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Charles Spencer Chaplin

(16th April 1889 - 25th December 1977)

Years Event
1889 Charles Spencer Chaplin was born
in East Street, Walworth, Southern
of London, England
1892 His mom and dad has divorced.
Charlie, his brother and his mom
decided to move into a smaller
house and they’ve moved for
several times
1894 Charlie replace his mom, Hannah
to perform at music hall for the
first time. His mom got a problem
about her larynx
1896 Charlie, his brother Sidney move to
the shelter, while their mom got
some treatment in psychiatric
1897 Their mom comeback after getting
some treatment, Sidney join
training at Exmouth Ship in Gray
1898 Charlie and Sidney has sent to their
dad house at Kennington road,
while Hannah comeback to
psychiatric hospital.
Charlie joined The Eight Lanchasire
Lads as kids dancer
1901 His dad, Charlie Chaplin Senior,
passed away because of heart
syrosis. Charlie quit as a dancer and
meet her mom. He work as a
newspaper courier
1903 His mom going back to hospital
again for treatment, and he and
Sidney which is just came back
from his work in ship, working odd
jobs. He and Sidney got accepted
by a theater agency for Sherlock
Holmes serial
1907 Charlie joined a pantomime group
that created by Fred Karno
1910 Charlie and his group doing a
perform around America
1913 Charlie got signed by producer
Mark Sennet
1914 Charlie made his first appearance
at movie called “make a living” and
continue making another 30 movie.
The tramp make first appearance at
“kids auto Recs at Venice”.
At November, he joined Essanay
studio and made 14 movie
1915 America got the Charlie Chaplin
fever/effect and Essanay produced
a lot of charlie merchandise.
1916 He joined mutual films and made
12 movie
1917 He joined first national and staring
to make a better films. And made 8
films then he started to made his
own studio in la brea avenue in
1918 He met Mildred Harris and married
9 months after their meeting
1919 He made distributor film of united
states with the other legend mute
films star like Mary Pickford,
Douglas Fairbanks and famous
movie director, D.W Griffith.
On 7th of July, his first son, Norman
Spencer Chaplin was born but
passed away after 3 days..
1920 The kid film was made, and charlie
and Mildred divorced
1921 He return to London, and take
Hannah to California
1923 After finished his contract with first
1914 He married Lita Grey
1925 He made his first film in united
artist named “gold rush” and
became box office. He became the
cover of times magazine, which
made he be the first actor that be
the cover
1929 At 16th of may the first academy
award was held at first he was
nominated as the best actor and
producer for his masterpiece “the
circus” but, the judges decided to
take back the awards and gave him
special awards for his intelligent,
and his ability in acting, writing,
directing, and producing “the
1935 He marry Paulette Goddard
1936 His new modern movie “modern
times”was release. It was a mute
movie but added with some noise
like radio and TV. This is was his last
mute movie.
But then, movie criticus think that
his movie “modern times” was an
attack against capitalism. J. Edgar
Hoover, head of FBI collect all of
the file about charlie and his
activity and even his eye on politic.
1940 He made his first normal movie
called “the great dictator” about
disagree against Nazism. “the great
dictator was made and released
one year before USA joined the
world war 2
1942 He divorced with Paulette Goddard.
He has been active in support help
war for uni soviet.
He speech in Madison Square ark,
New York.
1943 He married with Oona O’neill in
Santa Barbara, California.
1952 On September, he left New York for
premiere “limelight”. But suddenly,
he got a letter from USA
government that he prohibited to
enter America
1953 He bought a house in Sweden and
Oona came to USA and pick up all
of important things that Charlie left
at their studio and house in USA
1964 He published the book “My
Autobiography” that took 4 years
to make
1965 His brother Sidney Chaplin, passed
away at age 80 in Nice, France right
on his 76th birthday
1966 He released his last movie “A
Countess from Hongkong”
1972 He got Oscar (award) named “ an
unlimited impact that he made and
made movies as a piece of art at
this era”
1974 He published his second book “My
Life in Picture
1975 He got title “Knight Commander of
The British Empire” (KBE) from
Queen Elizabeth II
1977 He passed away on 25th of
December 1977. He buried in
Corsier-Sur-Vevey Cemetery, Vaud,
He left Oona and 8 Children :
Geraldine, MIchael, Josphine,
Victoria, Eugene, Jane, Annette-
Emily, and Christopher.

Other facts of Charlie Chaplin :

- He made a ton of melody for his own movie
- he has an asteroid named after him
- Charlie Chaplin once took part in a Charlie Chaplin Imitation
competition but only came in third
- He didn't exactly rest in peace.

Chaplin died in his sleep on December 25, 1977, in Switzerland. Several

months later, a clan of grave robbers exhumed the film star’s corpse from
his grave. The reason? They were hoping to get cold hard cash from his
family in exchange for his body. His remains were found in May 1978
after the robbers, astoundingly, left the old chap’s body in a field,
according to a BBC report. They eventually fessed up to the crime, and
Chaplin was reburied two days later in Corsier, Switzerland. But just in
case, there’s now six solid feet of concrete between him and the earth.

- Charlie Chaplin stood 5 feet 5 inches tall.

- Even if he was already a millionaire, he chose to stay in a small hotel
room. He kept his checks inside a trunk.
- Charlie Chaplin had blue eyes. Most people guessed he had brown eyes
since they only see him in black and white films.
- His famous character was “The Tramp”, a old man with moustache and
big pant, hat, stick/wand, a small tuxedo blouse and a pair of big shoes.