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1. Situation: You want to text your crush, but you are afraid to do that.

You want to ask for

some advice from your friend. You can say all the followings, EXCEPT _______
A. What do you think I should do?
B. Can I ask your advice about texting my crush?
C. Do you think it is better to text or not to text him/her?
D. Why don't you text him/her?
E. Should I wait for him/her to make a move?
2. You: do you think I should study tonight?
Your roommate: I am afraid I can’t help you. Decide it yourself.
The underlined expression shows that _______
A. your roommate gives you some advice
B. your roommate warns you
C. your roommate asks for some advice
D. your roommate refuses to give you some advice
E. your roommate congratulate you

3. My school gate is locked at 7 in the morning. If you want to attend school, you … arrive
before 7 a.m.
The best answer to fill in the blank above is …
A. must not
B. don’t have to
C. must
D. has to
E. should not
4. Alia : “Hi. I have made an appointment for my mother with doctor Suzie. Does she have to
come at 8 in the morning?”
Receptionist: “… . The doctor will be here all day. Your mother can come anytime before the
hospital closes.”
The best answer to complete the conversation above is …
A. Yes, she has to
B. No. she doesn’t have to
C. Yes, she must
D. No. she must not
E. No, she can’t
5. Complete the dialogues below by choosing the best answers!
Caller : “May I speak to Mr. Robert Shaw?”
Receiver: “I am sorry. You ________. There’s no one here by that name.”
A. must have the wrong number
B. might have the wrong number
C. must have had the wrong number
D. might have had the wrong number
E. should have had the wrong number
6. He is Jhonson. He has five __________
A. Child
B. Childs
C. Childrens
D. Children
E. Child and children
7. “How ______ milk is there?”
“There isn't any, I'm afraid.”
A. Many
B. More
C. Much
D. A lot of
E. Any

8. How are broccoli and lavender similar?

A. Both have a lemon taste
B. Both are flowering plants
C. Both are used for tea
D. Both have yellow flowers
E. Both are edible
9. Why should you learn about a plant before eating its flowers?
A. To make sure the flower is safe to eat
B. To find out how to serve the flower
C. To learn more about cultures
D. To find out how the flower tasted
E. To find out the flower smell good or not
10. What is the main idea of the third paragraph?
A. Eating flowers is weird
B. Plants produce flowers of different colours
C. Some vegetables are flower buds
D. The flowers of some plants are used for teas
E. All flowers can be eaten
11. What is the main idea of the passage?
A. Many flowers can be eaten
B. Flowers are often eaten with dessets
C. Flowers are often eaten with tea
D. Many people eat flowers without realizing it
E. Flowers are tastier than vegetables
12. Mia :“meh, my tea is tasteless”
Didi : Do you need _______ sugar for your tea?
A. Some
B. Any
C. Little
D. Much
E. A lot of
13. I would like to borrow some money to Jhon, but he hasn’t __________ money at this moment.
A. A lot of
B. Much
C. Many
D. Few
E. Any
14. We don’t have ___________ rain in summer.
A. Many
B. A lot of
C. A few
D. A little
E. Much
15. There’s just _________ Cereal left, we need to buy more.
A. A little
B. A few
C. Little
D. Few
E. Much
16. Rahan want to make a jug of bubble tea, he needs some ingredients such as a glass of milk, a
spoon of sugar,a cup of boba, and _______ of tea
A. A roll of
B. A bag of
C. A gallon of
D. A can of
E. A loaf of
17. My boyfried just gave me a _________ of chocolate, I don’t like chocolate so much. So you can
take some if you want.
A. A box of
B. A slice of
C. A bowl of
D. A bar of
E. A jar of
18. Mr. Wicky tells me If we mix black and white, we ________ grey.
A. Will get
B. Get
C. Gets
D. Got
E. Gotten
19. Student : Exusme sir, If I pour oil on water, What will happen?
Teacher : If you pour oil on water, it _______.
A. Mixs
B. Floats
C. Flies
D. Sinks
E. Blends
20. Selena : Lets speak in English
Miley : Sure, We _______ improve our English, If we don’t practice.
A. Will
B. Will not
C. Don’t
D. Doesn’t
E. Aren’t
21. “Holly crap!!!. I cant sleep! If I ________ go to bed early, I will wake up late tomorrow.
A. Didn’t
B. Don’t
C. Doest
D. Do
E. Done
22. How long ______ she been in Britain?
A. Did
B. Does
C. Was
D. Has
E. Have
23. Mike ________ the chair, but It may be broken again now
A. Repair
B. repaires
C. Repaired
D. Was repairing
E. Has repaired
24. Emma _________ her case, So her things are in the case now.
A. Pack
B. Packed
C. Is repairing
D. Had repairing
E. Has repairing
25. I ________ a pianist when I was child
A. Am
B. Is
C. Has
D. Was
E. Had
26. __________ is used to indicate that something happened at a specific time in the past.
A. Simple Present
B. Simple Past
C. Past Continous
D. Simple perfect
E. Past Perfect

The following text is for question 27-31

As Dick squeezed through the doorway, the huge pile of newspapers that had been holding the
door ajar fell onto his foot. “Ouch!” he cried. As his eyes adjusted to the darkness, he could see
boxes stacked up to the ceiling and books jostling for space on the broken shelves. How would
he ever find what he was looking for in this messy place? He carefully stepped over the
discarded drinks bottles and empty food cartons, taking care not to place his feet on any of the
rubbish that was almost ankledeep in parts of the cramped room. The smell of rotting vegetables
crept into his nostrils and he looked for a window to open.

There were none. The only light came from an old-fashioned oil lamp hanging just centimetres
above his head. Dick pushed his way into the narrow space between two bookshelves, banging
his elbow on a sharp piece of wood as he tried to reach an overflowing box of papers.

27. What kind of place does it describe?

A. Vegetable market
B. A tiny dirty storeroom
C. Beautiful house
D. Natty bedroom
E. Shiphape house
28. Why Dick get in the room?
A. To clean up the room
B. To look for something
C. To discarded drinks bottles and empty food cartons
D. To grab boxes stacked up to the ceiling and books jostling for space on the broken
E. To place his feet on any of the rubbish that was almost ankledeep in parts of the
cramped room
29. How does the room looks like?
A. Spotless
B. Bright
C. Nasty
D. Plain
E. Clean
30. “Ouch!” he cried.
What kind of expression does Dick express?
A. Suprised expression
B. Pain expression
C. Dissapointment
D. Sympathy
E. Grateful expression
31. The only light came from an old-fashioned oil lamp hanging just centimetres above his
Which of the following words has a similar meaning to the underlined word?
A. Lush
B. Contemporary
C. Nobby
D. Antique
E. Modern

Mount Vesuvius erupts

At that moment, the ground seemed to heave below her feet. Then the most deafening sound
Petronia had ever 32.________ shook the house. It seemed to come from the very bowels of the
From the kitchen she could hear screams and the sound of shattering dishes. The mistress rushed
into the dining room. She was 33._________ only her sleeveless undertunic. Her eyes were wide
with fear. “In Juno’s name, what is it? What is happening?” she cried.

The master emerged from the garden, “We must go back to Rome,” he announced. “I should
have listened to the others at the baths. Many of them have left already. Gather everyone
together. We will 34._______ immediately. “Petronia, fetch all the valuables,” she ordered. “Put
everything here, on the table. The silver and gold, the statues of Isis, everything you can carry”
she screamed.

Petronia began running around the house plucking statues from their stands, she grabbed bronze
lamps and anything valuable that wasn’t too heavy to carry. Everything was brought to the
dining room, where the mistress shoved as much as she could into large coarse sacks.

A second cracking sound shook the house, not as loud as the first, but longer. A strange stench
filled the air, like rotten eggs. For the first time, Petronia 35. ______ that the bright sunshine had
disappeared, and the sky had turned an odd shade — not gray like storm clouds, or black like
night, but dirty brown, like… Like death, she thought.

32. .

A. Hear
B. Been heard
C. Heard
D. Is hearing
E. Have heard


A. Wear
B. wears
C. Wearing
D. Wore
E. Had wore


A. Leave
B. Leaves
C. Leaving
D. Left
E. Be left
A. Notice
B. Notices
C. Noticing
D. Noticed
E. Had noticed


1. Put the verbs into the Simple Past, Simple Present or Present Continuous.

a. Jason (be) very busy yesterday and he didn't come.

b. We always (help) my grandparents when they're in need.
c. Erica (study) in France at the moment. She went there two weeks ago.
d. Kevin (catch) a cold last weekend.
e. She usually (go out) with her friends twice a week.

2. put zero or 1st Conditional sentences!

a. If we don’t do the homework, we ________ get punishment.

b. If you cut the tree, __________
c. You will get stomachache if you _______ too much fruit.
d. If we have parttime job, we can get some money
e. If you walk in the rain, we__________

3. Make 5 sentences in Simple Perfect Tense!

4. what is the different between much, many and a lot of?

5. what is the formula of 1st conditional sentences?