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Rajiv gandhi College of Arts, Commerce & Sciene

vashi,Sector 10, Navi Mumbai-400708

Project Synopsis

“’Hostel Management System’

Submitted by
Mr.Pawan sharma

Mr.Nooralam saiyed

The HOSTEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM its a custumize user friendly project for hostel whis provide hostel
information,hostel room information, and hostel account information.It is web base application which
manage various improve the efficiency of the manages activity like user registration
hostel rooms information manage students accounts.As the name specifies “HOSTEL MANAGEMENT
SYSTEM” is a software developed for managing various activities in the hostel For the past few years the
number of educational institutions are increasing rapidly Thereby the number of hostels are also
increasing for the accommodation of the students studying in this institution.And hence there is a lot of
strain on the person who are running the hostel and software’s are not usually used in this context.This
particular project deals with the problems on managing a hostel and avoids the problems which occur
when carried manually.Identification of the drawbacks of the existing system leads to the designing of
computerized system that will be compatible to the existing system with the system Which is more user
friendly and more GUI oriented. We can improve the efficiency of the system, thus overcome the
drawbacks of the existing system.

human error

Strength and strain of manual labour can be reduced

High security

Data redundancy can be avoided to some extent

Data consistency

Easy to handle

Easy data updating

Easy record keeping

Backup data can be easily generated

Hostel management system is designed for hostel(like school and univercitiy.

There will be predefine criteria to reserve the hostel.

Admin can checks thctie application or registration form of the students.

Excel export has not been developed for Beds, Rooms due to some criticality

The transactions are executed in off-line mode, hence on ne data for Rent, Allotees capture and modification is not

Off-line reports of Rent, Hostel, Payments cannot be generated due to batch mode execution.

The main goal of this project is to simplify the process of information management in particular

It helps the collage to maintain the information about the students,rooms etc.Thus it helps the
college to maintain the information in systematic manner and access details very quickly.

can implement in all hostels to procced the work smoothly.

What this system intends to achieve is

1)To reduce cost used by the students travelling in search of rooms

2) Enable hostel managers to easily track the payment and students data

3) Reduce the cost the administration spend on paper works and stuff

4) Automate the bookings and notification

5) make easy for hostel managers to view payment report using their phones or computers .
Software and Hardware Specification

Software Specification :-

Front End : HTML,CSS, JavaScript

HTML: HTML is used to create and save web

document. E.g. Notepad/Notepad++

CSS: (Cascading Style Sheets) Create attractive Layout

Bootstrap: responsive design mobile friendly site

JavaScript: it is a programming language, commonly use

with web browsers.

Back End : PHP,MySQL

PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) is a technology that allows

software developers to create dynamically generated web
pages, in HTML, XML, or other document types, as per client
request. PHP is open source software.

MySQL: MySql is a database, widely used for accessing

querying, updating, and managing data in databases.

Operating System : Windows 10

For Documentation : Microsoft Office 2007

Hardware Specification :-

Processor :- Intel core i5

RAM :- 1GB onwards
Free Hard Disk Space :- 2 GB or more


Good security for user information.

Easy to handle.

Easy to updating.

Less human error.


-Add Students.
-Remove Student.
-Update Information
-Search Student.

-Manage Students.
-Students Registration.
-Rooms, courses.