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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Region VIII
Province of Southern Leyte

Accomplishment Report

Name of Activity: Project UGMAD Southern Leyte “Kaalam Ko, Ipaambit Ko” 2018
Date: December 10, 2018
Venue: Libagon Central School, Libagon, Southern Leyte
Participants: CID Chief, 10 Education Program Supervisors, 21 District
Instructional Leaders, 47 School Heads, 2 Elementary School Heads per district,
all ALS implementers, 1 Kindergarten Teacher per district, 1 MTB-MLE teacher per
district, 8 elementary teachers (1 per subject) per district, and 8 secondary
teachers (1 per subject) per district.

Objectives/ Agenda: The main purpose of this activity is the sharing of effective
teaching/learning practices, as well as instructional
leadership/management practices.
Mechanics of the
Secondary Presenter: Benedicto Y. Mindajao
SST-III, San Roque NHS

Best Practice: TEACHNOLOGY: Using Technology in Science Education

Flash file
PowerPoint Interactive Games
Zip Grade

Reactor 1 (Similarities): Tommy Morales- Malitbog National High

Mr. Morales shared his own experiences of teaching in their
school and he mentioned that there were similar practices as to what
the presenter had shared such as the use of flash file, Facebook,
stellarium, PowerPoint interactive games, and the use of Zip grade as
well. However, Mr. Morales’ knowledge of the said practices mentioned
was not that advanced and updated as compared to the presenter’s
knowledge on the said applications. He said that he is trying his best to
boost his knowledge on the use of technology in teaching.

Reactor 2 (Differences): Judael T. Guasa- Rizal National High

School- Tomas Oppus

Mr. Guasa admired the best practices shared by the

presenter. In fact, he had learned new ideas and new teaching
strategies from the presenter. However, Mr. Guasa said that as
much as he wanted to apply and use those strategies and
practices in his class, he could not make it because of the
location of the school and the availability of resources. He also
mentioned that the use of facebook among students should be
limited, otherwise, it would affect the academic performance of
the learners.

After the two reactors had shared the similarities and

differences, there was an open forum. One of the concerns
raised was the request for internet connection in Limasawa.
Synthesizer: Raul T. Duarte, Principal III- Sogod District
For the similarities, most teachers attempted to use technology in teaching
but not all were able to apply the skills because of no internet connection in
schools and also the speed of internet connections in other schools were slow
or not functional. Due to the location/situation where internet connectivity is a
major struggle among schools and is also one of the challenges most teachers
are facing today. There are several issues that needs to be addressed by the
school administrators and most especially, the government, in order to solve
this problem. The following are:

1. There should be an allocated budget for the school from the national
government to have a better internet connection.
2. The national government should prioritize all schools to have a better
internet connections which would help both the teachers and the
3. The learners understood the lesson well if they have something to see
and hear on screen rather than just listening to the teacher.
4. The best practices should be applied by all schools in the Division of
Southern Leyte to achieve our goals.

Prepared by: JOVIE B. NOMBRADO, SST-1

Republic of the Philippines
Department of Education
Region VIII
Division of Southern Leyte