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Gandharv Marwah

16th September, 2019


Abstraction means dealing with ideas rather than events. Focusing on the process of evolving a
design idea rather than working in the boundations of deadlines. Training your brain to think out
of the box and continuously without the fear of deadline and coming up with something that
defines your style or way of working. Every architect perceives a building in her/ his own way.
A building form that is very appealing to an architect may not be appealing for other. Abstraction
is much related to the nature and personality of an individual. Below are some of the examples of
how I have perceived some of the great works done by master architects. I am not saying or
depicting that these works should be done in this way, it is just a way brain storming or letting
ideas and perception out of the brain.

Building 1: National fisheries Development Board, Hyderabad

The building is an example of mimetic architecture, incorporating elements of the fish form into
its functionality. This includes the left pectoral fin doubling as an awning above the staircase to
the entrance, and the two circular windows acting as eyes.

The building fulfills the purpose of function and aesthetics very beautifully. It becomes a
landmark for the surroundings. But if I were to design the same building it would be in a
different manner.
I would focus more on the learning and observation part. It becomes difficult to observe marine
lifecycle while being on land, then why not in cooperate it in the build form so that the student or
scientist can observe the subject just by sitting in a room or a lab.
These water filled mushroom column will act as a habitat for small marine animals and
ecosystem. This creates an opportunity for building observatories in the building itself. Each
room and lab can have his own observatory in which they can maintain and introduce the marine
ecosystem of their needs.

Building 1: Gateway College of architecture and Design, Sonipat

This building is a part of gateway campus that caters to the students of architecture and hotel
management with attached teacher’s apartments and girls hostel.

This building does not fulfills both the function and aesthetics value of an architecture college. It
lacks that essence of aura of a architecture college where the surroundings helps in the growth of
new ideas, rather the closed rectangular form restricts the evolution of ideas and gives birth to
laziness and restricted environment.
If I would be given a chance to redesign the gateway college for architecture and design; I
would slice the building into the half and slide open it to open the college from center. So that it
provides an open environment for growth of ideas.