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Date: 11th October, 2015

Name: Macovei Daniela
School: Liceul teoretic ‘Dimitrie Bolintineanu’
Subject: English
Form: XI E
No of students: 27
Lesson: Unit 1 from Upstream C1
Time: 50 min
Skills involved: integrated skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking)
Teaching method: the communicative approach
Teaching aids: whiteboard, notebooks, speaker
Lesson objectives:
Vocabulary: attributes describing people
Reading: matching; multiple choice
Listening: listening for gist and detail; blank filling; matching
Speaking: asking for/giving information; describing people

No Stage of Teacher’s activity Students’ Int Skills Aids Purpose/

the era
lesson activity ctio Aim

1. Warm- T greets the pupils and then Ss answer the T- Speaking Whiteboard to create a
up she checks attendance ‘Who questions Ss safe and
is absent today?’ / ‘What warm
date is today?’ Ss- classroom
T environment

2. Lead - in T and Ss brainstorm for Ss do the task Ss- Speaking Notebooks to introduce
vocabulary describing people Ss the topic
5’ Whiteboard

3. Pre- T asks Ss to group words Ss do the task T- Whiteboard Speaking

listening under categories Ss
Speaking Notebooks
5’ Ss-

4. Listenin Listen to two descriptions

Ss pay to practice
15’ attention listening
T- Listening Notebooks
Ss identify and Ss
write down Speaker
adjectives Ss-
Ss do the T
personality test

5. Teachin T writes the scheme on the Ss pay

g whiteboard and explains it attention and
write the T- to practice
5’ scheme Ss writing

6. Vocabul T asks Ss to do ex 10 and 11 Ss d the tasks T- Reading Manual Vocabulary

ary Ss practice
practice Writing
10’ T

Homewo T. makes remarks about Ss’

rk activity
6. assignme Ss write down T- Speaking Notebooks
nt Hw consists in writing a their Ss
description of a person assignement Listening