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..nons Je asaii i,,vrgd tlr'! to lack oLdequate va,d apDlnaroD s per oiteia) from
elisible.andidatc rrom rltr'n /vulieiibLe popu!atio. rro,n respectivewxrns lorselediotror
slfiv.) HHw oois as deta ed ln "Atrnexure Af inw.rdN05,13&

. Mu$ be re,nale i', the age gmup or 2s - 35 yer^ ln os or sc6r/oBc (A/ul

catrdid erheuDreraBeLimitshallberelared3yB(sc),sy6(sT) 3y'\toBcFsper

. shouLdbemaricd/dLvo(edlwidolved.
t Minimum iladl,yamikpa$ore
i H itB motiueiotr txPerietrce
. Proolorlvaritrse/0idow/divo
. Tho Ln olsudr airly reLeded r.gul:rand parel.andidats sballbe dllpLr),ed uard
rvlsc in the No(i.e Board lor rilori,ationand reponing ror selededcandldater wnhii
nipulated tim? pcriud forka ng.
. ThcLhrolpanel.anddater5haUremalovalidloroieyearwer.dateofnotiJi.aiion.
. Induftion haininB ol the resular .andidates ror $e po* tlHw shall be
conduded at each ULB level lor 05 days lollowed by ensagement as HHw, 0n job
sH,A tEi.hg nodule
under NUHM.
. The reCula r .a trd idates shallbe ensased to the pon ofHHw on erlsting .onsolidared
pay of Rs 3,125l pfl'monih per HHW The ensasement shallbe for the period uFro
31n iuatoh, 2020 .nd shaLl be mnti.ued Iufrher on the basis of satisladory
perromance ind on obtaininS app
uPHcs/ cBPHcs/ HHw s.bcme.
t TLe applir ions wjth nta.hed photognpb are !o be submtut
*te*ed photo.opy ol.ecssary do.uments llke age pootcertifiore, sheet da
Ma'lhFnik or aquivalenrexaminatio., mste prcol Cuiieil Residential Certifi.ate, lD
proor (^try) ,prooror rll,hed / Divored /widow, Expeicn.e cstifica'e ror social

. Landate ofappli.?rion submission is 3ol03/201t4.30PM Th

be submirted ii the Re.eive sedioi'Sil,g!ri IIunic pa! Corpo'?rloi

' Applicnb aE to mgntion ihe wa.d Nunber lor which applrcatiotr is done. one
specimen copyof application fdrdat katta.hod as Ainerure B.
r The ward wise vacm.y lkt orHrlwi.'AnnexuE A1'rvith this noti...Alltberer6are

P.O. Sn.rCURt, DIS-t. DARIEIT,tNC (W.lJ.), 2s21r47

a.renreA, ro /sMC/uPHcs/1e.20
va..n.v & reservati6p of 5 HHW unde.IrPHcS Siliori Municiprt Corpo.ation

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