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ART September 12, 2017 Tuesday E.

Discussing New Concepts and Practicing New Skills

A. Content Standards: Demonstrates understanding
of shapes, space, colors, and the principles of
harmony and contrast in digital painting
and poster design using new technologies.
B. Performance Standards: Applies concepts on the
use of software in creating digital paintings
and graphic designs.
C. Learning Competency: Realizes that art
processes, elements and principles still apply
even with the use of
technologies. A6EL-IIa How do you prepare and go on digital painting?

II. CONTENT: Elements, Shapes, Space, Color,

Primary, Secondary and Intermediate F. Finding practical application of concepts and skills in
LEARNING RESOURCES: Curriculum Guide 6 p 49. daily living
Textbook: The 21st Century MAPEH in Action How important a computer in our life
Learning Materials: TV monitor, laptop, power point
VALUE FOCUS: art appreciation G. Making generalizations and abstractions about the
A. Reviewing Previous Lesson or Presenting the Digital painting is a method of creating an art
New Lesson: object (painting) digitally/and or a technique for
Review past lesson on comic strip making digital art in the computer
B. Establishing a Purpose for the Lesson and Presenting
Examples/Instances of the New Lesson: H. Evaluating learning
Say: Have you ever wondered just what digital
paintings are?
Put a check (/) on the line if you can do the task.
____1. I know that design principles still apply to any new
designs whether done by hand or by machine.
____2. I understand that digital technology has speeded
up the printing of original designs and made it
accessible to many, as emphasized in t-shirts and
C. Presenting Examples/Instances of the New Lesson poster designs.
What are the boys doing? ____3. I realize that art processes, elements, and
What are they using? principles still apply even with the use of

D. Discussing New Concepts and Practicing New Skills

1. What is computer?
2. What is computer painting?
3. Is there advantages of using computers in painting?
4. What is a computer software?