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DAY 197
Issue 4

Dear Y11s, Well done to so many of you that have been revising for your English exam and
your Maths re-takes - we really appreciate your effort. Now that you have had the college as-
semblies and are attending the college open evenings we thought it was time to talk to you
about why staying on in education is important.
The longer you stay in full time education the better chance you have a good job, more money
and a better standard of living throughout the rest of your life. The government felt it was so
important that from 2012 all pupils will have to stay in some form of full time education until
they are 18. This is what employers will expect and you will find it more difficult to get a job
if you have not gone to college.
Going to college will affect your financial future. On average, you will earn £180,000 more if
you do an extra 2 years in college. If you go to university, on average your pay will be between
half and three quarters of a million pounds more than someone who did not attend.
Make sure you attend the college open evenings and get a good idea of where you want to go.
After Christmas you will have time in your citizenship lessons to discuss your future education
and help writing college forms. You must also remember that colleges do not only look at your
grades when they decide whether or not to accept you, your attendance record is also very im-
portant> At the moment, as a year group, your attendance stands at 89.6%. 96 of you have an
attendance of lower than 94% that means 96 of you are likely to get a grade lower than you
are capable of. Remember: good attendance is so important to your success.
SAM Learning Quote of the Week
Winners make commitments;
1. Type in losers make promises.

2. Log on
Centre ID: sk14HT2
Username: Date of
birth followed by ICT & Business Catch Up
initials Every Tuesday

3. Revise!

Huge Thanks and Well Done!

On behalf of the whole of the English Department, I would like to

thank those of you who took your exams this week. Your conduct and
behaviour was excellent and I was incredibly impressed to see that
you were taking the examination so seriously. Well done! Keep up the
Excellent work. Ms Walsh
November Exams GCSE ART
Maths Re-sits — Monday 15th Extra Art and Textiles GCSE
November a.m. and p.m. class on Mondays.

ART Show
The 2010 Art show is being held on the 25th Nov. This is an exhibition of
the work from the class of 2010. It will be held in the hall and we hope
that most classes will have the opportunity to see it.

Hyde Clarendon College are having another Open Evening on

Thursday 25th November from 5.30 -7.30.

This is a chance for any one interested in AS levels and vocational

courses including, sport, hairdressing, beauty therapy, children's care
learning and development, public services, performing arts, ICT, media
production and health and social care to have a look round the college,
speak to tutors and current students and to find about courses.

Cnx2yourFuture 2011
Information booklet on all the different pathways available to you in Post
16 education and the various locations/institutions you can study at can
be downloaded from
This week’s role models are Robert Lee, Steven Herod, Holly Smith, James Lee, Andrew
Moss, Kirsteen King, Jack Strickland, Kyle Barlow, Sarah Owen, Hayley Cross, Zion Lawrence, Fiona
Hilton, Lucy Walker, Danny Booth, Tom McCabe, Nathan Player, Laurence Mussett, Kyle Fryer, Ai-
dan McCarron, Jamie Grayson, Hannah Hulbert, Luke Freeman, and Kayleigh Blyth for their excel-
lent attendance so far this year.

Miss Fletcher would like to congratulate her year 11 group in English for their commitment, maturity
and attitude towards work. They have worked extremely hard and all coursework is of a very high
standard. You are a delight to teach and I am very proud of you all, I know It can be hard going but
keep at it, it will be worth it in the end.

Miss Kelly would like to praise Steven Herod for completing all his coursework last half term. He is the
most dedicated student ever, because he stayed every Wednesday after school!

Miss Bowler would like to Manwar Hasan for his contribution to the lesson.

Miss Neill would like to praise the following students for really knuckled down over the past couple of
weeks and working really hard to get their coursework completed she is really pleased: Amy McDer-
mot, Sommer Speakman Barton, Charlie Lewis Dobson, Waheda Parveen, Thanzila Ferdous, Zahira Bibi,
Nilima Begum, Hannah Hulbert, Abdul Chowdhury, Suyeb Ahmed, Abdul Rahman, Manwar Hasan, Mat-
thew King, Raihan Ahmed, Hina Akthar, Chelsea Armstrong, Abu Ayub Bakar, Khalida Begum, Nicole
Calvert, Mohibur Choudhury, Jamie Grayson, Liam Hamilton, Robiul Hussain, Aleya Khan, Tom McCabe,
Reaj Miah, Shuab Miah, Jahed Mubin, Juleyka Uddin, Connor Woodhead.

Mr Eyre would like to praise these students for extremely good effort in maths in recent weeks:
Amina Begum, Shamima Begum, Aamnah Kamran, Hanan Ahmed, Kirsty Warren, Marcus Whittingham,
Sophie Freeman, and Ryan Caveney.

Mr Brogan would like to praise:

Matthew Drabble – For making a great effort on his folder work and catching up on some of the out-
standing coursework he has. If he continues with the same effort he can look forward to achieving the
grade he is capable of.
Robiul Hussain – For producing very high quality practical work for his GCSE coursework and having a
much improved attitude this term.
Manwar Hasan – producing very high quality coursework and working hard on every aspect of his
GCSE.Fatima Johura – Producing an excellent practical project for her GCSE coursework. Well
done.Waheda Parveen - Producing an excellent and very original practical project for her GCSE course-

Ms Walsh says well done to all of her English class for working so hard preparing for their exam. You
are all superstars!
Miss Gadsby-Mace wishes to say well done to Fahmida Khatun and Luke Freeman for con-
tinuing effort and brilliant work. We anticipate really good grades for them.

Mr Speakes would like to praise his year 11 class for the effort they have put into their
revision for the re-sits. Well done!

Mrs Davies would like to praise Nilima Begum, Megan Walker, Nishat Anjum, Kathryn
Randles, Shamina Begum, Fiona Hilton, Abdul Rahman, Matthew Burgess, Jodie Beaton and
Robert Lee, for their excellent preparation for their History controlled assessment.

Mrs Davies would like to praise Robiul Hussain, Nilima Begum, Nabila Choudhury, Shannon
Monks and Chantelle Hughes for their excellent contribution to citizenship lessons.

Mr Parry would like to say ‘Well done to all of the following Year 11 students who are do-
ing really well in their ICT lessons with me and producing some excellent work towards
their overall ICT qualification.’ Fatheha Akther, Nishat Anjum, Reshma Begum, Kyle Bar-
low, Benjamin Hartley, Steven Herod, Shahera Khatun - Ali, Matthew King, Alyson Lees,
Keely Oates, Sarah Owen, Jack Strickland, Robyn Westhead, Adam Willis, Daniel Worrall,
Fiona Hilton, Robiul Hussain, Aleya Khan, Kane Wrigley, Rasmina Begum, and Thasneem Be-

Mr Kendal would like to praise Fahmeda Khatum, Tom McCabe and Matthew Burgess for
making excellent progress with their coursework.

Dr Warhurst would like to praise Nilima Begum for brilliant work in science throughout
the year so far. Aaron Breeze and Aiden McCarron for their ace case studies. Masuma
Khatun for super work in science!

Mrs Mitchell would like to praise 11AIT2 class for such good work and an excellent atti-
tude to work and Will Hemmings for such an excellent effort in his ICT catch up class
and fab independent working- really well done.

Miss Ripley would like to praise the following pupils for their work in GCSE R.E.
Aaron Breeze, James Lee, Sarah Owen, Mumina Khatun, Nahema Ahmed, Zahira Bibi, Na-
bila Choudhury, Farzana Begum, Amina Begum, Masuma Khatun, Waheda Parveen, Fatima
Johura, Robyn Westhead, Fahmeda Khatun

Miss Speakes would like to praise Ryan Howards for his improved attendance.

If you are not mentioned, you have 2 weeks to work hard and
make sure you are nominated in issue 5.
Miss Lorenzen— ‘She is a nice, kind, thoughtful and pretty.’

Mr Speakes—’Sarcastic, funny and an awesome teacher.’

Mr Joshi—’Funny, helpful, kind and a great teacher.’

Mrs Gadsby-Mace—’Pretty, kind, sick at art; a nice teacher.’

Miss Kelly—’because she really helped me catch up on my work and

helped me a lot.’ ‘She helped me a lot with my coursework and catching
up on my work.’ ‘For being a very nice form tutor.’ ‘Giving up her free
time to help me work on my coursework.’ ‘For pushing me into getting
higher grades in my coursework and giving up her own time to help me.’
‘For helping me with my coursework.’

Ms Fletcher—’For helping me through everything in English and being a

good teacher.’ ‘Miss has helped me on my class and coursework. She is
very easy and clear to understand.’ ‘Helping me improve my coursework’

Mr Brogan—’has given me time to re-design and print my folder work.’

Mrs Elms—’helping me with my cooking and pushing me to be the best I


Miss Bowden—’For helping me understand the language and persuasive


Mr Kendal—’He explains things clearly.’

Miss Howie—’For helping me prepare for my audition for Chetham’s

School of Music.’