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General Directions:
1. Read the directions carefully before answering the test.
2. Any form of erasure or alteration is strictly prohibited.
3. Refrain from talking and asking questions to your classmates while taking the exam.
4. DO NOT CHEAT. If caught cheating (in any form), your examination for this subject
will be void automatically.
“Prefer even to fail with honor than to pass by cheating. There is no success without hardship.”

I. Read and analyze the statements below then, answer the question that follows. Write only the
letter of your answer before each number.

1. The following statements are the of what is literature except

A. Literature come the French word litera which means letters.
B. Literature deals with ideas, thoughts and emotions of man.
C. Literature is the best way to understand human nature fully and to know a nation
D. Literature is a term used to describe written or spoken material.

2. In what era did literature of the Philippines was just marked by your ancestors’ daily
observations about life, explanations for natural phenomena, and beginnings of rituals?
A. Postcolonial era C. Precolonial era
B. Post Spanish Colonial era D. Spanish Colonial era

3. In which period did the Filipino writers imitate English and American Models?
A. Pre-Colonial Period C. Period of Emergence
B. Period of Apprenticeship D. Contemporary Period

4. In which period did the Filipino writers use symbolism and allegories to drive home their
message at the face of heavy censorship?
A. Pre-Colonial Period C. Period of Emergence
B. Period of Apprenticeship D. Contemporary Period

5. Jose M. Hernandez describes the period of emergence as a time of self-discovery and of

rapid growth. Three groups of writers emerged during this period except
A. Those who were concerned with social consciousness
B. Those whose main concern was craftsmanship
C. Those who were determined to explore local color
D. Those who were using symbolism and allegories

6. While exploring this context, useful sources include biographies of the author,
autobiographies or memoirs by the author or by people who knew him or her, and critical
works that give close attention to the author’s life.
A. Biographical B. Historical C. Linguistic D. Socio-cultural
7. Two major classifications of literature are prose and poetry. Poetry is written in stanza or
verse form while prose is written in what form?
A. Ordinary form C. Reflective form
B. Paragraph form D. Traditional form
8. Which example of poetry are very personal in nature because these express the author’s
feelings, thoughts, moods and reflections?
A. Dramatic Poetry C. Narrative Poetry
B. Lyric Poetry D. Descriptive Poetry

9. Legends, folk tales, fairy tales, short stories, and any novels are works of:
A. Art B. Fiction C. Non-fiction D. Poetry

10. (As to appeal) Poetry: to the emotion: : Prose: to the ________________.

A. Experience B. Imagination C. Intellect D. Motive

II. CANNONICAL WRITERS: Identify representative texts and authors from each region.
Choose the letter of the correct answer.

11. Paz Benitez-Marquez was a Filipina short- story writer. She made her mark in Philippine
literature because of her short story which is considered as the first modern English
language short story. What is the title of the first Filipino short story written in English?
A. A Night in the Hills C. The Stranger
B. Dead Stars D. The Woman Who Had Two Navels

12. Bienvenido Lumbera is a poet, librettist, and scholar. As a poet, he introduced to Tagalog
literature what is known as ___________, a landmark aesthetic tendency that has helped to
change the vernacular poetic tradition.
A. Bagay poetry C. GAT poetry
B. Filipino poetry D. Urban poetry

13. He is regarded as the most distinguished Filipino writer in English writing and has also
enriched the English language with critics coining “Joaquinesque”. Who is this National
Artist for Literature that has baroque Spanish-flavored English style?
A. Cirilo F. Bautista C. Nick Juaquin
B. Ismael V. Mallari D. Rolando S. Tinio

14. Levie Celerio is a prolific lyricist and composer for decades. What is his contribution to the
Philippine Literature/Music that made him to the Guiness Book of World Records?
A. A treasury of more than 4,000 songs in an idiom.
B. A great number of his songs have been written for the local movies
C. The only person able to make music using just a leaf
D. The youngest member of Manila Symphony Orchestra.

15. Jhet van Ruyven is a Filipino-Canadian author who wrote the auto-biographical book The
Tale of Juliet. What is the content of her book?
A. Focuses mainly on the life of a regular person to a good believing person
B. Life story from being a poor child vendor in the Philippines to a succeeding as an
immigrant in Canada.
C. The values that the people might have developed that should be changed by learning
how to appreciate life.
D. The lives of generations of the Samsons whose personal lives intertwine with the social
struggles of the nation.
16. Teodoro Andal Agoncillo was a prominent 20th-century Filipino historian. He and his
cotemporary Renato Constantino were among the first Filipino renowned for promoting a
distinctly nationalistic point of view of Filipino history. The following literary works are among
of his works except _______.
A. Ang Kasaysayan ng Pilipinas
B. Ang maikling Kuwentong Tagalog
C. History of the Filipino People
D. The Origin of the Philippine Literature

17. Even before his death, Rizal affirmed his place in literary history by succinctly and expertly
putting into words his acceptance of death in the land he so love in his last poem. What was
the original title of the poem “My Last farewell”?
A. Adios Patria Adorada C. Mi Ultimo Adios
B. Mi Amore Adios D. Salve Patria Adios

18. Teodoro M. Kalaw Was one of the country’s most outstanding trilingual writers and
historians. He is the so-called father of Philippine Libraries who specialized in
A. Collecting of original documents which became the basis of his writings
B. Promoting a distinctly nationalist point of view of Filipino history
C. Works are characterized by a remarkable fusion of style and substance, of craftsmanship
and insight
D. Essays that provide insights into the craft of writing and correctives to misconceptions
about art

19. Alejandro G. Abadilla commonly known as AGA was a Filipino poet, essayist and fiction
writer. As the father of modern Philippine poetry referred by Critic Pedro Ricarte, he was
known for ________________.
A. Challenging established forms of literature’s excessive romanticism and emphasis on
rhyme and meter”
B. Collecting of original documents which became the basis of his writings
C. Promoting a distinctly nationalist point of view of Filipino history
D. Works are characterized by a remarkable fusion of style and substance, of craftsmanship
and insight

20. Francisco Arcellana pioneered the development of the short story as a lyrical prose-poetic
form. As brilliant craftsman, his works are now an indispensable part of a tertiary level-
syllabi all over the country. Which among his works portrays close family relationship?
respect for the elders, and remembering our loved ones who passed away?
A. A Clown Remembers C. The Mats
B. Divided by Two D. To Touch You and I Touched her

III. LITERARY GENRE. Determine the various 21st century literary genres and the ones from
the earlier genres/periods citing their elements, structures and traditions. Choose the letter of
the correct answer.

21. The following statements are characteristics of 21st century literature except
A. Deals with current themes/issues and reflects a technological culture
B. New literary work created within the last decade
C. Use traditional writing rules
D. Written by contemporary authors

22. This type of literature cannot be defined. It has a strict conformity on system, norm, elitism,
and romanticism. Which type of literature refers to it?
A. 21st Century Literature C. Contemporary Literature
B. Ancient Literature D. Oral Literature
23. Folksongs are balanced rhyming lines dealing with subjects reflective of the people’s way of
life. Residents use them in social gatherings, merry-making, bayanihan projects, wedding,
barrio fiesta and in other festivities. What are the elements employed in the folksongs?
A. Chants C. Rhythmic pattern
B. Music accompaniment D. Poetic verse

24. Ms. Hernandez asked the students to read the synopsis of the book “The Devil wears
Prada” which is a 2003 best–selling novel about a young woman who is hired as a personal
assistant to a powerful fashion magazine editor. After reading the synopsis, Ms. Hernandez
asked the students to identify where literary genre did “The Devil Wears Prada “belong?
A. Chick Lit B. Flash Fiction C. Hyperpoetry D. Textula

25. Irene is a graphic artist. Her boss assigned her to make a graphic novel of the anthology of
ZsaZsa Zaturnnah. In what way will Irene present the graphic novel?
A. Blog B. Comic style C. Narrative style D. Hyperlink style

26. Proverbs are wise sayings or serious statements derived from common daily experience
and centered from common daily experiences and on the people’s value and belief system.
Which of the following is an example of proverbs?
A. He’s been burning the candle at both ends.
B. If you plant, you harvest.
C. I remember that day as if it was yesterday.
D. Take my word for it. I am telling you the truth.

27. Which of the following new genres of literature consist of words, although not necessarily
organized into lines and stanzas, as well as sounds, visual images, movement or other
special effects?
A. Chick Lit B. Flash Fiction C. Hyperpoetry D. Textula

28. Renee was reading a full story of Ghost in the Machine. She used the three media: book,
movie/video, and internet website. What type of literary genre did Renee read?
A. Chick Lit B. Digi-Fiction C. Science Fiction D. Speculative Fiction

29. Tales explain the ancient people’s origin, culture, their beliefs and traditions. What are the
predominating themes drawn from the popular folktales?
A. Curses, fantasy, friendliness and hatred
B. Common daily experiences and people’s value and belief system
C. Enchantment, faith and perseverance
D. Nationality, brotherhood, love and respect

30. Arriola (1990) claimed in her study that writers of ___________ needed to be poets because
he must passionately equip with verses and rhythm coupled with rhyme and meter to make
it more interesting and appealing.
A. Folksongs B. Luwa C. Proverbs D. Town Hymns
IV. Analyze the figures of speech and other literary techniques and devices in the poem.

The Sea Poem

James Reeves

The sea is a hungry dog,

Giant and Grey.
He rolls on the beach all day.
With his clashing teeth and shaggy jaws
Hour upon hour he gnaws
The rumbling, tumbling stones,
And “Bones, bones, bones, bones!”
The giant sea-dog moans,
Licking his greasy paws.
And when the night wind roars
And the moon rocks in the stormy cloud,
He bounds to his feet and snuffs and sniffs,
Shaking his wet sides over the cliffs,
And howls and hollos long and loud.
But on quiet days in May or June,
When even the grasses on the dune
Play no more their reedy tune,
With his head between his paws
He lies on the sandy shores,
So quiet, so quiet, he scarely snores.


Metaphor 31.
Personification 32.
Alliteration 33.
Assonance 34.
Repetition 35.
Imagery 36.

37. “Though a paly breed I stand with the ancients for my love and loyalty are as fish to the
sea.” The passage means that I am loyal and loving as other people. The figure of speech
used is ____________.
A. Hyperbole B. Metaphor C. Personification D. Simile

38. “Where I walk, my shadow is a marriage of flags.” The figure of speech used is a metaphor.
The passage means ______________________________.
a. I am a product of many cultures. C. I am a shadow of flags.
b. My shadow is covered with flags. D. I am holding a flag while walking.

V. Infer literary meaning from literal language based on usage. Choose the letter of the correct

39. What does the author mean by “threw a hopeful look?”

A. He hopped she would like him.
B. He tossed her the loose brick.
C. They each knew what the other was thinking.
D. The two children looked alike.
40. Which among the following sentences has a literal meaning?
A. A blanket of white covered the sleeping forest.
B. I studied for my spelling test, so it should be a piece of cake
C. She told her friend a secret and her friend told everyone on the playground. It left her with
a bad taste in her mouth.
D. Will you please hit the lights so we can watch a movie?

VI. Make a Dalit Textula about a topic on how to be a hero on your own way. Please refer
to the rubrics for grading the simple textula. .

CATEGORY 5 4 3 2 1
Content All lines in the Only 3 lines in Only 2 lines in Only 1 line All lines are
textula are the textula are the textual are in the not related to
related to the related to the related to the textual is the topic.
topic. topic. topic. related to
the topic.
Organization of The textula The textula The textual The textual The textual
Ideas shows a logical shows 1 line shows 2 which shows 3 shows 4 lines
arrangement of which are not are not properly lines which which is not
ideas. properly organized. is not properly
organized. properly organized.
Rhythm The textula The textual
uses uses rhythm
rhythm but may waver
throughout, in a way that
which distracts the
benefits reader and
the poetic negatively
tone. affects the

Prepared by:

MARY JANE L. SOLIS Checked by:

Subject Teacher
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