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1. Do you agree with the opinion that immigrants are often found depriving
locals of their rights and opportunities? Suggest measures for
establishing a harmonious relationship between immigrants and locals.
(250 words, 15 marks

2. In India, industry and infrastructure related makeover is a prerequisite

for the adoption of electric vehicles. Discuss. (250 words, 15 marks)

3. Explain in detail the features of Motor Vehicles (Amendment )Act, 2019

and also critically comment if it will reduce the inefficiencies in the
system. (250 words)

4. The Uranium contamination in India is a resultant of lack of institutional

preparedness and technological upgradation. What are its effect on
human heath and the means to address them? (250 words)

5. A convergence between global powers is imperative for the formulation

of policies against climate change. Discuss in the context of Brazil’s
initial refusal of international support in the Amazon fire crisis. (250
words, 15 marks)

6. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees has been at the forefront of

solving humanitarian crises across the world. Illustrate with suitable
examples. (250 words, 15 marks)

7. The narrow lens of Nationalism will. Not serve us in addressing

transnational challenges of Climate Change. Explain on how one can
transcend conventional boundaries to meet planetary ethos. (250

8. Illustrate with example as to how the post of Governor has become a

parking lot for retired Politicians,Bureaucrats and Judges. (150 words)

9. India and Russia have shared a unbreakable bond since the 1970’s.
Illustrate the statement by highlighting areas of co-operation in various
sectors. (250 words; 15 marks)

10. The recent amendments introduced to the UAPA are in line with the
global practices. But the lack of checks and balances could promote its
abuse. Critically evaluate. (250 words; 15 marks)
11. Evaluate India’s performance in controlling the spread of Hepatitis B
infection. (200 word; 12.5 marks)

12. The teaching profession has lost its sheen in a world driven by
consumerism. Suggest measures to improve the quality and
attractiveness of the profession. (250 words; 15 marks)

13. Describe the main features of the Indus Valley site found at Rakhigarhi.
What threats are endangering this historic site? (250 words; 15 marks)

14. Highlight the key differences between India's-Look East, Act East and
Act Far East Policy. What is the strategic significance of India’s
proposed investments in Russia’s Far East? (250 word; 15 marks)

15. What are the objectives of Chandrayaan-2? Explain in detail the three
modules assisting the objectives. (250 words)

16. Emotional Intelligence sometimes is actually more important than

general intelligence. Substantiate (150 words)

17. The Peace process initiated by the US with the Taliban was built on a
flawed model because it excluded the Afghan civilian government from
the process. Comment (250 words)

18. Achieving true democratic decentralisation remains a pipe dream in

India. Critically evaluate (250 words)

19. Discuss the factors responsible for the slowdown in India’s automobile
sector. (150 words; 10 marks)

20. Fossil fuel emissions are a bigger concern than deforestation with
regard to climate change. Justify (250 words)

21. What efforts has India taken to counter Pakistan’s campaign of

internationalising the Kashmir issue? (250words; 10 marks)

22. Occupational and worker safety is a universal basic right. In the light of
this statement, evaluate India’s track record in upholding this basic
right. (250 words; 15 marks)
23. Discuss the role and functions of the UN Secretariat. Highlight the
appointment process of the UN Secretary General. (200 words; 12.5

24. Evaluate the social factors that have led to increasing cases of mob-
mob-lynching. Is the demand for a stringent anti lynching law justified?
(200 words; 12.5 marks)

25. What do you understand by the term ‘Machine Learning’. Explain it’s
specific applications for India. (250 words; 15 marks)

26. Imposition of heavy fines is the best way to curb traffic violations and
reduce road accidents. Do you agree? Substantiate. (250 words; 15

27. Illustrate the role of few elements of the diploma in aiding and abetting
the Khalistan movement. Does it still pose any security threat to India?
(250 words; 15 marks)

28. Explain the factors responsible for the severe smog condition in Delhi
and suggest measures to overcome the challenge. (250 words; 15

29. What is the difference between Cyclical and Structural Slowdown? Are
the steps taken by the government enough? What else should the Govt
do to reducce the slowdown hampering the Indian Economy? (250
words;15 marks)

30. The growing distance between General Public and Police can be
minimised by coming together of Police, Government and Public.
Suggest measures to address the challenging issue. (150 words)

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