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MTS_CAF Process

Prepared by
Daffodil Softwares Ltd.

This document describes working of MTS_CAF process for Capturing CAFs and storing in DMS.

Pre-requites for CAF Process

Following are the pre-requisites for working with CAF Process

1. Recommended Scanner should be attached to scanning station

2. URL of DMS, escan & eindex should be working at scanning station
3. CAF Documents are ready for scanning
4. Local Shared drive should be created at local server
5. eInput should be installed on local server

Working with CAF Process

The user guide contains step by step instructions to create the batches and Index the scanned
batches. The user has to follow the steps explained in the user guide.

The scanning and creating of batches can be performed through Online Scanning and Offline Scanning.

a. Online Scanning
1. The user has to follow the following steps inorder to perform the scanning and indexing of
the images.
2. Double click on the eScan short cut present on the Desktop.
3. Enter the ServerName or IP address of the server.
4. Enter the password of the server.
5. Enter the domain.
6. Click on OK button.
7. The user should see the following screen next.
8. Click on New Batch button shown in the image.
9. Select the MTS_CAF Process from the dropdown list box.
10. Click on OK button.
11. Insert the CAF set into the scanner.
12. Click on “Scan Images” button.
13. The CAF Set will be scanned and creates multiple documents as shown in the next image.
14. Once the scanning of all the images is completed click on Close Batch button.
15. Repeat from the Step 8 to create multiple batches with different images.
b. Offline Scanning

To scan the images offline follow the mentioned steps.

1. Create one batch by following the steps 1 to 14.

2. Close the Internet explorer.
3. Reopen the Internet explorer.
4. Open the File menu.
5. Check on “Work offline”.
6. After selecting should see “[Working Offline]” in the Title bar.
7. Close the Internet explorer.

8. To create the batches offline follow the steps from 2 to 14 as explained in “Online
Scanning” section.
Indexing of documents

The indexing of scanned images is performed as under.

1. The user has to follow the steps in order to perform the indexing of the documents.
2. The indexing will be performed for every document.
3. Field labels with prefix of “*” are considered as compulsory fields and they have to be filled
without fail.
4. Validation for compulsory fields or any other validations will be performed when the user
moves from one document to another document, and the user will be intimated for failed
validations accordingly.
5. Open the Internet explorer. Click on File menu and remove the “Work offline” check.
6. Double click and open the eScan shortcut present on the desktop.
7. Click on open batch button and select the batch name from the list.
8. Click ok after select the batch.
9. Click on Indexing to Index the document.
10. Index all the fields as shown below.
11. Index the fields by looking the zoomed fields as shown below image.

Below is the table having details of fields to be indexed mandatory & Non mandatory and the
12. Click on Accpet Task after indexing.
13. Click Close Batch button the below screen.


Operators has to follow the instructions mentioned below

Scanning operators

- Verify the physical documents before start scanning.

- Confirm the presense of supporting POI and POA documents.

- Remove the staples of the CAF set carefully.

- Insert the CAF set in the metioned order only

- main form of the CAF set
- Supporting document 1
- Supporting document 2
- Supporting document 3

- Limit the batch size to include 25 CAF set's for quick indexing of documents.

- Do not click on any other button other than close batch after scanning the pages in the eScan module.

Indexing operators

• Do not click on any other button other an indexing when the batch is reopened in eScan
• Follow the field instructions to index the fields. Example are mentioned below.
◦ For CAF no field mask is provided to enter the value. First 3 characters should be Alpha's
and remaining should be numerics. ie. ???########
◦ For Activation Date field follow the mask ##/##/####. and the format is dd/mm/yyyy.
• Indexing of fields is required only on the first page of the document. ie. Customer Application
• Fields prefixed with * are treated as compulsory fields.
• Overriding of compulsory fields results in the following kind of errors. When the user tries to
move to the subsequent document from one document or tries to accept the current document.
• In the below shown example the user is trying to accept the document by overriding the CAF
Number which is a compulsory field. The module warn's the user and stops the user to enter the
data in the respective field. And this is applicable to all the compulsory fields present on the

1. the locally shared batches has to be sent to the InputAccel server using eInputCient Console.
2. The administrator has to double click on the short cut present on the desktop.

3. the administrator has to select the batches to send them to the IAServer and select “Send” from
the actions dropdown and click on Ok button.
4. Clicking on UnSent button present on the left pane displays the list of batches which are not
send to the IAServer.
5. Clicking on Sent button present on the left pane displays the list of batches sent to the IAServer.
6. Clicking the Outbox button present on the left pane displays the list of batches present in the