Nachschubiibung / supply service ex
Nachrichtenwesen n signal commu ercise.
nications. Nachschubumschlagstelle / supply
Nachrichtenzentrale / signal center, point.
message center. Nachschubverkehr m supply traffic,
Nachrichtenzug in signal communi movement of supplies.
cation platoon. Nachschubverteilungsstelle / supply
Nachsatteln n readjustment of distributing point.
saddle. Nachschubweg m supply road, sup
Nachschub m supply. ply route.
Nachschubabwurf m dropping of Nachschubwesen n supply services.
supplies from aircraft. Nachschubzug m supply train (RR).
Nachschubausgabestelle / supply Nachsicherung / additional security
point. (Tac).
Nachschubbataillon n supply bat Nachspitze / rear point (march
talion. column).
Nachschubboot n supply boat. Nachspitzenkompanie / rear party
Nachschubdienst m supply service. (in rear guard of large unit).
Nachschubdienststelle / supply serv nachstellen .to readjust; to pursue.
Nachstrom m slipstream (Avn).
ice headquarters, office of supply Nachtangriff m night attack, night
Nachschubfahrzeug n supply vehicle. nachtanken refuel.
Nachschubfiihrer m chief of supply Nachtaufklarung / night reconnais
services (Div, corps, army). sance.
Nachschubgeleit n supply convoy Nachtbefeuerung / night beacon
(Nav). lighting (along a flight route or air
Nachschubgut n supply, supplies. way); lighting facilities for landing
Nachschubkolonne / supply column, at night (Adrm).
supply train. Nachtgefecht n night combat.
Nachschubkolonnenabteilung / sup Nachtglas n night glasses.
ply column battalion. Nachtjagd / night fighting, pursuit
Nachschubkompanie / supply comp- operations at night (Avn).
pany. Nachtjagdgeschwader n wing of
Nachschublage / supply situation. night fighters (Avn).
Nachtjagdgruppe 127 Narvikschild
Nachtjagdgruppe / night fighter Nahaufklarungsgruppe / close recon
group (Avn). naissance airplane group (attached
Nachtjagdschule / night fighter to ground forces).
school (Avn), Nahbeobachtung / local observation.
Nachtjager m night fighter (Avn). Naherkunder m close reconnaissance
Nachtjagergeschwader n wing of airplane, observation airplane.
night fighters (Avn). nahern to approach, close in.
Nachtkampfflugzeug n night bomber. Nahkampf m close combat.
Nachtluftkampf m night fighting Nahkampfartillerie / close support
(Avn). artillery.
Nachtmarsch m night march. Nahkampfer m close-combat fighter.
nachtraglich supplementary. Nahkampffliegerverband m formation
Nachtrupp m rear guard support of close support airplanes.
(in rear guard of large unit); rear Nahkampffiihrer m commander of a
party (in rear guard of smaller Nahkampfgruppe (Luftwaffe).
unit). Nahkampfgruppe / close support
NachtschieBen n night firing. airplane group (attached to ground
Nachtunternehmung / night opera forces).
tion. Nahkampfmittel n close-combat mu
Nachurlaub m extension of leave. nitions or weapons.
Nachweis m proof, evidence; inven Nahkampfspange / close combat
tory; list; record. clasp (decoration).
Nachweisung / list, account, record; Nahkampfwaffe / close combat
strength report, stock report. weapon.
Nachziigler m straggler. Nahkampfweite / close range, close-
Nachziindung / retarded ignition. combat range.
Nackenband- n neck strap (gas NahkompaB m direct-reading com
mask). pass.
Nackenriemen in neck strap Nah-Packgefafi n unit container (as
(harness). distinguished from a bulk con
Nadel / needle; firing pin (fuze). tainer).
Nadelabweichung / magnetic decli nahren to feed; to reinforce.
nation. Nahrung / nourishment, food.
Nadellager n needle bearing (MT). Nahsicherung / close-in security,
Nadelschwankungen fpl oscillations close-in protection.
of compass needle. Naht / seam; boundary between
Nadelstiick n firing pin support units (Tac).
(fuze). Nahtkompanie / contact company
Nadelverfahren n compass method (occupying a boundary position be
(of laying guns). tween two units).
Nadelwald m coniferous forest, coni Nahtreffer m near miss.
ferous wood." Nahtstelle / boundary position (be
Nadelwehr n needle dam (Engr). tween units).
Nadelzahl / magnetic azimuth, azi Nahunterstiitzung / close support.
muth reading. Nahverkehr m local traffic, short-
Nafii m See Nachrichtenfiihrer. range traffic.
Nahabwehr / close defense. Nahverteidigung / close defense.
Nahaufklarer m close reconnaissance Nahwerfer m short-range flame
airplane. thrower.
Nahaufklarerstaffel / close recon Nahzeug n sewing kit.
naissance squadron (Avn). Nalfagtafel / chart showing chem
Nahaufklarung / local reconnais ical warfare agents and their pro
sance, close reconnaissance. perties (Tng).
Nahaufklarungsflugzeug n close-re Narbe / scar.
connaissance airplane, observation ' Narvikschild m Narvik Shield (em
airplane. blem on upper left sleeve, worn by
Nase 128 Nebelwurfgranate
all participants in reconquest of Nebelentwicklung / generation of
Narvik, 1940). smoke.
Nase / nose; stud; cap; lug. Nebelgebiet n fog area (Met).
Nasenklammer / nose clamp (gas Nebelgerat n chemical tank, smoke
mask). tank (for Cml spraying).
Nasenleiste / leading edge (Ap Nebelgeschofi n smoke projectile.
wing;. Nebelgewehrgranate / smoke rifle
Nasenrachenreizstoff m nose and grenade.
throat irritant, sternutato.r (CWS). Nebelgranate / smoke shell (Am).
Nasenriemen m noseband (harness). Nebelhandgranate / smoke hand
Nasen- und Rachenreizstoff m See grenade.
Nasenrachenreizstoff. Nebelkasten m box-type smoke con
NaBbrandpulver n black powder. tainer (CWS).
Nationals n personal data (birth, oc Nebelkerze / smoke candle.
cupation, etc.). Nebelkraftvvagen m smoke equipment
Nationalsozialistisches Fliegerkorps truck.
Nazi party aviation corps (abbr. Nebelmittel n smoke agent, smoke
N.S.F.K.). equipment.
Nationalsozialistisches Kraftfahrkorps Nebelmunition / smoke munitions.
Nazi party motor corps (abbr. Nebelpanzerkampfwagen m smoke
N.S.K.K.). screen tank.
Natrium n sodium. Nebelpatrone / smoke cartridge.
Natriumhypochlorit n sodium hypo- Nebelsaure / FS solution, sulfur
chlorite. trioxide-chlorsulfonic acid solution
Natriumkarbonat n washing soda. (CWS).
Natriumsulfid n sodium sulfide. NebelschieBen n smoke-shell firing
Natriumsulflt n sodium sulfite. (Arty).
Natur / nature. Nebelschleier m smoke screen.
in Natur in kind (rations, Clo, Nebelstoff m smoke agent, screening
etc.). agent (CWS).
Naturalleistungsgesetz n requisition Nebeltopf m smoke pot (CWS).
law. Nebeltornister m pack smoke ap
Naturalverpflegung / rations in kind. paratus (CWS).
Naturgummi m See Nebeltrommel / drum-type smoke
Natjurkautschuk in natural rubber. container (CWS).
natiirliche Deckung accidental cover. Nebeltrupp m smoke party.
Naturschutzgebiet n national park. Nebeltruppen fpl chemical troops,
Nautiker in navigator. smoke-generator units.
Nebeliibung / smoke-screening ex
Navigationsfunkfeuer n radio mark
er beacon (Air Navigation).
Nebelwalze / creeping barrage of
Navigationskarte / navigation chart smoke-shell fire (Arty}; progressive
or map. smoke screening.
Nebel m smoke (CWS); fog, mist, Nebehvand / smoke curtain, smoke
haze, vapor. screen.
Nebelabblasen n release of smoke Nebelwerfer m chemical projector
(CWS). (smoke shell); smoke-shell mortar;
Nebelabblasgerat n smoke-filled rocket launcher, rocket mortar.
chemical cylinder (CWS). (Note: Nebelwerfer 41 is a six-tube
Nebelabteilung / smoke-producing rocket launcher for HE rockets).
unit (CWS). Nebelwerferabteilung / smoke bat
Nebelausdehnung / smoke coverage. talion, chemical battalion.
Nebelbombe / smoke bomb. Nebelwerferregiment n smoke regi
Nebeldecke / smoke blanket, smoke ment, chemical regiment.
screen. Nebelwolke / smoke cloud (CWS).
Nebeleinsatz m employment of Nebelwurfsranate / mortar smoke
smoke. shell.
Nebelzerstauber 129 niederkampfen
Nebelzerstauber m smoke spray Nennhohe / rated altitude.
(smoke-filled Cml cylinder with Nennleistung / rated horsepower.
spray nozzle). Nest n nest; emplacement; position
Nebelzone / smoke-screened area. consisting of a group of foxholes
Nebelziindmittel n smoke-container with shallow connecting trenches.
firing device. Netz n net, network; grid; wiring
Nebenabschnitt m adjacent sector. system; power system.
Nebenabsicht / secondary objective. Netzanschlufigerat n power-line
Nebenangriff m holding attack, sec operated radio set (as distinguished
ondary attack, secondary effort from battery-operated or local
(Tae). power-supply set); power-supply
NebenanschluB m local station, ex unit, power pack (Rad).
tension (Tp). Netzleger m net-laying vessel.
NebenanschluBleitung / local-circuit Netzsperre / list obstacle, net-de
line, extension line (Tp). fense obstacle (coastal defense).
Nebeneinanderschaltung / parallel Netztransformator m power trans
connection (Elec). former (Rad).
Nebenfarbe / secondary service color Netzverkehr m "net" traffic (in
(as distinguished from the basic cludes several radio stations com
service color, Waffenfarbe). municating at will on tlie frequency
Nebengeriiusche npl ambient noise of their called stations).
(sound locating). Neuaufstellang / reorganization,
Nebengleis n side track, siding new organization; reorganized or
(RR). newly activated unit.
Nebenkolonne / adjacent column, Neubearbeitung / revision.
secondary column. neu einrichten re-lay (Gunnery); re
Nebenlager n branch camp (PW). adjust.
Nebenluft / secondary air (Mtr). Neugrad m l/400th of a circle
Nebenmann m man on the left or (equals 16 artillery mils, as distin
right (Drill). guished from Grad, degree, l/360th
Nebenoperationen fpl secondary of a circle).
operations (Tac). Neugradteilung / centesimal gradua
NebenschluR m shunt (Elec). tion. See Neugrad.
Nebenschlufimotor m shunt motor neutrale Nachrichtenverbiinde neu
(Elec). tral communication units (maneu
Nebenstachel m front sight (AT vers).
gun). neutrale Truppen neutral troops
Nebenstelle / local station (Tp). (maneuvers).
Nebenstrafie / side street, side road; neutrale Zone taxiway (Adrm).
secondary road, auxiliary road. neutralisieren to neutralize.
Nebenstromkreis m shunt circuit Neutralitiit / neutrality.
(Elec). nichtbrisanter Sprengstoff low ex
Nebsttreffer m near miss. plosive.
nehmen to take. Nichtkampfer m noncombatant.
aus der Flanke nehmen to attack Nickelsammler m nickel-alkaline cell
on the flank. (Elec).
unter Feuer nehmen to shell, to Niederdruckreifen m low-pressure
fire on. tire (MT).
Nehmestaat m detaining power Niedcrfrequenz / low frequency,
(PW). audio-frequency (Rad).
nehmestaatliche Behorde detaining Niederfrequenzverstarker m audio
authority (PW). frequency amplifier (Rad).
Neigung / inclination, slope. niederhalten to neutralize, immobil
Neigungsmesser m clinometer ize, hold down.
(Surv, Gunnery); flight indicator, Niederhaltungsschiefien n neutrali
inclinometer (Ap). zation fire (Arty).
Neigungswinkel m angle of slope. niederkampfen reduce, overpower,
Niederkampfung 130 NSKK.-Transportregiment
put out of action (Tac); to silence Normalkette / standard caterpillar
(enemy fire). track.
Niederkampfung / reduction, des Normalnull / mean sea level (abbr.
truction, putting out of action NN).
(Tac); covering with destruction Normalraupe / standard caterpillar
fire (Arty). track.
Niederlage / defeat, reverse. Normalspur / standard gage (RR).
niedermachen kill, slaughter. Normalstellung / zero position
niedermetzeln to massacre, slaugh (Arty).
ter. Normalvisier stellen to zero a gun
Niederschlage mpl precipitation sight.
(Met). normen standardize.
Niederspannung / low voltage Normteil m standard part.
(Elec). Normung / standardization.
Niederung / low country, depression, Not / emergency.
low ground. Notabwurf m emergency salvo re
Niedrigantenne / low antenna. lease (Bombing).
Notbeleuchtung / emergency illumi
Niemandsland n no man's land.
Nieseln n drizzle (Met). Notbremse / emergency brake.
Niesgas n sneeze gas (CWS). Notfall m emergency.
Niet m riveted joint, riveted as Notfeuer n barrage, normal barrage
sembly, riveted seam. (now called Sperrfeuer).
Niete / rivet. Nothilfe / See Technische Nothilfe.
nieten to rivet. notigen compel.
Niethammer m riveter (tool). Notlandehafen m emergency landing
Nietung / riveting. field.
Nippel / nipple (Tech). notlanden make an emergency land
Nitrierung / nitration (Am). ing, make a forced landing (Avn).
Nitroglyzerin n nitroglycerin. Notlandeplatz m emergency landing
Nitroglyzerin-Blattchenpulver n ni- field.
• troglycerin flake powder. Notlandung / emergency landing,
nitroglyzerinhaltiges Nitrozellulose- forced landing (Avn),
pulver double base powder (Am). Notleitung / emergency line (Tp).
Nitroglyzerinpulver n nitroglycerin Notpiste / emergency trail or path.
powder. Notruf m emergency call (Tp).
Nitrozellulose / nitrocellulose, pyro- Notsender m emergency radio trans
cellulose. mitter (floatable rescue set).
Nitrozellulose-Blattchenpulver n ni Notsignal n distress signal, SOS.
trocellulose flake powder. Notverbandpackchen n first-aid
Nitrozellulosepulver n blank fire packet, first-aid dressing. v
powder, E.G. powder, E.G. smokeless Notverbandtasche, / first-aid pouch.
powder, E.G. blank fire (SA Am). Notvisier n direct-fire sight (Ord).
Nivellementspunkt m bench mark. notwassern to make an emergency
Nivellierinstrument n surveyor's landing on water, to "ditch" (an
level. Ap).
Nivellierlibelle / sighting level Notwasserung / emergency landing
(plane table). on water, "ditching" (Avn).
Nocken m cam (also spelled die Notwehr / self-defense.
Nocke). Notwurf m emergency salvo release
Nockenwelle / camshaft. (Bombing).
Nonius m vernier. Notzeichen n distress signal, SOS.
Norden m north. Notzug m emergency release handle
Norm / standard (Tech). (Ap).
Normalbelastung / normal load, NSKK.-Mann m private in the Nazi
standard load. party motor corps.
Normalfluglage / level flight (Avn). NSKK.-Transportregiment n trans-
Null 131 Oberkanonier
portation regiment of the Nazi party Nurfliigelflugzeug n all-wing air
motor corps. plane, "flying wing."
Null / zero. Niistern fpl nostrils.
auf Null stellen to zero (an Inst, Nute / groove, slot, keyway (also
scale, etc.), spelled der Nut).
Nullpunkt m zero, freezing point; Nutzarbeit / useful work, brake
• zero point, aiming point, directing horsepower.
point, point of origin (Arty, Surv). Nutzfahrzeug n commercial vehicle
Nullstellung / zero position (of an
Inst, scale, etc.); neutral position,
zeroing. Nutzfrequenz / desired frequency
Nullzeit / zero hour. (Rad).
Nummer / number. Nutzlast / useful load, pay load.
Nummerscheibe / dial (Tp). Nutzleistung / net horsepower.
Nummerscheibenkastchen n dial box Nutzwiderstand m useful resistance
(field Tp), (Elec).

OB-Betrieb m local-battery operation Oberfeldarzt Wi lieutenant colonel
(Tp) (abbr of Ortsbattsriebetrieb). (Med).
Oberarbeitsfiihrer in major (Reich Oberfeldkommandantur / military
Labor Service). government area headquarters
Oberarzt m first lieutenant (Med). (under commander of army group,
Oberbau m permanent way, top of in a T of Opns; under general com
roadbed (RR). manding officer in charge of Mil
Oberbaustab m superior construc Adin, in occupied territories).
tion staff (equivalent in status to a Oberfeldmeister m master sergeant
brigade staff). (Reich Labor Service).
Oberbefehl TO high command (func Oberfeldveterinar m lieutenant
tion). colonel (Vet).
Oberbefehlshaber m. commander in Oberfeldwebel m master sergeant.
chief, commander. See also Oberster Oberfeldzeugstab m higher ordnance
Befehlshaber. staff.
Oberfeuerwerker m master sergeant
Oberbefehlshaber des Heeres Com-
mander-in-Chief of the Army. Oberflache / surface (outside or top).
Oberbefehlshaber einer Gruppe army Oberfunker m radioman (Pvt 1st
group commander. class).
Oberbeschlagmeister m horseshoer Oberfunkmeister m radioman (mas
(master Sgt). ter Sgt).
Oberbrieftaubenmeister m pigeoneer Obergef reiter m corporal.
(master Sgt). Obergeneralarbeitsfiihrer m major
obere Fiihrung higher command general (Reich Labor Service).
(Div and up); higher command Obergrenadier in private first class
echelon. (Inf).
Oberfahnrich m master sergeant Obergurt m top chord (truss); sur
(officer candidate). cingle (harness).
Oberfahnrich der Flieger aviation Oberjager m private first class
cadet (with rank of 'master Sgt). (mountain Inf).
Oberfahrer m private first class (H- Oberkanonier m private first class
Dr T). (Arty).
Oberkommandierender 132 Offizierskasino
Oberkommandierender m cornmander- Oberstarzt m colonel (Med).
in-chief. See Oberster Befehlshaber. Oberster Befehlshaber der Wehrmacht
Oberkommando n high command Commander-in-Chief of the Armed
(agency and function). Forces.
Oberkommando der Kriegsmarine , oberster Schiedsrichter director
High Command of the Navy (abbr. (maneuvers).
OKM). Oberstfeldmeister m lieutenant
Oberkommando der Luftwaffe High (Reich Labor Service).
Command of the Air Forces (abbr. Oberstintendant m civilian official in
OKL). administrative services ranking as
Oberkommando der Wehrmacht High colonel.
Command of the Armed Forces Oberstleutnant m lieutenant colonel.
(abbr. OKW). oberstrom upstream.
Oberkommando des Heeres Army Oberstveterinar m colonel (Vet).
High Command (abbr. OKH). Obertruppfiihrer m sergeant (Reich
Oberkraftfahrer m private first class Labor Service).
(MT). Oberveterinar m first lieutenant
Oberlafette / top carriage (G). (Vet).
Oberleutnant m first lieutenant. Obervormann m chief foreman
Oberleutnant zur See lieutenant (Reich Labor Service)
junior grade (Nav). Oberwachtmeister m master ser
Oberpanzergrenadier m armored in geant (Arty, Cav).
fantry rifleman (Pvt 1st class). Oberzahlmeister m paymaster of
Oberpionier in private first class ficial (Wehrmachtbeamter ranking
(Engr). as 1st Lt). See also Zahlmeister.
Oberquartiermeister m Deputy Objektschutz m air defense of fixed
Chief of the General Staff (at Ober installations.
kommando des Heeres; known as OB-System n local-battery system
Oberquartiermeister I, Operations; (Tp) (abbr. for Ortsbatterie-
Oberquartiermeister II, Training; system).
Oberquartiermeister III, Organiza Ofen m heater, oven, stove.
tion; Oberquartiermeister IV, Intel Ofenrohr n stovepipe; "bazooka"
ligence; Oberquartiermeister V, His (slang term for Raketenpanzer-
torical); general staff officer at Hq biichse, rocket launcher).
of an army (in charge of supply of fen exposed (Tac); in clear (Sig
and Adm). Com); open, frank.
Oberreiter m private first class offene Flanke open flank (Tac).
(Cav). offener Fliigel exposed wing (Tac).
Oberring m upper band (R). offener Funkspruch radio message in
Oberringfeder / upper-band spring clear.
(R). offene Stellung exposed position
Oberschenkel m thigh. (Tac).
Oberschiedsrichter m assistant Offensive / offensive (Tac).
director (maneuvers). offensive Verteidigung offensive de
Oberschild m upper shield (G). fense.
Oberschirrmeister m master ser Offizier m officer.
geant (maintenance). OfBzierbewerber m officer aspirant.
Oberschutze m private first class Offizier des Beurlaubtenstandes re
(Inf rifleman). serve officer.
Oberschwester / chief nurse. ^ Offizierheim n officers' mess, officers'
Oberschwingungsfrequenz / har club.
monic frequency (Rad). Oflizierlaufbahn / officer's career.
Oberst m colonel. Offizierledigenheim n bachelor of
Oberstabsarzt m major (Med). ficers' quarters.
Oberstabsveteriniir m major (Vet). Offiziersanwarter m officer candidate.
Oberstarbeitsfiihrer m colonel (Reich Offiziersbursche in officer's orderly.
Labor Service). Offizierskasino n officers' mess.
Offizierslager 133 Ordonnanz
Offizierslager n permanent camp for Olstandschraube / oil level plug
officer prisoners of war (abbr. (Mtr)._
Of lag). Olstandskontrolle / oil level check,
Offiziersnachwuchs m new crop of oil level indicator (Mtr).
officers. Olthermometer n oil temperature
Offizierspahtrupp m officer recon gage.
naissance patrol. oltropfer m oiler.
Offizierspatent n commission. Oliiberlauf m oil overflow (Mtr).
Offizier vom Biwakdienst bivouac Olwanne / oil pan (Mtr).
security officer. Operation / operation (Tac, Med).
Offizier vom Dienst duty officer, of Operationsbasis / base of operations
ficer on duty. (Tac).
Offizier vom Ortsdienst officer of the Operationsbefehl m operations order.
guard. Operations^eblet n zone of operations,
Offizier vom Tagesdienst officer of theater of operations.
the day. Operationskarte / operations map.
Offnerhebel m operating level, oper Operationslinie / line of operations.
ating handle (G). Operationsplan m operations plan.
offnung / aperture, port, opening. Operationsraum m zone of opera
Oflag n See Offizierslagcr. tions, theater of operations.
Ohnehaltflug m nonstop flight (Avn). operativ operational, strategic.
"Ohne Tritt, Marsch!" "Route step, operative Aufklarung strategic re
march!" connaissance.
OhrverschluBwatte / cotton for ear operative Luftaufklarung strategic
plugs. air reconnaissance.
Oktamvert m octane rating. operatives Ziel strategic objective.
Oktanzahl / octane number. operative Unterstiitzung indirect
Okular n eyepiece. support (Avn, Tac).
OKW.-Bericht m official communique Opfer n victim.
of the Oberkommando der Wehr- Oppanol n a synthetic substance re
macht. sistant to mustard gas and Lewisite
61 n oil. (CWS).
OlablaB m oil drain. Optik / optics; lens system, optical
Olbehalter m oil tank. system or instruments; telescopic
olbestandig oil-resistant. sight (G); periscope (Tk).
olbohrloch n oil well. optische Peilung pilotage (Avn).
Olbombe / oil bomb. optisches Zielgerat optical sight
olbiichse / oilcan. (Ord).
oldicht oiltight. O-Punkt m aiming point (Gunnery).
Oldruckbremse / hydraulic brake. See also Nullpunkt.
Oleinfiill-Verschraubung / oil filler Orden m medal, decoration, order.
plug (Mtr). Ordensband n ribbon (of a decora
olfederstrebe / oleo strut (Ap). tion).
olivgriin olive drab. Ordensschnalle / bar (decoration).
Olkanister m oil container (Ap, kleine Ordensschnalle - miniature
MT). (decoration).
Olkohle / carbon (Mtr). Ordensspange / bar (decoration).
Ollager n oil-storage depot. Ordinate / ordinate, Y-coordinate.
Olmanometer n oil pressure gage. Ordnung / order, rule.
OlmeBbecher m graduated oil dis Ordnungsdienst m provost service,
penser (MT). military police service.
Olschlitzring m grooved piston ring Ordnungsgleis n make-up track
(Mtr). (RR).
olstand m oil level. Ordnungspolizei / uniformed regular
olstandanzeiger m oil level gage police.
(MT). Ordonnanz / orderly.
Ordonnanzoffizier 134 Pak
Ordonnanzoffizier TO special-missions ortsfeste Kiistenartillerie fixed sea-
staff officer. coast artillery.
Organisationsstab m organizational ortsfeste Lafette stationary gun
Staff. mount (G).
Organisation Todt Todt Organiza Ortsgefecht n See Ortskampf.
tion (Engr and Ft construction). Ortskampf m combat in towns.
Orientierung / orientation. Ortskommandant m commander of a
Orientierungslinie / orienting line garrison, post, or station; town com
(Surv). mander (Mil Govt).
Orientierungspunkt m control point Ortskommandantur / garrison, post,
(Surv). or station headquarters; town head
Orkan m hurricane, tropical cyclone. quarters (Mil Govt) (Ortskomman
Orpo / See Ordnungspolizei. dantur I, in large and medium-sized
Orsatapparat m Orsat gas-analysis cities; Ortskommandantur II, in
apparatus (CWS). small cities, towns, and villages).
Ort m locality, place; locus (Math). Ortskrankenlazarett n billet hospital.
See also Standort. (Med).
Ortbalken m exterior stringer (on a Ortskrankenstube / billet dispensary.
fixed bridge); exterior balk (on a ortskundig familiar with a locality
floating bridge). or area.
orten locate; orient;' take bearings. Ortsmifiweisung / magnetic declina
Orter m navigator (Avn). tion.
OrterkompaB m navigator's compass
(Avn). Ortsnetz n local net (Tp).
ortlich local. Ortsquartier n See Ortsunterkunft.
Ortsbatterie / local battery (Tp). Ortssender m local station (Rad).
Ortsbatterie-Betrieb m local-battery Ortsunterkunft / billets.
operation (Tp). Ortsvorstand m local authorities,
Ortsbesprechung / local operation town authorities.
(Rad). Ortung / position finding, orienta
Ortsbestimmung / orientation, posi tion, taking of bearings.
tion determination. Ortungsanforderung / request for a
Ortsbiwak n billets, close billets. bearing (Avn, Rad).
Ortschaft / village, town, inhabited Ortungsleuchtzeichen n ground posi
locality. tion signal (ground-air Com).
Ortscheit n doubletree (limber). 6se / lug; ring; lunette; eye (Tech).
Ortseindruck m sensation of direc Ost m east (also spelled Osten).
tion (sound locator). Ostlegion / legion composed of non-
Ortsempfang m local reception German volunteers and prisoners of
(Rad). war from East-European countries.
ortsfest fixed, permanent (Arty, Ostmedaille / Eastern Campaign
Ft). Medal (decoration).
ortsfeste Flak fixed antiaircraft Ostsee / Baltic Sea.
guns or artillery. Otter / paravane.

PackgefaB n bulk container. Packung / packing (Mech).

Packriemen m pack strap (harness). Paddelboot n collapsible paddling
Packsattel m pack saddle (harness). boat.
Packstrick m pack rope (harness) Pak / antitank gun, antitank artil
Packtasche / saddlebag. lery (abbr. of Panzerabwehrkanone).
PakethuUe 135 Panzergrenadier-Division
Pakethiille / wrapping. Panzerblende / tank shutter; tank
Pak-Flak / antitank-antiaircraft gun shield, mantlet.
gun, dual-purpose gun. Panzerbombe / antitank bomb, ar
Pakgeschutz n antitank gun. mor-piercing bomb, heavy-case bomb.
Pakgeschiitz auf Selbstfahrlafette panzerbrechend armor-piercing.
self-propelled antitank gun, tank Panzerbrigade / armored brigade,
destroyer. tank brigade.
Pakstellung / antitank gun position, Panzerbiichse / antitank rifle.
antitank gun emplacement. Fanzerdeckungsloch n foxhole (for
Pak-Zug m antitank platoon. AT protection),
Panne / breakdown; engine failure; Panzerdivision / armored division.
blowout. Panzerdrehturm m revolving armor
Panoramakammer / panoramic ca ed turret (Ft); revolving tank tur
mera (Avn). ret (Tk).
Pantograph m pantograph (Surv). panzerdurchschlagend armor-pierc
ing (Am).
Panzer m armor; tank.
Panzerdurchschlagsleistung / armor-
Panzerabteilung / armored battalion. piercing capacity, penetration (Am).
Panzerabwehr / antitank defense, Panzereinsatz m commitment of ar
antimechanized defense (in com mored units.
pounds, now superseded by Panzer- Panzererkennungsdienst m tank
jager-). identification service.
Panzerabwehrgewehr n ^. antitank Panzerfahrer m tank driver.
rifle (now called Panzerfahrschule / armored vehicle
Panzerabwehrgeschiitz n antitank operators' school.
gun. Panzerfahrzeug n armored vehicle.
Panzerabwehrgraben m antitank Panzerfahrzeugfalle / tank trap.
ditch. Panzerfahrzeuggraben m antitank
Panzerabwehrkanone / ' antitank gun ditch.
(now called Panzer jagerkanone). Panzerfalle / tank trap.
Panzerabwehrmine / antitank mine. Panzerfiihrer m tank commander
Panzerabwehrmittel npl means of (NCO); armored-vehicle command
antitank defense. er; armored-unit commander.
Panzerabwehrrakete / antitank Panzerf unker m tank radio operator.
rocket. Panzerfunktrupp m armored radio
Panzerangriff m armored attack, section.
tank attack. Panzerfunkwagen m armored radio
Panzerartillerie / armored division car or truck.
artillery, armored artillery. Panzer geschofi n armor-piercing
Panzeraufbau m tank hull and tur projectile.
ret ; armored body of a vehicle. panzergeschutzt armor-protected.
Panzeraufklarungsabteilung / ar Panzerglas n bulletproof glass.
mored reconnaissance battalion. Panzergraben m antitank ditch.
Panzerbataillon n armored battalion. Panzergranate / armor-piercing
Panzerbefehlswagen m armored shell, armor-piercing rifle grenade.
command car. Panzergranate-Patrone / armor-
Panzerbekampfung / antitank com piercing shell (fixed Am).
bat. Panzergrenadier m armored in
Panzerbeobachtungsturm m armor fantry rifleman, private in armored
ed observation turret. infantry regiment.
Panzerbesatzung / tank crew, ar Panzergrenadier-Bataillon n armor
mored vehicle crew. ed infantry battalion.
PanzerbeschuB m firing at tanks; Panzergrenadier-Brigade f armored
test firing at armor plate. infantry brigade.
PanzerbeschuBtaf el / firing table for Panzergrenadier-Division / motorized
antitank gun. division. See also SB-Panzergre-
Panzerblech n armor plate. nadier-Division.
Panzergrenadier- 136 PanzerstoB
Panzergrenadier-Ersatzregiment n Panzerkuppel / tank cupola, armor
armored infantry replacement regi ed cupola (Ft).
ment. Panzer-Lehr-Regiment n armored
Panzergrenadier-Personenkraftwagen demonstration regiment.
armored personnel carrier. Panzermine / antitank mine.
Panzergrenadier-Regiment n motor Panzermunition / armor-piercing
ized infantry regiment (of a Panzer- ammunition; tank ammunition,
division). Panzernachrichtenabteilung / armor
Panzergruppe / armored group. ed signal battalion.
Panzergiirtel m araior belt. Panzer-Obergrenadier m private
Panzerhindernis n antitank obstacle. first class (Armd Inf Regt).
Panzerinstandsetzungsabteilung / Panzeroberschiitze m private first
tank repair battalion. class (in Armd unit).
Panzerjager m member of antitank Panzeroffizier m armored officer.
•unit. Panzerpionier in armored engineer.
Panzerjagerabteilung / antitank Panzer-Pionier-Bataillon n armored
battalion. engineer battalion.
Panzerplatte / armor plate.
Panzerjagergeschiitz n antitank gun.
Panzerregiment n armored regiment.
Panzerjagerkanone / See Panzer Panzerrichttafel / tank-silhouette
jagergeschiitz. aiming target.
Panzerjagerkompanie / antitank Panzerscharte / peephole, direct vi
company. sion slit (Tk).
Panzer jagerregiment n antitank re Panzerschild m armor-plate shield
giment. (G).
Panzerjagerzug m antitank platoon. Panzerschott n armor bulkhead (Tk).
Panzerkabel n armored cable (Elec). Panzerschutz m armor protection
Panzerkampfabzeichen n See Panzer- (Ft, Tk); antitank defense.
kampfwagenabzeichen. Panzerschiitze m private in an arm
Panzerkampfwagen m tank. ored unit; tank gunner.
Panzerkampfwagenabzeichen n Tank panzersicher secure against mechan
Badge (decoration awarded to mem ized attack.
bers of armored units after partici Panzersonderfahrzeug n special-pur
pation in three separate combat pose armored vehicle.
actions). Panzerspahfahrzeug n armored re
Panzerkampfwagenhindernis n tank connaissance vehicle.
obstacle. Panzerspahkompanie / armored re
Panzerkanone / tank gun. connaissance company.
Panzerkasten m tank hull. Panzerspah-Schwadron / mechanized
Panzerkastenoberteil n sponson, up cavalry reconnaissance troop.
per hull (Tk). Panzerspahtrupp m armored recon
Panzerkette / tank track. naissance car section.
Panzer-Kommandant m tank com Panzerspahwagen m armored -re
mander. connaissance car, armored scout car.
Panzerkompanie / tank company. Panzersperre / antitank obstacle.
Panzerkopf m armor-piercing cap Panzersperrgraben m antitank ditch.
(Am). Panzersperrmauer / antitank wall
Panzerkorper m hull (Tk). obstacle.
Panzerkorps n armored corps. Panzerspitze / armored point (Adv
Panzerkorpskommando n armored Gd).
corps headquarters. PanzersprenggeschoB n •ai'mor-pierc-
Panzerkrafte fpl armored forces, ar ing projectile.
mored units. Panzersprenggranatc / armor-pierc
Panzerkraftfahrzeug n armored ing shell.
vehicle. Panzerstarke / thickness of armor
Panzerkraftwagen m armored car. (Tk).
Panzerkrieg m armored warfare. PanzerstoB m armored thrust (Tac).
Panzersturmabzeichen 137 Patronenlager
Panzersturmabzeichen n Armored Parallaxwinkel m angle of parallax,
Assault Badge (decoration). azimuth difference.
Panzertransportwagen m armored Parallel-Fachwerktrager m parallel-
personnel carrier. chord truss.
Panzertruppe / Armored Command. Parallelogrammgestange n parallelo
Panzertruppen fpl armored troops, gram linkage system ( AA sight).
armored forces. Parallelschaltung / parallel connec
Panzerturm m tank turret; armored tion (Elec).
turret (Ft). Pardon m. quarter, mercy, clemency.
Panzerung / armor, armor plating. parieren to parry.
Panzerunterstiitzung / armored sup Parierstange / bayonet guard.
port (Tac). Park m park, depot.
Panzerverband m armored forma parken to parK.
tion, armored force unit, combined- Parklicht n parking light (auto
arms armored force. headlight).
Panzerverbande der Heerestruppen m parlementaire, bear
GHQ reserve tank groups. er of a flag of truce.
Panzervernichtungsabzeichen n dec Parlamentartiagge / flag of truce.
oration awarded for close-combat de Parole f password.
struction of at least one enemy tank. Parteien fpl opposing sides (man
Panzer-Verschwindeturm m disap euvers).
pearing armored turret (Ft). Parteifiihrer m commander of one of
Panzerwaffe / Armored Command. the opposing forces in maneuvers.
Panzerwagen m armored car, combat Paspel f piping or edging on uni
car, tank. form.
Panzerwagenfalle / tank trap. PaB TO pass (Top); passport.
Panzerwagengraben m- tank ditch. PaBgenauigkeit / accuracy of fit
Panzerwanne / tank hull. (TechJ.
Panzerwarndienst in antimechanized Passierschein m permit, pass, safe-
warning system. conduct, military passport.
Panzerwarnung / tank warning, Paflstuckrw adapter (Ord).
antimechanized warning. Passung / fit (Tech),
Panzerwart, m armored maintenance Patent n officer's commission ; patent
man. (Tech).
Panzerwerk n steel and concrete for patentierter Offizier commissioned
tification. officer.
Panzerwerkstattkompanie f armored Patrone / cartridge (Am) ; round of
force repair shop company. fixed ammunition (Arty).
Panzerweste / body armor (Avn). Patronenauswerter m ejector.
Panzerzug m armored train (RR); Patronenauszieher in extractor.
tank platoon. Patroneneinlage f breech recess (R).
Papierstreifenverfahren n paper- Patronenfuhrungsleisten }pl cart
strip method (aerial Photo). ridge guides (MG).
Pappe / cardboard (also called Papp- Patronengurt m cartridge belt
deckel m). (MG); bandoleer.
Parabel-Fachwerktrager m curved- Patronenhalter m cartridge holder
chord truss. (MG).
Parabellum n a type of self-loading Patronenhebel m cartridge lever
Parade / parade, review. Patronenhulse f cartridge case.
Paradeanzug m full-dress uniform. Patronenkasten m cartridge box,
Parademarsch m march in review, ammunition box.
pass in review. Patronenkorb m shell basket (for
Paradeplatz m parade ground. fixed Am).
Parallaxe / parallax, azimuth dil- Patronenlager n cartridge chamber
ference. (G, R).
Patronenmunition 138 Pfahlsperre
Patronenmunition / fixed ammuni Peillinie / line of bearing, bearing
tion. line (Air Navigation).
Patronenrahmen m clip (R, AA Peillot n sounding lead (Nav).
gun). Peilnebenstelle / auxiliary direction
Patronenraum m, propelling-charge finder station (Air Navigation).
chamber (Mart shell). Peilrahmen m directional loop an
Patronenschacht m feed funnel (fix tenna (Rad).
ed aircraft MG). Peilscheibe / azimuth instrument.
Patronenstreifen m cartridge clip. Peilsender m directional transmitter.
Patronenstiitzfeder / cartridge-sup Peilstelle / radio direction-finder
port spring (MG). station.
Patronentasche / ammunition pocket, Peilstrahl.m beam (Rad).
ammunition pouch. Peilung / bearing, direction finding.
Patronentrager m cartridge carrier optische Peilung pilotage (Avn).
(MG). Peilzeichen n direction-finder signal
Patronentragerhebel m belt-feed (Avn).
lever (MG). pelzgefiittert fur-lined.
Patronenzufiihrung / cartridge feed Pelzkombination / fur-lined flying
(SA). suit.
Patrouillenflug m patrol, patrolling Pendel n pendulum.
(Avn). Pendelfrequenz / quenching fre
Patte / collar patch, cuff patch. quency (Rad).
Pause / pause; tracing. Pendelfrequenzempfanger m super-
Pauspapier n tracing paper. regenerative receiver.
Pech n pitch. pendeln oscillate; swerve.
Pegel m water-level gage (for ri Pendelverkehr m shuttle traffic.
vers, lakes, etc.). Perchlorameisensiiuremethylester m
Peilanlage / direction-finder station diphosgene (CWS).
(Air Navigation). Perlkorn n bead sight (R).
Peilantenne / direction-finding an Personal n personnel.
tenna. Personalabteilung / personnel sec
Peilapparat m azimuth instrument. tion.
Peilaufsatz m pelorus (Avn). Personalamt n See Heerespersonal-
Peilberichtigungskurve / deviation amt.
curve (Rad). Personalausweis m identification
Peilempfanger m radio compass, di papers, certificate of identification.
rection finder (Air Navigation). Personaldaten npl personal data
Peilen n direction finding (Rad). (birth, occupation, etc.).
peilen to take a bearing (Nav, Rad, Personalveranderung / change of
Avn). personnel.
Peilflugleiter m chief of direction Personenbahnhof m passenger sta
finder station (Avn). tion (RR).
Peilfunkempfanger m radio compass, Personenfahre / passenger ferry.
direction finder (Air Navigation). Personenkraftfahrzeug n personnel
Peilfunkgerat n radio direction find carrier, passenger vehicle (MT).
er. Personenkraftwagen m personnel
Peilfunkstelle / radio direction find carrier, passenger car (MT).
er station (Avn). perspektivische Projection geometric
Peilgerat n azimuth instrument projection, perspective projection.
(Surv); direction-finder equipment Perstoff m diphosgene (CWS),
or set (Rad, Avn). Petroleum n kerosene.
Peilkompafl m navigator's compass Pfad m path, trail.
(Avn). Pfahl m picket, stake; pile; post.
Peilkraftwagen m radio direction- Pfahlhindernis n See Pfahlsperre.
finding truck. Pfahljoch n pile bent (Bdg).
Peilleitstelle / radio direction-finder Pfahljochbriicke / pile-bent bridge.
control station. Pfahlsperre / post obstacle (AT).
Pfeife 139 Pioniersprengmittel
Pfeife / whistle, pipe. Phosphorhandgranate / phosphorus
Pfeifpatrone / whistling pyrotechnic grenade.
signal cartridge (used as gas Photogrammetrie / photogrammetry.
alarm). Photograph in photographer.
Pfeifsignal n whistle signal. Photographic / photography.
Pfeiler in pier (Bdg); column, pillar photographische Kartenaufnahme
(Engr). photographic mapping.
Pfeilform / sweepback (Ap wing); Photokopie / photostat.
arrow or wedge formation. photokopieren to photostat.
Pferd n horse. Phototopographie / phototopography.
pferdebespannt horse-drawn. Photozelle / photo-electric cell.
Pferdeersatz m remounts. Pickettpfahl m picket, stake.
Pferdefahrzeug n horse-drawn Pier m pier.
vehicle. Pi-Kampfmittel npl engineer combat
Pferdehalter m horseholder (Cav, equipment.
Pikrinsaure / trinitrophenol, picric
Pferdekrankenkraftwagen m veteri Pille / pill, pellet, primer.
nary motor ambulance. Pilotballon m pilot balloon, trial bal
Pferdekrankensammelplatz m vet loon.
erinary collecting station. Pilotballonaufstieggerat n pibal
Pferdelazarett n veterinary hospital. equipment (Met).
Pferdepark m remount depot. Pilz m mushroom head of obturator.
Pferdestarke / metric horsepower Pinsel m paint brush.
(abbr. PS) (1 PS = 0.986 HP; I HP Pionier m engineer soldier, private
= 1.014 PS). in engineer unit.
Pferdetransportkolonne / horse- Pionieraufklarung / engineer recon
drawn transport column. naissance.
Pferdeverbandplatz m veterinary Pionier-Ausbau-Bataillon n engineer
aid station. construction-improvement battalion.
Pferdezug m draft (horse traction). Pionierbataillon n engineer battalion.
Pferdezweigpark m branch remount Pionierdienst m engineer service.
depot. Pionier-Erkundungstrupp m engineer
Pfiff m whistle (sound). reconnaissance squad.
Pfiffikus n phenyldichlorarsine Pionierfahrzeug n engineer vehicle.
(CWS). Pionierfiihrer m special staff en
Pflegeschwester / nurse. gineer officer and engineer com
Pflichl / duty, obligation. mander (at Div Hq).
Pflichten des deutschen Soldaten See Pioniergerat n engineer equipment.
Kriegsartikel. Pioniergeratepark m engineer equip
Pflock m stake, peg, pin, picket. ment depot.
Pflugbagger m tractor plow; bull Pionier-Kampfmittel npl engineer
dozer. combat equipment.
Pfropfen m plug, stopper, wad. Pionierkolonne / engineer equipment
Phasenversehiebung / phase shift, column.
phase displacement, phase difference Pionierlandungskompanie / engineer
(Elec, Had). landing company.
Phenyldichlorarsin n phenyldichlor Pioniermaschinenzug m engineer
arsine. machine platoon.
Phon n decibel. Pionieroffizier m engineer officer.
Phosgen n carbonylchloride, phos Pionierpanzerkampfwagen m en
gene (CWS). gineer tank.
Phosphor m phosphorus. Pionierpark m engineer park, en
Phosphorfliegerbombe / phosphorus gineer depot.
bomb. Pionierschule / engineer school.
PhosphorgeschoB n phosphorus bul Pioniersprengmittel npl engineer ex
let, incendiary bullet. plosives.
Pionier-Sturmabzeichen 140 Plombe
Pionier-Sturmabzeichen n Engineer Planpause / overlay, traced map or
Assault Badge (decoration). firing chart.
Pioniersturmzug in engineer assault Planquadrat n grid square.
platoon. Planrichten n laying by survey
Pioniertruppe / Corps of Engineers. (Arty). .
Pioniertruppen fpl engineer troops. PlanschieBen n map fire, unobserved
Pionierverband m engineer unit. fire (Gunnery).
Pioniervermessungsgeriit n engineer Plansektor m map-protractor set
surveying instrument or equipment. (Arty, Surv).
Pionierwerkzeug n engineer tool. Planspiel n map exercise (Tng).
Pionierwerkzeugtasche / engineer Planstiirke / authorized strength,
tool bag. table of organization strength.
Pionierzug m engineer platoon. Planstelle / place authorized by
table of organization.
Pionierzwischenpark m, engineer freie Planstelle vacancy.
dump. Planiibergang m level crossing
Piste / trail, path, beaten track. (RR).
Pistole / pistol. Planubung / map maneuver, map ex
Pistolengriff m pistol grip. ercise (Tng).
Pistoleniiffnung / pistol port (Tk). Planunterlage / plane table (Arty,
Pistolentasche / pistol holster. Surv).
Pi.-Sturmabzeichen n See Pionier- Planzeichnen n plotting (Surv).
Sturmabzeichen. Planzeiger in coordinate scale
Pitotrohr n pitot tube. (Arty, Surv).
Pivotgeschiitz n swivel gun, pedestal- plastische Liderung plastic-pad ob
mounted gun. turator (G).
Pivotlafette / pivot-type mount Platte / plate (Tech); phonograph
(MG); turntable carriage (G). record.
Pivotlager n trunnion bearing (G). Platteneinsatz m storage-battery cell
Pi.-Zug in See Pionierzug. (Elec).
PK.-Filmberichter m propaganda- Plattenkondensator m parallel plate
company moving-picture cameraman. condenser (Rad).
P.K.-Kriegsberichter m propaganda- Plattenpulver n flake powder (Am).
company war correspondent. Plattensatz m storage-battery cell
Plan m plan, chart, diagram, scheme. (Elec).
Plane / tarpaulin. Plattenventil n poppet valve (Mtr).
Planfeuer n concentrated antiair Plattform / platform (Arty, 'etc.).
craft fire within the critical zone. Plattformwagen m flatcar (RR).
Planfeuertafel / lead chart (AA fir PlattfiiBe mpl flat feet.
ing). Platz m airdrome, airfield, landing
Planfeuerwiirfel m critical zone (AA field (Avn); aid station (Med, Vet);
firing). place, square (in^a city or town);
Planier-Uaupenschlepper m bull site; locality; station; space; room.
dozer, angledozer, tractor with platzen to burst; to blow out (tire).
angledozer. Platzfeuer n airdrome light.
Planimeter n planimeter (Surv). Platzfeuerwehr / airdrome fire-fight
Plankelei / skirmish. ing unit.
Planladung / computed charge (de Platzgrenze / airdrome boundary.
molitions). Platzmembrane / bursting dia
planmaBig in accordance with table phragm (message container).
of organization or bnsic allowance; Platzpatrone / blank cartridge.
according to plan; systematic, de Platzrunde / circle flown over air
liberate, thorough. drome.
planmafiige Feldbefestigung delib Platzwechsel m change of station.
erate field fortification. Pleuelstange / connecting rod, pis
planmaliiger Nachschub automatic ton rod (Mtr).
supply. Plombe / lead seal.
Plunderer 141 Projektion
Plunderer m marauder, plunderer. potenzieren raise (to a power)
pliindern to plunder. (Math).
Pliinderung / plundering, pillage, Prahra in barge, lighter (Engr, Nav).
looting. Prallhaltevorrichtung / ballonet bal
Pneumassivreifen m cushion tire. loon (airship).
Polarstern m North Star. PrallschuB m ricochet.
polieren to polish, to buff (Tech). Prallwand / baffle.
Polizei / police. PrazisionsschieBen n precision fire.
Polizist m policeman. Preis m price; rate; prize.
Polklemme / battery-terminal bind Preisiibung / qualification course.
ing post (Elec).
Prellschufl m ricochet.
Polschuh m pole piece (magnet).
Polster n pad (Clo, harness, etc.); Presseoffisier m public relations of
track block (Tk); pillow, cushion. ficer.
Polwechsler m pole changer (Tp). PreBfutter n compressed forage.
Polygonzug m closed traverse PreBluft / compressed air.
(Surv). Prefiluftanlasser m air starter, com
Ponton m ponton. pressed-air starter (Mtr).
Pontonbriicke / ponton bridge. PreBluftflasche / compressed-air
Pontonfahre / ponton ferry. flask.
Pontonier m pontoneer. PreBlufthammer m pneumatic ham
Pontonoberkante / gunwale (Pan). mer.
Pontonstrecke / ponton bay. PreBluft-Niethammer m pneumatic
Pontonwagen in ponton carrier riveter.
(MT). Prefiluftzylinder m compressed-air
Porontoofen m a small liquid-fuel cylinder.
stove. PreBstoff m plastic.
Portepee n sword knot (worn by Ger Pr.Geschofl n See PhosphorgeschoB.
officers and higher-bracket NCO's). Primarkreis m primary circuit
Portepeeunteroffizier m, noncommis (Bad).
sioned officer (from Feldwebel up). Primarwicklung / primary winding
Portion / ration; dose (Med). (Elec).
eiserrie Portion emergency ration. Prise / prize.
Portionenausgabe / distribution of Prisenrecht n angary.
rations. Prismenkreuz n an engineer survey
Portionssatz m scale of rations, ra ing instrument.
tion quantity. Pritsche / wooden-board bed.
Positionslicht n position light, run Probe / test, trial.
ning light (Ap). Probeflug m test flight.
Post / mail. Probelauf m test run (Mtr).
Postaufnahmegerat n mail pick-up ProbeschieBen n test firing.
device (Ap). Profil n profile, cross section; tread
Posten m sentry; post; duty station; (of a tire).
item (in a list); lot (of goods). Profildicke / profile thickness (Ap
Postenanweisungen fpl guard orders, wing).
allgemeine Postenanweisungen Profilhinterkante / trailing edge (Ap
general orders (guard duty). wing profile).
besondere Postenanwekungen spe profiliert streamlined, faired.
cial orders (guard duty). Profilierung / fairing (Ap); recap
Postenkette / line of sentries. ping (tires); streamlining.
Postleitungen fpl civil communica Profilsehne / wing chord (Ap).
tion lines. Profiltiefe / depth of profile (Ap
Postpriifungsstelle / postal censor's wing).
office. Profilvorderkante / leading edge
Postiiberwachungsstelle / See Post (Ap wing profile).
priifungsstelle. Projektion auf die Horizontalebene
Potenz / power (Math). horizontal projection.
Projektion 142 Quarantine
Projektion auf die Senkrechtebene Pulver n powder.
vertical projection. Pulverbrennziindung / powder-train
Propaganda / propaganda, publicity. ignition (fuze).
Propagandakompanie / propaganda Pulverbiindel n powder bag (Am).
company (for front-line reporting; Pulverhaus n powder magazine.
composed of writers and camera Pulverkammer / powder chamber.
men). Pulverkorn n powder grain (Am).
Propeller m propeller. See also
Luftschraube. Pulverladung / powder charge (Am).
Propellerblatt n propeller blade Pulverraumm powder chamber.
(Ap). Pulverriickstande mpl powder foul
Propellerhaube / propeller spinner. ing (G).
Propellerkreis m plane of propeller Pulversatz m powder train, powder
rotation, propeller-disk area (Ap). pellet (fuze).
Propellernabe / propeller hub (Ap). Pulversprengstoff m low explosive.
Propellersteigung / propeller pitch. Pulvertemperaturmessung / measure
Propellerwind m slipstream (Avn). ment of powder temperature.
Protzarm m limber drawbar (Arty). Pulverthermometer n powder ther
Protze / limber (Arty). mometer (Am).
Protzgestell n limber frame (Arty). Pulvertreibladung / propellent charge.
Protzhaken m limber pintle. Pulverzerstauber m decontaminating-
Protzkasten m limber ammunition powder sprayer (CWS).
chest (Arty). Pumpenkuhltmg / forced-circulation
Protzose / lunette (G). .cooling (Mtr).
Prozentsatz m percentage. Punktm point, place; dot (Tg).
priifen to check, inspect, test, verify. Punktbestimmung / point designa
Priifgerat n testing apparatus. tion, point location.
Priifgestell n testing stand. Punktfeuerw point fire, fixed fire
Priifknopf m testing button (field
Tp). Punktplanm range card (Gunnery).
Prufrohrchen n detector tube (in
CWS detector kit). PunktschieBen n See Punktfeuer.
Prufstand m testing block (Avn, PunktschweiBung / spot welding.
MT). Punkttafel / point-designation grid
Priiftaste / testing key (field Tp). (Arty).
Priifung / test, testing, verification. Punktzielw point target (Gunnery).
Priifungsschiefien n verification fire. Pupinspule/ loading coil (Tp).
Pufferm buffer (Ord). Puppe / dummy (for bayonet Tng,
Puffergehause n buffer housing (MG). etc.).
Pufferlagern buffer support (G putzen to clean, polish, shine.
cradle). Putzlappenm cleaning rag.
Pulkm boat-type runner (placed Putzwolle / cotton waste.
under gun wheels for operations in Pz.Kw.-Nachbildung / tank silhouette
'deep snow); formation (Avn slang). (practice firing).

Q-Gruppe/ Q signal (Rad). Quadrat n square, grid square.
Quadrant m quadrant. Quadratwurzel / square root.
Quadrantenflache / quadrant plate Qualifikationsbericht m qualification
(G). card.
Quadrantenvisier n leaf-type quad Qualm m dense smoke.
rant sight (R, MG). Quarantane/ quarantine (Med).
Quartier 143 Raderraupenfahrzeug
Quartier n quarters, billets. Querdeckung/ traverse (Ft).
Quartierarrest m restriction to querfahrendes Ziel target moving
quarters. • parallel to front (ground target).
Quartiermacher m quartering officer, Querfahrt / movement parallel to
billeting officer. front (ground target).
Quartiermacherkommando n quarter querfeldein cross-country.
ing party, billeting party. Querlibelle / cross level (Surv, Arty).
Quartiermachertrupp m quartering Querrinne / open culvert (road).
detail, billeting detail. Querruderw aileron (Ap).
Quartiermeister m corps or division Querruderhebel m aileron horn (Ap).
quartermaster (general staff officer Quersage/ crosscut saw.
"Ib" in charge of supply and Adm Querschlager m ricochet.
at corps or Div Hq). Querschnittm cross section.
Quartiermeisterabteilung / supply Querschnittbelastung / ballistic co
group of staff sections (comprises efficient.
Quartiermeister and Intendantur). Querschnittblende / transverse
Quartier und Verpflegung quarters
and subsistence. shutter (signal lamp).
Quartier- und Verpflegungsvergiitung Querstabilitat / lateral stability
/ quarters and subsistence allow (Ap).
ance (reimbursement). Querstreuung / See Breitenstreuung.
Quartier- und VerpflegungszuschuB Quertrager m transverse beam, tran
m quarters and subsistence allow som, transverse support (Bdg).
ance. Querverbindung / intervehicular
Quartiervergiitung / quarters allow communication; local circuit; cross
ance. bar, transverse bracing.
quarzgesteuerter Sender crystal- Querverkehr m internet traffic (Rad).
controlled transmitter (Rad). Querverstrebung / cross bracing
Quarzkristall n quartz crystal (Rad). (Bdg).
Quarzsteuerung / crystal control Querwallm traverse (Ft).
(Rad). quetschen to crush, bruise, squeeze,
Quast m tassel. pinch.
Qu-Blende / See Querschnittblende. Quetschkondensator in trimmer con
Quecksilber n mercury. denser (Rad).
Quelle / source, spring, well. Quetschladung / camouflet.
quer across, obliquely. Quetschmine / See Quetschladung.
Querachse / lateral axis (Ap). Quetschung/ contusion (Med).
Queraxt / adze. quietschen to screech (brakes); to
Querbeiln See Queraxt. squeal (Rad).

Rache / revenge. Raderbahre/ wheeled litter carrier.
Rachen m throat. Raderfahrzeug n wheeled vehicle.
Rachenreizstoff m See Nasen- und Rader-Gleiskettenantrieb m combina
Rachenreizstoff. tion wheel-track drive, convertible
Rad n wheel; bicycle. wheel-track drive.
Radachse / axle. Raderkettenfahrzeug n combination
Radauflagepunkt m center of tire wheel-track vehicle, convertible
contact (MT). wheel-track vehicle.
Raddruck m wheel load (MT). Raderraupenfahrzeug n See Rader
Raderantrieb m wheel drive (MT). kettenfahrzeug.
Raderwerk 144 Rauchladung
Raderwerk n tracks and suspensions rammen to ram (Nav); to drive (a
(Tk). pile).
Radfahrabteilung / bicycle battalion., Rammfahre/ pile-driver raft.
Radfahrkompanie / bicycle company. Rammgeriist n pile-driver frame.
Radfahrschwadron / bicycle troop. Rampe / ramp.
Radfahrwerk n wheel-type landing Rampengerat n ramp equipment.
gear (Ap). Rampenmine / ramp mine (impro
Radfahrzug m bicycle platoon. • vised mine under an inclined board).
Radfliigelflugzeug n cyclogiro (Awn). Rampensperre/ sawhorse ramp
Radgiirtel in caterpillar band (G). obstacle.
Radiergummi m rubber eraser. Rampenwagen m ramp carrier (MT).
Radiosonde / radiosonde, radio Rand m edge, border, margin, rim;
meteorograph (Mot). perimeter (Tac).
Radizierung/ extraction of roots. Randbemerkungen fpl marginal data.
Radkappe / hub cap. Randdiisenziinder m rimvent fuze
Radkorperm disk spider (wheel). (Am).
Radlafette / wheeled gun carriage. Randel m knurled nut or knob,
Radlandung / two-point landing micrometer knob.
(Avn). randeln to knurl.
Radlenkerm guard rail (-KB switch). Randfeuer n boundary light (Adrm).
Radnabe / hub. Randstellungen fpl • perimeter posi
Radreifen m tire (of a wheel). tions (Tac).
Radschlepper m wheeled tractor. Rang m rank, status.
Radsporn m tail wheel (Ap). Rangabzeichen n insignia of rank.
Radstand m wheelbase; alinement of Rangaltester m senior officer.
wheels. Rangdienstalter n age-in-grade,
Radstandlibelle / cross level (G). seniority.
Radstandtrieb m cross-leveling mech Rangierbahnhof m railroad yard.
anism (G sight). Rangliste des Heeres army register.
Radsteuerung / wheel control (as Rasanz der Flugbahn flatness of
distinguished from stick control) trajectory.
(Ap). rasch quick.
Radsturz m camber (MT). Raspel / rasp.
Radzugmaschine / wheeled tractor. Rast/ rest (march column); click,
Rahmen m frame. detent (Tech).
Rahmenantenne / loop antenna Rastgruppe / rest group (march
(Rad). rest).
Rahmenheer n enlisted cadre. Rasthebelm bolt lock (MG).
Rahmenlafette / frame-type gun Rastplatz m resting place (march
carriage. rest).
Rahmenspannturm m frame cabane Rate / rate.
(Ap). Ration / forage ration.
Rahmeniibung / command-post exer eiserne Ration emergency forage
cise (staff Tng). ration. /
Rakete / rocket. Rationssatz m scale of forage rations.
Raketenantrieb m rocket propulsion. Rauch m smoke.
Raketenbombe / rocket bomb (Avn). Rauchentwickler m smoke generator.
Raketen-Panzerbiichse / antitank Rauchentwicklung / generation of
rocket launcher. smoke.
Raketenstart m rocket-assisted take- Raucherscheinung / smoke effect
off (Avn). (flash ranging).
Raketenwurfmaschine / rocket Rauchgerat n smoke equipment (Ap).
launcher, rocket projector. Ratichgranate / smoke shell (Am).
Rammbarm drop hammer of a pile Rauchkerze / smoke candle (CWS).
driver. Rauchkorper m smoke filler (Am);
Rammbiihne / pile-driver staging. smoke-puff charge (simulated fire).
Ramme / pile driver. Rauchladung/ smoke charge (Am).
Rauchmeldepatrone 145 regeln
Rauchmeldepatrone / smoke-cartridge Rechenschieber zur Entfernungser-
message container (for dropped mes mittlung logarithmic range scale
sages) (Avn). (Arty).
Rauchofen m smoke generator Rechenstelle / post of computing sec
(Adrm). tion (firing battery).
Rauchpatrone / smoke signal cart Rechenzettel m firing-data form
ridge. (Arty).
Rauchsatz m pyrotechnic composi rechnen to count, compute.
tion (smoke signal); smoke compo Rechner m computer, plotter
sition; smoke pellet (Am). (person).
rauchschwach smokeless, semi- Rechnung/ account, bill; computa
smokeless. tion.
rauchschwaches Pulver smokeless Rechnungsf iihrer m, accountant and
powder. pay noncommissioned officer.
Rauchschwimmer m floating smoke Rechnungslegung / accountability.
pot. Rechnungswesen n accounting.
Rauchsignalpatrone / smoke signal Recht n law, jurisprudence.
cartridge. Rechteck n rectangle.
rauchstark generating much smoke. Rechtsabteilung / legal branch, legal
Rauchvorhang m smoke curtain, section.
smoke screen. Rechtsdrall m right-hand twist
Rauchwolke / smoke cloud. (rifling).
Rauhreifm frost (Met). rechtsgangig clockwise; right-hand
Raum m space; room, chamber; (threads, etc.).
sector; area, zone, region. Rechtsgewinde n right-hand thread.
Raumbildw stereoscopic picture. Rechtskurve/ right bank (Avn).
Raumbildentfernungsmesser m stereo rechtslaufend clockwise.
scopic range finder. "Rechts schwenkt, marsch!" "Column
Raumboot n mine sweeper. right, march!" (followed by "Gerade,
raumen to clear mines; to clear out; aus!").
to evacuate (a position). Rechtsstellung / legal status.
Raumgehalt m See Rauminhalt. "Rechts, urn!" "Right, face!"; "By
Rauminhalt m volume, cubic capacity. the right flank, march!" (given in
Raumladung / space charge (radio marching).
tube). Rechtswert m X-coordinate (on co
Raumloffel m miner's spoon (Engr ordinate scale in map reading).
tool). rechtweisender Kurs true course
RaummeBbild n stereogram (Photo (Air Navigation).
survey). rechtweisender Windkurs true head
Raumotter / paravane. ing (Air Navigation).
Raumstrahlung / free-space radiation rechtwinklig rectangular.
(Rad). ReduktionsmaSstab m engineer's
Uaumwelle / sky wave (Rad). scale.
Raupe / caterpillar; caterpillar Reduziergetriebe n reduction gear.
track; plaited shoulder strap. Reede / roadstead.
Raupenantrieb m caterpillar drive Reflexglasm transparent reflector
(MT). (reflector sight).
Raupenf ahrzeug n track-laying- Reflexvisier n reflector sight (Ap,
vehicle. A A gun).
Raupenkette / caterpillar track. Regel / rule.
Raupenkrad n See Kettenkrad. Regellast / standard maximum load
Rattpenschlepper m caterpillar (Bdg).
tractor. regellose Flucht rout.
R-Boot n See Raumboot. regelmaBig regular.
Rechen m rake. regelmafiiger Fehler systematic
Rechengerat n computer. error, determinate error.
Rechenschieber m slide rule. regeln to direct, control, regulate.
regelrecht 146 Reihenbild
regelrecht standard, according to Reglerwinkel m principal vertical
regulations. deflection angle (AA gunnery).
Regelrohre / variable /j, tube, Regulierhebel m throttle lever (car
supercontrol tube (Rad). buretor).
Regelspur / standard gage (RR). regungslos erstarren freeze in posi
Regelstange / regulator (G recoil tion.
brake). Reibahle / reamer.
Regelvorrichtung / governing device Reibflache / head (of SA cartridge).
(Mtr). Reibung / friction, galling, rubbing.
Regen m rain. Reibungswiderstand m f rictional
Regendecke / tarpaulin. resistance.
regenerierter Altgummi reclaimed Reibziindschraube / friction primer.
Regengebiet n precipitation area Reichsarbeitsdienst m Reich Labor
(Met). Service.
RegenguB m shower (Met). Reichsarbeitsfiihrer TO lieutenant
Regenklappe/ rain flap (on haver general (Reich Labor Service).
sack). Reichsantobahn / Reich automobile
Regenmantel m raincoat. express highway.
Regenmesser m rain gage (Met). Reichsflagge / German national flag.
Regenschauer m shower (Met). Reichsfuhrer SS Reich Leader of SS
Regenwolke/ rain cloud (Met). troops.
Regierung / government. Reichskokarde / national rosette
Regiment n regiment. (worn on field and mountain cap).
Regimentsabschnitt n regimental Reichskriegerbund m Veterans Asso
sector. ciation of the Reich.
Regimentsadjutant m aide to regi Reichskriegsflagge / German national
mental commander, regimental exec ensign (Nav).
utive. Reichsluftfahrtministerium n German
Regimentsarzt m regimental sur Air Ministry.
geon. Reichsluftfahrtverwaltung / German
Regimentsbefehl m regimental order. Civil Aeronautics Administration.
Regimentsgefechtsstand m regimen Reichsluftschutzbund / German
tal command post. national air defense organization.
Regimentskommandeur m regimen Reichsmeldedienst m German air
tal commander. craft warning service.
Regimentsnachrichtenzug m regimen ReichsstraBe / national highway of
tal communication platoon. the Reich.
Regimentsstab m regimental head Reiehweite / range, maximum range.
quarters, regimental staff. Reif m rime ice, frost.
RegimentstroB m regimental train. Reifen m tire.
Registrier-Chronograph m chrono Reifenerneuerung / recapping, re
graph. treading.
Regler m governor; automatic con Reifenheber m tire tool.
trol; automatic corrector. Reifen-Luftdruckpriifer m tire pres
Reglerdose/ control aneroid (Ap sure gage.
engine). Reifenpanne / puncture, blowout.
Reglergabel / governor arms (Mtr). Reihe / file, single file (Inf); column
Reglergestange n plunger (engine of troopers (H Cav); ladder (six
governor). observed rounds) (Arty); train of
Reglerschalter m combination volt bombs.
age regulator, current regulator and "In Reihe, angetreten!" "In single
cut-out relay (Mtr). file, fall in!"
Reglerteilung / correction scale on Reihenabwurf m train release, train
gun sight. bombing.
Reglerventil n regulating valve, check Reihenbild n aerial mosaic, strip
valve. mosaic.
Reihenbildkammer 147 Repatriierung
Reihenbildkammer / aerial mapping Reiterei / cavalry.
caniera. Reitergruppe / cavalry section (H
Reihenbildner m See Reihenbildkam Cav).
mer. Reiternachspitze / cavalry rear point,
Reihenfeuer n ladder fire (Gunnery). rear guard cavalry detachment.
Reihenkammer / See Reihenbildkam Reiterregiment n cavalry regiment
mer. (H Cav).
Reihenladung / elongated charge. Reiterreihe/ column of troopers (H
in Rohr gefiillte Reihenladung ban Cav).
galore torpedo.
Reihenmotor m in-line engine. Reiterrudeln flock (H Cav).
Reihenschaltung / series connection Reiterschwadron / cavalry troop (H
(Elec). Cav).
ReihenschieBen n ladder fire (Gun Reiterspahtrupp m cavalry recon
nery). naissance squad, cavalry patrol (H
Reihenstandmotor m in-line upright Cav).
engine. Reiterspitze / cavalry point, advance
Reihenwurfm train release, train guard cavalry detachment.
bombing. Reiterzug m rifle platoon (H Cav
Reinigungsburste / bore brush, clean Regt); mounted platoon (Inf Regt).
ing brush (OrA). Reithalfter / cavesson (harness).
Reinigungsdocht m cleaning patch Reithosen fpl breeches.
(R). Reitpferdw mount, riding horse.
Reinigungslappen m cleaning rag. Reitstiefel mpl riding boots.
Reisegeld n travel allowance. reizender Kampfstoff irritant agent
Reisegeschwindigkeit / cruising speed (lacrimator or nose and throat irri
(Ap). tant).
Reisekostenvergiitung / See Reise- ReizgeschoB n irritant gas projec
vergUtung. tile.
Reisemarsch m administrative march. Reizkerze / irritant candle (CWS).
Reisevergiitung / travel allowance, Reizkorper m CN capsule, lacrima
mileage allowance (reimbursement). tor (CWS).
Reiseverordnung / mileage table. Reizpatrone / tear-gas cartridge
Reiseverpflegung / travel ration. (for gas chamber test).
Reisigbiindeln fascine. Reizstoff m irritant, harassing
ReiBbahn / rip panel (Bin). agent (CWS).
ReiBbrett n drawing board. Reiztopf m. irritant gas candle.
reiBen to rip. Reizwiirfel m irritant capsule, CN
ReiBleine / rip cord (Prcht, Bin); capsule (CWS).
static line (Prcht). Rekrut m recruit.
ReiBnadel / scriber. Rekrutendepot n recruit depot.
ReiBnagel m thumbtack. rekrutieren to recruit.
ReiBschnur / quick release cord Relais n relay (Elec).
(Prcht). Relativgeschwindigkeit / indicated
ReiBverschluB m zipper, slide fast air speed (Avn).
ener. Relativhohenmesser m sonic alti
ReiBzeug n drawing instruments, meter (Ap).
drawing set. Reliefkarte / relief map.
reitende Artillerie horse artillery. Remonteamt n remount depot.
Reiter m private (Cav); cavalry Remonteaufkaufskommission / re
man, trooper. mount purchasing board.
spanischer Reiter cheval-de-frise, Remonteinspektion / Remount Divi
knife rest (Ft). sion.
Reiteraufklarungsabteilung / cavalry Remontekommission / See Remonte
reconnaissance detachment (H Cav). aufkaufskommission.
Reiterbrigade / cavalry brigade (H Remontewesen n remount service.
Cav). Repatriierung / repatriation.
Repetitions-Theodolit 148 Richtmaschine
Repetitions-Theodolit m repeating Richtaufsatz m sight mount, tele-
theodolite (Surv). scope mount.
Repressalien fpl reprisals. Richtaufsatztragcr m sight mount
requirieren commandeer. bracket.
Reserve/ reserve (Reserve I, inac Richtausbildung / training in sight
tive reserve of fully trained men ing and aiming.
under 35; Reserve II, inactive re Richtbaum m trail handspike (G).
serve of partly trained men under Richtbefehl m aiming order.
35). Richtbogen m clinometer (Surv,
Reservedivision / reserve division Gunnery).
(Tng unit in occupied countries). Richtempf anger m radio compass,
Reserveeingreiftrupp m reserve de direction finder (Air Navigation).
tachment (held in readiness for tac Richtempfangsanlage / direction
tical commitment). finder station (Air Navigation).
Reservelazarett n general hospital. Richtempfangsantenne / directional
Reserveoffizier m reserve officer. receiving antenna (Rad).
Res'erveoffizieranwjirter m reserve richten to lay, to aim, to point (a
officer candidate. gun).
Reserveoffizier-Bewerber m reserve Richter m judge.
officer applicant. "Richt Euch!" "Dress right, dress!"
Reserveziindung / auxiliary ignition Richtfeldrc field of fire; extent of
lead (blasting). traverse and elevation.
Resonanzkreis m resonant circuit Richtfernrohr n telescopic sight.
(Rad). Richtfunkfeuer / radio range beacon.
Restfiugweite / straight-line distance Richtgehause n elevating-gear hous
between point of burst and theoreti ing (MG).
cal point of impact (Ballistics). Richtgelenkw elevating link (MG).
Rettungsboje / life buoy. Richtgerat n laying mechanism,
Rettungsdienst m life-saving service, sight equipment (G); direction-find
rescue service. ing equipment (Rad).
Rettungsfahrzeug n lifeboat. Richtglas n collimating sight.
Rettungsgerat n life-saving equip Richthebel m elevating arm (MG).
ment. Richthebelwelle / elevating-arm shaft
Rettungsgiirtel m life belt. (MG).
Rettungsleine / life line. Richthohe/ elevation (Gunnery).
Rettungsmannschaft / rescue party. Richtkanonier m gunner (Arty); gun
Rettungsring m life preserver. pointer.
Rettungsschwimmer m qualified Richtkommando n aiming order.
swimmer (holder of life-saver's cer Richtkreis m aiming circle (Arty);
tificate). azimuth circle (Surv).
Rettungsstange / boat hook (for res Richtkreis-Bussole / • declinator (aim
cue work). ing circle).
Rettungstrupp m rescue squad Richtkreiseinteilung / mil graduation
(CWS). (aitning circle).
Revier n infirmary; forest range; Richtkreisunteroffizier m instrument
precinct, district. NCO in charge of aiming circle
Revierkranker m infirmary case, dis- ' (Arty).
pensary case. Richtlampe/ aiming light, aiming
Revierstunde / sick call. post light.
Revolver m revolver. Rkhtlatte / aiming stake, aiming
Revolvergurt m revolver belt. post (Arty); base stake (Surv).
Revolver mit Wiederspannabzug Richtlehre/ theory of gun pointing.
double-action revolver. Richtlehrer m instructor in gunnery.
Reynoldszahl / Reynolds number Richtlinien fpl guiding principles,
(A erodynamics). directions.
Richtantenne / directional antenna Richtmaschine/ elevating and tra
(Rad). versing mechanism (G).
Richtmittel 149 Rodelkeil
Richtmittel n sighting device; laying Richtzahnbogen m elevating rack,
device. elevating arc (G).
Richtpostenm road sign post. Riechprobe / sniffing test (CWS).
Richtpunkt m aiming point (Gun Riechprobenkasten m gas-identifica
nery). tion set, sniff set (CWS).
Richtpunktverf ahren n aiming-point Riechspur / artificial scent.
and deflection method (Gunnery). Riechtopf m irritant-gas generator,
Richtpunktzahl / aiming-point azi CN generator (CWS).
muth reading. Riechwiirfel m chemical capsule (to
Richtsaule / control column (for syn simulate gas-shell fire).
chronizing sound locator and search Riegel m bolt; bar; crossbar; sliding
light). bolt; switch line, oblique defense
Riclitscheibe / aiming target. line (Tac, Ft).
Riehtschiitze m gunner (MG,' Mort, Riegelbolzen m retaining bolt (Ord).
Tk, AT); gun pointer. Riegelhebelm locking lever (G).
Riegelstellung / switch position (Ft,
Richtsitzm gunner's seat, layer's
seat (G). Riemen m strap; sling; Belt.
Richtstange/ alinement stake (Bdg, Riemenantrieb m belt drive.
Engr). Riemenbiigel m sling swivel (R).
Richtstelle / aiming-circle 'station Riemenscheibe / pulley.
(MG platoon). Riemenschieber m, gun-sling keeper
'Richtstock m aiming post. (R).
Richtstrahl m radio beam. Riesenluftreifen m giant tire, over
Richtstrich m center line (on inside size tire (MT).
of march-compass cover). Rille / cannelure (Am); groove.
Richtiibung / aiming practice, aiming Ringenw. combat, struggle, wres
exercise (Gunnery). tling.
Richtiibungsgerat n practice sight. Ringf allschirm m parachute skirt.
Riehtung/ direction; pointing or Ringpulver n annular powder (Am).
laying (of a gun). Ringrohrn built-up barrel (G).
Richtungsangabe / indication of di Ringtrichterrichtungshb'rer m trum
rection. pet-type sound locator (AAA).
Richtungsbestimmung / determining Ringiibertrager m repeating coil (Tg,
of direction, orientation. Tp).
Richtungsgleis n classification track Ringverkleidung / engine ring cowl
(RR). ing (Ap).
Richtungshorer m sound locator Ringvisierw ring sight.
(AAA). rinnen to leak.
Richtungslinie / orienting line (Gun Rippe/ rib; cooling fin (air-cooled
nery, Surv). engine).
Richtungspunkt m orienting point Rippenflache / fin surface (air-
(Surv). cooled engine).
RichtungsschieBen n adjustment fire RiB m rip, tear; split; rupture;
for direction (Gunnery). laceration; sectional drawing.
Richtungsschild n road sign. RiBwunde / lacerated wound.
Richtungsschiisse mpl adjustment Ritterm knight, noble.
shots for direction (Gunnery). Ritterkreuz n Knight's Cross (deco
Riehtungsstabilitat / directional sta ration).
bility (Ap). Rittmeister m captain (Cav, H-Dr
Richtungswinkel m firing angle. T).
Richtverfahren n method of laying RUzel m pinion.
(Gunnery). robben to crawl.
Richtvorrichtung/' elevating and Rodelbalken m siderail, curb rail,
traversing mechanism. guard rail (Bdg).
Richtwirkung / directional effect Rodelbund m siderail lashing (Bdg).
(Rad). Rodelkeil TO siderail wedge (Bdg).
Rodeln 150 Riickbeforderung
Rodeln n siderail lashing (Bdg). Rohrstiitze / tubular support (AA
Rodelung / siderails, guard rails, gun outrigger).
siderail lashing (Bdg). Rohrwagen m cannon transport
Rb'delzange/ siderail clamp (Bdg), wagon, gun-barrel trailer.
Rodung/ logged-off area, cleared Rohrwandbeobachtungsgerat n barrel
woodland. reflector (G).
Rohol n crude oil. Rohrwechsel m change of barrel
Rohr n tube, gun barrel; pipe. (Ord).
Rohrabnutzung / erosion of the -bore. Rohrweite / caliber (G).
Rohransatz m barrel extension. Rohrwiege/ cradle (G).
Rohrbremse/ recoil brake (G). Rohrzange / Stillson wrench, pipe
Rohrbuch n gun book. wrench.
Rohre/ tube (Rad). Rohrzeiger m gun barrel reference
Rbhrenheizung / filament heating pointer (matches with Aufsatzzeiger
(Rad). when gun is laid for elevation).
Rbhrenkennlinie / characteristic Rohrzerspringer m barrel burst.
curve, tube characteristic (Rad). Rollbahn / taxiway (Adrm); track
Rb'hrenlafette / tubular mount. (of road).
Rb'hrenlibelle / tubular spirit level. Rollbockm bogie trailer (Arty).
Rbhrenmast m tubular mast. Rolle/ roll (Avn, Tech); roller, pul
Rbhrenpriifgerat n tube tester, tube ley; wire roll.
checker (Inst, Rad). gesteuerte Rolle slow roll (Avn).
Rohrenpulver n perforated powder rollen to taxi (Avn); to roll along,
(Am). to roll forward (Tks, vehicles,
Rbhrensockel m tube base, tube socket etc.).
(Rad). in rollendem Einsatz in waves (Tac).
Rbhrenspannungsmesser m vacuum- rollendes Material rolling stock (RR).
tube voltmeter. Rollenlager n roller bearing (Mech).
Rbhrensummer m electronic audio RoIlenstoBel m roller-type valve
oscillator (Rad). lifter (Mtr).
Rohrerhbhung / quadrant elevation. Rollenwagen m bogie suspensions
Rohrfestigkeit / strength of barrel (Tk).
(Ord). Rollfeld n landing field, cleared zone
Rohrhalter m barrel bracket (G). (Adrm).
Rohrinneres n bore (G). RollstraBe / taxiway (Adrm).
Rohrklaue/ barrel guide (G). Rollwerk n landing gear (Ap).
Rohrkrepierer m, barrel burst. Rollwiderstand m vehicle resistance
Rohrlange/ length of barrel (G). (MT); rolling friction (Mech).
Rohrleitung / pipe line. Rbntgenbild n X-ray photograph.
Rohrmantelm jacket (G). Rbntgenstrahlen mpl X-rays.
Rohrmiindung / muzzle (G). Rost m rust; grate; grill; trench
Rohrrahmen m tubular chassis frame board.
(MT). rostig rusty.
Rohrriicklauf m barrel recoil (G). Rotes Kreuz Red Cross.
Rohrschlitten m sleigh (G); gun- Rotfilterempfangsgerat n red-filter
barrel sled (for carrying barrel of receiving attachment (signal lamp).
dismantled mountain gun in deep Rotflltergeriit n red-filter set (BC
snow). telescope).
Rohrschreiber m practice aiming Rotte / two-ship element (formation
device consisting of pencil mounted of two airplanes); a number of men
on gun barrel and chart on which in file.
pencil tracks movement of target. R-Patrone / See Rauchpatrone.
Rohrseele/ bore (G). Riickbau m reconstruction; disman
rohrsicherer Ziinder bore-safe fuze. tling.
Rohrsicherheit des Zunders bore Riickbeforderung / evacuation (of
safety of fuze.. wounded, etc.).
Riickblick 151 Riickwartsgang
Riickblick m backsight (Surv); rear Riicklichtw taillight (MT).
glance, rear view, retrospect. Riickmarsch m retrograde march,
Riickblickspiegel m rear-view mir retirement (Tac).
ror. Ruckmarschbewegung / retrograde
Riickdruck m reaction pressure movement.
(rocket). RuckmarschstraBe / line of retire
Ruckenm rear (Tac); ridge (Top); ment (Tac).
back. Riickmeldung / reply.
Riickenangriff m attack against the Rucksack m knapsack, rucksack.
rear; attack from the rear. Riickschlag m blowback (Ord); back
Riickendeckung / rear covering force, pressure (Mtr); reverse (Tac).
rear cover (Tac); parados (Ft). Riickschlagventil n check valve, one
Riickenf allschirm m back-pack para way valve.
chute. Riicksta'ndo mpl fouling (Ord); car
Riickenfeuer n enemy fire -from the bon (Mtr); residue.
rear. RiickstoB m recoil, kick (Ord); re
Riickenflug m inverted flight, upside- action (Mech).
down flight. , RiickstoBhuIse / recoil booster sleeve
Riickengepack n pack. (MG).
Riickenkissen n crupper pad (har- RiickstoBIader m recoil-operated
Riickenlehne / back rest (Ap, MT). weapon.
Riickenlinie / ridge line (Top). RuckstoBmotor in jet-propulsion en
Riickenriemen m leadup strap (har gine (Ap).
ness). RiickstoBverstarker m recoil booster
Riickenringw back rest (AA MG). (MG).
Ruckentrage / pack reel (for Tp RiickstoBwirkung / recoil effect.
wire). Riickstrahler m reflector.
Ruckenwehr/ parados (Ft). Riicktrift/ trail (bomb trajectory).
Ruckenwind m tail wind. Riicktriftwinkel m trail angle (bomb
Riickfahrlaterne / backing light trajectory).
(MT). riickwartig rear, rearward, behind
Riickflug m return flight, homing the lines.
flight (Avn). riickwartige Dienste rear services,
Riickfrage / check-back, tracer. supply services.
Riickgrat n backbone. riickwartige Einrichtungen rear in
Riickhalt m support (Tac). stallations.
Riickholer m connecting arm between riickwartigei Armeegebiet communi
firing lever and sear (light In} cations zone.
howitzer). riickwartiges Gebiet rear area, rear
Riickkehr / return. zone, communications zone.
Riickkopplung / feedback, regenera riickwartiges Heeresgebiet communi
tion (Rad). cations zone of a group of armies.
Rlicklauf m recoil. riickwartiges Lazarett base hospital.
Riicklaufbremse / recoil brake (G). riickwartiges Nachschublager base
Riicklaufeinrichtung / recoil mecha depot.
nism (G). riickwartige Stellung rear position,
riickliiufig retrograde, reverse. reserve battle position, rear battle
Rucklauffeder / recoil spring, buffer position.
spring. Riickwartseinschneiden n resection
Riicklaufmesser m recoil marker (G). (Surv).
Riicklaufschieber m recoil marker Ruckwartsfahrer m rear driver (of
slide (G). a vehicle with double-end control).
Riicklaufwelle / reverse idler gear Riickwartsfahrt / reverse movement
shaft (MT). (MT).
Riickleitung-/ return (Elec, Tp); re Riickwartsgang m reverse, reverse
turn line (hydraulics). gear, reverse speed (MT).
Riickwartslenkung 152 Sackgasse
Riickwartslenkung / rear steering, Rumpfendew tail (Ap).
system (of a, vehicle with double-end Rumpfgerust n fuselage framework
control). (Ap).
Riickwartsstaffelung / negative stag Rumpfhaut / fuselage skin (Ap).
ger (Ap wings); echelon formation Rumpfholm m longeron (Ap).
in depth. Rumpfkanzel/ cockpit (Ap),
Riickweg m withdrawal route (Tac); Ruir.pfklappe / bomb doors (Ap).
return, way back. Rumpflangsachse / longitudinal axis
riickwirkend retroactive. of fuselage.
Riickzug m retreat, retirement, with Rumpflangsleiste / longeron (Ap).
drawal (Tac). Rumpfmontage / fuselage assembly
Riickzugslinie / line of retirement, (Ap).
line of retreat (Tac). Rumpfspant m bulkhead (Ap).
RiickzugsstraBe / withdrawal route, Rumpfnase / nose (Ap).
route of retreat.
Rudelw See Schiitzenrudel, Reiter- Rumpfspitze / nose (Ap).
rudel. Rumpfverband m cadre.
Ruder n oar; elevator or rudder (Ap). Rundbild n panoramic photograph
Ruderboot n rowboat. (Surv).
Ruderfahrzeug n oar-propelled craft. Rundblickfernrohr n panoramic tele
Rudersteven m stern post (assault scope, panoramic sight.
boat, ferry, or barge). Runde / tour, round, circle, curve.
Ruf m call;, ring (Tp); reputation. Runderneuerung / retreading (MT).
Rufbatterie / a battery whose obser Rundflugm local flight (Avn).
vation post is within calling distance Rundf unkm radio broadcast; broad
of the battalion observation post. casting.
rufen to call; to ring (Tp). Rundfunkempfang m radio broadcast
Rufname m first name. reception.
Rufstromm signaling current, ring Rundfunksender m radio broadcast
ing current (Tp). ing station.
Ruf zeichen n call sign, call signal Rundholz n round timber, spar.
(Bad); calling signal (Tp). RundkeilverschluB m cylindrical
Ruhe/ rest, silence, quiet. wedge-type breechblock (G).
Ruhegehalt n pension. Rundschreiben n circular.
Ruhelagerw rest camp. Rundzelt n circular tent.
Ruhestand m retirement. Rungenwagen m flatcar with side
im Ruhestand retired (abbr. i.R.). racks (RR).
Ruhestellung / "at ease* position. Riistgewicht n structural weight
Ruhr / dysentery. (plus equipment) (Ap).
Ruhrast / half cock (SA). Rustung / armament.
"Riihrt, euch!" "At ease!" rutschen to slip, slide, skid; to side
Rumpfm trunk, torso; fuselage slip (Avn).
(Ap); hull (of flying boat). Ruttelerscheinungen fpl flutter (Ap).
Rumpfbugm nose (Ap). R-Wagen m See Rungenwagen.

SA / See Sturmabteilungen. Sachnummer / item number.

Sabel in saber, sword. Sachschaden m material damage,
Sachbearbeiter m technical staff offi damage to property.
cer; individual in charge of a special Sack m bag, sack.
administrative department or field sacken to sag, settle, sink.
of subject matcer. Sackgasse / dead-end street or road.
Sackleinen 153 Sappenkopf
Sackleinen n burlap, osnaburg. Sandschutzbrille / sand goggles.
Saft m juice; electric current (slang). Sanierung / sanitation, introduction
Sage / saw. of sanitary measures.
Sagewerk n sawmill. Sanierungsmittel n prophylactic.
Salpeter m saltpeter. Sanitatsabteilung / medical battalion.
Salpetersaure / nitric acid. Sanitatsausriistung / medical equip
Salut m gun salute. ment.
Salve / salvo (pieces fire simul Sanitatsdiensi m medical service.
taneously) (Arty); volley (fired by Sanitatseinrichtung / medical instal
riflemen). lation.
Salvengeschiitz n automatic gun. Sanitatsfahrzeug n ambulance.
Salz n salt. Sanitatsfeldwebel m technical ser
Salzkartusche / flash-reducing wad geant (Med).
(Am). Sanitiitsflugbereitschaft / airplane
Salzsaure/ hydrochloric acid. ambulance unit.
Salzvorladung / flash-reducing wad. Sanitatsflugzeug n airplane ambu
Salzvorlage / See Salzvorladung. lance.
SA-ftlann m storm trooper. Sanitatsgefreiter m acting corporal
Sammelgesprach n conference call (Med). See also Gefreiter.
(Tp). Sanitatsgerat n medical equipment.
Sammelkommando n recovery party, Sanitatshelferin / medical woman
salvage collecting party. auxiliary.
Sammelkompanie / salvage collecting Sanitatshund m first-aid dog.
company. Sanitatskasten m medicine chest, sur
Sammelmeldung / general message gical chest.
(Bad). Sanitatskolonne / ambulance column.
sammeln to salvage, to collect, to Sanitatskompanie / medical company.
gather. Sanitatskorps n Medical Corps.
Sammelort m assembly place, ren Sanitatsmaterialpark m medical sup
dezvous. ply depot.
Sammelplatzm collecting point; as Sanitatsoberfeldwebel m master ser
sembly point, rallying point, ren geant (Med).
dezvous (Tac); collecting station Sanitatsobergefreiter m corporal
(Med). (Med).
Sammelpunkt m See Sammelplatz. Sanitatsobersoldat m private first
Sammelrufzeichen n collective call class (Med).
sign, general call sign (Rad). Sanitatsoffizier m medical officer.
Sammelschutz m collective protection Sanitatsoffizier (Z) m dental officer
(CWS). (Z is abbr. of Zahnarzt).
Sammelstelle / assembly point. Sanitatsordnung / regulations gov
Sammeltatigkeit / collecting; salvage erning organization and operation
collecting. of Medical Corps.
Sammehvesen n salvage service. Sanitatspark m medical depot.
Sammelzugm salvage platoon. Sanitatspersonal n medical corps
Sammler m See Sammlerbatterie. personnel.
Sammlerbatterie / storage battery. Sanitatssoldat m private (Med).
Sammlerhaube / battery cover Sanitatsstaffel / medical unit (of
(Elec). Div Med Bn).
Sammlerkasten m battery box SanitatstroB m medical train.
(Elec). Sanitatstruppe / medical corps.
Sandeis n "ice concrete" (a frozen Sanitatstasche / pouch kit.
mixture of sand, gravel and water). Sanitatstruppen fpl medical troops.
Sandgrube/ sand pit. Sanitiitsunteroffizier m sergeant
Sandkasten m sand table (Tng). (Med).
Sandkastenspiel n sand table exer Sanitatswesen n medical service.
cise. Sappe / sap (Ft).
Sandsack m sandbag. Sappenkopf m saphead (Ft).
Sarg 154 Schallplatte
Sarg m coffin. schablonieren to stencil.
Sattel m saddle (harness, Top). Schacht m shaft (mining); bomb
Sattelbaum m saddletree (harness). rack; conduit (Elec).
Sattelbefehl m field order. Schachtel / box.
Sattelbekleidung / saddle covering. Schadel m skull.
Sattelgurt m girth (of a saddle). Schaden m damage.
Sattelholzw short wooden plate or Schadenbekampfung / damage con
sill placed on top of a column so as trol.
to increase its bearing surface. Schadenersatz m indemnity.
Sattelkissen n saddle pad. schadlich injurious, harmful, destruc
Sattelpferd n near horse. tive, pernicious, dangerous; preju
Sattelschlepper m semitrailer (MT). dicial, disadvantageous.
Sattelsitz m seat (of a saddle). schadlicher Widerstand parasite drag
Satteltasche/ skirt (saddle). (Avn).
Satteltracht / saddle cover (pack Schadlichkeitsgrenze / point of in
saddle). tolerable concentration (CWS).
Sattigung / saturation. Schaft m stock (R); forearm (auto
Satzm sentence, axiom; rate, scale;, matic R); leg (of a jackboot);
set, unit; composition, pellet (Am, rod, stem, handle, shank, shaft,
CWS); jump, bound. stick. •
Satzringm time train ring (time Schaftpflegemittel n stock preserva
fuze). tive (R).
Satzstiickw powder pellet (time Schakel m clevis, shackle.
fuze). Schalenbauweise / monocoque con
saubern to clean; clear up; clean out; struction (Ap).
mop up (Tac). SchalenkreuzwindmesseV m cup ane
Sauberungstrupp m mopping-up de mometer (Met).
tachment. Schall m sound.
Sauberungsunternehmen n mopping- Schallaufnahmegeriit n oscillograph
up operation. (sound ranging).
Sauerstoff m oxygen. Schallblech n diaphragm (Tp).
SauerstoffazetylenschweiBung / oxy- Schalldampfer m muffler (MT);
acetylene welding. silencer (Ord).
Sauerstofflasche / oxygen cylinder. schalldicht soundproof.
Sauerstoffgerat n oxygen apparatus. Schalldose/ pick-up unit (phono
Sauerstoff-Wiederbeleber m pulmotor. graph).
Saughub m intake stroke, suction Schallgeschwindigkeit / velocity of
stroke (Mtr). sound.
Saugleitung / intake duct (Mtr). SchallmeBaufnahmegerat n oscillo
Saugluft/ inflow (Avn). graph (sound ranging).
Sangrohrw intake manifold (Mtr). SchallmeBbatterie / sound-ranging
Saugseite / suction surface (Ap battery (Arty).
wing). SchallmeBfilm m oscillogram r (film)
Saugsteinbehalter m silicic acid gel (sound ranging).
container (gas-detection apparatus). SchallmeBstelle / sound-ranging sta
Saule / column, pile. tion (Arty).
Saumpfadwi path (for pack ani SchallmeBstellentrupp m sound unit
mals); mountain trail. (sound ranging).
Sauna Finnish steam bath. SchallmeBsystem n sound-ranging
Saure / acid. net (Arty).
Sauremesser in hydrometer. Schallmessung / sound ranging.
S-Bekostigungsmittel npl army post Schallmikrophon n sound-ranging
subsistence supplies (abbr. for microphone.
Standort-Bekostigungsmittel). Schallmittel n sound-communication
S-Bootn See Schnellboot. device.
Schaber m scraper. SchaHortung / sound location (AAA).
Schablone / stencil, templet. Schallplatte / phonograph record.
Schallplatten-Abtastdose 155 Scheingefecht
Schallplatten-Abtastdose / phono scharf machen to arm (Am); to ac
graph pick-up unit, pick-up. tivate (a mine).
Schallverzug m sound lag (AAA). Scharfschiitze m sharpshooter, sniper,
Schallwelle/ sound wave. marksman.
Schalmesser n drawknife. Scharfschiitzengewehr n sharpshoot
Schaltbrett n control panel, dash er's rifle.
board, instrument panel. Scharfschiitzennest n sniper's post.
Schaltbrettlaterne / instrument light. scharf stellen to arm (Am); to ac
Schaltdom m gearshift-lever housing. tivate (LM).
schalten to shift (MT); to switch Scharmiitzel n skirmish.
(Elec). Scharnier n hinge.
Schalterm switch (Elec). Scharte / port (Tk); loophole, em
Schaltgabel/ shifter fork (MT). brasure (Ft).
Schaltgetriebe n gearshift transmis Schartenblende / firing-port shutter
sion (MT). (Tk); gun shelter (Ft).
Schalthebel m gearshift lever (MT); Schartenschild m ' shield with sight
throwout lever (panoramic tele ing ports (G); gun shelter (Ft).
scope). Schartensprengtrupp m pillbox demo
Schaltkastchen n portable switch lition party.
board. (Tp); switchbox (Elec). Schatten m shadow.
Schaltkasten m switchbox (Elec); SchattenriB m silhouette.
combination switch box (MT). Schattenwirkung / shadow effect
Schaltklaue/ dog clutch member (Cam).
(constant-mesh transmission) (MT). schatzen to estimate.
Schaltmuffe/ gearshift collar (MT). Schatzung / estimation, estimate.
Schaltplan m circuit diagram. Schaufel / shovel.
Schaltschema n See Schaltplan. Schau'flugm demonstration flight
Schaltskizze / See Schaltplan. (Avn).
Schaltstange / shift rail (MT). Schauloch n inspection hole.
Schaltstiick n throwout (sight-mount Schauzeichen n visual signal.
housing). Scheibe / disk, plate (Tech); prac
Schalttafel / control board, control tice target; pane (of glass); com
panel, instrument panel. pass card.
Schalttisch m switchboard (Tp). Scheibenkupplung / plate clutch
Schaltung/ connection (Elec); cir (MT).
cuit (Rad, Tp, Tg); gearshift (MT). Scheibenrahmen m target frame.
Schaltvorrichtung / switching device Scheibenrose / compass card.
(Elec). Scheibenstand m target butt.
Schalung/ casing; form (concrete Scheibentreffbild n vertical shot
construction); revetment. group (Ballistics).
Schandeckn gunwale (Pan). Scheibenwischer m windshield wiper.
Schanzarbeiten fpl entrenchments, Scheibenzuganlage / range unit with
spadework (field Ft). moving targets (Tng).
Schanze/ earthwork (Ft). Scheide / scabbard, sheath.
schanzen dig, dig in, entrench. Scheiderm separator (storage bat
Schanzkorb m gabion (Ft). tery).
Schanzzeugw entrenching tool(s). Schein m card, ticket, certificate;
scharf armed, live, primed (Am); illusion, deceptive appearance; light,
activated (LM); sharp. blaze, flash, halo.
Scharfe / sharpness. Scheinangriff m feint attack, feint,
scharfe Munition live ammunition. demonstration (Tac).
scharfe Panzermine activated anti Scheinanlage / dummy installation,
tank mine. dummy works.
scharfe Patrone live cartridge, ball Scheinflughafen m dummy airport.
cartridge (Am). Scheingas n fake gas.
scharfgeladene Granate live shell Scheingefecht n mock combat, sham
(Am). battle; feint, demonstration (Tac).
Scheingraben 156 Schiefigestell
Scheingraben m dummy trench (Ft). Schieber m rear sight slide (R);
Scheinleitwert m admittance (Elec). keeper (R sling); slide; sleeve
Scheinmine/ dummy mine. (sleeve-type engine); slide rule.
Scheinplatz m dummy airfield. Schiebermotor m sleeve-type engine.
Scheinsperre / dummy obstacle (Ft). Schieberwiderstand m rheostat.
Scheinstellung / dummy site, dummy Schiebeschnalle / slide buckle.
position. Schiebewindm cross wind (Avn).
Scheinvergiftung / fake contamina Schieblehre/ vernier calipers.
tion (CWS). Schiedsrichter n umpire (maneuvers).
Scheinverneblung / deceptive smoke oberster Schiedsrichter director.
screen. Schiedsrichteranweisung / instruc
Scheinwerfer m headlight; search tions to umpires (maneuvers).
light, spotlight, projector. Schiedsrichtergehilfe m umpire's
fiihrender Scheinwerfer carry light aide.
(AAA). Schiedsrichterstab m umpire staff.
Scheinwerferabteilung / searchlight schief oblique; biased; crooked;
battalion (AAA). sloping, inclined.
Scheinvverferrichtungsweiser m con schiefer Radstand cant (Arty); mis
trol station (AA SL). alignment of wheels (MT).
Scheinwerfergtellung / searchlight Schieflaufende / rhumb line (Naviga
station (AAA). tion).
Scheinwiderstand m impedance (Elec). Schienbein n shin.
Scheitelm v apex, summit, vertex, Schiene / rail; surgical splint.
zenith. Schienensperre / steel rail anti
Scheitelbogen m azimuth (Surv). mechanized obstacle.
Scheitelkreis m See Scheitelbogen. SchieBaufgabe / fire problem (Arty
Scheitelpunkt m apex, vertex, zenith. Tng).
Scheitelwert m peak value (Elec). SchieBauftrag m fire mission (Arty).
Scheitelwinkel m vertical angle, SchieBausbildung / training in fir
opposite angle. ing.
scheitern to be shipwrecked, run SchieBausbildungshilfe / marksman
aground; fail, miscarry, be frus ship training aid.
trated. SchieBbahn / practice range.
Schellband M hoop (G). SchieBbaumwolle / guncotton.
Schelle/ clamping collar (Mort). SchieBbecher m grenade launcher
Schenkel m leg, thigh; side (of an (R).
angle); leg (of a tripod, etc.). SchieBbedarf in ammunition require
Scherbalken m ponton balk. ments.
Scherdrahtw shear wire (fuze). SchieBbehelf m fire-control aid (Gun
Schere / scissors, shears. nery).
Scherenfernrohr n battery comman SchieBbremse / gun-wheel brake.
der's telescope. SchieBbuch n score book.
SchieBen mit Entfernungskomman-
Scherfestigkeit / shearing strength.
dos fire by command for range.
Scherspannung / shear stress. SchieBen mit hohen Sprengpunkten
Scherwinkel m angle of yaw (Avn). air-burst registration fire.
Scheune / barn, SchieBen mit Karte map fire (Gun
Schi m ski. nery).
Schibataillon n ski battalion. SchieBen ohne Beobachtung unob
Schicht / course, layer, stratum; served fire (Gunnery).
sheet, coating, film; working shift. SchieBen wahrend der Bewegung
Schichtlinie / contour line. assault fire (automatic weapons).
Schichtwolke / stratocumulus cloud. SrhieBfertigkeit / marksmanship.
Schiebedach n sliding roof (Ap). SchieBgerat n firing equipment,
schieben to push, 'slide, shove; to practice-firing device (Gunnery).
drift (Avn slang). SchieBgestell n firing stand (MG).
Schieftgrundlagen 157 Schlagbolzenspitze
SchieBgrundlagen. fpl firing data Schildzapfenlagerdeckel m trunnion
(Gunnery). cap (G).
SchieBhilfsmittel npl means of fire Schildzapfenpfanne / trunnion socket.
control (Gunnery). Schippe / shovel.
SchieBkladde / battery emplacement Schirmm screen; visor (of cap);
book. ' parachute canopy, parachute; um
SchieBklotz m wheel chock (Arty). brella.
SchieBIehre / ballistics. Schirmantenne/ umbrella antenna
SchieBlehrer m gunnery instructor. (Rad).
SchieBlineal n straightedge (SR cor Schirnieindecker m parasol mono
rection chart). plane.
SchieBliste / battery chart. Schirmgitter M screen grid (Rad).
SchieBplan m fire-control map (Gun Schirmgitterrohre / screen-grid tube
nery). (Rad).
SchieBplatz in artillery range. Schirmmtttze/ service cap.
SchieBpulver n gunpowder. Schirrmeister m maintenance tech
SchieBscharte / loophole, embrasure. nical sergeant.
SchieBstand m range, target range.
SchieBstock m projector rod (Sig Schirrunteroffizier m, maintenance
projector). sergeant.
SchieBtechnik / firing technique. Schlacht/ battle.
SchieBiibung / firing practice, range Schlachtereiabteilung / butchery
practice. battalion.
SchieBunterlagen fpl basic data Schlachtereizug TO butchery platoon.
(firing). Schlachtfeld n battlefield.
Schiefiverfahren n method of fire Schlachtflieger m close support air
(Arty). plane; ground attack airplane; pilot
SchieBvorschrift / firing regulations; of close support airplane (pi: sup
gunnery field manual. port Avn).
SchieBvorschule / basic training Schlachtfliegerbombe / fragmenta
course (Arty); elementary marks tion bomb.
manship training. Schlachtfliegerunterstiitzung / close
SchieBwagen m range car (on tar aviation support, support by ground
get range). attack airplanes.
SchieBwesen n gunnery. Schlachtflotte / battle fleet.
SchieBwolle / See SchieBbaumwolle. Schlachtflugzeug n close support air
Schiff ahrt / shipping (Nav). plane, ground attack airplane.
Schiflfbau m shipbuilding. Schlachtgeschwader n ground
Schiffbauwerft / .shipbuilding yard. attack and antitank wing, support
Schiffbruch m shipwreck. aviation wing. See also Geschwader.
Schiffsflak / ship-based antiaircraft Schlachtkreuzer m battle cruiser.
artillery. Schlachtlinie / battle line.
Schiffslazarett n sick bay. Schlachtschiff n battleship.
Sehiffsraum m tonnage (Nav). Schlafenband n temple strap (gas
Schiffsrumpf m hull (Nav). mask).
'Schiffstaucher m diver (Nav) See schlaff slack.
also Torpedotaucher. Schlafsack m sleeping bag.
Schiffswerf t / shipyard. Schlagm shock, stroke, blow; pigeon
Schiffswesen n shipping (Nav). loft; bay (of a trench).
Schild n signboard. Schlagbolzen m firing pin (Ord) ;
Schildm shield (G). inertia pellet, inertia striker pellet
Schilderhaus n sentry box. (fuze).
Schildlager n bracket seat (G). Schlagbolzenfeder / . main spring
Schildstiitze / shield support (G). (R); firing-pin spring (pistol, fuze).
Schildzapfen m trunnion (G). Schlagbolzenmutter / cocking piece
Schildzapfenlager n trunnion bear
ing (G). Schlagbolzenspitze/ striker (G, R).
Schlagbolzen-Versager 158 Schlips
Schlagbolzen-Versager m hung Schleifmaschine / grinding- machine
striker (fuze). (Tech).
Schlagel m mallet; drumstick. Schleif mittel n abrasive.
Schliigelstampfer w maul (Tech). Schleifringm collector ring (mag
schlagen to hit, knock, strike; to neto); release ring (clutch).
defeat; to build (a Bdg). Schlenke / ravine, gully.
Schlagfeder/ firing-pin spring (fuze). Schleppantenne / trailing wire
schlagfertig ready for immediate antenna (Ap).
action. schleppen to tow, drag.
Schlagfertigkeit / readiness for Schlepperm tractor; tug (Nav).
action, state of tactical prepared Schlepphaken m pintle (Trac).
ness. Schleppkahn m towed boat.
Schlagkraft/ striking power (Tac). Schleppkante / trailing edge (Ap).
Schlagladimg / booster, magazine Schleppkommando n glider-towing
charge (fuze). detachment, unit of tug airplanes.
Schlaglochn pothole, road hole. Schleppschacht m inclined gallery
Schlaglot n hard solder. (Mining).
Schlagring in brass knuckles. Schleppseil n See Schlcpptau.
Schlagschatten m shadow cast by an Schleppscheibe / tow target, towed-
object (as distinguished from shadow sleeve target (AAA).
on the object itself) (Cam). Schlepptau n trail rope (Bin); tow
Schlagseite/ list (of a ship). rope, tow line.
Schlagstift m striker (fuze). Schleppwagen m beaching gear (sea
Schlagstiick n hammer (SA). plane).
Schlagwort n slogan. Schleppziel n flag target, towed-
Schlagziinder m impact fuze, per sleeve target (AAA).
cussion fuze. Schleppzug m column of tractors;
Schlagziindschraube / threaded per train of barges.
cussion primer (fuze). Schleuder / catapult (Avn).
Schlamm m mud. Schleuderbund m sling lashing
Schlange/ snake; spiral, coil, helix, (Engr).
worm. SchleuderguB m centrifugal casting
Schlappe/ reverse, defeat, setback. (foundry).
Schlauchm hose, pipe, tube; inner Schleudermine / sling mine, sliding
tube (MT). mine.
Schlauchbinder m , hose coupling schleudern to skid, to slip, to cata
(MT). pult.
Schlauchboot n pneumatic raft, Schleuderstart m catapult take-off
pneumatic boat. (Avn).
Schlauchbootfahre / pneumatic boat Schleuderpsychrometer n sling psy-
ferry. chrometer (Met).
Schlauchbriicke / pneumatic boat Schleuderthermometer n sling ther
bridge. mometer (Met).
Schlauchschoner m tire flap (MT). Schleuse / lock (of a canal); sluice.
Schlaufe/ keeper (R sling); band, schlieBen to close, lock (a door,
loop. etc.).
Schlechtwetter-Landedienst m station SchlieBender m file closer; trail offi
marker beacon service (for Inst cer (MT column).
landing in bad weather) (Avn). SchlieBfeder / main spring (pistol);
Schlechtwetterzone / bad-weather closing spring.
zone (Met). SchlieBkontakt m contact maker
Schleichweg m hidden trail. (Elec).
Schleier m screen (Tac). SchlieBstelle / contact point (Elec).
Schleife/ loop (Avn, Elec, etc.). schlingern to roll.
schleifen to grind, sharpen, abrade. . Schlingerwand / baffle (Ap tank).
Schleifenflug m loop (Avn). Schlips m necktie.
Schlitten 159 Schneckentrieb
Schlitten m sled; sleigh, sleigh Schliisselunterlage / encoding and
mount (MG). decoding chart.
Schlittenaufsatzstiick n sleigh-mount Schliisselwort n cipher key.
extension piece (MG). SchluBklappe / disconnect drop (Tp
Schlittenfiihrer m sled driver. switchboard).
Schlittenkufe / sled runner; sleigh- SchluBlicht n taillight (MT).
mount runner (MG). SchluBzeichen n clearing signal
SchlittenstoBtrupp m assault (indicating party has rung off)
detachment with sled-borne weapons (Tp).
and supplies. Schmalspur / narrow gage (RR).
Schlittenstiitze / sleigh-mount leg Schmalspurbahn / narrow-gage rail
(MG). road.
Schlitz m slit; slot (Ap wing). Schmelzsicherung / fuse (Elec).
Schlitzfliigel m slotted wing (Ap). schmiedbar malleable.
Schlitzquerruder n slotted aileron. Schmiede / forge.
SchlolJ n lock; bolt mechanism, bolt Schmiedeeisen n wrought iron,
assembly (MG, R); castle. forged iron.
Schlb'Bchen n bolt sleeve (R). Schmierbiichse/ grease cup; axle
Schlosser m mechanic, locksmith, box.
fitter. schmieren to grease, lubricate.
SchloBfuB m bolt base (MG). Schmiermittel n lubricant.
SchloBgehause n bolt housing (MG). Schmierbl n lubricating oil.
SchloBhalter m bolt support (MG). Schmierolpuntpe / lubrication pump.
SchloBhebel m bolt handle (MG). Schmierb'lschicht / oil film (Mech).
SchloBkurbel / bolt shaft (MG). Schmierplan m lubrication diagram.
SchloBplatte / back plate (G). Schmierpresse / grease gun.
Schlot TO smoke stack. Schmierstelle / lubrication point.
Schlucht/ gorge (Top). Schmierstoff m lubricant.
Schlund TO throat. Schmierstoffanlage / lubricating sys
Schlupf TO slip (propeller). tem (Mtr).
Schlupfe / keeper (R sling). "Schmierstoffbehalter m oil tank
Schlupfjacka/ sweater (Clo). (Ap).
schliipfrig slippery. Schmierstoffdruckmesser m, oil pres
Schluppe / See Schlupfe. sure gage (Ap).
SchluBbesprechung / critique. Schmierstoffkiihler TO oil cooler.
Schliisselm key; cipher, code; Schmierstoffvorratsmesser m oil level
wrench. gage.
Schliisselbolzen m locking pin (lim Schmierung / lubrication.
ber) ; retaining pin or bolt. Schmirgelleinwand / emery cloth.
Schliisselgraben m main trench. Schmirgelrad n See Schmirgelscheibe.
Schliisselheft n code book. Schmirgelscheibe / emery wheel.
Schliisselkraftwagen m coding truck Schnabel m beak, nose; launching
(Sig C). nose (Bdg).
Schliisselmaschine / converter, cipher Schnalle/ buckle; gun sling hook
device. (R).
Schliisselmine / key mine (anti- Schnecke/ worm (Mech).
vehicle mine laid as road block). Schneckenantrieb in worm drive.
schliisseln encode, encipher. Schneckengehause n worm-gear
Schliisselpunkt TO key point (Tac). housing (panoramic telescope).
Schliisselschieber m corrector pointer Schneckenlenkung / worm and sector
(hand fuze setter). steering system (MT).
Schliisselstellung / key position Schneckenrad n worm gear (MG,
(Tac). Mech).
Schliisseltext m cipher text. Schneckenscheibe / spiral target
Schliisseltrupp TO code section. (Tng).
Schliisselungsoffizier m cryptographer Srhneckentrieb m See Schneckenan
officer. trieb.
Schneckenwelle 160 Schrage
Schneckenwelle/ worm shaft. Schnellfeuerwaffe / rapid-fire
Schnee m snow. weapon.
Schneef rasmaschine / rotary snow- Schnellgangm overdrive (MT).
plow. Schnellganggetriebe n overdrive
Schneehemd n parka. transmission (MT).
Schneehiitte / igloo. Schnellkampf geschwader m ground
Schneekette/ snow chain, skid chain attack and antitank wing (Luft
(MT). waffe).
Schneekufe / landing ski (Ap). SchnellschuB m hasty shot (firing).
Schneekufengestell n landing ski Schnellsperre / hasty obstacle.
assembly (Ap). Schnellstegm hasty footbridge.
Schneeloch n snow pit. Schnelltelegraph m ' teletype, tele
Schneemann m "snow man" (an im typewriter, telegraph printer.
provised road marker constructed of Schnellziinder m instantaneous fuze,
blocks of snow). nondelay fuze.
Schneepflugm snowplow. Schnitt m cut (injury or wound);
Schneereif en' m snowshoe. section, intersection; slice; bearing
Schneeschuhm ski; snow boot, over (Navigation).
shoe. Schnittbildentfernungsmesser m split-
Schneestauung / impacted snow. field range finder.
Schneetreiben n snow flurries (Met). Schnittlinie/ secant; halving line
Schneewanne / boat-type runner (coincidence range finder).
(placed under gun wheels for opera Schnittpunkt m point of intersec
tions in deep snow). tion.
Schneewolke/ snow cloud (Met). Schnittzeichnung / cut-away view
Schneidbrennen n oxyacetylene cut (sketching).
ting. Schnur/ rope, cord, twine, string.
Schneide/ edge (of a bayonet, etc.). Schnurbund m cord lashing, rope
Schneise / straight narrow clearing, lashing.
forest aisle, firebreak; sector (Air Schniirleiste / rack stick (for cord
Navigation). lashing).
schneidig smart (in appearance, de Schnurrensattelgurt m web girth
portment, etc.). (saddle).
Schneidkluppe / stock (die holder). Schniirschuh m laced shoe.
Schneidkluppe mit Schneidbacken Schniirsenkel m bootlace, shoelace.
stock and die. Schniirstiefel m lace boot.
schnell fast, quick, rapid, mobile. Schokokola chocolate with kola
SchnellablaB m quick release, jetti (Prcht ration).
soning (of fuel). schonen to spare, protect.
SchnelladeverschluB m rapid-fire Schonganggetriebe n overdrive trans
breechblock (G). mission (MT). .
Schnelladung/ emergency demolition Schb'pfeimer m scoop (excavator).
charge. Schornstein m chimney, smoke stack.
Schnellboot n E-boat (Ger), motor Schott n bulkhead (also spelled die
torpedo boat, speedboat. Schotte).
Schnellbriicke / hasty bridge. Schotter m road metal, broken stone,
Schnelle Truppen Mobile Troops (in gravel.
cludes Tk Rgts, AT Bns, Panzer- SchotterstraBe / metalled road,
grenadier units, MG Bns, H-Cav gravel road.
Rgts, Div Ron units, Mecz Rcn units Schottpanzerung / spaced armor.
and cyclist units). Schraffen/pZ hachures (Surv, Top).
Schnellfeuer n rapid fire, magazine Schraffierung / See Schraffen;
fire. schrag diagonal, oblique, inclined.
Schnellfeuergeschiitz n rapid-fire Schragaufnahme / oblique aerial
gun. photograph.
Schnellfeuerkanone / rapid-fire Schrage/ inclination; diagonal line;
cannon. bevel (Tech).
Schragentfernung 161 Schuflebene
Schragentfernung / slant range (AA Schrotgewehr n shotgun.
gunnery). Schrotpatrone / shotgun shell.
schrages Kreuz St. Andrew's cross Schrotsage / ripsaw.
(used as road marker to indicate by Schubkarren m wheelbarrow.
pass). SehubkurbelverschluB m pusher-
Schragfahrt / movement at an angle handle sliding-wedge-type breech
(ground target). block (G).
Schragfeuer n oblique fire, flanking Schubstange / torque arm, torque rod;
fire, enfilade. piston rod; connecting rod.
Schraglage/ bank (Ap). Schuhm shoe; boot (SA scabbard or
Schraglinie / diagonal. holster).
Schragnocke / inclined beveled cam Schuhzeug n footgear.
(Diesel engine). Schulflugwesen n training aviation.
Schragstellung / tilt, lateral tilt. Schulflugzeug n training airplane,
Schranke / railroad gate; barrier. trainer.
Schrankung / dihedral (Ap). SchulgefechtsschieBen n battle ser
Schrapnell n shrapnel. vice practice (Arty).
Schrapnellkugel / shrapnel ball. SchulgefechtsschieBstand m target
Schrapnellmine / antipersonnel mine. range (Arty Tng).
Schraube / screw (Mech); propeller. SchulschieBen n record service prac
Schraubendruck m propeller thrust. tice (Arty).
Schraubenantrieb ra propeller drive. SchulschieBstand m target range.
Schraubenfeder / coil spring, helical Schulter / shoulder.
spring, spiral spring. Schulterdecker m semi-high-wing
Schraubenflugzeug n helicopter. monoplane.
Schraubenganglenkung / cam and Schultergurt m shoulder strap (gas
lever steering system (MT). mask carrier).
Schraubenmutter / nut (Tech). Schulterklappe / shoulder strap (en
Schraubenschliissel m wrench. listed men's uniforms).
Schraubenspindelrichtmaschine / Schulterriemen m crossbelt (Clo).
elevating-screw-type elevating mech Schulterstiltze / shoulder stock (MG).
anism (G). Schulterstiick n shoulder strap (offi
Schraubensteigung/ screw pitch; cers' uniforms); shoulder piece
propeller pitch. (MG).
Schraubensteven m propeller post Schulterwehr / traverse (Ft).
(Nav). Schulungskursus m training course,
Schraubenstrahl m slipstream (Ap). orientation course.
SchraubenverschluB m interrupted- Schummerung / shading (on maps).
screw-type breechblock (G). Schuppen m shed, hangar.
Schraubenzieher m screwdriver. Schupo / See Schutzpoliz^i.
Schraubenzug m propeller thrust. Schiirmanneisen n butt strap.
Schraubpfahl m screw-type post (for Schurzholz n trench timber, wooden
obstacle construction). revetment.
Schraubstock m vise (Tech). Schurzholzrahmen m gallery case
Schreckladung / booby trap. (Engr).
Schreckmine / booby mine. SchuB m shot (discharge of fire
Schreibeblock m writing pad. arm); round (Am).
Schreiber m clerk; yeoman (Nav). SchuBbahn / line of fire; trajectory.
Schreibmaschine / typewriter. SchuBbeobachtung / sensing, spot
Schreibstube / orderly room, office. ting, observation of fire (Arty).
schriftlich in writing, written. SchuBbereich m range of gun; dan
Schriftverkehr m correspondence. ger area (on target range).
Schritt m pace, step. schuBbereit ready to fire.
den Schritt wechseln to change step. SchuBbremse / recoil brake.
Schrittmesser m pedometer. SchuBebene / plane of departure,
schroff steep (Top). plane of fire (Gunnery); plane of
Schrot m shot (for shotgun). position at instant of firing (AAA).
SchuBelemente 162 Schutzgebiet
SchuBelemente npl basic data, firing Schiittwurfm salvo release (bomb
data (Gunnery). ing).
SchuBentfernung / range. Schutz m cover, protection.
schuBfertig ready to fire; prepared Schiitz m relay (Elec).
for firing (Am). Schutzanlagen f-pl protective works.
SchuBfeld n field of fire. Schutzanstrich m camouflage paint
SchuBfeldliicke / gap in field of fire. (ing); protective paint (ing).
schuBfest bulletproof; light shell Schutzanzug m protective clothing
proof. (CWS).
SchuBfolge / cyclic rate (automatic Schutzblech n fender, mudguard.
fire). Schutzbrille / goggles.
SchuBgarbe / sheaf of fire, cone of Schiitzem private (Inf); rifleman;
fire. machine gunner (Ap, etc.); marks
SchuBleistung / shooting strength man.
(Ord). schiitzen to cover, protect; to sup
SchuBlinie / line of site, line of po port (by fire).
sition (Gunnery); line of future Schiitzenabmarsch m rifle half squad
position (AAA). (Cav).
SchuBrichtung / direction of fire. Schiitzenabzeichen n marksmanship
SchuBschneise / fire lane. badge.
SchuBseitenwinkel m firing azimuth. Schutzenauftritt m fire step (Ft).
schuBsicher bulletproof; light shell Schiitzenbank / See Schutzenauftritt.
proof. Schiitzenfeuer n rifle fire.
schuBsichere Deckung shellproof Schiitzengraben m fire trench, trench.
cover (Ft). Schiitzengrabenspiegel m trench
schuBsicherer Schlauch self-sealing periscope.
inner tube, bullet-resisting inner Schiitzenhohle / dugout.
tube (tire). Schiitzenkette / See Schiitzenlinie.
schuBsicheres Glas bulletproof glass. Schiitzenkompanie / rifle company
SchuBtafel / firing table, ballistic (Inf).
table. Schiitzenlinie/ line of skirmishers.
graphische SchuBtafel trajectory Schutzenloch n foxhole, rifle pit.
chart (not to be confused with US Schiitzenmine / antipersonnel mine
graphical firing table). (abbr. S-Mine).
schuBtafelmaBig according to firing- Schiitzenmulde / skirmisher's trench,
table data, firing-table (adj). prone shelter, shallow rifle pit.
gchuBtafelmaBige Anfangsgeschwin- Schiitzennest n rifle-squad entrench
digkeit standard muzzle velocity. ment, nest of riflemen (Ft).
schuBtafelmaBige Erhb'hung firing- Schiitzenpanzer m See Schiitzenpan-
table elevation (Gunnery). zerwagen.
schuBtafelmaBige Flugzeit theo Schutzenpanzerwagen m armored
retical time of flight (as indicated personnel carrier.
in firing table). Schiitzenreihe / squad column, file of
schuBtafelmaBige SchuBweite firing- riflemen.
table range (Gunnery). Schiitzenrudel n rifle squad in grouped
SchuBverbesserung / firing correc combat formation (squad leader and
tion (Gunnery). light MG team forward, assistant
SchuBwaffe / firearm. squad leader and rifle team back,
SchuBweite / range (Gunnery). echeloned right or left).
SchuBwerte mpl basic data, firing Schiitzenschnur / marksmanship
data (Gunnery). fourragere.
SchuBwirkung / effect of fire. Schiitzenstand m gun position (Ap).
(Arty). Schiitzentrupp m rifle team (rifle
SchuBzahl / number of rounds. men of a rifle squad as distinguished
Schiittkasten in bomb magazine, from the light MG team).
"Molotov breadbasket" (container Schiitzenzug m rifle platoon (Inf).
with a number of small bombs). Schutzgebiet n protectorate.
Schutzgitter 163 SchweiBtechnik
'Schutzgitter n suppressor grid (Rad schwanzlastig tailheavy (Avn).
tube). Schwanzsporn m tail skid .(Ap);
Schutzglasw bulletproof glass; pro- trail spade (G).
tectoscope (Tk). Schwarm m tactical formation of
Schutzhiille/ hood (Am). about five airplanes (consists of two
Schutzimpfung / inoculation, vacci Ketten).
nation. schwarmen to deploy into line of
Schutzmacht / protecting power skirmishers.
(PW). Schwarmkolonne / javelin formation
Schutzmann in policeman. of from 3 to 5 airplanes.
Schutzmittel n prophylactic. Schwarmwinkel m wedge formation
Schutzmiitze / crash helmet (for Tk of from 3 to 5 airplanes.
crew). Schwarzpulver n black powder.
Schutzpolizei / municipal police. Schwebekreisvisier n pivoted ring
Schutzpolsterung / crash padding sight (AA).
(Tk). Schweberiemen m hip strap (har
Schutzraumm shelter (Ft); air ness).
raid shelter. Schwebstoff m nonpersistent chemical
Schutzsalbe/ protective ointment agent (CWS).
(CWS). Schwebstoffilter m mechanical filter
Schutzscheibe / protectoscope (Tk). (gas mask).
Schutzschicht / burster course (Ft). Schwebstoffteilchen n nonpersistent
Schutzschild m shield, gun shield. chemical particle (CWS).
Schutzsieb n mechanical filter (gas Schwebungsempfang m beat-fre
mask). quency reception (Rad).
Schutzstaffeln fpl elite guard of the Schwebungsfrequenz / beat fre
Nazi party (abbr. SS). See also quency (Rad).
Waffen-SS. Schwebungsfrequenzmesser m hetero
Schutzwall m protective wall (system dyne frequency meter.
of land defenses, as the Westwall Schwebungsliicke / See Schwebungs-
on the western frontier of Germany). null.
Schutzwallehrenzeichen n bronze Schwebungsnull / zero beat (Rad).
medal awarded to workers excelling Schwefel m sulphur.
in the construction of German forti Schwefelantimon n antimony sulfide
fications. (Am).
Schut'zzaunm guard fence. Schwefelnatrium n sodium sulfide.
Schwachstrom m low voltage (cur Schwefelsaure / sulfuric acid.
rent). Schwefeltrioxyd n sulfur trioxide
Schwaden m gas cloud, smoke cloud. (CWS).
SchwadenschieBen n gas or smoke Schwefelwasserstoff m hydrogen sul
shell fire (Arty). fide.
Schwadron/ troop (Cav). schwefligsaures Natrium sodium sul-
Schwadronschef m troop commander fite.
(Cav). Schweige-MG. n ambush machine
Schwadronsfiihrer m temporary troop gun, concealed machine gun.
commander, troop commander (Cav). Schweigewaffen fpl concealed weap
Schwadronstrupp m troop headquar ons which hold their fire until enemy
ters detail (Cav). has reached certain points.
Schwalbennest n shoulder patch (worn SchweiB m sweat.
by bandsmen). SchweiBbrenner m welding torch.
Schwamm m sponge; mushroom. SchweiBelektrode / welding elec
Schwankung/ fluctuation; variation; trode, welding rod.
sway; oscillation. schweiBen to weld.
Schwanzm tail; trail (G). SchweiBer m welder.
Schwanzblech n trail float (G). SchweiBnaht / welded seam.
Schwanzlandung / tail landing SchweiBtechnik / theory and prac-'
(Am). tice of welding.
Schwelkerze 164 Seefliegerei
Schwelkerze/ smoke candle (CWS). schwimmfahig capable of floating"
Schwelle/ tie (RR); sill (Bdg); or swimming, amphibian.
threshold. Schwimmlastkraf twagen m. amphibi
Schwellenbahn / corduroy road. an truck.
Schwelljoch n trestle bent with sill Schwimmpanzerkampf wagen m am
(Bdg). phibian tank.
schwenkbar traversable; rotatable; Schwimmstabilitat / flotation stabil
flexible (MG). ity (seaplane).
Schwenkbereich m extent of traverse, Schwimmwerk n float gear, floats.
total movement in traverse (Ord). Schwimmwerk fur Landflugzeuge
schwenken to wheel, turn (Tac); to emergency flotation gear (Avn).
traverse, to slew (a gun). Schwimmweste/' life vest, "Mae
Schwenkfliigel m folding wing (Ap). West."
Schwenkwinkel m angle of traverse Schwindelgas n fake gas (CWS).
(Gunnery). schwinden fade (Rad).
Schwenkung/ pivoting or wheeling Schwingachse / flexible axle (MT).
maneuver (Tac); slewing, travers -Schwinge/ flexible shaft (follow-the-
ing motion (of a gun). pointer mechanism).
Schwenkungspunkt m pivot (Tac). Schwingkreis m See Schwingungs-
Schwenkungswinkel m angle of tra kreis.
verse (Gunnery). Schwingschenkel m wheel spindle
schwer medium (Ord); heavy; Schwingung / oscillation (Elec, Rad);
grave, serious. See also schwerst-. vibration (Mech).
schwere Artillerie medium artillery. Schwingungsdampfer m vibration
schwere Kompanie heavy weapons damper.
company (Mtz R Regt). Schwingungserzeuger m oscillator
schwere Schwadron / weapons troop (Rad).
(Cav). Schwingungskreis m oscillating cir
Schwerkraft / force of gravity. cuit (Rad).
Schwerkraftstoff m Diesel fuel. Schwingungsweite / amplitude of os
Schwerol n 'Diesel fuel. cillations (Rad).
SchweroI-Flugmotor m Diesel-type Schwingungszahl / number of oscil
aircraft engine. lations, frequency (Elec, Rad).
Schwerolmotor-w Diesel engine. schwitzen to sweat.
Schwerpunkt m main effort, point of Schwundm fading (Rad).
main effort (Tac); center of gravity. Schwundausgleich m automatic vol
schwerst- heavy (Ord); heaviest. ume control (Rad).
schwerste Artillerie heavy artillery. Schwundwirkung / fading effect
Schwerverwundeter m serious casu (Rad).
alty. Schwungkraft / centrifugal force.
Schwesterwaffe / related arm, re Schwurigkraftanlasser m inertia
lated branch of the service. starter (Mtr).
Schwimmdock n floating dock. Schwungrad n flywheel.
Schwimmerm float, pontoon (Ap); Schwungscheibe / See Schwungrad.
float (carburetor, gage, etc). Sechskantschraube / hexagonal-head
Schwimmerflugzeug n floatplane. screw.
Schwimmergehause n float chamber Sechsradkraf tfahrzeug n six-wheel
(carburetor). motor vehicle.
Schwimmergestell n float gear (sea See m lake (die See = ocean or
plane). sea).
Schwimmernadel / float needle (car See/ sea, ocean (der See = lake).
buretor). Seeaufklarer m naval patrol airplane,
Schwimmerwagen m beaching gear patrol bomber, scout bomber.
(seaplane). Seeflieger m naval aircraft pilot;
Schwimmerwerk n float gear (sea naval airplane, seaplane.
plane). Seefliegerei / naval aviation.
Seefliegerhorst 165 Seitenflosse
Seefliegerhorst m seaplane base. Sehlinie / line of observation; line
Seeflugwesen «• naval aviation. of sight (Surv).
Seeflugzeug n naval airplane, sea Sehne/ tendon; chord.
plane. Sehoffnung/ peephole, lookout hole
Seehb'he / height above mean sea (Ft, Tk).
level. Sehrohr n periscope.
Seekabel n marine cable. Sehscharfe / eyesight, vision; focus.
Seekadett m midshipman. Sehscharfeneinteilung / focusing
Seekarte/ hydrographic map. scale (Optics).
Seele/ bore (Ord). Sehschlitz m direct vision slot (Tk) ;
Seelenachse/ axis of the bore. observation slit, lookout slit (Ft).
Seelendurchmesser m caliber. Sehstreifenm sector of view (from
observation point to right and left
Seelenlange / tube length, barrel ends of target).
length (Ord). Sehverbindung / visual communica
Seelenmesser m star gage (G). tion.
Seelenrohrw tube, liner (G). Sehwinkelm angle of view.
Seelenwand/ bore surface (G). Sehzeichen n visual signal.
Seelenweite / caliber. seicht shallow (water).
seelische Wirkung moral effect (Tac). Seide / silk.
Seeluftstreitkrafte fpl naval aviation. Seife / soap.
. Seemeile/ nautical mile (1.853 km). Seil n cord, rope, cable, line.
Seemine/ submarine mine. Seilbahn / overhead cable railway.
Seeminensperre / submarine mine Seilbahnkommandotruppen fpl over
field. head cable railway troops.
Seenenge/ defile between lakes. Seilbremse / cable brake.
Seenotdienst m air forces sea rescue Seilfahre / cable ferry, rope ferry.
service. Seilrolle / cable drum.
Seenotflugkommando n air forces sea Seiltrommel / cable drum.
rescue command. Seilwinde/ cable wi