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Company Overview
01 About Temenos
03 What Makes Us Different
05 Our Vision
07 Creating Value For Our Customers
11 Software Portfolio
17 Consulting And Professional Services
19 Partner Services
21 Summary
Temenos Company Overview

About Temenos
The Banking Software Company

ounded in 1993 and listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange (SIX: TEMN), Temenos Group
AG is the market leading provider of banking software systems to retail, corporate,
universal, private, Islamic and microfinance & community banks. Headquartered in
Geneva with 56 offices worldwide, Temenos serves over 1,000 financial institutions in
more than 125 countries across the world.

According to IBS Intelligence, which maintains an annual league table, TEMENOS T24 (T24)
has been the first or second best selling core banking solution for the last 12 years and in
2009 was the best selling solution for the third year in a row. Forrester ranks Temenos as one
of only two global power sellers (Forrester Global Banking Platform Deals Report 2009) and
Temenos has been the winner every year since its launch of the Best Core Banking Product in
Banking Technology magazine’s Readers’ Choice Awards.

Temenos customers are proven to be more profitable than their peers: analysis on data from
The Banker1 – top 1,000 banks shows that Temenos customers enjoy a 62% higher return on
capital, a 54% higher return on assets and a cost/income ratio that is 7.2 points lower than
non-Temenos customers.

1 The Banker – top 1,000 banks 2009: average values for Temenos
customers compared to average values for non-Temenos customers.
Temenos Company Overview

What Makes Us Different

Market Leadership

e sell mission-critical software. Banks want to buy software they can trust, from
a vendor they can rely on to deliver – wherever they are in the world and over
the full horizon of their investment. Being the market leader with the highest
sales and the largest installed base bestows this credibility.

Focus On Banking
We are the only one of the top five vendors in core banking to have a single domain focus.
Banking is all we do. All of our management time, our research and development (R&D) effort
and our expertise is focused on the banking sector – making us true specialists. Moreover, this
ensures that our success is inextricably bound to the success of our customers – if we can’t
improve their businesses, we can’t improve our own.

Product Superiority
Our products are highly acclaimed. We work in partnership with our customers all over
the world and in the many different types of bank, to direct the innovation and substantial
investment we make in our software. We consistently devote around 20% of revenues to
R&D – significantly more than our peers and greater than twice the industry average. This
investment in new technology, functionality and in meeting new regulatory requirements
allows us to deliver products that are consistently ‘state of the art’, which are made available
to all customers through an annual release programme. We provide a single, consistent,
service oriented architecture (SOA) that is componentised, easy to integrate into complex
environments and for larger banks provides low risk progressive renovation options.

Outperforming Customer Base

Implementing Temenos software significantly lowers banks’ total cost of ownership (TCO) and
provides a scalable infrastructure that allows them to extract economies of scale as they grow.
At the same time as giving them greater flexibility to innovate and adapt quickly to capitalise
on changes in the market. A single view over client and other data enables more effective
management of both risk and client relationships. This is why Temenos customers are the most
profitable banks in the world.

A Partnership Approach
We work in close and active partnership with our customers, their preferred partners and
the expanding community of Temenos partners, that already encompasses some of the best
names in the industry. This partnership approach helps us give choice to our customers –
over what technology platform they want to run and who they want to work with to
implement and support the solution.

Predictable Low Risk Implementations

In an average year, 50 new banks go live on T24. This very high number of successful projects is
enabled by our predictable, process-led and low risk approach to implementations, which start
with our highly configured, best market practice model bank. Further complemented by our
enthusiasm for working in partnership with the preferred partners of our customers.

Global But Local Presence

Our consultants operate from 56 international offices in 38 countries ensuring that they
understand local banking needs, as well as the local language - our 3,500 employees
encompass some 75 nationalities and speak over 65 different languages. We have delivered
products to more than 1,000 clients in 125 countries and have country models with
packaged functionality to support local banking practice in each of the markets in which
our customers operate.

Unique Business Model

Our success has proven that packaged core banking software with the flexibility of T24
can meet the exacting requirements of the world’s largest banks, without source code
modification and an ongoing significant investment in customisation services. With the
‘core’ protected, customisation is achieved through extensions of ‘the platform’, enabling all
customers to benefit from our collective experience in over 700 core banking implementations
across the globe. With enhancements rolled into an annual upgrade programme, banks can
now focus on their true differentiators, whilst we focus on delivering commodity systems.
Temenos Company Overview

Our Vision

ur vision is to help our customers to be the most profitable banks
in the world by:

- Optimising operational efficiency, based on best practice

processes and low TCO.
- Increasing agility and time to market with new products.
- Providing comprehensive risk management and cost-effective
- Helping to deliver a superior customer service.

We believe that we have the unique ability to provide a single, platform independent, highly
flexible core banking platform with a modern architecture. By delivering software that is
open and standards-based, we future-proof the system to avoid the technology obsolescence
inevitable with legacy systems. Our products address the needs of banks of every size –
from very large to very small – with a business focus ranging from universal banking to highly
specialised retail, corporate and private banking, and with the flexibility to be implemented on
a worldwide basis.

Our strategy to continue to deliver these benefits to our customers, is to remain focused
exclusively on banking technology and to collaborate with customers on continuously
fine-tuning processes and enhancing our core banking platform in line with emerging
requirements – based on a commitment to industry-leading levels of R&D investment.

In addition to our core banking technology, we offer a front office suite of products and also
support banks’ requirements in business intelligence, anti-money laundering (AML), regulatory
compliance and payment message repair and enrichment.

“The new decade will bring a renewed spotlight on core banking

renovation after a prolonged period of delaying core projects
during the global recession. The focus will be on refreshing the core
to support new business models as financial institutions look to
improve profits and increase efficiency, questioning the tremendous
maintenance and integration costs of legacy core systems. The
flexibility of a component based approach will be key to core
renewal, supporting unique strategies as FI executives invoke
innovation to take a leadership position in the marketplace.”
Karen Massey - IDC Financial Insights.
Temenos Company Overview

Creating Value For Our Customers


B anking is changing. But Temenos customers are flexible and agile enough to adapt, helping
them to significantly outperform their peers.

In Europe and the US, the future of the banking industry has been shaped by the consequences
of the banking crisis. Balance sheets have shrunk enormously2; banks have disappeared3;
wholesale and credit market funding has become more tightly rationed; and liquidity in certain
financial markets such as securitised mortgages has all but dried up. But there are still more
results to come, especially in the form of greater government regulation over capital adequacy
levels, governance and remuneration.

In the developing world, rapidly growing demand places different kinds of strain. For example
in China mass urbanisation and a booming economy are creating enormous demand for
retail and corporate banking services and putting pressure on banks’ systems and processes.
Moreover, the government’s move to open up and deregulate the banking market is also
intensifying competition, meaning that coping with demand is not enough – banks also have
to raise their standards of customer service, efficiency and risk management.

What is constant across all markets, however, is that the best banks react fast, adapting their
practices to stay ahead. Where these banks also have modern software, they are responding
faster and more cheaply – helping them to generate higher returns than their competitors.

The Most Profitable

Banks Run Temenos

higher return on capital

higher return on assets

points lower cost/income

2 FDIC In the period Sep 07 – Mar 10, 196 US banks failed –
compared to 223 in the whole period Jan 00 – Mar 10.
3 Thomson Reuters The IMF estimates that by the end of 2009, US
and European banks had suffered USD 1.1trillion of write-downs
related to the credit crisis, yet new capital raising as at the end of
2009 was only roughly half that amount, around USD 520 billion.
Temenos Company Overview

Improving Flexibility And Innovation

“Not only are we able to launch In the developed world, the shortage of wholesale and capital market funding is forcing banks
to shore up their funding bases, while tighter funding is increasing the pressure to generate
new products faster than high quality assets and higher fees. In the developing world, where wholesale funding was
competitors, but the flexibility never especially prevalent, the competition for deposits remains strong and is intensifying
of the system means that all of as clients become more discerning, governments deregulate and Western banks come in
our processes are fully aligned search of faster growth and higher returns. All in all, successful banks will need to offer a
differentiated and highly personalised service, centred on relationships, not products.
to this new product. In contrast,
even if a competitor reacts Temenos customers are already doing this. New market entrants such as BforBank in France
quickly and launches a similar and Metro Bank in the UK, are using modern technology as an important component of their
differentiated offering.
product, this is likely to involve
a significant amount of manual BforBank is setting itself apart through the quality and volume of the information it makes
processing – until the system available to clients and the quality of the user experience offered. It is empowering an
increasingly exacting, financially literate and technology savvy public to become their own
can be configured appropriately private bankers, based on the provision of rich, valued added and interactive content, which is
– resulting in much lower unmatched, except by vendors like Amazon outside of the banking industry.
Metro Bank is offering unparalleled customer service with a unique branch approach,
Le Xuan Vu - Chief Information Officer - underpinned by a ‘convenience with quality’ business model to serve the banking needs of
Techcombank the consumer and business communities. Clients will benefit from extended opening hours
with branches in operation 361 days of the year, a 24/7 London based call centre, best in class
online banking facilities and rapid account opening services with debit and credit card issuance
“T24 has enabled Bank of in 15 minutes.
Shanghai to launch a number of
truly innovative and pioneering Established Temenos customers are also using advanced technology to personalise and
improve their customer service. North Shore Credit Union (NSCU) in Canada makes use
products, in particular by of T24’s Arrangement Architecture (AA) to allow sales agents to negotiate standard product
combining corporate and retail conditions at the point of sale, thereby tailoring products for individual clients.
products. Not only that, but T24
Techcombank, the fastest growing bank in Vietnam, has capitalised on the flexibility of T24
has also dramatically reduced to launch a stream of innovative products. This has helped it to grow deposits at a compound
the time to market for new annual rate of 72%, more than twice as fast as the overall market, while it has taken
products – by a factor of advantage of the single customer view afforded by T24 to tailor its product pricing based on
several times.” individual client profitability, helping boost retention and cross-selling. In the last two years,
Techcombank has grown revenue per client by an average of 25%.
Mr. Zhao Gang - General Manager, Product
Innovation Department - Bank of Shanghai
Temenos Company Overview

Leveraging Scale Economies

How a modern, integrated platform helps customers to operate at significantly lower costs
than peers
Banks spend more than any other industry on IT costs. According to Boston Consulting Group, “North Shore Credit Union
banks spend 14.3% of costs on IT compared to an average of 7% across all industries.
The general assumption, which has sanctioned inaction, is that this higher relative spend
needed a cost-effective way to
owes to more complex and sophisticated IT requirements; an explanation that, moreover, manage our infrastructure while
justifies the lack of IT scale economies achieved by banks and the failure to extract IT cost still providing excellent member
synergies from acquisitions. service and innovative products.”
Temenos customers however are invalidating this assumption. EFG Bank, for example, has an Fred Cook - CIO - North Shore Credit Union
outstanding record of realising scale economies in IT. Since its inception in 1995, the bank has
grown extremely rapidly, increasing clients’ Assets under Management (AuM) to CHF 87.7
billion at the end of 2009. EFG Bank now employs circa 2,400 people in over 50 locations in “Undoubtedly, the best aspect
30 countries and has absorbed over twenty acquisitions. Yet it remains highly efficient in terms of centralisation has been
of IT: at less than 6%, its IT spend as a proportion of total costs is around one third of the
average for European private banks4. the elimination of the big
discrepancy that existed in the
Bank of Shanghai, with more than 13m accounts, 280,000 corporate clients, 7.4m retail operating costs of the different
clients and more than half a million transactions per day is T24’s largest volume customer
and is also enjoying the significant scale advantages of adding more volume and clients onto platforms. We now run an
an integrated platform. Bank of Shanghai is adding around 700,000 new retail and corporate extremely lean infrastructure
clients a year, yet given its modern infrastructure, the bank employs fewer than 370 full time with infrastructure costs lower
IT employees. We estimate the bank has an IT cost to total operating cost ratio 60% below
the industry average while its overall cost/income ratio is 55% below the average for the top
by approximately one third, and
1000 banks, and 15% below domestic peers. with IT support in the service
centre representing about 5% of
the total workforce.”
Pierre-Louis Favre - CFO - Schroder & Co Bank AG

Seeing The Whole Picture

How a single view helps banks to manage risk
Diversification and disintermediation were meant to mitigate risk; instead, they created “The improvement in aggregated
greater complexity that made risks even more difficult to manage. Nonetheless, while banks’ management information has
activities are likely to be scaled back and some of the practices to deconstruct the credit value
chain barred, the renewed focus on robust risk management – from clients, regulators, board been a huge advantage during
of directors and governments, will remain. Banks will need to write higher quality business, the subprime crisis. For example
which will require strong pricing and underwriting skills and more crucially, a complete view when we wanted to understand
of the client.
our exposure on the client
T24 customers have been taking advantage of this complete view of risk, at both the client and nostro side to Lehman
and aggregate level, to manage and price risk effectively. For example Schroders Private Brothers, it took us half an hour
Banking was able to see the entire counterparty risk exposure for them and their customers in
less than 30 minutes following the collapse of Lehman Brothers. And between 2006 and 2008
to understand that we had no
Techcombank grew gross loans by 199% – around 30% faster than the overall market5 – but exposure. In contrast, at the
its level of non-performing loans actually fell to 2.56%. time of the Barings collapse, we
spent significantly more time
retrieving this information.”
Pierre-Louis Favre - CFO - Schroder & Co Bank AG

“T24 has brought us complete

and real-time data, which
clearly has big implications for
our ability to manage risk,
but also for the quality and
timeliness of the information
Sources that management uses for
4 Boston Consulting Group “BCG’s sixth annual IT cost
benchmarking study”, June 2009. day-to-day decision making.”
5 Techcombank annual report, Banker database, Thomson Reuters
and various broker notes Mr. Jiang - Vice President - Bank of Shanghai
Temenos Company Overview

Software Portfolio

emenos is a banking software specialist, with its award winning T24 core banking
platform at the heart of its solution portfolio. Our consistently high annual
investment in research and development enables us to constantly invest in new
technology, functionality and in meeting new regulatory requirements, allowing us to
deliver products that are consistently ‘state of the art’.

We are committed to open standards and work in partnership with the industry leading
hardware, database and middleware solution providers to ensure that our software is available
on and optimised for a wider range of technology platforms than any other core banking
vendor. We believe that the open architecture approach and leaving the choice of platform to
our customers, enables them to achieve the lowest total cost of ownership and to leverage
existing skills, investments or vendor relationships in order to achieve the highest possible
return on investment.

Core Banking

TEMENOS CoreBanking
TEMENOS CoreBanking (TCB) is a contemporary functionally-rich core banking platform,
deployed on IBM mainframe technology and designed around IBM’s Information Framework
(IFW) industry banking model, to maximise re-use, eliminate duplication and minimise
redundancy. TCB is used by the world’s largest mass market retail banks, who given their scale
can achieve significant competitive advantage by having total control of their software assets.
It is designed to enable application components to be implemented independently, allowing
banks to transition from their evolved, fragmented and highly complex legacy processing
environments on a step-by-step incremental basis.

T24 is the world’s most widely used core banking system and provides a technically advanced,
SOA-based front-to-back platform for banks in over 120 countries, from small community
banks to large retail banks with over 15 million accounts.

T24 is a modular, functionally rich, fully integrated, real-time banking application, that
has revolutionised the core banking system industry by removing the need for end-of-day
processing and enabling 24/7/365 online operation. The flexible, open technical architecture,
combined with the richness of functionality of the solution enables banks to respond to
evolving market needs, providing core competitiveness for the future.

T24 is available as a model bank implementation, with pre-configured services and best
practice banking processes and workflows built in, to allow for an easier, more cost effective
and low risk out-of-the-box implementation; or a more tailored approach for customers
preferring differentiation.
Temenos Company Overview

Providing Specialist Solutions

For Each Banking Industry Sector

ur single domain focus and T24 For Retail Banking
expertise allows us to provide T24 is used to support more than 250 retail banking operations
specialist solutions for the ranging from the largest international banking groups to community
following different banking banks and new start-ups. T24 offers full retail functionality, from the
vertical sectors: front through to the back office, including CRM and product lifecycle
management. Unparalleled scalability and resilience is combined with
total customer centricity.

T24 For Corporate Banking

T24 provides integrated support on a single global platform to
corporate and wholesale banks offering services to professional
and corporate clients. T24 enables banks to introduce new business
models quickly and add value to their client relationships. Support
includes coverage of corporate credit, correspondent banking and cash
management, payments, treasury services and trade finance.

T24 For Private Wealth Management

T24 supports banking for affluent to high net worth individuals
by providing front to back office support for the widest range of
financial products, ranging from the simplest fund- and equity- based
instruments and FX through to structured products, exotic options
and hedge funds. T24 contains extensive discretionary and advisory
asset management support, including performance measurement,
plus the ability to maintain and use traditional and market tracking
investment models. Portfolio level cash management is also supported.

T24 For Islamic Banking

T24 is a best-of-breed Islamic banking system, which is both
Shariah-compliant and commercially flexible. T24 supports
organisations which operate solely on Islamic principles, as well
as allowing conventional banks to operate Islamic windows with
a separate balance sheet, but within the same environment. T24
enables banks to adopt one core system to address all aspects of both
conventional and Islamic banking and is well-suited to most retail,
corporate, investment and universal banking operations. T24 is rich
with best practice processes and pre-configured products that support
Murabaha, Mudaraba, Bei Salam, Musharaka, Istisnaa & Parallel
Istisnaa, Bei Bithaman Ajil, Wakala, Operational & Financial Ijara,
Tawarruq, Commodity Trading, Reverse Murabaha, Sukuk and a
Profit Management System.
Temenos Company Overview

Front Office

T24 For Microfinance And Community Banking ARC

Temenos has developed an additional layer of functionality that can ARC - Acquire Retain and Cross-sell provides the front office
be applied to any T24 implementation, which presents pre-configured capabilities for T24, based on its multi-channel architecture and
features, products and reporting specific to microfinance and focusing on technologies which support client-facing staff in
community banking (MCB). T24 MCB supports the specific delivering a differentiated customer experience, whilst also
operational and processing requirements of organisations engaged providing a consistent level of service across different electronic
in retail, community and microfinance banking in emerging markets: distribution channels.
micro lending institutions, smaller retail banks, large commercial
microfinance institutions (MFIs) and global networks of financial ARC Branch - In the branch ARC offers specialised teller
intermediaries and Credit Unions. T24 MCB is used by more than 100 functionality and device support, including off-line processing to
clients, many with multiple sites, in over 35 countries. ensure reliable customer service and access for branch staff to
all client information through a ‘single customer view’. Branch
T24 For Universal Banking managers benefit from branch-level access to very flexible
T24 supports banks which deliver a wide range of products business intelligence technology to assist with understanding
and services across retail and corporate banking. T24 offers an client needs and managing branch targets.
extraordinary breadth and depth of functionality across all channels,
giving the universal bank the ability to offer products and services ARC Internet - On the internet ARC provides the widest possible
which compete with more specialised banks, together with the access to banking functions across retail, corporate and private
agility and flexibility required to compete with large international banking, supported by a scalable and extremely secure internet
banks which may be entering the market. T24’s inherent scalability banking infrastructure.
allows banks with many overseas branches to enjoy the benefits of a
centralised production facility and product factory, whilst maintaining ARC Mobile - On mobile devices ARC enables banks to offer a
local front office functionality. combination of highly flexible banking and payments solutions
on the widest range of devices and in different channel modes,
Treasury Trader provides a seamless and transparent flow of including SMS, browser and downloadable applications.
information to synchronise the front, middle and back offices of an Functionally rich, highly secure and scalable, ARC Mobile offers
international treasury operation, delivering real-time links to the integrated m-commerce capability that allows banks to extend
market for instant and accurate data, together with an impressive their mobile service beyond banking, interfacing with retailers
range of risk, planning and analysis tools. and other payment channels to transform the handset into a
point of sale device.

ARC Call Centre - In the call centre ARC has an open architecture
which enables the single customer view to be combined with
third party interactive voice response (IVR) and computer
telephony integration (CTI) technologies.

ARC ATM - ARC provides a standard ISO 8583 interface to enable

the rapid integration of third party ATM/POS switch technologies.

ARC Origination - ARC offers the ability to originate a variety

of banking products using PW, T24’s process workflow engine to
ensure maximum flexibility in building and periodically fine-
tuning effective origination processes.

ARC CRM - ARC provides fully integrated support for identifying

opportunities and managing prospects, by combining a
combination of operational and analytical CRM with marketing
campaign management capabilities.
Temenos Company Overview

Business Intelligence,
Risk Management And Compliance

Biometrics Insight
Biometrics enables the positive identification of employees and clients Our Insight solutions take data from the core banking system and
through “one touch” biometric identification for any T24 transaction. deliver it back intelligently to those that need it.
This allows banks to cost-effectively launch new products, serve
customers in emerging markets, decrease time at the teller in branch Insight Performance Management
operations and meet regulatory compliance guidelines for multi- Insight is a browser-based business intelligence and financial
factor authentication. performance management reporting solution, providing integrated
financial performance, risk, budgeting and management
Client Reporting dashboards. It can be used to build, run and electronically distribute
Client Reporting provides wealth managers with the tools to deliver reports throughout the bank, which can be viewed in the Insight
complex, tailored and highly accurate information to clients on a browser, made available as spreadsheet data and analysed in multi-
regular basis. Through a a set of pre-configured templates and an end dimensional pivot tables. Built on the latest Microsoft technology,
user tool that allows the quick and easy customisation of reports, Insight has been fully integrated with T24 to work without the
Client Reporting enables banks to deliver high quality periodic and need for extensive consultation, data mapping or development.
ad-hoc reporting for both the demanding high-net-worth and mass
affluent markets. Insight Risk
Insight Risk enables banks to meet many of their regulatory
Country Platforms compliance needs, using an extensive regulatory capital engine
With our extensive experience of customer implementations in and comprehensive liquidity and interest rate risk analysis tool.
more than 125 countries, we have packaged all country specific Integrated with T24, financial institutions can fine-tune capital
localisations, including compliance with regulations and local requirements to maximise economic and financial returns.
payments systems, into reusable country platforms, to provide our Insight Risk also includes a flexible reporting engine to address
customers with software that fully supports local requirements. local regulatory requirements and for communicating to multiple
risk management stakeholders.
We currently offer a platform for over 30 major countries.
The AML suite of products delivers sophisticated screening and
profiling functionality to mitigate anti-money laundering risk:

AML Watch provides a cost effective watch list screening solution

that is fully integrated with T24, designed for banks with smaller
customer holdings and which process lower transaction volumes.

AML Screen gives far greater control of AML operations.

In addition to providing an integrated watch list screening solution,
it enables banks to manipulate and manage watch lists, and define
screening rules. These enhanced tools help maximise the chances
of identifying true positives whilst minimising instances of false
positives, to achieve a more efficient and effective AML operation.

AML Profile delivers additional value, through understanding

clients’ activity, enabling the analysis of trends and behaviours
both at sector level and with individual clients. AML Profile is
fully configurable and can be adjusted to meet banks own risk
profile requirement.
Temenos Company Overview

Payments Data Management

STeP Payments Repair ProDB

STeP Payments Repair (STeP) markedly improves straight through ProDB is an enterprise data management (EDM) solution that
processing (STP) rates by automatically repairing and enriching automatically optimises the quality of master data (e.g. statics,
messages, enabling payment transactions to be conducted corporate actions, pricing data) to reduce the costs and risk associated
electronically without the need for re-keying or manual intervention. with managing increasing volumes of data required to comply with
STeP is based on artificial intelligence type technology combined regulatory change. Based on a highly sophisticated rules engine ProDB
with a unique Temenos banking community-generated knowledge validates and consolidates data from international and local data
base, which integrates seamlessly into payment platforms and providers and dispatches consistent data (“a golden copy”) to user-
operational systems. defined systems across the organisation.
Temenos Company Overview

Consulting And Professional Services

A core banking system implementation
should transform your business

A Process Led Approach Management Consulting Services

n order to fully realise the true benefits of any system Temenos Management Consulting Services (MCS) brings its knowledge
implementation, Temenos believes that banks need to take a fresh of banking and extensive experience of core banking system
look at their operating environment and align their processes implementations to assist banks in reviewing their current systems
with the new core banking solution. Simply transferring existing, and processes and assessing the best course of action that meets
inefficient processes to a new banking platform will negate the all of their strategic objectives, to ensure efficient and low-risk core
potential business benefits that the solution can offer and prevent banking platform migrations.
banks from experiencing the full value of their investment. Temenos
has built up considerable experience in leading banks through major MCS engagements are guided by proven methodologies, specifically
changes in their operating environments through our process led adapted to apply to banking system processes:
approach to system implementation. • Temenos Implementation Methodology (TIM) – a comprehensive
project management methodology for core banking system
Implementations start with our highly configured, best market implementations.
practice model bank, which embodies an approach that is unique to • ARIS – the leading process management tool from Software AG.
Temenos. It was developed as a pragmatic response to the complexity • Temenos’ Banking Reference Processes – around 600 end-to-end
and cost of core banking implementations and as a repository for processes representing the accumulated industry knowledge of over
the best practice that we have learnt over the course of more than 700 client engagements, covering a wide range of banking sectors.
700 implementations around the world. Unlike our customers,
who will typically be involved in only one or two large-scale core This process led approach to implementation ensures:
banking system implementations, we successfully complete 50 new
implementations every year. Our model bank is constantly being • A clear view of end-to-end process design at the start of the
refined as we encounter new best practice models in the banking project, thus allowing improved scope management.
sectors we serve, as we work with banks of all sizes and profiles • Standardisation of functions and documents according to best
around the world. practice removing non-value added steps; improving controls and
achieving higher levels of straight through processing.
• Minimal changes to the standard model bank, reducing
customisation and project resources and therefore the speed and
cost of implementation.
• Project effort focused on effecting business improvement, as
opposed to just a system replacement.
• Quantifiable and qualitative benefits are identified, leading to
improved decision making based on business prioritisation.
• Clarity and transparency for users fearing change, generating
enthusiasm for and commitment to the project.
Benefits Of A Process Led
Application Management, Customisation And Hosting Services
Implementation: T24 is a functionally rich system. Nevertheless where there is a
requirement for customisation, either to reflect a specific aspect of
the business or to support localisation, we provide an offshore, reliable
• Ensures packaged software remains
and cost-effective configuration and customisation service. We ensure
packaged – and does not become a
that any customisation is developed in a controlled environment
bespoke solution.
and becomes a product that we continue to support, without
• Fewer customisations.
compromising our customers’ ability to upgrade as part of the annual
• Faster implementations - the average
T24 release programme.
project length has been reduced by 40%
in the last 3 years.
We also remotely manage applications and host T24 for customers
• Greater ease of upgrade - less local
requiring an off-premise solution for software as a service type
development and fewer customisations
translate into faster upgrades. Length of
time taken to upgrade has fallen by 58%
TEMENOS Learning
over the last 3 years.
• Business ownership of the Temenos believes that the training of staff is the key to extracting
implementation project. maximum value from and protecting the investment in a T24
• Translating into very low cost of implementation. We offer a variety of proven learning methods and
ownership. can recommend the most appropriate learning approach, offering
choice and flexibility in the way that our customers wish to learn:

• Public Scheduled Training - available in 325 classroom locations

globally, using both lectures and hands-on T24 workshops.
• On-Site Training - tailored training combining content from any of
our 50 training courses, delivered at the customer’s site.
• Temenos Online Live - combining the expertise of a live Temenos
trainer with a distance learning technology platform.
• Custom E-Learning - cost effective e-learning solutions based on
the customer’s T24 system, provided in partnership with Verisim.
Temenos Company Overview

Partner Services

emenos has strong relationships with some of the most reputable companies across
the globe and through a programme of training and certification offers a network
of partners to support our customers to deliver quality end to end solutions – from
business consulting through to complementary services post implementation.

We take pride in identifying, selecting and working with the right companies to support our
business, which allows us to offer customers more choice over which advisors they use and
access to world class business management and product delivery skills. Our approach of
working with only authorised partners re-affirms our commitment and dedication to providing
a truly credible network of partner services.

Services Partners
Temenos Services Partners commit to training their consultants in T24, the Temenos
Implementation Methodology (TIM) and to undertake certification in the Implementation
Training Programme (ITP) examinations. This ensures a consistent approach in implementing
the model bank and understanding of the latest release of T24. Their skills range from
management consulting to systems integration and in specialisms from hosting to testing.
All offerings are available for delivery on both a global and local level.

Complementary Solution Partners

Temenos’ Complementary Solution Partners develop and deliver offerings that complement or
broaden our product and solution footprint, either by adding banking specific or very localised
functionality. Temenos maintains the interfaces or connectors to these products to ensure that
they are certified and operational to support our customers’ needs.

Technology Partners
Temenos’ Technology Partners enhance Temenos’ core solutions by providing robust and
scalable platforms. In partnership we carry out regular benchmarks to optimise processes and
performance metrics to ensure industry leading best practice and performance.
Temenos Company Overview


emenos is an established supplier to the banking industry and a growing and profitable
company. We have grown from an entrepreneurial start in 1993 to our present market
leadership position. Listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange (SIX: TEMN) since 2001,
Temenos has a strong balance sheet and a broad, global shareholder base, which
includes some of the world’s largest and best known institutions. Our robust financial position
and history of delivering successful software solutions makes us the supplier of choice for
more than 1,000 financial institutions worldwide.

We serve these customers in more than 125 countries, from 56 offices and with approximately
3,500 staff, made up of 75 nationalities and speaking over 65 different languages.

Temenos is the world’s leading supplier of packaged banking software. We offer modern,
innovative and award-winning banking systems, which enable our customers to grow their
business, reduce costs, improve flexibility and innovation and manage risk. We are the only
software company that has committed to banking as its sole domain and we live or die by
the success of our banking systems. This success depends on our ability to offer specialised
domain expertise. We do not dilute this expertise by serving other industries.

Our systems are based on the latest open technology and not aligned to any particular
hardware, server or database technology. This results in flexibility, reduced risk and ensures
that our customers have choice in the technical infrastructure on which they run our systems.

We take our responsibilities seriously – as a supplier, business partner, employer and global
organisation. We are aware that this success depends in turn on investing in our products and
people to ensure that they continue to support your requirements into the future.

We will continue to invest for the long term and we invite you to talk to us to see how our
investment can benefit your organisation.

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