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Leadership- in Outdoor Education

When to use leadership Useful links to

Qualities and
1 2 activities? and how to 3 ‘leadership’ games to
styles of a ‘leader’
manage groups. use with your students
-You can use leadership activities right away
Qualities of a leader:
(or essentially anytime) with your students
to improve teamwork, facilitate better sactivitiesinitiatives.html
communication and increase team
-Inspire others
-Commitment and Passion
-Communication ute/documents/CooperativeGames.pdf
Ways to manage groups:
-Decision making capabilities
-Be enthusiastic when you teach
-Always pay attention
-Delegation 2014/04/Handbook-of-Ideas.pd
-Address problems quickly
Need to understand group dynamics:
-Be mindful of what students you put in what query=outdoor+education+leadership+act
Styles of a leader:
groups ivities
-Delegating, Supporting, Coaching and
-Set explicit group norms
-Understand key factors that make a great
“The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do
the greatest things.” – Ronald Reagan