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Tanatat Tar Techadilok

Ms. Orana Meenongwha
English 10/10:04
May 25, 2017

History of 3 brand name product


Today many people are using more brand name product. There is more easy and
convenient way to buy it. For example, they can do an online shopping and let them deliver to
their home. There are many reason that people buying brand name product instead of private
brand. One of the reason is they want to fit in the social whether at school, work or in social
circles. So, sometimes people buy brands because they think the brands will contribute to greater
social acceptance. This is quite true in fashion. Buyer generally buy clothing brand that are make
them look good, in trend, or fit in that social. Their is many famous brand that most of the people
in the world know such as Hermes, Rolex, and Channel. For example, Hermes is a French high
fashion luxury goods manufacturer established in 1837, today specializing in leather, lifestyle
accessories, home furnishings, perfumery, jewelry, watches. The most item that make them
famous until today is the luxury bag. Hermes make a lot of generation of bag. The example of
famous generation of hermes bag are Birkin the price is about £7,500 to £100,000 if convert to
Thai Baht their is about 350,000 and may including tax. The second brand is Rolex. Rolex is a
brand that known as a luxury watch brand. For the beginning they sell only the watch but now
they are selling some accessory for man and women too. Their price is quite high because almost
every time in the store is over 100,000 Baht. And the last brand is Channel. This brand is
famous for the girl bag and accessory. They have original style of their bag. At first time they
made only the bag but now they made different kind of product like jewelry, watch, makeup, and
more. As a result, the purpose of the statement is to show the history of three brands. To show
that how it start, how it become famous, and why people want to buy them


The first brand is Hermes. Hermes is a French high fashion luxury goods manufacturer.
The first designer is Thierry Hermes. In 1827, He moved to Pont Audemer, north of Paris, where
he learned the trade of leather making, and begins making harnesses. And the next 10 year, He
build the French house of Hermes, in a workshop in Paris. Hermes won a lot of award by making
a leader in the exposition. Few year later, Thierry Hermes passed away and the business is take
over by his son Charles-Émile Hermès. In that time around 1900 - 1951. Hermes start to make
new product that make customer quite interested in. For example, Haut à Courroies bag.
Moreover, In 1918, They create first gold jacket with a zipper for Edward, Prince of Wales. In
that time, the most famous product of Hermes until to day is a leader bag call Kelly Bag. Kelly
bag is a remake version of Haut à courroies bag (the first bag that they made), the shape and
design is a simple stylish bag, with a trapezoid shape, closed with two straps, and four studs on
the bottom, allowing the bag to remain upright when placed on a flat surface. Nowadays,
Hermes created many design of Kelly bag, they make a different color use different material
such as Crocodile leader. Now, the retail price of this bag is about $10,000 - 25,000 depend on
size and material. Furthermore, around 1950 they create more products such as Tie and Perfume
to sell. Hermes company change the owner from generation to generation. In 1984, Hermes
make a new design of bag call Birkin Bag. This bag name after British actress and singer Jane
Birkin. This bag is very popular for celebrities the price is about $7500 up to $150,000 depend
on size, material, and color. Each Birkin bag is handmade in France by one single artisan, and
can take up to 18 hours to complete, from start to finish. They come in sizes 25, 30, 35, and 40,
and two travel sizes, 50, and 55, as measured in centimeters, and in a variety of leathers and
skins. Today, Hermes is very popular high fashion Brand. They have a shop almost every
country in the world. They made a lot of product such as Bracelet, Watch, Bag, Wallet, and
more. The design is look simple but a lot of people still now that this Brand is Hermes. The main
reason that customer want to buy them is because of the long history of them and many
celebrities buy them. To be more precise, today a lot of people like to follow the celebrities.
Moreover, the demand of the leader bag like Birkin Bag is high because they make very less
amount of it and all of them are all handmade. It takes the artisans so long to create one. There
just isn’t enough supply. That’s why it’s nearly impossible to just be able to walk into an Hermès
shop, and walk out with a luxury leader bag. At some point, there was even a five-to-six year-
long wait list. That’s why a lot of women and men come to. To summary, Hermes have a long
story before it become this famous, each of the product have their story and make people want to
buy them.


The second brand is Channel. Channel is a high fashion house that specializes in
expensive, fashionable clothes and ready-to-wear clothes, luxury goods and fashion accessories.
Gabrielle Bonheur is the founder of Channel brand. She born in Saumur, France, on August 19th.
In 1900 Gabrielle leaved her birth place and moved to Moulins, France. Before she turn to
designer she is a singer before, Gabrielle adopts the nickname “Coco,”. This name come from
the French song “Qui qu’a vu coco?” or “Ko-Ko-Ri-Ko”. She moved to Paris and start to be a
designer. The first item she designed is a hat. The special thing about the first hat she made is it
look different and unique compare to another hat at that time. So, that make her start first store at
21 Rue Cambon in Paris. She made beautiful hat for many Paris’s most elite customer. Channel
is very successful on their business. So they opened more shop in France. After the World War
One, In 1920. Chanel desired to create a bag that was both classic and easy carried, the bag
called “Chanel Flap Bag” was born. Chanel Flap Bag is originally inspired by 1920s military
bag, the unique designs of this bag makes women to experience hands-free toting leisure.
Moreover, Channel start to introduced more product such as iconic perfume, new design of
dress, and more luxury product. Unfortunately, the Channel shop have to close because France
declares war on Germany. After the a bad time, Chanel has introduced her comeback collection.
Chanel introduces the 2.55 bag. To be more precise, this bag named after its date of creation:
February of 1955. The Chanel 2.55 was greatly inspired by the time that Coco spent in a
orphanage for much of her early life. For example, the metal strap of 2.55 bag was inspired by
the chain that dangled from the caretaker’s waists, where they kept the keys. The interior color
was the color of the uniform herself and the rest of the children had to wear in orphanage. In
addition, Coco also used her own experience to make the bag more practical for women. For
example, in side the bag they have a space to keep a secret thing or separated space to put in a
specific item. In 2005, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the creation of the 2.55 bag, Karl
Lagerfeld relaunched this bag, exactly as Coco Chanel had originally designed it, and named it
Reissue. Today, the term Reissue is used to describe the bags that have the original Chanel
design. This is the most successful design of Channel bag and make Channel famous. Nowadays
Channel 2.55 bag is very popular for every age because of it design the price is around €3000 -
€5000 depend on year that it make and the material they use. Now Channel have a shop around
the world. Furthermore they have a more fashion product such as Wallet, Scarf, Pin, Watch, and
more. But the most wanted product is a Channel bag. Almost every female celebrities have them.
Another reason why people buy this bag is because of the trend in this time, many people like to
follow their friend, parent, or celebrities so they trend.Moreover, some collection of Channel bag
price will increase if you kept it for a long time. For example, Channel 2.55 bag price will higher
every year. As a result, Channel have their own luxury style of their product, that make them
different from another brand, and that make people want to own them.


The last brand is Rolex. Rolex is a luxury watch manufacturing company. The logo of the brand
is five point crown.The founder of this brand is Hans Wilsdorf. He was born in Bavaria,
Germany in 1881. As he very good at speak English he moved to Geneva, Switzerland. His job
is working for pearl merchant. After that he got a new job with a watch company name Cuno-
Korten in Switzerland. He was hired to work in this company because he very good at English.
He very interested in how the watch work and how they so accurate. In 1905, he start his own
watch company named Wilsdorf & Davis, he named after his and his partner name But soon, In
1908, they change the name to Rolex. This word don’t have any meaning. They named this
because they try to make a name that easy to pronounce for every language. This company is
very good for making watch and they very successful. In 1910, a Rolex watch was the first
wristwatch in the world to receive the Swiss Certificate of Chronometric Precision, granted by
the Official Watch Rating Centre in Bienne. Rolex moved to Geneva, a city renowned
internationally for watchmaking. Montres Rolex S.A. was registered in Geneva in 1920. In 1926
Rolex create first waterproof and dust proof wristwatch they give a name “Oyster”, this watch
featured a hermetically sealed case which provided optimal protection for the movement. There
are many reason that make this watch famous. For example, young English swimmer name
Mercedes Gleitze use it when she swim. The The swim lasted over 10 hours and the watch still
remained in perfect working order. Moreover, The first expedition to fly over Everest was
equipped with Rolex Oysters. The members of the crew were highly satisfied with the
performance of the watches. In 1935, Rolex make a Laboratory to test and proof about the
watch. They test how the watch perform in different situation like motor racing, in deep water,
etc. At the time people know Rolex they start to introduce more new series of watch and this
product is very famous until to day. The example of the watch is The submariner, GMT-Master,
The day-Date, Daytona ,Yacht-Master. The special thing about all of this watch is they have
different purpose to make it for. For example, GMT-Master was originally design for the pilot, it
have 2 tone of color to mark for day and night time. More example, Rolex Milgauss designed for
people who work with a high magnetic field. This watch a very good resistance to the magnetic
field. Rolex have a long history and a lot of luxury product. Rolex have a story and purpose to
build their watch for each series. For example GMT-Master is a watch for pilot, Milgauss for
people that work with high electro magnet. Because of it external look people can buy them for
fashion too. Moreover, some of Rolex price will be higher overtime such as Daytona, GMT-
Master, or Submariner. To be more precise, If you want to sell Rolex, and they own a popular
product like Daytona. You can sell in a higher price or the price will not drop down much like
other watch. If the watch is not used before you will get a higher price if you sell it.


In conclusion, Every high fashion brand name product have their history and their own quality.

Some brand have a long history over 100 year until they become this famous such as Hermes,

Channel, and Rolex. Some of the brand have a interest thing story like Hermes. They is not

professional at making a bag before. This brand are making leader mostly to use with horse

business and turn to make a fashion leader bag and accessory later. Now a day, this three brand is

very popular for teenager or higher age. These three brand introduce a new product for the new

trend of fashion buy kept they own style or featured of the brand. For example, almost every

Hermes bag their style of the leather bag. To be more precise, brand name shopper will see and

quickly know that this cutting and design is Hermes. Further more, Rolex have a five point

crown put it in the watch, that is the symbol of Rolex. All this brands always introduce each

product. Each product have a purpose what they want to make it for. To illustrate, Rolex

Milgauss design for people who work with high magnetic field. Furthermore, some product

create because inspiration of designer such as Coco channel have inspiration to design 2.55 bag

when she working in orphanage. As a result, all of this listed brands have a long story before

they become this famous. They make a different kind of product, each product have a purpose

and inspiration to make. A design of the product is look luxury and fashionable. These why

people want to buy them event they have a high price.


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