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Synopsis Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost

In the prehistoric times, the 200,000 year of Tian Yuan, the flower deity Zi Fen dies after giving birth to a daughter.
Before she passed, she fed her daughter the Unfeeling Pill, ordered her subordinates to keep the girl’s birth story a
secret and to imprison her within Shui Jing for ten thousand years. The girl’s name is Jin Mi.
Four thousand years later, the Heavenly Emperor’s second son, the Phoenix Fire Deity was entrapped by someone and
mistakenly entered Shui Jing. He was saved by the ignorant Jin Mi. After living together for a hundred years, the Fire
Deity gradually developed feelings for Jin Mi. Who would have thought that he would be attracted to Jin Mi?
In between the Heavenly World and the Devil World, there is an immeasurably deep River of Forgetfulness, where the
war between the Fire Deity and Night Deity finally erupts.

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Chapter Prologue
Chapter Prologue

Prologue: The Origin of the Flower’s Premature Death

Shuang Jiang [1], Cold Moon, late at night .
In the Palace of a Hundred Flowers, the twenty-four Flower Ladies knelt down on the brightly colored tiles of the
Grand Hall, one after another . They held their breath, rapt with attention . A gust of night breeze passed over, the
shadows of the trees outside the hall swayed, scattering the moonlight . In the middle of the hall, a gauze curtain the
color of water swayed lightly, as the person behind the curtain breathed feebly .
That person was lying on her side, covered by the colorful cloud quilt on her bed . Her hairpin was a branch of black
plum, her eyes moved slightly, half open and half closed . Her facial features were peerless, although she was pale and
emaciated, her expression and bearing were refined, which made others unable to tear their eyes away . A white mist
from the moonlight scattered over her slightly wrinkled brow .
Suddenly, her breath became hurried, the lingering scent in the Grand Hall gradually became stronger with her every
breath, the collective scent of ten thousand flowers and a hundred fragrances . The scent became stronger and stronger,
and the twenty-four Flower Ladies, who had prostrated themselves, ignored etiquette and raised their heads, one after
another . They gazed towards the curtain, unable to hide the worry on their faces, but still did not dare to make a sound .
Magnolias, apricot blossoms, jasmine, cassia, cotton roses, Japanese camellias, lotuses and roses… Behind the gauze
curtain was an assortment of open blooms, but they were quickly withering, the flower petals scattering like after a
torrential rainstorm, an excess of fallen petals . Instantly, the colored tiles of the Grand Hall were covered in a sea of
flowers, beautiful and vast, but hopelessly alone .
After the narcissus flower fell, signaling the last proud wintersweet blooming in the winter, an instant later, every
flower floated downwards . After the last red plum regretfully landed amongst the sea of flowers, it thickened into a
clear, purple water droplet . Her bright fingertips stroked past lightly to catch this falling water droplet, she held it
against her chest, and in a flash, this water droplet flower turned into a fresh-faced baby .
“My Lady!” Mu Dan [2] parted the gauze curtain, crawled next to the bed and reached out to take that baby girl, who
was sleeping deeply with her eyes closed . She gazed at the person lying on the bed, whose face was rapidly draining of
all color, and could no longer hold back her tears .
“Follow my orders . After today, the birth story of my child will follow me to my grave . Anyone who discloses this
will be completely destroyed!” The breath of the person on the bed was very weak, her voice was not loud, but still had
a kind of forcefulness and dignity .
“We will obey! Your subordinates will closely follow My Lady’s decree! If we disobey the slightest, we will destroy
ourselves completely!” The twenty-four Flower Ladies, including Mu Dan, who was still holding the baby girl, bowed
down respectfully .
The person on the bed gazed at the people who had just sworn such an oath with tears shimmering underneath her
eyelids, as if she was relieved: “I can rest easy now . Everyone can rise . Mu Dan, come here . ” She lifted her hand and
waved weakly, the flower petal swirling around with her movement .
“My Lady!” Mu Dan held the baby and moved closer to the bed .
“Make her swallow this . ” The person on the bed passed a crimson pill into her hand . Mu Dan obeyed and placed it in
the baby’s mouth, using dew to force the baby to swallow that pearl .
The emaciated face of the person on the bed revealed a relieved smile, so light that it was hard to distinguish: “That is
the Unfeeling Pill . Anyone who eat that pill will be devoid of any affection or love . ”
“My Lady, you did this… . ?” Mu Dan heard a choked breath .
“Without feelings, she will be strong, and without love, her life will be free and easy . This is the greatest blessing I can
give her . My child cannot be like I was…” Thinking this, she patiently endured the enormous pain, but just as the
person on the bed calmed down, her brow suddenly wrinkled again, her pale and weak hand covering her heart .
“My Lady!”
The person on the bed slowly exhaled: “I’m fine . ” She opened her eyes again: “Is today ‘Shuang Jiang’?”
“Yes . ” Ding Xiang [3] replied from the end of the bed .
The expression in the eyes of the person on the bed dimmed, as if she was submerged within a vast memory . After
being silent for a moment, she stroked that baby’s flower petal-like cheeks and faintly opened her mouth: “Call her ‘Jin
Mi’ . ”
“Yes! Your subordinates congratulate the young deity Jin Mi for being born to this world!” The twenty-four Flower
Ladies bowed gracefully again .
“There no need . There isn’t any young deity, and after I am destroyed, do not create her as the new Flower Deity . ”
She waved her hand, the jade bracelets on her wrists tinkling, like the sound of the rain rustling, light and free . She
smiled sorrowfully and said: “It is better to be an unencumbered immortal . ”
“My Lady, please reconsider . How can out Flower World be without a master?” Below the dais, Xing Hua [4]
worriedly raised her head .
“I have already decided . After I pass, you twenty-four people will take turns managing the flowers, and take turns
directing the four seasons . ” The breath of the person on the bed was thin and weak, but the resolution in her voice
brooked no room for argument . Hearing the word ‘go’ coming from her mouth, the people in the hall could no longer
bear to look at her . Their response ‘yes!’ was full of sobs and forbearance .
“Contain Jin Mi within Shui Jing, and do not allow her to step outside of the Flower World for ten thousand years . ”
She calculated with such attention, fearing that a disaster would happen in these ten thousand years, even though she had
eaten the Unfeeling Pill, she still did not let go of her uneasiness . Shui Jing had boundaries, if she was confined in there
for ten thousand years, she could thoroughly prevent any disasters that would cause her to become heartbroken .
Thinking to this, the edges of her lips split into a smile like a fresh lotus, and her pair of starry eyes contained a slight
smile as they slowly closed…
Shuang Jiang [1], 208,612th year of Tian Yuan, the Flower Deity Zi Fen passed away, and hundred of flowers withered
and scattered . That night, there was a joyous and happy event held in the Heavenly Court . All the deities attended a
banquet to congratulate the Water Deity Luo Lin and the Wind Deity Lin Xiu on a hundred years of happy marriage .
The Flower World mourned for the Flower Deity and for ten years, hundreds of flowers grieved, unable to bloom .
Within these ten years, there wasn’t a single blooming flower, and the heaven and earth lost all color . Ten years later,
when the mourning period ended, everything then turned back to normal, fighting to bloom so beautifully again .
Every year, the fields were full of autumn grass, every day the stories awaited the rising sun . The clouds were vast and
the water was expansive, and suddenly, four thousand years had already passed .
The blue sea turned into a mulberry field, the mulberry field turned into a blue sea, changing here and changing there,
but nothing was new . Every day, a thousand deities arrived at the Heavenly Court at mao [5], to take care of some
trifling, every-day business, and spent their leisure time arguing about poems, tasting wine and calling on friends . The
days passed monotonously, without any complications, almost a bit dull .
Everyone was looking forward to the tragic but mighty waves that would shake the heavens . Longing for, longing for,
and indeed, they were not disappointed as they managed to wait until the beloved son of the Heavenly Emperor
disappeared . 212, 612th year of Tian Yuan, the Heavenly Emperor’s son, the Phoenix, was bathing in lava, when the
branches of the parasol tree burned for forty-nine days . After the fire was extinguished, there was no trace of Phoenix
Fire Deity and the Heavenly Emperor became furious .
[1] The eighteenth solar term, from October 23rd to November 6th .
[2] Peony
[3] Lilac
[4] Apricot Blossom
[5] The time period from 5 to 7 AM .

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Chapter 1
Chapter 1
Chapter 1: The First Meeting in Shui Jing
When we first meet Jin Mi, she is a grape sprite - not even an immortal yet . Her nickname is Xiao Tao Tao (Little
Grape) . She is trying to get out of the Shui Jing (water boundary) to go out of the Flower World, but she is not powerful
enough to . Lao Hu (a carrot immortal) warns her that flower and fruit immortals like them are very rare and will surely
be eaten in the dangerous world outside . The previous Flower Goddess had set up the boundary to protect weak flower
and fruit immortals - as normal deity and demons will not have the power to enter the Flower World as well due to the
boundary .
Lian Qiao another flower immortal who likes to collect things, excitedly shows Jin Mi a black thing she has found .
Jin Mi recognises it as a crow . The crow is almost dead and Jin Mi decides to use it as fertiliser - so she buries it in
her garden . In the middle of the night, Jin Mi suddenly wakes up and thinks that the crow cannot be an ordinary crow as
it managed to cross the Shui Jing to enter the Flower World . So, she digs the crow out of the garden again and decides
to eat it! As she believes the crow has a special internal essence which will improve her own internal essence!
She decides to resuscitate it before she eats it - so she feeds the crow her specially refined 500 year old honey . The
crow is amazingly revived - and turns into a human form . Jin Mi is bedazzled for a moment by the crow's beauty . She
looks at the crow's human form and tries to find out where the crow is hiding its internal essence - she sees the lower
abdomen has a part that is soft and hard, and takes out a razor to cut it off to eat . . .
The crow in human form wakes up at that moment and shouts at her! Jin Mi is shameless and says she is his
benefactor and was only cutting off what she thought was a tumour . The crow is slightly astounded at how Jin Mi does
not know the difference between males and females and decides to forgive her since she lives in the "barbaric land"
outside the heaven kingdom . With a few words, the crow changes Jin Mi (she was in a human form - which is only ten
years old due to her lack of cultivation) into her real form, and he laughs that she is a grape sprite . The crow makes Jin
Mi his servant - but it kind of backfires on him, she gives him earthworms for his breakfast, and when he wants to drink
water, she brings him to her pond . He was enjoying the spring water till he realises that the spring is used for washing
The crow is insulted when he realises that Jin Mi thinks he is a crow . He changes into his real form - a phoenix and
she is regretful that she did not get to eat his internal essence, as he is such a high grade god! Phoenix is going to return
to his kingdom and Jin Mi asks to follow him out of the Flower World . Phoenix decides to bring her along .
Phoenix returns to the heavenly palace and everyone welcomes the return on the second Heavenly Prince . In
Phoenix's courtyard, Jin Mi sees a furry creature and pinches its stomach - because she wants to eat it!

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Chapter 2
Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Fruit From Outside Heaven

The furry creature turns out to be a red fox . He laughs and transforms into a fifteen-sixteen year old looking boy . He
turns out to be Phoenix's uncle, the Moon God, the matchmaker in Heaven . He arranges marriage and love matches by
tying two people's love fates together with a red thread . He asks Jin Mi why she is here - and she tells him that she is
Phoenix's benefactor and how they met . The Moon God laughs and says it is a pity that Jin Mi is a boy (her current
human form) because his nephew will have to become gay!
Since Jin Mi finds Phoenix annoying, she leaves his palace and stays at the Moon God's Palace . She stays there for
about two months . She asks the Moon God why every time she tries to pluck a flower, it disappears - and the Moon
God says it concerns love and hate . . . and flowers cannot exist in the heavenly palace . There was a huge quarrel
between the Heavenly Emperor and the previous Flower Goddess and because of it the Flower Goddess made it so that
no flower or plant can exist in the heavens . All the flowers and grass they see in the heavenly palace was an illusion by
the Heavenly Emperor and will change back to a cloud when plucked .
There is a funny interlude between the Moon God who tries to teach Jin Mi about love (which she is not interested in)
through love stories and pornographic books . But, Jin Mi cannot be bothered about love - all she is interested is in
increasing her internal essence . In fact, she gains the misconception that the coupling in the books can help increase the
internal essence by combining a male's yang energy with a female's yin energy .
During her stay in the Moon God's palace, Jin Mi discovers that she can make flowers grow (though she attributes it to
the power of the Moon God's red thread instead of her own power) . As these flowers are rare, people exchange the
flowers from her with gifts . One of these gifts was eggs from a special bird, rosefinch (legendary vermillion bird),
from Phoenix's palace . However, after Jin Mi ate it, she became very ill - as if something was burning inside of her .
The Moon God asks for Phoenix's help in saving her .
Phoenix tells her that she is of yin constitution (water) and has hurt herself by eating the eggs from the rosefinch which
was of fire composition . Phoenix tells Jin Mi she can stay in his palace till she recovers - as she has lost about half of
her internal essence .

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Chapter 3
Chapter 3

Chapter 3: A Beauty Appears

Jin Mi has been staying at Phoenix's palace . She sees Phoenix bathing and wonders what is so special about him - as
the palace maids say he is the most handsome deity in the six heavenly realms . Phoenix says a chant and she transforms
into her true form and falls into the water (she was caught mid-spell in trying to make the water transparent so she can
see for herself why Phoenix is so special haha) .
In the past month, Jin Mi learns that Phoenix is the most powerful fire god in existence . She asks Phoenix to give her
some internal essence but he refuses . So, Phoenix has been supervising Jin Mi's meditation and self-cultivation to
replenish her lost internal essence - but Jin Mi is a bad student . Jin Mi kind of becomes Phoenix's errand boy and she is
often asked by the heavenly maids to pass love notes and gifts to Phoenix . Jin Mi finds the love letters (which she will
read beforehand) interesting but Phoenix will just carelessly read them and throw them aside .
Hilariously, a young female immortal called Yue Bei falls for Jin Mi's male form . Jin Mi is clueless but feels
flattered when Yue Bei calls her, high immortal, so she makes a flower and gives it to Yue Bei . A love letter from Yue
Bei is sent to Phoenix's palace later, and Jin Mi passes it to Phoenix naturally, but the love letter turns out to be for Jin
Jin Mi is confused why a female would send a female a letter (haha) and she meets Yue Bei later and Yue Bei gives
her a kiss on her cheek . The next day, a lord from Yue Bei's side comes to Phoenix's palace to propose a marriage
between Yue Bei to Jin Mi .
Phoenix declines the marriage for Jin Mi and reveals that Jin Mi is a girl . He removes a hairpin from Jin Mi's head
and her real female self is shown . Everyone is stunned because Jin Mi is a true beauty .
Jin Mi stops wearing the Spirit-Sealing Hairpin and shows her true self because she mistakenly thinks Phoenix is
jealous of her male form, which is more attractive to females than him . Phoenix laughs when he finds out her mistaken
notion and tells her to wear back her hairpin .
One day, Jin Mi was on a journey to pick up some gifts and to head to the Moon Palace when she passes by a pond .
She sees little deers and a fish-like tail . This is when she first meets the Night Deity, Ren Yu, the First Heavenly Prince
- his top half is a man, and bottom half is a fish-like tail . She is stunned at the beauty of the tail and tells him it is
incomparable . Night Deity modestly say it is nothing . Then, Jin Mi misunderstands that Night Deity is in charge of
herding deers . Seeing his confusion, Jin Mi thought she has hurt his pride so she assures him that even one herding
deers will have great prospects in the future . Night Deity laughs to himself and remembers her name .

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Chapter 4
Chapter 4

Chapter 4: A Dream in the River of Forgetfulness

*I love how xiaoyuer translated the Moon God's place as the Estate of Conjugal Bliss, so I will use that phrase . I
would have translated it as House of Matrimonial Fate instead but xiaoyuer's phrase is much more poetic .
Jin Mi arrives at the Moon God's place, the Estate of Conjugal Bliss . One of the Moon God's servants is surprised
that Jin Mi has turned into a girl! Jin Mi commented that the Moon God has lost weight and he informed her it's because
the birds are getting smaller . The Flower Leaders of the Flower World had gone to the Bird World to find a little
flower fairy but could not find her despite searching all the eggs - so now the Flower World has cut off the flower
supply to the Bird World unless they produce the little flower fairy . This is because it is said that a crow has taken
away the little flower fairy (haha Phoenix) .
When Jin Mi goes to watch chinese opera with the Moon God, she meets Lao Hu (the carrot immortal) . Lao Hu wants
to bring Jin Mi back to the flower world as he got scolded by the Flower Leaders for losing Jin Mi . So, Lao Hu brings
Jin Mi back to Phoenix's palace and asks to take Jin Mi back . Phoenix asks Jin Mi if she wants to return to the Flower
World and she says yes . Phoenix says very well since he has to go down to the Underworld as there has been
disturbances down there . Jin Mi's ears perks up when she hears that Phoenix is going to the Underworld .
She tells Lao Hu that before she leaves she needs to take some Buddhist scrolls for her cultivation and Phoenix
consents for her to take some scrolls . So, later that night, she turns into her grape form and hides in the sleeves of one of
Phoenix's robes on his bed . Phoenix changes into the robe and goes to the Underworld (he clearly knows that Jin Mi is
in the robe, and scares her for a moment by pretending he will wear another robe haha) .
At the river in the Underworld, the old boatman asks if the immortal lady is steady before riding the boat . Jin Mi
realises she is discovered and transforms back to her human self . Phoenix laughs at her . Jin Mi cups the water of the
river and Phoenix whacks her hand - the water is from the River of Forgetfulness . The boatman mentions that he has
guarded the river for hundred thousands of years but this is only the second time he has seen such a beautiful lady like
Jin Mi . He mentioned that the lady was very sad and wanted to drink the water in the River of Forgetfulness but another
guy came and pulled her away .

When they arrive at the shore, Phoenix catches Jin Mi who almost falls and he pauses when Jin Mi is in his embrace -
then throws her off . Jin Mi catches up with him saying she is scared of ghost . Phoenix tells her that she is his
maidservant, so he can protect her from ghosts . Phoenix casts a spell on Jin Mi to hide her real appearance .
They pass a stall where a demon is selling tails and ears that can change one's appearance . Jin Mi picks up a pair of
rabbit's ears . As Jin Mi was going to walk away without paying, someone pays the demon for Jin Mi's rabbit's ears .
This someone is his First Highness, the Night Deity . Phoenix is annoyed and throws the money back to the Night Deity
and pays for Jin Mi instead .
Through Night and Phoenix's conversation, Jin Mi realises that Night Deity is actually the First Prince, the Dragon
Night Deity and not a fish like she thought . Phoenix also realises that Jin Mi and Night met before .
Phoenix books a suite and Jin Mi as his maidservant sleeps in the outer room . When she collects a kettle for Phoenix,
she sees Night's little deer in the stables and pities it (thinking it is also scared of ghosts) and brings him inside the suite
to sleep . The next morning, she tries to feed the little deer grass and Night stops her saying the deer eats dreams and
nightmares . The deer actually ate lots of dreams and nightmares last night and was bloated! Jin Mi brings out the deer
and makes it spit out a dream .
The deer spits out something like a night pearl which dissolves into an image - it shows the old boatman on the river
of forgetfulness . . . there is a man . . . who looks like Phoenix . A girl lifts up her head and gazes deeply at Phoenix .
They kiss . They kiss for a long time until Phoenix finally releases her but still embraces her waist . She turns away
delicately, her cheeks reddened .
Jin Mi thinks she looks familiar . She looks at her reflection in the little pond in the garden . After comparing, she
realises that the girl in the image looks like her .

Chapter 4 is probably one of the best chapters of the novel - it captures all the best characteristics of the novel - funny,
with magic, mythology, petty cute rivalry between Night and Phoenix and develops the mystery that surrounds Jin Mi .

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Chapter 5
Chapter 5

Chapter 5: The Secret Starts to Unravel

The dream image is slashed away by a girl who demands from Jin Mi the identity of the girl in the dream . She turns
out to be Princess Liu Ying of the demon world, who is deeply in love with Phoenix . Jin Mi (disguised) tells
Princess Liu Ying she doesn't know the girl and gives her directions to where Phoenix is after Princess Liu Ying asks .
Princess Liu Ying meets Phoenix and asks him who is the girl in his dream . Phoenix is angry and asks Night if his
deer contravened the rules of heavens by daring to eat a high god's dream . It turns out that high gods will naturally have
a barrier when they sleep so it's not possible for the deer to eat his dream . . . until Jin Mi realises that she had brought
the little deer across the barrier when she had brought it inside to sleep . She starts to cough uncontrollably and Phoenix
makes her stand behind him when Night uses his hand to comfort her back . Phoenix says that he cannot have his
maidservant cause rumours for Night who is already engaged .
Princess Liu Ying asks Night who has the honour to be his fiancee, and he says with a shadow on his face that she is
the eldest daughter of the Water God . Princess Liu Ying queries if the Wind Goddess and Water God are still childless
. . . and everyone falls silent .
Night and Phoenix captures the two demons and Phoenix traps them in two gourds which will cause the demons to
vanish into dust after a few days . Jin Mi was annoyed because they did not let her follow them and casted a spell to
immobilize her . Night had to return to the heavenly realms for some duties while Phoenix remained in the Underworld
with Jin Mi . Jin Mi thinks Phoenix is very strange, because other then when Phoenix went to catch the demon, he cast a
spell causing her not to be able to be away from him further than 100 steps .
Jin Mi thinks that the common saying which states that reality is the opposite of dreams is true! What Phoenix feels for
her is the opposite of his dream (hah) .
Jin Mi decides to eat the internal essence of the two demons since she cannot eat the internal essence of Phoenix . Jin
Mi removes the seal from the gourd and one of the demon is released! She is about to be attacked when Phoenix saves
her - he uses his Red Lily Fire against the demon and the demon starts to die . . . but then Phoenix suddenly stops using
the fire when he realises it was affecting Jin Mi adversely . So, Phoenix puts up a protective barrier for Jin Mi and
fights the demon with a sword . He kills the demon with the sword (actually one of his feathers) despite the demon
playing dirty tricks and trying to use Jin Mi against Phoenix .
After the battle, Phoenix is angry at Jin Mi, but can't do anything but flick her forehead . Jin Mi realises that Phoenix is
injured - he has been hurt by the demon's Plague needles when he was trying to protect her . Princess Liu Ying comes
into the room at this moment after having heard sounds of a fight - she is horrified when she realises that Phoenix has
been hurt by the demon's Plague needles and says she will dash immediately to the Flower World to get the sacred
ganordema (ling zimushroom) which can heal him . Jin Mi realises that if Phoenix was not cured within 49 hours, he
would be destroyed by the poison from the Plague needles .
Phoenix says that the Flower World has a grudge with the heavenly realms and will not release the sacred herb . Jin
Mi wonders what was the big deal for some simple grass - she takes out a red thread from her pocket and asks Phoenix
what will he do for her if she makes the special herb . Phoenix stares at her for a moment then ignores Jin Mi and starts
to meditate .
Jin Mi was indignant at being ignored and underestimated so she starts to think about what a sacred ganordema looks
like . . . and a reddish mushroom is born! She happily brings it to Phoenix, who studies it with an unclear expression .
Phoenix says that Jin Mi has made a shitake mushroom . So, Jin Mi starts to make all kinds of mushroom grow on the
floor . Phoenix tells Jin Mi that he will give her two hundred years of cultivation if she makes the sacred ganordema
(ling zi) .
Jin Mi bargains for three hundred years of cultivation and Phoenix agrees . She starts to make tons of plants . . . and
then out grows a sacred ganordema . Phoenix is shocked and asks what was Jin Mi's identity icily . Jin Mi thinks
Phoenix is becoming delirious as he keeps asking her who she is and what her relationship is with the Flower Goddess .
Jin Mi realises she must knock him out to feed him the sacred ganordema or he will die and she cannot get her
cultivation, so she decides to . . . kiss him .
When her arms surround his neck, she chops him in one fell swoop . She casts a spell to put Phoenix on the bed and
applies the sacred ganordema on his injuries . She falls asleep by his bedside . She wakes up thinking she is pinching a
pest that wants to eat her grape self, only to realise it's Phoenix's finger . At this moment, Princess Liu Ying returns with
the First Flower Leader from the Flower World .
The First Flower Leader is furious at Jin Mi . Phoenix tells her it is not Jin Mi's fault as he had fallen into the Flower
World and Jin Mi had followed him later . The First Flower Leader says he cannot dare touch any female immortals in
the Flower World . Phoenix admits that his heart is with Jin Mi (**he uses this very lovely phrase, 心之所系 - 系
meaning ties, relationships, a connection - it is as if he is saying his heart is now connected with Jin Mi) .
Jin Mi does not understand what Phoenix means by 心之所系 . Princess Liu Ying looks like she wants to cry and the
First Flower Leader takes Jin Mi away . Phoenix says he will go to the Flower World to see Jin Mi again . Jin Mi asks
when since she wants her 300 years of cultivation .
Phoenix smiles and says the day after tomorrow .

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Chapter 6
Chapter 6

Chapter 6: The Mortal World in An Instant

The Flower Leader makes Jin Mi kneel before the Flower Goddess's tombstone . She warns Jin Mi not to lie . First,
she asks Jin Mi where her Spirit Sealing Hairpin went and Jin Mi said she lost it . She then asks Jin Mi how many
people have seen her real appearance besides Phoenix and Jin Mi starts to name many gods like the Moon God, the
Night Deity, etc . . .
The Flower Leader gets more angry . She asks if Phoenix brought Jin Mi out of the Flower World, if she has been
staying at Phoenix's palace for the last hundred years and if she was the one who made the ling zhi (glossy ganodema)
for Phoenix to cure his poison . Jin Mi says yes to all three . Jin Mi gets so used to saying yes that she also says yes to
Flower Leader's next question which is if Jin Mi has romantic feelings for Phoenix . The Flower Leader is furious and
started to say she needs to give up half of her immortal essence, so Jin Mi tells the Flower Leader that she does not have
feelings for Phoenix and Phoenix owes her three hundred years of cultivation for the ling zhi . The Flower Leader is
relieved .
The Flower Leader reminds Jin Mi that the Flower World and Heavenly Realm are enemies and she must make an oath
never to have a connection with anyone from the Heavenly Realm . So, Jin Mi makes an oath that if she has a
relationship with people (人) from the Heavenly Realm - her immortal essence will be destroyed, she can never be an
immortal again, she will be a human in her next life, and a carrot in her next next life! Jin Mi secretly laughs to herself
because there are only gods in the Heavenly Realm and no people, so the Flower Leader has been tricked by her oath .

The Flower Leader puts her in a room with three magical amulets at the door to prevent her from escaping . Jin Mi
waits for Phoenix, believing that he will come . In a dash of seven coloured lights, Phoenix makes his grand entrance in
the Flower World . The Twenty Four Flower Leaders are present and asks why he has barged into the Flower World
without permission again . Phoenix says he is here to fulfill his promise to Jin Mi, someone he admires .
The Flower Leader tells Phoenix to give up his hopes and to ask the Heavenly Jade Emperor himself --- everyone is
ok for Phoenix, except Jin Mi . Phoenix is confused for a moment than thunderstruck . . . he pauses . . . is Jin Mi . . . the
Flower Goddess' . . . .
Phoenix looks absolutely lost as he leaves the Flower World in confusion .
Jin Mi grows bored in her room and wonders who will free her . A few days later, she sees a meteor light and makes
a wish to escape . Suddenly, an elegant figure on a deer, the Nightmare Beast, appears in her courtyard . It is Night .
Night asks if Jin Mi wants to join him? So Jin Mi eagerly follows Night, she sits on his Nightmare Beast and Night
leads the Nightmare Beast as they cross the starlight and the heavenly river . Jin Mi says Night must be quite lonely
since he is on duty when everyone is asleep and only has this mute Nightmare Beast for company .
Night gives a smile - only people who have experienced liveliness will be lonely . For someone like him who is
destined to thousands of years of loneliness, who have never experienced liveliness, how could he be lonely?
Jin Mi tells Night that she sleeps late so he can find her or she can find him when he is lonely, and they can be lonely
together** . Jin Mi asks where Night lives .
Night's eyes sparkle . He tells her his palace is at the end of the rainbow at An (暗 - the chinese word for Dark) Forest
. They had met around the boundary of An Forest previously .
Jin Mi passes Night a seed from her pocket . She tells him this is a flower*** that blooms in the night and retracts its
petals to sleep in the day - just like Night, so it can accompany him .
Night places it in his chest pocket carefully and thanks Jin Mi .
Jin Mi asks if she can go stay at Night's palace and not return to the Flower World . Night says yes, but as the Flower
Leaders will be looking for her, it will be better for her to go to the mortal world . So Night brings Jin Mi to a hut in the
mortal world and changes her appearance to a man .
The local soil god appears to greet Night and says he is honoured to have the arrival of such a great god . Night asks
him to take care of Jin Mi as his esteemed guest . The local soil god eagerly agrees, then says he has poor eyesight and
that Night and Jin Mi can continue . . . and quickly leaves .
Jin Mi is confused and asks Night to continue . Night does not know whether to laugh or cry and massages his temple .

** The literal translation is more like Jin Mi says we can accompany each other . But, I found it more lovely to translate
it as lonely together .

***This flower is called tuberosa flower . Its name is particularly lovely in Chinese - meaning Beautiful Night Scent .

Comment: This chapter is for the Night fans :) and one of my favourite chapters ever . I could imagine how Night felt
when Jin Mi tells him - they can look for each other, and be lonely together . One warm word in his long lonely
existence --- and when he kept the seed, I'm sure it was at the bosom of his heart .
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Chapter 7
Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Vinegar *(Jealousness) can also cause Drunkenness

It has been half a month since Jin Mi came to the mortal world . Little soil god and Jin Mi are drinking alcohol and
little soil god shares that the world's four greatest pleasures are eating, drinking, women** and gambling . Jin Mi tells
little soil god that she does not know what are the pleasures of women and gambling .
So, the little soil god brings Jin Mi to an underground gambling den and teaches her Mahjong! Hours later, they get
kicked out of the gambling den as their luck was too good! The little soil god then decides to bring Jin Mi to a brothel
(haha) . But before the courtesans could appear, Jin Mi starts to escape as she heard that one of the courtesans is called
Mu Dan (a type of flower -peony) and thought she was one of the Flower Leaders!
The little soil god is confused as to why Jin Mi wants to run away then he makes the conclusion that Jin Mi is actually
interested in guys! So he brings her to a brothel that has male courtesans (haha) . At the male brothel, Jin Mi meets . . .
Phoenix! Jin Mi asks Phoenix if he has come here to seek pleasure and he tells Jin Mi coldly that he has come to find her
. Phoenix was so angry to see Jin Mi with the male courtesans that he sets fire to the male brothel .
A thunderstorm comes and extinguishes the fire quickly . The great Water God had arrived to stop the fire . The great
Water God scolds Phoenix for setting fire to the brothel and potentially causing the loss of human lives . Phoenix
apologises . Jin Min notices that Phoenix looks a bit scared, so she decides to help him since he still owes her three
hundred years of cultivation . She tells the great Water God that Phoenix wanted to set her on fire but had missed and
accidentally caused the whole brothel to burn instead (although this was not true, since the fire that had set the brothel
ablaze was ordinary fire and could not hurt Jin Mi or the little soil god) . Phoenix mutters to himself that he must as well
set himself on fire if he wanted to set her on fire .
At this point, Night descends from the night sky . Night greets the great Water God and the great Water God grandly
excuses himself and flies off . Phoenix accuses Night of being the one who stole Jin Mi away . Night said he was merely
helping a friend who had been imprisoned .
Phoenix mocks Night for his sudden brotherly concern and states that he must know that the Flower World is blaming
Phoenix for Jin Mi's disappearance . Phoenix also mocks Night for his care of Jin Mi since she ended up at a male
brothel .
Jin Mi tells Phoenix and Night about the four great pleasures of the mortal world and offers them osmanthus (a type of
flower) wine that she made . Under the full moon, Night, Phoenix and Jin Mi start to drink her osmanthus wine as the
little soil god apologises for what he has done . Phoenix says that it is lucky that Jin Mi's heavenly essence is still intact
and tells the little soil god to go and tend the ovens of Lao Jun (another god)*** .
They drink and Night praises Jin Mi for her skill in brewing the wine . Night says that when the flower that Jin Mi
gave him, Beautiful Night Scent, blooms, he will seek her advice on how to brew it . Jin Mi agrees - Phoenix is cold
and silent throughout this . Five jugs of wine later, Night falls drunk first . Jin Mi places Night on the Nightmare Beast
and the Nightmare Beast flies off to Night's palace with Night on its back . After twenty jugs of Jin Mi's wine, Phoenix
is still not drunk - Jin Mi is surprised . So, she asks Phoenix to pass her the three hundred years of cultivation .
Phoenix did not respond - his cheeks were red and his eyes slightly glossy . Jin Mi pokes Phoenix and he falls onto her
shoulder . Jin Mi then realises that Phoenix had long been drunk . So, Jin Mi struggles and carries Phoenix to the bed in
the side room . Jin Mi thinks that Phoenix looks like a child when he is drunk, so she squeezes his cheeks . At the height
of Jin Mi's enthusiasm, Phoenix opens his eyes suddenly, gives Jin Mi a swift and fierce glance, and cries, "Little
Demon, where do you come from?"

*In chinese, when one asks another if she or he is "eating vinegar" - they usually mean "are you jealous?" Because
vinegar is sour - so it is insinuating that the person is feeling jealous hence feeling sour haha .
**Literally, the chinese word is translated to whoring . But I dislike the term .
*** Lao Jun is literally translated to Old Gentleman - he is in charge of making red pills . Although it is not yet
explained, these red pills/pellets have special powers and uses for the gods .

Comments: The moral of this chapter is to not make Phoenix angry . Haha .

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Chapter 8.1
Chapter 8.1

Chapter 8 . 1: The Elegant Tendrils (Part 1 of 5)

I dazedly watch as he sharply shouted at me and then closed his eyes contentedly . My heart was slightly grieved and
indignant as even when Phoenix was dreaming, he did not forget to diss me .
And then another thought hit me, perhaps that question was one of his pet phrases? For example, Saint Sun, no matter
who he saw - men, women, old or young - he would ask, "Demon! Where are you escaping?" Another example is how
in the mortal world, when humans meet a friend, no matter early or night, they will definitely ask, "Have you eaten?"*
Thus, I became at ease .
I went to the bedside and asked softly at his ear, "Phoenix, do you remember the important matter of owing me six
hundred years of cultivation?"
Phoenix's breathing was long and his eyes were closed shut .
"You are not objecting so you are silently consenting?" I asked seriously again to confirm .
Phoenix's eyes were closed shut and his demeanour was calm .
"To return what is owed is an unalterable principle of nature and earth . Thus, I shall take it myself so I would not have
to trouble you . " To find such a considerate debtor such as me, I doubt there were many .
I raised my index and middle finger on my right hand, and brought them together at the side of my mouth as I chanted
the breaking open spell . A golden light started to rise from my finger tips, and I quickly placed my fingertips on top of
Phoenix's nose bridge, in between his eyebrows . However, the golden light did not go into Phoenix's forehead as
expected, but a seven coloured boundary bounced back onto me . If not for my quick reflexes, my two fingers would
have been destroyed .
Too evil! I pitifully kneaded my burnt finger tips and blew air on it . The heat of the boundary was even hotter than the
red lotus fire, if I was slower by a step, my finger tips would have been cooked .
This action naturally affected Phoenix and he slowly opened his eyes . His gaze was slightly misted, he rolled his eyes
for a while, and then his gaze fell on a far spot and did not move .
I followed his gaze and saw that he was looking at a chinese ink painting on the wall . The painting was of purple
grapes - it was exquisitely painted and looked like the grapes could be taken off the wall .
I watched Phoenix again, and how he stared directly at the string of grapes, an expression of dejection yet gentleness,
sweetness and yet sadness . Seeing his expression, I went through a round of deduction and concluded: He must be
Reaching such a conclusion, my body naturally trembled one round . Could it be this bird Phoenix after being drunk,
wanted to change his taste and eat grapes? Not that I wanted to praise myself, but my real self was three times more
purple, five times rounder, eight times juicier than the grape in the painting . Not too big or too small, just nice for
Phoenix's beak to eat smoothly in one gulp into his stomach .
I moved my hands and legs back to prepare to escape, when I suddenly heard a voice behind me, "Jin Mi?"

I kept my sleeves and carefully answered, "Yes . Shall I get some food for you to relieve the alcohol?"
"No," Phoenix drily and clearly rejected my suggestion and leaned with his body half on the bed, "I am not hungry . "
I looked at his expression, he did not appear to be lying, so I calmly returned and sat next to the bed, "Since you are
awake, why don't you conveniently transfer the cultivation you owe to me?"
Phoenix raised his hand and kneaded the middle of his eyebrows, "Cultivation? How many years?"
I guessed that he was only half drunk and half awake, his consciousness was not fully clear, and so I blinked and
sincerely looked at him, "Six hundred years . "**
"Ok," He agreed so frankly that I was taken aback, "Come here, I will transfer to you . "
When I have settled onto the bedside, his hand gently lifted up the fringe above my forehead, and I cooperated and
closed my eyes . Then, I felt a warm flow of cultivation energy move from the centre of my eyebrows into my body,
through the hundred meridians, interacting with my divine essence inside, and then a clear and strong divine energy
came through, and I had a feeling of clarity and strength burst through my chest .
Marvellous! Phoenix's pure cultivated energy is truly different!
The night was cold like water, but Phoenix's hand was very warm . I unconsciously moved closer for the warmth,
both of his hands shook once but did not move back . I opened my eyes and saw that Phoenix was concentrating on my
face, his gaze was like the man in the dream I had seen previously, the blush on Phoenix's cheek spread to his neck .
As I had gotten his six hundred years of cultivation, my mood was very good . Suddenly, I remembered that Phoenix
seemed to want to have mutual cultivation*** with me, I thought why don't we cultivate today?
But, as I had never cultivated before, I did not know how to start .
I changed back to my original appearance, and thought back of what I saw in the male brothel . Yes, mutual cultivation
appears to require an opening line . In total, there seemed to be three common phrases, for example, "Let master dote on
you!" or "You just obediently follow me!" or "You can shout! Even if you shout hoarse, no one will come to save you!"
I thought for a while, the opening line seems a bit too direct, the last one is a bit too fierce, so I decided to choose the
middle one .
I placed one hand on Phoenix's chin, moved forward, and gave him a smile . I said forcefully but elegantly, "Phoenix
Gentleman (郎 lang)****, today you better obediently follow me . "
Phoenix appeared still not to have awake from the alcohol, his face was at a loss .
I stretched my other hand and gently took hold of Phoenix's shoulder . Phoenix's body was long, so with some effort I
managed to stretch my neck to be on the same level as him . Then, I righteously and accurately aimed at Phoenix's lips
and pressed against them .
For a long time, his big eyes looked at my small eyes and we remained in this position . I felt my body become stiff, it
appears that mutual cultivation required a lot of physical effort .
I was going to retreat so that I could adjust my stiff neck, and then continue to the next step and remove Phoenix's
robes, when Phoenix reached out his hand and grasped my waist . He bent his face and bit my lips . The burning friction
and breathing, the aromatic smell of osmanthus wine engulfed my nose . I was dazed . No doubt, Phoenix was someone
who had experienced an amorous dream***** before, his experience was much richer than me .

* "Have you eaten?" is a common greeting phrase in chinese communities .

** In case you missed the joke, Phoenix only owed Jin Mi three hundred years haha .
*** If you are confused about how Jin Mi got her concept of mutual cultivation, please see the earlier summaries and the
Moon God's teaching of mutual cultivation to Jin Mi .
**** This is significant as 郎 is a greeting towards a gentleman, and commonly used to denote a lover .
***** The chinese phrase for this is 春梦, which literally translated means spring dream, but what spring denotes is
also love and lust, so spring dream is usually an amorous dream .
Comment: What a chapter to start the translation on!

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Chapter 8.2
Chapter 8.2

Chapter 8 . 2: The Elegant Tendrils (Part 2 of 5)

I stretched out my tongue to prepare to lick my lips to reduce my temperature, but Phoenix accurately captured it, and
hooked the tip of my tongue back . In that moment, it felt like there was only Phoenix's lips and his hands on my waist
left in this world, and everything else had disappeared .
The world spinned, and I reflected . The Moon God did not trick me, mutual cultivation was indeed enjoyable . I have
to take this opportunity to carefully remember the steps, so that in future, I am able to mutually cultivate with other
people if necessary .
I was just planning on this, when Phoenix suddenly paused . He grabbed both of my shoulders and pushed me away .
His gaze was painful, "Wrong! Chaotic! This is all wrong . "
Hmm? I was shocked - I had wasted all my efforts to remember all the steps . I had made myself a disciple to the
wrong teacher!
I blinked my eyes and enquired humbly, "Why?"
Phoenix replied, "Why?" His face had a dejected expression, "I know that you already have feelings for me, as I have
for you, but . . . fate makes a fool of us, the heaven is not fair . . . our relationship will not be condoned ethically, if you
insist on being with me, you will incur heaven's fury, and be destroyed . . . "
The more I listened, the more confused I became . I wasn't sure what Phoenix's drunken words were saying . However
after the mutual cultivation, I was tired, and so I yawned, and lightly patronised Phoenix, "If one is destroyed, then so be
it . "
Phoenix emotionally grabbed my hand and said painfully, "It's alright for me, but how can I bear for you to incur
heaven's fury?"
I sleepily waved my hand, "It's ok it's ok . . . " I could not take the heavy drowsiness that came over me and laid down
and went to see Master Zhou (the god in charge of sleep/dreams, like the Sandman) .
I was half dreaming and half awake, but Master Zhou looked like Phoenix, and was stroking my cheeks with an
expression of affection and suppressed pain, "But how can I bear . . . "

I unconsciously trembled and tightened the blanket around me .

When I opened my eyes again, it was already morning . I rubbed my eyes and got up . A ray of seven coloured golden
light followed my movements and fell to the ground . I looked at it; it was a Phoenix feather - it still glimmered on the
ground . To think that even a feather of Phoenix is so grand, Phoenix was indeed a proud ostentatious bird!
I observed my surroundings, Phoenix that proud bird has disappeared . I satisfiedly heaved a sigh of relief, now I
would not have to make an excuse for taking an additional three hundred years of cultivation .
I happily raised to freshen myself up and tied my hair back with Phoenix's feather as a hair pin . I cheerily went out of
the door, and saw that Night was outside playing chess . He gave me a gentle smile, "Jin Mi, did you sleep well last
I returned his smile and said, "Very well . But, did the osmanthus wine from last night affect you?"
"Jin Mi's wine is pure but not strong, truly the finest product . Unfortunately, my wine capacity is low, and caused you
to see a joke," Night said as he poured tea into a small cup, "Jin Mi has woken up at just the right time, I've reset our
chess game from as we have left it before, shall we continue?"
I took the tea cup that Night had prepared for me, and placed a white piece and sat down, "Yes . . . " I said uncertainly
as I looked at Night, "Have you seen Phoenix?"
"Today is the Heavenly Empress' birthday, I saw Phoenix quickly leaving this place earlier . He must have returned to
the Heavenly Realm to greet the Heavenly Empress," Night said lightly and looked at me warmly . When his gaze saw
Phoenix's feather on my head, he paused for a moment and the black piece in his hand landed on an awkward spot on the
chess board, "Your hair pin is rather special* . "
I was considering if this chess move by Night was a new strategy and said, "I merely picked it up from the floor, if
Night likes it, you may have it . "
Night took another black piece, "The Phoenix feather is a bit too dazzling, Night feels that Jin Mi's usual grape tendril
is more elegant . "
What a soulmate! I also felt that the grape tendril looked very good, simple and elegant, a grandness in its modest
nature . Thus, I happily gifted Night a grape tendril . Night gave a look of full appreciation and took down a white jade
hair pin from his head and placed the grape tendril on it .
With not even enough time to finish a pot of tea, the chess game had finished . I had won narrowly by two pieces** and
my heart was very happy . I said to Night, "I shall treat you today . Where shall we eat in the city for breakfast? I heard
yesterday that what I won from gambling yesterday is very useful, it can buy food and clothes, an official rank, or even
wife and children! But too bad Night is already engaged, or I can buy a few wives for you . Pity, what a pity," I sighed .

Night was keeping the chess pieces and when he heard that his hand froze for a moment . Half of the already carefully
kept chess pieces fell out .
Look at that emotion!
Night put down the chess piece and looked at me, "Breakfast is already very good, no need for a wife . . . "
I looked at the table and the fallen chess pieces, and suddenly thought of testing out the six hundred years of cultivation
Phoenix had given me . I placed two fingers at my mouth and fully concentrated on the white pieces and chanted,
"Change to buns, buns, buns!"

Comments: *In ancient chinese culture, lovers usually give each other a love token to confirm their affections, and a
common love token for a girl is a hairpin . Hence, Night's frozen reaction when he saw Phoenix's feather on Jin Mi's

**I always suspected that Night purposely lost to Jin Mi and he had to use his skills instead to make the loss not obvious
to Jin Mi . Haha . After all, Night is someone who could remember the uncompleted chess configuration from their last
game .

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Chapter 8.3
Chapter 8.3

Chapter 8 . 3: Elegant Tendrils (Part 3 of 5)

Night saw my action, so he very cooperatively did not pick up the chess pieces . He placed his hands in his sleeves
and looked at me with a face full of interest .

There was a "Pi Li Pa La" sound, and it worked! I fixed my gaze as I saw the chess pieces undergo a transformation,
and became an ice hail the size of a fist, it rolled across the stone table, and landed on the floor . After being shone by
the sun, it melted into soiled water .
The person opposite me sucked in a breath of cold air . I raised my head, and saw the little soil god's eyes were
staring extremely wide, and paused and looked at me blankly .
"He is completely stunned by my sorcery!" I half covered my mouth as I moved towards Night's body and whispered to
him .
Night let out a breath of air, stepped forward half a step, and covered Jin Mi with his body, "Little soil god, are you
here for something?"
The little soil god regained awareness and coughed, "Small god greets his Night Highness . Today, small god must go
to Lao Jun's manor to take on my assignation . Before I leave, I wanted to bid my farewell to your highness, Phoenix
Highness and Ling Guang Gentleman (this is Jin Mi's male alter ego in the mortal world), " Little soil god raised his
neck and tried to look pass Night's body but he was blocked by a swish of Night's sleeve .
"Heh heh," Little soil god touched his head and continued, "Unfortunately, it seems Phoenix Highness and Ling Guang
Gentleman is not here . How shall I greet the immortal lady?"
I just realised that I had forgotten to transform back after regaining my true form last night, no wonder little soil god
did not recognise me . I was about to answer him, when Night said, "Today is Heavenly Empress' birthday, all the gods
are going to pay their greetings . If little soil god rushes down now, perhaps you can still catch the beginnings of her
ceremony . "
The little soil god was so excited that his whole face became red and bowed three times to Night, "Thanks for your
Highness' guidance . His highness is indeed as they say - a truly almighty kind god . "
Night waved his hand, "No need to thank me," and continued in a soft voice, "Regarding this lady . . . perhaps the glare
of the sun is too bright today and caused the little soil god to see wrongly?"
Little soil god was smart and quickly responded, "Indeed, little soil god often see things wrongly, I did not see
anything, did not see anything . Small god will leave now . "
Night nodded satisfiedly and saw little soil god leave in a whiff of smoke .
I hit the back of my head and cried, "Since it is the Heavenly Empress' birthday, why is Night still in the mortal world?
Why don't you go with the little soil god? At least you will have company . "
"No hurry, the birthday feast will only start at nightfall . Furthermore, all the gods from north south east west will come
and give their greetings, it is no big deal to not have me," Night said looking at the melted ice hail with a thoughtful gaze
"But, didn't Phoenix leave to bid the Heavenly Empress this morning? Night doesn't have to go? Won't the Heavenly
Empress be angry?" I was confused .
Night used his middle finger to gently stroke the chess basket, he lowered his head with a soft smile, "I am different
from Phoenix . Thinking about it, if I had paid my respects early this morning, that would have caused the Heavenly
Empress to be angry . "
"Ah?" Is that such a reasoning?
Night waved his hand to remove the soiled water on the floor and said, "I was not born from the Heavenly Empress . "
"Oh . So, which heavenly concubine is Night's birth mother?" I heard this for the first time and was naturally curious .
Night's gaze slowly became cloudy, "My birth mother was not a concubine, but a sprite in the Ling Po river that could
not be more ordinary . " Abruptly, he gave a miserable smile, "As ordinary as the mortals who live in the mortal world,
difficult to escape one's death . "
Ah, Night's word appeared to have a deep zen philosophy, I could not understand . I only knew that Night's birth
mother probably passed away .
"So where are Jin Mi's parents?" Night changed the topic .
"Parents?" I was dazed for a moment, I never thought of this before . I rolled my eyes and said, "I don't know, but
thinking of it, they are probably very very old grape plants . "

Comments: Haha, Jin Mi can always make me laugh . Sometimes, I think it's her unaffected nature that is attractive -
anyone else would have pitied Night, but Jin Mi does not understand and cannot understand . She can only be herself
and make him laugh .

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Chapter 8.4
Chapter 8.4

Chapter 8 . 4: The Elegant Tendrils (Part 4 of 5)

Since the spell did not produce buns, I was a woman of my word, and treated Night to a small shop for breakfast .
Both of us changed our appearance, hid our immortal aura, and found a decent looking shop in the city . We picked a
clean bench to sit on when we heard a voice from a neighbouring table, "Xiao Er (a nickname for shop assistants -
literally "Little Two"), bring two or four buns . "
"Coming!" The shop assistant flicked a white towel on his back, and smoothly brought forward a plate of steaming
buns .
I watched and learned immediately . However, as the "Xiao Er" was already called over to the neighbouring side,
following this order, I loudly hit the table and shouted, "Xiao San (literally "Little Three" and a nickname for
mistresses/third parties), menu please!"
Suddenly, the whole shop fell silent . A deadly glare shot over from behind the bamboo shade on the right . I turned
my head, and saw that two and three girls behind the shade, were glaring at me with hostility .
At a corner of the shop, someone broke out into laughter .
I turned and leaned close towards Night, and asked in a low voice, "Is it because I bypassed the order over them?"
Night sipped a mouth of tea, and leaned towards me, he returned in a low voice, "This 'Xiao San' in the mortal world
is a phrase used to scold people . "
As he said this, the old person behind the counter who was calculating on his abacus anxiously came forward with a
menu, "This Master, the neighbouring table sits the three concubines of a very important and rich master in the city .
They are gathering in my shop today . If you want anything, please order, but please don't ruin my shop!"
Mortals are so strange, why can I call "Xiao Er" (Little Two), but not "Xiao San" (Little Three)?
Since I did not want to calculate with them, I flipped opened the menu . The first dish was extremely shocking, it was
called "Fruit Pancake" . This caused the little heart of my fruit self to roll one round in the oil and shook my head
repeatedly, "Too cruel! Too cruel!"
Night looked over and smiled consolingly, "This fruit is not referring to real fruits, it is only dough, only fried dough .
Do not be scared . "
Even so, this blood-soaked dish name caused my heart to turn in fear . I looked down and the next dish was called
"Crab Meat Soup Bun" . I love buns, so I ordered this dish and two bowls of soyabean milk .
In a flash, the shop assistant called "Xiao Er" came with a basket of steaming buns . I reached out for one, blew on it,
and excitedly ate it .
This really proved that mortals are unreliable and do not go by the book . As Fruit Pancakes did not have fruit, who
knew that Crab Meat Soup Buns had soup inside? And, quite a bit of soup, the soup juice accurately leaked and squirted
onto Night's robes .
At a corner of the shop, a sound of laughter broke out .
I picked up my sleeve and wanted to wipe Night's robe, but he waved his hand and said, "It's fine . It's fine . " A light
flick of the robe and his robe immediately became new and clean again .
Night indeed is a generous and gentle god . Not only did he not blame me, he considerately picked up a soup bun,
dabbed it with vinegar, and placed it on my plate . Thus, I safely ate the rest of the breakfast happily .
After the breakfast, Night brought me around the city . The night had turned dark when Night brought me back to the
small courtyard, so that he could go to the birthday banquet . In all, the day had passed quietly and peacefully .
However, as good as Night is, there was one thing bad about him - even if he had to go to the birthday banquet, why
did he have to put a boundary to trap me in the small house? This was very bad .
I pinched the boundary, and recounted one of the heart sutras Phoenix taught me, it seemed to contain a method to
break the boundary . However, I did not know if my current cultivation would suffice to break Night's boundary . I
chanted many different sutras, to break gold, to break wood, to break fire, to break earth --- but all were not effective .
Only the breaking water enchantment was left, this looked hopeless . Deciding to try my luck, I silently chanted the
breaking water enchantment, and suddenly a sharp light and "Hua La" sound rose, and the boundary vanished in a
moment with water bubbles .
Not bad not bad! Gaining six hundred years of cultivation is truly not ordinary! I stepped out of the house, arranged my
clothes, and prepared to go to the Heavenly Realms to check out the crowd . I called for a cloud at my feet, and then
suddenly thought that with no one to lead me, I will likely only reach the Heavenly River when morning came . I
decided to call for a soil god* to lead the way .
So I chanted an enchantment, and suddenly a person descended from the sky, narrowly crashing into me . Luckily, I
dodged two steps back in time .
"Surprising, nowadays soil gods don't come from the soil?" I arranged my sleeve and lowered my head to see that my
satin shoes had unknowingly been splattered with water stains .
The person opposite me broke out into laughter . This laughter was familiar and intimate .
I raised my head, the person was wearing a robe of green, he had a clear and brilliant gaze, indeed he was the
laughing ("Pu Chi"-sounds of laughter) gentleman in the shop this morning .
I waved a hand at him, "Ah, so Master Pu Chi** is a soil god . Honoured to meet you!"
Pu Chi! This person is truly cooperative, true to his name he broke out into laughter again, "Master Pu Chi, yes, this
name is good . I like it! But I am not a soil god, but a water sprite from a jade water river outside this city . Why have
this "Xiao Er" immortal summoned me here?"
Comments: Oooh, it's getting exciting . I cannot wait to reach the Heavenly Empress' birthday banquet!

*Local soil gods are usually summoned for directions as they are the gods governing the area and knows the place best .

** Pu Chi refers to the sound of laughter, so Jin Mi named this water sprite "Master Pu Chi "since he keeps breaking out
into laughter .

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Chapter 8.5
Chapter 8.5

Chapter 8 . 5: The Elegant Tendrils (Part 5 of 5)

Xiao Er Immortal . . . I thought for a moment, well this name certainly matches Master Pu Chi . However, I clearly
summoned a local soil god, why did a water sprite arrive? Did I have an aura that attracts sprites? . . . I looked at the
darkening sky, there was not much time left, so I guess I have to make do with what I had .
"I summoned Master Pu Chi for one task . Does Master Pu Chi know a short cut to the Heavenly Realms? Please lead
the way . "
Master Pu Chi spread out his sleeves and shook off the water droplets . He said slowly, "Xiao Er Immortal wants to
go for the Heavenly Empress' Birthday Banquet?"
I answered, "Yes . "
Master Pu Chi asked again, "Xiao Er Immortal is prepared to go to the southern sky gate or the northern sky gate?"
I reflected that the northern sky gate was the main entrance, and this did not suit my style, so the southern sky gate
would be more suitable . I answered, "Southern sky gate . "
Master Pu Chi then asked again, "Xiao Er Immortal is prepared to arrive at the "Shen" hour or the "Xi" hour?"
I answered, "Naturally, the faster the better . "
Master Pu Chi then asked, "Xiao Er Immortal is prepared to fly or swim there?"
"Fly there . " I wasn't a fish, how could I swim there . . .
After a series of detailed questions were asked over half a burnt candle, Master Pu Chi gave a "wo" sound and said
disappointedly, "I know the way to the Heavenly Realms, but as I was bathing halfway just now and Xiao Er Immortal
had hurriedly summoned me, I'm afraid I have to return and bathe finish first . "
I almost fainted and was going to kick him to death, when he slowly continued, "But, considering how well we get
along, I shall tolerate this and first show you the way . "
As he finished, Master Pu Chi gathered a cloud, and without haste stepped on it, and started to lead the way . I bit my
teeth, summoned a cloud and followed behind . One in front, one at the back, we crossed the Heavenly River and
reached the southern sky gate . It was still the "Shen" hour and the "Xi" hour had not been reached, Master Pu Chi had
caught the time accurately .
Outside the southern sky gate, there were two mighty heavenly soldiers guarding it impressively . I anxiously kept the
cloud and wanted to barge in with Master Pu Chi languidly following me behind, when one of the heavenly soldiers
stretched out his weapon and blocked me, "These two immortal friends, where are your invitations?"
I paused for a moment, "I have no invitations . I am a good friend of the Moon God, and I hope the Heavenly Soldier
can accommodate me . "
"I'm sorry, but today is not like other days . Today is the Heavenly Empress' Birthday Banquet, if there is no invitation,
no one can go in the southern sky gate . " To think that even using the Moon God's name has no effect, the heavenly
soldiers are truly like stiff mahjong tiles, not flexible at all!
Master Pu Chi suddenly stretched out and gently pulled my hair, "Xiao Er Immortal is truly interesting . You carry the
Shang Fang precious sword* but still want to exchange words with the heavenly soldiers . "
"We humbly apologise!" The two heavenly soldiers knelt down towards the Phoenix Feather held in Master Pu Chi's
hands .

Comments: Finally the last of Chapter 8! Short but very exciting . Master Pu Chi is hilarious .
*The use of Shang Fang precious sword here is metaphorical to express that Jin Mi has the magic passcode to go in .

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Chapter 9.1
Chapter 9.1

Chapter 9 . 1: The Heavenly Empress' Birthday Banquet (Part 1 of 5 )

Holding a chicken feather as a token of authority . What sounded false when heard but is real when seen, it turns out
that this phrase is not just a classical allusion . Also, it turned out that Phoenix was a bird stuffed with authority tokens,
which is both tragic and admirable .
I am not a Phoenix, hence I have no habit of stuffing myself with authority tokens and running around . I didn't know
before, but now that I knew, I naturally could no longer use the Phoenix feather as my hair clip . So, after entering the
southern sky gate, I changed to a grape stem to clip my hair, and kept the phoenix feather in my robes .
The Heavenly Empress' Banquet was indeed not ordinary . There were gods from all around, bustling and
boisterously riding on a cloud and heading towards the Purple Cloud Palace . The cloud I was riding on was not large
and had almost completely dispersed outside the palace gate, but fortunately Master Pu Chi had astutely and quickly
gave me a hand and hence I had landed safely .
The palace was filled with the divine essence of gods . I found a space at the back and satisfiedly sat down . Master
Pu Chi grabbed a cushion next to me, and grandly sat down . I waved at him and said, "Master Pu Chi led the way very
well, I am very satisfied . Now, Master Pu Chi can go back . "
Master Pu Chi's eyes gave out a flash of surprise, he said in an aggrieved and dejected tone, "Xiao Er Immortal has
dismantled the bridge after crossing it so quickly, I have no preparation in my heart at all!"
"Ah, then Master Pu Chi can prepare now . Just that how long will Master Pu Chi take to prepare?" We fruits are
usually generous, easygoing and kind to others .
Master Pu Chi seriously reflected for a moment and said, "I'm very weak, I'm afraid that unless there is an hour or
two, I will not be able to accept this quick turnaround . "
I raised my eyebrow, and Master Pu Chi laughed widely and continued, "I know astronomy and geography, I can not
only lead the way, I can also talk and accompany Xiao Er Immortal, and pass the boring moments in this banquet . "
I looked around and saw that of the gods that were talking to each other, there was none I recognised . Fine, I guess I
will leave this water sprite as a companion .
At this moment, barely discernible wisps of clouds floated in from outside of the door, one extremely beautiful female
goddess gracefully made her willowy slender entrance . "This is Lady Yao, the goddess of Wu Mountain, graceful and
curvaceous, she is the most charming of the young goddesses . But, although curvaceous, her waist is twenty four inches,
so she lacks some slenderness in the waist . " Master Pu Chi, who is well-versed in astronomy and geography, said next
to me .
Not a moment too soon, another weak and gentle-looking female goddess arrived . "Ah, this is a female elite from
Xiang Shui, although her hands are a bit too big, but her gentle weak demeanour leads many to want to treasure her .
Men especially likes this type, don't you agree?" Master Pu Chi hit my shoulder and sought to gain my assent . I looked
at this female elite in the middle of two other female immortals as they walked daintily as if on the verge of collapse,
and nodded my head in approval . Master Pu Chi then sighed, "But it's also not good to be as weak like tofu that is about
to break, there still needs to be some vigour . "
At the mention of vigour, the presence of a sword was felt, and in stepped a strong female goddess with a sword . Her
slender eyebrows were raised upwards and her gaze was sharp . "Ah, this is Tian Hai's elite guard . Truly a warrior
among women!" Master Pu Chi continued to gossip, "But often using her military might, it's afraid that not many male
gods in the heavenly realms will be able to take her . "
After criticising another eight to ten goddess' looks and personalities later, I had to admit that Master Pu Chi was
someone who loved to gossip and stopped him, "Master Pu Chi appears to know quite comprehensively . "
"Indeed!" Master Pu Chi grandly shook his robe and gave a look of utter pride, "To think that the book, , which was
once wildly popular in the six realms was wholly written by me! But now, there is only one existing copy . It's a pity
that the beauties in the present age have deteriorated and are nowhere near the beauties of the past . Just reminiscing the
Flower Goddess Zi Fen, now that was a real beauty, but a pity that beauties always have brief lives . " Master Pu Chi
shook his head and wrung his elbow in despair .
Ah, old ancestor Flower Goddess, I thought of her small tombstone, indeed her life was brief .
"His Royal Highness Night Deity has arrived! His Second Royal Highness Phoenix Deity has arrived!" The little god
attendants outside the palace flicked the horsetail whisk and reported aloud . Master Pu Chi audaciously grabbed my
shoulder and said excitedly, "It is said that the Flower Goddess . . . "
Suddenly, I felt that above my head was covered by dark clouds . It turns out that Phoenix had grandly sat on one of the
palace thrones and had raised his eyebrow and shot a glare at me . Ah, this sharp glance is a bit too good . But,
somehow it does not appear to be friendly, perhaps after waking up from the alcohol he has remembered that I cheated
him of three hundred years of cultivation .
Thus, like an ostrich burying its head in the sand, I turned my head in another direction and pretended I did not see him,
leaving his gaze which was like a sharp sword to slice at will at my head .
It was fine to turn my head, but when I saw Night, his starry gaze appeared to float towards my corner and his face had
an expression of mild shock, as if seeing me was unexpected, yet also within his expectation . I gave him a smile, but
unexpectedly he did not smile, but fell into deep thought . Did he blame me for breaking his boundary and running to the
Heavenly Realms myself?
"The Water God has arrived! The Wind Goddess has arrived!" The small god attendant cried a little too loudly I
thought, my heart was feeling a little guilty, and after his shout, my heart almost jumped out .
An elegant male god and a dignified looking female goddess grandly made their entrance with one in front and one in
the back . They politely tried to invite the other to sit first, and after a while, the Wind Goddess reluctantly sat down
first . This was a heavenly couple that treated each other with respect akin to guests .
"An unhappy couple!" Master Pu Chi nagged in my ear .
The Water God was as I had last seen him, his immortal demeanour was peaceful and indifferent, as if he could
comprehend everything but see everything as nothing . He was of an extremely high level and I was extremely envious .
Night bowed his head towards the two and the two returned a polite gesture .
After this back and forth, a magnificent entourage made a loud and extravagant entrance . At the head was a goddess
that was extremely captivating, she wore a fur cap that was very eye-catching . She was accompanied left and right by
beautiful female immortals and this elevated her status even more . It was rare that even Master Pu Chi did not give any
criticisms, I pondered - could this be today's birthday star, the Heavenly Empress?
Comments: This chapter was harder to translate than the rest because of all the adjectives and how I tried to avoid
repeating them . Translating this, I began to appreciate even more the tiny details Dian Xian gives in her descriptions to
reveal the personalities and relationships of the people . . . I just started to notice it consciously but I like how Dian
Xian very often describes Night as having a gaze like the stars . It's such a lovely image, isn't it?
Also, her description of the marriage between the Water God and Wind Goddess . Pretty kick-ass, if I must say so .
Haha . Plus, Master Pu Chi! Ah Master Pu Chi . I probably like him even more in the translations .

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Chapter 9.2
Chapter 9.2

Chapter 9 . 2: The Heavenly Empress' Birthday Banquet (Part 2 of 5)

Who knew that this "Heavenly Empress" would elegantly walk to the palace front and stylishly bow towards Night
and Phoenix . She said, "Sui He of the Bird Tribe greets the two Highnesses . " It turns out that she wasn't the Heavenly
Empress, but the peacock that was the head of the bird tribe - the one that Flower Leader had cut off the food supply for
ten over years . But it looks like the supply has been restored, as her cheeks were supple and red, and the bird
immortals behind her were energetic and healthy .

"Besides the immortals from the Flower World, it looks like all the female goddesses and immortals are here at the
Heavenly Empress' Birthday Banquet today," Master Pu Chi muttered, "Unless they are taking this opportunity to settle
Phoenix's marriage as well?"
Ah? So, it's to choose a wife for Phoenix .
An immortal nearby stroke his white beard and said philosophically, "This immortal friend speaks soundly, I am of the
same opinion . "
In a short while, the surrounding immortals all turned their heads in assent, the excitement grew, one spoke one
agreed, the discussion became very heated . Indeed, regardless of being on heaven or earth, gossip will never die .
I could not help being infected, and excitedly joined the discussion, listening to Master Pu Chi comparing all the
female goddesses and immortals present today . I saw Phoenix was speaking to the peacock goddess next to him in a
low voice, and had a sudden inspiration .
"I bet two grapes that the peacock goddess will win . "
"I bet a jade cup that Lady Yao will win . "
"I bet an immortal pill that Elite Guard Immortal* will win . "
"I bet a sword tassel that Ji Guang Goddess will win . "
In a while, the group of immortals discussed heatedly as if there were seven mouths and eight tongues, many items
were put out for the gamble . Haha, all these items will be mine in the end . I gazed at his Second Highness with
satisfaction . Phoenix matching Peacock, two flamboyant birds, no matter how you look at it, they are compatible!
One small immortal child held a ginseng in his hand and hesitated on who to bet on, "But, but his Second Highness
likes male immortals, it is said that he had a book boy that he really liked**, who followed and accompanied his
Second Highness, and when the book boy cast a spell to make himself a female immortal just for his Second Highness,
his Second Highness dumped him . "
Ah? To think that Phoenix is the type of bird who plays with someone and then dumps them .
"Ah, speaking of this, I have heard of it before . But, it seems that the book boy actually fell for Ji Du Xing Master,
and his Second Highness was dejected for a while, and that is why the book boy was cast out of his palace," The
philosophical old immortal said butting in .
"Wrong, wrong, it seems that the book boy overestimated himself, and fell for the same immortal as his Second
Highness . . . " said another immortal who could not help joining the conversation while shaking his fan .
At this moment, the loud-speaking small immortal attendant outside the palace whisked his horse tail and exclaimed,
"His Heavenly Emperor arrived! Her Heavenly Empress arrived!"

Before the voice finished, the hall full of immortals all stopped talking, gathered themselves, and uniformly stood up .
They respectfully gathered their hands in front and bowed their heads to welcome the two great gods . I was going to
stick out my head to see what was happening but seeing all the immortals in this position, I thus did not shamelessly
look around but bowed my head halfway, so that my eyes could still see slightly further .
Just with one gaze, my eyes was almost bedazzled by the light, I had not even seen the Heavenly Emperor and
Heavenly Empress, but saw a flash of blinding light . I squinted and realised that two rows of female immortals were
walking in front in formation, each holding a glass box that held a star that had just formed . Although the star had just
gained its shape, the glow was not weak, shining through the glass such that anyone who looked at the glow would
become dizzy . No wonder no immortal dared to look up! My eyes ached and I could not tolerate it in the end and
lowered my head .
"May the immortal friends dispense with ceremony and all sit down!"
Amitabha, after the time it takes to make three pots of tea, I finally heard an impressive voice travel from the big
palace for us to sit down .
The Flower World never had so many rules . Thus, after bowing my head for so long the blood vessels were a bit
stiff, when I just sat down, I felt my legs weaken and my body went crooked, and fell into the arms of Master Pu Chi
whose arms moved faster than his eyes . After I sat down properly and raised my head, I did not see the Heavenly
Emperor or Heavenly Empress, but my gaze hit straight into Phoenix's pair of long and slender phoenix eyes .
How should I describe his gaze? I had once heard that in the mortal world there is a martial arts technique called
"Raging Blaze Fist", but I have never heard of "Raging Blaze Eyes", and I also heard that the mortal world has a martial
art technique called "Blizzard Fist", but have never heard of "Blizzard Eyes" . But now, I privately thought that
Phoenix's long slender eyes and expression, was really half a raging blaze, half a blizzard, taking turns with each,
extremely worth observing .
This bird was truly stingy, I only took an extra 300 hundred years of cultivation!
I disdainfully turned my head, and changed my focus to the two great gods . The god on the right side of Phoenix was
wearing a golden phoenix-embroidered silk robe, with a phoenix crown, the phoenix crown had golden pearls hanging
from its side, truly showcasing her elegant and rich aura . A pair of long and slender phoenix eyes lightly lit up . Ah,
looking at this coquettish expression, Phoenix truly inherited this .
"Today is my birthday banquet, how rare for all the gods to grace this occasion with your presence, causing the Purple
Cloud Palace to be so full of vigour and life . I am very pleased," Even though that was what she said, the proud aura of
the great god revealed a complacent expression as if all these was natural .
The gods below chorused, "It's nothing, nothing . It's a must, must . Your Heavenly Empress is too polite . "
"May the banquet begin," the other great god announced . I examined him once over, a purple golden crown, white silk
belt, a grand cloud patterned robe, his expression was less severe than the Heavenly Empress, his brilliant gaze
unconsciously curved upwards, there were laugh lines around his mouth, he appeared to have the aura of a charmer,
very different from the statue of the Heavenly Emperor that was placed in the small temples in the mortal world .
"To speak of the ability of the male gods, who is more flirtatious than the Heavenly Emperor himself? He has peach
blossoms*** everywhere . It was rumoured that the cold reticient Flower Goddess was charmed by him for ten
thousands of years," Master Pu Chi patted my shoulder, and gazed at the Heavenly Emperor with an expression full of
admiration, "If we male immortals can achieve the level of the Heavenly Emperor, then we would have reached the
peak . Xiao Er Immortal should take this chance to observe, if you need to grab a female immortal's heart next time, at
least you would have a model in mind . "
He hurriedly continued, "But, the present Phoenix I believe has an even greater potential than his father . But, why
does Phoenix keep staring at me? Unless, what the other immortals say is true, his Second Highness actually like male

*The Elite Guard Immortal is the strong female goddess with the sword in the previous chapter .
** This book boy is actually Jin Mi . Look at the summary for Prologue to Chapter 3 .
*** As earlier explained for Ten Thousand Miles of Peach Blossom, Peach Blossom is used to connote love luck/fate in
chinese mythology .

Comments: Ahahah, should we feel sad for Phoenix that Jin Mi is bartering him away? And, how she has turned the
Birthday Banquet into a gambling den?

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Chapter 9.3
Chapter 9.3

Chapter 9 . 3: The Heavenly Empress' Birthday Banquet (Part 3 of 5)

Master Pu Chi flicked a hair in front of his forehead, and sobbingly sighed, "I always knew I had unconventional
looks, but never thought that besides women, I will also attract males! Alas, I only like gentle girls, and will have to
disappoint Phoenix's love at first sight . Ah, this is to commit a sin . Xiao Er Immortal, don't you agree?"
I dazedly paused for a moment then answered awkwardly, "Truly, it is to commit a sin . . . "
"Night wishes the Heavenly Empress prosperity and longevity," a familiar voice coursed through the hall . I lifted my
head and saw Night lift a goblet of wine in the direction of the Heavenly Empress . It turns out that the toasting has just
begun, as Night was the first prince, it was logical to start from him .
The Heavenly Empress took a small sip of the wine goblet, her eyes widened and she said slowly, "Night is becoming
more simple, the banquet which all the gods attend, but you only wear one stem of grapes as a hair clip . I can
understand that Night is thrifty, but outsiders may not understand Night's personality like I do, and I'm afraid they will be
mistaken that Night is not giving face to me . Then, they will create some rumours of discord between us two . What
does Night think?"
Night finished the goblet of wine and gave a dashing smile, "The Heavenly Empress have misunderstood . A white
jade dragon clip, a pure silver or golden flower clip, a jade green clip, all these might be precious, but these are just
material goods . To Night, these cannot beat the value of one stem of grapes, this stem is bestowed by a close friend and
have a special meaning . Today is Heavenly Empress' birthday banquet, Night thinks nothing else is more befitting of
this occasion . "
Haha, Night's words all speaks of truth, I like it .
Master Pu Chi grabbed my shoulder and said, "Is Night's good friend, Xiao Er Immortal? I see the stem on your head
is identical to his . "
Ah, this Master Pu Chi lacks discrimination in his sight . Just like how no two people in this world is alike, no two
grape stems are exactly the same .
"The person who accompanied you that day in the tea house is Night? You and Night . . . " Master Pu Chi continuously
shook his head, "I always said that since the Heavenly Emperor is so flirtatious, there needs to be a balancing force, and
now true to my words, who would have thought both of his sons like males!"
I was modestly listening to Master Pu Chi's speech when I suddenly saw Phoenix looked at Night and his expression
rapidly darkened, in his gaze was a glare as sharp as a sword . I looked at the Heavenly Empress, her expression was
profound . Only the Heavenly Emperor laughed and said, "This stem is interesting, is your close friend here today at this
Night's expression did not change as he said lightly, "Night's friend is not a god or immortal, only a sprite, so he would
not be invited today . "
"What a waste . This person must be a deep philosophical wise man, why don't you invite him to the next banquet?" the
Heavenly Emperor said .
"Yes," Night bowed with his hand clasped and returned to his seat .
A deep philosophical wise man? I rubbed my chin, this Heavenly Emperor has good vision, just by one grape stem he
can see my character and give such an accurate description .
Phoenix lightly raised his brows and turned to speak to Night . Master Pu Chi laughed and hit my shoulder, "Ah, Xiao
Er Immortal is a sprite . So you are the same level as me!"
Phoenix seeing this, immediately stopped speaking, and his gaze stopped at my shoulder . Phoenix pressed his lips,
with a flick of his finger, a small red glow like a firefly flew towards me at great speed, even before I could dodge, that
red glow passed my shoulder, without leaving any trace .
Thank goodness Phoenix missed his aim, who knew what would happen if Phoenix's powerful magic had hit me . I
slapped my chest, and before I could celebrate, I felt something cold pressing behind me .
I reached out to grab it, it had a wet slippery feeling, I pressed it, it had a soft feeling . Long, cold, soft . . . unless . . .
my hairs stood up behind my neck as I slowly turned around .
A long bamboo snake had hooked around my back . I quickly jumped up . Buddha Grandfather please help me, this is
the grape's mortal enemy, my whole body trembled .
"Ah?" Someone said in a deep voice with unhappiness, "What is the matter with this immortal friend?"
I turned back, and saw that all the gods in the hall were sitting comfortably and looking at the standing me with
suspicion . The Heavenly Empress raised her eyebrow at me, she must have been the one who spoke earlier .
The Heavenly Empress must have as bad a temper as Phoenix, it is better to have one less trouble, so I said, "Nothing,
haha, nothing is the matter . "
I turned around and searched for Master Pu Chi to change seats with me, but the Heavenly Empress narrowed her gaze
at me and said displeased, "May I ask where this immortal friend come from? You must still wear a false appearance
when you attend my banquet? Can you show your true self?"
Someone lightly coughed .
I touched my face, "Ah, I was in a rush to get out and forget to change back . " Once Phoenix is angry he can conjure a
snake, this Heavenly Empress' temper is as bad as Phoenix, it is better that I do not offend her . I generously waved my
hand over my face .
"Wait!" A voice that sounded like Phoenix cried .
I smoothly changed back to my original appearance and confusedly looked at Phoenix, what did he want to wait for?
The gods in the hall, some had raised their goblets in mid-air, some were discussing in each other's ears, now all of
them stopped moving, as if they had been frozen by a spell .
"Si . . . " Someone sucked in a breath of cold air .
"Si . . . " The snake sucked in a breath of cold air .
In a while, a crashing sound was heard, someone's wine goblet had fallen and broken into pieces .

Comments: My favourite part of this chapter! The BIG reveal .

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Chapter 9.4
Chapter 9.4

Chapter 9 . 4: The Heavenly Empress' Birthday Banquet (Part 4 of 5)

"I'm late, late!" In that moment, a blushing figure rushed in from the palace door . Seeing the unmoving gods, and
following their gaze towards me, he confusedly examined me for a moment, then appeared suddenly enlightened and
cried, "Ah! Isn't this Zi Fen from the Hundred Flowers Palace? Truly such a beauty, getting more good looking each
time . "

Once he finished, all the gods were surprised, whatever they held in their hands - cups, fans, chopsticks, all fell
towards the table .
Even if I had a strong resolve, I also felt faint, and pitied the gods in the hall - if I had just seen someone who is
supposed to be comfortably sleeping in the grave jumping lively in front of them, I would also be surprised . The Moon
God's vision and memory is getting worse each time .
I walked out of the shadow and stood in front of the Moon God . I corrected him kindly, "The Moon God must have
seen wrongly, the Flower Goddess has long passed away . "
The Moon God scrutinised me closer and suddenly smiled, "Ah, so it is Jin Mi! When you were standing in the dark, I
could only see an unclear silhouette . My memory is bad, I can only remember that Zi Fen was incredibly beautiful, and
forgotten there was also a Jin Mi . I deserve punishment," He spoke intimately with me as he grabbed my hand and
turned me towards the palace front .
Under the glow from the stars in the glass boxes, I could see the strange yet despondent expression on the Heavenly
Emperor's face slowly change as he saw my face from the front - it became an expression of shock and suspicion .
Then looking at the Heavenly Empress, what was at first an expression of alarm and helplessness, quickly changed to
deep suspicion when she saw my face in the light .
Phoenix sighed* and grabbed the hair at his temples, Night's face was inscrutable .
The Water God dazedly looked at me, the white jade cup in front of him had fallen and smashed into pieces, they
sadly laid in front of him in a pool of wine . At his side, the regal Wind Goddess was curiously examining me .
Seeing this group of gods, I immediately felt sad, it turns out that my looks are so alarming, no wonder the Flower
Leaders always wanted me to wear the hair pin to shield my looks .
"This god is . . . "
"This god is . . . "
The Heavenly Emperor and Water God spoke at the same time . No wonder they are future parent in laws, they have
such good chemistry** .
I smoothly shook my sleeves and clasped my hands together, "I am Jin Mi . Greetings to the Heavenly Emperor and
Water God . " After speaking, I realised I was no longer appearing as a man, so I awkwardly kept my hands and made a
feminine gesture .
After speaking, the bird tribe immortals started discussing rapidly, "Jin Mi? Is that the sprite that caused our tribe to
shoulder unjust shame?"
"At which place does Jin Mi cultivate as a god now?" The Heavenly Emperor asked half anxiously and half in fear .
He appeared to have anticipation and yet feared disappointment at the same time .
This expression was identical to the Water God .
As I was about to answer, the Moon God excitedly helped me, "Big brother, you are a bit ignorant, Jin Mi lives at
Phoenix's palace . Speaking of which, it can be said that Phoenix brought her up, and she was Phoenix's book boy for a
while . "
I looked at the sky, and Phoenix continued to press his forehead . The Heavenly Emperor was confounded, the Water
God was dazed, this appeared to be completely unexpected .
The gods gossiped secretively, "Book boy? Is it the book boy who seduced Phoenix and also has unclear relations
with Jiu Yao Xin Gong?"
The Heavenly Empress looked at me coldly and asked Phoenix, "Where did you find such a beautiful goddess?"
Phoenix gave me a deep glance, revealing some hesitation and worry, as if he had a thousand things to say but could
not be expressed .
The Moon God happily replied, "Jin Mi was allegedly picked up by Phoenix . "
"The Moon God has got it backwards, his Second Highness was picked up by me," I rebutted, and decided to gain
some credit in front of Phoenix's parents, "Speaking of which, I am sheepish to say that the incapable me had saved
Phoenix's life twice . "
"Ah?" The Heavenly Emperor's unexpected expression caused me to be displeased, "Jin Mi Immortal saved Phoenix
There will always be a greater person, there will always be a greater sky, there will always be something even more
unexpected out of the unexpected .
"Yes," It was rare that Phoenix was so honest .
"If so, the Heavenly Emperor and I need to thank Jin Mi Immortal for saving Phoenix," The Heavenly Empress spoke
of gratitude but her eyes remained cold .
"It was no strenuous effort," I said courteously . Phoenix narrowed his eyes at me, as if he was displeased .
"How did Jin Mi Immortal pick . . . erm, meet Phoenix?" The Water God asked looking at me determinedly, as if he
wanted to find out something .
"Ah, at the Water Boundary (Shui Jing)," once I said it, I immediately regretted it, thinking of how the Flower Leaders
are trying to capture me back . After revealing this at the palace, my route is completely exposed .
"The Water Boundary!" The Water God's voice deepened and he grabbed the edge of his sleeve tightly, as if he was
shaken as a whole . It was rare for such an indifferent god with no wants or desires to be so emotionally disturbed . It is
not clear how good Night's father-in-law's relationship with the Flower Leaders are, hopefully he will not betray me .
"Is Jin Mi Immortal the Flower Goddess?" The Heavenly Emperor moved forward, his expression intense .
This Heavenly Emperor is so unkind, with one question he has hit my sensitive spot - one, I was not a flower, two, I
have not cultivated to become a god .
"No," I said after calming down and said reluctantly, "I am a fruit sprite . "
"Fruit?" The Water God asked surprisedly .
I nodded, "Grape . "
"If I may be blunt, how old is Jin Mi Immortal?" The Heavenly Emperor asked again and the Heavenly Empress'
expression darkened .
I privately thought if there was the table used during a court inquiry, I had perfectly gone through a full inquiry . Since
the Heavenly Emperor is ranked the biggest in the Heavenly Realms, naturally I had to carefully consider before I
answered him . I always heard that one gains enlightenment around a thousand years, with this estimate, for me to
become a grape sprite should have taken over a thousand years, with this calculation, I seriously replied, "At least five
thousand years . "
Hearing this, the Heavenly Emperor, the Heavenly Empress, the Water God, all three of their expressions completely
changed .

Comments: Haha, I really died laughing translating this chapter . Jin Mi rocks .
*I have some pity for Phoenix here for loving Jin Mi .
**If Jin Mi only knew what "good chemistry" the Heavenly Emperor and Water God had!

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Chapter 9.5
Chapter 9.5

Chapter 9 . 5: The Heavenly Empress' Birthday Banquet (Part 5 of 5)

"It's so tiring to speak while standing up, " The Moon God moved forward and whispered towards the Heavenly
Emperor and Heavenly Empress, "Sister-in-law's heart in finding a wife for Phoenix, I can also understand, but this lady
has a thin skin, one must speak carefully, understand?"

Not caring about the strange looks on the Heavenly Emperor and Heavenly Empress, the Moon God happily pulled me
towards the seat between Phoenix and Night to sit .
Since I can finally sit down again, I was happy and smiled as I sat comfortably, I smiled at Phoenix, then smiled at
Night .
After this round of smiles, I felt that the surrounding was not right, minus the concerned and suspicious glances from
the Heavenly Emperor, Heavenly Empress and Water God, all the male gods were looking at me as if they were
intoxicated, while the female gods were looking at me angrily until I felt that I had thorns all over my body . Phoenix
coldly gave a huff and waved his sleeve, while Night placed his tea cup on the table .
"May all the gods not be too polite, today I have prepared wine and dishes, may everyone fully enjoy them," The
Heavenly Empress said pleasantly and broke the strange atmosphere in the palace .
Someone graciously lifted up a wine cup to the Heavenly Empress, "The bird tribe wishes the Heavenly Empress a
long and prosperous life!" All the bird gods raised their cups towards the Heavenly Empress . The peacock goddess
waved her hands and two brilliant five-coloured birds flew from outside the palace and flew one round around the
palace peak - all the wooden birds from the carvings immediately came to life, and danced with the five-coloured birds
. In one moment, the palace hall was filled with vigour and life . The five coloured birds then stretched their wings and
flew towards the front of the Heavenly Emperor and Heavenly Empress, something fell from their beaks, it was a
couplet .
The peacock goddess elegantly read out the couplet . *
"Good, good, good . Truly a filial girl!" The Heavenly Empress nodded her head and was extremely satisfied . She
turned to the Heavenly Emperor and said, "No wonder in the mortal world, they all say daughters are close to the heart,
I think this is very true . If Phoenix is half of Sui He, I will be content . "
The Heavenly Emperor nodded his head in agreement, but his heart did not seem to be in it .
The Heavenly Empress turned again to the peacock goddess and said, "Sui He, you must come to the Heavenly Realms
more often, we were after all once from the same tribe . "
The peacock goddess closed her hands obediently in a gesture to indicate "yes" .
"You must not have seen Phoenix in a while," The Heavenly Empress looked at where the peacock goddess was
sitting, "We are one family but you sit so far, it seems too distant, why don't you sit next to Phoenix? It will be more
convenient for me to talk to you as well . "
"Yes," The peacock goddess drank the wine she used to praise the Heavenly Empress and thereafter elegantly sat next
to Phoenix . I admired her from behind Phoenix's head and thought, not bad not bad .
After all these to-ing and fro-ing, my stomach was hungry, and so I turned all my attention to the food in front of me .
The peacock goddess was true to the Heavenly Empress' wishes and turned to speak to Phoenix in a low voice,
Phoenix would also reply her every few sentences .
"Your Majesty, look at Phoenix and Sui He sitting over there, don't they look like the people in the painting in my
room? The summer rain falling down, a loving couple under the umbrella . I still remember the name of the painting, it's
called "Zhu Lian He Bi (Excellent Combination)**" . I was eating happily but hearing this from the Heavenly Empress, I
slowly stopped .
Peacock goddess' face reddened and she said coquettishly, "Auntie is teasing Sui He . "
Phoenix furrowed his brow, his sharp nose bridge scrunched up a little to show wrinkles .
Zhu Lian He Bi? This sounds familiar, I remembered that in the books the Moon God passed me there was a painting
called "Zhu Lian He Bi" .
Seeing the peacock goddess' face so red and full of blushing beauty, unless . . . I turned and asked, "Ah, so the peacock
goddess and his Phoenix majesty has mutually cultivated?"
Phoenix choked, Night paused, Water God surprised, Heavenly Emperor shocked, Heavenly Empress angered,
Peacock goddess hurt, the Moon God smiled .
The entire hall was silent .
From my sixth sense, . . . . this was a bad omen .

*The couplet is rather complicated and I rather not translate it since it does not have much relation to the story .
** Zhu Lian He Bi means an excellent combination - the pearls are strung up together with the jade . An excellent person
paired with excellent stuff .
Comment: AHAHAH, I love Jin Mi foot in the mouth syndrome .

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Chapter 10.1
Chapter 10.1

Chapter 10 . 1: The Great Phoenix Feather Treasure (Part 1 of 5)

"What did you say?!" Two sharp rays shot out of the Heavenly Empress' eyes as she fiercely cried .
How fierce! All I wanted was to test the peacock goddess a little, why is the Heavenly Empress, in all her seniority,
so affected? I innocently replied, "Nothing really, all I wanted was to learn from the peacock goddess the trick of
cultivation so that I can improve myself in future . "
"You . . . I never . . . " The peacock goddess' face was all red, but compared to his second highness, some noises came
out of his open mouth but it was not clear what he was trying to say .
Phoenix's face was also completely red and one wonders what he had in his mouth, because both of his eyes were
watering and he looked very pitiful . I kindly passed him some tea, "Your second highness, please drink some water to
moisten your throat . " Who knew that after what I said, he started to cough more seriously .
"You wild spirit, how dare you say such nonsense in this palace hall! How dare you try and taint the prestige of my
Heavenly family!" The Heavenly Empress slammed the table with one palm, and agitatedly rose, "Thunder God!
Lightning Goddess!"
A male god as black as charcoal and a female goddess who was shining all over came from outside the two rows of
palace guards .
"Drag out this little demoness!" The Heavenly Empress coldly ordered, "Destroy!"
I was alarmed, this Heavenly Empress is a little too vicious, when everything was going well she suddenly called for
the Thunder God and Lightning Mother to strike me dead!
"Wait!" Phoenix raised his hand and blocked me from the front, but the sound was composed of five strong voices . At
this point when my life wavered between salvation and death, I identified these voices - they came from the Heavenly
Emperor, the Water God, Night, the Moon God and Phoenix .
"Today is Mother Goddess' Birthday Banquet, the whole realm joins in celebration, to easily destroy a life is not very
appropriate, I ask Mother Goddess to reflect three times!" Phoenix no longer choked but very smoothly rose and bowed
towards the Heavenly Empress . It's rare for this mercurial person who changed moods quickly to speak up for me .
"My son speaks wisely . Immortal Jin Mi comes from the Flower World, she must not know the ways of the outside
world, the unknowing has no sin," the Heavenly Emperor echoed . To think that this old man also has a kind heart .
"The Heavenly Realms has its heavenly rules, the ground has its ground laws . Without rules, where is the harmony?
Today, this little demoness insults the prestige of the Heavenly family, taints our pride, how can we let this be!" The
Heavenly Empress' nostrils lightly shook, looking at Phoenix and the Heavenly Emperor, it appeared the Heavenly
Empress' temper was not light, but although angry, she also did not dare to speak lightly, "Even if she can escape death,
how can we pardon life imprisonment!"
The Water God's expression quickly changed and before he could speak, Night stood up, "If the Heavenly Empress
wants to punish, please punish Night instead . Immortal Jin Mi is my close friend, if it was not for me who mentioned
the Heavenly Empress' Birthday Banquet, Immortal Jin Mi would not have become interested and attended the Banquet .
I will take full responsibility for this . "
"Ah?" The Heavenly Empress' coquettish eyes swept over my head, "I see that these hair pins are a pair, so this little
demoness is the giver of the stem you mentioned? If I did not remember wrongly, Night said that your close friend did
not attend, so was that a lie? If you want to help this little demoness shoulder the blame, two crimes will have to be
punished, Night, you will have much to shoulder then . "
Night stood up and bowed, he said, "The Heavenly Empress can punish, I will not have a word of complaint!" His tone
did not have a single sense of hesitation . Truly loyal!
The Heavenly Empress' eyes rose at its ends, she pluck out a golden hairpin and made a sharp stroke, a white light
dashed towards Night with lightning speed . The Heavenly Emperor wanted to raise his hand to block it but he was not
fast enough . * Looking at Night, he did not move a blink, not even to close his eyes as he stood to receive it . The blade
of light moved rapidly, I had no chance to even react when the light suddenly curved halfway, jumped over Night,
passed over Phoenix, and edged towards me .
In that intense moment between life and death, I could only see a golden mist flow out from my robes, and suddenly a
wall of light helped me block that blade of white light .
"The Great Phoenix Feather Treasure? Phoenix, you!" The Heavenly Empress was alarmed and her face whitened .
In that midst of chaos, my gaze fluttered and I suddenly felt that the surroundings had a huge change, and I did not know
who cursed me to return to my real self . In that moment of darkness, I felt a palm lift me up .
When I could see light again, I suddenly saw Master Pu Chi who had disappeared for a while, he was holding me and
riding a cloud of mist and rapidly flying forward . Behind us, the heavenly soldiers were holding knifes and swords,
and riding the wind to chase after us . Master Pu Chi swiftly rode over the Southern Sky Gate, the more he flew the
faster he got, two gushes of evening wind furiously blew passed, and in that moment the heavenly soldiers were
completely thrown back and disappeared without a trace . Master Pu Chi carried me to fly over the Heavenly river, we
entered the mortal world, and with great force, landed in a small mountain stream .
I felt the feeling of wet coldness, but my whole body was not touched by a single drop of water . I focused and saw
that in the middle of the mountain stream was a building, it did not lack any carvings of paintings, and in fact was as
grand as the Dragon Palace in the East Sea .
From Master Pu Chi's palm, I slid down and returned to my human self, I flipped out my robes, and shining water
bubbles spread out from around me, but my clothes were not affected by the water . I raised my hands in a respectful
gesture to Master Pu Chi, "Many thanks to Master Pu Chi, you saved me in the nick of time . Who knew that Master Pu
Chi was so skilled? I am truly impressed . "
Master Pu Chi waved his robes, "Ah, I have not used this Rapid Shifting Fog Chariot skill for a while . Using it today,
who knew that it has become even more brilliant! How would the heavenly soldiers be able to live from now on!" He
painfully continued, "Ah, it's lonely and cold at the peak, how lonely and cold I am . "
I paused and persuaded him, "Don't be sad, Master Pu Chi, it's better to be modest as a god . "

Master Pu Chi shook his head and appeared unmoved . He moved his hands behind and said seriously, "False modesty
causes a person to grow fat .

A wave of light spread through the midst of the water bubbles, Master Pu Chi quivered his sparkling eyes, "What does
Immortal Jin Mi think of my Brilliant Vapour Water Residence?"
"Very good, very good . " I nodded my head, "This house has everything that is important . "
Hearing this, Master Pu Chi gave a sigh, "But while the house has everything, it does not have all the persons required
"Ah, does Master Pu Chi lack some followers?" Since Master Pu Chi's place is grand, it appears that he would like
some entourage to be at his beck and call .
Master Pu Chi looked me up and down intensely, with such a deep gaze that I felt goosebumps all over, "Servants I
don't lack, I only lack a wife . " He spoke with deep affection, "Why don't Immortal Jin Mi become my residence's

Comments: Ahahah, what has Jin Mi got herself involved with again!
*Did anyone find it weird that the Heavenly Emperor was slow? It suggests that Master Pu Chi was the smartest person
in the room at that point haha .
As I've previously commented I quite like Master Pu Chi as a character, and you will probably be surprised with his
back story later .
But, let's swoon first --- Night standing up with no hesitation to take Jin Mi's punishment and Phoenix giving Jin Mi his
greatest treasure to shield her from all dangers!!!
Awwww . . . how does a girl choose?

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Chapter 10.2
Chapter 10.2

Chapter 10 . 2: The Great Phoenix Feather Treasure (Part 2 of 5)

I concernedly looked at Master Pu Chi's expression and considerately asked, "Oh, I remember that I had earlier seen a
snake, I'm afraid Master Pu Chi had been scared out of your wits?"
"That snake is my real self . *" The magnificent Master Pu Chi proudly revealed a shocking truth, "I didn't know that
Immortal Jin MI would have been so struck by my beauty as to be alarmed, I am ashamed, ashamed . "
Not alarmed by his beauty, but alarmed by horror as I jumped a step behind, and said imposingly, "You! Don't come
over! I am sour, unripe and immature, don't eat me . . . "
Master Pu Chi was dazed for a moment then took a step closer to me . I trembled and closed my eyes .
Master Pu Chi picked up a stray hair from my forehead and sniffed it under his nose, he said intoxicatingly, "Relax, I,
Yan You, have always only robbed beauty and not lives . " Master Pu Chi steadfastly glanced at me, "What more
Immortal Jin is such a beautiful grape, to eat it is a waste, it is better to keep it to give birth to babies . "
Give birth to babies?
Ah, this I know, the Moon God said that after the male and female mutually cultivated, a baby will be born . Thus,
Master Pu Chi wanted to mutually cultivate with me, but he said it in such a convoluted way that I could not understand .
I carefully examined Master Pu Chi and swiftly said, "I do not want to give birth to babies with you . "
Master Pu Chi froze then said dejectedly, "My weak heart . . . "
"Mutual cultivation is enough, why give birth to babies?" I became confused, I have only heard of mutual cultivation
increasing divine strength, but never heard that giving birth to babies will increase divine strength .
Master Pu Chi paused again, then asked softly, "Immortal Jin Mi's meaning is that if we don't give birth to babies, you
agree to mutually cultivate with me?"
I reflected for a moment then looked at Master Pu Chi's swift and agile figure, his divine strength should be greater
than me, if I mutually cultivated with him perhaps my own strength will increase, I nodded and said, "Yes . "
Hearing this, Master Pu Chi emotionally grabbed my hand and declared triumphantly, "Then, let's go and mutually
To have a snake hold my hand, I was extremely uncomfortable, so as I was going to take back my hand, I heard an icy
cold voice come from the back of my head, "I've only heard of Gentleman Yan You being sick of being a god so he
came to the mortal world to be a sprite, but who knew he didn't even want to be a sprite, and was thinking of
incinerating into ashes?"
Phoenix materialised out of thin air and appeared in between us . He furrowed his thick brows and his eyes lightly
swept over Master Pu Chi's tight grasp over my hand, his face was expressionless, but even his hair was shrouded in a
frosty air .
Based on my experience in the last hundreds of years, this mercurial bird was not happy again . I immediately
obediently gave him a smile, but who knew he returned me a cool gaze instead .
Master Pu Chi held my hand tightly and shook out his robes, "Presently, Yan You is neither a god nor a demon,
belonging to none of the six realms, with no obligations and no responsibilities, in what name will Phoenix incinerate
me into ashes?"
Phoenix coldly smiled, a glittering gold light in his palm, he said with no haste, "Based on my divine strength, I do not
need any name, to incinerate Gentleman Yan You is but a mere lift of my arm . "
Before he finished, the bubbles flowing in the stream burst, the water of the temperature started rising and started to
boil, the surrounding carefree multi-coloured fishes started to flip over to reveal their white bellies .
Master Pu Chi shook all over and then pouted his mouth in grievance, "Violence! Violence! To think such a despicable
person has been produced from the Heavenly Realms! You dare threaten me!"
Holding the golden light in his hands, Phoenix gave a side glance to Master Pu Chi, "I only wonder if Master Pu Chi is
willing to accept my threat?"
Master Pu Chi gave a long sigh and unwillingly loosened my hand . With a face full of woe, he told me, "My little
bride Jin Mi, the world is jealous! To think of that time when they similarly separated the Cow Herder and the Weaving
Goddess**! Although our hearts are one, we are being torn apart," He continued determinedly, "But, rest assured, after I
have cultivated some more I will come and take you back! To wipe away today's humiliation!"
Phoenix raised an eyebrow towards Master Pu Chi who was still continuing with his promises, the golden light
started to shine in his hand, and Master Pu Chi immediately closed his mouth . With a flick of his finger tip, I was
locked to Phoenix's side, he kept his golden glow and chanted, "Rise!"
I felt a gush of wind flew past my cheek, Phoenix must be carrying me out of the stream . I could still hear Master Pu
Chi's voice shouting, "Immortal Jin Mi if you ever miss me, just say the chant and I will come! Anytime anywhere with
no regret or complaint!"
Phoenix's expression darkened and the heavenly locks tightened around me until I could not move, and with another
hand he sent a ball of light into the water . I could hear Master Pu Chi crying, "Phoenix! You dare destroy my roof!"
Phoenix acted like he did not hear anything with his steely face, he carried me on a cloud and flew for quite a while,
finally he placed me on the edge of a cliff . I almost slipped but luckily grabbed an old pine tree and managed to
stabilise my feet . I suddenly felt that my palm had a searing pain . I loosened my hand and looked, it turns out that I had
grabbed the old pine tree too tightly and my palm had gotten a few small cuts with the peeling of skin, it was so painful
that I had to let go .
At the side, Phoenix stood upright with his hands behind his back, he coldly looked at me as I blew on the palm of my
hand, a softness flickered in his eyes for a moment and disappeared, his fingertips moved as if he wanted to reach out to
grab me, but then stiffly kept his hands .
I raised my hand and concentrated on the patch of redness that was slowly rising, in my heart I silently cursed Phoenix
one hundred and eight times . Just now, I adapted with the circumstances and lowered my head so I could gather some
tears in my eyes, then I weakly raised my head to look at him, using my injured hand to timidly pull at his sleeves, and
also take the opportunity to wipe the little blood drops on it, I said softly, "This time it's my fault, I will be more
conscious next time . Could you not be angry?"

Comments: Haha, Jin Mi is not only shameless, she is sly! Haha, I must say that I still heart Phoenix a lot, even if I'm
constantly sighing for Night .
*Yes, Master Pu Chi whose real name is Yan You, is actually a snake . Can you guess from where? Haha . I did not
want to spoil it earlier, but now you can see that Phoenix did not magick a snake in the palace, but had sent a hot flicker
to Master Pu Chi when his arm was around Jin Mi, and this caused Master Pu Chi to reveal his real self . I found it
interesting that Dian Xian classified Master Pu Chi as belonging to the water element, since a snake is traditionally
considered as "yin fire" .
** The Cow Herder and the Weaving Girl/Goddess is one of the most famous Chinese folk-tales and is an embodiment
of the greatness of love .
Here is one variant of the story:
Many many many years ago, there was an orphan who herded cows . His older brother's wife treated him badly - she
gave him nine cows and told him to bring home ten cows or he need not ever return . However, he received help from a
wise sage, and found a sick old cow on a mountain . Under his care, he realised that this old cow was the Taurus
constellation that had been sent down to the mortal world . So, the Cow Herder successfully herded him and could go
home .
Under the guidance of the old cow, the Cow Herder found the bathing place of the female goddesses in the mortal world
. The Cow Herder took one of the robes and this belonged to the Weaving Girl/Goddess . They met and fell in love, and
even gave birth to twins . However, as the Weaving Goddess broke the rules of Heaven in falling in love with a mortal,
she was taken back to the Heavenly Realms . The old cow told the Cow Herder that after he died, the Cow Herder can
use his skin to make shoes and he will be able to ride clouds and control the mist, and he managed to fly up to the
Heavenly Realms . Upon the point of his reunion with the Weaving Goddess, the Heavenly Empress used a hair pin to
become the silver river and blocked his way . The magpies in the sky were touched by their love and so made a
"magpie bridge" and allowed the Cow Herder and Weaving Goddess to unite . The Heavenly Empress was a little
touched, so she allowed them to reunite on every seventh day of the seventh lunar month at the magpie bridge .

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Chapter 10.3
Chapter 10.3

Chapter 10 . 3: The Great Phoenix Feather Treasure (Part 3 of 5)

"Next time? There will still be a next time?!" Phoenix's face was actually warming up, but after hearing the second half
of my words his face started to darken again .
"No, no, there will not be a next time . Whatever you say will be, I will only listen to you, alright?" I spoke in a very
cooperative manner to him . Phoenix is quite stingy, I only took three hundred years more of cultivation from him, but he
was so angry that he ran away from the banquet to come down to the mortal world . Who knows if he will arrest me for
the Heavenly Empress, and bring me back to the Heavenly Realm . . .
Thinking of this, I shook and trembled .
"Is it very painful?" I felt a heat on my hand, turns out Phoenix held my injured hand and used his other hand to hold a
golden needle to pluck out the wooden thorns out of my palm one by one .
Phoenix's eyelashes lowered, and concentrated on my hand . The hairs at his side were blown by the wind, lightly
lifting up, then lightly flowing down, brushing passed my palm, tracing threads of ticklishness that itched at my heart* .
My hands had only a few cuts, at the beginning it only hurt a little, but now it didn't hurt so much, but I said in a very
obedient way, "Very pain very pain . . . " Even I didn't know why I was lying to him, just like how I didn't know why he
didn't use his powers, but chose to use such an effortful way to remove the thorns .
Phoenix heard this and his brows furrowed . He lifted his head to look at me and hit right into my curious gaze, in that
moment a glow shone through Phoenix's eyes .
His grip on my hand tightened, his eyes suddenly closed and he turned aside, his expression dimmed, he said hoarsely,
"I was too harsh, I wanted to punish you, but I didn't think . . . and only punished myself in the end . "
Ah? It was clearly my hand that got injured, why does this bird say he punished himself? How unfair .
I fearfully asked him, "You won't catch me to be destroyed by the Heavenly Empress right?"
Phoenix looked at the blood stains on his sleeves and said, "In all the realms, there is only one Great Phoenix Feather
Treasure, but I left it for you . Don't you understand?" His expression paled again, with a few strands of dejection,
"Even though we are doomed to never be . . . "
I squeezed the Phoenix feather in my sleeve, who knew that this was such a precious feather, thankfully I didn't throw it
away .
Having received such a treasure, I was extremely pleased, and went over and lightly pecked Phoenix's lips . Having
realised that male gods liked mutual cultivation just like what the Moon God said, since Phoenix gave me such a
precious gift, and I didn't have anything to return, it would be a bit rude, so I gave him some mutual cultivation .
Who knew that Phoenix froze and his cheeks started to redden, but suddenly his expression became downcast, and as
before, he held my shoulders and pushed me away at arm's length, then painfully turned his back on me and faced the
mountain cliff . The mountain breeze blowing at his robes, he had a feeling of desolation .
Seeing Phoenix like this, I had a sudden inspiration, "I know, actually you don't like me . . . "
Before I could finish, Phoenix suddenly turned around and said, "How can I not like you!" Completely interrupting my
"I know, actually you don't like me to mutually cultivate with you?" into half . Alas, alas .
But after reflecting on Phoenix's words, he says he likes me, he likes me! He likes me? He likes me . . . . . .
In the midst of my confusion, Phoenix sadly shook his head and said, "But you are right, I actually don't like you . . .
just treat it as I have never liked you, you have never liked me . . . "
Ah? Suddenly, he doesn't like? Truly always changing his likes and dislikes, but from my examination, his last words,
"don't like me" was the truth . So I immediately became relieved and obediently replied, "Yes, naturally I will listen to
you . "
Hearing this, Phoenix's face turned melancholic, he neatened the unruly hairs on my forehead and lightly asked,
"Where's the Phoenix feather** I gave you?"
I took out the precious feather from inside my robe, he took the Phoenix feather and removed the grape stem on my
head then personally placed the Phoenix feather, "Wear this Phoenix feather, let it protect you and make you happy in
place of me, today I will return you to the Flower World, and from then on, we shall never meet again!"

*This is honestly one of the few times I can sense that Jin Mi, despite the unfeeling pill, likes Phoenix .
** Sometimes they refer to the Great Phoenix Feather Treasure more casually, I've decided to use Phoenix feather, but
just remember it's a special one .
Epic! I love it . Awww, Phoenix's love confession and Jin Mi's response . . . and then Jin Mi's confusion . You don't
like me - that's the big truth . <3

For Night fans, Night will appear in the next chapter .

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Chapter 10.4
Chapter 10.4

Chapter 10 . 4: The Great Phoenix Feather Treasure (Part 4 of 5)

"If his Fire God Highness is able to do that, that will be best . " The mist on the mountain disappeared and a strong stern
voice echoed .
I immediately bowed down my head and concentrated on the edge of my feet .
One pair of feet, two pairs of feet, three pairs of feet . . . . . . . twenty four pairs of feet . Ah, this formation is quite big .
Phoenix lightly laughed, his voice contained a thread of bitterness, "I am not an unreasonable person . Now that I know
of my relationship with Jin Mi, naturally I will not burden her . "
"This is an old secret, and shouldn't be interfered with by outsiders . Since your Fire God Highness understand it's
fine, but please guard this secret . . . . . . "
Before the Flower Leader's finished speaking, she saw Phoenix flicked his robes and said, "I'm afraid that is too late" .
He appeared slightly helpless .
The Flower Leader immediately stepped forward and asked seriously, "What does your Fire God Highness mean?"
"Today was the Heavenly Empress' Birthday Banquet, Jin Mi had intruded and unwittingly revealed her real
appearance . The Heavenly Emperor and the gods have become suspicious . " Phoenix's brow hid a sense of worry .
"Jin Mi, you . . . . . . " The Flower Leader held her forehead and gave a long sigh, "Ah fine, if you were able to be
conscientious, even I would have the ability to remember everything I see . "
Suddenly, dark thick clouds gathered in the sky, lightning flashed and thunder roared, one flash of lightning cut open the
thick clouds with a strong murderous intent . I looked at it intently and saw it was the Thunder God and Lightning
Goddess with a group of heavenly soldiers and generals .
The Thunder God joined the gold bangles on his arm and roars of thunder echoed, "Where is the little demon heading!
Quickly surrender yourself!"
The voice of the Thunder God was too loud, I was almost deafened by his sounds . When I regained awareness, I saw
Phoenix blocking me in the front, he said coldly, "What are you doing?"
The Thunder God and Lightning Goddess finally realised that Phoenix was present . They led the group of heavenly
soldiers and bowed towards him . The Thunder God responded, "Greetings to his Fire God Highness, the Heavenly
Empress ordered us to catch Jin Mi to face punishment in the Heavenly Court, we plead for his Second Royal Highness
not to obstruct us . "
Phoenix's face darkened and before he could speak, the Flower Leader coldly said, "How dare the Heavenly Realms
try and catch the people belonging to the Flower World! Jin Mi is a sprite in our Water Boundary, the sprites in the
Flower World will not let the Heavenly Realms humiliate us, I ask the Thunder God to speak carefully . "
The Thunder God's huge face, hair and lips were all crow black, only his teeth were white and especially striking,
"The Flower Leader has the Flower Leader's reason, Yun Xiang has Yun Xiang's own responsibilities . Since I have
come here today under the orders of the Heavenly Empress, Yun Xiang will only leave after fulfilling his duties . "
Phoenix arched his eyebrows and spoke, "The thirty-six heavenly generals, the eight million and twelve hundred
thousands of heavenly soldiers in the heavenly realm, if I did not remember wrongly, none of them are under the
command of the Heavenly Empress . Yun Xiang Thunder God and Sheng Guan Lightning Goddess, have your forgotten
whose command you are under?!"
The Thunder God was a blunt and straight man, but the Lightning Goddess was smarter, she smoothly pulled the
Thunder God's robes, bowed and spoke, "Your Second Highness, please appease your anger . We are under the
command of your Second Highness, naturally we will only listen to your Second Highness . "
"If so, I command the two of you to return to the Heavenly Court with the soldiers . " Phoenix had a dominating aura as
he swiped up his robes, "I will naturally handle the Heavenly Empress . "
"Yes," The Lightning Goddess respectfully closed her hands into a fist in receipt of Phoenix's command, the Thunder
God opened his white teeth and seemed hesitant, but at a look of Phoenix's expression, that last thread of hesitation
immediately disappeared .
At this moment, a timid voice rang out . "Greetings to his Fire God Highness, little god is not under your Second
Highness' command but under his Night First Highness's command . . . " One small heavenly soldier raised his hand and
nervously replied .
"Ah?" Phoenix's gaze fell on him .
The small heavenly soldier trembled, but his resolve did not falter, it turns out that the new born calf is not scared of
the lion, he had only started being a heavenly soldier for a few days . When I was Phoenix's book boy, he frequently
brought me around the military training camp, that scene . . . ah, extremely bloody!
I was suddenly excited and prepared to watch how the little heavenly soldier would battle with the Fire God, but
someone said calmly, "Since you are under my command, would you listen one line from me?"
Ah, why is the Night God here too?
The little heavenly soldier admiringly looked at Night, earnestly nodding his head, "I'm at your First Highness's
command . "
"Today's matter is a misunderstanding, return to the military training camp, if the Heavenly Empress has any doubts, I
will take on all responsibility . " Night patted the little heavenly soldier's refined shoulders .
The little heavenly soldier looked at Night with shining eyes and happily bowed, "Yes! I will listen to your Highness'
Phoenix coldly watched and did not make a sound .
The fierce battalion of heavenly soldiers and heavenly generals were so quickly resolved back by Phoenix and Night,
I couldn't help feeling a little disappointed . *
Night straightened out the sleeves of his robe and gave a respectful gesture to the twenty-four Flower Leaders, "Night
greets the Flower Leaders . "
Ding Xiang, the little Flower Leader, carefully examined Night, suddenly she stretched out her hand to attack Night's
face, Night quickly rose up a boundary and avoided it . Ding Xiang, the little Flower Leader, pulled back her hand and
said, "This boundary power . . . turns out it was Night who broke the boundary spell of the Water Boundary and took Jin
Mi away!"
The other Flower Leaders had the same expression, a little taken aback and hostilely looking at Night .
"The two great gods of the Heavenly Realms barged into my Flower World, I can understand the Fire God's accidental
intrusion, but what is Night's motive?" The Flower Leader agitatedly furrowed both her brows and sharply stared at
Night .
Night gently smiled and looked at me, "Unlike my reclusive personality, Jin Mi's personality is curious and likes new
things and crowded places, she would not be able to bear being trapped in the boundary of the Twenty Four Flower
Leaders . Since Jin Mi is my friend, it was only within my strength to release her . "
"Friend?" Ding Xian, the little Flower Leader, broke into laughter, "The Heavenly Realms is truly a superficial group
of people, after seeing Jin Mi's remarkable appearance, isn't Night's expression of friend being rather artificial? At
least, the Fire God is honest, why does Night not speak straight from the heart?"**
"Ding Xiang Leader can doubt my words, but my actions are aboveboard, and I have never breached any rules of
proprieties . I have no guilt in my heart to use the 'friends'" . Night was completely indifferent to the Little Flower
Leader's provocation .

*Haha, Jin Mi is bloodthirsty as always .

** Perhaps, one of the truest criticisms and comparisons of Phoenix and Night?
Comments: Lots more secrets are going to be revealed soon! Ah, Phoenix and Night, Phoenix and Night, even now I
cannot decide .
The contrast between the little heavenly soldier and the huge troops of heavenly generals and soldiers is not just a funny
joke in the novel, but I think Dian Xian's very subtle commentary on the power imbalance between Night and Phoenix . .

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Chapter 10.5
Chapter 10.5

Chapter 10 . 5: The Great Phoenix Feather Treasure (Part 5 of 5)

As I nodded my head and moved half a step towards Night, "Ding Xian, Little Flower Leader, please do not blame
Night, Night is a good dragon, I like him . "
In that instant, the surrounding people stopped breathing . The old pine tree shook and dropped a pine needle .
"What did you say?" Phoenix's voice was so low it sunk into the ground, each word by each word, his glazed eyes
appeared like a perfect porcelain that had been hit by a small hammer, there were cracks everywhere .
"Night is a good dragon, I like . . . " Before I could finish, the glaze that held cracks suddenly destructed, broken into a
chaotic mess, it frightened me into swallowing my last word back into my stomach .
Some sympathy seemed to flash across Night's eyes, there was the glitter from soft glowing stars, but if you observed
closer, it returned to its normal quiet gentle attitude, he said to me, "Thank you for Jin Mi's affections, Night also likes
Jin Mi . "
I smiled appreciatively . The twenty four Flower Leaders' expression became alarmed and angry, the Head Flower
Leader's flower tendrils immediately pulled me to her side, she sharply glanced at my eyes, "You and Night?" The wild
flora on the mountain trembled until they closed their leaves and petals at her sudden burst of anger .
"Jin Mi . . . " Phoenix muttered, his expression flickered between alarm and suspicion, deep disappointment and loss,
but also a sense of being hit on the head and just regaining his consciousness, "Is what the two of you speak of real?"
Why is this bird so stunned again? I nodded my head and said, "Yes, indeed very real, more real than the pine needles
on the tree . " The old pine tree shook again, it shook even harder this time, besides the pine needle, some acorns fell .
Phoenix's eyes closed, the mountain wind abruptly became piercingly cold, Phoenix's hair blew up, his face deathly
white, woodenly he said, "If so, I had only been a bridge across the river, to allow both of you to meet across the shores
Night looked at the cloud, looked at the wind, his expression was calm and relaxed .
The Head Flower Leader flower tendrils' grip tightened and caused me pain, she fiercely cried, "Don't even think of it!
As long as the twenty four of us still have one gasp of breath, this thing will never be!"
Yu Lan Flower Leader's face was in great pain, "This is to commit a sin! With the relationship between the two of you,
how can your have feelings for each other?!"
To be honest, I was extremely confused, why is everyone more conflicted than the bark on the old pine tree?
Yu Lan Flower Leader's words caused Phoenix's expression to change, Phoenix turned to Night and said, "Do you
know who Jin Mi is? Do you know where did our father stay before he became the Heavenly Emperor? Do you know
about the previous Flower Goddess? Do you know that Jin Mi can create flowers, her basic nature belongs to water,
and that the previous Flower Goddess' real self was a water lily?" Finally, he sorrowfully laughed, "Do you know
father had admitted it to me? You, me, Jin Mi . . . the three of us . . . are siblings of different mothers . "
Hearing this, Night was surprised and turned to look at me, then turned to look at the Twenty Four leaders . Some of
the twenty four leaders were astonished, some alarmed, some were completely calm, as if silently acknowledging .
In a moment, I was shocked, happy and sad . Shocked because a grape like me, could have such birds and beast as my
relatives; happy because no matter what, I can use this to trick for some cultivation pills later; sad because the Heavenly
Empress was definitely a hard to deal with step-mother .
To sum up, my present feelings were complicated .
Night was truly Night, he was only surprised for a while and quickly regained his composure, as if he had decided
something in his heart, he calmly said, "It's also good we are siblings, it doesn't matter . . . "
Before he could finish, Phoenix appeared as if he was struck by five thunders, "To go against the laws of nature is to
run the risk of incurring heaven's wrath and incinerating one's self into ashes . If his first highness insist on dragging Jin
Mi into the un-returnable deep valley of disasters, I will use all my efforts to stop this!"
Night replied, "The second highness may have misunderstood . " He turned to face me, "Jin Mi, besides liking me, do
you also like the Fire God?"
I thought for a while and reluctantly replied, "I do . " Phoenix was confused, the Flower Leaders' body shook
unsteadily .
Night asked again, "How about the Moon God?"
Without hesitation, I replied, "I do . " Phoenix's expression darkened and the Head Flower Leader relaxed .
Night continued, "How about Gentleman Yan You (Master Pu Chi)?"
I nodded my head, "I do . " Phoenix raised his eyebrow, the Head Flower Leader finally released me from the flower
tendrils that had held me .

Night laughed, "How about the small attendants at Qi Wu palace?"

"I do . " I still gave the same answer .

After hearing finished this question and answer, Phoenix's long eyes were lit with fire, he was furious, the surrounding
flowers and trees were set ablaze with fire, suddenly the cliff edge we were on became bald .
I prayed and mourned in my heart for the old pine tree . Who knew that listening to gossip will cost one to pay with
their lives?

Comments: Hahaha, I died laughing . As always, the smartest person in the room is Night . The next chapter is quite

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Chapter 11.1
Chapter 11.1

Chapter 11 . 1: Where does the Origin of Water Lie? (Part 1 of 4)

In the midst of Peng Lai God Mountain, the fabled abode of immortals, the floating clouds, the water, the small boat .
In the midst of the seeming and seeming-less cloud mist, a person stepped up from a wooden raft, he gave me a warm
smile, "I rashly brought Jin Mi Immortal into this realm of illusion, I hope Jin Mi Immortal will not mind . "
I obediently answered, "The Heavenly Emperor is too polite . "
Actually what I thought was, whoever who was sleeping sweetly in a dream, if the person's soul was summoned out
when they were dreaming, they would all be a little angry, but if the person who made this request was the Heavenly
Emperor, ah then that is a different story . I bowed towards him, "I wonder why the Heavenly Emperor summoned Jin
Mi deep in the night?"
After a long while, besides the sounds of nature that softly flowed by, I did not hear the Heavenly Emperor answer me
. I lifted up my head, and only saw his pair of eyes concentrating on me, yet it seemed like he did not look at me, but
was looking at someone else through me . Seeing me look confusedly at him, he seemed to regain awareness and smiled,
in his smile was a few sense of sadness, a few sense of regret and a few sense of anticipation, he answered without
fitting the question, "This is an illusionary realm, in the middle of the valley of Peng Lai God Mountain, gods will
occasionally roam here with their souls, sometimes the illusionary realm will occasionally appear in the moral realms,
the mortals call it 'the mirage of a city by the sea', thinking it's the mirage created by the gas that is spat out from the sky
toad in the ocean . When I first heard of it, I couldn't help laughing, thinking that the mortals speak interestingly .
However ninety thousand years ago, when I was travelling in the night, I saw a girl walk on water, with each step a
water lily is born, with each step she went farther, faintly moving ahead, in the midst of the fog her distinguished
elegant composure unintentionally glanced back . I finally realised what was the meaning of an illusion, what the
mortals meant by 'the mirage of a city by the sea' . . . . . . . "
The Heavenly Emperor appeared deeply entranced as he gazed at the mist above the water, lightly breathing out a long
sigh .
When one is old they definitely like to reminisce, naturally the Heavenly Emperor is no different from the usual old
people, they like to think about the distant past in the middle of the night . Although I was not familiar with the Heavenly
Emperor, I may have some relations with him, so I made some effort to chase away the sleepy bug and pretended to be
listening attentively with full on interest . But, this "ninety years ago" really made me want to break down, as such a
story could not be told finished in just a while .
As I was feeling helpless in my heart, the Heavenly Emperor stopped and did not continue to speak . I pondered over it
for a while, this seemed like the opera singers in the mortal world, when they sang an exciting part they would make a
pose to solidify the impression, only when the audience cried "great" do they continue on . The Heavenly Emperor's
pause definitely was waiting for me to respond before he continued, so I casually smiled at him, "Very good, very good
The Heavenly Emperor's eyes had a sudden flash, he was dazed for a moment then smiled mockingly to himself, "So
alike . In this shrouding mist, you looked exactly like her, but with careful examination the two of you are nothing alike .
To say the aura is the same is also a bit pushing it, but this smile is completely different . She didn't like to smile, in the
ninety thousand years in which I knew her, she did not smile more than ten times, even if she smiled it was like the
morning dew rapidly vanishing, not like yours which is vivacious and young, sweeter than honey . "
He suddenly paused, his voice contained sadness and disappointment, "Actually that may not be true . . . . in the last
fifty thousand years I did not see her smile at all . If I . . . . if she didn't only have a hint of a smile in the ninety thousand
years, perhaps she will not have finished her life in such solitary loneliness . . . . "
At first, I thought the Heavenly Emperor was here to recognise his kin, and was preparing my energy to act with him a
touching reunion scene with tears, and to also smoothly add on divine essence as a meeting gift . But I did not think that
after talking for half a day, he was still talking about someone who had "finished", I couldn't help feeling my spirits
dampen, but my expression was respectful, "The King of Hades will protect her, may the Heavenly Emperor let his
sadness go . "
The Heavenly Emperor was surprised, then continued to smile, he moved his gaze away, and looked at the quiet
water, "Fifty thousand years ago, the Heavenly Realms was like this illusionary realm where no grass or flower could
grow, but I heard Jin Mi Immortal could casually with one hand create flowers, why don't you plant some green lilies
here . " For old people's thoughts to jump around so quickly, I thought they weren't many . He truly was the Heavenly
Emperor, his conversation topic can suddenly turn to planting flowers?
I looked at the surroundings, from the ground I picked up a cup of soil and tossed it into the water, I murmured a chant
. In that instant, blooms and blooms of lilies slowly rose from the water, they slowly blossomed, a stretch of elegant
green lilies spread out .
The Heavenly Emperor's gaze was mixed with surprise and joy, "Indeed!" He continued to asked, "Do you know who I
was talking about just now?" This old person's train of thought truly jumps around and is very dispersed, but luckily I
am smart .
"Jin Mi is young, but I lived for many years in the Water Boundary, thus I know this person must be a flower or
vegetable sprite . The Heavenly Emperor's old friend naturally I won't be able to know, thus I will not know who the
Heavenly Emperor is talking about, "I explained rationally .
The Heavenly Emperor anxiously looked at me, "The person I am talking about is none other than the Flower Goddess
Zi Fen . Jin Mi is around five thousand years old, Zi Fen passed on four thousand years ago, unless Jin Mi Immortal
have not even seen Zi Fen before?'
"Never before," I shook my head . The Heavenly Emperor's old age must have deteriorated his eye sight, how can I
look like the Flower Goddess, fruits and flowers are essentially two different things, the difference is not just a star and
a half .
Hearing this, the Heavenly Emperor's expression appeared extremely tragic, he said, "Who would have thought Zi Fen
had hated me until this extent! Even her own flesh and blood, she cruelly would not see . . . . . . " his voice suddenly
stopped .
However, his unfinished words caused me to be struck with thunder, it shook me until my eyes became deaf and my
eyes were bedazzled . Following his meaning, I was borne of the Flower Goddess and him! Thinking back of what
Phoenix had spoken of yesterday, everything now completely made sense, without a trace of doubt . Yesterday, Phoenix
burned the cliff, the flowers and grass were all destroyed, the Flower Leader was furious and brought me back to the
Water Boundary with the other flower leaders . We left in a hurry and I couldn't truly understand what Phoenix meant by
his words, but hearing the Heavenly Emperor today, I finally understood!

Comments: A notion that is quite commonly found in c-novels (or k-dramas actually haha!) is the idea that the child
cannot escape his parent's sin/responsibilities/attachments . An "inheritance" rooted in your identity, so to speak .
Maybe, it's an idea that is especially pronounced in the asian context (not to say this does not also exist in the western
context) because relationships don't only involve the two individuals but the union of two families into a larger unit .
So is Jin Mi really related to Phoenix and Night? What is the secret behind her mother's relationships and her alleged
hatred of the Heavenly Emperor? Where does the Origin of Water lie? :)

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Chapter 11.2
Chapter 11.2

Chapter 11 . 2: Where Does the Origin of Water Lie? (Part 2 of 4)

However, was there a misunderstanding somewhere? First, the Flower Goddess was a lily, but I was a grape stem,
then again I cannot rule out that the Heavenly Emperor is actually a grape stem; Second, the Flower Goddess' divine
powers is on the top of ten thousands, but even after cultivating for four thousand years I have not even reached
godhood, then again I cannot rule out that I'm the kind who matures late .
After thinking this way, I was satisfied, but on the surface I revealed a clueless expression, blinking my eyes, softly
saying, "If the Heavenly Emperor likes to see flowers, Jin Mi will use all her efforts to plant some, I'm fine even if the
Heavenly Emperor wants me to be a little gardener in the Heavenly Realms . But . . . but . . . " I furrowed my brows,
looking very worried .
The Heavenly Emperor seeing my hesitation, hurriedly asked, "But why? Jin Mi Immortal can be direct with me about
any troubles . "
"But, my divine powers are low, although I have cultivated for four thousand plus years, I am still a sprite, I know a
little about planting flowers, but I need to rely on other objects first before I can transform the flowers, the Heavenly
Emperor must laugh at me," I criss-crossed my fingers and moved my body slightly away .
The Heavenly Emperor used his heavenly eye to examine me and said, "Zi Fen must have sealed the origins of your
divine energy, I will first transfer you some divine essence, you only need to meditate for forty nine days, after forty
nine days I will elevate your soul and your real self . . . " The Heavenly Emperor suddenly paused .
I scrunched my eyebrows and sternly said, "Jin Mi is only a fruit sprite, how can I deserve to accept the Heavenly
Emperor's divine essence? Jin Min does not think it is proper . "
The Heavenly Emperor affectionately looked at me, "Good child, you don't have to be so distant from me, to give you
divine essence is only natural and right in this world . "
Since the Heavenly Emperor was so generous, I would not be giving him face if I rejected him again, so with some
effort I accepted it, "If so, then many thanks to the Heavenly Emperor . "
The Heavenly Emperor stretched out his hand, with just the joining of his palms, there was a strong glow, he chanted,
"Rise!" That glow flew out from the middle of his palms, before I could even look clearly, that glow entered my
forehead between my brows, a cool refreshing feeling spread throughout my body .
The Heavenly Emperor apologetically said, "I'm afraid your cultivation is not deep, today I can only transfer you five
thousand years of divine essence . . . "
Five thousand years! Only!
This "only" caused me to be super happy, my heart pulsated so wildly that I missed out what the Heavenly Emperor
later said .
At the time of our farewell, the Heavenly Emperor said, "Today I disrupted your sleep, if not for my momentary
mistake tens of thousand years ago, the twenty four Flower Leaders will also not see the Heavenly Realms as an enemy,
the two of us will also not only be able to meet in the night through our souls, I have caused you grievance," The
Heavenly Emperor's mouth had a trace of a bitter smile .
"It's ok, it's ok, the Heavenly Emperor is too kind," I dashingly replied .
"I have something to say, Jin Mi Immortal must remember carefully," The Heavenly Emperor was going to send me
back, when he suddenly called me, "You and Phoenix or Night must definitely not have any romantic feelings . "
I was wondering what it was, turns out it's such a small matter, I said generously, "Oh that only needs a small effort,
just a lift of the hand . The Heavenly Emperor does not need to worry . "
In the moment that the Heavenly Emperor was in a daze, I had already returned to my body .
My soul adjusted properly in my body, I opened my eyes, the sky outside the window was already starting to brighten .
I heard Yu Lan Flower Leader call, "Jin Mi, have you woken up?"
I couldn't help feeling my head ache . Since I returned to the Flower World yesterday, the twenty four Flower Leaders
have arranged to take turns to guard outside my yard at night, and during the day I had to reflect in front of the tomb of
the Flower Goddess . The days were truly intolerable, and today was only the second day, but I already felt like many
years have passed .
But since the twenty four Flower Leaders were busy with their own matters in the day, they did not watch me, only
installing a barrier to trap me within 500 metres of the tomb .
After Yu Lan Flower leader left, I bowed three times to the Flower Goddess' tomb and sincerely murmured, "Fruit
sprite Jin Mi impersonated as a descendant of the Flower Goddess to get five thousand years of divine essence from the
Heavenly Emperor, may the Flower Goddess not hold this against me, I will respectfully offer more grapes to you . "
After a round of repentance, my whole body felt comfortable . Thinking of how I had effortlessly gained five thousand
years of divine essence, I felt that anything I saw would particularly meet my liking, even the Flower Goddess' tomb
appeared to be shining, in my joy I wanted to find someone to celebrate . But since I could no longer find Phoenix or
Night, after thinking awhile, I thought I could only find Master Pu Chi, the snake .
I murmured the summoning chant .
After chanting halfway, the clear sky suddenly started pouring a small bout of rain, someone was walking through the
rain . This Master Pu Chi's speed is so fast, even before I finished chanting, he had already reached .
But this person did not touch the ground, his composure was especially distinguished, the rain droplets would go past
his body but not wet him, in a grand godly manner, the rain split as he walked .
I looked carefully - it was the Water God!
Now that my divine strength has increased, previously I called a water demon, but now I could call the Water God .
Judging by this, I truly am a fruit that has matured late!

Comments: Hahaha, Jin Mi is really cute here . Shameless but adorable . All the power players are pulling out all the
stops in this chapter . So, who does Jin Mi belong to? :)

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Chapter 11.3
Chapter 11.3

Chapter 11.3: Where Does the Origin of Water Lie? (Part 3 of 4)

The Water God's long white robes had a silverish tint to it, the thin rain subsided, he stood tall in front of me, the mist
was like a veil that came forth. He lowered his head and looked at me, then looked at the Flower Goddess' tomb by the
side, his eyes, like a lake that was full, was cool and clear, so clear it was almost sad.

There was no wind and no rain, the thin and tall Deng Xin grass* that covered the entire ground lightly swayed, as if
they were all leaning towards the direction of his feet, a very small and light sigh floated from his mouth, the sigh
seeped into the light morning mist and could no longer be found**.
It was in this manner that he lowered his head and looked at me, the gaze full of lake water lightly rippled, it made me
worry that if he lowered his head even more, his eye rims would not be able to withhold the gaze full of lake water and
it would start to leak. However, my worry was unnecessary.
He gazed at me, I did not know for how long, it seemed to be as long as a dream, and yet also as short as a dream.
"Jin Mi Immortal is guarding Zi Fen's burial ground?" Not waiting for me to answer, he continued, "This place was
originally a crabapple forest, every early Spring in March they would blossom, it is an extremely dazzling and grand
sight. I've always considered it lucky that that night I had returned late, hence I was able to recall back one portion of Zi
Fen's soul. But I often regretted it as well, if I did not return late that day, this world will not have Zi Fen, and then she
would not have needed to go through so many years of hardship, and then finally her soul completely obliterating..."

The Water God lifted his head towards the sky, using a clean voice that was free of any smoke, he told a story that I
could not understand, "If so, perhaps her soul will be experiencing an ordinary but contented life in the mortal realms,
growing old, falling sick and dying, or perhaps she would still be my reclusive but free god living in this Flower
Realm... although lonely, but each with their own happiness."
"When Zi Fen governed the flowers, till the end she did not like these dazzling and bustling lively creatures, she was
simple and clear her whole life, after searching for one lifetime, she has finally received such a peace." The Water God
turned towards me, a water pearl droplet slipped down into his sideburns, "Jin Mi, Jin Mi, the luxuriant flowers were
like a beautiful search (in chinese, the words used are Jin Mi which is the same characters as her name)*** for peace, a
simple smooth life like the light clouds and the flowing water. When Zi Fen was alive, these two lines that were hung on
top of her bed, I had personally written for her."
I couldn't help being shocked, but the Water God stretched out his hand and pulled me up from in front of the
tombstone, "I never thought that Zi Fen had left a bloodline in this world, even though it was not from me... however
these five thousand years I have not been able to take care of you, how would I be able to face Zi Fen... how to face
you..." His words were sad but revealed also a soft joy, he earnestly looked at me****.
I was even more surprised, if even the Water God spoke like this, does this mean I was really borne of the Flower
God and the Heavenly Emperor?
As I was wavering, a vibrant green shadow stood dazed near by feet, I turned to look at it, it was a snake.
"Yan You is late, late. May Jin Mi my little bride not blame me." The magnificent Master Pu Chi reached out his hand
to warmly pull me towards him, seeing that my hand was in another pair of hands, he followed the direction and gazed
up, seeing the owner of the hands, Master Pu Chi immediately straightened his body, arranged his clothes, and sternly
and formally paid his respects, "Yan You has been rash, I greet the great Water God."
Water God's bright and clear eyes looked at Master Pu Chi, the water ripples were not happy, "Gentleman Yan You,
we have not met for years, have you come to the Flower World to play?"
I couldn't help being confused, Master Pu Chi did not pay his respects to Phoenix but was extremely respectful to the
Water God, the etiquette in the six realms really needed some studying.
Master Pu Ch furrowed his brow and gazed down, he said seriously, "I never go around wandering for flowers and
asking for willows (formally, he says he does not just wander around, but as willows represents "fallen" beauties such
as prostitutes and dancers, the connotation is that he does not seek prostitutes or women loosely)", he continued
cheerily, "Today I had received a summon from Jin Mi Immortal, thus I entered the Flower World."
I nodded my head and Master Pu Chi was still smiling.
Hearing this, the tip of the Water God's brows lightly raised, "Jin Mi, you can summon Gentleman Yan You? What
incantation did you use?"
Why can't I summon Gentleman Yan You? Seeing the Water God has some suspicion, I felt that he was underestimating
my divine strength. Even though Gentleman Yan You from Phoenix's words appeared to used to be a god, but now he
was only a small water sprite. It's only natural that I would be able to summon him, so I unwillingly said, " I used a
chant to summon the local soil god."
The Water God's expression was clouded, standing in the midst of the shrouding water mist, the sun in the sky was just
rising, the sight was clean and beautiful.
Master Pu Chi looked at me and then the Water God, he stated, "So it turns out that Jin Mi is the Great God's relative?
That is great! Gentleman Yan You was worried that if I asked for Jin Mi Immortal's hand in marriage I would face some
obstacles, but if she is the Great God's relative, then that is the best." Master Pu Chi neatened his black hair, gave me a
dazzling smile, his white teeth shone, "We will be relatives that become even closer! Hahaha!"
My whole body trembled, there was no way I wanted to be even closer with a green snake!
Water God's expression shook, he bitterly smiled, "My original self come from nothingness, my passing is but a drop
of water, how can I speak of any relatives? But Gentleman Yan You, it was because your mother recognised me as a
sworn brother, that is why we have some relations."
The Water God suddenly turned to me, "Jin Mi can summon water?"
I reflected for a moment then said, "I'm not sure, I have never summoned water."
"If you try now, you will know," Master Pu Chi intruded in.
The Water God nodded. This was a good chance to test out the divine strength the Heavenly Emperor gave me, so I
pointed to the sky and chanted. Who would have thought that not a drop of water within a hundred "li"***** was willing
to give me face. The clouds still floated in the sky, the grass still swayed on the ground, there was not half a shadow of
I dejectedly kept my hands, this was truly embarrassing.
"Mu Dan greets the Water God," I was just thinking of what to do when I heard the Flower Leader's voice come from
behind. I turned around, I saw the Flower Leader kneel on the ground, seriously looking at me and the Water God, her
hands moved in her sleeve, "Jin Mi Immortal has lived since young in the Water Boundary, she does not know about the
matters of the outside world, I don't know if she has offended the Water God?"
"Please rise. The Flower Leader does not have to be so formal with me," The Water God returned a gesture to the
Flower Leader, "I had only came today to give my respects to Zi Fen, and didn't think I would coincidentally meet Jin
Mi Immortal..." The Water God's gaze flickered by a shroud of mist, "Jin Mi has been protected since birth by the
twenty four flower leaders?"
"If my mistress knows that the Water God still remembers her and frequently visits, she will be very content. Mu Dan
thanks the Water God on behalf of her mistress!" The Flower Leader must be too old, and was sometimes blur, she
answered without meeting the question.
Although the Water God did not receive his answer, he did not correct her, only using a pair of dark eyes to stare at the
Flower Leader, as if holding a few threads of anticipation and hope. The Flower Leader's expression showed light
traces of guilt from the Water God's gaze.
As the two of them looked at each other, Master Pu Chi said, "Look! What a big batch of clouds! What a black batch
of clouds!"
I lifted my head, truly what a big and black patch of clouds flew at the speed of lightning in the sky, pressing down
upon us from above. I suddenly felt a wintry cool air pierced forth, in the ten thousand years within the Flower World it
has always been spring, why has the weather suddenly changed today.
As I was just ruminating on this, that black cloud suddenly start to release flakes of white, the more it fell, the thicker it
became, the more it fell, the more numerous it became.
Master Pu Chi reached out to grab a piece, he placed it before my eyes, and also casually placed his hand around my
shoulders, and said surprised, "Snowflakes!******"

*Known as soft or common rush.

** Dian Xian clearly loves the Water God, I find she always puts in a lot of care and details to describe him. Maybe it's
because he is someone that does not speak directly of his feelings, his emotions are like the faint water ripples - they
appear for a moment and then return to its original state.

*** If you ever wanted to know where Jin Mi got her name by the Flower Goddess :)
**** OMG, earnest Water God - consider me a fan girl.
***** A measurement of distance.
****** In chinese, snowflakes is called 雪花 (snow flower).
Comments: This portion was pretty hard to translate because the Water God tends to speak in riddles. If I was Jin Mi, I
would be giving him a pretty dazed look. Haha. I love it when Jin Mi does magic! :)

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Chapter 11.4
Chapter 11.4

Chapter 11 . 4: Where Does the Origin of Water Lie? (Part 4 of 4)

I was originally cold, being held by a snake I felt even colder, so I pushed away this snake .
The Flower Leader's eyebrows were actually standing upside down, she appeared to want to rebuke Master Pu Chi,
but after seeing me push him away, her expression warmed .
Master Pu Chi fell back two steps, he clutched his heart and said, "My weak heart . . . . "
The Water God's expression was profound and difficult to read in the midst of the descending snow, in the middle of
his eyebrows there appeared to be a sadness like a deep lake, the depths of which cannot be measured, a snowflake
melted on his cheeks, it melted into a drop of tear and slid down his cheek, he lightly opened his mouth, as if there were
a thousand things to say but only a hundred languages, finally they culminated into one line, "Jin Mi has summoned this
large storm of snow, what does Flower Leader Mu Dan think of this?" His voice seemed to choke .
The Flower Leader's face was shocked, as if someone had stolen ten thousand years of cultivation from her, but she
closed her lips tightly and did not respond to the Water God's question . Master Pu Chi's face was deep in thought, it
was rare to see that he has kept his usual smile from his face .
I could not be bothered with their secretive hinting to each other, I only felt extremely pleased, I a mere grape stem
was now able to summon snow, the time for me to ascend into godhood must be soon!
The Flower Leader appeared to be uncomfortable by the stares of two pairs of eyes and finally said, "I am only a
small flower goddess in the Flower World, does the Water God not know his own matters and require someone else to
explain it to him?"
With this, the Water God's face seemed to be covered with a blush, after half a moment, he said, "At that time, Zi Fen
and I . . . . . . "
The Water God stopped midway and Master Pu Chi appeared to have realised an incredible secret, he made a
respectful gesture to the Water God and indicated that he will be leaving . Before he left, he told me, "Jin Mi, my
maiden, Yan You will cleanse himself and come visit you again . " The Flower Leader glared at him .
After Master Pu Chi left, the Water God continued, "My feelings for Zi Fen, while our feelings were deep, our feelings
developed only till the point that propriety permitted, we have never had any physical intimacy, so how could it . . . .
but Jin Mi is able to summon the Water Gentleman Yan You, she can also summon snow, if she has no ability to control
water, how can these be explained? In the whole heavens, besides me, only the dragon tribe is able to control water, yet
Jin Mi calls herself a grape stem . . . " The Water God hesitated, he earnestly looked at the Flower Leader, "The only
one who can solve this riddle is the Flower Leader . I seek guidance from Flower Leader Mu Dan . "
The Flower Leader dejectedly let out a sigh, she lovingly swept away the grass stains on my robe sleeves, using a
voice that almost could not be heard, "At first I thought Jin Mi's blur personality was her natural self, now I realised that
there was an origin to it . " She lifted up her head and looked at the Water God, "But it's no use for the Water God to ask
me, Mu Dan has things she cannot speak of, the twenty four Flower Leaders have sworn to the Flower Goddess, if we
leak out anything, we must destroy our own internal essence . We seek the Water God's understanding . "
Hearing the Flower Leader's words, piecing everything together, to think that I was actually a descendant of the
Flower Goddess!
The truth will always be shocking! I swallowed a few mouths of saliva and suddenly felt my head ring with pain .
Suddenly I saw that the figures of the Water God and Flower Leader were starting to shake, they started to shake into
two, from two into four, more and more shadows started to shake in front of me causing me to become extremely dizzy,
something seemed to be erupting in my stomach . With much effort I waved my hand at them, "Stop shaking, don't shake,
my head . . . so dizzy, so painful . . . "
The Water God quickly reached out his arm to catch my falling body, the Flower Leader anxiously used her vines to
examine my pulse, her face changed, "Jin Mi's body's internal energy is in a mess, did the Water God give any divine
energy to Jin Mi?"
At this moment, I felt a bout of strong energy become a sharp blade energy, cutting one side of my blood vessels . I
shook, and descended into a mist of darkness .
In a few steps, the scenery changed, I walked forward and before me was a large open space . The crabapple flowers
were blossoming, their petals fell all over, in the mist of clouds and fog, a lady elegantly sat, her hand held a stem of
flower, she turned and smiled at me, "Senior, you have come?"
I was dazed, a tall and great figure brushed past my shadows, "Zi Fen, I have come . " His voice flowed smoothly like
the running spring water, warm like the spring breeze in the March mornings .
Under the crabapple flower trees, the two of them used the flower stems as swords, the female like the spring willow
the male like the poplar, their sparring movements made out a sword dance, they had reached a stage of perfection . At
the most exciting moment, the female lightly passed the side of the male, the male followed but the female suddenly
turned around, her sword touching the male's shoulder blade, the male was completely unprepared, it hit his sleeping
meridian and he fell to the floor .
So it was a secret move, I couldn't help feeling excited, I was waiting to see if the lady was going to kill or cut the
male into pieces . But the lady, unexpectedly, after examining his whole body, infatuatedly gazed at his face for half a
moment, her tears fell down her face faster than the flower petals from the tree branches, "Senior, for saving my life, Zi
Fen can never repay you . . . "
Ah . . . and she kissed him . . .
So it turns out the lady did not want to take the male's life, only wanted to tease him a little . I squatted at a side with
my hand on my cheek, I was prepared to watch how two people, one already fainted, will carry out the mutual
cultivation*, when I suddenly heard a noise come through my ear .
"Jin Mi's body has too much fire energy, I do not know who gave her so much "yang" energy, this is in opposition to
her basic "yin" cold nature . If not for our coincidental meeting today, I'm afraid her life would have been in danger . "
This person's voice held a few tremors, as if he was afraid of what could have happened .
Someone let out a long sigh, "Many thanks to the great Water God, if Jin Mi had met any mishaps, how would I answer
to the Flower Goddess . . . " I could discern this was Flower Leader Ding Xiang's voice .
"Jin Mi . . . so she is my flesh and blood . . . in these four thousand plus years, I have not carried out any of my
responsibilities, how can I accept these thanks?" The Water God's voice was full of self recrimination, he heartbrokenly
said, "If Zi Fen's soul that has disappeared into the sky knew of this, how would I ever have the face to meet her!"
Hearing this, my body broke out in cold sweat, as if I realised that Fei Xu** was borne out of mutual cultivation from
Phoenix and Night .
"The great god, I'm afraid you must have been mistaken, how can Jin Mi be your flesh and blood . . . " The usually
eloquent Flower Leader Yu Lan could only speak in half spurts, as if there were some obstructions in her speech .
"You don't have to deceive me, all of you have sworn to Zi Fen so I will not make it difficult for you," The Water God
stopped Flower Leader Yu Lan's words, he determinedly said, "I have examined Jin Mi's original essence, you can no
longer hide it from me . I will only ask, was Jin Mi born when the first frost descended on earth***?"
The whole hall was silent, one could only hear the soft falling of the snow from outside the window .
"Indeed . . . Indeed!" The Water God's voice fell onto the ends of the bed, his voice was as if he had lost his soul and
his spirit has fallen, "Zi Fen . . . . . . "
After a long while, a soft and warm hand touched my cheeks, "Jin Mi, my daughter . . . "
I was shocked, why do I now have fathers everywhere, I picked up one yesterday, today I picked up another .
Yesterday, the Jade Emperor gave me five thousand years of divine energy, I don't know if my new daddy today will be
as generous .
Thinking of this, I blearily opened up my eyes, I innocently looked at Water God who was holding me in his embrace, I
nervously said, "I'm afraid the Water God must have been mistaken, Jin Mi is only a low leveled sprite, borne of the
sky, cared for by the sky, I have no father nor mother, as humble as an ant, how can I dare to reach the level of the Great

* Eeks! Jin Mi, you almost watched what you were not supposed to!
**To be honest, I cannot remember who Fei Xu is, but I think he is one of Phoenix's servants at his palace that Jin Mi
made friends with!
*** It's a period called "霜降" which is apparently the 23rd day of October - the last day of Autumn and the start of
Winter .
Comments: I like the Water God a lot! Haha, I laughed also when the Flower Leader made the snide remark that she
always thought Jin Mi was naturally blur, but now she realised Jin Mi must have gotten it from her father . But,
shamelessness, ah I think that's all Jin Mi .
So what will happen now that Jin Mi has two daddies! And, what will happen when Phoenix and Night finds out? :)

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Chapter 12.1
Chapter 12.1

Chapter 12: The Flower of The Descending Frost (Part 1 of 4)

The Water God lowered his head to gaze at me, the clear lake in his eyes started to ripple up in waves, a row of tears
fell out of his eyes and landed on my sleeves, "Jin Mi, you have suffered . . . I owe Zi Fen, I also owe you as a father,
even if you do not want to recognise me, I will not fault you . . . " Although he spoke like this from his mouth, he
tightened his embrace around me .
I obediently leaned on his shoulder, I did not struggle, I said in a melancholic tone, "It's not that Jin Mi does not want
to recognise, but Jin Mi's divine energy is low, even if I bluff myself to believe, how would the Water God convince the
world that Jin Mi, a fruit sprite, is a descendant of the Flower Goddess and the Water God? If one cannot convince the
crowd, there will definitely be problems later . "
I looked over the Water God's shoulder and saw the Flower Leader furrowing her brows and glaring at me, I rubbed
my nose and hid in the Water God's embrace . As the Water God hugged me, he appeared very happy, he lovingly
stroked the top of my hair and said slowly, "Jin Mi need not worry, your divine origin was covered by a seal by Zi Fen,
so your current self is not your real self, Father will go to the West to ask the Buddha to unseal your true self . "
I've been alone for four thousand plus years, and never felt that I lacked anything, but having him hugged me so
lovingly, I was dazed, I only felt that even though it was snowing outside, it was as if the whole of spring had shrunk
into this warm embrace . I unconsciously gave a faint smile at the snow that was falling outside, a small yellow flower
slowly grew out from the layers of snow, stubbornly blooming against the cold winter wind .
I softly murmured the phrase, slowly repeating it in my mouth, "Fa . . . . Father . . . "
The embrace trembled .
Suddenly the spring breeze came, the white snow that had covered the sky and ground disappeared without a trace,
there was only a bright clear sky, everywhere blossomed with flowers .
The Flower Leader gazed at us, her eyes rims reddening . The Flower Leader Yu Lan's eyes seemed to have gotten
some sand, she kept using her robe sleeves to wipe her eyes .
"Jin Mi . . . Obedient Jin Mi . . . " The Water God opened his mouth again, his voice trembled as if he could hardly
suppress his joy, "As long as Jin Mi likes, don't even speak of divine essence, even if Father has to give his all, why
Don't attack strongly, ask as if you are weak - the Moon God's words were all true, this was a killer move against all
men, regardless of age . I couldn't help secretly rejoicing at this .
"But Jin Mi's body has a great amount of "Yang" fiery energy, where did this come from?" The Water God changed the
topic, his voice full of worry, "To untie the bell we need to find the person who tied the bell, right now it's critical to
get the person to take back the energy he gave you . "
"Yang fiery energy? Unless it's the energy the Heavenly Emperor gave me last night?" I blurted out .
"The Heavenly Emperor?!" The Flower Leader glared at me, "Yu Lan! Weren't you guarding Jin Mi last night, what do
you have to say?"
The Flower Leader Yu Lan knelt down before the tomb . I anxiously said, "This has nothing to do with Flower Leader
Yu Lan, the Heavenly Emperor summoned my soul to an illusionary realm, and conveniently passed me five thousand
years of divine energy . "
"What did he say to you?" The Flower Leader looked at me menacingly, I shrank in the Water God's embrace, but saw
the Water God was deep in thought .
"He said . . . . he said . . . He said he was also my father," I swallowed my saliva and finally managed to spit it out, the
Water God froze .
"What a joke!" The Flower Leader coldly smiled, the other twenty three flower leaders were also furious . The Little
Flower Leader Ding Xiang looked like she could not wait to peel off his skin, "If not for him! Why would our master's
soul annihilate and die with such hatred?! To say he is the enemy who killed your mother is also not to malign him!"
"Ding Xiang!" The Flower Leader wanted to stop her but it was too late .
"What did you say? Ding Xiang, what did you say?" The Water God spoke, his face a sheet of white, his fingertips
could not stop trembling, "How did Zi Fen leave? It has been four thousand years, how long more do your planned to
hide it from me?"
"How did our master go? Speaking of which, the Water God also played a part of it! Today even if I am breaking my
vow and will have to destroy my divine origins, I must tell the truth to Jin Mi!" The Little Flower Leader Ding Xiang
pushed away the Flower Leader, "All men in this world are fickle! Now that Jin Mi has grown up, one by one they
come to ask to be Jin Mi's father! Do you know that our master to protect this child used her entire cultivation? Yes, I
may be blur, but how about the Water God? When Jin Mi was born, when our master closed her eyes, that was when the
Water God married, you have not even had the chance to enjoy your current peach blossom, when will you have the time
to reminisce your old lover?"
The Water God's whole body shook, as if he had been struck by thunder, as if cold wintry water had been drenched
upon his head, his embrace around me loosened, he rose up, "It was the heavenly date, twenty eight thousand and six
hundred and twelve first descent of frost . . . . it was not the heavenly date, twenty eight thousand, six hundred and
thirteen summer, did the Flower World hide the death of Zi Fen for a year?" The Water God looked like he was going to
lose his soul, he murmured to himself, " Zi Fen said she never liked me . . . . she only had feelings for the Heavenly
Emperor . . . . she forced me to marry Lin Xiu** . . . "
Little Flower Leader Ding Xiang covered her face, she cried dejectedly until no sound could be heard .
"The twenty four flower leaders had sworn to our previous master that year, the Water God should not press them
anymore . What happened that year, I happen to know a little, would his greatness be willing to listen to me?" A round
red shadow appeared in front of Little Flower Leader Ding Xiang, I looked carefully and realised it was the usually
eavesdropping Old Carrot Immortal .
The Water God did not speak, his silence was unnerving .
"That year, I think the Water God knows even better than I how the Heavenly Crown Prince had wooed and tricked to
gain our previous master's heart . However, before the previous Heavenly Emperor had passed on, he had already
arranged to marry the bird tribe's princess as his wife . At that time, the six realms were in chaos, in order to stabilise
the situation, the Heavenly Crown Prince carried out the marriage with the bird tribe to subdue the demon world which
wanted to rebel and take over the throne . The previous master was emotionally hurt by this . The Heavenly Emperor
did not change his philandering nature even after he ascended to the throne, he still bothered the previous master and
wanted to make her his concubine . The previous master refused and indicated she no longer wanted to meet him . "
"Your greatness was always kind to our previous master, as if ten thousand years was a day, the previous master
slowly developed feelings for you, the Great God, this was originally a beautiful matter . However, who knew that
when the Heavenly Emperor learnt of this, he was extremely angry, he forced himself on our previous master, she was
so upset that she wanted to destroy herself in the River of Forgetfulness but she was stopped by the Heavenly Emperor's
powers, and imprisoned in Wu Tong Palace . On the other hand, the Heavenly Emperor strategised to create an
engagement for you with the Wind Goddess . "

*I thought I would comment that when I use "the Flower Leader" and mention no specific name, I refer to the Head
Flower Leader .
** Lin Xiu probably refers to the Wind Goddess .
*** Now that the secrets are being revealed, I can shout out the heavenly emperor is SUCH A SCUM BAG . Ugh, I hate
him .

Comments: I thought it was rather cute how the speaker of truth becomes the ever eavesdropping nosy Old Carrot
Immortal! Hahaha . I also liked the quiet but strong imagery of the yellow flower stubbornly growing out of the snow ---
Jin Mi is in all practical sense an "orphan" and she not only lost the chance to experience maternal and paternal
affections, but she was fed the Unfeeling Pill when she was born, depriving her of ever learning and feeling emotions .

Jin Mi thinks that her journey is to gain more cultivation so she can become a god, and she wants to become a god
simply because she no longer wants to be trapped within the Water Boundary . But little does she know that Heavy
Sweetness is perhaps her journey to find her heart .

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Chapter 12.2
Chapter 12.2

Chapter 12: The Flower of the Descending Frost (Part 2 of 4)

"The Heavenly Empress' natural personality is cruel and devious, she saw through the Heavenly Emperor's actions and
bore hatred in her heart, she took advantage of the moment when our previous master had fainted, and poisoned her to
incinerate her divine origins. Although the previous master managed to escape, she had greatly injured her divine
origins, she knew she did not have much longer to live, so she became cold to the Water God, to force him to marry the
Wind Goddess, to forget her and hopefully lead a happy blissful life."

"The previous master did not want little grape (Jin Mi) to follow in her footsteps, so she ordered the twenty four
Flower Leaders to hide her identity from the world, used the Soul Preserving Hairpin to disguise her beauty, and to
ground little grape in the Water Boundary for ten thousand years, she ordered me to look after her, who knew..." Old
Carrot sighed, his sigh full of sourness.
"... Zi Fen, Zi Fen, I can go up to the Heavens, can go down to the earth, but where can Senior find you?" The Water
God's gaze were filled with tears like crystal chips.
In my sorrow I rubbed my forehead, who knew that I was actually a descendant of the Water God and the Flower
Goddess, to have a personality like the water and flower*, it seems that such a saying is not good...
Suddenly I realised, in the dramatic play of the big reveal of my birth identity, it turns out that the third parties were
Phoenix's parents, next time I can tease that bird.
"Jin Mi Immortal?" Someone confusedly called me, before I could turn around, I saw a sika deer lightly jumped to my
side, its wet nose sniffed at my clothes, its round gaze shining towards me.

I patted the Nightmare Beast's head, looking at the sunlight that was almost vanishing, I asked, "Is Night going off for
duty soon?"
"Indeed," Night was wearing a blue robe like the lake, floating clouds hovered at his feet, his eyes had a few threads
of worry, "Jin Mi Immortal has returned to the Flower World in the last few days, did the twenty four Flower Leaders
trouble you?" He continued, "Why has Jin Mi Immortal come to the Heavenly Realms today? The Heavenly Empress is
still angry, she might harm Jin Mi Immortal, why don't Jin Mi follow me, so I can take care of you."
Night is truly a kind dragon, just that I did not have to trouble him this time, I replied, "Many thanks for Night's
generosity. But please do not worry, you may go and carry out your duty, I do not want to obstruct you from hanging the
stars in the sky."
Today Water God Daddy was bringing me to the Heavenly Realms to get the Heavenly Emperor to take back his
divine essence, who knew that just as we entered the South Heaven door, we would meet Night. Water God Daddy was
by my side, so coincidentally he was blocked by a large pillar at the door, only revealing the edge of his robes, Night
must not have seen it.**
I saw Night stroke the side of the Nightmare Beast's neck, smiling gently at me, "I am grateful for Jin Mi's words
previously when you said you liked Night, it filled my heart with gratitude, to help Jin Mi is more than I could ask for."
At the side, Water God Daddy's body shook, his elegant face changed, his brows furrowed.
Night lowered his eyelids, his face a little sad, and said, "However, Night already has a marriage engagement, I will
not be able to repay Jin Mi's kind intentions."
Why did he suddenly bring up his marriage engagement? But seeing Night looked so sad, it must harm the self esteem
for someone to have a marriage engagement, so I consoled, "It's alright, even if Night has a marriage engagement, I will
still like you."
Upon hearing this, Water God Daddy's expressions flickered, his robe moved.
Night's eyes lit up, his mouth curved into a light smile, he let out a soft sigh, as if he was full of regret in his heart, "I
also like you," His voice was so low, it could not be lower, it almost dissolved into the nothingness in the dark.
Daddy gave a serious cough and walked out from behind the heaven pillar.
Night's expression was shocked, with a few trace of fear, he respectfully bowed to Water God Daddy, "Night greets
the great god. I was too careless just now and did not realise the great god's presence, please forgive me."
Daddy did not speak, he looked at Night with a complicated expression.
The emotional tremors in Night's face when he first saw Daddy slowly stabilised under Daddy's stern gaze, and
became calm, he spoke, "Night does not know why the great god has come, you must have heard my conversation with
Jin Mi Immortal..." he paused, as if he made a decision in his heart, he flicked his robes and respectfully knelt towards
Water God Daddy, "Night admits his guilt to the Water God."
Daddy's clear gaze stared at Night, after half a moment, he said, "What guilt is Night speaking of? I would like to
"A big guilt, Night should not betray the marriage contract agreed between father and the great god, but I have fallen
for Jin Mi Immortal! Although Night is not a saint, but I cannot be with another when my heart is with the other. Since
my heart leans towards Jin Mi who also leans towards me, I can only give my heart to her, therefore I cannot marry
anyone else and will have to betray the agreement to marry the great god's oldest daughter, Night knows my guilt cannot
be forgiven, may the great god punish me!"
Night knelt on the ground, his grand speech caused me great confusion. In this confusion I suddenly remembered,
wasn't I Water God's oldest daughter? Obviously, Night did not know of this.
Water God Daddy's mouth darkened, "Does Night know the price of breaking the agreement?"
Night's back was straight as he lifted up his head at me, with a steadfast gaze he smiled, "Removal from the ranks of
gods to be demoted to the mortal realm! But if I can be with Jin Mi Immortal, what is giving up my position?"
Daddy's expression changed a hundred times, "A mortal's life is but a drop in the ocean, only a few tens of years and
one must experience the pains of growing old and dying. For Jin Mi, Night is not scared?"
Night's gaze was like the big dipper, ten thousands of years facing the south, never changing, "Night's heart has its
direction, I have no regrets even if I have to die nine times!"
Daddy seemed to be shaken by this, he carefully scrutinised Night, "Good! What Night said today, I will remember."
After this, he turned to me, "Jin Mi, let's go."
Water God Daddy pulled the confused me towards where the Heavenly Emperor resided, the Nine Mist Clouds
Palace, while leaving Night outside the South Heaven door? After a flash of golden light, beyond the clouds I turned
back and saw Night, I only saw that he was still kneeling in the evening mist, the Nightmare Beast lowered its head and
was licking the back of his fingers. I did not know if it was my mistaken impression, but I just felt that his blue figure
was like the moon that had lost itself in the spring, lonely and sad.
At the door of the Nine Mist Clouds Palace, I heard the playing of musical instruments. The guard announced, "The
great Water God is here."
"Quickly come in," a joyful voice came out from the palace. This must be the Heavenly Emperor.

*The phrase used is <水性杨花> which means a personality that shifts like the water and floats like a flower, it usually
insinuates a woman who is fickle and unfaithful. Haha!
**Our dear innocent Jin Mi.
Comments: This chapter was one of my favourites because it reveals so much about a character that I have grown to
love. Yes, the contentious character that is Night. Also, who else can't wait for the face off between the Heavenly
Emperor and Water God Daddy? :)

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Chapter 12.3
Chapter 12.3

Chapter 12: The Flower of The Descending Frost (Part 3 of 4)

Water God Daddy took my hand and led me into the palace. In the middle of the palace was a god who was playing a
musical instrument with his back to us, surrounding this god were rows of gods appreciating his music.
"The Water God has come just in time, I've heard that the Water God is well-versed in music, today I have a special
instrument, it's just nice that the Water God can give me his opinions on it..." The Heavenly Emperor excitedly said,
when he saw me behind Water God Daddy's figure, his expression immediately became confused.
The Heavenly Empress was sitting at the left, she had turned to give a smile, but when she saw me, the ends of her eyes
lengthened and her face stretched quite a far bit.
Besides the god who was playing the musical instrument with his back to us, the rest of the gods were staring at me, I
must say that they rather lack etiquette.
The Water God's dark eyes carried an unchangeable frostiness in them as they looked at the Heavenly Emperor, but
both of his hands tightened at the ends of his robes, his fingertips turned white.
The Heavenly Emperor was suspicious, the Heavenly Empress was angry, my daddy was furious. In the midst of the
music, the three of them looked at each other without words.
Like a deep pool of water, the melancholic melody of the autumn water falling on the ground swept through the hall,
the melody became more anxious as it went on, as if war was starting, the notes became higher, and at its furious peak, a
string broke. As if a spell has been broken, in the silence, all the gods in the hall regained their awareness.
The player carried his musical instrument and rose, with a sweep of his black tinged with red robes, a proud and tall
figure turned around. It turns out it was Phoenix. But his proud eyes swept across my face like a mere drop of water,
sweeping by without a trace.
Some god attendants took the musical instrument from Phoenix's hands, he flicked his robes and sat on the right of the
Heavenly Emperor, his expression indifferent.
"Ke!*" The Heavenly Emperor awkwardly coughed as he regained his awareness, "Why has the great god come
today? Perhaps the gods here today should first leave, and return another day to appreciate the music."
"Wait!" Water God Daddy waved his hand to stop the group of gods who were about to leave, he stared at the
Heavenly Emperor, his dark gaze appeared as if he wanted to uncover everything, the Heavenly Emperor's expression
flickered, "Nothing very big, I just wanted to ask the Heavenly Emperor to take back the five thousand years of "yang"
energy in my daughter's body - it conflicts with her internal essence."
The Heavenly Empress looked shocked, Phoenix sharply lifted his head. The Heavenly Emperor looked on in
disbelief, "Your daughter... unless... Jin Mi..."
"Indeed," Dad's eyes were piercing, he said forcefully, "Jin Mi is the daughter of Zi Fen and me."
Phoenix's eyes glimmered, in that moment, it was as if thousands of flowers were blooming and reviving in spring.** I
always knew his mood swung irrationally from happiness to anger, so I was used to it, I did not bother to delve into
why he suddenly became happy.
The group of gods were shocked into silence, those who were trying to peek at me through the light were now
outwardly staring at me, God Er Lang was sitting closest to me, he had an extra eye on his forehead, his three eyes
which were staring at me caused me to feel uneasy.
The Heavenly Emperor seemed to be so affected he was a bit dizzy, he looked confused and disorientated, I did not
know what he was thinking.
After the Heavenly Empress was surprised, she had a moment of uneasiness which disappeared quickly, she opened
her mouth and smiled, "Is the Water God mistaken? The real self of this sprite is a grape stem, every god saw it that day,
to say that she is the daughter of the Water God and the Flower Goddess seems to be a bit preposterous. Won't the
Water God agree?"
With one speech, the Heavenly Empress shocked everyone awake, they started nodding their heads. Tai Bai Jin Xing
stroke his white beard and concernedly told my daddy, "What the Heavenly Empress said makes sense, the High God
must not be mistaken."
Daddy warmly held my hand, he coolly gazed at the Heavenly Emperor and Heavenly Empress, "I don't need the
Heavenly Empress to bother, if not for the cruel heart of some, why would Zi Fen use her powers to hide Jin Mi's real
self when she was born!" Daddy coldly continued, "Does the Heavenly Emperor know how the Flower Goddess passed
away that year?"
The Heavenly Emperor was dazed, he coughed twice. The Heavenly Empress' face changed, "It was heaven's fate that
decreed her passing, how can the Water God not know? In the Annals of the Six Realms, it is recorded that the Flower
Goddess was once a lotus in front of the Buddha, it was her karmic fate to disappear. But the Water God who had
mistakenly entered the Three Islands and Ten Continents had accidentally saved her, had gone against heaven, but
finally there must be punishment, hence the Flower Goddess's life ended as karmic retribution from her own powers.
This is well known throughout the six realms."

With huge gravity, Daddy closed his eyes, when he opened them again it was filled with a cold smile, "I only know
that in the Annals of the Six Realms, there is a fire that can destroy a divine essence, the Red Lotus Fire is the strongest,
there are five types, the poison fire is the most lethal, it can burn and incinerate a heavenly soul within within, and this
is being controlled by the Fire God! That year, Zi Fen..."
"The Night Deity arrives," It was announced by an attendant in the hall, this person coincidentally interrupted my
father's words.
Night calmly walked into the palace, he was neither fast nor slow, as he stood next to me it was as if he carried the
night wind that breezed over the lake, "Night greets his Royal Father, greets the Heavenly Empress," He turned to my
daddy, "I greet the great Water God." His gaze lightly brushed by me, it brought up a quiet ripple, which quickly
vanished just as it rose.
At first the Heavenly Empress had tightened her brows and lips and appeared extremely anxious, as if she was afraid
of what my dad would have said, but now she calmed down a little, she let out a sigh of relief, as if she had never been
so happy to see Night, she warmly said, "The First Prince need not be so ceremonious."
"I heard that royal father had received a very precious musical instrument, I had to hang the stars in the night sky so I
was late, I don't know if I have missed the chance to enjoy the music," So it turns out Night has rushed here to listen to
the musical instrument.
"Pity pity, I'm afraid Night has missed the chance," Phoenix reached out his hand and plucked at the musical instrument,
the music was good but seemed to lack something, "The string broke."
Night gently smiled, he lowered his head and lightly shook it, as if he was extremely regretful, "It seems as if I have
really missed it, this shall add to my list of regrets in life. I only hope that what I lose at sunrise, I can gain at
The Heavenly Emperor replied, his heart not fully in it, "Does the Water God know what is Jin Mi's real self? If the
Water God does not tell, how can I resolve this?" It seemed like he still held out a trace of hope.
Daddy was silent for a moment, all the gods waited with bated breath for the answer, I myself couldn't help being
curious as to what could be the extraordinary nature of my real self.
"Jin Mi was born at the first descent of the winter frost, she can grow flowers and summon water, her basic nature is
"yin" winter, her real self is a six-petalled frost flower."
This truly caused one to be depressed to the extreme, the frost flower descends in the night and disappears with the
sun, it comes and goes without a trace, light and airy, it looks like my life would be very fragile and thin, I must as well
be a grape stem which is round, substantial and rich-looking****.
The Heavenly Emperor also appeared to be depressed to the extreme, he was like me, our faces appeared like our
dreams had been destroyed.
"Tomorrow morning, the Liu Zi pond, wait for me," A low command floated to my ears, the voice sounded very
familiar. I was surprised, I lifted up my head, I only saw Phoenix's long and narrow eyes staring at me, turns out he had
secretly sent a message to me, I wondered how he did that.
"The flower of the descending frost? Jin Mi Immortal....." Night appeared as if he could not understand, "May I be so
rash to ask as to what is the meaning of the great god's words?"
Daddy calmly looked at the Night, without any tremor or ripples, he did not say anything.
The Heavenly Emperor rose, he walked down slowly from the cloud platform, he firmly stood in front of me, he
closed his eyes and sighed, I felt a gush of wind gathered inside me and dispersed from my forehead, the Heavenly
Emperor reached out his hand, this formless wind dispersed into a bright light in his palms, it disappeared immediately.
"Pity..." the Heavenly Emperor's one word spoke out what was in my heart, five thousand years of cultivation had
disappeared just like that, this was truly a pity.

* This indicates a cough in chinese.

** Haha, I love this. Phoenix is so transparent at times.
*** Night, cryptic as always. I love that sunrise appear to symbolise Phoenix (golden boy, rising sun) while Night is
what dominates after the sun sets.
**** Haha, most girls would love to be a flower as romantic as this - a flower that is so rare and precious, that you need
fate and time to see. But not our dear Jin Mi.
Comment: We are so used to seeing our happy shameless grape stem Jin Mi, will everything change now as Jin Mi
moves closer and closer to her real self? So it turns out she is the fragile and beautiful six-petalled frost flower... the
flower that was given birth at the first descent of the winter frost. The snow and flower - both are such beautiful and
ephemeral things, I suppose we can't blame Jin Mi for sighing that she must have a thin and fragile life. Jin Mi reminds
us again and again, that she is no poetic beauty, she does not want to arrive at night and disappear by morning, she wants
to live substantially, she wants to be felt! Perhaps that is why however shameless she is, I too root for her happiness.

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Chapter 12.4
Chapter 12.4
Chapter 12: The Flower of the Descending Frost (Part 4 of 4)

The Heavenly Emperor looked at me with unlimited longing and regret, "Who would have thought you were the
daughter of the Water God."

Daddy's left hand held my hand and he moved back a step, he gazed at the Heavenly Emperor, his eyes did not have his
usual gentle attitude, his right hand flicked in his robes, the Heavenly Empress suddenly stood up, her brows furrowed
and anxious.
In this tense atmosphere, Night suddenly cried out, "Royal father's meaning... unless Jin Mi is the great Water God's
daughter?" His gaze was full of disbelief, full of joyful surprise and also relief, his expressions kept switching between
these emotions, ever since I knew Night, I had never seen him so emotional before.
"Indeed," The Heavenly Emperor looked at Night then looked at me, "Since Jin Mi is the oldest daughter of the Water
God, she is also the wife you have yet to marry."
Dad's brows furrowed, he seriously looked at Night. Night's earnest eyes were fastened on me, as if they were filled
with something that was waiting to burst out, his mouth was curved into a handsome and elegant smile. Since he gave
me a peach, I returned a plum* and also smiled back at him. A moment later, Daddy seemed to have made a decision in
his heart, he forcefully retracted his right hand in his sleeve, his cool gaze appeared to be suppressing and tolerating
Suddenly, I felt a cold prickling behind my neck, as if something had slid passed me. I turned back, it turns out my
hairpiece had naturally fallen, my long hair losing this support had fallen down in a moment. One stem of golden
Phoenix Feather fell through my hair and revealed a lonely curve as it fell to the floor. I did not know if it was the
dimness of the light in the night, the usually glowing Phoenix Feather which now laid in the middle of the White Jade
Palace, it actually gave off the mistaken feeling of vulnerability that it had fallen to the ground and had been grounded
into dirt and dust.
I anxiously picked up the Phoenix Feather in my palm, I turned to look at Phoenix, my heart strangely rose a guilty and
empty feeling like I had just done something wrong. I remember that when I left house this morning I had fastened it
tightly into my hair, why had it loosened and fallen off? This Phoenix Feather was extremely precious, I would be in
real trouble if Phoenix had seen it dropped to the floor, he will surely be very angry.
I fearfully looked at Phoenix, but saw that his gaze was a sheet of blackness as he looked at me, so quiet as if it was a
solitary falling leaf, with no ripple nor tremors.
I have always thought that no matter what Phoenix wore, even if it was dark or light, it cannot hide his dazzling aura. I
have even seen him without his clothe and his dominating aura was undiminished. But today in his robe of dark black
with a tinge of red, he gave out a fragile feeling under the dying embers of the lantern lights, as sad as the musical string
that had broken.

For a moment, I was struck paralysed.

"The Great Phoenix Feather Treasure?" I did not know who had spoken in such surprise, all the expressions on the
surrounding gods changed, but they did not dare rebel in front of the Heavenly Emperor and Heavenly Empress, so they
suppressed the urge to turn around and gossip in each other's ears, but they could not help tossing glances at me.
Under the penetrating gazes of everyone, Night took down the grape stem on his head and placed it in my hands, "Why
don't you wear this first." After saying this he smoothly took the Phoenix Feather, he calmly turned around and said, "A
few days ago, I heard that while the Fire Deity was travelling he had accidentally lost the Great Phoenix Feather
Treasure, who knew that Jin Mi must have accidentally picked it up, just nice this lost good can be returned."
But Night only knew a part of it, this Great Phoenix Feather Treasure was indeed picked up by me, but later Phoenix
had personally given it to me. I was about to open my mouth when the Heavenly Empress quickly added, "Luckily it has
been found, how coincidental, how coincidental."
The surrounding gods said, "Today is an auspicious day, the Water God's daughter has returned, the Night Deity gains
a wife, and the Fire Deity has found his lost good, this is truly worth celebrating! Three auspicious occasions arrived
In the midst of congratulations, Phoenix rose from his seat, step by step he walked in front of me, he lowered his head
and took the Phoenix Feather, the Phoenix Feather was as light as a smile, then he placed this feather into the heart of my
hand, "There is no logic in taking back a gift that has already been given... what's more what I had lost to Jin Mi is not
just this small Phoenix Feather? If it must be returned, then please return everything at once, if not... one must as well not
return anything..."***
Phoenix lost to me more than just this small Phoenix Feather? My heart skipped, what he was saying... don't tell me he
was referring to the six hundred years of cultivation?
I tightly held onto the Phoenix Feather and determinedly said, "No return! I will not return anything!" I had just lost five
thousand years of cultivation, if I lost another six hundred years of cultivation, it would be adding snow to the frost.
Phoenix bitterly laughed and sorrowfully turned back.
* The chinese phrase <投挑报李> has the meaning of you scratched my back, I scratched yours. Haha. I love Dian
Xian's witty uses of phrases.
** During my translations, the Water God has slowly but surely became my favourite character. I like his elegance, his
refined nature and also his blurness (I believe it stems from his good nature and his natural tendency to attribute good
intentions to everyone around him - so he tends to take what people say at face value, eg, when the Flower Goddess Zi
Fen said she still loved the Heavenly Emperor so the Water God would be able to find his own happiness.) But, here he
gives up his personal vengeance against the Heavenly Emperor and Heavenly Empress for what he believes is best for
Jin Mi's own happiness.
*** I feel my Phoenix shipping returning.
Comment: One can probably write a thesis analysing if Night really likes Jin Mi. What is not in doubt is that Night has
stepped into the ring to obtain Jin Mi's hand in marriage. Will Jin Mi ever figure out her heart or will she keep
switching hair pieces? Haha.

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Chapter 13.1
Chapter 13.1
Chapter 13: Once So Close, Now Walking The Path of Strangers (Part 1 of 2)

Three or four stems of green bamboo, two sections of banana leaves, one grass curtain. Who would have thought that
the backyard of the Four Stars Palace* was only a half bigger than the yard in the Water Boundary. I let out a sigh,
pulled out a bamboo stool and sat down.

(*It's Xuan Ji in chinese which indicates the first four stars in the Heavy Dipper).

On the stone table, there was a paper declaration that was held down by a crystal pi xiu (a mystical beast that is
considered a protector) that was prostrated, the paper flew up and down in the night wind, it could not escape, like a
butterfly that was extending its wings, I decided to save this declaration, I picked it up and looked at it. It turns out that it
was a marriage contract, below there were three names, the two words "Tai Wei"** were vigorous and forceful, the
two words "Luo Lin"*** floated elegantly, then there were the words "Ren Yu"**** which were like the smooth
passage of the clouds and flowing waters, but revealed a trace of loftiness and strength.
**Tai Wei is probably the Heavenly Emperor.
***Luo Lin is probably the Water God (Luo is a name of a river, and Lin means the continuous heavy rain).
****Ren Yu is Night's first name.
"This is the promise made by Father and the High God," The silver light of the moon descended, midway it was
blocked by a thick banana leaf, and a shadow fell across Night's face, revealing a blurry warmth, "Four thousand years
ago, this was signed at the High God's wedding, now we only need Jin Mi to sign her name."
I picked up a writing brush and bit its head, thought for a while and wrote down my name.
When I was writing, Night lowered his head and was watching intently the small red stove next to me that was boiling
a pot of tea, in the midst of the bubbling it was not clear what he was thinking. His white robes shone under the moon
light, it was so white that it made my teeth itch and in my heart rose a feeling to want to stain it, so I dipped into the ink
slate, and while Night was distracted, I drew a flower at the end of his robe sleeve.
When he regained awareness, the wood has already been made into a boat, I blinked at him. Night smiled when he
looked at his sleeves, he wasn't angry, he poured a cup of tea for me and said gently, "This flower is drawn very lively,
Night has many plain robes, in future I must bother Jin Mi Immortal to add some colour for me." Night is truly someone
with a good temper.
"Good, good," I squeezed the writing brush and nodded my head continuously.
Tonight after leaving the Heavenly Emperor's Nine Mist Clouds Palace, Night invited me to his Four Stars Palace for
a short visit, saying that the Beauty Night Scent Flower***** that I had given him had just started to sprout, he did not
know if it would bloom tonight. Dad had glanced at us, he did not say anything, so I happily agreed to follow Night
The Four Stars Palace was very different from Phoenix's Qi Wu Palace, the walls were white, it was simple and low-
key, besides a few small immortal attendants at the door and a bunch of Nightmare Beasts who could not speak, there
was no shadow of anyone else, the night was a sheet of silence.
A small Nightmare Beast, barely about a month old, was timidly lying at Night's feet, its round eyes stared warily at
me. I magicked a white cabbage leave in my hands, bent my waist and tried to seduce it, "Be obedient, come and try it."
Good habits must be groomed from young, a picky eating Nightmare Beast is not good, who knew that my good
intentions were not appreciated by the Little Nightmare Beast, it disdainfully turned its head away.
Night smiled and touched its ears, the little beast turned its head back towards me, it moved slowly in front of me, it
hesitated for a while, then as if looking straight at death at the bunch of leaves it swallowed them straight into its
stomach, I happily stroke its head and praised it, "How obedient, very obedient."
"Night has no precious items to give to Jin Mi, only this Nightmare Beast, if Jin Mi Immortal likes it, then let it follow
you from now on, after two months when it becomes stronger, you may ride on it. I only hope that Jin Mi will not find it
a bother."
I happily responded, "Thank you, thank you." Riding a deer was much more stable than riding a cloud, if I wasn't
careful I might become squashed meat.
The little deer stiffly laid down at my side, the stomach twitched and it let out a cabbage burp.
I stroke the short fur at the back of its neck, I carried a cup of tea and squatted down next to the pot of Beauty Night
Scent Flower that stood in the middle of the garden, although the flower bud has sprouted, but after waiting for most of
the night, it was still hiding its face and refused to forthrightly open, it truly was not giving me face.
Behind me was the sound of light footsteps, Night was also squatting next to me, he carefully looked at the flower and
was silent.
After the timing of a pot of tea, we had drank finished the tea and I was preparing to replenish it, when I heard Night
softly say, "Night is poor, for one lifetime I have only the Night as company, I have no important position, very little
relatives. All I have is but a few little beasts and a simple house.... if one day, Jin Mi Immortal marries and becomes my
wife, you will have to suffer with me, even so, would Jin Mi Immortal disdain it?"
I turned back, but saw that Night was still maintaining his previous position and gazing at the Beauty Night Scent, his
look of concentration was as if the words did not come from him, but the flower I have painted on his sleeves was in his
palm, his fingers were stained with some of the ink.
Since Night asked me, I seriously considered this issue, I heard that mortal girls after reaching a certain age must all
marry someone, since this was so, and I had to marry someone, I must as well marry Night who I am familiar with.
What's more, Night's powers are strong, if I mutually cultivate with him in future, my own strength may improve. What
could be more important than divine strength? So I replied, "I do not disdain."
His grasp loosened on his sleeves, the ink flower on his sleeves dropped to the floor, Night slowly raised his head, his
eyes that gazed at me glistened like a line of starlight gliding through the waters.
I squatted down again, and asked him seriously, "When shall we mutually cultivate?"
Night's body froze, after a while, his cheeks turned red.
In the night wind, I suddenly felt a strong scent attack my nostrils, I followed the direction of the wind, under the moon
the Beauty Night Scent Flower was passionately blooming, the light purple petals unravelled fold by fold, under the
moonlight it appeared especially charming and gentle. I cried in surprised joy, "It finally opened!"
Behind me a light but warmth breath glided past my neck, "From this day on, I shall call you Jin Mi. Is that ok?"
I said half-heartedly, "Naturally it's fine."
When I turned around, Night gave me a warm smile, the redness in his face had faded, he said, "I heard that this flower
is also called the Scent of the Moon, it truly is beautiful, but I think it is not as beautiful as the frost below the moon."
I confusedly looked at my surroundings, but I did not see any descending frost.

At night, I stayed at Water God Daddy's Luo Xiang Manor, I had a good night's sleep, and only woke up when the sun
was at the third bamboo. After combing my hair, I naturally placed Phoenix's feather on top of my head, I suddenly
remembered Phoenix's command yesterday to go to the Liu Zi Pond today to meet him, my heart jolted, it was almost
time. I hurriedly rushed to the Qi Wu Palace.
The little deer Night gave me was quite obedient, it followed me to Qi Wu Palace, as I almost reached the Liu Zi
Pond, I suddenly heard a crisp voice, "Which Jin Mi?"
Ah? It sounds like someone is calling me, I stopped my movements and turned to where the voice was coming from.
At this moment, I heard another voice, "Which other Jin Mi can it be. It's the book boy that followed the Second
Highness for almost a hundred years at Qi Wu Palace!"
"Ah! It's that beautiful sprite! I turned over and took a glance, indeed, her looks are truly a sin! Amitabha, luckily she is
engaged to his First Highness, if not her looks will cause disaster to many people, I heard the attendants say that Second
Highness almost lost his heart to her."
I was shocked, first, I have never killed anyone, second I have never released fire, how would I cause disaster to
"Speaking of his Second Highness, I heard yesterday that he gave his great phoenix feather treasure to Jin Mi."
Hearing this, the other goddess auntie sucked in a breath of cold air, "That is truly atrocious! The Great Phoenix
Feather Treasure is the top treasure in the Phoenix Tribe, it is a weapon that protects the body, the Heavenly Empress'
father gave the Great Phoenix Feather Treasure to the Heavenly Tribe as a gift to the previous Heavenly Emperor for
sacrificing his life in battle during the war against the demons, the Heavenly Empress then gave it to the Heavenly
Emperor as a love token, the Second Highness by this action..."
Someone gave a cold cough, the two goddess aunties who were hotly discussing the issue suddenly froze, they
suddenly respectfully said, "We greet his Second Highness."
Since it was Phoenix, and hearing the two goddess aunties pay their respects to Phoenix and him coldly dismissing
them, I hesitated in the Willow Forest, from his voice, I could tell Phoenix's mood was not good, I might as well return
home and avoid this danger.
As I was prepared to evacuate, Phoenix suddenly appeared before me, he gave me a shock and I broke the willow
stems next to me into half.
I looked at Phoenix's expression and clumsily placed the willow stems into the Nightmare Beast's mouth, coaxing it,
"Be obedient, be obedient."
****** See chapter 6 for when Jin Mi first gave Night the flower.

Comments: Lol, ok I think my *** are getting a bit ridiculous so I might switch to number footnotes in future. But I
personally prefer * to numbers.

I know that Night is not simple, but how can I not feel for him when I see him in his Four Stars Palace? When he asked
Jin Mi if she will disdain him?

And, this ---

"I heard that this flower is also called the Scent of the Moon, it truly is beautiful, but I think it is not as beautiful as the
frost below the moon."
I confusedly looked at my surroundings, but I did not see any descending frost.
This perfectly captures one of my favourite chinese sayings, <远在天边近在眼前> , literally it translates to as far as
the ends of the sky, but actually is just right in front of you.

What you are looking for might appear to be very far away, but is actually right in front of you.

How true is this of love and life!

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Chapter 13.2
Chapter 13.2

Chapter 13: Once So Close, Now Walking The Path of Strangers (Part 2 of 2)

It was at the peak of noon and the sun rays were especially hot and blistering, but Phoenix wordlessly lifted his head
and gazed at the glaring sunlight for a long while, it made me worried that if he continued to look on he would blind

I stood with him for the length of the burning of one scent until I could no longer tolerate and spoke, "Actually, the sun
that is setting on the mountain is much nicer to look at, it's bright and yellow like a salted egg, if Phoenix likes to watch
the sun, why don't you watch it again in the evening?"
Phoenix seemed to regain consciousness and turned his gaze on me, the sun rays must have been especially poisonous
and fierce, one could see blood threads in Phoenix's eyes as he gazed at me. When he was watching the sun, he didn't
even narrow his eyes, but now he narrowed his long coquettish eyes, as if I was even more uncomfortable than the
blistering sun rays, "It turns out that you will also care for me."
I brushed the short hairs behind the little Nightmare beast's neck and muttered in reply, "Of course! Phoenix and I will
soon be relatives, even though we are not family yet, we can be considered half a family, it's natural to care for each
Later, if I marry Night, I will be Phoenix's sister-in-law, in fact I would be more senior than him, I heard the mortals
saying that an older sister-in-law is like a mother, so I naturally wanted to give out a loving senior's aura. To care for
one's younger uncle will start from small matters like this.
"One family...?" Phoenix repeated what I said, although there was no wind, his robes flicked upwards, suddenly, he
laughed, his voice was so clear and light that his words were like transparent glass that could easily shatter, "Jin Mi,
you truly know how to completely destroy me."
Truly, this little Uncle, Phoenix was not easy to please. I reflected that I did not say anything wrong, so why did he
accuse me of destroying him?
Phoenix cast his eyes down at the nightmare beast, his porcelain eyes were so black that it seemed like water was
about to drip out. This nightmare beast could not beat me, it has never been gazed at by this strong aura of Phoenix, its
back suddenly became anxious and it timidly moved back a few steps.
"One family... whose family? You and him? He is even willing to give you a nightmare beast... You and me were never
a family, last time we weren't, now we aren't, in future, even more we wouldn't be," Phoenix quickly turned his back at
me, the seductive sun subsumed his lonely back into its warm embrace, "But, I don't blame you, I only blame myself,
from the start to now, it was only my fault, my lone monologue. When have you ever given me half a thread of desire?"
Phoenix lifted up his head and gave a mocking laugh, "It was only my one-sided feelings..."
I took a step forward, the sun shone my shadow onto his back, it made it appear like we were leaning towards each
other. From the back, I took his hand, Phoenix's whole body shook.
I stroke the lines in his palm and said lightly, "I do not know why you are not happy, and I do not know why you do not
want to be a family with me. But, I know, actually we could be considered as enemies, but when will a revenge end? It
is better if we become a family and end the hatred. A peaceful life is the best." Phoenix's unwillingness to become a
family with me must stem from the fact that the enmity between his father and my mother can never be untied, so I
decided to be benevolent and release him.
Phoenix suddenly turned around and my shadow for no reason fell into his embrace, "What did you say? Enemies?
What do you know of?"
I held his hand and tried to comfort him, "Please relax, although your mother killed my mother, but, I will not take
revenge. Think about it, your mother killed my mother, if I killed your mother, you will kill me, in future my children
will kill you, your children will be unhappy and try to kill my children... the cycle of revenge will never end, won't it
suck away all the joys of life?"
Observing Phoenix's unstable expression, I concluded, "Life itself has no worries, but if you persist towards a dead
end, it is the foolish creating its own worries."
Phoenix's brows arched and he grabbed both of my hands into his hands, "Who told you that the Heavenly Empress
killed the Flower God!" His stern aura pressured over me.
So it turns out my sense that Phoenix was a little weak previously was a wrong impression, only two or three lines of
speech and his intimidating and demanding aura has revived.
With a suspicious glance, Phoenix went closer to me, he said in a low voice, "Did the twenty four flower leaders say
this? But where's the evidence? No wonder the Water God appeared like he had something to say yesterday..."
"It was not the flower leaders, Old Carrot Immortal said this," I corrected him, but I could sense that the twenty four
flower leaders also knew this, but they had never told me anything because of some pledge Old Carrot Immortal had
spoken about.
Phoenix's brows furrowed and he lowered his head in deep thought, he seemed concerned and worried, but when he
raised his head again, his composure returned, "Have you ever raised this matter with anyone?"
"Never," I shook my head, in the realms how many people could be as generous as us fruits? I knew at least this much,
but even I did not know why I had spoken about this to Phoenix today.
"You must remember not to reveal this! Also, never be alone with the Heavenly Empress!" Both of Phoenix's hands
grabbed my shoulders, his handsome face was only a few inches away from me, his deep dark pupils were filled with
my own gaze.
"Yes," I seriously nodded my head.
Although he received my assurance, Phoenix did not let me go. The palms that grabbed me actually tightened instead
of loosening, his eyes seemed to have a whirlpool like poisonous worm that twirled stronger and stronger, as if it was
going to swallow him whole, the more he leaned the closer he became, so close that his nose grazed my own nose tip. In
this moment, I didn't know where the warm saliva in my mouth suddenly came from, looking at Phoenix's moist and full
lips, I suddenly felt a little thirsty, so I naturally stuck out my tongue and licked my lips.
A sudden new light burst from Phoenix's eyes, just as he was about to press onto my lips, he closed his eyes, his
cheeks brushed my face and he let out a breath of heavy air next to my ears, the illusion was broken with this sound.
Phoenix let go of both my shoulders.
The nightmare beast at my feet suddenly stood up, his gaze was full of joy, he happily swished his little tail. I watched
as Phoenix's face started to lose colour, I reached out my hand to touch his forehead, it was hot for no reason, "Unless,
Phoenix is sick?"
"Jin Mi," Someone called for me gently from behind.
I turned back, in the midst of the willows, Night was walking towards me, his clear composure distinguished himself
from the willow mist. I smiled at him. Night walked towards me and his shoulder stood by my shoulder, his long hand
took my own hand in a speed that was neither hasty nor slow. He held it tight.
The ends of Phoenix's eyes flickered, his eyes narrowed as he watched Night.
"Jin Mi, have you eaten lunch?" Night reached out his hands to brush my hair, he took down some willow catkin that
had fallen onto my hair unknowingly.
"Not yet," I had woken up late in the morning and had left in a hurry, I didn't even have a chance to eat breakfast. I
didn't realised it was time for lunch but now that he had brought it up, my stomach felt hungry.
Night lowered his head and squeezed my palm, he said, "You shouldn't be so careless next time."
Phoenix's lips were coldly pressed towards each other, "To use an 'empty stomach' to express 'what is inside your
stomach'*, who knew that his First Highness' heart will warm up so suddenly."
Night calmly lifted up his head, "What does the Fire God mean? I do not understand." He turned to me and said, "The
Water God came to find Jin Mi just now, it must be an urgent matter. Why don't I accompany Jin Mi back to Luo Xiang
Manor? Let's not worry the Water God."
I did not know why father was finding me, so I naturally replied, "That sounds good."
"So, we will leave you," Night lightly nodded to Phoenix and pulled me away by my hand, before even walking two
steps, Night suddenly stopped and said without turning his head, "In the last hundred years, Jin Mi had learned a lot of
heart meditation techniques from the Fire God, both of you can be considered to be master and disciple, but in future Jin
Mi will enter the Four Stars Palace and you will be uncle and sister-in-law. No matter master or disciple, uncle or
sister-in-law, there are proprieties and levels of seniority to be respected, may his Second Highness remember this in
his words and actions."
After saying this, he led me away.
When I turned back, the willow catkin flew around in the air, and Phoenix's figure slowly became unclear.

*There's a word pun here, both playing on the word for stomach. Basically, Phoenix is mocking at how Night is using
concern for Jin Mi's stomach to express the words in his heart, and how the usually cold Night can suddenly show such

Is Night giving Jin Mi the nightmare beast as a token of his love or a spy because he cannot trust her? Is it sad that I think
it's a bit of both?
Comments: I thought Chapter 13 was a wonderful chapter with Night changing and asserting himself, while Phoenix is
grappling with all his emotions and the difficulties he face in pursuing Jin Mi. You were once my sister, and now you
are going to be my sister-in-law?
I cannot help agreeing when Phoenix said to Jin Mi, "Jin Mi, you truly know how to completely destroy me."

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Chapter 14.1
Chapter 14.1

Chapter 14: A Bug Eating Through the Heart (Part 1 of 4)

In the heavens, there were many gods, in the western skies, there were many buddhas .
In the Big Thunder Temple, the eighteen golden arhats were either sitting, lying down or standing tall, they were
arranged on the left and the right sides of the temple, in the middle was an incense burner which was burning one scent,
the light twirls of smoke slowly emanated a beautiful smell that slowly disappeared in the chanting .
With both of my hands respectfully pressed together, I followed father into the main hall of the temple . Under the stern
gaze of the shining arhats, I surveyed for a while, became disinterested and returned my gaze to the main hall .
On top of the lofty and majestic rectangular stone pedestal, there were three figures each sitting cross-legged on a lotus
flower, they must be the Three Lifetimes Buddha, that transversed the past, present and future . Father's both hands were
respectfully pressed together as he bent down his head and chanted, the Three Lifetimes Buddha lightly nodded their
heads towards father, the Buddha in the middle with benevolent brows and kind eyes spoke, "Today is not a day where
we open to the public to discuss the religious scriptures, why has the Water God come today?"
"Luo Lin has rashly came today to seek the Ru Lai Holy Buddha to release the Jia Lan seal, " Father's voice was like
the spring water, slowly flowing, it was neither hasty nor slow .
"Is this for Zi Fen's daughter who is behind you?" The Buddha on the left looked at me, his holy gaze revealed light
sympathy . Truly they were the Past, Present and Future Buddha, in one glance they can ascertain my origins .
"Indeed," Father moved away to reveal my face, "I plead for the three great ones to allow us a meeting with the great
Buddha . "
On the right, the future Buddha lightly looked at me, his calm demeanour slowly revealed faint ripples, his brows
furrowed and he closed his eyes, he gave out a soft sigh .
Seeing this, Father's body tightened, "May I ask why the great one is sighing?"
The Future Buddha said, "A destined chance in one's fate, cannot be spoke of, cannot be spoken of . "
Father turned to look at me, his gaze held worry . My heart skipped, the Future Buddha did not know the past, but his
eyes could see the future, seeing his description, my future must not be bright, could it be that I won't be able to cultivate
into a god? Thinking of this, I couldn't help being depressed .
"The door is always open, but the journey of the Water God will be fruitless, it will have no effect," The Future
Buddha waved his hand, the door behind opened, behind it were many routes, the stars in the sky were arranged like the
chess pieces and bedazzled one's eyes . However, in this moment, an unremarkable path of lilies started to lit up, one
could not see the end, it was truly, one did not know how deep the clouds were, but this was the way to the Buddha,
"The water lilies can lead the way for the Water God, one must be careful not to get lost or the ghosts will trap you and
sink you to hell, I can only say up to here, Amitabha . "
Father pressed his hands together respectfully and chanted thanks to the Three Lifetimes Buddha, he took my hand and
led me on the small path towards Buddha Grandfather . All the other paths were filled with flower scent, flat and wide,
only this route of mud was extremely uneven, curved and hard to walk . One of my feet would sink in the mud, the other
would tread over the mud as we walked on this trench-filled road . I thought about what was said - "fruitless", fruitless?
Unless the Future Buddha has predicted that Ru Lai Grandfather will not release my seal? If my seal is not released, my
divine energy cannot improve, if my divine energy cannot improve, I definitely cannot become a god, if I cannot become
a god, I was destined to be looked down upon by all the great gods, for example Phoenix, ah such a fate was truly
depressing . . .

Thinking of this, when I was born I was a sprite baby, after several thousand years I was a sprite maiden, after ten
thousand of years I will be a sprite auntie, unless in the end I will become a sprite grandmother?
One's life as a sprite is not tragic, what is tragic is that even at death one is still a sprite .
I was seriously considering this issue, when suddenly something fell onto the ground, it dropped between Father and
me, it even shook three times, I almost fell down because of this but stabilised by pressing on the thing .
"Haha, aiyoyo, don't tickle don't tickle! It's so ticklish, so ticklish!"
Upon closer examining, I realised what I was holding on to was someone's big stomach . I always thought that no one
in the realms can win Old Carrot Immortal's round stomach, but after this comparison, I finally understood the meaning
of the saying "The Prime Minister's Stomach Can Hold a Boat"*, this meaty stomach was trembling up and down, it
rippled waves after waves upon its three layers of fat, I loosened my hand and praised, "Good stomach, good stomach!"
*It basically means someone is very generous and tolerant and can withstand great matters . But Jin Mi has understood it
as literally, someone's stomach is big enough to support a boat! Hahaha .
"Not bad not bad, from far I had seen this young female doll's looks were pleasant, on closer look, she not only looks
bright, her eyes are also very good," This round and fat monk must be very scared of tickles, he started to laugh for
about the timing of one pot of tea, after he finally laughed finished, he gazed at me up and down, waved his palm leaf fan
and said, "This little doll has a thread of intelligence and affinity with the Buddha, why don't she follow me on the road
to Buddha hood!"
Hearing of this, somehow it sounded like "why don't she follow me", so I felt some sense of closeness (see chapter 8 .
1 for why Jin Mi likes this) .
"Little God Luo Lin greets the Mi Le Buddha," Father who was in front had long turned back .
Who would have thought this round monk was the Mi Le Buddha, but seeing how he used his fan to hit Father's
shoulders, "Ah ya ya, isn't this little Luo Lin! We haven't met for a few years . "
Father gave a graceful smile, "We have not met for ten thousands of years, Luo Lin do not dare to say I am old but also
don't dare to say I am small, this is my daughter Jin Mi, if she was rude to the great one, please forgive her . "
"I was wondering whose family this doll belonged to and it turns out she's yours! The father is handsome and the
mother is beautiful, no wonder she was born so good looking . Such a good bud must quickly follow Buddha hood!" Mi
Le Buddha waved his round palm leaf fan, and earnestly told me, "Entering the door of buddha hood will eliminate all
disasters and avoid all evils, it will guarantee your safety, grand lodgings, no problems with food, everything will go
well! Little Maiden, I'm sure your heart is moved! If your heart is moved, then quickly greet me as your teacher!"
Father lowered his head and laughed, he said to Mi Le Buddha, "It's an honour the great one so looks upon Jin Mi, but
unfortunately Jin Mi has a marriage agreement, and this will break a taboo of Buddha hood, I'm afraid she will have to
miss out on your good intentions . "
Hearing this, Mi Le Buddha continuously shook his head, there were faint wrinkles in between his brows, "A pity, a
pity, which lucky little god is to be her match?"
"Night," Father said in a light and easy manner .
"Oh that lonely little god who is always leading the deers to survey the evening skies?" Mi Le Buddha placed his hand
on his stomach and fell into deep thought, without waiting for Father to answer he turned his head to me and murmured,
"If you really could marry him that would good, but I'm afraid . . . " It seemed like he was talking to me, but it also
seemed like he was murmuring to himself .
His voice was too young, I couldn't hear what he said at the back, Father was even further and even more he couldn't
hear it .
"The sky is turning dark, Luo Lin is seeking an audience with his Ru Lai Holy Buddha, I must bid farewell, maybe next
time I will go greet the great one at his temple," Father lifted up his head, saw the seven coloured rainbow fading from
the sky and bade farewell to the Mi Le Buddha .
Mi Le Buddha brushed his robes and replied, "That is fine, that is fine . "
Father led me forward on the road, but I could hear softly Mi Le Buddha sighing behind, "A pity a pity, I wanted to
help you overcome your trial . " When I wanted to hear this more carefully, there was no more sound, not even the sound
of any insects much less a human voice, it must have been an illusion of mine .
The road started to widen, and in front there was a thick luxuriant forest, I looked closer and realised it was the Bodhi
Sacred Tree .
Under the tree, Ru Lai Grandfather was lying in its dense shade, his eyes were close as if he was taking a short rest . In
front of him was a mirror, it reflected the golden blaze of the setting day, so shining that one did not dare to look at it
closer, I turned away my eyes and saw there was a lily sleeping soundly in the mirror, it was calm and elegant, but it
lacked one flower petal, which in its beauty made it appear all the more lacking .
Grandfather Buddha suddenly opened his eyes, this golden glow quickly disappeared .
"Luo Lin greets the Buddha," Father pressed both of his palms respectfully and gave a deep bow to Grandfather
Buddha . I followed Father's example and bowed down, "Jin Mi greets the Buddha . "
"Buddha is all knowing and must have known why Luo Lin is here today, I don't know if you are able to help?" Father
respectfully cast down his eyes and only looked at his nose tip .
Grandfather Buddha sat on cross-legged, both of his hands were placed on the knees, in a peaceful voice that loved
and pitied all that lived in the realms, he said, "Someone that is about to die, there is no difference in releasing or not
releasing the Jia Lan seal . "

Comments: Personally, I'm buddhist as well, and there is great respect for the Buddha . I think you can note a clearly
respectful tone from Dian Xian towards the Buddha, even though she is not above putting in a few cute jokes, which is
very different from how she treats the other gods in the pantheon of chinese mythology such as the Jade Emperor .
Even in chinese mythology, there are gods you can joke about and have creative licence, and there are gods that one still
takes upon a reverent tone .
Personally, I really enjoyed this part and who laughed when Water God, who everyone treats as great, is called Little
Luo Lin? :)

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Chapter 14.2
Chapter 14.2

Chapter 14: A Bug Eating Through the Heart (Part 2 of 4)

Father suddenly staggered back and lifted up his head in alarm .

I paused in contemplation, who knew that Grandfather Buddha will also have a bit of temper from being just woken up
at his age . Immediately when he opened his mouth, he said such ominous things, I couldn't help giving a cold shiver .
"Is a huge trial going to befall Jin Mi? I seek guidance from the Buddha, " Father's usually calm and steady voice was
suddenly hurried and full of ripples, "Buddha is merciful and compassionate, willing to save all life on earth . Luo Lin
makes the bold request for the Buddha to save my daughter's life!"
Grandfather Buddha picked up a fallen leaf and said, "To save one life is not necessarily compassionate, to save a
hundred lives is also not necessarily compassionate, but to enlighten all life is the way of compassion . If there is a tiger
on the mountain which is heavily injured and is about to die, to save or not to save?"
Father replied without any hesitation, "Save!"
Grandfather Buddha gave a peaceful smile, "If the tiger recovers and returns to the mountain, it will catch the deers
and rabbits for food . The Water God may save one life but harm hundreds . You may be compassionate but harm
hundreds of other lives . "
I selfishly thought that it wasn't fair for Grandfather Buddha to compare a grape stem with a fierce tiger . Father must
have thought the same and said, "Jin Mi is pure and kind, she does not know anything of this world and will not harm
others . May the Buddha check carefully . " After he finished, Father took out the scripture he always carried on his
body, he placed his right palm on it and seriously declared, "As the protector of the six worlds, I solemnly swear on the
Golden Buddha Attendants Scripture . I earnestly seek help from Buddha to help Jin Mi overcome this trial, Luo Lin
will repay this debt four times over, and is willing to suffer three lifetimes of hardship . "
Grandfather Buddha softly closed his eyes and said, "All life on earth are linked, if the heart does not move, the
elements do not move, if the heart does not change, the elements do not change," He lifted up his eyes and gave me a
merciful glance, his glance seemed to have some strange power, in a moment I was by his side .
Grandfather Buddha swiped his hand over the mirror, the reflection started to ripple and I realised that this was not a
mirror but a calm pond of sacred water . The dot of water on Grandfather Buddha's finger immediately became the burnt
trace of a fragrant incense, he placed it on my palm and gently pressed my hands together, he gave a slight smile,
"Worry comes from love, fear comes from love, if one moves away from love, one is without worry or fear . May this
scented trace help you overcome your trial . "
I earnestly gazed at Grandfather Buddha and asked, "How about the seal? Can you conveniently also release it?
Grandfather Buddha smiled but did not speak, he waved his hand and in a moment, everything changed and the stars
moved, the surrounding scenery transformed . Father and I were suddenly standing outside the Northern Sky Gates .
Father gave a deep bow towards the west, "Many thanks to the Great Buddha . " Daddy turned back to me, his gaze full
of sadness and worry, he must have treated what Grandfather Buddha said seriously, but I was indifferent .
During the night, Father went down to the mortal world to release the rain . I stood by the Northern Sky Gate in deep
thought, I was a little frustrated, we had travelled and rushed all the way to the Western Skies but we had returned with
nothing . I even received a curse that I would die soon, I really felt it was not worth it . The more I thought, the more the
tip of my toes hurt, I looked down and realise that the little sika deer's two front paws were on my toes and looking at
me with pitiful beady eyes . It had an extremely innocent look .
This little creature is quite loyal, when I returned, it immediately found me, except it needed some training for how it
should welcome me . With some effort, I finally managed to shift its iron paws off my feet . I removed my shoes and
socks and realised the tips of my feet were bruised . I took in a deep breath of cold air, and decided to sit on the stone
steps of the Northern Sky Gate to massage my feet .
There were two sky soldiers guarding the door and their faces immediately turned red when they saw I was looking at
them . They immediately raised their head towards the sky . I couldn't understand so I also lifted up my head to see what
they were looking at so seriously . After gazing for a while, there was only a dark cloud at the left . I did not know the
citizens in the Heavenly Realm were so pure such that two sky soldiers can gaze at a cloud and become so shy and
awkward, as if they were a precious unmarried maiden from a rich family .
I kept my gaze and chanted some magic as I lowered my head and massaged my feet . I suddenly felt something strange
on the top of my head and lifted up to look, but I found a wide-eyed little sky soldier holding a red tasseled spear
curiously looking at me . Seeing me lift my head, his white clean face became a little embarrassed so I gave him a
friendly smile .
He awkwardly returned a smile, blinked his eyes, and looked at me tentatively as if he was a small deer, "Are you that
Immortal Jin Mi?"
I seriously reflected and then asked him, "I'm not sure what my immortal friend mean about 'that'?" I couldn't rule out
the possibility that there was someone with the same name as me in the Heavenly Realms and it was best not to have a
misunderstanding .
"The Jin Mi Immortal who has a marriage engagement with his First Highness Night," After saying this finished, the
little sky soldier's eyes darkened, and I suddenly found him familiar .
"If that is so, then I am that Jin Mi," I readily answered .
Receiving my response, the little sky soldier gave a depressed sigh, his elegant brows furrowed together in deep
thought over some unknown matter . Suddenly his expression turned solemn and respectful and he formally asked, "May
I seek your knowledge about something?"
For the first time in my life, someone sought guidance from me, I agreed with satisfaction .
The little sky soldier ruminated for a while then asked stutteringly, "My father said that a man can have three wives
and four concubines, after his First Highness Night marries you . . . after he marries you, can he marry other gods?"
Ah . . . this troubled me, I had never studied the rules of the Heavenly Realms, it is best not to misguide this small
disciple, as I was prepared to give some blur answer to cover over it, I suddenly heard a leisured voice help me to
answer, "Naturally he can . "
I turned around and saw the green greasy Master Pu Chi had appeared behind me from who knows where . He was
gazing at me meaningfully and then looked at my bare feet, "Just like how even after Jin Er (affectionate way of saying
Jin Mi) marries the Night God who hangs the stars, she can still mutually cultivate with me . Speaking of which," Master
Pu Chi suddenly dejectedly lifted up his head and almost knocked my chin, "Why only after a few days you are now in
the hands of the Night God? Won't you give me a chance?"
The little sky soldier must not have my wide experience and calmness in dealing with all situations, he was surprised
by the green Pu Chi who suddenly appeared and moved back two steps . Hearing what Master Pu Chi had said, he then
hurriedly leaned closer two steps and asked, "Is what this immortal friend saying true? His First Highness Night can
really marry again?"
Master Pu Chi gave a coquettish smile to the little sky soldier and said seriously, "Naturally it is true . "
The little sky soldier turned slightly red from Master Pu Chi's smile, "That's great!" As if something that was
previously undecided had finally settled, he happily clapped his hand . But who knew with that clap that the red tasseled
spear which was originally in his hand would land on the floor .
With the "pi la" sound from the dropping of the spear, my heart suddenly became as bright as Grandfather Buddha's
mirror, did the little sky soldier fall for Night?
The little sky soldier slowly picked up the spear and gave me an awkward smile, "If His First Highness remarries,
will Jin Mi Immortal mind?"
I quickly waved my hand and answered, "No! That is Night God's matter, naturally I will not mind!"
The little sky soldier was dazed, after a while, he clumsily asked, "Does Jin Mi immortal know what kind of immortal
his First Highness Night likes?"
This little sky soldier truly had a lot of questions . Speaking of which, I could only remember that Night said he liked
me, but I did not know what other types of immortals or gods he liked . So I simply answered, "He must like immortals
like me . "

Comments: I haven't been translating for a while and I must admit that I feel rather rusty . A short break and it has taken
me much longer than usual to translate! This chapter is a good indication of Jin Mi's real feelings, but too bad no one
knows how she really thinks except perhaps . . . Grandfather Buddha and us? Will Jin Mi heed the warning to be
beware of Love?

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Chapter 14.3
Chapter 14.3

Chapter 14: A Bug Eating Through The Heart (Part 3 of 4)

The little sky soldier's mouth sunk and his eyes looked like he was about to cry .
Master Pu Chi raised his brow and turned to asked me, "Beauty, how do you know Night likes you?"
"Naturally it's because he said so," I said honestly .
"Pu Chi!" Master Pu Chi laughed, "Jin Mi, you are so naive, a person saying 'I like you' is the same as a woman saying
'I hate you' . You cannot believe it! Love is a deep and profound thing, the essence of which is six words - 'Words Do
Not Match The Heart' . "
"Then how does one tell if this 'like' is genuine?" The little sky soldier asked curiously, he even sat down on the stone
step to listen . The Nightmare deer rubbed the end of my robes and gently leaned at the side of my feet, it looked with
glistening eyes at Master Pu Chi .
Master Pu Chi was the moon being worshipped by all these stars, he started to lecture with a profound expression, "If
a person genuinely likes you, he will often look at you in a daze, for example, just like how I gazed at Jin Mi just now . "
Master Pu Chi looked at me with an intoxicated gaze, until I trembled .
"If a person genuinely likes you, he will not throw his temper at you, for example, just like how I dote on Jin Mi . If a
person genuinely likes you, he will be happier than you when you are happy, he will cajole you to be happy when you
are upset, his heart will ache for you more than your own heart, he will know how to take care of you better than you
can yourself . For example, Jin Mi's toes are swollen, my whole body aches as if it has been stomped upon, "Master Pu
Chi suddenly held my toes and rubbed them, there was a slight heat from his palms which must have been his own
powers . With this one rub, I indeed felt better .
But Master Pu Chi's expression which was like a little dog looking at a meat bone when he held my feet was a little
too scary, so I trembled and kept my naked feet into my silk shoes . Master Pu Chi reluctantly let go and said, "Actually,
besides me, everyone in this world like what they can never get . " Master Pu Chi gave me a grand smile, "For example
"Greetings to Phoenix Highness!"
I turned my head, the two sky soldiers guarding the Northern Sky Gate both bowed holding a respectful fist towards a
tall distinguished figure . The person shone in his grand robes and had ten guardsmen standing behind him . If it wasn't
Phoenix, who else could it be? Under his proud brows, his clear eyes were looking towards here .
Phoenix must have brought his soldiers to survey the heaven gates, I gave him a friendly smile . He did not say a word,
his gaze was like the grasshopper skipping across the water, but it became sharp when he looked at Master Pu Chi .
"If I did not remember wrongly, Gentleman Yan You disdains the heavenly realm and does not come here . For what
purpose, have you come so often recently?"
"Yan You naturally has come for a beauty," Master Pu Chi again gazed at me as if I was a meat bone .

The sword at Phoenix's waist swayed in the wind, "Gentleman Yan You has a long list of antecedents, the heavenly
rules that you have broken are more than one could count . Unless, you are planning to achieve new heights by
committing a greater crime such as intruding into the heavenly realm?"
Master Pu Chi indifferently waved his robe sleeves, "If the Mu Dan flower does not die, even if one becomes a ghost,
one will still be philandering . Besides, even though Yan You is near the heavenly realms, I am not actually in the
heavenly realms, I am outside the Northern Sky Gate . "
Phoenix's hand was at the sword scabbard, his smile was a bit dark, "I have always heard that Gentleman Yan You is
skilled in battle . Why don't I give Gentleman Yan You a chance to redeem his previous sins by joining the army? What
does Gentleman Yan You think?"
As if he was stabbed, Master Pu Chi's face turned green .
Coincidentally at this time, another entourage arrived outside the Northern Sky Gate . Leading this entourage was the
head of the bird tribe, Sui He . With rich accessories and magnificent robes, a dazzling colourful group of bird
immortals followed behind her . Princess Sui He gave a faint smile as she drew near, her face grew stiff at the sight of
Master Pu Chi, and there seemed to be some sense of unease . She quickly steadied her expression as she spoke to
Phoenix, "How coincidental . Auntie called to speak to me and I had planned to visit your palace after greeting the
Heavenly Empress, who knew that I would meet Phoenix surveying the heaven gates . "
Phoenix gave her a warm smile, "Since it is so rare for Sui He to come to the heavenly realms, why don't you stay a
few more days before you leave . "
I suddenly felt that the amount of people outside the Northern Sky Gates was a bit ridiculous . As I was about to ask
Master Pu Chi if he wanted to follow me to Night's palace to have a cup of tea, Phoenix suddenly turned his head and
asked, "Are you under Night?"
The little sky soldier held up his fists respectfully and said, "Subordinate is indeed under Night . "
"Since you are under the Night Deity, now that it is deep in the night why are you not on night duty?" Phoenix has
always been cold-blooded when it came to disciplining soldiers and this was no exception .
"His Night Highness once said that one can rest while working . . . " The little sky soldier was usually honest and
without fear, but under Phoenix's intimidating gaze, his voice started to stammer and he suddenly said, "Subordinate
will go on night duty!" He straightened up his waist, held the red-tasseled spear and quickly left .
Princess Sui He gazed at the back of the little sky soldier and smiled, "Phoenix clearly knows that she* comes from
Tai Si Immortal, so why do you trouble her . Sometimes it is good to follow the flow of the water and be
accommodating . " So it turns out that this little sky soldier had a big mountain protecting him, no wonder he could be so
hard-headed . But, Princess Sui He is also not simple, she actually dare to disagree with Phoenix regarding how to
discipline his soldiers . Indeed, it was like how the Heavenly Empress had described Princess Sui He as an excellent
combination to Phoenix (see chapter 9 . 5) .
"Since one has joined the army, one must follow the army rules . However, Sui He's suggestion will be something I
consider," Phoenix has made clear his stand but he gallantly gave face to the princess .
Princess Sui He satisfiedly placed her hands together and turned to me, "This immortal who I have seen once before at
the Heavenly Empress' Banquet - you must be the daughter that the Water God has regained?"
"Yes," I gave a friendly nod . Master Pu Chi, who was by my side, had stayed silent . It suddenly occurred to me how
rare it was for him to be quiet for such a long time .
Princess Sui He intimately pulled one of my hand and said, "I have always known that Night has a marriage agreement
with the Water God's oldest daughter . Although everything has always been set, there was always the most important
element lacking . Now that Jin Mi is back, and you are also the Flower God's daughter, this is truly an occasion where
all the flowers are blooming! May Sui He ask when will the wedding be? Please don't forget me for the big event,"
Although Princess Sui He was speaking to me, I did not know why her gaze had lightly moved towards Phoenix .
"The wedding will likely be soon," Because I had once caused the bird tribe to unfairly suffer hunger, I felt a little
guilty and did not mind throwing a banquet to feed them .
Phoenix's coquettish eyes narrowed .

*The feminine pronoun for "you" is actually used here . Hmm, so perhaps the little sky soldier could be a female?

Comment: To be honest, Dian Xian repeats this formula often - Jin Mi does her own hilarious thing, her beauty attracts
various side male characters, Phoenix enters and he is out to exterminate all rival men . It's trite, but addictive, isn't it?

As Jin Mi and Night's wedding starts to arrive, what will our poor Phoenix do? Is the bug eating through Jin Mi or
Phoenix's heart? From what we know of Phoenix, he definitely won't just sit back and . . . . . .

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Chapter 14.4
Chapter 14.4

Chapter 14: A Bug Eating Through The Heart (Part 4 of 4)

Phoenix's coquettish eyes narrowed, and suddenly in the darkness of the night, he gave me a smile . It was like white
snow suddenly falling on a mountain that was teeming with burning red plums - extremely dazzling . The surrounding
people all froze at Phoenix's smile, the cheeks of the immortals in the bird tribe suddenly floated two intoxicated red
clouds, the Peacock goddess' eyes twinkled .
But a dash of cold wind passed through my body . Although Phoenix was usually mercurial in his moods, his
personality leaned towards the dark . He was usually cold and scathing towards me, for him to suddenly smile at me, I
couldn't help but gave a cold shudder, I was so frightened I lowered my head .
The ends of Phoenix's robes moved even though there was no wind, the precious sword in his hand was suddenly
pulled out of the scabbard . The sound of the sword being unsheathed was sharp and glaring to the ears, the sharp blade
of the sword slowly passed very closely to my downcast eyes . My heart was alarmed .
Master Pu Chi moved and the side of his body blocked me from the front . His back was straight and tight, as if he was
an arrow on a stretched bow, he had a fully prepared and anticipating aura . The two of them were caught in impasse,
suddenly Phoenix raised his head upwards and laughed darkly, "Why? Can I even hurt Night's wife?" When he finished
speaking, he turned his body with a swish of his robes . It was like the pouring rain after the fierce clashing of thunder,
he left a group of people awkwardly staring at each other .
The Peacock goddess gave me a look then she hurriedly chased after Phoenix . I did not know if I had sensed wrongly,
but in her gaze I sensed an unfriendly wrath .
I dazedly watched their retreating shadows, my soul was still frightened and unsteady . I wasn't sure if in the smiling
eyes of Phoenix, I had actually read a killing intent that had quickly flashed by .
I saw the Peacock Goddess chased after Phoenix within a hundred steps and said something to him, Phoenix waved
his hands at her as if in rejection . The Peacock Goddess reluctantly led her bird tribe immortals towards the palace
where the Heavenly Empress resided, with each step, she turned back thrice . But Phoenix remained where he stood, he
lifted up his head towards the night sky full of stars, it was not clear what he was thinking about . The guardsmen behind
him stood tall and stern, the weapons in their hands shone with an intimidating aura .
Master Pu Chi let out a breath of air and said, "Truly, he fights and love in the same way . Since Phoenix became the
Fire God, the fire in his stomach has only grown . "
I said lightly, "No wonder he needs to self incinerate every five hundred years . "
"Self incinerate? Beauty is speaking of the nirvana fire rebirth?" Master Pu Chi thought for a moment and decided,
"That is indeed an accurate description . "
At this, there was a sound of alarmed surprise within a hundred steps, "His highness!"
I turned towards the shout of the sky soldiers and saw that Phoenix's precious sword had dropped onto the ground, he
held his chest and he staggered, his footsteps were not steady, it seemed like the general who was as strong as the
mountain was about to collapse . I did not know if my divine consciousness was still affected by Phoenix's murderous
intent, but seeing Phoenix about to faint, I moved faster than I could think, in a moment I had left behind Master Pu Chi
who had still been muttering to me and had reached Phoenix .
I pushed away the surrounding sky soldiers and saw that one of the soldiers was holding Phoenix's arm, Phoenix's eyes
were closed as he held his chest, his brows furrowed together as if he was suppressing a deep painful torture, he said,
"It's fine, it is only the old pain from the Plague Needles, I need only tolerate it for a while and it will go away . "
My heart was struck, so it was a bug slowly eating through the bottom of one's heart . I heard the soldier hurriedly said,
"Since it's pain from an illness, then one must seek a diagnosis, one should not tolerate and let it drag out . I shall bring
his highness to Lao Jun to seek a diagnosis and get some medicinal pills . "
"There is no need to hurry, I have medicine to heal the Fire God's illness," After I spoke, I immediately regretted, just
now Phoenix wanted to kill me but I did not bear any resentment and actually wanted to save him, I was indeed overly
generous .
"What good method does Jin Mi Immortal have?" Who knew that despite the soldier's honest face, he would still
suspect me?
I lazily said, "It is only a few divine lingzhi holy grass, even if it cannot heal the Fire God's illness , it will not kill him
"Divine lingzhi holy grass!" The soldier's thick honest face turned red, he must have felt shame for suspecting me . He
immediately apologised and commanded the men to carry Phoenix back to his palace for me to give the medicine .
On the way back to the palace, I noticed that Phoenix's eyes were half closed, he did not speak, his expression was
indecipherable, it was not clear what he was thinking, it was not known if he was in pain . Only when the soldiers
placed him on his bed in his bedchambers did he slowly open his eyes, but he did not even look at me once, he only
stretched out his arms, waved his hands at the soldiers, and they naturally left .
Phoenix's eyes closed again and both of his hands were placed on his stomach . He was silent as he laid on the bed, his
brows tightly furrowed, his cheeks clenched, it appeared that it was so painful that he had to bite his teeth down . But,
his face was no longer weak and white, in fact there seemed to be a light glow of joy spreading .
As I exercised my powers to grow the divine lingzhi holy grass, I nervously examined my surroundings . In the large
bedchambers, there was no one else, if Phoenix tried to slash me with a sword when he woke up, there really would be
no one to stop him .
Thinking of this, my hands could not help but gave one shudder, I was truly regretful . I started to think of whether I
should renege on my promise and sneakily leave while Phoenix was still faint . At this moment, Phoenix gave out a light
sound, it seemed he was truly in pain, his ten fingers slowly bent forward, seeing him like this, the strangeness of the
bug in his heart suddenly attacked me again . Unconsciously, I forgot about my intention to leave, I tightened my grip on
the budding divinelingzhi holy grass .
But my heart could not help finding it strange, the previous time when Phoenix was injured by the Plague Needles, I
had already given him the divine lingzhi holy grass to take, I also did not hear of him having any signs of pain or residue
symptoms afterwards . Why after he showed such a burst of energy by swiping a sword at me, he would suddenly break
down on the floor?

Although I had my suspicions, I also thought that Phoenix was always competitive and headstrong, he would never
show a single trace of weakness to anyone, much less pretend to be sick . Thus, I let go of my suspicions and brought the
water that had been boiled with the divine lingzhi to the bed . I saw that Phoenix's eyes were opened and he was gazing
steadfastly at me . I was so surprised that I almost poured the water in my hands on his face .

With some effort, I steadied my mind and said, "Since you are awake, you should drink thislingzhi water . I will no
longer interrupt you and will head back . "

As I just turned around, I heard a painful groan . When I turned back, I saw that one of Phoenix's palms was holding his
forehead, the other hand grabbed the side of the bed, the force of which was so great that the knuckles started to turn
white .

I observed for a moment then sat at the bedside and massaged his forehead . I asked casually, "Wasn't it your chest that
hurt just now? Why is it now your head?" The hand that was holding onto the side of the bed very cooperatively
clutched at Phoenix's heart, there were two beads of sweat in the middle of his brows, he lightly gasped, "I only feel my
whole body aching, I can't pinpoint where it aches . . . "

Seeing Phoenix's face full of pain and suppression, I overlooked that strange feeling of a bug eating through my heart . I
must say that I experienced some satisfaction - who asked him to bully the weak fruit me previously on the basis that he
was older and had greater divine cultivation .
After observing for a while, finally, I kindly carried him up, he leaned on the bed frame as I fed him the lingzhi water .
Who knew that when his thin lips touched the spoon, he turned his head away and said disdainfully, "Too hot . "

I had no choice, I could only blow the spoon with my mouth, then tried to feed him . He would lightly taste it and then
drank it down with some compromise . A small bowl, under his picky disdain, took at least one hour to finish . If I had
known earlier that it would have been so much trouble, I would have knocked him unconscious and poured it through his

I carried him to lie down on the bed comfortably, seeing his breath stabilise, his brows relaxed, I thought he must be
ok, and stood up to leave . But, everytime I stood up, Phoenix would start to moan in pain . Since, we flower world
people always wanted to complete a good thing we started, I could only grow more divine lingzhi and made medicine
for him . Over one night, he actually ate five divine lingzhi holy grass before he finally slept . This was truly a wasteful

I was tired after waiting on him for a night, so I was too lazy to move . I laid on the bedside and fell asleep for a while
. When I woke up, I habitually rubbed my eyes but felt that something was pressing onto my right hand . Phoenix's face
was using my hand as a pillow, and he slept with a face full of satisfaction .

I was angry and took back my hand to go towards the door . As I left, I heard a voice that sounded like an illusion, "So,
your heart still has a few traces for me?"

Phoenix must be dreaming .

As I left the palace, there were a few female immortals who had greeted me with surprise . Since I had not been here
in a while, it was only natural that they showed some concern for me when they saw me walk out of Phoenix's
bedchambers in the morning .

I lifted up my head to look at the rising sun . The "yin"* hour had just passed and there were very few people walking
on the streets of heaven . I slowly and leisuredly walked forward and saw that at the end of the street was a seven
coloured rainbow . I couldn't help being surprised, there was no rain yesterday, so how could there be a rainbow? I
suddenly remembered what Night had once said, if you walked on the rainbow bridge, you would reach the Four Stars
palace . The previous times when I went to Four Stars palace, it was Night that led me . So, I took the rainbow bridge
and tried to find my own way to Night's place to seek some breakfast .

*This is between 3 to 5 am .

Comment: I think the first time Phoenix collapsed, he was really experiencing heart pain . But, later, he pretended to be
ill to take advantage of Jin Mi . I am in full approval of it - it's nice to see that Jin Mi does have a heart . I always found
this metaphor of a bug eating through the heart interesting - the bug is perhaps also eating the unfeeling pill?

But my favourite part of this chapter was actually the rainbow bridge . I like to think Night left it there for Jin Mi .

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Chapter 15.1
Chapter 15.1

Chapter 15: Under the Faint Purplish Red Moon (Part 1 of 3)

The sky at daybreak was just leaving the darkness of the night, the light was clean and pure, I was riding on a furry
white cloud and comfortably moving towards the Four Stars Palace .
I rode to the back door and stretched my hands to give a light knock, but the door obediently opened even without me
pushing it . Two or three sika deers at the pond turned to look at me, when they realised it was me, they lost interest and
turned back their attentions to the person in blue robes nearby .
The person in blue-robes was sitting with his back facing towards me . Although his back had the colour of the blue in
the lake, it made one think of the lost moonlight in the chinese ink paintings, clear but lonely, all-encompassing and
moist . At this moment, his sleeves were half-raised as he scooped up water from the pond, as if washing the little sika
deer that was huddling next to me .
When the little sika deer saw me, it immediately turn up the whites of its eyes, it stiffen its neck, it stuck out its tongue,
and it flipped on the floor as if it died .
The blue-robed person was surprised, his hand paused and he turned towards me . His gaze was clearer than water,
more languid than the clouds, this was Night .
"Mi Er . . . "
I quickly walked two steps to Night's side . I stretched my hand to touch below the nose of the little sika deer, there
was no breath at all . I pushed its legs, it was hard, stiff and could not be moved . I turned my head to Night, "It died!
Did you kill it? Why did you kill it?"
Night was stunned, his face was full of confusion, unconsciously he tried to explain, "It's not me . . . " When he
regained his awareness, he said, "Mi Er, don't be anxious, I will check . " When he finished speaking, he stretched his
hand and there was a silver glow around the neck of the sika deer .
I quickly stood behind his back and twisted my finger, the little sika deer's ears immediately started to move, its soul
which appeared to have vanished earlier appeared to have bounced back . It happily jumped up . Night was not
prepared, he was so shocked by the corpse suddenly jumping alive that he took a step back .
I lowered my head and patted the little sika deer that was huddling at my feet . I praised it, "Not bad not bad, you have
gained about half of my skills! Tomorrow I will change your meal, I wonder what good food should I give you . . . " I
paused to reflect, "Perhaps, some cabbage . " The shining light in the little sika deer's eyes immediately vanquished .
Night was astounded into silence, "So it was Mi Er, you . . . !" He broke out into laughter, his laughter was hearty and
immediately brightened up everyone's feelings . Although Night was someone who smiled, and often he would not speak
but smile first, he was gentle and elegant, but I always felt that his smile lacked something . Today, his smile and
laughter was to my satisfaction .
"To read ten thousands of books is no better than having one skill on you . I see that the little sika deer is weak and it
may be bullied by other creatures in future, so I imparted my special skill to protect it . In heavens or hell, there are
hundreds of strange skills, but none can beat my stance of "fake death" . It is easy to learn and easy to do, you only need
to lie down stiffly and straight," I patiently explained in detail what happened to Night . I even asked him, "Night, would
you like to learn?"
Night gave me a soft gaze, the tips of his mouth rose up, he smiled with the warmth of the spring wind . Some strands
of his hair broke loose from the grape stem hair clip and swept down his forehead, under the soft rays of the sun, he
stretched up his hand and stroke my cheek, "I will not learn, and I will not let you use . As long as you stay with me one
day, I will protect you to be safe and happy one day, I will never let you have the chance to use . . . ah, your special
protecting skill . "
I listened to Night's kind words with some pleasure, but who knew that although Night looked like a warm dragon, his
palm was icy cold . Phoenix appeared icy cold but his palm was always warm and hot .
My mind wandered for just a moment and when I regained awareness, I saw that Night was holding my face . Both his
eyes were gazing at me deeply, as if he was intoxicated after drinking ten jugs of osmanthus wine . I had never seen
Night looked at me like this before, but I had seen Phoenix look at me like this before . I wasn't sure what kind of spell
Night had fallen under .
I heard a soft cough from outside the door . I turned my head and saw Daddy in a long robe of white . He came from
outside with the faint aroma of chrysanthemum .
Night quickly kept his hand from my face, his cheeks flushed into a faint red . He appeared a little embarrassed and
did not have his usual grace . He lowered his head, flicked his robes and respectfully greeted my Daddy, "Greetings to
the great god . "
Daddy gave Night a nod, he picked up a stone stool and sat down . He gazed at the bamboo garden, the roaming sika
deers and turned to me, "Where did you go last night?"
"I heard that Uncle lately likes the booklet opera* and yesterday at the Temple of Matrimonial Bliss, he arranged his
mirror to allow the viewing of opera . Jin Mi has always hit it off with Uncle, she must have been invited to watch the
opera?" Night gently spoke, even before I could correct him, he with an almost unnoticeable action touched the back of
my robes .
[* Booklet opera is a type of opera which only has the highlights . ]
"Yes . Yesterday, I went to listen to the opera . Why don't Daddy go with me next time? The Moon God likes to have
many people, he will be happy to see Daddy," I blinked my eyes but I continued smoothly from Night .
Daddy looked at the both of us and waved his hands, "I like the quiet . I would not be able to accept the noise from the
cymbals and musical instruments . If you like it, you may go listen to it yourself . " The rainbow bridge in the sky was
fading, Daddy suddenly asked, "This morning there was no rain in the heavenly realms, why is there a rainbow?"
Night held my hand, "Jin Mi likes to play, the heavenly realms is so big and so wide, I was worried that she may forget
the road back, so I used the mist to create a rainbow bridge," He paused for a moment and his long slim fingers
tightened their grip in my palm, "So at anytime, at any place, as long as Jin Mi raised up her head, she would be able to
find the way home . She would remember that at the end of the rainbow bridge, there is a simple white walled and black
tiled residence, and in that yard quietly waiting . . . "
He suddenly loosened my hand and stroke the little deer around him, after a long while, he said, "a silently guarding
Nightmare beast . "
I had a little suspicion, I thought I heard him say "someone", how come it became "something"?** (**The use of the
chinese verbs can't be translated into english, but basically the indication was that Night was actually referring to a
person, but he changed it to an animal at the last moment) . I couldn't help being suspicious that because I did not sleep
last night, my ears were starting to hear things .
Daddy gave a light sigh that quickly vanished into the winds .
After serving us breakfast, Night sent us off at the rainbow bridge . The Nightmare Beast jumped at my side happily, I
simply could not see how it had the potential to be a "silently guarding" Nightmare beast .
On the wide path that we walked on besides the occasional low flying clouds, there were innumerable unique flowers
and fruits . Daddy who was walking two steps ahead of me, he suddenly stopped his steps . With his hands behind his
back, he looked at the flowers and grasses, in the midst of his clear gaze flowed sad yearning .
"Mi Er, at first I did not want you to marry Night," After a long while, Daddy regained his awareness and turned back
towards me, his first words had caused me confusion .
"You must know that your mother's death is caused by the heavenly family . How I hate my foolishness and how I had
listened to the Heavenly Emperor's instructions to marry the Wind Goddess, and even agreed for our firstborns to marry
each other . After learning about the truth from the twenty four flower leaders and old Carrot Immortal, my first thought
was to cancel this marriage arrangement . But who knew that outside the Northern Sky Gates, I would listen to both of
you confess your deep feelings . . . "
Daddy walked closer to me, he lovingly patted the top of my head, "Although I hate the heavenly family, I cannot cause
you to follow your mother's footsteps . My only wish is for you to live happily with the person you love, and from now
on, lead a beautiful harmonious life . What is rare and priceless is true feelings . I have observed Night these last few
days and seen that his feelings for you are true, thus I have let go of the worry in my heart . "
"You love to hear booklet opera, but do you know why the booklet opera is nice to hear?" Daddy placed my loose
strands of hair behind my ear, and lightly asked me .
I looked at Daddy with questioning gaze . Naturally, one likes to watch the booklet opera because the lives of the
people in the booklet opera are so vibrant and interesting, they sing so loudly and heartily, was there another reason?
Daddy smiled and said, "Because there is no start or end in booklet opera, it only takes the climax of the entire opera .
It removes all the hate, regrets and displeasures, and only takes the most shining dazzling portion to perform . Life is
like an opera, it has both happiness and sadness, but I only wish that the lives of the women I love will be like the
booklet opera, with only the shining pleasures, without the dark sorrows . "
"I observed that Night's personality is gentle and steady, he will be a good match for you . He is someone you can
respect and admire . If your heart belongs to him, then your heart can no longer be distracted, this is how feelings can
maintain its longevity . Although Phoenix's powers are great, his personality and attitude is proud and arrogant . He has
always been at the top and has never bowed down to anyone or for anyone . His eyes cannot accept any flaws . What's
more his mother is extremely poisonous and evil, Mi Er should avoid going to Phoenix's palace, and not hurt Night's
heart," Daddy took the Phoenix's Feather from on top of my head and placed it in my palm, "From now on, do not carry
this with you . You must remember this, remember this . "

Comment: Night definitely knew where Jin Mi went, but decided to keep it a secret . But from the Water God's words, it
seems that the Water God knew anyway . Looks like everyone knows that Phoenix has a place in Jin Mi's heart, except
our poor clueless Jin Mi?
I love Night's words about the rainbow bridge - wherever you are, just look up, and I hope you remember my palace is
always waiting for you .
And how about the Water God's wish for Jin Mi's life to only be filled with the good bright wonders?

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Chapter 15.2
Chapter 15.2

Chapter 15: Under the Faint Purplish Red Moon (Part 2 of 3)

There were many rules in the Heavenly Realms . One of which was that every forty nine days, all the gods must gather
at the Nine Mist Clouds Palace and discuss the important matters of the six realms . There is also another additional
rule - the sky beasts and immortal birds cannot be taken into the main hall of the Nine Mist Clouds Palace and have to
stay outside at the cloud steps .
I looked at the creatures that were flying in the sky, all these immortal beasts appeared fierce and cruel, and not at all
easy to get along with . After some deliberation, I placed the Nightmare Beast next to Er Lang God's sky dog . At least I
knew that the sky dog only liked to eat the moon and had no interest in deer meat .
Although it was the meeting of the gods, I did not know why a few days before the meeting, the Heavenly Emperor sent
sixteen male and sixteen female immortal attendants to Daddy's Luo Xiang Manor . They had brought a shiny golden
invitation to invite me, a small sprite, to attend this gathering . When this grand procession arrived, Daddy was
practising his calligraphy in his study, he only lightly lifted up his head to look at this invitation . Although he did not
look at it, he appeared to have already realised its contents .
After I settled the Nightmare Beast, I followed the immortal child to the main hall and sat besides Daddy . Opposite
me was Night, who was sitting in the seat just before the Heavenly Emperor . Night gave me a warm smile . I looked
around the surroundings and realised that the fiery bird Phoenix was not around today . My back couldn't help relaxing
and my mouth released a comfortable puff of air .
The Heavenly Emperor and Heavenly Empress sat grandly on the highest positions in the hall . Today, unusually, the
Heavenly Empress did not give me any look of disdain . Daddy elegantly sat beside me, and did not greet the Heavenly
Emperor and Heavenly Empress . There were gods who would come up to greet Daddy and Daddy only lightly nodded
in reply . After a while, the hall was filled with gods who had came from all parts of the four seas and six realms . The
Heavenly Emperor sternly lifted his hand and the gods who were whispering to each other immediately stopped . The
Heavenly Emperor solemnly declared, "All the gods here know that I have an agreement with the Water God that my
oldest son will marry his oldest daughter . Now that the Water God's precious daughter has returned, naturally this
wedding will take place like the water flowing towards the river . Today I invited everyone to this gathering to discuss
with the Water God a prosperous date for Night to marry Jin Mi Immortal . May all the gods here act as witness . "
Although I had always known I would marry Night in the end, when I heard the Heavenly Emperor so solemnly
announced this, it gave me a strange unreal feeling in my heart . I lifted up my head and saw that Night's distinguished
gaze brushed by me and then looked far away . The faint green vein lines in his neck turned a light pink, as if all the
stars in the night sky had fallen into his dark pupils and caused it to glitter .
"The eighth day of the next month is a prosperous date," A clean voice broke my thoughts . My gaze followed towards
the voice and I saw that it was the great god of the sea Ne Zha, and the red immortal child of the South China Sea's
Guanyin also nodded in agreement . I was a little surprised . Although both of them were gods, they still looked like
young dolls that had not grown up* . It was a little unbelievable . The other gods all nodded in agreement, "Indeed, the
eighth day of the next month is a prosperous date . "
The Heavenly Emperor turned his head and respectfully asked Daddy," What does the Water God think of setting the
date as the eighth day of the next month?"
Daddy looked at me, lightly nodded his head and said, "Fine" . It was decided with one syllable .
The Moon God who sat on my left side immediately hurriedly said, "How can this be, how can this be? Then what will
happen to my Phoenix child?" He turned to me, "Little Mi Er, how can you dump my Phoenix child?"
Just as I was about to ask what has Phoenix got to do with the eighth day of the next month, there was a huge thumping
sound as the hall doors were pushed open . It sounded like the great thunder and all the gods jumped up in shock . I saw
one person coming from the light, he held a long sword, his form was straight and proud . He was shrouded in the
shadows and the only light came from the flash of his sword blade, which only served to increased his intimating aura .
Just as my eyes were about to get used to the piercing light, I saw the face of the approaching person, it was Phoenix .
The small hall attendants cowardly reported to the Heavenly Emperor, "Your Highness, the Fire God . . . the Fire God
The Heavenly Emperor gave out a sigh and waved his hands . The hall attendants quickly left as if shedding a huge
burden .
"Reporting to Father Emperor, Phoenix has subdued the rebellion in the Northwest and specially came here to report
on the completion of the mission!" Phoenix raised his sword and lifted up both his hands into a respectful gesture . A
red drop of liquid slid down the sharp edge of his sword towards the floor . I was surprised, and realised that what was
on the cold blade was fresh blood .
The Heavenly Emperor hid a cough and praisingly said, "Phoenix's ability is truly increasing . I commanded you this
morning and you are able to return in the afternoon . You must be tired, you can return to your palace to rest . "
Instead of retreating, Phoenix attacked . He forcefully stepped into the middle of the hall . He was in a robe of white,
the sacred white with no dirt nor dust, provided a shocking contrast with the fresh blood on his blade . "I thank Father
Emperor, but Phoenix does not feel tired . I wonder what is being discussed at today's gathering? Phoenix has specially
come to listen . "
The Heavenly Empress furrowed her brow and looked at me as if she was looking in hatred at a demon . The Heavenly
Emperor did not know how to answer and started to cough .
I saw a red flash move and realised that it was the red-robed Moon God who could not wait to speak, "Today is the
day the Heavenly Emperor and the Water God are discussing the wedding date for the Night God and Jin Mi Immortal .
"Ah? What date has been fixed?" Phoenix's eyes brushed by me, it held such coldness that I could not help lowering my
head .
It seemed that no one in the hall could handle Phoenix's strong aura . There was silence . "The eighth day of the next
month," Only Night appeared unfazed by Phoenix's suffocating pressure, he lightly smiled and warmly replied .
"The eighth day," Phoenix lightly repeated, the smile on his lips could cause one's hair to stand, as if it was a
fascinating topic he kept repeating it, "The eighth day . . . "
All the gods in the hall had very good chemistry as they all held their breath, but Phoenix only lifted up his brow and
turned to leave, "If so, Phoenix will wait and see!"
Night smiled and nodded his thanks, "Many thanks to the Fire God . "
The Heavenly Emperor and Heavenly Empress appeared to finally relaxed . After a while, the congratulatory sounds
rose in the hall . I followed Night and smiled at the people who came forward and accepted their congratulatory
greetings .
At night, the twenty four flower leaders visited the Luo Xiang Manor . Daddy went out to greet them . From afar, I saw
the precise and meticulous chignon** on the Head Flower Leader and felt a faint pain in my brain . I took the
opportunity to escape from the back door while no one was noticing me .
I had planned to go to the Moon God's House of Matrimonial Bliss to talk, when I saw two immortal attendants playing
at the stone steps outside the Pan Gu*** Temple . I went towards them and when they saw me they gave a large gasp of
surprise .
They hit their chest and said, "You scared me! Jin Mi, you are truly not kind . We were just frightened by his Second
Highness and now you have come to scare us too!"
I blinked my eyes, I did not know how I could have possibly scared them . "How did the Fire God scare you?"
"How would I know? But when his Second Highness returned from the Nine Mist Clouds Palace, his face was
extremely unfriendly . In the deep of the night, he threw out all the attendants in the Qi Wu Palace . " He gave me a deep
look, "But, this definitely has to do with you . His Second Highness is kind, when has he ever thrown such a temper?
Whenever he throws a temper, it is started by you . "
I was speechless . The attendants in the Qi Wu Palace worshipped their Second Highness to a stage of blind devotion .
Even if Phoenix had stabbed me with a sword in front of them, they will feel that the fact that Phoenix did not cut me
into pieces showed how "kind" he was .
Besides, Phoenix was naturally mercurial with strange moods, what has his bad temper got to do with me?
I decided not to be calculative with the attendants . A strange feeling rose in my heart as I thought, did Phoenix get
injured from subduing the rebellion today or was his fiery temper due to the excessive "qi" from consuming too much
divine lingzhi from a few days ago?
After some deliberation, I turned around to head towards Qi Wu Palace . Indeed, the doors were wide open and there
was no one in the palace . I walked one round and did not see Phoenix . Just as I was about to leave, my heart stirred .
The wind came from the wind and blew passed my shoulders, the water came from the water and gathered together . It
was as if I could not hear the wind in the wind, I could not see the water in the water, but I could vaguely feel their
presence . Although I had walked around the Liu Zi Pond for one round and could not find Phoenix's proud shadow, but
I had a instinct, that he was around .
I was attracted by the ripples in the Liu Zi pond . I bent down and scooped up some water to clean my face . Just as I
closed my eyes, my wrist was pulled down with an unstoppable force into the water .
My heart was in shock . Before I could react, I was already deeply immersed in the pond . The water started to flow
towards me and pushed me down . The incantations that I had usually chanted . . . all these chants disappeared from my
head as I tried to open my mouth to breathe .
Before my lips could take in any air, something with a strong osmanthus scent pressed towards me . It was soft and
moist, overwhelmingly fragrant, it caused one to become intoxicated and lose rationality . As I lost consciousness,
someone stretched out a hand in the darkness and pressed down my nose tip, the force was not heavy, but it stopped my
breathing .
I used all my force to push away this strength, but the grip only became stronger . My wrists were held tight by one
long hand, when my hands moved, I realised in my confusion that my hands were being held towards a chest, and
pressing against my mouth were two thin lips .
As I could not escape, instinctively, I opened my mouth to try and get air from the other person's mouth . I fiercely
sucked the air from those thin lips . It was not clear if the owner of the thin lips had problems breathing, but each time I
sucked the air, it would more brutally open his mouth and madly consume my mouth . He even arrogantly stretched out
his tongue and tasted my teeth in frantic chaos . Naturally, I could not show weakness, in order to live, I learned
immediately and also stretched out my tongue to grab the few remaining air .
After a fierce struggle to the death, although I tried my best to get the remaining air, the thinner air slowly caused my
body to soften and my consciousness to blur . Just as I thought I was about to suffocate to death in the pond, the person
grabbed both my shoulders and lightly lifted me out of the water .
The sudden gush of fresh air caused the insides of my chest to smoothen . I continuously coughed and rather
pathetically raised my hand to lift up the messy hair over my forehead, while taking as big breaths of air as I could . I
secretly rejoiced that I did not drown to death, afterall if the Water God's daughter had died by water, it would truly
become a legendary joke .
The person in front of me was entirely wet, but still remained distinguished . He looked at me with his eyes that
seemed to hook one's soul, I felt a gush of fire flushed to the top of my head . I could not tolerate it, I was truly regretful
that I did not break his bones and skinned him to cook and eat . I could have saved myself so much trouble . In my four
thousand plus years, I had never been so angry .
"You . . . you . . . you . . . " My fingers trembled as I pointed at Phoenix, but I could not find the perfect words to scold
him .
Finally, I pointed towards his lower regions, remembering that the Moon God said that it was the most important spot
for men . I bit my teeth and lips angrily and said, "If you treat me so unkindly again, I will make it so you will never be
able to use that part again!"

*Ne Zha and the red immortal child are great gods that are often shown in children form .
** A type of hairstyle like a bun .
*** You can find out more about Pan Gu from the prologue of Once Promised .
Comments: I agree that Jin Mi has the right to be angry, but Jin Mi has forgotten a sacred rule, Don't play with fire if you
don't want to get burned .

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Chapter 15.3
Chapter 15.3

Chapter 15: Under the Faint Purplish Red Moon (Part 3 of 3)

After I finished speaking, I turned around angrily, and forgot to say a water incantation to remove the water droplets
from my soaking wet body . But just as I took a step forward, my upper arm was grabbed back by a sudden force, that
strong force pulled me back and my body was pressed onto the trunk of the Phoenix Tree next to the pond .
Because of the sudden strong pressure onto the Phoenix Tree, all the flowers on the tree started to fall onto the floor,
these brilliantly red petals descended silently onto the ground . In the midst of the rain of petals, Phoenix stood tall in a
robe of white, his robes were half opened, his brows and hair were wet and the droplets of water fell from his head .
One drop by one drop these water crystals slid down his chest and into his robes, into somewhere far away, a place that
one could no longer find .
With my back against the rough bark of the trunk, my wet clothes caused my body to be more sensitive, and I could
only feel the fiery hot pain searing through my back . I tried to struggle but froze under Phoenix's murderous killing gaze
and aura .
"You . . . you . . . what do you want . . . ?" Finally I managed to force some words out of my throat but these words
were torn apart by the touch of Phoenix's cold hands .
"What do I want? Naturally, I want to find out how you will make it so I will no longer be able to use this part?
Hmmm . . . ?" The lift at the end of his tone was like the sharp edge of the blade that cut through a tight string in my
brain, I couldn't help but shudder . He remained unmoved, he released my upper arms which had been so forcefully
pressed until they had became numb, inch by inch, his hands moved towards my neck . His movements were almost
gentle, but his expression was the complete opposite . It made one think of a predator before it attacked its prey,
bloodthirsty and cruel .
The moon was in the sky, the evening wind was chilly . The bright clean light of the moon shone down and fell into the
pond, lighting it up with its silvery beams . The water reflected the sky, it was so clear and bright that there was
nowhere to hide .
Under the moonlight, Phoenix slowly moved closer, his gentle but strong fingers slowly tightened around my throat . I
had no strength and tried to struggle, but my breath became weaker and weaker, shorter and shorter . I finally realised
that I had became Mr Dong Guo*, kindly saving someone, but now he wanted to sentence me to death . Just as I was
about to suffocate, I decided to catch my last trace of breath and choked out, "Ph . . . . Pho . . . Phoenix . "

Phoenix suddenly released his fingers around my neck, and gave me an alluring smile that would intoxicate everyone .
I gazed at him in confusion as my chest rose up and down . A wind blew by, the clouds softly floated in the dark night
and covered the moon . In one moment, everything darkened .
In this peaceful and quiet moment, I only felt him lower his head . A pair of moist lips pressed onto my equally moist
lips, the lips pressed upon all sides without leaving any empty space, these thin slightly cold lips were like the river
water washing by the pebbles, moist and gleaming, it enticed one's senses . He reached out his hand and held onto the
back of my head, his body pressed towards me, there was no space between us . My gasp for breath was swept away by
the intrusion of the edge of his tongue . As I just escaped the threat of my life, my heart couldn't help relaxing, and
slowly I became curious and kissed him back . Phoenix's whole body trembled, as if his body was suddenly filled with
a burning heat . My back had been abraded by the rough bark of the tree and I did not know if it was painful or hot,
being pressed upon by the front and back, I only felt like a water dumpling that was being boiled, and felt my limbs lose
its strength .
In a moment, my back was empty and cold . Phoenix placed me at the side of the pond, I did not know when his
clothes had been removed . I daringly looked at his strong chest, it was in this silence and stillness, that it felt like some
energy was being stored .
As my gaze slowly lowered, I saw something strange, my heart stirred, I couldn't help being curious, the first time
when I saw him in the Water Boundary, it did not appear like this . . .
The sound of Phoenix's panting deepened, I lifted up my head, my gaze knocked into his passionate determined gaze . I
felt like I was in a trance - put under a spell by the smooth contours of his bone structure, my hand reached out to touch
his collarbone, suddenly I felt that I was not frightened by anything .
He grabbed both of my hands, and slowly placed each finger in his mouth and kissed it, I couldn't help lightly
trembling, the ten fingers connected to the heart, in one moment, I felt my heart being filled to the brim .
Under the faint purplish red moon, the osmanthus scent surrounded my body, and I suddenly realised this was the
sweet scent of wine . After finishing my fingers, he licked my ear lobes and started to move down . I then realised that
not only him, but my clothes had unravelled without my knowledge, there was only the starlight on my body .
The beautiful flower petals that floated in the shallow water rise and fell with my body, but what was more densely
intimate than the flowing water was Phoenix's kiss, from the back of my ear to my neck, from the side of my chest to the
top, this usually proud and arrogant man circled around me, as if he was land that had suffered drought and was finally
receiving rain, he passionately occupied each inch of my skin .
Although my consciousness was overwhelmed, my body was as sensitive and aware as I could be . I only felt a sense
of burning, as if my whole body was going to be incinerated in this burn . In my misty consciousness, I thought that
Phoenix's nirvana burning could not be as hot as this .
He did not dominate over me, and I forgot to run away .
My heart beat was like thunder, as if something was filling me up, I opened my mouth and foreign broken sounds fell
out in fragments . I did not know what that was but I felt something pierced into my body . That startling pain, the shock
was like the first sound of thunder in spring, that broke through the sky . Then suddenly, after that moment of clarity, I
fell into a fantasy-like state with clouds and mists surrounding me .
Although I was thinking that I should push away this person who brought me pain, my mouth went to bite his shoulder
and won't let go . The breathing sounds of the person accelerated .
In that moment, the wind did not move, the water did not move, the cloud did not move, time was stilled . There was
only a person rising and falling .
While walking it appeared like there was a chance of spring rain, but after a sleep, one felt relaxed like a cloud on a
high mountain . **
The red phoenix flowers floated upon the water ripples, a delicate red drop went out of the body, and followed the
ripples and disappeared .
"Ph . . . Phoenix . . . " I did not know if it was pain, if it was warm, if it was chaos, I only leaned on his chest and
continuously repeated his name, even I did not know if I was asking him not to stop, to stop or to continue .
Our dark hairs tangled in the water, our naked arms entangled under the moonlight . After the ripples in the water
ceased, he pulled me to his chest, his heart was beating extremely fast, it was too full too full, he could not pretend any
longer, and it spread out of his lips .
"Jin Mi . . . Jin Mi . . . Jin Mi . . . " He steadfastly looked at me, steadfastly called for me, steadfastly held my chin,
the heat in his eyes was burning, it was as if I just reached out, I would be able to grab the stars in his gaze .
The sky as our blanket, the water as our hut .
In this night, under the burning red flower tree, in the clear pond, time and time again, I was entangled with this person
who only a moment ago wanted to strangle me to death .
So, this was the mutual cultivation the Moon God had spoke of . What a painful mutual cultivation .
Today was the eighth day of the second month, it was good for marrying, good for making alliances, good for moving
house, good for travelling, good for burying . . .
In all, it was a good day to do everything with no taboos!

*Mr Dong Guo is a character in a story who saved a wolf, but the wolf still wanted to eat him .

** Dian Xian was quoting a line of famous chinese poetry and I translated it to capture the meaning .
Comment: Haha, I am very curious to see what the response is like to this pretty epic scene .

Jin Mi has now crossed a line - what tremors will this bring?

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Chapter 16
Chapter 16

Chapter 16: I Do Not Mind Even If It's Shallow

*Kuang lang!* [sound syllables]

The sound was sharp and crisp, a pair of eyes opened at once, as if having been woken from a dream in alarm.
In the light mist of the morning, Night's long figure led one to think of a branch of the Bodhi Tree in the West, carrying
the whiff of clean, distant zen philosophy. He sat with his back straight at a table, in one hand was the broken fragments
of a porcelain plate, the Nightmare Beast timidly cowered at the side of his feet on the ground, a ball of light was
slowly dissolving*.
Rubbing the eyes, one sat up from the wisteria lounge chair, and realised that one had fallen asleep unconsciously
while waiting for Night in the Flower Hall. Innocent and muddled, one felt like one had made a very long dream, and
yet also had the feeling that one did not dream at all...
I have gotten used to eating breakfast at Night's Four Stars palace, and today was no different. It was just that last
night's mutual cultivation had taken too much physical energy, who knew that during the time Night was preparing
breakfast one would have fallen asleep. I wondered how much had my divine strength increased and decided that I must
test it out when no one was around later.
"Awake?" Night's voice was deep and low, his straight back was upright till it seemed a bit stiff.
I gave an affirmative sound as I rose and headed to the table. I looked at the table full of dishes and immediately felt
hungry. Just as I was about to start eating, my wrist was caught by Night who cried, "Be careful at your feet."
I looked down and realised that there were two sharp broken porcelain fragments at the tip of my toes. It was truly
risky. I was about to move my wrist and thinking of using an enchantment to sweep away these fragments when Night
raised his hand to stop me. With a twirl of his fingertips, a light wind carried up the fragments and in an instant the
fragments returned to a clean gleaming small half moon plate. He used this small plate to carry some clean water and sat
opposite me, his eyelids were closed as he quietly sipped.
After eating finished, I raised my head and saw that Night was still in the same position. He seemed to have drank the
water into a state of utter concentration, but the water in the plate did not decrease by a drop. I wondered what he was
thinking so deeply about and reached out my hand and waved in front of his eyes, "Are you not eating?"
He suddenly appeared to regain consciousness and lifted up a pair of chopsticks to pick up a very fresh and delicate
lettuce. I did not know why but his movements appeared a little stiff, and did not possess his usual grace. He used the
pair of chopsticks as if it was a weapon, he tried to pick up the lettuce a few times but he failed to. Finally, he placed
down the chopsticks and his dark brows lightly rose. The Nightmare beasts gazed at the door and appeared to want to
head out, but yet did not dare to.
I kindly helped him to pick up the delicate lettuce and also scooped the five cereal rice for him. I even removed the
onion which he disliked from the lettuce. Basically, I did everything but swallow the rice and vegetable for him. I truly
felt I was being as considerate as I could!
Unlike the usual warm and gentle Night, the present Night was not even willing to give me a smile in return. He
seemed to still be deep in thought and his brows were locked together so deep that he himself could not untangle them. I
became disinterested at the lack of response to my generosity and lowered my head to look at my stomach.
"Last night, the Beauty Night Scent Flower bloomed." After a moment of silent, Night continued, "Unfortunately, Jin Mi
was not around... a flower blossomed but with no one to admire, it was lonely as its beautiful scent had no owner, a
flower's greatest sadness has to be this."
"How is there no one to admire? Once I gave it to Night, Night is the true owner. Last night, the flower bloomed and
Night was around, it did not blossom in waste." After eating finished, I savoured the scent of the hot tea under my nose.
Who knew, that a strong external force will come upon me and I would fall into an embrace. I lifted up my head and saw
Night's elegant face, both his arms were hugging my chest.
"Am I her true owner?" The warmest smile could not hide the sadness that flowed out his gaze, he leaned down and
pressed his lips together tightly, there was an almost transparent icy mist surrounding his lips, as cold as the folklore
songs, I couldn't help trembling a little. I suddenly fell into a sudden confusion as if there was endless mist everywhere.
In a moment, the touch of something hard and cold like metal pricked my consciousness back, I saw under my palm
was a silver dragon scale, just like when I first saw it, it reflected the dazzle of the daylight but also carried the light
distant glow of the moon.
The chest I leaned on lightly went stiff, as if this was the unexpected outcome within expectations, after a long time, he
let out a long breath, "In the last ten thousand years, I have only revealed my real self twice, but both times were seen by
Jin Mi, this will cause those in the know to laugh**."
I asked, not understanding, "What's so funny about showing one's true self? What's more this dragon tail is very
Night lightly laughed, so light it dissolved into the wind.

"When I was young I lived in the Tai Hu***, my birth mother was an ordinary red silk koi, from the time I was born I
was with my fellow red kois, I did not know how high the sky was or how wide was the sea, I did not know why my
mother, day after day, would cast spells onto my body..." He massaged the point between his brows, his eyes did not
look at the tail that carried the moonlight.
"As the days passed, I slowly realised my difference, as my tail grew longer and longer, and my head birthed a sudden
protrusion. Under my stomach, my talons started to form, what's more no matter how many spells my birth mother tried
to cast, she was unable to hide my white scales with her weak powers. The surrounding red kois slowly started to
distant themselves from me, they made fun of my fierce ugly figure and my pale white colour, they called me a 'demon',
saw me as an inauspicious creature. I hid at the corner of the lake, and looked in envy at their fiery red colour****, their
tails flipping carefree like silk ribbons, now I realised my feelings must have been feelings of inferiority..."
"Mother told me that the mortals have a saying that 'one's diligence can make up for one's dullness', so I caught onto
that weak light of hope, and trained day and night, only hoping that my high level of cultivation will win me respect.
When I cultivated into the form of a human, I was no longer willing to show my true self, and I would choose to wear
fiery red clothes. Even when I transformed myself, I would only choose the appearance of an ordinary koi, I always
thought by doing so I would grow closer to the appearance of an ordinary fish... but now that I think of it, I was like a
frog living at the bottom of a well." Night shook his head and gave a low, very low, smile.
"One thousand years later, the heavenly soldiers came down from the sky and brought me to the Heavenly Realms. At
that point, I realised that my hard work in the last thousand years was for nothing. It turns out I was not a koi, I was only
a white dragon that always wanted to be a fish." He lowered his lids and closed his eyes, he said lightly as if he was
only describing the clouds and the wind in the sky, "Actually, to always be that disdained and mocked frog deep in the
well may have also been a kind of happiness..."
I quietly listened to this fragmented story with no proper beginning, middle or end, I moistened my throat and said
consolingly, "So the two of us are matching! I was a fruit sprite for the last four thousand years that turned out to be a
frost flower. How matching indeed!"
Night opened his eyes, his black pupils concentrated on me, he leaned down his face and pressed my lips. After a long
entwining kiss, he said, "I don't want much, I don't ask that you love me deeply. I only ask that every day you like me a
bit, a little bit, as the days become months, as the months become years, as the years become our lives. Would you?"
He said, "I do not mind if love is shallow, I only ask that love lasts a lifetime."
Love, what really is this object? This seemed harder to understand that mutual cultivation... I fell into a state of
confusion. In the Liu Zi pond, it seemed that there still laid Phoenix who was intoxicated drunk by the osmanthus wine...

* I decided to highlight for those who did not catch it - when Jin Mi fell asleep, the Nightmare Beast ate her dream
(which presumably had shown Jin Mi's 'mutual cultivation' with Phoenix). Night had seen this dream from the Nightmare
Beast and broke the porcelain plate, because he was preparing breakfast for Jin Mi.
**Night uses the proverb, <贻笑大方> which means to cause the experts to laugh.
*** One of the three greatest lakes in China.
**** My thoughts of the "red" was that red is the colour Night had always wanted to be, and isn't it most ironic that this
is the colour that Phoenix owns?
I love Chapter 16. Night who has always been the paragon of self control as opposed to Phoenix who appears in the
royal hall with his sword dripping with fresh blood. Even after he sees the girl he likes/loves in "mutual cultivation"
with Phoenix, he falls silent but never quite loses his control... until he does, when he shows Jin Mi his true self. As you
know, Night hates to show anyone his true self - it is his legacy of shame and self disgust. This shows how much Jin
Mi's dream affected Night.
But, then Jin Mi tells him in her natural way that his tail is beautiful. This long tail that he has been hiding for oh so long.
And, then Night tells her his story and his confession. Night is this intriguing mix of intelligence, manipulation and yet
self-abasement. He does not dare to ask for more, only asking for just a bit, a little bit more each day to last for a
lifetime. That is all his asks of Jin Mi.
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Chapter 17.1
Chapter 17.1

Chapter 17: A Line Separates Good From Evil (Part 1 of 4)

In Daddy's backyard, I took a few traces of clouds, opened an empty space and placed a few banana leaves at the
moist and cool parts. In just a while, in the mist of the stream and false mountain, there grew two banana trees. No
matter how I looked at it, I was happy. My current skills at planting flowers and grasses did not let down my title as the
Flower Goddess' daughter. I placed a bamboo seat under the coverage of the leaves and with a cup of fresh water, I was
prepared to fall asleep.
"Jin Mi Immortal, his Fire God Highness is requesting to see you at the entrance," Just as I sat down, an immortal
child that guards the Luo Xiang Manor reported to me.
I closed my eyes and waved my hands, "I will not see him." Thinking of how my divine energy seemed to have
deteriorated instead of improving, no matter how easy-going my personality was, I could not help feeling slightly
As the little immortal attendant went to reject Phoenix, I listened to the soothing sounds of the stream and started to
fall asleep. In a short while, the immortal child returned, "His Fire God Highness says that he must see Jin Mi Immortal
today, if not he will stand guard outside the Luo Xiang Manor."
This Phoenix... why after a night he has fallen from the proud and almighty to someone so shameless? These words are
really not his usual style. Today, Buddha Grandfather was giving a sermon in the West, the gods and immortals of the
six realms have gone to attend. Daddy went, Night went, even the Moon God went. In fact, all the gods including the
Heavenly Emperor had went, but why didn't Phoenix go as well?
"Tell him that no matter what I will not see him today," I told the little immortal attendant. As I stabilised my breathing
and saw that the immortal child did not return, my heart started to relax because Phoenix must have left. Just as I was
about to close my eyes entirely, I was shocked to see Phoenix before me. The little child was holding his fist
respectfully and not sure which side he should go to, "His Fire God Highness... Jin Mi Immortal..."
Phoenix waved his hands indicating that the little immortal attendant could retreat. Immediately, the immortal child
gave a bow and quickly left. I grind my back teeth and thought that authority was definitely something that needed to be
supported by divine strength. Phoenix exchanged glances with me, his gaze was determined as if he could see through
something, I felt emotional and immediately turned away my gaze. He suddenly stretched out his hand and held my
shoulder, I turned my head in surprise, and became even more surprised at the hesitant expression in his face.
"It's natural for you to be angry at me, last night... I broke a commandment*..." Phoenix's usual dazzling proud eyes was
stern, but his expression was surprisingly moving and determined. Although his lips did not smile, his mouth was faintly
up-turned such that one could see his rare, once in a hundred years, dimples. On his cheeks, there were an unnatural
glow, I looked in shock, could this be embarrassment? As if to hide his expression, he suddenly came forward and
pulled me into an embrace. After a while, something soft landed on the top of my head, "But, I have no regrets. Even if
last night happened again, even if I was not drunk, I will do the same thing again."
His palm was warm and soft, he lightly brushed my back, suddenly all the pains in my back disappeared, "Jin Mi, you
know my heart. Even if you are angry at me, even if you curse me, I am determined not to let you marry Night!" His
words were proud and arrogant, but his gaze into my eyes and face revealed a sense of unease, as if he was looking for
some traces of support.
Ridiculous! I pushed him away. I did not know why I lost my usual calmness, I lifted up my feet and fiercely stomped
on his toes, "Whoever destroys the marriage will go to hell, naturally I will marry Night!"
The wide banana leaves swayed in the wind and covered the warm sun. The leaves shrouded Phoenix's face in
darkness, he stood unmoving as I continued to stomp on his toes. His silence was unnerving. After a lengthy silence, he
said in a low voice, "Going to hell - so what?" He gave a smile, "There is nothing in the universe that I am scared of!"
Phoenix's moods are temperamental, one can never tell when he is happy or angry, in a while, his expression changed
and he became surrounded by a sense of deep sadness, "For you to speak to me like this... after last night, I excitedly
came here full of hope, but the first words you said to me are that you vow to marry Night..." He pressed his temples,
"Jin Mi, I think, there will be a day when I will finally kill you."
I was shocked as I suddenly remembered how he tried to take my life twice already.
In the end, we parted in unhappiness. Before Phoenix left, he gave me a look that caused my heart to tremble, to feel
choked up as if I was drowning. I saw that behind his clear crystal-like gaze was a sense of helplessness and confusion,
a sadness that only a little boy could possess.
I sat in the backyard in a daze for half a day, until the sun was as high as three bamboo poles, an immortal attendant
came to say Tai Shan Grand Immortal had invited Daddy to go try his red pills**. I became curious, did Tai Shan Grand
Immortal not go to listen to the sermon today? Even if he did not go, he should not have forgotten that Daddy will
definitely go. Then I thought, Tai Shan Grand Immortal only cared about researching how to make the pills and
investigating the uses of various herbs, he did not care about the worldly affairs - often, he would be so engrossed in
making the pills that he did not know the time nor season. It was not strange for him to forget about today's occasion, I
told the immortal attendant with the invitation, "Water God went to the West to listen to Buddha's sermon, he is not in
the manor today."
The immortal attendant seemed to have realised something and hit the back of his head, "Ah, indeed. My master had
just came out from his isolated meditation and must have remembered the occasion wrongly." He hesitated for a moment
and said with some difficulty, "A special set of pills with nobody to test it, my master will be so dejected. I don't know
if Jin Mi Immortal is free? Since I cannot invite the Water God, to invite the Water God's daughter would at least allow
me to answer to my master."
I thought for a while, since I did not have anything to do and I had long heard about Tai Shan Grand Immortal's pills...
it could bring back a person from the death and it could even give one immortality, I could take the chance to see this for
myself. So I answered, "That is also fine. I invite you to lead the way."
The immortal attendant bowed forward and led me towards the east. I followed from behind riding on a cloud. When
we reached a manor, I followed through a series of entwining corridors like a maze. I found it strange that this manor
was not arranged in the "Ba Gua" formation, it seemed to resemble a foreign tribe's totem.

Ba Gua formation

Just as I was feeling suspicious and confused, the immortal attendant stopped in front of a wooden door. The door had
no carvings and appeared imposing and heavy. It did not have the usual elegant appearance of the doors in the Heavenly
Realms but actually resembled the chopping board in the mortal realms. The immortal attendant smiled widely as he
knocked on the door and directed me to enter. Before I could take a step and look carefully at what laid inside the door,
I felt a strong brute force push me from behind and I fell forward into the door.
I heard the door slam close behind me. My heart fell.
I lifted up my head, and saw a back dressed in exquisite shining gold robes turn towards me. Behind her, was a
swirling flower bud structure.
I finally recalled - the internal hallways of this manor was arranged in the totem of the Bird Tribe.
"Jin Mi Immortal, you have made me wait for a long time..." An imposing, arrogant and intimidating voice. If this was
a chopping board, she was the butcher's knife and I was the fish meat.

*诫 - it's like a warning/personal vow.

** 丹 is like special pills for different purposes, eg, immortality, Jin Mi's own unfeeling pill.

Comments: Haha! Can you guess who is the golden figure?

My favourite part is when Phoenix said, "Going to hell - so what?" The wheels of fate is spinning rapidly.... will Jin Mi
really be fish meat? Though, I must say, she probably deserves a little bit of it...

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Chapter 17.2
Chapter 17.2

Chapter 17: A Line Separates Good From Evil (Part 2 of 4)

"Jin Mi Immortal, you have made me wait for very long..." The voice came from upwards, looking down at me from
her proud upturned chin.
Ah ah ah, I have been cheated, cheated.
I climbed up from the floor, flicked my robes and hit my forehead, "Ah? I had came to meet Tai Shan Grand Immortal
to see him make his pills, but the immortal attendant must have gotten lost and mistakenly brought me here. I have
disturbed your Majesty. I truly shouldn't be here, Jin Mi shall make her leave," I bowed and quickly headed for the exit.
Who knew that there was a golden lit boundary at the door and it immediately threw me back.
"It's true that pills will be made today," The Heavenly Empress gave out a cold laugh, "Except it isn't one made by Tai
Shan Grand Immortal..." She dragged her robes on the floor and slowly took two steps forward, "I have always been
curious, what exactly is Jin Mi Immortal's true self? Why don't we take the opportunity to test this today? It will be an
eye-opening experience for me."

I suddenly realised that I had been placed on a Ba Gua wheel, on this wheel there was the extremes of Yin and Yang*.
The Heavenly Empress was positioned on the Yang side of the wheel, and I was locked by a boundary on the Yin side.
Surrounding the wheel was a circle of water, and in that water were two or three fiery red carps swimming in a
carefree manner.
I touched my hairpin, my heart became alarmed when I felt a rough texture. I realised that because Daddy had told me
to keep Phoenix's Great Phoenix Feather Treasure, I had changed my hairpin to a normal grape stem. With nothing to
protect me, how could I battle the Heavenly Empress?
"The Heavenly Empress must be joking. The previous time in the Nine Mist Clouds Palace, didn't Water God Daddy
already announce to all the gods that Jin Mi's real self was a six petalled frost flower?"
The Heavenly Empress gave a snort of derision, "Zi Fen, that demoness, based on her few good looks she was able to
seduce the Heavenly Emperor and the Water God, who can really know who your father is? Even the Water God can not
truly be certain in his heart. Rather than just believing in words, I prefer to ascertain it with my own eyes. Since no one
has seen your demonic real self, today I shall test it out for myself."

After speaking finished, she transformed a green jade urn, and with a turn of her body, something started to flow out of
the urn and seeped into the circle of water that surrounded the Ba Gua wheel. I smelled a strong scent of alcohol, that
urn must contain top grade strong wine.
As the wine slowly mixed into the water, it seemed like there was nothing unusual. However, when the wine mixed
with the water in which the red carps were swimming in, suddenly with a sizzling sound, there was a burst of red raging
flame. I realised that what was peacefully swimming in the waters were not red carps, but shaking balls of fire. Quickly,
the balls of fire were activated by the wine and the Ba Gua wheel was surrounded by a raging wall of fire that encircled
both of us.
I felt my whole body heat up and my insides rumbled.
"There are eighty one types of flames, the flames from the firefly, from the candlelight, or torch, these flames will have
no use against Jin Mi Immortal. Since we don't have much time, I have started to test you from the fourth level of flames,
what do you think?" The Heavenly Empress twisted something in the air and the fire surrounding the Ba Gua wheel
suddenly became stronger. "That year, your mother was able to tolerate until the last level, the strongest fire of all - the
poison fire. I wonder what level will you be able to tolerate until? I am full of anticipation."
Goddess of Mercy! The Great Buddha Grandfather! The Heavenly Empress was indeed vicious and cruel. I had
actually hoped that if I did not hurt anyone, no one will try and hurt me, but who knew, how evil some people's natures
could be? Ah, some people's basic natures must be evil. I was a frost flower made of water, even if I was only a simple
grape, since she was the previous Fire God, there was no way I could tolerate her torture of fire on me. Even though she
said she wanted to find out my real self, the truth was that she wanted to put me to death, to eliminate all traces of her
Since it was hopeless to try and escape, I could only try and tolerate for as long as I could. I efficiently used a thin
layer of divine energy to protect my important meridians and created a thin protective layer to block out the oppressive
hot air. Even though my divine energy was weak, surprisingly the fiery fire appeared like a ferocious tiger that had its
head quickly chopped off, and could not come near me. This was a surprising outcome that gave me joy.
In the span of half a pot of tea, I heard a cold laughter in the sea of fire. With a wave of her hand, the pool of alcohol
suddenly became boiling oil, the colour of the flames deepened and started to splatter directly towards me.
"The seventh level of fire, the boiling oil fire!"
I called out some divine energy from my stomach to strengthen the boundary protecting myself - but who knew the
boiling fire did not weaken but seemed to stick onto the boundary and seemed to grow fiercer in strength. Watching it
grow fiercer made my heart quickly increase in panic!
The Heavenly Empress' brow twitched, as if she was really a bit surprised, "So it turns out that you are really Luo
I did not have the energy to care about her figuring out if I was born from the Heavenly Emperor or the Water God. I
only saw that the fire seemed to grow thicker and fiercer as it moved closer towards me. I realised that the boundary I
created earlier was made of water - although water could eliminate fire, that was only ordinary fire, but oil could float
on water, hence the oil fire did not fear the water but actually floated on the water and grew stronger.
Just now my water boundary could eliminate the alcoholic flames, but this water boundary suddenly became a crutch
that brought the oil flames onto me. This must be how the Heavenly Empress determined that I was the Water God's
I pressed three fingers to my mouth and shouted, "Destroy!" In a moment, the water boundary cracked. The oil fire
floating on the water boundary immediately dissipated. Although the flames had disappeared, so did my protective
boundary of water and the heat from the flames surrounding the Ba Gua wheel attacked me. I felt great pain all over my
body, as if I was being whipped, the little water mist that was on the wheel was swallowed up by the flames and
disappeared without a trace.
I started to cough repeatedly as I fell down to the wall grabbing my chest. I could not suppress my coughing. In the end,
I tried my best to congregate my energy and finally managed to speak, "Heavenly Empress... Empress... if you destroy
my divine essence, I'm afraid... afraid you will also kill fire... the son of the fire god!"
The Heavenly Empress' face completely changed, "What did you say?!"
I weakly lifted up my hand and touched the space between my brows, "Inside, there is Second Highness' divine
essence... in not more... than ten years... ten years..."
"Impossible!" The Heavenly Empress interrupted me.
I weakly pulled my mouth and pulled out a smile, "Why... why is it impossible? The Fire God and I... have mutually
cultivated... mutually cultivated."
The Heavenly Empress stood at the heart of the raging sea of fire, her face darkened to the colour of black ink, both her
hands tightened and I could see the green veins pop out from the back of her hands. I did not know if she was angry or
furious, shocked or suspicious.
I licked my cracked lips, the broken feeling caused me to furrow my brows, I say simply, "If.. if you don't believe, why
don't you test... test my divine origins..."
The mortals have a saying - even the ferocious tiger will not eat its children. But, will the ferocious tiger eat its
grandchildren? However, the surrounding flames seemed to weakened a little and I took a large breath of air. As I saw
the Heavenly Empress step towards me and leaned down at the side of my body, she lifted her hand and tested my pulse,
"You demoness, you dare to seduce Phoenix..."
I closed my eyes, bit my teeth and gathered all my strength in one palm, but this palm squarely hit the Heavenly
Empress' palm. Even though fire could cook water, I did not believe water was unable to counter fire! I was a sprite
and hated it most when people called me "demoness"!
From my palm, out came a sharp snowy white silhouette like a flash of a blade, this blade was the coldest ice in the
universe and it attacked the Heavenly Empress. The sharp ice blade cut into her palm.
The Heavenly Empress' face changed and she tried to retract her hand, but it was too late. The moment she realised it,
she opened her mouth and started to chant. A bud of flame started to grow out of her palm, a red lotus slowly
The red lotus fire!
I quickly kept my hand and managed to retract my palm fully in the last few millimeters just before touching her killing
blow. Thirty percent of my full force fell back onto me and caused my whole chest to tremble. I did not know if my
bones had broken.
The Heavenly Empress' palm was cut by my icy blade force earlier and the cut started to show fresh blood. She rose
up, her face full of fury, "Demoness! You dare to try and kill me! You have overestimated yourself! Today, I will
completely destroy you and cause you to fully incinerate!"
Even though I was on the thin line between life and death, I couldn't help scolding Master Pu Chi. If it was not for him
saying that you could give birth to babies after mutually cultivating, I would not have thought up of such a plan to try and
trick the Heavenly Empress and attempt to kill her.
If I had only burned to death, there was still a chance my little soul could reincarnate or become a mortal. But, if my
soul fully incinerated, there will be nothing left of me.
Trembling, I closed my eyes to accept my fate. But, I suddenly heard a sharp cry, "Jin Mi!"

*In chinese mythology/philosophy, the universe is made up of Yin (negative) and Yang (positive) elements. Eg, Yin -
moon, female, dark. Yang - sun, male, light.
** The Water God, in case you have forgotten his name.
Comments: Haha, can you guess who the voice belongs to?

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Chapter 17.3
Chapter 17.3

Chapter 17: A Line Separates Good From Evil (Part 3 of 4)

In the middle of the Heavenly Empress' palm, the red lotus fire blazed angrily . She lifted up her right hand and was
about to hit the top of my head .
In the very last moment, I heard a sharp cry, "Jin Mi!"
I lifted up my head but only saw someone dashing through the wall of fire as if it was nothing . I was losing my five
senses and could only blearily see a distinguished looking figure, he was crying for me with such loss and alarm it was
as if he had lost his own soul .
The Heavenly Empress quickly retreated, "Phoe . . . " before she could finish, a ray of light flashed across and hit her
straight in the back . There was an anguished sound of pain, as if she was hit by a huge force, she held her chest and spat
out a mouthful of fresh blood .
As she instinctively kept her palm to protect her own pulse, the red lotus fire that was pressing down on my head
disappeared - I could finally take in a breath of air again, I narrowed my eyes and saw a pair of long and thin coquettish
eyes looking back at me, I gradually recognised the person and my heartbeat that was calming down started to rise
again, this person had told me this morning, "Jin Mi, I think, there will finally be a day when I will kill you . "
Looks like I was fated to die at the hands of this pair of mother and son . . . I tolerated the pain in my chest and sealed
my meridians, stopping myself from breathing, I forcefully bit down on my tongue, in a moment, warm and hot blood
gushed out of my mouth . I furrowed my brows, my arm that was holding onto the floor lost its last strength, my body
finally completely collapsed to fulfill both of their wishes .
Dead .
For a very long while, the silence was eerie .
"Jin Mi?" Phoenix lightly asked - as if his breath was caught in his throat, it was so light and wispy, like his pulse was
blocked, his heart had stopped, hanging on a thread . After a moment of silence, I heard him say in a manner that could
not be more calm and simple, "You killed her . "
He spoke in a manner that carried no fierceness or strength, but it contained a coldness that would seep into the
marrows of your bone and chilled your very insides . Even me, who was pretending to be dead, started to have a bit of
goosebumps .
The Heavenly Empress coughed, it was not clear if it was due to her injury or a little sense of guilt, but the sound was
not stable . In a moment, she regained her consciousness and scolded, "For this demoness, you hit your own mother?!"
I felt a cold wind brush across me, I did not know if it was because the fire had subsided, but my consciousness slowly
became clearer, I suddenly realised that indeed what had struck the Heavenly Empress' back was Phoenix's feather, so it
was Phoenix that had saved me . . . and even hurt the Heavenly Empress . . . I could not understand this . . .
"Yes, I had hit you because of her, but, I had only hit to stop you," The voice continued to be smooth like the flowing
water, but it seemed to be hollow and empty, "But mother, why did you so cruelly sent Jin Mi to her death?"
"Move away," Phoenix's tone was so cold it was frightening .
"You! . . . " The Heavenly Empress sucked in a breath of air, she was angry to her very limits, "What kind of attitude is
this?! You talked to your mother in this way?! What's more this woman is sly, who knows if she is faking her death?"
I was alarmed, I thought I could fake my death to escape this calamity, if this cruel and vicious Heavenly Empress send
another palm my way thinking I had faked my death, then I will truly be dead . The Heavenly Empress scoffed, "Since
she is dead, what use is her corpse?" I felt a fiery wave of flames press upon me agian .
Phoenix did not answer . I only felt the air in the surroundings start to change, at first only small bits of sand started to
fly, then stones, and suddenly it was a wild turbulent wind, I did not open my eyes, but I could sense Phoenix standing in
the eye of the wind with his robes flapping upwards, his face cold, his eyes downcast, his hands enclosed together, his
lips were tightly pressed as he mumbled an incantation - there was suddenly a blinding flash of golden light, as if it was
the first ray that escaped the dark night and immediately attacked towards the Heavenly Empress .
The Heavenly Empress did not expect Phoenix will really attack her, she quickly kept the flames and created a
boundary to protect herself, and at the same moment, it was not clear if it was her instinct or having been agitated by her
own son, she actually gave out her own attack to receive Phoenix's .
Although I sensed the strength of her attack was not enough to hurt Phoenix, my heart sunk, my left shoulder had a
strange cutting pain, and my mind became blank .
"Tu Yao*!" . . . Phoenix and the Heavenly Empress were battling and in the midst of their battle, a strong deep voice
full of divine energy broke through . It spoke in disbelief and deep disappointment . It was none other than the Heavenly
Emperor .
The Heavenly Empress got distracted and I heard a "peng!" sound, it was not clear whose heavy power she was hit by,
but her body flew back in the air . I felt a layer of steam .
At this moment, my fake dead body was carried in a warm embrace, a cold hand lightly and very carefully stroke my
face, as if raving deliriously in a dream, "Jin Mi . . . . Jin Mi . . . "
Ah, it was Water God Daddy . It seemed that Phoenix was also nearing, but his breath was messy and chaotic, he did
not speak .
There seemed to also be another person in the surroundings, but his pulse seemed calm and cool, I was guessing who
he was when he spoke, "Great god do not be hasty, the body is not harmed, the soul may not have dissipated, what's
more . . . I know that Jin Mi . . . " he hesitated as if he was deciding what to say but silence finally replaced his
remaining words . It turned out to be Night, but how come suddenly everyone was here?
One drop, two drops, three drops, three cold pearls of water slid down my cheeks, and one landed on my lips,
seeping through the gap between the lips, it had a light saltiness . . . I did not know who had shed a tear for me, although
there was only three drops in total, a sense of joy rose in my heart, even I could not understand why .
Just as I was deciding if I should continue faking my death, the silence was broken by the Heavenly Emperor's deep
voice, "All these years, I continuously told myself that your temper was only a little hasty, your words a little fierce, you
were not inherently bad . . . but today, if it was not for Night who had received news that there was chaos below and
hastily called me to return, if I did not see it for myself . . . I could not ever imagine that you were so cruel! Tu Yao, you
are already at the top of the heavenly realms, what else do you lack, why must you do this . . . ?!"
The Heavenly Empress that was hit by Daddy, her injuries were not light . I could smell that she had coughed out a
mouth of flesh blood . She laughed, "Your Highness asked me why . . . I also would like to know why . . . the Heavenly
Empress, so what? Have I ever held any weight in your heart? Although I am a goddess, I am no different from a mortal
girl, all I want is a faithful heart . . . but your Highness . . . besides that person, have you ever looked at anyone else?"
The Heavenly Empress gave a self-derisory laugh, "That lowly pitiful red carp sprite, just because she resembled that
person's silhouette, your Highness was willing to favour her for a year! . . . did you ever think of me? Did you ever think
of what I feel as your wife . . . have you ever experienced the sorrow of using your own gaze to chase after a pair of
eyes that will never look at you?"
"Mother . . . " it was Phoenix's voice, full of sadness .
The Heavenly Empress suddenly got agitated by Phoenix's cry, "Jin Mi, this little demoness! She is the exact duplicate
of that person! I must remove her! I must not let her seduce and throw into chaos everyone's hearts again like Zi Fen!"
Daddy was using his internal energy to protect the heart pulse in my body, he suddenly placed my body into Night's
arms, and commanded, "Help Jin Mi protect her soul . "
"Yes," Night received me and used his internal energy to protect my pulse, his energy was warm and soothing, in a
moment, my chest was no longer that painful .
"You killed my love, you killed my daughter! This deadly feud of us --- I cannot live under the same sky as my enemy,"
Daddy's voice was thick with frost and full of murderous intent . In a flash, the air around us was chilly and large
amount of snow started to fly down from the sky . I was dazed because I had never seen the compassionate Daddy who
loved and pitied all living things in the realms ever appear so angry .
Daddy threw out three palms, besides the painful cry of the Heavenly Empress, I also quickly heard Phoenix's gasp .
I felt an agitation in my chest and my eyes flew open, I saw that Phoenix's chest had two crystal sharp snow flowers
embedded, and the flowers were getting dyed red from his blood . . . . his white lips determinedly said, "Great god . . .
Phoenix is willing to take his mother's place . . . please just spare her life . "
"Jin Mi . . . " I heard Night said something in my ear but I could not hear it clearly .
"Phoenix!" The Heavenly Emperor used his divine force to take out the two bloodied snow flowers, he held Phoenix
who had fainted after using the last of his energies, he angrily glared at the Heavenly Empress, "Zi Fen was harmed by
you?" His deep low voice had a discernible tremor, "Guards! Bring the Heavenly Empress to the prison! Remove her
title, forever she will no longer belong to the gods!"

*Tu Yao is the Heavenly Empress' name .

Comments: I can't imagine how painful it must be for Phoenix - to have to see his own mother kill Jin Mi . If the
Heavenly Emperor had not stopped Phoenix and the Heavenly Empress' fight, would Phoenix really hurt his mother? I
doubt it --- because to hurt your parents is one of the greatest sins in chinese culture . What could he do? Probably take
away Jin Mi, and take his own life as well .
What is interesting is Night's reaction - since he was calm and not in panic like the Water God or Phoenix, he must have
known that Jin Mi was faking her death . He knew that it was Jin Mi's final trick . It's more scary to think of the
alternative situation --- that Night wasn't sure or actually thought Jin Mi might be dead, but he couldn't care less .
The Heavenly Empress had a beautiful line - have you ever experienced the sorrow of using your own gaze to follow a
pair of eyes that would never look back at you? It certainly does not excuse her actions, but it reminds us again of how
much one's sins can haunt your whole life, ruining any chance of happiness for yourself, and potentially ruining the
happiness of those you love as well .

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Chapter 17.4
Chapter 17.4

Chapter 17: A Line Separates Good From Evil (Part 4 of 4)

"Jin Mi..."
"Jin Mi."
"Jin Mi?"
"Jin Mi!"
As the ink brush dips into the water, the thick black blobs that could not dissolve, there was always one figure's
silhouette that would not disappear away from my eyes - so many changes of expressions like the continuous passing on
of the baron lamp. Sometimes cold and proud, sometimes between crying and laughter, sometimes biting one's teeth in
hate, sometimes sad and distant. Although the tone of voice changed, the words never changed, from start to end there
was only the calling of my name, Jin Mi. Everytime when I look clearly at this person's face, those shadowy images
would quickly disappear without a trace...

"Jin Mi, Jin Mi." Someone lightly patted my cheeks and I slowly opened my eyes. I woke up in hot sweat, my back was
sticky, and my chest rose up and down, my breathing was not stable.
"Another nightmare?" Water God Daddy's cool hand brushed my forehead and brought a light wind, the sticky hot
feeling I felt earlier disappeared.
"Don't worry, Daddy is by your side," Daddy sat at the side of my bed and hugged my shoulders and back, as if
cajoling a three year old child. He lightly patted my back, the actions were simple, but they comforted my unease.
Ever since the Heavenly Empress used her flames to hurt my internal organs and I faked my death, Daddy had been at
my side to take care of me - personally boiling my medicine... whenever I woke up in the middle of my dreams, it was
Daddy who comforted me and never felt tired or annoyed. When my energy became slightly better, Daddy allowed
Night to accompany me. Whenever Night came, he would gently hold my hand and transfer his internal energy to me. He
could not hide the pain in his eyes, and whenever he left, he would turn back longingly with every three steps. The
Twenty Four Flower Leaders also visited me a few times, their expressions were very bad. There was even once when
the immortal attendants announced that the Heavenly Emperor and the Moon God wanted to see me, but Daddy rejected
saying I lacked energy.
All these were a completely different and foreign experience for me. In the Water Boundary, I would sometimes fall
sick for a few days when I over cultivated my energy. The old Carrot Immortal would also only realised that I had
fallen sick from my yellow pallor a few days after I recovered and then send some sleeping herbs to me. And when
most recently when I over cultivated my energy, it was when I was staying at the Moon God's residence. When the
Moon God saw my dark heavy eyebags, he had rejoiced, "Jin Mi, did not sleep well yesterday? Was your heart
distracted by the Spring Palace pictures* I gave you?" The Moon God smiled widely and told me, "Having amorous
dreams is good for lengthening one's life." At that point, I did not see his precious collections of pictures yet, but I did
not want to stop his rejoicing so I did not correct him and silently concurred.
Thus, I had grew up alone in these four thousand plus years - alone to survive, alone to die. I was used to it already,
but suddenly I had a Water God Daddy, I had a fiance, who so simply put me in the palm of their hands to protect. This
fresh feeling caused me to think that to die is also not bad, I would not mind dying to experience this a few more times.
As my body became better by the day, my nightmare did not stop. Whenever I fell asleep, I would see that silhouette
that I could not see clearly - I did not know the reason why.
Today, when Daddy fed me my medicine, he gave me a sharp weapon - it was shaped like the leaves of the willow
tree, long, thin and sharp, it brimmed with icy energy, and when you looked at it closely it was as clear as a crystal.

"This was made with divine ice and I had forged it with half of my entire divine energy, if you carry this with you, you
will have something to protect you when you meet bad people."
Half of his entire divine energy?!
Daddy said it so lightly, but I became speechless. In order to protect me, he sacrificed half of his divine energy! No
wonder, Daddy's face these days was so ghastly white, the usual light blood warmth in his face had disappeared, to lose
so much divine energy at one go would cause him to be internally injured, he might even have damaged his internal
"Daddy, in future, Jin Mi will be filial towards you," I said it awkwardly, as if I did not know what to say, I could only
hope to repay Water God Daddy when I finally cultivate into a god.
"Silly child," Daddy stroke my forehead and gave an elegant and peaceful smile.
At night, I finally managed to convince Daddy to go and meditate to balance his energy. I tossed and turned on my bed,
after I kept the willow ice blade in my robes, I took out the golden shiny object from under my pillow which was also
said to be able to protect me, after gazing it for half a day, yes, this was Phoenix's golden precious Phoenix Treasure. I
did not know how the bird was doing, the people that came to visit never once mentioned him, so I did not ask. Daddy's
residence was also mostly full of male attendants and there were no gossipy female attendants, so till now I did not
know if Phoenix had recovered from his injury.
After thinking over it for a while, I decided that it was justified on emotions and logic for me to visit him.
After standing outside of the Qi Wu's Palace for a while, I decided not to announce my arrival to the immortal
attendants guarding the door. My throat was injured and speaking was painful, instead of announcing my arrival, it was
easier to just jump over the wall. Since I was a book boy for a hundred years in the Qi Wu's Palace, I was most familiar
with its structure and quickly found a spot where the boundary was weak to go over. I quickly took the short cut to
Phoenix's resting residence.
I looked through the window and through the little glimpse of light, I saw Phoenix resting on the bed with his eyes
closed, both hands on his stomach. His fingertips were very white and the tips of his fingers were lightly raised up as if
wanting to grab something. His whole face had shrunk one circle, he had lost quite a bit of weight - in fact, he now gave
the impression of a weak defenceless scholar and it made one had the misimpression of wanting to protect him.
Just as I was about to enter the room, I saw that there was someone else sitting next to the bed, and I stopped my pace.
The person's back was facing me, her figure was voluptuous, she held a silk handkerchief and lightly wiped Phoenix's
forehead, as if to dab up the tiny beads of sweat from his forehead.
This was no other than Princess Sui He from the Bird Tribe.
As if worried that Phoenix will catch a cold, she carefully placed Phoenix's exposed hands into the blanket, after that,
she dabbed the side of his face, she could not be more understanding and thoughtful.
Suddenly, Phoenix who was deep in a dream stretched out his hands, he grabbed Sui He's right hand, the force was
startling and I heard Sui He gave out a painful murmur. Phoenix's lips lightly moved and it was not clear what he said
but Sui He's back stiffened, as if surprised. But after a short while, she recovered and let Phoenix hold her hand, she
even used her other hand to lightly stroke the back of Phoenix's hand, with the gentle stroking, Phoenix's furrowed brows
After a moment, Sui He said something and then leaned forward...
Both lips pressed together.
For a long time...
I rubbed my eyes, I saw it so clearly that it became unclear, Phoenix moved a little, as if he woke up.
I heard clearly what Sui He said before she leaned down. She said, "I like you too, Phoenix."
I followed the route that I had came in to go out - outside the front door of Qi Wu Palace at the meandering never-
ending steps, I sat for a long time, looking at the moon, I thought that tonight was too dark such that the moon glow was a
little too glaring.
I was still not sleepy, I did not know who else will still be awake at this moment, but I definitely knew of someone
who would not be asleep.
In the dark of the night, in the Four Stars Palace, Night was half lying down on a bamboo bed, his right hand held the
side of his forehead and his left hand held a parchment, there were only the fireflies for light, and they lightly danced in
the surroundings.
"Jin Mi?" Night rose, "Why are you here? The night is cold, how can you come out barefooted when you have not fully
recovered?" He tossed the parchment aside and came towards me, his tone was stern.
I lowered my head and saw that my toes were red, only now did I realised that I was not wearing shoes. I did not know
if I forgot to wear them or dropped them along the way. Before I could figure that out, I felt my body lightened as Night
carried me up. I was surprised as he placed me on the bamboo bed.
I sat there, blinking blearily for a moment, letting Night massage my toes. Finally, he placed my toes on his chest, not
disdaining the dirt that it had touched along the way.
"What's wrong?" Night gazed at me.
My feet had warmed a lot, I cleared my throat slightly painfully, and answered, "How many female goddesses has
Night had physical relations?"

*It refers to amorous pictures - the word "Spring" in chinese both symbolises spring but also the more sexual context of

** This is Phoenix's palace.

Comments: It is clear that Phoenix probably mixed Sui He up with Jin Mi, but Jin Mi does not know that and the words
"I like you too, Phoenix" pierced into her heart until she got dazed - she even rubbed her eyes, was it to wipe away tears
that she does not reveal to us or to silently convince herself that this was not true? I think it's something good for Jin Mi
to experience, afterall, it's not really fair if Phoenix is the only jealous one. It also provides a good comparison to how
Jin Mi reacted to the other girls at the start of the novel and her feelings now.
Despite Night being one of the shadiest second male leads ever, I really like how Dian Xian presents him. His coldness
makes him gentle, his gentleness makes him cold - there is something about him that has been isolated in a cold dark
place, and yet he never fails to be a comforting presence, to reveal the little bits of sweetness that must have once so
naturally been his younger self.
But, it's clear that out of all three guys, it's Water God Daddy that rules them all. Thank you, Water God Daddy, for your
perfection was truly what moved Jin Mi's ice cold heart. You don't need flames to melt a heart, as Water God Daddy
shows - only a simple declaration that you are more important than myself.

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Chapter 18.1
Chapter 18.1

Chapter 18: The Constellations are Moving (Part 1 of 2)

"How many female goddesses has Night had physical relations?" I sat on the bamboo bed, bit my lips, and seriously
looked at the half kneeling Night before me .
Night's hand paused, his cheeks flushed red, he turned aside to cough, then returned a gentle gaze at me, "To have
physical relations is not child's play . Since I have a marriage agreement with Jin Mi, why would I have any physical
relationships with other female goddesses? I only anticipate marrying Jin Mi on the 8th of the next month, we will then
be husband and wife for ten thousands of years . "
I paused, from what Night had said, only men and women who are going to get married should mutually cultivate? But,
Master Pu Chi said that as long as one is a man and one is a woman, then one can mutually cultivate, and the Moon God
said that mutual cultivation harmonises the yin and yang . Since both of them had such different views, I could not help
being a little confused .
Night carefully looked at me and said calmly, "Why does Jin Mi ask this? Has Night done anything wrong?"
Phoenix and Sui He did not have any marriage engagement, I suddenly remembered the scene I had seen in Qi Wu's
palace, I furrowed my brow and looked into Night's clear gaze, "You are very good, even better than very good . I had
came to accompany you to watch the moonlight, and had only asked the question for fun . "
Night gave an elegant and gentle smile . He got up and sat next to me . He held my back and bent down to kiss me, it
was soft and smooth like maple syrup dissolving on my lips, after a long while, he finally moved away . His forehead
leaned on my forehead, the tip of his nose brushed the tip of my nose, he gave out a sigh with deep feeling, and then
placed his hand on my shoulder and sat next to me . He lifted up his head to face the moon in the sky, he smiled, "The
moon looks less lonely tonight . "
The night was cold like water, the small fireflies flew around us, my eye lids started to grow heavier and I yawned, I
leaned onto Night's arm and safely fell asleep . . .
When the dawn broke and Night's shift was over, I had awoke and Night sent me back to Luo Xiang manor . Just as I
stepped into the manor, I saw a group of immortal attendants looking helpless as they surrounded a figure in green who
cried, "Ah Jin Mi! Ah Jin Mi! I have waited for days and nights just to see you . But, who knew I could only see your
dead body? No one can stop me! I will chase Jin Mi in death!" As he cried, he appeared to want to hit the pillar with his
head and his voice rose passionately .
I saw that this was Master Pu Chi .
"Who said Jin Mi is dead?" Water God Daddy sternly said as he stepped into the hallway and looked at Master Pu
Chi, his brows were furrowed tight as if his head was in great pain .
"If she is not dead, why doesn't the great god let me see her?" Master Pu Chi hugged the pillar and refused to let go, but
his tears immediately stopped .
"Jin Mi is already betrothed to Night . I hope Gentleman Yan You can speak carefully and not harm Jin Mi's
reputation," Daddy coldly spoke, he sounded a bit angry .
"The great Water God's words are too cold . Although Jin Mi has the right to be engaged, I also have the right to have
unrequited love," Master Pu Chi said boldly .
"If so, Gentleman Yan You can go off alone to experience your unrequited love," Daddy threw aside a robe sleeve and
ordered, "Send the guest out . "
"I don't care, I don't care! I want to see Jin Er!" Master Pu Chi hugged the pillar tightly as if to show that he planned on
staying . The attendants at the side did not dare to go nearer and could not do anything to him .
"Gentleman Yan You is no longer a child, to come here for ten continuous days, don't you find it embarrassing?" Ah,
Master Pu Chi has come for so many days, but I never knew .
"My heart is sincere and true, what is so embarrassing about it?"
Since Daddy was kindhearted and not cruel like Phoenix, he would not easily use his powers to handle Master Pu Chi .
I saw Daddy press his throbbing forehead and exit from the hall, instructing the attendants to keep the door closed and to
leave Master Pu Chi .
The attendants in the hall must be used to Master Pu Chi, they immediately exited afterwards . When I pushed the door
and entered, Master Pu Chi's eyes immediately shone and he quickly let go of the pillar and rushed towards me . He
happily pinched my cheeks and cried, "Ah! Soft! Warm! You are truly still alive!"
I waved away his hand, "What does Master Pu Chi find me for?"
"Beauty, when I heard you had gotten into trouble, I was so worried that I could not eat or sleep . Even at the risk of
angering the Water God, I had to personally come here to see you . Look at me, I have shrunk until I am skin and bones!"
Master Pu Chi pulled up his sleeves to show me his arm .
I very cooperatively poked at his fleshy arm and thought, "It's good to be slim . "
Master Pu Chi blinked and said aggrieved, "You are patronising me . . . " He suddenly said, "Jin Er, can you not marry
"Why? If I don't marry Night, who should marry Night? Unless, Master Pu Chi has given his heart to Night?"
Master Pu Chi's brow rose, "How can that be possible! Even if it is so, it would be Night that gives his heart to me!
Look at how handsome and distinguished I am, even my one fingertip is so full of charisma that people can not help
falling for me, I am the man who all the women dream after!"
I quietly endured this and pretended that I did not hear it .
Suddenly, Master Pu Chi's face turned seriously and he grabbed my hand, "Beauty, listen to me, you must not marry
I could not help being curious, "Why not?"
Master Pu Chi lowered his voice, "I looked at the stars in the sky a few days ago . . . the constellations have a strange
glow, it seems like there is going to be a great change in position . Heavens' secrets cannot be revealed, but I reveal this
to you alone . . . the stars reveal that . . . . reveal that you can only marry me!"
A first I was carefully listening to Master Pu Chi, but when he said the last laughable line, my face darkened and I gave
a dry laugh, "What a mystical star sign . "
"Isn't it mystical!" Master Pu Chi proudly stroke his chin and gave a radiant smile, "Recently, I started to learn the art
of divination from a half immortal in the mortal realms! It's very accurate . Do you want to learn?"
"There is no need . I have only just recovered from a serious injury and am not suitable to learn divinity . You can
slowly study it," I gently rejected Master Pu Chi . I saw that Daddy was coming from afar to bring my medicine to me,
so I also pushed away Master Pu Chi's hand . I felt that my palm was a little sticky and thought of how Master Pu Chi
had teared from his eyes and nose earlier, I wasn't sure if I had touched anything dirty so I quickly wiped my hand on his
sleeve and said, "I am going to drink my medicine so I cannot send Master Pu Chi out . "
"Ah, truly a heartless beauty," Master Pu Chi sighed then gave a laugh, "But, I like it! Ha Ha!"
As I walked to Daddy, I heard Master Pu Chi's last murmur before he left, "Night is not a simple person . . . "
Daddy watched Master Pu Chi leaving from afar and furrowed his brow, he asked, "How did Jin Er meet this
shameless person?"
"He had came the first time I used the incantation to call spirits . "
Daddy gave a slight nod, "Gentleman Yan You used to be one of the twelve zodiac gods*, his real self is a water
snake . Because, he had broken one of the heavenly laws, he was sent to the lower realms and is under my supervision .
He might have reacted to a water incantation . "
I was shocked, I could not tell that Master Pu Chi used to be one of the top eminent and respected zodiac gods, "What
heavenly law did Master Pu Chi break?"
Daddy was usually uninterested about these matters and simply said, "I am not clear, but this person's basic nature is
not good, it must have something to do with his flirtatious nature . I advise Jin Er to avoid meeting him . Drink your
medicine while it is warm," Daddy gently blew at the medicine then passed it to me .
I took the medicine from Daddy, pinched my nose and finished it in one gulp . Daddy smiled and with one hand called
for a drop of dew that was residing on a flower petal, he transformed it into sugar and quickly placed this dew of
sweetness into my mouth . Seeing my face relaxed comfortably, he gave out a compassionate smile, his eyes full of
radiance .
I looked at Daddy's extraordinary aura, my heart warmed and I thought of two lines of poetry from the mortal world,
"Can my tiny act of filial piety repay the overwhelming greatness of parental love?**"
But, I forgot that the mortals also had this saying, "A person cannot be judged by his looks, the ocean cannot be
measured by a cup*** . " Although Master Pu Chi usually said a lot of nonsense, but he had guessed correctly this time,
indeed, I did not marry Night on the eighth of the third month .

* The chinese calendar is split into twelve zodiac signs, so each day, month and year is represented by a zodiac animal
(eg, rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog, pig) . Although, most chinese only know
the zodiac year, eg, 2014 is the year of the horse . Thisarticle gives some explanation behind the zodiac cycle .

** The original two lines, “谁言寸草心,报得三春晖。” The poem describes the love of a mother as being as great,
warm and unconditional like the sun and spring .

*** A person cannot be measured by how he looks . A person's real character/ability cannot be ascertained from his
present appearance .
Comments: A little more of Master Pu Chi's background is revealed . He is no ordinary snake but the snake of the
zodiac! That explains his once esteemed position and his continued disregard of authority . . .
So, why does Jin Mi not marry Night? :) It shall be revealed soon - but does everyone agree with me that Master Pu
Chi's shamelessness does complement Jin Mi's own very well?

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Chapter 18.2
Chapter 18.2

Chapter 18.2: The Constellations are Moving (Part 2 of 2)

The third day of the third month is when Spring returns to the land. As all the creatures awoke from their winter
slumber, what they look forward to the most was the wet spring rain. But, all of them were destined to be disappointed
this year.
With the passing of the Water God, where will the rain come from?
"The Heavenly Emperor has given an edict!" A proud immortal attendant announced himself in a hall full of gods
crying their lungs and hearts out, "Jin Mi Immortal to receive the edict!"
I gave out an affirming sound and knelt down to receive the imperial command.
"The Water God's passing has caused the whole world to cry. The Water God had always loved all creatures in the
realms and used his divine energy to help many living things. He will be given the title of Benevolent Holy God. Jin Mi
is the Water God's only child and will have to fulfill her filial duties and guard his tomb for three years. Her wedding
with Night will be delayed for three years. Finally, Jin Mi will be treated as a god from henceforth and inherit the title
of the Water God!"

"Jin Mi receives the edict!" I received the holy edict.... although I had finally fulfilled my dream of becoming a god,
but my heart felt strangely empty.
In one night, I gained a Water God Daddy.
In one night, Water God Daddy's soul disappeared from existence.
It was like the thin spring rain in April, before you could even touch it, it would disappear in the glow of spring, it
caused one to doubt if what you saw was real.
Once again, I returned to being an orphan.
I held the willow ice blade in my palm, the wintry coolness seeped into my bones, the hall was filled with sesame
yellow and plain white, the colours of mourning. Facing the many gods who had came to mourn for my father, I was in a
daze and said numbly, "If Daddy did not use half of his divine energy to make this willow ice blade to protect my body,
will his soul not disappear when he was struck by a poisonous blow? If I only knew earlier... if I only knew earlier..."
Night held me in his arms and lightly stroke my back, it was exactly like how my Dad used to comfort me, "Even a
thousand gold taels cannot buy foresight. Jin Mi shouldn't be upset, I am still here, the Water God will also not want Jin
Mi to break her heart over him."
I looked at him dazedly, "break my heart?" What is heartbreak? My chest only felt a little heavy, as if a big rock had hit
my chest. I think my body is only a bit tired... and I will feel better after a rest.
At the side, the Wind Goddess was in the mourning clothes of hemp, her gaze was calm as she lit three incense sticks
and kowtow three times. She then silently sat at the side to receive the condolences of the various gods.
Although the Wind Goddess was Daddy's matrimonial partner, I actually hardly saw her. She did not stay at Luo
Xiang manor and although she was married to Daddy, in truth, they were actually forced to be married by the Heavenly
Emperor and were only partners in name. Both of their personalities were cold and distant and they hardly met except
for important events in the Heavenly Realms. If I did not see her today, I would have almost forgotten her existence.
The young immortal child at the door was announcing the gods that had entered to give their condolences when he
paused... it was not clear who he saw, but he increased the pitch of his voice and cried, "His Fire God Highness has
come to pay his respects!"
I turned back and my eyes hit Phoenix's gaze which did not have its usual arrogance. Phoenix was in a full robe of
white, his hair tied up, no adornments or accessories on him, he took the incense sticks and walked to the centre, finally
stopping before Daddy's clothes and bowing down to give his respect. His expression was solemn and sincere. I saw
his thin long fingers holding the three incense sticks... I knew that in the middle of his right hand was a callus* from
where he held his writing brush, and another callus from how he held the sword... Night lightly kneaded my palm, and I
felt my body stir slightly and my mind regained awareness.
After Phoenix finished paying his respects, he spoke in a low voice to the Wind Goddess. It was not clear what he said
but the Wind Goddess nodded her head.
Night brushed my forehead and I was about to turn my head back when I felt a gush of wind, Phoenix was now in front
of me, he lowered his head and looked into my eyes with a rare warmth, and spoke to me in a voice that only came a
hundred years, "Please let go of your sadness and find peace. His Great God loved the Flower Goddess his whole life.
Although they could not be together in life, they must have wished to be together in death. To place the Water God's
clothes next to the Flower Goddess' tomb, so that they could be together, shoulder by shoulder, overlooking the Water
Boundary where they first met, what do you think? I asked the Wind Goddess for her opinion and she said she had no
I obediently nodded my head.
Night lightly patted the back of my hand. Phoenix looked at Night's hand, his expression flickered between light and
darkness, his brows tightened, the ends of his eyes stretched.
"I will definitely help you find who killed the Water God."
"I will definitely help Jin Mi find who killed the Water God."
Phoenix and Night both spoke at the same time. They were truly brothers in harmony.
I smoothly nodded my head then quickly shook my head, "No need no need. What good is revenge?"
"You!.... Ah..." Phoenix gave out a long sigh, he stretched out his hand as if he wanted to pat my head but his hand
retreated half way. The spring sun landed in his palm.
There was a gush of wind and the white ceremonial papers that did not have any weight to press them down started to
fly and scatter.
"Has Phoenix's body recovered?" I quietly looked at Phoenix.
His eyes shone as if his mood became good again, "Much better. I had fully recovered a few days ago."
I gave a light affirming sound. Phoenix was truly the strongest Fire God ever, within a month he had fully recovered
from such a serious injury.
Seeing that I remained silent, Phoenix added, "I found a shoe outside my palace," He paused then continued, "It was
not an immortal pill, but it was even more effective**."
I fell into my own thoughts and did not delve into the fact that the first half of his words did not match the second half.
Night lowered his brows, his expression cooled.
After the seven days of the funeral, I returned to the Flower World and buried my father's clothes. Before I left, I
visited the Temple of Matrimonial Bliss to take away the spring paintings and love books the Moon God had given me
earlier. I would have nothing to do while I guarded the tomb for three years, I might as well carefully study what he had
given me to pass the days.
It was a little boring to guard two bald tombstones. Whenever I was bored, I would plant some flowers and trees.
Lately, my favourite was the camphor tree because it had thick dense leaves that were luxuriant and bloomed in all four
seasons. When the wind blew through it, it would make a light "sha sha" sound and lightly shed green and red leaves,
creating a beautiful sight. I liked to carry an umbrella*** and walk through the falling leaves. Hearing the leaves fall on
the umbrella sounded like the falling rain, resembling the rain formation that Daddy would create.

Humans always said that the human shadow will not follow the passing river. Even as the water heads towards the
east, the human shadow will remain. But why even as the water has not lessened, I can no longer see Water Daddy?
I studied some destiny life formations from a book from the mortal realms. I realised that my destiny was too hard, I
was born to harm people--- harm my dad, harm my mother, harm my husband, harm my child... in all, I would harm
everyone around me.
Sigh! I was truly dangerous!

*Also known as a corn.

**Phoenix found Jin Mi's shoe and knew she visited him while she was injured hence his cryptic confession in front of
Night - your shoe was more effective than any medicine.

*** In case anyone is wondering, the writer was referring to the olden time oiled paper umbrellas:

Comments: The actual title of Chapter 18 is The Passing of The Water God. I chose not to use the real title for the
translations because I thought it would be too much of a spoiler. I thought it would be good to experience the sudden
passing of the Water God just like what Jin Mi experienced --- in one night, she gained a father, in another night, he
Now, who hurt him? Will Night or Phoenix find out first?
Jin Mi learns that becoming a god does not actually answer her problems. In fact, she is still running away from her
We are heading towards the next climax! May the best god win!

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Chapter 19.1
Chapter 19.1

Chapter 19: The Emotional Threads are Deep and Mysterious (Part 1 of 4)
Nothing is more beautiful than an April's day. When it's April in the mortal realms, the cherry blossoms are in bloom,
the sweet floral fragrance permeates the air, the mortals think that this is the epitome of beauty. But, such a sight is
ordinary in the Flower World. Every day is an April's day, every season is spring. One doesn't remember when a
flower blooms for it never withers.
The warm wind made one drowsy, filled one with a sense of laziness. During the first few days when I first returned to
the Flower World, I could hardly rise awake... whenever the Twenty Four Flower Leaders visited, I would be sleeping.
This evening when I was playing chess with Night, I could barely last until half a set when I leaned down on the stone
table and started to dream. Half dreaming and half awake, I thought I heard the Head Flower Leader talked to Night.
"This child, Jin Mi... ah, her life is tough. Do I dare ask if Night is sincere towards her - without any ill intent?"
"This is my real heart, the Head Flower Leader does not need to suspect."
"But if one gives real feelings, then one will wish that one's feelings are also reciprocated with real feelings. Jin Mi is
like barren ground, no matter what fertiliser you give, no matter how carefully you water and protect it, you would not
be able to grow a single petal. To speak of love with her is to throw a stone in the big ocean, you would not receive an
echo back. Is Night afraid of wasting time and effort?"
"Ah... what is there to fear? If time is meant to be spent, I am willing to waste my life with her... but, for what reason
does the Head Flower Leader speak so pessimistically about Jin Mi?"
"(cough).... Jin Mi grew up under my watch, her basic nature is kind, only she has always been cold and ruthless with
her feelings. Besides wanting to become god, she has no other desires, no person, no thing comes into her eyes - not to
even mention her heart. When the Water God passed on, did Night see Jin Mi shed a single tear?"
"Now that you mention it, she did not. But, a great love leaves no traces, a huge sorrow has no tears. How will the
Head Flower Leader know if Jin Mi is not actually grieving in her heart? Please don't speak badly of Jin Er, if I may be
so blunt, I do not like to listen of such words."
"Ah... then I will stop here, one's nature is not easily changed, I can only hope that the efforts Night put in can crack
metal and stone."
Night stroke my loose hairs on my back, I comfortably laid down on his arm and fell into a deep sleep.
I did not know how much time had passed but I suddenly realised that I was no longer sleeping on an arm but a silk
pillow. Night must have left and I could only blearily hear the Head Flower Leader sigh, "I do not know if the Unfeeling
Pill is a blessing or burden to you..."
When I awoke again, the sky has lit and so the night had passed without any trace.
Next to the previous Flower God's tomb was a stone pavilion In the day, I would read the books that the Moon God
had passed to me. The books talked about emotions and entanglements, I did not understand what was written, but I was
forcing myself to read it from start to end to figure out its secret.

I had woken up late today and felt bored of reading, so I started to copy out a few lines of poetry on loose paper when
a gush of wind suddenly blew and the papers with ink on them started to fly out of the pavilion.
I looked at the flying papers with interest, and decided to put down my calligraphy brush. I started to fold the other
poems into butterflies and using my magic I made them fly one by one outside of the pavilion with their wings. The
white clean butterflies with ink brush words on them flew up and down in the sunlight, it was a lovely sight, even more
beautiful than real butterflies.
Suddenly, I heard an almost indistinguishable sound of breathing in the pavilion and my gaze returned. I saw Phoenix
leaning elegantly on one of the pavilion pillars. His gaze was concentrated on his hand which was squeezing a few of
the paper butterflies. Sensing my gaze, he lifted up his head, "This is not bad."
"Yes," I nodded my head, "Indeed, it is not bad, it is pure like jade, shining but not slippery... if Phoenix likes this
paper, I can give it to you."
Phoenix lifted a brow and flipped the paper, he said, "I was saying the poem is not bad." He picked one paper up and
started to read, "*Never-ending lines of poetry, everlasting longing, I ask the gentleman if I can depend on you... even
with feelings, one needs fate, an ice heart hides......"
Phoenix raised the ends of his brow, "You speak so bluntly, one wonders which god you are longing for?"
I opened my mouth and was about to respond when I suddenly changed my mind, "I must not be blunt enough if
Phoenix cannot tell who I am longing for."
Phoenix clenched his finger and the paper was folded into a deep crease, "What do you mean?"
I looked out of the pavilion and slowly took in a breath, "It is not only the handkerchief that has silk** (but the chinese
word 丝 here plays on the dual meaning of connecting feelings like a thread), if you leave the paper up to the light to
see, it will also appear like silk. It's just a pity that you did not want it when it was given to you."
Phoenix's expression did not change as he watched me, his eyes were calm but his fingertips lightly moved, they had
gotten smudged with the black ink but he did not realise it. The wind cut through threads (the same chinese word here as
丝 silk) of chaotic breathing. After a while, he finally opened his mouth, and said each word seriously, "What did you
I examined his inscrutable expression and suddenly remembered something. I raised it casually, "Can you not marry
Princess Sui He?"
With this, Phoenix's face finally had some movement. He looked at me startled, the flame in his eyes appeared to have
met a flicker of wind, "Ah? Why?"
"I read some medical books recently, they all say that it is not good to marry a wife from the same ancestor, your
babies will have one less finger or one more toe. In all, it is not good. Since you and Princess Sui He are cousins and
from the same tribe, it is not good to marry," I said sincerely. It was so rare I was sincerely counselling someone.
The ends of Phoenix's mouth lightly lifted up as if he did not know whether to cry or laugh, "I must thank you for
thinking for me, but..." His eyes looked straight into mine as if he was determined to look into my heart, "But what if I
tell you that only applies to mortals and does not apply to gods, will you be willing for me to marry Sui He?"
He looked at me, this invincible arrogant Fire God, at this moment he had a sense of vulnerability between his brows,
as if he was betting his life and death in this moment.
I thought for a moment and replied, "Not willing."
A long sigh was released. Phoenix comfortably closed his eyes and when he opened his eyes agan, I saw a dimple
faintly appear at his cheek, "Why?"
"Why must there be so many reasons in this world? If I'm not willing, I'm not willing," I said stubbornly.
"If I don't marry Sui He, can I marry Yue Bei Xing from the Nine Shining Stars Palace?" Phoenix had a lot of questions
I paused for a moment then answered seriously, "It doesn't seem right as well."
Phoenix's dimple deepened, "Then how about Princess Liu Ying?"
"It is also not good," I shook my head.
With that, Phoenix continued asking about half of the beautiful gods and sprites in the six realms. Since I was being so
thoughtful to think for him, I helped him to reject them all. Phoenix's smile widened and he was positively radiant.
Finally, he sat next to me, his hand lifted up the loose strands of hair from my forehead and placed it behind my ear.
His eyes were brimming with gentleness, "Don't worry, no matter how good these goddesses are, they cannot enter my
heart. In this wide world, only one person lives in my heart. In my life, I will only marry that one person." With that, he
placed me in his deep embrace.
I leaned on his chest, and seemed to hear the sound of the river rising and falling. I closed my eyes and obediently
neatened his fallen hairs then hugged him.
His lips grazed the top of my head, he did not speak, as if he was enjoying an inexpressible moment.
As Phoenix was leaving, he hesitated for a moment, his cheeks turned red and he asked, "Will it still count if you give
me these pieces of paper now?"
I passed him some of the papers and generously said, "Of course it counts. You may take, if it's not enough, you can
take again."
Although Phoenix was dressed in simple robes, with the papers in his hand, the smile in his gaze, his whole demeanour
was extraordinary.

*Basically, Jin Mi was copying lines of romantic poetry. They exchanged quite a bit on the lines of poetry but it's too
complicated to really fully articulate here, so I have given a very simplistic translation.
** This whole chapter is so beautiful. I must comment that the title of the chapter also has the play on the word silk (丝)
which can also mean emotional threads. In this chapter, although Night gets to appear, it is clearly Phoenix's chapter all
the way. When Phoenix first appears and reads the love poems written by Jin Mi, he was jealous and wondering who
she was thinking about (answer: no one). But, who would have expected Jin Mi to tease Phoenix for looking down on
her pieces of papers - a silk handkerchief from a maiden is the usual love token, but here she suggests that these pieces
of paper can also be a love token that connects feelings, after all, these thin gossamer-like papers are translucent like
silk in the sunlight.
I love what Jin Mi said, though from the context, I think she genuinely was just playing with the "silk"-like texture of the
paper and thought the butterflies were so beautiful... instead of indirectly giving a love confession to Phoenix, which
was what Phoenix took it to be. Haha.
Ah, but Phoenix's dimples... who can resist?
The chapter is only going to go into deeper, unescapable territory......

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Chapter 19.2
Chapter 19.2

Chapter 19: The Emotional Threads are Deep and Mysterious (Part 2 of 4)
Night slowly became more and more busy . Although he did not say anything, I was able to decipher this from the
space between his brows . However, his visits to me also steadily increased, often he would guard at the head of my
bed the whole night .
Before I closed my eyes to sleep, I would see him sitting elegantly and pure as the clear moonlight on a bamboo chair,
sipping tea . When I opened my eyes and awoke from a dream, he would still be sitting on a bamboo chair, untainted,
pure as the clear moonlight, but in his hand was no longer a teacup but a poetry book . He lifted his head and gave me a
smile, his smile was always just nice - just the right amount of warmth to make my whole body relax in comfort .
One or two nights, I was not able to sleep and we talked about the art of magic . At the break of dawn, I felt my whole
body feeling lethargic and uncomfortable, as if I had drank too much alcohol . I was full of admiration for how Night
could stay awake the whole night, always rushing to visit me in the Flower World after hanging the stars in the night .
He gave a soft smile, "Why would I be tired? Seeing you sleep sweetly is my best rest, more effective than ten days of
sleep . "
No matter how many tasks Night was busy with, he was still able to be gentle and considerate to everything - every
flower, every grass, every person, every animal .
Old Carrot Immortal was afraid of rabbits, so Night borrowed a thunder drum from the Thunder God . The thunder
drum was only the size of a palm and could be carried at the waist . When Old Carrot Immortal met a rabbit, he only
needed to lightly pat this drum and there would be the rumbling sounds of thunder . Rabbits were not brave and would
be frightened by any disturbances, so they would always run away in fear . The Old Carrot Immortal was so happy that
he praised Night to the skies and sighed that he had mistaken him previously .
Lian Qiao had low divine energy and was often sad at being restrained in the Water Margin . She always wanted to
see living creatures besides flowers and grass . So, Night gave her a mirror that allowed her to see all kinds of
creatures and living things . This satisfied Lian Qiao's curiosity and she chased after me to ask if Night would like a
concubine, she wanted to recommend herself .

Inevitably, the Head Flower Leader and all the other twenty three other Flower Leaders were also won over by
Night's thoughtfulness and ability to discreetly and perfectly handle everything . In a short time, all the grass immortals,
flower sprites, butterflies and bugs, even the bugs the size of a rice grain, knew that the most elegant and harmonious
god in the six realms was Night .
Night soon became the hot topic of the sprites in the Flower World . For example, even now as I was strolling along
the tombstones, I heard a grasshopper sprite and a Jasmine Flower sprite gossiping .
"Ah . . . . how shall I describe the Night Deity? Yesterday night, outside the window, I saw Night covering Tao Tao
(this is Jin Mi's nickname and a pun on grape in chinese) with a blanket, that action, that gaze, ah . . . that gaze will make
anyone willingly evaporate . . " The grasshopper sprite said in a reminiscing tone .
The Jasmine Flower Sprite did not agree, "That does not even count . You have not seen the Night Deity play chess
with Tao Tao . Tao Tao's chess skills is so bad that it would go against the rules of heaven for Night Deity not to win .
But Night Deity has the patience to slowly play with her, and to always lose or win perfectly within two or three pieces
- allowing Tao Tao to be dignified and happy regardless if she wins or loses . But it is like playing music to a cow,
from my years of experience, Tao Tao is only a rock that looks quite pleasing to the eyes, but you cannot grow a flower
from a rock . To see the perfect dragon Night Deity be ruined in her hands . . . ah, what a tragedy . "
I paused, I could not understand how Night was ruined by me? It's fine, I am generous, I will not be calculative about
this .
The grasshopper sprite continued, "Speaking of Night Deity, I am reminded of the Fire Deity who has also been
visiting the Flower World a lot recently . I heard that he once taught the arts of magic to Tao Tao and can be considered
her master . His physical appearance is perfect with nothing to criticise, truly befitting of the title of the most beautiful
male in the six realms . Compared to the Water God who used to be the most good looking god, he even wins the Water
God by a little . But, that gaze . . . . it is an intimidating icy gaze . I heard him speak to the other gods before, his words
are rare like gold, once he says something, he will never do another thing . His divine essence is also high and strong,
all the gods who had fought with him before fear him . I wonder how two completely different gods, the Night Deity and
Fire Deity, can both come from the Heavenly Emperor . "
"You are wrong, how can you describe them as totally different? At the end of it, they are both equally desirable," The
Jasmine Flower Sprite laughed .
"That is true . Actually, instead of Tao Tao ruining the Night Deity, she should be with the Fire Deity, a stubborn rock
against a strong wall of ice, hard against hard, it seems matching . "
"You better not speak nonsense, Tao Tao must call his Fire Highness Little Uncle in future!"
The sprites in the Flower World were slowly becoming like the female immortals and goddesses in the Heavenly
Realms . I shook my head and returned to the pavilion .
Before I reached the pavilion, I could see from far the Phoenix, who was reportedly very compatible with me,
comfortably leaning on the stone pillar of the pavilion . His hand was holding a half opened parchment and his head was
bent down looking at it . Seeing the back of his neck, I was suddenly inspired and transformed into a snow flower and
coldly slid down the back of his neck, icily sticking on his skin .
Who knew that not only was Phoenix not surprised, he actually burst into deep laughter . Had I accidentally pressed
onto the vital point that causes him to itch? My heart was not pleased and I threatened, "Quick hand over your internal
essence! Or else . . . "
Phoenix teasingly raised his mouth and I could see his dimples deepen, "Or else?"
"Or else, I will bite you!" I said fiercely .
Phoenix placed his parchment down, turned around and transformed me back to my original state . He held tightly onto
both of my arms and laughed more happily, "That is exactly what I would like . " Immediately after he spoke, he leaned
down and pressed on both of my lips . His brows covered my eyes - covered the bluish sky that caused one's heart to
itch, as if a swan's feather had fallen into the middle of the lake, and a pool of ripples slowly very slowly languidly
very languidly started to move outwards . I closed my eyes and bit his soft lips to respond to him, he paused, and
suddenly his lips were hotter, stronger, as if he wanted to incinerate me, just like the rising red lotus fire . . his tongue
stretched in, the breath invading straight into my lungs, not leaving me any inch of space . . .
Out of breath, we parted, and I only felt like my soul was coming out of my body, I felt hot and uncomfortable all
over . I tried to fan myself with my hand to relieve the heat from my face . But under his steadfast gaze, I closed my lids
and lowered my head, my two cheeks started to heat up, it was so hot that water droplets could turn to steam on them .
Phoenix reached out his hand and stroke my cheek, as if calming a cat's fur . His finger tips slowly slid down and lifted
up my chin, "I like your embarrassed and shy expression the most . Don't lower your head, won't you let me see?" It was
always like this, in these almost three years, every time he saw my face redden, his mood would become very good .
The more anxious I got, the happier he became .
I moved from side to side and said, "I will not let you see, I will not . "
Phoenix laughed and placed me into his embrace, "Fine, I will not see, I will not see . " After a while, he continued,
"Don't speak only of the internal essence, whatever you want, I will give you . Even if you want the flow of the heavenly
river to reverse, for fishes to fly or birds to swim, I will help you accomplish it . "
I hid in his arms and comfortably laughed, I gave a sincere assessment, "How obedient . "
Phoenix reach out his hand and lightly flicked my forehead, his expression was calm and arrogant, "Who do you say is
I said coquettishly, "Little Uncle is very obedient . "
Phoenix held my shoulder and forcefully pulled me apart from his embrace, his long eyes narrowed and he
threateningly raised a brow, although he was still smiling, his dimple had disappeared . He lowered his voice and
spoke slowly in a tone that was neither cold nor warm, "Little Uncle? Who are you calling Litte Uncle?"
My heart shook, seeing how coldly he smiled, had I touched a sensitive spot? I decided to push the blame, "They say I
should call you 'Little Uncle'" .
"I didn't know you still heartlessly want to marry Night?" Phoenix let me go, stood up tall and looked down on me .
That aura was extremely overwhelming, just as I was trying to think of how to respond, Phoenix continued, "Recently,
you must be very happy to have Night to accompany you nightly?"
I swallowed to moistened my dry throat, "Please don't say such words to hurt my heart . Whether I am happy or not,
don't you know?" I declared grandly,"Why would I want to marry Night, I only want to marry you . "
Phoenix's expression froze .
"But . . . the Heavenly Emperor's marriage edict . . . that cannot be changed . . . " I gave him a depressed glance .
Phoenix returned a smile and flicked my forehead, "You don't have to worry about this . I have my own plan . But, you
will have to first tolerate during the wedding ceremony in a month's time . . . " He clutched his palm tightly, as if there
was something he could not bear but was forcing himself to tolerate .
One by one, I loosened his fingers and saw that they had squeezed out traces of blood . Seeing this, a bug started to
go wild in my chest as if eating something up and leaving me feeling uncomfortable . My brows furrowed as I blew on
his hand .
Phoenix's expression softened and he lowered his head to gaze at me, "Jin Mi, in times of danger, between Night and
me, who will you help?"

I did not lift my head and answered, "Naturally, I will help you!"

Letting out a huge breath of air, Phoenix appeared to have gained fifty thousand years of divine energy, "With these
words from you today, it will not be a waste of me . . . " The last part of his voice was too soft, as if he was murmuring
to himself, but his face reddened .
Before he left, he passed a painting to me, "I drew this when I was free, you can take it . "
I opened the painting parchment and saw a lustrous growing grape stem . In the foreground, there was the back of a
girl, she appeared faint as if she wasn't really there but at her hair was a dazzling hair pin . I praised, "Your painting
skills have improved . This goddess' figure is like the willow, not bad not bad, only that she is a bit skinny . "
Phoenix pressed his forehead and spoke as if he was trying to calm himself, "You are that goddess . "
I froze for a moment then looked even more carefully . Ah, I saw that the hair pin was the Great Phoenix Feather
Treasure, and I answered, "Ah, no wonder it looks familiar . "
"Whatever whatever . . . " Phoenix started to laugh .
Three years, as short as a flash, no more than the time it takes for a bead to pass through the Buddha's hand .
The seventh day of the third month, the night before the Wedding, Night following the customs, was not allowed to see
me .
I knelt before Daddy's tomb, the night sky was full of fireflies dancing . I took out the hair pin, my thick hair flew
down, the grape stem changed into a knife blade . I lifted up the blade quickly and cleanly cut off a part of my hair . I
wrapped the token of hair in paper and called a messenger bird, placed it on its back and commanded the bird to send
the package to the Fire God .
The little messenger bird seemed to understand my order and in a blink of an eye disappeared into the deep night .
"Daddy, I once said I would be filial to you . I have not forgotten this, I don't know if you have already forgotten?" I
kowtowed* three times towards the tombstone, stood up, and lifted my head and smiled .
Emotional threads, emotional threads, I sighed .

*Action of bowing the head to the ground .

Comments: What a long chapter! Reading it the second time while translating it, I think I love the quiet turmoil of these
scenes even more and can appreciate the nuances better . Now, readers, hold on to your heart, what will happen at the
wedding? Will Phoenix really reverse the flow of the Heavenly River?

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Chapter 19.3
Chapter 19.3

Chapter 19: The Emotional Threads are Deep and Mysterious (Part 3 of 4)

"The auspicious time has arrived! Raise the sedan!" On the eighth day of the third month, as the sun sets and night
arrives, the twenty four flower leaders stood in two rows to send me off. The flower sprites and immortals, the insects,
the worms, all the sprites gathered at the Water Boundary, and even gathered at the three continents and ten islands that
laid outside the Flower World. A route of a thousand miles, three thousand, six hundred and sixty six flowers were
arranged to form a blossoming long carpet to lead the way. The sixteen immortal attendants who had arrived to pick up
the bride were decked up in ornate costumes and carried the sedan up with respect and grand ceremony. I sat in the
large sedan, my head was covered by a red matrimonial veil made from threads from heavenly silkworms. The veil
blocked my eyes but luckily the red matrimonial veil was not knitted in small tight stitches and there were gaps that
allowed some light to go through. I could still roughly see what was happening outside. All the strange flowers and
fauna in the flower world had gathered around the route the sedan was taking and the dense and strong flora and fauna
smell caused me to feel giddy in the sedan. In a while, I felt the sedan land. The cloth covering the sedan was lifted
up, I saw a clean long white hand reach in, the aura was magnificent. A gentle voice spoke in a low tone, "Jin Er." This
was Night. I placed my hand in his palm and was lightly guided out of the sedan by his grip. Suddenly, the playing of
the musical instruments reached its crescendo. Many colourful butterflies started to fly, the cranes started to dance.

I stood shoulder to shoulder by Night, gazing at him through the red matrimonial veil. He wore a jade dragon crown, a
grand red matrimonial robe, his brows were dark and his eyes were clear, his expression was elegant and
distinguished, he gave off a light shining aura like a pearl. Compared to the surrounding noise of the crowd with the
striking bold wedding decorations, he was like the morning dew in the midst of dark ink, always remaining undisturbed
and untainted by the surroundings.

He smiled and looked at me. He very solemnly took my hand and led me through the immortals who had gathered from
the six realms to watch the ceremony. The Nightmare Beast that I had not seen for ages had a red flower ball on its neck
as it followed me, every now and then it would lower its head and nervously peek at me from under my red matrimonial
veil. When it saw me glaring at it, it would quickly jump and continue walking. As we walked, I could see that the two
sides of the route towards the palace were surrounded by gods and immortals from all the realms, even the King of Hell
was invited and sat on the right of the Heavenly Emperor. The Heavenly Emperor grandly sat on his throne at the top.
He wore a golden crown and robes, his aura was grave and his brows were lowered. But, when he saw Night and I
holding hands, he gave a light satisfied smile. The Moon God, who stood next to the Heavenly Emperor, lowered his
eyes towards our hands that were interlocked like an unbreakable chain, then he looked at how we stood shoulder to
shoulder, with barely any space in between. His expression was squashed like a bittergourd and his brows were so
furrowed, it could easily kill one or two mosquitoes. I heard the Moon God speak secretly to me, "Little Mi Er, how can
you forsake the old and transfer your affections to someone new? What will happen to my poor Nephew? You only hear
your new lover laugh, but you can't hear your old lover cry!" I replied to him concernedly as well in secret and said,
"The Moon God, please do not be so agitated. Sit down and speak slowly, you will be tired if you stand." The Moon
God looked conflicted then replied secretly, "I am officiating the wedding. I cannot sit." I simply could not see how the
Moon God would have the aura to officiate the wedding...... The Heavenly Emperor's gaze sternly swept across the
grand hall. He turned his head and asked the Moon God in a low voice, "Why don't I see Phoenix?" The Moon God
looked at me and responded, "This is an important ceremony in the Heavenly Realms... everyone is gathered here,
Phoenix must be on his way but was slowed down by the crowd. There is no harm in waiting a while more." The
Heavenly Emperor lightly furrowed his brow as if he was not satisfied with the Moon God's explanation and so he said
immediately, "We won't wait. Let's start." The Moon God appeared to want to say something more but he was stopped
by the Heavenly Emperor. He had no choice but to commence the wedding, "Music!" In a moment, the hall was filled
with celebratory music and the surrounding gods looked at Night and I with praise, "What a beautiful couple!"

"The bride and groom bows to heaven and earth!" Night took my hand and bowed towards the Heavenly Emperor,
then we turned and bowed towards the King of Hell. The Heavenly Emperor is the sky, the King of Hell is the earth, this
has always been the inalterable truth. "The bride and groom bows to their ancestors!" As Night's mother had long
passed on and there was only his father left, the Heavenly Emperor, the second bow was also towards the Heavenly
Emperor. As I raised my body, I heard Night say, "Not only do I owe you a debt for bringing me up, you have also
taught me like a teacher and bestowed onto me this matrimonial fate. The gratitude I feel cannot be expressed with only
two bows. Today at my grand wedding, I specially honour you, Father Emperor, with this cup of clear water to express
my heart to you." The Heavenly Emperor received the jade green goblet that Night transformed and said with
satisfaction, "How precious for Night to have such a heart." He then finished the drink in one gulp. "The bride and
groom bow towards each other!" After this bow, the ceremony would be complete. My heart was a litte nervous when I
heard the Moon God stretched the sound of each word, as if reluctant to let it end... each word became longer than a
sentence... Just as the Moon God finally ended the last word, the palace door was opened with a bang as if pushed by
a strong wind. All the gods looked back and I lifted up my red matrimonial veil.  

"Wait!" Phoenix stepped into the hall in silvery blue robes which deeply contrasted with the hall that was ablaze
with the ceremonial colours of red. "Phoenix!" The Heavenly Emperor voice deepened, "What are you doing?"
Phoenix threw the person he was holding onto with his hand into the centre of the hall. Everyone finally noticed that he
had entered holding onto a person. Phoenix's long eyes sharply swept across, he lifted up a long sword in his hands and
pointed to Night, "Father Emperor, I'm afraid you have asked the wrong person. You should ask Night instead about
what he is doing!" Night looked at the bound person in the centre of his hall. His expression did not change but his aura
dimmed a little, "What does Phoenix mean?" Phoenix glanced at him from the side of his eyes but did not speak. He
commanded the person kneeling down on the floor, "I trouble Immortal Tai Si to lift up his head." When the gods heard
the person's name, all of them were shocked. The person lifted up his head, although he appeared disheveled and
slightly injured, everyone could recognise that this was the Heavenly General Tai Si who held onto great military
power. "On Night's big wedding day, he did not forget to command his soldiers. While everyone gathered to welcome
the bride, he ordered Heavenly General Tai Si to go steal the Heavenly Emperor's seal! What a good tactic - using the
ceremony to hide your true purpose!" With that, everyone was jolted like a bolt of lightning. All the gods in the palace
turned towards Night with suspicion. All the gods knew that the heavenly soldiers and heavenly generals were split
into eight factions, five under Phoenix's control and three under Night's. Heavenly General Tai Si has always loyally
followed Night. It was clear who was behind him. "In front of the palace, you welcome the bride, behind the palace,
you are arranging your army. There are hundred thousands of heavenly soldiers and generals waiting to ambush the
Heavenly Emperor's Nine Mist Clouds Palace." With every word from Phoenix, the hearts of the people jumped in
terror, "Once the ceremony is complete and the drum is hit, the soldiers will come in and capture the Heavenly
Emperor, am I right, Night?" Finally, Night's expression darkened and he closed his lips. With a flick of Phoenix's
finger, an unstoppably quick flash of light hit the big drum. Before the sound could even land, a whole troop of soldiers
swarmed into the palace hall. The troop seeing the person tied up in the middle of the hall, immediately realised that the
situation was upside down, and froze helplessly. "Guards! Take down Night!" Phoenix commanded and two of his men
stormed into the palace and captured Night. They each took one of his arms and pulled it to his back and pressed it upon
his shoulders. Phoenix took a few steps and guarded me behind his back. "Night, what do you have to say?" The
Heavenly Emperor's brows were tightly furrowed as he looked at Night, his eyes full of shock and disappointment.
Night in his robes of red and jade crown, although he was restrained, not a strand of his hair was out of place. He
lightly smiled as he looked straight at Phoenix, "Nothing. Whoever wins will be Emperor, except I was lacking, the
mantis is stalking the cicada but does not know that the yellow sparrow is behind it*." *A chinese saying in which the
person only looks at what it can gain in front of him and does not notice the problems behind.

Comment: If you remember Night once told Jin Mi about his childhood in Chapter 16, how his mother was an ordinary
red koi and all he wanted to be was an ordinary red koi. He tried his best to hide his dragon self (dragon is
representative of the Emperor) and would always wear fiery red clothes when he transformed into his human self... of
course later, Night no longer wore red, which became Phoenix's colour, and he was always his quiet elegant self. I think
one could see that he was repressing his "red" self, and on his wedding day, in the grand red matrimonial robes, Night is
finally showing his true colours. Lots of little touches and hints in the chapter of what is to come. It's time for everyone
to wake up.

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Chapter 19.4
Chapter 19.4

Chapter 19: The Emotional Threads are Deep and Mysterious (Part 4 of 4)
Night lightly said, "Nothing. Whoever wins will be Emperor, except I was lacking, the mantis is stalking the cicada but
does not know that the yellow sparrow is behind it."
Phoenix calmly looked at Night whose powers has been bound by golden ropes, "Your saying on the yellow sparrow
is not truly accurate, today Night has merely been the silkworm that spins its own cocoon, caught in a trap of your own
Night smiled and lightly shook his head.
"We are loyal to the Night Deity and are willing to die for him!" The soldiers that had rushed in just now started to
shout. In a moment, the soldiers rushed towards the surrounding gods to hold them as hostages. Most of the gods were
scholarly types and naturally were easily overcome by the soldiers.
But, Phoenix was already prepared. With a flash from his eyes and a command from him, even more soldiers rushed
from outside to stop Night's rebellious soldiers, in a moment, the celebratory hall became a battleground of swords.
The Heavenly Emperor was incensed. He slapped the golden arm of his throne and was about to rise, but even before
he could stand properly he suddenly fell back into the throne. He looked stunned at Night, "What water did you give me
to drink ?!"
Night answered without haste, "Something that will take away your powers for four hours*."
"You!..." The Heavenly Emperor looked completely devastated and was rendered speechless. The Moon God helped
the Heavenly Emperor and looked at Night in anger, "Night, I always knew your heart was deep and calculative, but I
never knew you were unfaithful, disloyal, and unfilial. Aren't you scared of divine retribution?"
Night lightly looked at the Heavenly Emperor and said, "Someone who is unfaithful, disloyal and unfilial, how can he
have any right to demand that people are faithful, loyal and filial to him? To ascend to the throne, the Heavenly Emperor
himself killed his brothers, forsook the Flower Goddess, married a wicked goddess, humiliated my mother, abandoned
his son. If it was not to battle the Demon Tribe, would he have summoned me back? He also brutally separated the
Flower Goddess and the Water God - he made the Wind Goddess marry the Water God and destroyed the Flower
Goddess after poisoning her. Later, he also ruined my mother's wedding fate with the Fish King of Eastern Seas,
abandoned her and let her be killed. If there is divine justice, then his retribution should come."
The Heavenly Emperor's colouring on his face withered.
"Night does not ask to be free of recriminations, but in my heart, I want to repay my debt to my mother for raising me,"
Night looked at me calmly from afar, even his deep red robes could not shroud the peacefulness emanating from inside
of him, "I have no regrets this life, except I only owe one person."
I returned his gaze then turned away to look at the heavenly generals who were fighting with each other. Night's
soldiers were weaker and it looked like victory was about to be gained by Phoenix's men. Phoenix calmly stood in front
of me, "Do not look, be careful as the blade has no eyes." He raised his palm to attack some of the soldiers, in the centre
of his palm grew fiery flames and the rebellious soldiers immediately burned to death.
I looked at his wide shoulders and back, then followed his movements and looked carefully at his palms, looked at the
flames burning within the palms. In these three years, I have repeatedly looked at both of these hands, every line and
curve I could remember clearly, telling myself that these were the hands, this was the Red Lotus Flame that had taken
away my only father, incinerating his soul.
I did not catch what Night said and only heard him emphasising the four words, "Debt for raising me."

 谁言寸草心,报得三春晖? (A famous line of poetry where the child wonders how it can ever repay the great
unconditional love of a parent)

The surrounding voices started to fade and I could no longer hear anything or see anything - only the heavy
thunderstorm that day. I had woken up alarmed by the sound of the rain, and I saw Daddy sleeping at the edge of my bed.
His eyes wearily opened and said gently, "Sleep a while more, I will go get your medicine."
But, I was never able to wait for that bowl of bitter medicine, not able to wait for the icy sweet that comes after the
bowl of bitter medicine...
Daddy's immortal attendant that always accompanied him tried his best to escape, he crawled to my room door. He
had no more energy to even spit out a word but using the last of his strength he repeatedly made the same mouth gesture.
I pushed away his corpse and rushed to the stove. I personally saw Daddy's ashes slowly disappearing. I anxiously
reached out my hands to stop it, but only managed to capture a sleeve of his robe that was half destroyed. There was
still some warmth left, but the person has disappeared, only leaving the light warm feeling of steam.
I finally realised what the immortal attendant had been trying his best to say - "Fire".
Everyone knew that there was only one thing that could destroy the Water God - the Red Lotus Fire.
Everyone knew that only two people could use the Red Lotus Fire - the Heavenly Empress and the Fire Deity.
Since the Heavenly Empress was in prison, besides Phoenix, there was no other...
"For trying to kill your daughter, the Water God wants to take my mother's life, Phoenix is willing to take three palms
for my mother. I am worried that even when she is in prison, the Water God will still want to hurt my mother. To
destroy the Water God so there is no more worries!"
The memories in my mind were shredded and combined repeatedly, my head hurt, hurt very much and I closed both my
"Jin Mi! Jin Mi?" Phoenix turned and called for me gently in my ear.
"Nothing," I lightly replied.
"Don't look any more," Phoenix unhesitatingly blocked my view and turned to face the front again. He reached out his
hand towards Night, his fingertips blossomed a bright lotus flower, the winds in the Nine Mist Clouds Palace started to
grow strong and caused his robes to fly, he said proudly, "To fight on some more will only cause the innocents to die.
Today, I fear that the rebellion will only stop with the destruction of the Night Deity."
At this moment, I could not see Phoenix's face. I could only see his long spine, his back facing me, like an opened
door. I saw the light that beamed through and I smiled, indeed, the books on love did not cheat me.
The emotional threads, the emotional threads, the feelings entwined with these threads, who is willing to give me their
Indeed, he had placed my hair in the most important place, repaying my efforts of seducing him for the last three years.
It turned out that his central divine core was not between his brows but in the middle of his chest!
I lowered my head and looked at the ice blade shaped like a willow leaf, thin like a leaf, translucent like ice, sharp on
both sides.
In a moment, I stabbed it through the centre of Phoenix's back.

Daddy, I once said I will repay you, but I did not know what I should do. Today, now, I personally killed the person
who murdered you, is this fulfilling my filial piety to you?

I did not hesitate and used my entire strength to press the blade into that unprotected back.
I saw it enter without any obstruction... I personally saw it go through the emotional threads (her hair), and forced
through the front of his chest...
On the blade, one drop of red blood slowly surfaced, in that one drop, a little flower blossomed, bright red.
The four surroundings were silent, so silent I could hear the flower blossom.
He leaned on my chest and slowly turned around, his nose tip touched my nose tip, we were so close I could not see
his face clearly, only the shocked black pupils in his eye, I could see my entirely face in his gaze, looking clearly at my
honest betrayal.
He asked, "Why...?"
I replied, "You know."
He asked, "Have you ever loved me...?"
I said, "Never ever."
When we spoke, we were so close, so close that our lips lightly grazed each other... it reminded me of an afternoon,
many afternoons, the clouds were light, the winds were clear......
I was confused, "Love, what is it?"
But, he had no more words.
I never understood what was love, only reading those thick books to try and understand the emotions and actions they
described. I learned how to make my face red, I learned how to appear like an embarrassed girl.
Who will tell me if I have learned well...?
His warm blood covered both my hands and seeped through my matrimonial robes. The red blood on my red robes
blossomed flower after flower of dark red petals.
His phoenix eyes were closed, like a child deep asleep. I slowly saw him become translucent, become thin,
disappearing like the ashes swept away by the wind... finally, he became a flame. In a moment, everything behind me
was destroyed by the flame. But I, carrying the Great Phoenix Feather Treasure, was unharmed......
"Jin Mi, you know my heart. Even if you will curse me, hate me, I will not let you marry Night!"
"What is going to hell? There is nothing in this world that I am afraid of!"
"Jin Mi, I think, there will finally be a day where I will kill you."
"Will it still count if you give me these pieces of paper now?"
"You... you have no heart nor lungs..."
"Don't worry, no matter how good these goddesses are, they cannot enter my heart. In this wide world, only one person
lives in my heart. In my life, I will only marry that one person."
A strong energy pursed through my heart and I fell to the floor, spitting out a mouthful of black blood. A pearl of
sandalwood rolled in the blood then disappeared.
Facing me, Night removed the golden ropes.......

*He meant two of the 12 two hour periods the day is divided into.
Comments: So epic right? It's clear that the running theme for this chapter is filial piety and what a child's duties to his
or her parents should entail... especially against the other emotional thread that one runs against - passionate, romantic
So, it turns out the yellow sparrow is Jin Mi, and what will happen to the yellow sparrow when she kills the mantis and
spits out the Unfeeling Pill?

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Chapter 20.1
Chapter 20.1

Chapter 20: The Hurt of Honey* (Part 1 of 4)

I turned around, opened my eyes and saw two female immortal attendants at the head of my bed. I tried to lift up my
body with my arm, but who knew that my arm would soften and I would fall back onto the bed. This movement
startled the two female immortal attendants. "Who is singing opera outside?**" I asked. One of the female immortal
attendants' eyes opened wide and she turned around to start to run outside, along the way she shouted, "Quick! Quick tell
the First Emperor! The Water God has awaken!" The other female immortal attendant was more serious. She looked at
me and her voice shook a little as she spoke, "The Water God has slept for half a year and has finally awoke. The First
Emperor has been worried all day and night." I furrowed my brows and asked again, "Who is singing opera outside?"
The female immortal attendant replied, "The First Emperor ascended the throne today. In celebration, the gods had set
up a stage to sing opera from the mortal realms." I closed my eyes and asked, "What is being sung?" The female
immortal attendant answered respectfully, "It's a form of opera called 'Kun Xi'***, it's called 'Startled Dream'".
"Startled dream... Startled dream..." I repeatedly murmured in my lips. I suddenly lifted up my head and looked at her,
"First Emperor? Which First Emperor?"

The female immortal attendant covered her mouth and smiled, "The Water God must be joking. Which other First
Emperor is there? There is only one - Night Deity. Just now, the First Emperor had taken the time to check on the Water
God, and he had actually just left when the Water God awoke." "Night Deity..." My mind was thrown into confusion,
"Night Deity... which Night Deity are you talking about?" I pulled her sleeve, "How about the Fire Deity? You said I
have slept for half a year, why didn't the Fire Deity come and see me?" "Fire Deity...?" She looked confused and did
not answer. After I pulled her sleeve and repeated my question three or four times, she carefully replied, "Fire Deity...
didn't the Fire Deity incinerate into ashes half a year ago?" "Hong Long" there was a huge rumble and I felt something
explode in my head. His every furrow, smile, raise of the hand... Emotional thread... The willow-shaped ice
blade... His back... His central divine core... Blood, my eyes full of blood, flowing down the white clouds, flowing
down step by step, there was only the start, no end. Yes, he died! I personally plunged the knife blade into his divine
essence! I personally killed him! I personally saw his soul incinerate! I held both my hands and felt a stabbing pain in
my chest. I scrunched my body at the edge of the bed, it was so painful I could not straighten my body, it felt like my
heart, guts and lungs were all being dug out alive and then splattered in blood and left lying on the ground. I twisted my
wrists, I twisted it forcefully, wondering why what was being cut off were not my hands? "Great god! Great god!
Why? Please don't hurt yourself!"

I hurt so greatly that my toes were knotted like I pulled a tendon. I looked at her in loss and terror, "Quick! My heart
has disappeared! I have lost my heart! Help me find it! Quick! It must be somewhere in the house! You must find it! It's
so painful, so painful I could die." I held the empty part of my chest and bunched into a ball. The female immortal
attendant's face was terrified and she said, "Yes, I will help you find, I will help you find..." She searched around the
bed, "There's nothing... nothing.. Great God, there's nothing..." "If it's not on the bed, look below! Look outside the
room! It must be somewhere!" I started to cry. The heavy pain would not cease. "What are you finding?" Someone
entered the room, a long figure, golden robes.


I paused with my eyes full of tears. Everyone was quiet. "Find a heart... First Emperor... the Great God wants me to
help her find a heart... She says her heart has gone missing..." The female immortal attendant murmured as if she had lost
her soul. "Jin Er, what's the matter?" The beautiful image of paradise was destroyed all at once. Phoenix has never
once called me Jin Er... my chest was stabbed again by a knife, blood and flesh was mixed into one... I was troubled
and wrung both my hands, my throat felt like it was broken.

"So bitter, so painful! Am I dying?" I looked at him at a loss. Night grabbed my hands and placed me in his arms.
He patted my back and lightly said, "No, you will not. I am here, why will Jin Er die? What's more we must hold hands
for ten thousands ten hundred thousands of years, even when the realms grow old, it will not be enough. Jin Er has only
slept for too long and your body is not used to it." I struggled, "Don't touch me! I'm in pain!" "Where is it painful?"
Night gently looked at me, "I will give you energy to lessen the pain?" I pressed my chest and only felt the pain
spreading from the chest to all four of my limbs, like a needle stabbing. I could not tell where was the pain, it felt like
the pain was everywhere. I scrunched up my body, the tears would not stop falling, "I do not know. I don't know where
it hurts... it's so bitter, my mouth is completely bitter. Save me..." Night smiled, "If you eat a sweet, it will no longer be
bitter." He transformed an icy sweet and personally fed it into my mouth. The sweet melted in my tongue, but I only felt
my throat became more bitter, so bitter I squeezed my eyebrows and spat it out. I saw that the tongue was dyed blood
red. So it turns out only Daddy's icy sweet is sugary, but, Daddy is no longer around... Night looked at the sweet that
was covered in blood. His brows were downcast as he used his fingers to transfer divine essence into my back, "Don't
be worried, Jin Er, it will be ok, everything will be ok." I choked with sobs until my throat was so dry it could not
release any more sounds. The droplets of tears kept falling down my cheeks, as if it would never stop. I did not know
why I was like this... as if someone had cast a voodoo worm on me, I grabbed Night's hand, "I must have been struck by
a voodoo spell from the mortal realms. Can you solve it for me?" "Yes, I will solve it for you, Jin Er, don't be scared.
I am here," Night mixed a healing tablet with honey water for me to drink and to slowly let my feelings of terror
subside. I gradually felt more tired and slowly fell asleep, but even my dreams had a shadow of pain. ... ... I did not
know how long I slept - how many days, how many nights, such that I finally slept away the pain, slept the bitterness
from my throat until it seeped into the very finest strands of my hair****. When I finally awoke, it was spring. The
glow of spring entered from the windows and I could hear the birds singing in the yard. Someone's back was facing me
and playing the 'qin' (stringed musical instrument), I heard the tall mountains and the rivers flowing. Barefooted, I
walked out and passed the person playing the qin. "Jin Er, you have finally awoke. Please don't continue sleeping like
this? I'm afraid that before I have the chance to marry you, to love you, you would have slept until the lands grew old."
I did not dare turn back to face the person at the qin... actually, I did not dare to look at the qin, because there was once,
someone tall and proud whose back had faced me as he played the qin*****. In the end, that qin, broke; that person,
left. I touched my cheeks, they were dry without any trace of moistness. So it turns out, even tears will change
directions, although they had became a river in my chest, not a single drop will appear on my face again. Night hugged
my waist from behind, he placed his chin lightly on my shoulder, "Jin Er, look - the flowers have blossomed. When
shall we wed? Is this spring good?" I gently moved away and did not answer. Yes! The window has opened, the
flowers have blossomed again, but why can't I see you? * The actual Chinese title is 密糖之伤 - 密糖 means honey
and 伤 means hurt/injury. I have translated it as "The Hurt of Honey" which is rather awkward, but what I think Dian
Xian is trying to express is a hurt that is both painful and sweet. **The chapter actually starts with a few lines of opera,
but it's too complicated and has not much narrative value so I don't plan on translating those lines. *** Here's a link to
the video if you want to see what type of opera Kun Xi is!

**** I love how there's a duality in the pain that resides in her and how she describes the pain as seeping into her hair.
Even if she is not entirely conscious of it, it is clear her pain lies in the emotional thread she had cut away when she
thrust the blade into Phoenix. ***** To read about the last time someone had played qin for Jin Mi with the back facing
her, click here. Comments: I found this chapter really beautiful - the longing and pain. Jin Mi deserves this and doesn't
deserve this at the same time. I found it very apt that Jin Mi described the pain in her heart as if someone had placed a
voodoo spell on her or a voodoo worm ... if you read the earlier chapters, everytime she had felt a stirring of emotion
from Phoenix, a pain in her heart, she had described it as a worm biting her heart, like a decay of the Unfeeling Pill
inside of her. Night may try and heal her bitterness with honey and sweetness, but perhaps the title hints that that honey
sweetness could be the greatest pain of all.

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Chapter 20.2
Chapter 20.2

Chapter 20: The Hurt of Honey (Part 2 of 4)

"The Great God's constitution is naturally 'yin' and cold, but the surrounding is 'yang' and hot . It is not suitable for the
Great God to stay long, may the Great God quickly return . If anything happens to the Great God, the First Emperor will
be worried and upset again . "

I lifted up my sleeve, wiped the beads of sweat on my forehead and then fanned my face, "It's fine . It's only a little hot
and not as serious as you say it is . You can relax, the First Emperor is busy with work, he will not have the time to
worry about such small matters . "
Li Zhu is the female immortal attendant Night had tasked to serve me . She's good at everything but also has the ability
to make a mountain out of every molehill . She always loves to end her "advice" by telling me "the First Emperor will
be worried and upset again" . So young and she is already so naggy, she will be truly invincible once she becomes an
immortal granny .
I shook my head and let out a sigh for her .
Li Zhu seeing me let out a sigh, immediately became stern as if meeting a huge enemy and started to nag again, "Why is
the Great God sighing? Pardon me for speaking, but some things that have passed, you should just let them be, even the
mortals know to move forward towards the future, what more a Great God with years of cultivation? If one is able to
look beyond, one will learn to be content . What's more the devotion shown by the First Emperor towards you, if the
Great God's heart longs for another, the heart of even a follower like me will turn cold, what more the First Emperor . .
My head was attacked by my usual stabbing pain . I took out a sweet to suck in my mouth and stopped her, "It's warm
here, I will sit for a while . You can go back first and feed my Nightmare Beast . "
"Great God . . . this is the fiery mountain outside the place Lao Jun makes his pills, how is this warm? Besides, the
Nightmare Beasts eats dreams, where will Li Zhu find enough dreams to feed him?" Her face was contorted .
"This Nightmare Beast has followed me for many years and is not picky with food . You can simply feed it some
leaves and sticks," Li Zhu appeared to still want to speak, but I waved my hands and sealed her mouth . She looked at
me unwillingly as she retreated back .
Today was the day Tai Shang Lao Jun came out of his meditation to open his stove to make pills again . I had long
heard about the good news and came searching for him . Who knew that the little grandmother Li Zhu will follow me,
but thankfully I managed to chase her off so that my ears can have their rest . Even the steam from the pill stove no
longer seemed so uncomfortable .
It was noon, I neatened up my robes and passed my 'bai tie' (an olden day form of name card) to the door attendants . In
a while, the immortal attendants returned and respectfully brought me inside . Their heads were lowered and they did
not dare to look at me .
According to Li Zhu, after Night managed to entangle himself out of the golden ropes, he took advantage of the chaos
from the surrounding gods, the heavenly generals and soldiers to take control of the Heavenly Emperor . It was easy for
Night to gain control after the Fire Deity's army lost its main commander . The Heavenly Realms held an important
meeting and Night listed out all of the Heavenly Emperor's crimes . Because of Night's good reputation, the crowd was
appeased and he was supported as the next Heavenly Emperor . The former Heavenly Emperor was exiled .
I did not care about who became the Heavenly Emperor . But ever since I was named the Water God by the former
Heavenly Emperor, all the gods would treat me respectfully but also with a trace of fear, as if I was some water
monster .
After we walked through the confusing 'ba gua' formation of the courtyard and even before we entered the main hall,
we were narrowly knocked by an immortal attendant carrying a special medicine .
"You should watch the road carefully!" The immortal attendant quickly blocked me .
"Gentleman Lin Guang?"
I flicked my robes and was about to enter the main hall when I heard this familiar call .
"Ah, what Gentleman Lin Guang? You should quickly greet the Great God," The immortal attendant pulled the
medicinal immortal attendant's sleeve .
I carefully looked at the person's face, ah, wasn't this the little soil god that taught me about the four pleasures of the
mortal realms! Since it was so rare to see someone who dared to look me in the eye, my heart warmed and I greeted him
comfortably, "Little soil god, we haven't seen each other for a while . Are you doing well?"
"Ah! It is Gentleman Lin Guang! I am ignorant and did not know that Gentleman Lin Guang was a Great God . Forgive
me for being disrespectful," The litte soil god pressed both his hands together into a fist respectfully at me . He
answered deferentially, "Little immortal has been doing well . Although the surroundings are hot, it is not bad . I can
often pick up the scraps of unwanted medicine from Lao Jun's stove and increase my divine essence . "
He continued, "But the god that sent me here, Fire Deity, ah, he must be a close friend of Gentleman Lin Guang? It was
unexpected for such a big event to happen . I ask Gentleman Lin Guang to let your sorrows go . Pardon my ignorance for
asking, but since Gentleman Lin Guang is a Great God, what do you control?"
I paused for a moment then lightly replied, "Water . "
"Water God! . . . . Fire Deity . . . so it turns out . . . " The little soil god blurted out, immediately his gaze towards me
changed and became identical to how the other gods viewed me .
I took a sweet from my robe sleeve and placed it in my mouth . I cast the stunned look from the little soil god behind
my back as I stepped into the main hall .
Lao Jun had just entered the hall and he quickly respectfully greeted me, "Greetings to the Water God . " After he led
me to a seat, he ordered the immortal attendants to bring tea . He stroke his long white beard and asked without haste, "I
wonder why the Water God has come from afar to find me today?"
I liked this old man's straightforward personality . "Little god has long heard about Lao Jun's great skills in making
pills, they can return someone to their youth, or even bring the dead back to life . " I paused, looking at the ash behind
his head, and continued, "I even heard of Lao Jun making three 'Jiu Zhuan Jin' pills which can call back the souls of the
gods and increase the god's longevity . I came here today to ask for one of these 'Jiu Zhuan Jin' pills, will Lao Jun be
able to part with one?"
Tai Shang Lao Jun's hands paused in mid-stroke of his beard, he appeared to be slightly surprised . The green cow
sitting next to him raised up its head to look at me then continued to snore .
I waited as Lao Jun's expression changed from sadness to hesitation to unwillingness to helplessness in the timing of
one tea pot . Then, I waited as his expression changed from helplessness to unwillingness to hesitation to sadness in the
timing to burn one scented incense . Finally, he sipped tea and slowly answered, "The pill's effectiveness is not as
miraculous as what the Water God has said . A god has seven souls, after forty nine days, unless one part of the soul or
body is still present, my 'Jiu Zhuan Jin' pill will have no use . " He looked at me and continued, "Does Water God want
this pill to call back the former Water God? If I may speak bluntly, the Water God's soul and physical body has long
disappeared, thus the pill will have no use . "
My grip tightened on the tea cup, then loosened, "My father has long passed and I no longer wish to bring him back to
life . Today I come asking for the pill for another use . . . if Lao Jun would give this pill to me, Jin Mi will be eternally
grateful, if you ever need help from Jin Mi, I will be more than willing, even if it means I have to step into a pool of fire
Lao Jun finally said, "I need to consider it over a day . Please come again tomorrow . "
I already knew that to make these pills needed three thousand and six hundred years . They were extremely rare and I
could not force Lao Jun . Before I left, with every step, I turned back three times to give an earnest look .
When I returned to the Four Stars Palace, it was dark and quiet . From Night's window, I could see the glimmers of
light from a lamp, he must still be working . I lightly passed his door and was going to return quietly to my room, but I
heard the door open and Night asking from behind me, "Jin Er, you have returned?"
My heart gave a sigh as I turned back, "Indeed, Night has not slept?"
He walked forward and flicked off a dew of water from my hair . He smiled, "If you have not returned, how can I
sleep? I have told you before, you can call me Ren Yu . " His voice was soft, as if he was coaxing me .
I coughed and lowered my eyes, "How can the name of the Heavenly Emperor be so easily called? I do not think it is
proper . "
He reached out my hand to hold my palm and said, "If we cared about such rules between us, it would cause us to feel
distant . "
I said wearily, "I am a little tired . You should also go and sleep . "
He lowered his head to gaze into my eyes, he spoke as if casually, "I heard that you went to Dou Shuai Palace to ask
for the golden pill?"
Big mouth Li Zhu! I looked down at my toes and said, "I was only casually walking . "
Night lightly said 'ah' and asked, "Why does Jin Er want the Jiu Zhuan Jin pill?"
A glimmer flashed across my eyes and I replied, "I have misfortune in my life . Having the golden pill with me can
protect me in times of need . "
Night lifted up his head to look at the stars then turned back to look at me and said, "Whatever Jin Er wants, you can
tell me . I may be able to help . "
I hurriedly lifted up my head .
He gripped my palm then let go, "The night is dark . You should go and rest . "

Comments: Whenever Night describes about the 'night', I can't help thinking he is describing himself . Even though I
consider myself a Night fan (though I'm Jin Mi & Phoenix all the way), I am also pleased to see that Night has to learn
the painful lesson that being on top of the world does not mean you will gain your heart's desire .
I have always liked Jin Mi - yes she can be callous and shameless, but she has always been true to herself and her own
'logic' . I can't help liking her even more after she spat out the Unfeeling Pill, she does not shy away from the burden of
guilt she has to bear, but in fact, moves on to do something about it .

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Chapter 20.3
Chapter 20.3

Chapter 20: The Hurt of Honey (Part 3 of 4)

On the second day, I waited till the early morning before I knocked on the door of the Dou Shuai palace. The immortal
attendants who guarded the door led me inside. Lao Jun was in the elixir* making room watching the blazing fire boil
the herbs and medicine. It was not convenient for me to interrupt so I silently waited outside and sweated from the heat,
until Lao Jun had the interest to turn back and watched me coolly as he stroke his beard. I greeted him, "I wonder if Lao
Jun had given thought to yesterday's matter?
He shook his sleeve and brought me away from the elixir-making room. Once we were at the centre of his palace, he
said, "Since the Water God had so sincerely requested, I cannot be stingy. But, there are only three of the Jiu Zhuan Jin
pills, if the Water God so easily took away one, I am afraid that many of the other gods will come and request for the
others. How will Lao Jun be able to handle all the requests?"
My heart was struck and my fervour cooled by half.
"But, today before the sun rose, the Heavenly Emperor personally came to Dou Shuai Palace to speak for the Water
God. So, I decided I could give the Water God one of the Jiu Zhuan Jin pills," I never thought that there could be a
revival in the situation. I suddenly felt my heart warmed and a sense of guilt rose against Night...
"If so, I must really convey my gratitude to Lao Jun's generosity," I quickly lifted up both my sleeves to pay my thanks.
"The Water God, please wait," Lao Jun gestured with his hands, he stroke his beard, "Although I can give you the Jiu
Zhuan Jin pills, I must take something from the Water God as well in exchange, so I will have a reason to decline the
requests from future gods."
"As long as it is something I possess, Lao Jun may ask for it, for the Jiu Zhuan Jin pills, Jin Mi is willing to give her
Tai Shan Lao Jun paused in silence for a moment then responded, "If the Water God is willing to exchange sixty
percent of her divine essence for the Jiu Zhuan Jin pills, I will give it to you."
"Fine! It's a promise!" I said in one go**.
Lao Jun's expression was shocked, his mouth was left gaping open as if this was something unexpected. My heart
became uncomfortable, afraid that he would say he was regretful so I quickly added, "Let's go to the elixir-making room
- I will transfer sixty percent of my divine essence to Lao Jun's 'Ba Gua' furnace, is that alright?"
Lao Jun's expression was incredibly regretful, as if holding in a great pain in his heart, he heavily nodded his head.
It turned out that the Jiu Zhuan Jin pill was not made of gold (Jin), it was the size of a small dumpling and would go
easily missing if you dropped it on the ground. But, this pill was more precious than gold, I carefully kept it in a silk
When Tai Shan Lao Jun sent me off, he repeatedly reminded me, "Wood conflicts with gold, this Jiu Zhuan Jin pill
which has gold as its essence will dissolve when it touches wood. The Water God must carefully keep it. You must
remember not to be careless."
Although when I awoke, my divine powers had increased ten times (it must have been that the seal on me had broken),
but to lose sixty percent of divine essence at once, caused my legs to feel weak and to have the empty floating feeling. I
tried my best to curb my discomfort. While holding the Jiu Zhuan Jin pill, I flew to the Demon Realm. Although the
journey was long and my body felt empty, my mouth no longer had the strong bitter taste that it had in the previous days.
From morning until now, I had not eaten a single sweet.
I landed at the side of the River of Forgetfulness and saw the old grandfather who steered the boat resting at the
riverside, "Maiden, do you want to cross the river?"
I passed him a divine ling zhi, "This elderly gentleman, I am not crossing the river. I just have an important thing to ask
of you, I will give you this ling zhi in exchange for your answer."
The old grandfather carefully examined the ling zhi, he was suddenly shocked and fearful, "This is the holy herb of the
Flower World! Maiden may ask as she wishes and I will answer if I know. This holy herb is too precious, I cannot
accept this."
"It's fine, if the holy herb is not used, it will also only be a weed. Old grandfather, please accept it."
The old grandfather looked at me calmly as if he had realised something, "What maiden would like to ask, I'm afraid I
will not be able to answer. So, I definitely cannot accept this holy herb." He paused for a while and asked, "Does
maiden want to ask about the gentleman who crossed the river with you that year?"
My heart felt like it was hit, and the pain flowed within my bloodstreams and reached all the way to the ends of my
hair, each strand hurt all the way from the top to bottom, as if blood pearls were dropping bead by bead from the top of
my head.
I dazedly looked at the boat that rose up and down with the waves, "Indeed, the River of Forgetfulness is the entrance
to the Netherworld, has grandfather ever seen his soul or ghost appear?"
The old grandfather sighed, "Maiden must know that the Netherworld only allows the ghosts of mortals to pass. Even
mortals who had accumulated lots of good karma will walk the bridge to heaven and not fall into hell, what more the
gentleman who is a royal and supreme god? When he was born, he had transcended the need for reincarnation in the six
realms, why would his soul appear here? I'm afraid maiden has found the wrong place. Besides..." He paused, as if he
could not bear the sight of me facing the empty River of Forgetfulness, "this might be uncomfortable to hear, but in the
five elements, there will be natural attractions and conflicts, from the moment Pan Gu had opened heaven and created
the earth, water and fire has been naturally conflicting, for maiden's ice blade to pierce into the fiery divine core of the
gentleman, I'm afraid there could not be a single trace left of the gentleman in existence..."
I swallowed a sweet and determinedly raised my head, "No, his soul must live on! He once said that he will kill me.
Since I am still standing here fine, and he is someone who never betrays his word, he will definitely find a way to do
so! He will definitely return to kill me personally! I believe in this!"
I knew he would, even though there was no evidence or trace as a basis for my beliefs, but, I just knew!
In my dreams, I always saw a far away figure at the mouth of the River of Forgetfulness waiting for me, in a moment,
he would turn, raised his hand and smile at me......
Without a single moment of hesitation, I stepped into the River of Forgetfulness and allowed the crying and screaming
ghosts to leap and attach onto me. They had swarmed onto me with such a fury that half of my body was drowning, I
used my hand to separate these ghosts from me by water, slowly trying to discern and identify the ghosts in the water. I
firmly believed, as long as I searched, continuously searched, in the River of Forgetfulness which held thousands ten
thousands hundred thousands millions of ghosts, I will find a drop that belonged to him.***
"Maiden, ah! Why are you are doing this?" The old grandfather reached out his hand to stop me but I pushed him away.
He sat back in his boat and shook his head, "Listen to my advice, the road of emotions is narrow and dangerous, it is a
road that one cannot return from. When you are lost, you need to return to the main road again, maiden if you follow this
road till its end, you will harm others and harm yourself."
No, the old grandfather's words were wrong. What are emotions? What is love? I was only cursed, when I awoke, I
could no longer control myself and wanted to do all sort of strange things. My chest had a weird suffocating feeling...
this voodoo curse is something even Night could not resolve, I could only slowly consciously realise that this sickness
was going deep into my bones...
I did not know how long did I search. I did not see the sun. I did not see the moon. I only looked at the many ghosts
swimming in the river, I converged my powers to use the 'yin yang' eyes to try and differentiate them. I kept looking,
kept looking, until both my eyes hurt. I reached out my hand to rub my eyes to increase my awareness to continue
searching. I could not sleep, did not dare to sleep. I had already slept away two years of light, if I slept for one more
night, I did know if I will miss his soul. I was so frightened, more frightened than I ever have been before...
"Jin Er! What are you doing?! A blinding white light flashed across. I rubbed my eyes and dazedly turned back.
Before I could identify the source of the voice, I felt my body being pulled out of the River of Forgetfulness with a
huge force. He lifted me up and then heavily threw me at the shore, "Look at your hands! Look at your feet! Are you
trying to destroy yourself or destroy me?!"

I looked at both of my hands, they were only bitten by the ghosts and full of blood. My feet were only numb and did not
have a trace of blood. All these were nothing. I thought Night was making a mountain out of a molehill. I had never seen
him so angry as if I had committed a terrible crime that would disturb the heavens. But, that terrible crime that disturbed
the heavens, I had already committed two years ago, didn't I?

"Do you know that if I had not found you in time, your own soul would be swallowed if you continued to soak in the
river?!" His chest rose up and down, he clenched both his fists and glared at me in anger. He was indeed very angry,
"Are you doing it for him? For him, you don't even want your divine essence, and you even dare to jump into the River
of Forgetfulness which could swallow your soul! Do you even know what you are doing? Do you know that he is the
murderer of your father? The son of the one who murdered your mother?"
"I know, all these I know," I covered my face, my hands were so swollen that they did not feel like my hands, "But I
cannot stop myself. You know that I have been struck by a voodoo curse. Not even for a day do I dare to forget that he
killed my father, but this voodoo curse is controlling me, asking me not to stop..." I repeatedly numbly a few times, my
voice was so low that I was the only one who could hear it.
"I cannot forget him... even though I know that he killed my father... but, closing my eyes, opening my eyes, it is all
him... I miss him, I miss him very much, miss him so much that all the strands of hair in my head hurts..." I helplessly
grabbed Night's sleeve, "He can live again, right? If he lives again, will this voodoo curse be cured?"
He froze for a moment, then grabbed me into his embrace under my earnest eyes. His gentle actions contrasted with
his harsh words a moment ago. After half a moment, I felt a light sight on top of my head, "He is dead. He can no longer
live again." He lightly placed my hand on his chest, "But, you have me, don't you? Can you hear the beat of my heart?
Every beat is me calling you to turn your head back."
... ...
I could not sleep for many nights. I swallowed entire bowls of honey. It was an addiction I could not cure. Besides
sweets, everything I ate was bitter. Even the water was sour.
Night watched over me, guarding me, not allowing me to ever step into the River of Forgetfulness again. But, I told
him I would not step into the River of Forgetfulness and begged him to let me watch from the riverside. If he allowed
me to search, I would not feel so uncomfortable, so he no longer stopped me, but the Nightmare beast always followed
me by half a step behind.
This afternoon when I passed the mortal realm, I heard two young children jumping and reciting a rhyme, "If you want
rain, you must go to the Water God's temple. Do not offer tea, do not offer incense, to place a bottle of honey would be
more effective than gold."
I smiled, why can't gold beat honey? I only realised now that honey was a divine medicine that could cure anything.
Daylight became very long, very long, so long that one could not bear it. Night would often take time away from his
official matters to accompany me, but musical instruments, chess, pill-making, all these no longer incited my interests.
Besides going to the River of Forgetfulness, I would lock myself in my room to write calligraphy and paint. I kept
writing and painting, believing that one day I would finish the last paper in the world... if I was able to finish up all the
threads in the world, will I be able to break the thread of longing in my own heart?
When the flower blossoms, I will draw flowers;
When the flower withers, I will draw myself;
When you arrive, I will naturally draw you;
When you leave, I will draw my memories.

* The pills used in this context are not actually ordinary pills and have an almost divine connotation. Because earlier in
the text, we used the phrase 'Unfeeling Pill', I have continued the usage of the term 'pill', but sometimes I think elixir may
be more appropriate.
** If you have any more doubt about Jin Mi's feelings, her lack of hesitation in giving up sixty percent of her divine
essence should tell you how much Phoenix means to her.
*** While translating this, I was so much struck by the fatalistic beauty of this that I almost teared.

Comments: Hand to my heart, I absolutely loved this chapter. It was an incredibly poetic and beautiful chapter and I
tried my best to convey the dreamy bittersweet pain of Jin Mi's feelings - so much like honey, it entwines you, sticks to
you, and never lets you go.

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Chapter 20.4
Chapter 20.4

Chapter 20: The Hurt of Honey (Part 4 of 4)

My twenty longings became a flash, twenty flashes became a snap of the finger, twenty snaps of a finger became an
instant, twenty instants became a moment, one day and one night had three thousand moments .
In ten years, there were one million and ninety five hundred thousand moments . . . I drew ten thousand parchments and
managed to endure .
I was always by the side of the River of Forgetfulness, looking aimlessly and endlessly in the empty waters, every
look became half a day . The old grandfather who steered the boat nodded at me, cleared his throat and said casually,
"Recently besides my lady, I often see someone else in the night . Besides coming here once twelve years ago, this
person has been taking the boat over the River of Forgetfulness to the Demon Realms every night . "
I lightly answered in affirmation, I have always been uninterested in my surroundings . However, since I did not want
to waste the old grandfather's kind intentions in talking to me, I asked casually, "Who is this person?"
"I am just someone who steers the boat and do not recognise many people . However, this person's garments were
special and left an impression," He added slowly, "Her outer coat was made up of the grand feathers of hundred birds,
her skirt looked expensive and exceptional, her status must not be low . "
Sui He?
I did not answer, I lowered my head deep in thought . I could not figure out why would Princess Sui He of the Bird
Tribes come so frequently to the Demon Realms .
At night, Night was too busy with state affairs to have time to monitor me while I sleep . I tossed and turned and could
not fall asleep . I decided to use a Drowsy Worm to try and cause the guardingLi Zhu to fall asleep, then I used Li Zhu's
sweet dreams to seduce the hungry Nightmare Beast to go eat . After finally escaping from these two guardians, I flew to
the River of Forgetfulness . I paid quite a bit of toll fees to cross the river and the old grandfather steadily brought me to
the entrance of the Demon Realms .
After losing sixty percent of my divine strength, my essence had dissipated quite a bit . Since my divine origins
belonged to water, once I immersed myself in the atmosphere of the deep and dark night, it was almost impossible to
discern my presence . Furthermore, I cloaked myself with invisibility and after following Sui He for half the journey,
she still did not realise my presence .
I observed that she purposely avoided places where the ghosts, ghouls and sprites will frequently travel and
intentionally picked narrow and hidden small routes to walk . When she walked, her whole aura was cautious and alert,
and she would often turned to the right, left, back and front to check . Seeing her like this, I guessed that Sui He must be
doing some sneaky - either to steal something or to steal emotions (the connotation is to have an affair, but plays on the
word steal in chinese), ether way it could not escape from the word "steal" .
Finally, I saw her stop in front of a tree stump . After checking that no one was following her, she lifted her right hand
and used the tip of her index finger to dab the morning dew on the gas and then lightly drew on the ring arcs of the tree .
In a moment, the tree stump suddenly broke open in the middle and there was a fiery red passage . Sui He immediately
entered and the passage appeared to be closing .
Quickly, I rushed forward to keep the passage open, but I was a step late and saw it close without a trace before me .
As I was about to copy what Sui He had did earlier, I heard voices from inside . So, I pricked up my ear and used my
divine powers to lean onto the tree stump and listened .
There were two voices! A male and a female!
The female must be Sui He, the male . . . the voice was old, thick and foreign, my excited heart sunk and drowned in
the deep marshes .
"Lao Jun has a divine pill . . . but it's not appropriate for me to ask for it . The Heavenly Emperor is sharp and
watching carefully, if I ask Lao Jun for the divine pill, he will find out within half a day . This will all be revealed at
once . . . this is the divine lingzhi from the Flower Realms . . . in the past, the Head Flower Leader of the Flower
Realms had wrongly accused the Bird Tribe for a hundred years so she could not refuse me when I asked for this . . .
but, she only has three left and all these were made from the previous Flower Goddess, the only person who is able to
plant this now . . . besides . . . . there is no one else . . . but this person was willing to murder . . . so what good is it?"
"We can only use the divine lingzhi now to hold on . . . there is no other way . . . it must be hard on Sui He to search so
hard and far devotedly . . . "
Even when I used my powers, I could not listen to the entire conversation properly . There were often gaps and breaks
"Sui He must thank the Sixth King instead, if not for your Highness acting fast, how would we be able to keep . . . "
"No, it was lucky . . . Sui He did you garner any attention for coming here so frequently?"
"I've been carefully, but I do not know why I felt a sense of unease today . So I shall leave earlier . . . there is no
boundary outside the secret passage outside . . . will that be wise?"
"You don't understand . If we create a boundary, it's like planting a signboard in the ground to say 'There is no gold
buried here', it will hint to people that there is something here . . . . . . "
In a moment, the gap in the tree stump opened . Luckily, I managed to get away fast and became a morning dew on the
surrounding grass . However, as Sui He stepped outside of the secret passage, she sharply looked around and her glance
finally landed on my 'dew' body in the grass patch . She seemed to suspiciously look closer but she couldn't find
anything and so she finally turned and left .
When she finally left far away, I loosened up and let out a long breath of air . In a moment, the gap in the tree stump
opened again and a male came out .
I realised that he was one of the Ten Kings of Hell - the one that was number six . He turned around to check the tree
stump once and then waved his hand to move the surrounding grass to camouflage it . Unless you looked carefully, you
would think that this was just a broken tree stump, you won't even think that there was a secret passage in it .
As the Sixth King disappeared, until his thin and tall body vanished in the dark redness of the Demon Realms, I finally
transformed back from the water dew .
I pressed my body down onto the top of the tree stump to listen but I could not hear anything . I tried to reach out my
hand to take a dew of water to follow Sui He's actions previously, but my fingers would not listen to my command . The
tips of my fingers were involuntarily shivering, I forcefully suppressed the deep surging desire that has been growing
inside me for twelve years, used my left hand to hold tightly onto my right wrist and managed to stabilise the shivering,
and I followed the ring arcs of the tree one by one . . . . . .

The tree stump naturally opened and the flame lit up . As I entered, the gap behind me closed . I nervously and
gingerly walked forward . I tripped over my robes at one corner and my whole body fell down into the dry soil ground .
The bits in the soil lightly pricked me and forced me to lift up my head . Just one glance and I fell back onto the ground
. Something was leaking out of the ends of my eyes, it was so long ago that I thought I would not be able to produce them
again as bead by bead they fell down my face and landed on the dry soil . I did not dare to lift up my head to look a
second time, I did not know if the illusion would disappear if I looked again .
I laid down for a very long time and my throat was choked . Until the hades fire burned onto my body and caused me
pain, did I finally uncontrollably lifted up my head .
He silently laid down in the middle of the blue hades fire . His expression was exactly like that moment twelve years
ago . His long eyes were downcast, his lips were pale, he was asleep like an obedient child that did not move . It
caused one to want to reach out one's hand to pinch his cheeks and cause him to wake up . To tell him, you don't have to
sleep so obediently, you can also flip your body by the side . . . . . .
Three pieces of divine lingzhi was burning by his side producing a light divine aura that slowly dissolved into him .
The Great Phoenix Feather Treasure was glowing brightly on the top of his head . The feather that I thought had
vanished with him .
In my heart burned a strong desire, I wanted to touch him again, see him again, just because of this simple desire, my
whole soul and body felt like it was erupting in pain . I knew it was the voodoo spell that was controlling me again .
This voodoo spell that he cast on me twelve years ago! Is it . . . is it if I revived him again, I will recover? I could
escape from this voodoo spell?
Supporting my body, I stood up . I quickly ran towards him, not caring about the flames that burned around him,
stepping over the tooth claws that protected his soul and pierced into my body, I ran towards him . I reached out my
hand to touch his cheek, but I didn't think that I would not be able to touch anything, my fingers passed into nothingness .
I was shocked, it turns out . . . he only left a thin piece of his soul . . . . . .
But . . . I touched the Jiu Zhuan Jin pill in my chest, and placed the pill it in my mouth . In a moment, a cloak of gold
smoke was dispersed and I looked at his empty and almost invisible face, I leaned down and pressed on his lips that
had no touch . . .
I did not want to revive the person who murdered my father, I only wanted to save him so he could cure me of the
voodoo spell . . . yes, I only wanted to save myself! After convincing myself, I determinedly closed my eyes and forced
the essence of the golden pill slowly into his mouth .
Slowly, my lips had a soft and warm feeling . Slowly, my tips touched someone's sharp nose tip, slowly, my hands
were no longer touching emptiness, there was the slow breathing of a chest under my hands, not fast not slow . . . .
Finally, after using all my divine strength, I fell to the side . . . his long black lashes suddenly fluttered and I became
immovable from the voodoo spell, and could only dazedly watched on . Until, there was the sound of movement from
outside that I alarmingly rose and hid behind the burning divine lingzhi .
"Who?!" It turns out that Sui He had returned . She looked at the hades fire that had dissipated and her footsteps
suddenly stopped . Her expression was immediately one of shock .
My heart skipped .
At the same time, Phoenix's eyelids moved and he burst open both of his eyes .
A pair of long eyes . . . dark like ink . . . . with no ends to its depths . . .
"Phoenix!" Sui He rushed forward and grabbed his hand, "You are awake? You finally woke up!"
Phoenix slowly rose up, he looked at both of his hands which were tightly held, lightly, slowly, he opened his mouth,
"Sui He?"
"It's me!" Sui He tightly clutched both of his hands . She was so forceful that her knuckles turned white .
So it turns out that Sui He came here not to steal something or to steal emotions . . . . I suddenly remembered a phrase I
read in one of those romance books that I was not able to understand --- to steal a heart (偷心) .

Comments: Was the "reunion" satisfying for you? My heart totally skipped when Jin Mi finally saw Phoenix again - it
was very emotionally satisfying until Sui He came back . That darn bird!

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Chapter 21.1
Chapter 21.1

Chapter 21: The Male Phoenix and the Female Phoenix (Part 1 of 5)

I sat at the side of the bed and massaged the soles of my feet . They must have been bitten by the ghosts in the gap in
the tree stump . On my feet, there were many lines of abrasions of different depths . I felt a little sad over these injuries .
. . Night had medicine for these injuries . . . the previous time when I had jumped into the River of Forgetfulness and
gotten hurt, he had gotten someone to go to the end of the East China Sea to obtain mermaid tears to cure my wounds .
But . . . to get the medicine from him, he will definitely find out that I went to the Demon Realm, and if he knew I went
to the Demon Realm, he will be unhappy . . .
Luckily, I had taken advantage of a gap to become steam and escape from the Demon Realm to return to the Heavenly
Realm, so I did not disturb any god or ghost . I only had some mild physical injuries on my feet, I only needed to bite my
teeth and endure . Just as I had decided to tolerate it and let it pass, I saw a white light at the edge of my eyes .
"Mi Er," A heavy voice called for me . I was shocked and hurriedly covered my feet with the silk blanket .
"What happened to your feet?" Night lightly landed at the bench near my bed, his voice was neither high nor low, and
he asked again, "Where did you go last night?"
My heart grew fearful, "I did not go anywhere . Nowhere did I go . . . but . . . but . . . "
He pressed down on the wrinkles between his brows, without saying a word he lifted up the blanket, the injuries on my
feet was completely exposed before his eyes . I shrunk my toes and heard him say, "Mi Er, you must know that no matter
what you do, I would not blame you . You don't need to hide from me . But, the only thing I cannot allow is for you to
hurt yourself . Yesterday, did you go to the River of Forgetfulness?"
I did not answer but my guilty heart relaxed a little . It turns out he thought I had entered the River of Forgetfulness . He
let out a sigh and took out the medicine from his robes . He personally dabbed the medicine on my feet . I did not know
why but I suddenly felt a little panicked and I shrunk my toes, "Let me apply it myself . "
He did not stop, his brows did not rise . He calmly said, "What is there to be embarrassed of between us?" In that
moment, I did not know how to answer . He gripped my feet tightly, "Mi Er, when will you be willing to marry me?"
My feet subconsciously stiffened and I mumbled, "You must know, I have been struck with a voodoo spell . I don't
want to infect you . "
His hand froze, after a long while, he finally continued to apply the medicine . Gently, he lowered his eyes as if he was
concentrating on his hand movements, he repeatedly said, "Voodoo spell . . . voodoo spell?" He lifted up his head and
smiled, "You know I do not mind . Besides, I'm afraid I was struck with this voodoo spell even before you . "
I was startled for a moment and my heart tightened, I did not know how to answer . But, he lowered his head again and
lightly applied the medicine for me, as if he did not care and was not waiting for my answer . My heart that had rose
finally steadily landed . We silently faced each other without speaking . After both of my feet were completely applied
with the medicine by Night at least seven or eight times, he finally placed my feet down and stood up . He brushed his
sleeves that did not have a single crease and said, "I must discuss matters with the gods, you should rest in the yard for
these two days to recuperate . "
I gave a sound in affirmation and saw him turn and leave . At the door, the Nightmare Beast that had eaten a full meal
last night shrunk back, he fearfully laid down on the floor, only lifting up his head and bowing to Night after Night had
travelled very far away . Li Zhu brought breakfast and started to nag when she saw me, she started with a "Great God,
you really don't love yourself" and ended with a "You only know how to make the Heavenly Emperor worry for you" .
I really could not understand how a glorious and great Heavenly Emperor like Night could be described like a
emotionally burdened and lost scholar by Li Zhu .
I thought the injuries on my feet would recover fully within two days, but they actually took half a year to fully recover
. During this time, everytime I tried to get up and walked, I felt a burning prickling pain under my feet . Although there
was a tiny voice that repeatedly begged and pushed me to go see the person who placed the voodoo spell on me, but no
matter how much I tried, I could only hobble breathlessly to the entrance of the Nine Star Palace with the help of Li Zhu
. It was only when I was lying down or sitting that I did not feel pain . There was no way for me to ride a cloud, so in
this half of year, I did not even step out of the Nine Star Palace .
Although I did not step out, just the thought of that person being alive in the six realms, gave a strange sense of peace in
my heart . I ate less sweets, and I even ate some normal food sometimes . Thus, I was certain that it was Phoenix that
had placed this voodoo spell on me . But it was not clear if I had solved the voodoo spell, whenever I thought of Sui He
and Phoenix together, my heart became extremely uncomfortable . It was likely that the voodoo spell was not completely
resolved yet .
Today, the Head Flower Leader took time out to visit me . Coincidentally, my feet had recovered and so I excitedly
personally made tea for her . The ties between the Flower World and the Heavenly Realms had improved greatly since
Night became the Heavenly Emperor . The Flower World abolished the ban to the Heavenly Realms so the gods and
sprites could travel easily between each realms . In the last twelve years, the twelve leaders will frequently visit me
when they came to the Heavenly Realms, but because the voodoo spell was so deeply ingrained within my body,
everytime when they came, I would only silently sit . When they asked me questions, I would answer in a random
fashion . Sometimes Night saw that my mental state was not good and would politely decline the visits .
But, today, the Head Flower Leader was shocked as she saw me pour tea for her, "Jin Mi, how is your body lately?"
I sipped a mouth of tea and thought for a moment . I finally could not hold back my curiosity and asked the Head
Flower Leader, "Head Flower Leader, do you know that the mortal realms have something called a voodoo spell?"
The Head Flower Leader nodded, "I have heard that the person struck by the voodoo spell will act like he or she has
lost his or her heart . They cannot control their words and actions and are no longer themselves . "
"It is exactly like you said . I'm afraid I have been struck by a voodoo spell . "
The tea cup in the Head Flower Leader's hands landed on the table with a sound and she looked at me strangely . Since
she was confused, I explained to her my symptoms over the years . The Head Flower Leader's expression darkened and
her brows furrowed as if she had fallen into deep thought . After half a moment, she seriously looked at my face and
then spat out something completely shocking, "Jin Mi, have you fallen in love with the Fire God?"

My hand loosened and the entire cup landed on the floor . "No, it is definitely not so! How is that possible? That is
ridiculous!" I stood up and determinedly rejected the Head Flower Leader's ridiculous conclusion, "I have only been
struck with his voodoo spell . On that day, I saw a pearl of sandalwood, that pearl must have a problem!" I tightly
gripped the palm of my hands .
"Pearl? What pearl?" The Head Flower Leader's expression completely changed .
"I cannot remember clearly . I only remember a pearl of sandalwood the size of a praying bead," There must be
something suspicious about the pearl! It must have something to do with the voodoo spell! But, the Head Flower
Leader's face became completely white .
"What pearl are you talking about? Let me hear about it too . " From outside, Night had came in at this time . Receiving
a handkerchief from Li Zhu, he murmured as he wiped his hands . He placed a stool for me to sit down, not caring about
the rule that the Heavenly Emperor must always be in the most prestigious position .
Because of the Head Flower Leader's preposterous guess, I was in the heat of anger and responded without thinking,
"We are talking about the voodoo spell . " Night's face darkened as he lightly answered, "Ah . " He looked at my feet
and calmly asked, "Are they still painful today?"
"I wanted to tell you that they are much better," If it was not for his medicine, it was unlikely for my injuries to recover
in half a year . Since it was his effort, I stood up and walked two steps for him .
He lightly nodded his head, and then turned to the Head Flower Leader to politely converse for a while . The Head
Flower Leader appeared emotionally unstable after hearing about the pearl of sandalwood . After speaking to Night for
a while, she stood up and left .

Comments: Ah, our dear clueless Jin Mi . It's clear for all to see, even the cold Head Flower Leader, that Jin Mi has
fallen deep in love with Phoenix . She calls it a voodoo spell - but the symptoms also perfectly describes falling in
love, giving your heart to someone else, such that you are no longer yourself .
Night confesses that he was struck by a voodoo spell long before Jin Mi - but Jin Mi does not answer? Why? I think it's
because she knows, slowly, she is starting to get closer to the truth, and if she recognises that Night was struck by the
voodoo spell by her - just as she thinks Phoenix placed the voodoo spell on her, she will have to realise that the voodoo
spell is the taking of one's heart . Since, she does not want to see this truth, she cannot answer --- she does not allow
herself to think and Night does not push, because he much rather Jin Mi always be clueless .
It's wonderful that the Head Flower Leader finally know that Jin Mi has spat out the Unfeeling Pill . When all the secrets
are revealed, will Phoenix still want Jin Mi?

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Chapter 21.2
Chapter 21.2
Chapter 21: The Male Phoenix and the Female Phoenix (Part 2 of 5)

After the Head Flower Leader left, Night and I silently faced each other as we drank finished a pot of tea . As I was
about to rise to go apply medicine on my body, I heard Night asked, in a tone neither heavy nor light, "He has revived?"
My feet paused and I turned around suddenly .
Night's eyes were downcast as he seriously surveyed the tea leaves in his tea cup . The steam from the tea covered his
face and I could not see his expression clearly . Suddenly, he lightly smiled and after a long while, he continued,
"Although he has revived, he has descended and joined the ranks of the demons . " He lifted his head and looked up at
me, "He has already been revived for half a year . Half a year is such a long time but he had hid very well . It was only
today that the Heavenly Realms received news of this . . . . . . "
I did not know why but my heart gave out a comfortable sigh .
"Presently, everyone in the demon realms calls him one name, 'The Great One'* . " He puckered his lips lightly, as if
what he spoke of was a light matter, "In half a year, all the ten great kings of hell have fallen under his command . "
Lightly, he circled the green porcelain tea cup in his hand, the light swirling sound it made accompanied the slow
circling of his words, "Jin Er, how did your feet get injured?"
My back stiffened as I replied, "You already know why . It was hurt by the waters of the River of Forgetfulness . "
"Ah," He looked at me, I saw a glimpse of broken light flash through his eyes .
I turned around, suddenly feeling upset, and hurriedly said, "I am going to apply my medicine . "
"Jin Er, you must remember that it's three parts medicine and seven parts rest, your feet are still not fully recovered
and need more quiet rest . " He reminded me gently from behind and my feet paused again . Before I exited, I turned
around and my eyes met his own clear gaze . I suddenly had a feeling - if you can't see the sand and stones in the pond
water, it may not be because the pond is clear and shallow, it may be that the pond is too deep too deep, that there is no
bottom . . . a pond where you can't see the bottom, how would you know if it had any stones or sand?**
On the second day, I took advantage of Night being busy with state affairs to escape the Heavenly Realms . The
Nightmare Beast happily bounced after me and no matter how much I coaxed or threatened it, it would only blink its big
watery eyes and innocently gaze at me . When I turned around, it would happily follow after me . Since there was no
way of escaping it, I let it follow me .
As I just exited the Southern Heavenly Gate, I was suddenly surprised by a round oily green thing on the road . When I
turned to scrutinise it, I realised that it was a snake that had coiled up . I could not help but close my eyes and silently
chant, "Lucky I did not step on it! Lucky I did not step on it!"
The snake shook its tail and suddenly transformed . As I saw what the snake transformed into, I suddenly remembered
something - I forgot to check the Yellow Calendar before I left the house, I had definitely left at the wrong time and met
the wrong person . Alas, alas .
"Beauty, I have finally caught you!" Although Master Pu Chi was not as round as Old Carrot Immortal, he was
considered quite a tall male sprite . Since he was standing in the middle of the road, my aura was quite diminished and I
was being blocked from going forward .
I steadily moved back two steps and heard Master Pu Chi continue to nag, "It has only been a few years . Why has
Beauty become so much slimmer? Indeed, you have inherited the beauty of the Flower Goddess and the Water God . I've
decided to re-write the . Right now, Jin Er's beauty can be considered supreme in all the six realms . "
I lifted up my hand to signal disagreement, "I'm only ordinary, ordinarily coquettish (Master Pu Chi uses the chinese
term, 风骚 (feng sao) which can indicate beauty or a more sultry coquettishness and Jin Mi uses the latter sense) .
Actually, Master Pu Chi, you are very coquettish . "
Master Pu Chi happily lifted up one of his brows and responded, "Coquettishness is a virtue . "
I seriously nodded my head to satisfy him . I then lifted my head to see the sun and said, "Actually, to be blunt is also a
virtue, what other matters does Master Pu Chi have?"
Master Pu Chi suddenly lowered his head and said in a pure tone, "Actually, there is no real matter . I only wanted to
see if Beauty is alright after the death of your father and your great illness?" Then his face suddenly changed into a
furious expresion, "But the despicable heavenly soldiers refused to let me in, saying that I need permission from the
Heavenly Emperor, I know . . . " Master Pu Chi had a look of sudden realisation as he nodded his chin and looked at
me, "It must be that Night is jealous of my looks and coquettish soul! He must be scared that if I appear, your heart will
go to me! It must be so!" He clenched his fist .
I could not help but admire Master Pu Chi's ability to change any conversation into a topic of feelings and love .
Master Pu Chi suddenly grabbed my hand and solemnly said, "Instead of choosing a day, we might as well use this day
that we met! Beauty, let's elope today!"
I lifted my head up again to see the sun on top of my head . I waved my hand, "Another day . Let's elope another day . I
have something to do today . "
As I finally managed to throw off this stumbling block Master Pu Chi and go forward, I suddenly heard Master Pu Chi
say from behind me, "I heard that the bird had revived and fallen to the Demon Realms to become a Great Demon King .
He reigns supreme there, everyone and everything is at his beck and call . Beauty, don't tell me you are heading to see
him?" My feet stopped, I felt like my feelings were stripped bare for all to see .
"Beauty! I advise you not to go, that bird is not the same bird as last time . Of course, last time, he was also not good,
so proud and hateful that I wanted to strangle him . But, today he cannot be only described as proud . . . do you think the
ten kings of hell are so easy to subdue? To become the Great Demon King, the bird has used all kinds of tactics . . .
recently, he has also caused a blood bath in the Demon Realms - exterminating all rival forces . Right now, no one in the
Demon Realms dare to oppose him . All ten kings of hell will respectfully call him, 'The Great One' . What's more he
had died under your blade . . . if he sees you . . . "
I bit my lip, "I want to see him, to see him from far away . . . "
Master Pu Chi suddenly carefully looked at me, his expression had a shade of pity, "Beauty, did someone tie the wrong
red thread and you have fallen for him?"

My face became icy cold but my heart slowly started to recoil in pain . The voodoo spell must be activating again . I
turned around to leave behind the nonsensical Master Pu Chi, rode a cloud and quickly flew off .
I immediately landed on the shore next to the River of Forgetfulness . I passed the boat fare to the old grandfather who
steers the boat . As I stepped into the boat, the Nightmare Beast jumped after me and I felt the boat shook . Someone
laughingly cried, "Old Officer, please also carry me across . "
It was then I realised that Master Pu Chi had also followed after me . My face darkened . The old grandfather's eyes
were sharp and seeing my darkened expression immediately knew that I did not want Master Pu Chi to follow . The old
grandfather pleasantly told Master Pu Chi, "Gentleman, my boat is small, it's too dangerous for me to carry another
person . "
Master Pu Chi's expression fell and he seriously asked, "Are you calling me fat?" As he spoke, he angrily lifted up his
arms and pushed out his stomach, "You can squeeze my strong arms and touch my firm stomach, in what way am I fat?
Old Officer, you clearly have insulted my deep pride as a beautiful man . Of course, a beautiful man will not be
calculative with you, if you carry me across, I will not even charge you anything . "
The old grandfather was shocked and actually carried Master Pu Chi, the Nightmare Beast and me across the river . I
sighed, it was troublesome enough to have a tail following me, but now I have another tail, what should I do? What's
more these are two ostentatious tails! The Nightmare Beast was covered in elegant plum blossom patterns, it was
obvious that it came from the Heavenly Realms . For Master Pu Chi, it was even more obvious - nowhere else in the six
realms would you be able to find someone's taste to be so unique as to dress up from head to toe in green .
As I was worrying, Master Pu Chi suddenly transformed into a sultry looking female demon and he changed the
Nightmare Beast into a dog . The Nightmare Beast looked at its reflection in the water and was incredibly shocked .
I took out a pair of rabbit ears*** from my sleeves . These rabbit ears actually came from the Demon Realms and had
demonic aura that would cover up my goddess aura . As I wore the ears, I became a rabbit . The Nightmare Beast
looked at my appearance as a rabbit and suddenly felt better .
I ignored both of them and summoned a cloud to fly over . I only heard Master Pu Chi crying after me, "Beauty, go
slower! Do you even know where he stays?"
Phoenix, must have chinese parasol tree or he will not rest, must have the fruit of bamboo or he will not eat, must have
clean spring water or he will not drink .
He is very picky . As his book boy for a hundred years, I knew his tastes best - where was the cleanest spring water,
where were the most luxuriant chinese parasol trees, where were the most simple Phoenix Goddess flowers, that will
be where he stays .
After I discerned the aura of the surrounding water, flower and wood, I found a grand looking residence . On the door
there was a huge sign which had no words .
I stood on the pavement and looked at the wordless sign . The pavement was filled with throngs of demons and sprites
of all shapes and sizes . Suddenly, a small demon jumped out and cried, "It's noon! The Great One is leaving the
In one moment, all the demons and sprites on the pavement stopped moving and naturally all moved to one side . All of
them had an expression full of respect and admiration . I was stunned for a moment and was one step slower in moving
to the side . The big road that was full of people suddenly only left a lone rabbit in the middle of the road .
At that moment, Master Pu Chi pantingly bent down his waist and carried me into his embrace and quickly stepped into
the crowd of demons at the side .
Just as he stepped into the crowd, I heard the great doors suddenly open . Master Pu Chi cried, "So close, so close!
Luckily, I was fast enough!"
I lifted up my head above Master Pu Chi's sleeve to have a look . I only saw extremely curvaceous and sexy
demonesses carrying flowers and fishes strung up in a row, coming out in two rows of fourteen each . The surrounding
demons all salivated . Following the demonesses were two rows of male demons, compared to the demonesses they
were sort of shapes and sizes, so ugly that I did not dare to take a second look .
I realised that in the Demon Realms - the males were very ugly and the females were very beautiful .
Suddenly, the sky darkened and a black cloud with gold bits descended, arrogantly blocking the afternoon sun . The
grand sound of a carriage landing travelled across and I felt my heart beat faster, so fast that I thought my heart must
have risen to my throat .
Very quickly, four large ferocious beasts carried the black huge carriage down . The dark cloud vanished and the
ground shook .
The blood crystal shade lightly shook and in the gap, one could see a person half leaning half sitting inside the carriage
. That person had an extraordinary appearance, very cold eyes, dressed in dark black robes with no accessories, but his
aura was so outstanding that no one could look straight at him . In the carriage, one could see the Sixth King of Hell
respectfully reporting to him on affairs . All the surrounding people respectfully bowed down their heads . For demons
to open a path for him, for creatures to pull the carriage, for the Sixth King of Hell to respectfully report matters, all
these seemed like it was natural .
I looked at him, my furiously beating heart suddenly stopped, as if frightened that any tiny jump would cause him to
hear and discover me . I carefully looked at his long phoenix eyes, and suddenly had a strange and ridiculous desire,
wishing that he would look at me . Even if it was only for a moment .

*The term is actually "尊上" which is a greeting that denotes honour, seniority and reverence . I also considered using
"Almighty" as well .
** I really love this analogy of Jin Mi . Often during the novel, Night's gaze is described as very clear and clean - like
the rivers, the waterfall, a clean serene pond . But, Jin Mi is slowly realising that what Night says and does is very
different from what is in his heart . His eyes may appear clear not because they are clear, but because his real feelings
are too well hidden . . . too deep, that they can never see light .
*** If you see the summary here, you will realise that Phoenix bought Jin Mi the rabbit ears when they first visited the
Demon Realm! :)

Comments: Oh my so exciting!!!!!! My heart was beating faster (probably due to my illness as well haha) as I translated
this . I think Phoenix seems even more extraordinary after he was revived, and what will Jin Mi choose to do? Hop
away or into the arms of the Great One? Will they be welcoming or murderous arms?

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Chapter 21.3
Chapter 21.3

Chapter 21: The Male Phoenix and the Female Phoenix (Part 3 of 5)

I suddenly recalled how everyone said that his looks were unparalleled in the six realms . Previously, I never had that
feeling, but suddenly today I realised that he was indeed unfathomably good looking .
But, I should hate him, hate him very deeply . I should feel that he is the ugliest person in the world, shouldn't I? His
parents murdered my mother, he killed my father, even before he died he did not forget to put a voodoo spell on me .
Yes, I should hate him, grit my teeth, beat my chest, hate him with my all .
"Beauty, you really did a great deed! He deserves to be killed! Truly deserves to be killed!" Master Pu Chi's brainless
words brought me back from my thoughts, "All the men more good looking than me deserve to be killed! After having
been revived, his looks cannot be tolerated! All men and gods are infuriated!"
I was rendered speechless .
Master Pu Chi lowered his head and spoke to me in a soft voice, "I heard that it is the Sixth King of Hell that helped
this person revive . It is said that he only trusts the Sixth King of Hell now . Presently, both of them control the Demon
Realms, with one hand they can flip the clouds, with the other they can cover the rain . "
I watched as the carriage slowly pulled away and repeated Master Pu Chi's words mindlessly, "Ah, two people daily
flipping the clouds and covering the rain (*it sounds like people tumbling in bed) .
But who knew that before my words finished, the surrounding demons and ghouls had turned their heads towards my
head that was peeking out of Master Pu Chi's robes . Their expressions were shocked . Master Pu Chi forced out a smile
towards the crowd, "My rabbit sprite likes to see spring palace pictures (*basically amorous pictures - the connotation
is that the rabbit was saying a sexual expression), it only just learned to speak, just learned to speak . . . " All the
demons' faces darkened and turned away .
Far away, the carriage suddenly stopped and someone turned back his head . Master Pu Chi quickly lowered his head
with the crowd .
The person's gaze slowly swept through the throngs of demons, but luckily missed the spot that we were in .
After a moment, he kept his gaze and suddenly broke out into a smile . The smile was truly bone-chilling .
The carriage started to move away and it left into the far distance .
Master Pu Chi carried me, and the Nightmare Beast followed after . He rushed out of the Demon Realms, as if he was
rushing for reincarnation . Only after he crossed the River of Forgetfulness did he stop to take a breath of air .
I jumped out of his robes and transformed back to my original state . I saw that Master Pu Chi's forehead was soaked
with sweat .
"Beauty, your phrase of 'flipping the clouds and covering the rain' almost got us killed," Master Pu Chi sat on the
ground and fanned himself .
I was stunned, "Weren't they your words?"
Master Pu Chi's brows flicked, "I said, 'turn the hand upwards to become a cloud, turn the hand downwards for rain' .
Your phrase is for mutual cultivation, my phrase is about power, they differ by far . Money can be saved, but words
I finally stopped my addiction towards sweets, but started a new addiction .
Since that day when I saw Phoenix again, I would frequently take the opportunity to go to the Demon Realms when
Night was busy . I would always transform into a rabbit using those bunny ears to cover my heavenly aura . My disguise
was never seen through by anyone .

After a while, my courage increased and I sneaked into his residence . Despite entering and exiting many times, I was
not caught once by even a little ghost . I thought that no one would notice a small, very small, rabbit sprite .
Although I went frequently, but the times I saw him were very few . Even when I saw him, he was always surrounded
by many demons . I was scared of being detected so I never dared to go forward, only gazing from afar . Even just
gazing from afar, even just one glance, it gave me such joy as if I just gained five thousand years of divine essence .
I like to visit when he was reading his official papers . He was different from Night, he would not read during the
night, but study the papers during the hours of "yi" . * This is usually the time when Night is most busy and I had the
greatest chance of sneaking out . What's more his study faced a garden of flowers, since my natural self had the scent of
flowers and wood, it was very safe for me to hide in the flowers and grass . So often, I would secretly hide under the
strong wooden stems of the Phoenix Flowers, peeking through the gaps between the flowers and leaves, and watch the
blood red sky of the Demon Realms reflect on his slightly pale side profile .
When he perused the official papers, he would be extremely quiet . His eyes would fully focus on the words,
sometimes his brows would lightly lift up . That strong nose, that half closed eyes, that slightly raised lips . . . . . . all
these created an extraordinary silhouette . But, I knew this peace was an illusion that was easily broken, it was an
illusion that only appeared when there were no souls and only paper and ink . Once he left the official papers, those two
eyes would become like a deep well with no water, so dark it was frightening, his surrounding aura was cold and
piercing, it overwhelmed people until they could not breathe . No one dared to look in his eye . Everywhere he went,
there were only large groups of nervous and anxious demons and ghouls .
He approved the papers very quickly, but never hastily . His long slim fingers flipped page after page, sometimes his
fingers would pick up one or two drops from the ink that had not dried . The black ink fell on his almost translucent
finger tips, it gave one a deceptive impression that even if one was a piece of paper or a drop of black ink, one will be
very blissful .
But, he did not approve papers everyday . And, I was not always able to leave the Heavenly Realms everyday .
Sometimes, I had to wait for him at places surrounding his residence instead . Sometimes, I will be waiting outside the
big door of his residence to watch his carriage move away in the distance . Sometimes, I was able to watch him from
where he was eating, seeing him just place down his chopsticks to rise . Sometimes, I was able to hide in a corner of his
residence and see him calm down after a brutal killing, sometimes I can see beautiful seductive demon maidens holding
him from left and right as he entered the inner hall, in the dark of the night, he would walk out with his face blissful and
his robes untidy . . . . . .
*This is around 9-11 am .

Comments: I have honestly SO MUCH to say, but I think no matter how I craft it, it will sound very spoiler-ish .

Now, I didn't mean to end the chapter here, and I really wanted to finish Chapter 21, but there's still a whole chunk more
(at least the length of this update already) . I will see if I can finish it by the end of the week .

But, my gosh, THE FEELS .

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Chapter 21.4
Chapter 21.4
Chapter 21: The Male Phoenix and the Female Phoenix (Part 4 of 5)

Today, I came late, I did not know if he had already went to sleep . I searched continuously within the residence but I
could not find him . Just as I was about to leave, I was almost stepped on by a demoness who was rushing . Luckily, I
jumped away and managed to avoid her .
"Quick! The Great One wants to find the special cloak that the Second King of Hell had given to the Great One as a
tribute! Go and quickly find it!" I heard the demoness shout at the soldiers along the way .
In one moment, all the soldiers in the residence was running off - they must be heading to the storage huts to find the
item . Very quickly, one of the ghost soldiers carried a beautiful ornate jade box and seriously handed it over to the
demoness . He could not hide his curiosity and asked, "The Great One has never given a single look to the tributes, why
did he suddenly think of this cloak today?"
"What would a small rank ghost like you know?" The demoness sniffed disdainfully, "Today, The Great One has
arranged for a grand banquet at Yu Qiang*'s Palace to celebrate the birthday of Princess Sui He, Head of the Bird
Tribes . At the very least, you should know this?"
The ghost soldier nodded his head .
"This cloak must be the present the Great One plans to give to Princess Sui He . You should know what kind of person
Princess Sui He is?"
"Didn't you already say? She is the Head of the Bird Tribes?" The ghost soldier scratched his forehead and answered
confusedly .
"Stupid!" The demoness poked the horns on his head, "She saved the Great One's life! She is also the Great One's
The ghost soldier's face suddenly had a look of realisation . He asked in a low and sleazy voice, "Do you think the
Great One will use his life to repay the debt of saving his life? (The connotation is to marry Princess Sui He) . "
The demoness gave him a look of 'you are hopeless', "If it is to give one's life, it will also be Princess Sui He giving
her life to The Great One . But from what I see, if the Great One is willing to marry anyone, it will have to be the Head
of the Bird Tribe . I have no time to talk to you already, I must go . " She then left .
I followed her from behind, but very quickly I could not keep up with her . Sadly, my bunny feet were short and I could
only hop . Luckily, I remembered the smell of her demoness aura and followed the scent to Yu Qiang's Palace .
Just as I was about to try and enter the palace, I saw rows of people rushing out . At the head of the rows were Phoenix
and Sui He .
They stopped outside the palace and the rest of the people stopped a distance behind . Sui He lifted up her glistening
eyes towards Phoenix then lightly cast her lids down, her eyelashes were long, black and thin, they lightly moved in the
evening light and stirred one's heart . "It is fine if you send me out to here . Today, I am very grateful and overjoyed for
the Great One to hold a celebration for my birthday . "
Phoenix lightly waved his hand and an accompanying attendant quickly opened a jade box in his hand . That was the
jade box I had seen previously . When the jade box was opened, immediately the multi-coloured flashes of dazzling
light burst out of the box causing looks of shock from the surrounding demons . Sui He's eyes slightly widened . Phoenix
took the cloak out with one action and personally put it on Sui He . He even gently tied the two cotton strings around her
neck, "The night wind is freezing, Sui He must not catch a cold . "
Ignoring the shocked looks on all the surrounding demons, he took a step forward and leaned towards Sui He's ears to
speak in a low voice .
When he finally moved away, I saw that Sui He's face was flushed entirely red . I could not tell if it was shyness or
joy, but tears actually fell from her glistening watery eyes . She lightly stirred and bit her lips as she looked at Phoenix,
it even looked like she was pouting slightly . In half a moment, she recovered her usual composure and informed the
surrounding demons, "May the surrounding guards remain as Sui He will leave first . I thank all of you for the invites
today . " Finally, she left in a sea of polite cries of 'it is nothing! You don't have to be so polite!" .
I did not know if the others heard, but the night wind had sent Phoenix's words into Sui He's ears cleanly into my own,
"Since we are so close, why do you call me The Great One?"

I savoured the bitterness of the night wind and suddenly felt my heart shrinking . The voodoo spell was reaching out its
claws to me . . . . . .
When I finally regained consciousness, everyone had retreated and Phoenix had returned into the palace . I heard the
music within the palace and during the gap when the guards were being changed, I quickly snuck into a shadowy corner
of the palace hall .
In the palace hall, there were flickering lights, red silk, the intoxicating scent of alcohol, and beauties everywhere .
There were twelve exotic female demoness dancing with their bare naked feets, golden bells tied around their ankles,
giving off a lovely crisp sound as they danced . It was like a hynoptic spell that caused one to lose one's senses .
There were no lamp stands in the palace hall, only lanterns of fire carried in the beautiful servants' hands, the red
lanterns were like the dying blaze of the sun covering the hall in a shimmering faint layer of light, as light as translucent
silk .
Phoenix sat at the central position in the hall as he sipped wine . Flanking both his sides were two females, one
pouring wine, one adding food . Phoenix suddenly narrowed his eyes to a corner, he lowered the wine goblet in his
hand, and smiled at the female on his right . That smile could hook your soul and the demoness was completely stunned,
she lost the grip in her hand and a pair of chopsticks fell down to the ground, her body went limp .
Phoenix thoughtfully stretched out his hands to support her . The demoness immediately happily fell into his arms .
Sensing that Phoenix did not reject her, she completely leaned into his embrace . She hooked her arms around his neck
and coquettishly brushed his chest, "The Great One, since Princess Sui He has left and the night is still long, can you
spare some of the time for your humble servant?"
The coldness in Phoenix's eyes did not change but the edge of his lips lightly bent . I could not tell if it was a sign of a
smile or permission .
But the demoness's rationality must have been overwhelmed and she tightened her grip on Phoenix . Phoenix's hand
lightly brushed her hair - a simple action, but it was completely intoxicating from him .
I suddenly remember how he used to often brush my long hair, helping me pick out the falling leaves that had landed in
my hair from the wind . Even if there were no leaves, he would like to slowly comb through my hair . Sometimes he
would comb my hair for such a long time that I would get annoyed and turned my head around, but he would not stop,
only saying, "There are still some leaves, I will help you take it out, you better not move . "
I did not know why, but I suddenly realised that the steadfast gaze he used to give to me was actually so precious .

* In chinese mythology, Yu Qiang is the god of the sea and god of plague (and even god of the wind) .
Comments: Although reading Jin Mi's longing for Phoenix may seem sad, I do think it has a 'she deserves it' connotation
to it . I like the parallel - Phoenix used to stare at Jin Mi all the time but Jin Mi was unknowing, but now Jin Mi stares at
Phoenix all the time with new found consciousness .

My personal favourite is the last part when Jin Mi realises, finally realises, what she has lost .

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Chapter 21.5
Chapter 21.5

Chapter 21: The Male Phoenix and the Female Phoenix (Part 5 of 5)

Looking at how close Phoenix and the demoness' bodies were, I felt my abdomen being filled with sourish air. It also
felt like water was boiling within me, with all the five flavours being combined at once, and I could not tell what was
the exact taste.

I heard the demoness fawn over Phoenix again, "The Great One is so distinguished and esteemed, ruling over the six
realms, if only the Great One can give me one night..."
Just as the demoness was going into the vital part, I saw one of Phoenix's brow being raised, "Distinguished and
The demoness hurriedly added, "Indeed! The Great One is truly distinguished," she pointed at me right in the dark
corner, "Even a rabbit demon that has not yet gained a human form already knows to admire The Great One!"
Phoenix's sharp gaze quickly followed, I did not even have time to catch my breath as I felt myself under his scrutiny.
Although he was only calmly looking at me, I felt like I was being wrapped up in a golden glaze that immobilised my
movements and I could only stare back at him with my two red rabbit eyes.
He slowly opened his mouth and spat out the words one by one, "Ah? How can you tell that this rabbit admires me?"
The demoness cleverly answered, "The moment it entered, it hid in the corner and its eyes have been staring at the
Great One unblinkingly."
To increase the persuasiveness of what she was saying, she added an unnecessary detail which was akin to adding legs
to a drawing of a snake, "Previously in The Great One's residence, I would often see this rabbit, always quietly staring
at The Great One."
In that moment, I had the urge to strike my head into a pole. I always thought I was good at hiding so that I was never
discovered, but I finally realised that the demons and demoness had long saw me but just could not be bothered with a
mere rabbit.
"Ah? I have never seen," Phoenix spat out each word slowly.
I couldn't help being relieved and let out a mouthful of air. Luckily, he had never seen me, then I suddenly thought... but
now that he has seen me, would he recognise me? My heart was thrown into confusion and I quickly got up to hop away
to escape.
However, the demoness quickly caught me in one hand, "The Great One has grander matters to consider and naturally
cannot see such lowly creatures."
She pulled me up with one palm and lifted me before her eyes and cried surprisedly, "The Great One, look at how
beautiful the rabbit is? There is not a single stray dark hair on it... its fur is as pure and beautiful as the night frost. If not
for the fact that there is no heavenly aura, I would have mistaken it for Chang Er's moon rabbit."
Phoenix raised his brows and stretched out his hands, "Pass it to me."

I felt the pulse of my heart beat rapidly and I thought of exposing my real self by changing into water bubbles to
escape, but who would have expected Phoenix to not even wait for the demoness to stretch out her hands and he easily
lifted me up by my long ears. He placed me before himself and narrowed his eyes at me. There was not a single ripple
in his eyes but I thought I saw a sharp glint of light like the reflection of the edge of a blade that was about to be swung
against me.
In my extreme fear, I forgot to closed my eyes and saw my reflection in his gaze - I saw how I was caught by him, I
saw my ears in his palm, I saw the clearly demarcated blood veins in my ears and suddenly remembered that this pair of
ears was bought by him for me.
Obviously, he would not remember this.
Suddenly, I tried to struggle but unfortunately a rabbit's ears are its weakest point and no matter how much I struggled,
it was in vain. Phoenix's grip on my ears slowly tightened and I could not help but suspect that this pair of ears would
be physically pulled down by him.

"The Great One, this rabbit is so adorable, could you give it to me? I will tame it into a pet," The demoness held onto
Phoenix's arm in a pleading gesture and I suddenly felt that it was better to be taken care of by the demoness than to be
looked at by Phoenix.
"Its eyes glistens like water..." The demoness suddenly quickly covered her mouth in horror and bowed down on the
floor and kowtowed her head repeatedly at Phoenix, "The Great One, please do not be angry. Please do not be angry. I
unintentionally used the word 'water'.... I was silly and dazed for a moment..."
Phoenix darkly gazed at her, and I was shocked to realised that his eyes were not actually black, but a very deep shade
of blood red, so red that I mistakenly thought they were black. I was suddenly very afraid, so fearful that I almost gave
out a cry.
He lifted up his mouth, "Pet? Some things cannot be tamed no matter how you try and tame it. Even if you sincerely
treat it well, it's hard to guarantee that it wouldn't bite you back one day..."
"It is only a rabbit, and it's so obedient. It's not a wild lion, how could it hurt anyone?" The demoness asked nervously.
"Obedient?" Phoenix held me by my ears and brought me closer to his gaze. His gaze was so oppressing that I could
not breathe and I felt like my lungs were going to explode. I realised in that moment that this was the person who killed
my father but not only did I revived him, I had repeatedly appeared before him such that I was now in his palms to be
My heart was thrown into chaos. I lifted up my head and opened my mouth - I was right before the space between his
"Ah!" The demoness gave out a fearful cry.
Phoenix threw me to a side forcefully. He coldly spat, "You don't have to be a wild lion to hurt people. It is more
chilling for a rabbit to bite a person, isn't it?"
Because I was held by him, I could not actually exert much force and had only broken a bit of his skin between his
brows. A drop of bright red blood slid down his sharp distinguished nose, gently stopping at the nose tip.
I dazedly looked at it and remembered the icy willow blade, the buds and buds of flowers on my matrimonial gown,
his final look of despair... in that moment of confusion, I had forgotten that I needed to escape, forgotten how to escape,
forgotten where to escape... he did not reach out to wipe off the blood and left it on his nose tip. He lightly lowered his
eyes towards the pathetic me thrown aside and suddenly smiled.
All the demons in the hall, including the two demoness at his side, were so frightened they all fell to the floor and did
not dare to raise their heads, "This rabbit deserves death! Deserve a thousand deaths! We demons were.... were
incompetent... to allow it to come in..."
"The rabbit deserves to be plucked of its fur and skin, broken its bones, removed of its tendons, put into a bowl to be
boiled and cooked!"
He lifted his gaze towards the entire hall and slowly said, "Bring out the fire."
"Yes... yes..." the demons fearfully echoed yes and haltingly crawled out. In a moment, they had prepared a hot metal
wok of burning flames of fire.
"Won't these mortal flames insult this rabbit?" He picked me up by my ears again. Although he did not use strength, I
felt the flow of my blood vessels reverse in an instant, "Put the samadhi real flames"
I started to shiver.
Quickly, the demons announced, "The Great One, we have prepared the samadhi real flames."
Phoenix slowly nodded his head and the drop of blood finally slid off his nose down to the floor. He cleanly stretched
out his hand and threw me into the fire, there was not a moment of hesitation - his conviction to kill clear.
Very quickly, I felt myself being swallowed by the flames in a burning hell, I closed my eyes... but in the next moment I
felt a moist embrace.
"Nightmare Beast!" A demon cried in alarm, "The Heavenly Emperor's nightmare beast!"
I opened my eyes and saw the Nightmare Beast holding me in its mouth and escaping from the hall as fast as lightning.
In a few hops, it had started to fly. To think that I thought I had managed to ditch it!
"Quick! Quick catch it!"
"Cannot let it escape!"
... ...
In the confusion, I turned back and only saw a chaotic landscape of fire.

Comments: I loved chapter twenty one so much! It was everything I wanted it to be. I thought the encounter with Phoenix
and Jin Mi was really epic and filled with the frisson entirely deserving of two people filled with all the spectrums of
love and hate.

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Chapter 22.1
Chapter 22.1

Chapter 22: Love and Hate Changes in an Instant (Part 1 of 4)

Night sat at the bed edge . He lowered his head and was applying medicine at my wrist . Suddenly, he held my arm and
pulled up my sleeve all the way to the top . My whole arm was completely exposed to his gaze . I was shocked and
wanted to pull down the sleeve but he forcefully held on and I could not move .
To be grabbed so forcefully by him, my arm started to hurt even more and I took in a deep breath, "Ah----"
I never knew Night had a violent side and I could not helped being frightened into a daze . But, he did not lift up his
head, his eyes fixated on the burns I had suffered from the samadhi flames . His brows deepened, the edge of his mouth
tightened, and he did not apply the medicine as gently as before . It was as if he was taking revenge and using the
medicinal cream to roughly abrade the burns . The pain caused tears to well up in my eyes but I did not dare to make a
single sound .
After he roughly finished applying the medicine, his expression seemed to become worse . He opened his mouth a few
times as if he wanted to say something, but he was not able to . Finally, he turned his head and walked off .
When I realised this, I quickly stretched out my hand and grabbed his sleeve, "Night . . . " I called him back but I did
not know how to continue . I already did not know what I wanted to say when I pulled him back .
He did not turn his head back at all . With his back rim-rod straight and his head unturned, he coldly said, "Do not
speak . Do not say anything to me . " In half a moment, he lightly let out a breath, so light it was like an immediately
passing cloud, "Some things . . . it is better not to know . The clearer it becomes, the more it hurts . "
He lowered his gaze to my grip on his sleeve . He appeared to hesitate but he finally said in a calm tone, "Let go of me
I did not know what was this feeling in my heart, but I complied and let go of his sleeve . A long time passed but he
did not go . Silently, I turned back into my room . With just two steps, I heard a light wind behind me, Night had turned
around to hug me, "Jin Er . . . "

I froze as I heard the loud beating from his chest, "Jin Er, can you not let me watch your back again? I am waiting for
you to turn back, I have always been waiting for you to turn back . Do you know this? I convinced myself that if I spoil
you, let you do whatever you want, if I just lived each day having one eye close and deceiving myself, if all these could
make you happy, make you become healthy again, you will one day see all the good in me, see my feelings for you . But,
why . . . why do you never turn back? Why are you willing to let him incinerate you with the samadhi flames but not
willing to seek my embrace?"
He looked at me - his gaze had no light in it at all as if he lived in an abyss of darkness, "Till this day, do you still love
I frantically pushed him away, "What are you saying? Love? I have never loved him . I hate him, I hate him!" I
suddenly felt a wintry coldness throughout my body, a coldness born from my bones, I hugged my arms tightly to give
myself some warmth, "I have only been struck by a voodoo spell . Why don't you understand this?"
"Voodoo spell? Voodoo spell . . . I have also been struck by your voodoo spell, why don't you release me?" He
lowered his head with a resigned smile, "You can let me go, but I can never let you go . . . "
I watched as the cloth overlaying the window split open then fell back again, and then splitting open again with the
wind, just like how my heart felt so empty it was as if someone had taken it out .
I did not understand anything . . . . . .
After escaping from the fire the previous time, for a very long time, I did not go again to the Demon Realms . I was
afraid of seeing him and also afraid of him seeing me . I was also always avoiding Night, I could not bear to see him,
and also could not bear him seeing me .
Every day, I fed the Nightmare Beast, I planted flowers and plants, and counted the wishes for rain Night passed me
from the mortals' written prayers . Sometimes I thought, mortals could make wishes to the gods for their troubles, but
who can the gods pray to when they have their own troubles?
"Naturally, one can make the wish to the Heavenly Emperor! If the Water God has any wish, the Heavenly Emperor
will definitely make it come true!" Li Zhu spoke with a face full of admiration for Night .
I glared at her .
"Great God, please do not glare at me . Li Zhu is only speaking the truth . All these years, how the Heavenly Emperor
has treated you . Even if other people do not know, the Great God can't possibly not know?" Looking at her stance of
trying to cry out for the injustice of the wronged, I tried to change the topic, but I heard her say, "I heard recently that the
Head of the Bird Tribe is going to get engaged . When will the Great God marry the Heavenly Emperor?"
My heart sank, "With who?" Although I already knew the answer, I did not know why but I was still holding out for a
trace of hope . . .
Li Zhu embarrassedly gave a cough, "Last time, Princess Sui He also had a relationship with Gentleman Yan You (this
is Master Chi You), I also heard it was because of her that Gentleman Yan You was removed of his 'god' status and
demoted to a sprite . . . "
Looking at how Li Zhu tried to dodge the question, I had no heart to listen to any more gossip . I felt like my heart had
been pressed and squeezed, it was extremely uncomfortable .
The Head Flower Leader asked, "Jin Er, don't tell me you have fallen for the Fire God?"
Master Pu Chi had asked, "Beauty, have you been connected a wrong red thread and fallen for him?"
Night asked, "Till this day, do you still love him?"
How? How is this possible? How can I possibly fall in love with my father's murderer? How is this possible! The
fear in my heart reached its limits . . . no, I must see him again! I must confirm this, I must prove this to myself!
That night, when Night went to the West to discuss buddhist scriptures, I once again went to the Demon Realms .
When I saw Phoenix, he looked as if was a little drunk, his steps were unstable as he was returning to his manor . Two
female demoness went forward to hold him but he pushed them away . He held a jade drinking jar . After a sip, he
appeared to be displeased and threw it on the floor . The jade drinking jar broke upon impact and released a crisp
breaking sound, frightening all the surrounding attendants to kneel on the ground .
"Did I not say that I want osmanthus flower wine*?" He looked at all the attendants on the floor, "All rise and get me
the osmanthus flower wine!"
"Yes . . . yes . . . but the Great One, that was already osmanthus flower wine, the best osmanthus flower wine in the
Demon Realms . . . " A female demoness brought up her courage and asked confusedly .
"Ah?" Phoenix looked at her and stretched the tail-end of his cry . The female demoness did not dare to argue and only
said, "I will quickly go and get the osmanthus flower wine!"
Phoenix returned to his bed chambers in a few steps . I quickly transformed into water vapour and followed him inside
In his bed chambers, he had already loosened his robes and laid down with his eyes closed on his bed with heavy silk
curtains . A white jade hair pin with gold fell down to the floor and his long black hair fell upon the bed . One of his
hand fall outside the bed, hanging alone . . . as if wanting to hold onto something but always in vain and falling down
again with no strength . The tips of his fingers were white .
I wanted to hold on to that hand . . . as I just started to transform back into my body I heard the low rustling of robes
from outside the door and hurriedly transformed into something to hide in the fruit bowl .
Two female demoness brought a jar of wine inside . It must be the newly prepared osmanthus flower wine . They
lightly placed it on the table . Seeing Phoenix messily lying on his bed, they appeared to want to cover him with a
blanket, but after hesitating for a long moment, they did not dare to do so in the end .
Just as they were to exit, one of the female demoness saw me hiding in the flower bowl and her facial expression
immediately changed . She pulled on the other demoness' sleeves .
The other demoness quickly turned around and her face paled immediately . She quickly reached out her hand .
Looking at her direction . . . was she heading towards me?
At this moment, Phoenix turned on his bed and the two demoness were so shocked that their hands froze and they
quickly left the bed chamber .
I could hear the female demoness slowly tell the other, "It was a grape . . . who no longer wanted their lives and dared
to put a grape in the Great One's room! Who in this world could not know that the fruit the Great One hates the most is
the grape . . . tomorrow when that person understands will be the moment his or her soul leaves this realm . . . "
I saw the reflection of a plum purple grape in the crystal fruit bowl and realised that in my hurry, I had changed into the
self I had not used in a long while - a grape .
The fruit he hated the most was a grape . . . . . .
I did not know why but I suddenly felt like I was a paper lantern that had been ripped and was left floating in the wind
He moved again and his hand reached out to impatiently take off his robes . He appeared hot and he seemed to be
murmuring something . He could not sleep peacefully . I knew that he was usually not conscious after becoming
intoxicated with alcohol and would not discover me, so I transformed back to my real self and walked towards the head
of his bed .
Comments: * It's wonderfully expressed without needing to make explicit that Phoenix misses Jin Mi because he longs
for the osmanthus flower wine she makes . The title of this chapter says it all, love and hate changes in an instant .

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Chapter 22.2
Chapter 22.2

Chapter 22: Love and Hate Changes in an Instant (Part 2 of 4)

The candlelight in the room emanated a low glow and flickered over his face, leaving it half in light and half in
darkness . Because he was drunk, his lips were moist, and there was a layer of weariness in his brows . The place
between his brows in which I had bit him - there was no longer any trace of that .
I lowered my head and seriously examined him, hate him? Love him?
If I didn't hate him, why would I personally kill him? But, why was I in such pain after I killed him - an unbearable
agony that was worse than death? Was this because of a voodoo spell? But, if I loved him like what the others say, why
would I kill him? We accompanied each other day and night for a hundred years but I never sensed any other feelings, in
the hundreds of years after when he spoke deep words of longing to me my heart also did not move, he kissed me, he
kissed me many times, that time when he was really drunk, we even mutually cultivated . . . but, I have never placed him
inside my heart .
How could I have fallen in love with him immediately after his death? What's more he is engaged to Sui He already . .
He suddenly opened his eyes, those dark pupils stared at me . Not a glimmer of the light in the room was reflected
within his gaze . I was so shocked by his sudden movement that I couldn't move . But, he only looked at me and
thereafter closed his eyes . Suddenly, I recalled that he acted like this too when he was drunk in the mortal realms, he
was only unconsciously blinking and wasn't really awake .
His lips moved and lightly opened, as if he was saying something . I became curious and leaned my ear closer to hear
his words . After a moment and after carefully observing the shape of his mouth, I thought he was trying to make out two
words . . . "Water . . . Drink . . . " He must be thirsty after drinking so much alcohol .
Before I realised what I did, I had already transformed a cup of tea in my hands . In one hand, I held on to the back of
his neck, in the other I brought the cup of tea towards his lips and lightly leaned it towards him .
But who knew that his thin lips would tightened and the tea dripped down his lips . I repeated the process a few times
but nothing could go in . I became rather anxious and finally placed the tea into my mouth, leaned towards his lips and
transferred the water, drop by drop . . . . . .

When I left his lips, I saw his closed lids lightly shudder . As I placed the tea cup down, I heard him open his mouth
again and tried to form the words, "Water . . . Drink . . . "
So, again I drank a mouthful of tea to transfer to him, just as I started to use the tip of my tongue to tease open his teeth,
I felt myself being hooked by another tongue . I was shocked but before I could retreat - it was already too late .
The tongue carried the taste of osmanthus flowers, and it prickled my tongue as if it had thorns upon thorns, hooked,
entwined, like the shadow following the body . I could not escape, I could not hide, my mouthful of tea slowly
transformed into deep strong wine, I was intoxicated beyond my senses .
I felt a hand hold onto the nape of my neck, the palm was icy cold as if it was metal . I suddenly shivered and the
coldness awoke me . I pushed away his chest and tried to climb up, but my back was already firmly held onto by another
arm . No matter how I struggled, I only caused both our robes to unravel further .
His robes were open, revealing a strong chest, the feeling of his muscles caused my face to burn . Hurriedly, I closed
my eyes but in the gap before I firmly closed it - I saw a faint frost mark in the middle of his chest, as if sealing up
something . . . my heart winced and I reached out my hand to touch the light scar .
He closed his eyes and unconsciously his brows furrowed, a thick murderous intent swept over me and I couldn't help
freezing in fear . But in the next moment, he let go of the back of my head and started to venture into my robes . . . I felt
the silk buttons drop to the floor one by one .
He lightly stroke my waist, the tips of his fingers slowly crawling up my spine, breezing by my shoulders, I heard my
heart quickly beat into his palm .
His breath tinged with the scent of alcohol swept across my forehead, there was even a cruel trace of sweetness . I
held in my breath for so long that I thought I would suffocate, even the tips of my toes were tense . Suddenly, the world
spun and he pressed down upon me .
I licked my lips, reached out my hands to hook the back of his head and kissed his lips . . . he kissed me from the tip of
my tongue to my back, inch by inch, careful but not gentle . His kisses felt like fire and enraptured my heart . I held onto
his shoulders, wrapped myself around his legs, as if my heart wanted to find a warm support . In a moment, our breaths
entwined into a web, as if we were always connected, we had never left, there was no separation of life and death, no
ambiguity between love or hate, only two closely knitted hearts, with different pulses but holding on close together . . . .
He entered with a force that would shock the heart and moved the soul . In that moment, everything was empty, silent,
and the song had come to a standstill - but suddenly, the music started to rise, the horses started racing, the battle fires,
the horn, the war cries . . . it was overwhelming and I felt myself being swallowed . . .
I did not know how long had passed but bathed in sweat, I leaned upon his chest . I watched him sleep with both his
eyes closed, it was beautiful in an unfathomable way .
I lowered my head towards that light frost mark again in his chest, I reached out to stroke it - it was like my heart was
drowning and I could not breathe .
He moved his mouth, his shape was the same, "Water . . . Drink . . . "
I was struck, did he want to drink tea again? Perhaps he was internally heated after drinking so much alcohol and was
naturally thirsty . But, when I tried to deliver tea to his mouth, he impatiently turned away . His mouth opened again, but
this time I heard it clearly and I did not need to guess what he was saying from the shape of his mouth .
"Sui . . . He . . . " [*Water has the sound of Sui, and Drink has the sound of He]
I felt like my senses had been struck by thunder . After a moment, I placed both of my hands on my ears so that I could
not hear anything .
"Some things . . . it is better not to know . The clearer it becomes, the more it hurts . . . " Night's words suddenly burst
into my heart, I felt like my heart was bleeding .
There was never any "Water . . . Drink . . . !" It was always just my foolish guess, from start to end, he was calling for
Sui He . . .
For her, he became drunk, he became sad, even worse, he hugged me, he kissed me, thinking I was . . . . . .
I clumsily stood up and the hands that tied my robes were uncontrollably trembling . I tried my best to tie the robes
properly, but I could not concentrate - I could only see a cloud of mist . Finally, I did not know how much effort I had to
muster to reasonably dress myself .
The road was long, there was no end, I ran all the way . But, I kept feeling that a fierce ghost was chasing after me,
wanting to eat me, eat my skin and meat, not even leaving my bones .
I ran and ran, I kept running, I had forgotten I knew how to fly, I had forgotten I was a god, I had forgotten that even
ghosts could not hurt me . . . . . .
But, I suddenly saw through one thing clearly .
There was never a voodoo spell . . .
I love him, I had fallen in love with the enemy that killed my father . . .
That clearness, that sort of clarity, left me completely bare .

Comments: Definitely one of the harder chapters to translate . This is one of my favourite chapters emotionally, though I
don't actually enjoy translating mutual cultivation scenes, and I have to admit that I translate them with a large amount of
'creative licence' - I prefer to make them more poetic and ambiguous .
Whatever it is, I just want to give Jin Mi a good ol' hug . You followed your heart all the way, Jin Mi, but sometimes
what lies at the end of the rainbow is not a pot of gold . Or is it?

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Chapter 22.3
Chapter 22.3

Chapter 22: Love and Hate Changes in an Instant (Part 3 of 4)

Frantically running, I finally landed in a thick growth of grass .
When I woke up again, I was leaning against a cold stone tablet . I lifted up my head and saw my father's grave . There
was not a speck of dust, just like his robes when he was alive . It turned out that I had fallen back into the Water
Boundary last night .
I knelt before father's grave in silence until the sun's shadow was as high as the third wooden beam in the window sill .

"Grape?" A bright red colour jumped into my sight . I looked up and saw Old Carrot Immortal rubbing his fat belly and
using effort to lean down to catch sight of me . When he saw my face, he was in shock, "Grape, what happened to you?
You . . . you . . . are you crying?"
He reached out his hand to catch the tears falling off my face . He placed these droplets under his eyes and scrutinised
it carefully . He spoke with glee, "How lucky that I came to pay my respect to the Water God today! If not, I would
never have been able to see the rarest of the rarest tears!" He paused to think for a moment and then suddenly looked up
in shock, "Oh no! Oh no! I must quickly go back and pack my stuff . For Grape to cry, the Flower World is going to
"Hong Hong, you should also quickly leave! Return to your Heavenly Realms . What grudge can you have when the
current Heavenly Emperor is also your nephew? I'm afraid one can no longer stay in the Flower World," Old Carrot
Immortal turned around and pushed the young lad in red robes .
"Hmph!" The lad huffed in disdain, "How unlucky! To see the most ungrateful person in all the lands today, even if you
don't push me, I will leave!" After he finished speaking, he swished his robe sleeves angrily and glared at me . I
realised it was the Moon God who had left the Heavenly Realms for twelve years .

I lowered my head .
Old Carrot Immortal was walking away when he suddenly turned back . He bent down with some effort again to look
at me and asked sternly, "Grape, did someone steal your divine essence?"
I was silent .
His expression darkened, "Does the Heavenly Emperor not let you be a goddess?"
I remained silent .
Old Carrot Immortal's face turned ashen white, "Don't tell me that the Heavenly Emperor is going to lose his throne
and you have lost your backing? Ah ah ah! If that is true, you are in deep trouble! You may not know but Phoenix is
currently ruling the Demon Realms . . . if you lose your backing, he will definitely drag you to hell! There are eighteen
levels of hell . . . even before you are placed in boiling oil, you will definitely be scared to death by the ugliness of the
ghouls! I wonder how did Hong Hong's handsome nephew even make friends with them . . . . . . "
"You are not allowed to speak badly of my Phoenix!" The Moon God angrily cut Old Carrot Immortal off .
"Actually, you don't have to be so protective of that bird . From what I can see, the little dragon Heavenly Emperor is
vastly better than the bird . . . "
"You are full of nonsense! I'm going to invite the Jade Rabbit tomorrow!"
Phoenix, Phoenix, I mumbled inside of me . My heart was empty, and all I could see was bottomless despair .
"Grape, are you bleeding?" Old Carrot Immortal took my hand and opened my tight grip finger by finger . Each of my
palms showed ten pathways of blood so deep you could see my bones . "Grape, what happened to you?"
I looked at the blood and suddenly felt even more helpless, and then a deep sense of self hatred, "Old Carrot Immortal,
I've fallen in love with him, I have fallen in love with my father's murderer . "
Old Carrot Immortal dropped my hands in shock and fell back two steps as if he saw a ghost, "That is impossible! You
are Grape, it's impossible for you to love someone!"
"You love Phoenix? What a joke? If you had even a trace of feeling in your heart for him, how could you so cruelly kill
him? You betrayed his refusal to listen to the Heavenly Empress to marry Sui He, you betrayed his secret planning of
three years to battle Night for you, how he finally caught Night's weakness and planned to fight it all on the day of the
wedding . He so wholeheartedly believed in you, loved you, but who would have thought that you would plunge a knife
in him and kill him? Even if the Water God was really killed by Phoenix . . . if you loved him, how could you not show
mercy? What's more I definitely do not believe Phoenix will hurt the Water God, what more kill him!" The Moon God
glared at me as if even if he had scolded me a thousand times, it would still not be enough .
"I personally saw it . . . I personally heard it . . . I don't know . . . I'm so miserable," I wept in a low voice and could
hardly speak . I did not know why my heart did not soften, I did not know how I could plunge the knife . . . ?
"Phoenix was crazy to fall in love with you . Now that I heard he is engaged to Sui He, I am so happy . How I had
wasted efforts in trying to matchmake the two of you together! I never thought that you would harm him!"
"It's impossible . How could you fall for him? You ate the Unfeeling Pill!" The Old Carrot Immortal spat out in a
confused and frightened daze .
"Unfeeling pill? What unfeeling pill?" The Moon God asked confusedly .
Suddenly, I had an ominous feeling .
"No . . nothing . . . I never said anything . . . Hong Hong, you are old and your ear is faulty," The Old Carrot Immortal
spoke while avoiding eye contact .
"From the volume which you spoke, I could hear it clearly even if I was deaf . What is the unfeeling pill?" The Moon
God stepped menacingly towards the Old Carrot Immortal .
The Old Carrot Immortal fell back, he hugged his stomach and tried to run off .
I knelt before the grave, emptily glancing towards the far distance and spoke in a low voice, "It's a pearl of
sandalwood . . . the size of a buddhist praying bead . . . "
"You . . . you knew?" Old Carrot Immortal froze and turned around, looking at me in disbelief, "Which Flower Leader
told you?"
I lowered my head in anguish and smiled, so it turned out . . . . . .
"I saw it, I personally spat it out . He was dead, my heart was lost, what else could I not spit out . . . "
"What cruel fate!" Old Carrot Immortal thumped his chest, "All of Flower Goddess' efforts has gone to waste!"
"Quick tell me what it is about! Or I will let loose the rabbit and kill you!" The Moon God hurriedly threatened Old
Carrot Immortal .
"Fine, fine, I will speak . But, I was only eavesdropping . . . " The Old Carrot Immortal tried to shirk away but seeing
my swollen red eyes, he knew he could not hide it anymore so he spoke hesitantly, "Since Grape has already seen it . . .
actually, the Twenty Four Flower Leaders all knew about this but they had sworn using their lives that they will never
reveal it . "
Old Carrot Immortal shook his head despondently, "That year, the Flower Goddess had fallen in love with the
Heavenly Emperor but she saw with her own eyes how he hugged other goddesses . Later, the Flower Goddess fell for
the Water God and wanted to dedicate the rest of her life to him, but who knew the Water God would be commanded to
marry the Wind Goddess . On the night of their wedding, the Flower Goddess gave birth to Grape . At the same time that
there was celebration in the Heavenly Realms, the Flower Realms was in a state of chaotic wind and rain . The Flower
Goddess believed that feelings could not be trusted and to fall in love was as good as hell . . . furthermore, a girl's
appearance should not be overly attractive, or disaster was sure to follow . So, she fed the Unfeeling Pill to Grape . "
"The Flower Goddess once said that the person who consumes the Unfeeling Pill will destroy all feelings of emotion
and love . She was not willing for Grape to follow her path and wanted Grape to be unfeeling and strong . . carefree to
lead the rest of her life . She also ordered the twenty four Flower Leaders to trap you within the Water Boundary for ten
thousand years to avoid danger . Who knew . . . who knew that even the Unfeeling Pill could not withstand the thousand
poisons of the emotional thread, could not withstand the tremors of a moved heart . Grape, you still fell in love with
him, so in love that you even spat out the Unfeeling Pill . . . everyone has their own destiny, even gods . . . it is all fated .
So it turns out . . . I laughed, then laughed some more .
What use is knowing this now? He killed my father, I killed him . He died, I spat out the Unfeeling Pill and realised
that I loved him . He revived but no longer loves me . In fact, he hates me so much that he wants to suck my blood and
crunch on my bones . Now, he loves Sui He, and Sui He loves him .
It is only me - unable to love, unable to hate, stuck between the two, and becoming nothing . . . . . .
"Unfeeling Pill? I governed the matrimonial fate and affairs of the heart for hundred thousand of years and never heard
of such a pill," The Moon God looked thunderstruck and kept shaking his head in disbelief .
I climbed up and clumsily started to walk away .
"Grape! Where are you going?" Old Carrot Immortal cried in shock from behind .
Where? Where else could I go? I could no longer face my father's grave .
The six realms may be wide, but there was only the Heavenly Realms I could return to . . . . . .
That day, a messenger sent a beautiful invitation to me . It was bright red with beautiful birds surrounding trees
entwined with each other* . Two names written in gold shone out . The fifteenth of next month? How hurried . . . I used
my finger to trace the name of Phoenix . I lifted up my finger and there was golden dust at my finger tip - I rubbed it
lightly and it disappeared in the wind .
The next day, Night fetched me from the milky river . I had watched the stars the whole night . He hugged me and
sighed, his brows furrowed . After a long while, he said, "Jin Er, you still have me . Do I still have a chance to
exchange your heart with mine?" His voice was so light that I almost did not hear it .
I lifted up my head to gaze at Night, I suddenly felt a little sad . . . although he appeared gentle in appearance, he was
actually very stubborn . He stubbornly stood at the side and stood for very long, but he was still unwilling to turn back .
"Jin Er, the snow has almost all melted in the mortal realms . Let's marry in spring next year, shall we?"
"Ok . "
His breath suddenly stopped and hugged me even tightly .
The flower has blossomed, the window has opened, but why can't I see you?
Seeing you, hearing you, but not being able to say I love you .

* Entwined trees represents the everlasting love between a husband and wife .

Comment: Absolutely love love love this chapter so much and can't think of a better ending . I'm so proud of Jin Mi in
her lovely moment of self realisation that I'm going to call her 'my Jin Mi' .

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Chapter 22.4
Chapter 22.4

Chapter 22: Love and Hate Changes in an Instant (Part 4 of 4)

In the early morning*, I went to the study to find Night and saw a few immortal attendants that were usually around
Night's Four Stars Palace . These female immortal attendants were always very polite and would lower their heads to
greet me, "Greetings to the Higher Water God . " I would nod my head in response .
When I look at people, I usually only generally look at their faces . But, today I was surprised by a sense of familiarity
by her face and stopped my footsteps, "What are you called?"
"Higher God, I am called Huan Kuang Lu . "
I thought for a moment but the name remained unfamiliar . Seeing my confused look, she added, "Tai Shang Lao Jun **
is my father . " The female immortal attendant spoke with a sense of pride at her father who had almost sacrificed
himself in helping Night ascend the Heavenly Throne .
The daughter of Tai Shang Lao Jun? I suddenly vaguely remembered her silhouette and nodded, "I remember seeing
you before . You are the little heavenly soldier who asked if the Heavenly Emperor will take concubines?"
Her face turned red and she lightly nodded her face, she was so embarrassed that she looked like she wanted to jump
headfirst into the clouds .
I looked at her and said, "I've remembered it . You can return first . "
She gave me a look of disbelief and seeing that I was not mocking her, she happily blushed again, gave her thanks and
respectfully sent me into the Four Stars Palace before leaving .
When Night saw me enter the study, he immediately threw his brush aside on the table and rose up to take my hand .
My hand instinctively retreated a little, but I did not pull it away and let him hold it in his palms .
"Jin Er, you came just at the right time . They just sent a plate of pomegranate cakes over . I have already had breakfast
and am full, why don't you try them for me?" As he spoke, he personally placed the beautiful red plate of treats before
me .
I took one piece and nibbled it . Lately, I have always been absentmindedly eating something*** but Night has never
tried to reveal the reason for this . Except, whenever I visit him in his study, he would already have prepared some
treats for me to eat for him .
He treats me very well, so well that it could not be better . It made me feel even more insecure and guilty, not being
able to bear his gentle and kind gaze . I said, "I have been hearing prayers about drought in the mortal world . However,
when I visited the dry lands, I realised this was not something rain could cure . . . it's Huo Do**** and some other
creatures' evil doing . . . "
He pressed my hands and with some difficulty under his gentle gaze, I finally said, "Ren Yu (Night's first name) . . . . . .
" He liked to hear me call his name and if I used the wrong name, he would stare at me until I changed it .
Hearing this, he smiled contentedly - as if this one call by me made him happy from the bottom of his heart, like he had
just received ten thousand years of divine essence . "
"I saw Tai Shan Lao Jun's daughter outside," I decided it was better to say it out loud .
"Ah?" Night turned his face towards me, there was a glimmer of light passing through his gaze and he looked at me
with a curious expression .
"Actually, I don't object to you taking more concubines . If you do have people you like, you may also marry them . "
He treats me so well, but what he wants, I cannot give . . . I can only hope that someone else can give him what I could
not give .

He paused immediately and looked at me seriously in my eyes . I returned his gaze sincerely and honestly . The ends of
his lips pressed down, he tossed the plate of treats onto the table, released my hand and stood up . He gripped both his
hands as his back turned towards me, "It must be so difficult for you to have to think for my benefit," His tone had never
been so icy cold before, "Jin Er, I'm not afraid that you have no heart, I'm afraid that you will have this kind of heart!"
Is this a refusal? Sensing that Night had refused, I decided it was best that I left . I quickly flew off in an aimless water
mist . . . and I saw from afar an oily green figure hovering at the Heavenly East Gate trying to convince the heavenly
soldiers to let him in . I lowered the water mist towards it .
"Master Pu Chi, you are . . . . . . "
Master Pu Chi's gaze quickly flickered over as if he had met his relative, "Beauty, is this you?" Quickly, his face
puckered into a crying expression, "These two woodblocks would not let me in!" He lifted his leg and took the chance
to rush to my side .
The two guards quickly stopped him, "Don't think of being rude to the Higher God!"
"Beauty, since they won't let me in, why don't you come out?" Seeing Master Pu Chi's glistening expression that
glittered as if he was going to have a stroke, I kind-heartedly stepped out .
Master Pu Chi pulled my robes and left, but before he walked off he did not forget to turn around and give a proud
gaze at the guards .
"Beauty, I heard that you have given up and plan to be the Heavenly Empress?" This was Master Pu Chi's first question
after bringing me to a quiet spot . He added, "One needs extraordinary skills to be the Heavenly Empress . . . it's not that
I underestimate you, but your natural disposition is ordinary, I mean, a little weak . "
"Ordinary disposition? Are you hinting that my divine essence is low?"
"I'm not speaking of divine essence," Master Pu Chi said with a frustrated expression, "All the previous Heavenly
Empresses have been cunning, deceitful, devious, cruel, they hide a knife in their smile and a sword in the stomach . . .
Beauty, you don't have a single of these traits . . . " As he was reaching the climax, he suddenly paused .
I followed his gaze and saw a beautiful girl flying into the Heavenly East Gate . My heart suddenly felt a shard of pain
"Don't even speak of the previous Heavenly Empresses . Even Sui He . . . Beauty, your skills also fall behind her . "
I lowered my head, the truth from his words hit right at my sore spot and I felt my eyes watering .
"Beauty, don't! Don't! Don't be sad . I did not mean it that way," Master Pu Chi looked at me helplessly, "I was saying
that you are not as devious as her! You don't know how to manipulate the heart . When I was young and innocent, I was
also tricked by her once . . . "
I looked in shock at Master Pu Chi and heard him say, "When I was one of the Twelve Zodiac Gods, I was so pure and
cute . . . I was carefree and only occasionally teased the little female immortal attendants . Although Sui He was from
the Heavenly Empress' tribe, she was a distant relative, and there were several people in the tribe, why would she have
special notice? In order to gain power, she noticed me . At the Heavenly Peach Banquet, she drugged my wine and
framed me by placing one of the Heavenly Emperor's concubines in my embrace . . . finally, she brought a group of
immortals to catch us in the act! In his anger, the Heavenly Emperor removed me from the rank of gods and evicted me
to become a sprite . The concubine was demoted to the mortal world . The Heavenly Empress is so jealous that she
could not even tolerate a speck of sand, she had long disliked the concubine . Sui He knowing this had executed this
plan . . . and became the Head of the Bird Tribe . "
I was speechless as I heard his whole story . Who knew that the reason Master Pu Chi was evicted from this world
was so crude . . . wasting my previous efforts in thinking of the truly remarkable story behind his eviction . For example,
the flirtatious Heavenly Emperor had fallen for Master Pu Chi, but the Heavenly Emperor was forced to marry the
Heavenly Empress . The Heavenly Empress not being able to get the love of the Heavenly Emperor, had hated Master
Pu Chi to the bone . . . . from hate to love, finally the Heavenly Empress and Master Pu Chi had gotten today . Master Pu
Chi was stuck between the Heavenly Emperor and Heavenly Empress . . . and finally the Heavenly Emperor knew about
everything and still loving Master Pu Chi, he was not willing to kill Master Pu Chi and only demoted him into a sprite,
evicting him from the Heavenly Realms . . . never to meet again . . .
It turns out that I had thought too much .
"So Beauty, why for just a bird, you give up on all the snakes in the land and go towards the embrace of a dragon? You
will suffer when you have to fight with the Heavenly Emperor and the other concubines . . . Beauty, I cannot bear for
you to suffer and disappear in a cloud of ashes . . . " Master Pu Chi sighed and shook his head .
My face darkened at Master Pu Chi thinking of my death, "You compliment me . "
Master Pu Chi said carefully, "The troubled sea is boundless, it is better for you to return to the shore . Although, some
women are scary, there are men who are scarier . . . "
Hearing this, I smoothly followed, "So only people who are not women and not men are not scary?"
"Beauty, you should run away from the marriage! I found you today to talk about this!" Master Pu Chi passionately
invited me to elope with him . However, my heart was already fixated on something else so I did not listen to his
nonsense and walked away .
The Demon Realms and the Heavenly Realms were hostile like water and fire . . . now that Sui He was going to marry
to the Demon Realms, why did she come today?
More strangely, when she entered the Heavenly East Gate, she was heading towards . . . the Four Stars Palace .

*This is between 7 to 9 am .

** The one who made the pills .

*** Her habit of eating something sweet to soothe her heart's pain .

**** A chinese celestial creature that eats fire .

Comments: By the end of Chapter 22, Jin Mi broke Phoenix's heart, Phoenix broke Jin Mi's heart, Jin Mi tries to accept
Night's heart but also ends up breaking Night's heart . We also saw Old Carrot Immortal, the Moon God and Master Pu
Chi appearing to give Jin Mi some 'scolding' and 'advice' - now that Jin Mi knows her heart and how she could be so
cruel, would she return to the shore as advised by Master Pu Chi or plunge herself deep into the troubled sea - a
'homecoming' of sorts perhaps for a rare six-petalled frost flower?

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Chapter 23.1
Chapter 23.1

Chapter 23: No Door For Redemption (Part 1 of 4)

So, it turns out that there is a kind of hurt in this world - that can eat your heart and decay your bones.

It's called no door for redemption.

I stood on the rainbow bridge, my hand on a cool wooden beam, and gazed far away into the deep forest.

The Four Stars Palace had an ink black tiled roof and pure pristine white walls. It was also a place of serenity and
elegance. Naturally, it was never guarded by any heavenly soldiers. However, now there was a incompatible row of
heavenly soldiers, including Master Tai Si, standing guard outside. Although none of them were wearing armour, all of
them had alert and cautious eyes carefully observing the surroundings. There were several gods who had came on
official business but were politely declined at the entrance. Seeing Master Tai Si's demeanour, it was as if he was not
even willing to let a grasshopper in.
My heart was weighed down with suspicions, so I transformed into steam and hid myself in the clouds that were swept
away by the wind into the inside of the Four Stars Palace. The windows to Night's study were closed tightly, so I leaned
onto the windows while in my form as steam and moistened a corner of the paper window to enable myself to look in.
I saw Night sitting in the middle drinking a porcelain cup of tea. His expression was indecipherable. Sitting next to
him in the guest seat was the leader of the Bird Tribe, Sui He. Both of them were silent, with an expression of 'if the
enemy does not move, I will not move'.
After a long while, it seemed that Sui He could not bear it anymore and she spoke, "A person who is above board will
speak straightly, I'm sure the Heavenly Emperor knows very clear why I have come today."
Night lightly smiled, "Princess Sui He is mistaken, I do not know why you have come today."
Sui He lightly snorted, "Did you sabotage the medicine from Lao Jun?"
My heart jumped but I only heard Night said slowly and leisurely, "So, you came for such a small matter. I only
removed a herb that would caused heatiness."
"You!" Sui He was furious, "All the realms believe that the Heavenly Emperor is completely devoted to the Water
God, but little do they know that the Heavenly Emperor will also cheat and make use of the person he loves! You knew
that Phoenix is a bird that cannot die, and there was a possibility that his soul did not completely dissipate. Once the
Water God received Lao Jun's golden pill, she would definitely rescue knew that Phoenix's disposition is
to fire and is most afraid of the cold, so you purposely removed the 'fire' element from the pill, thus Phoenix is in
continuous pain by the pill that tries to eat him up internally instead, you..." Sui He mocked, "I'm afraid the Water God
has not seen how smartly you have manipulated her like a chess piece? If someone enlightened her....."
I felt like I had been struck my lightning.
Night placed his tea cup on the table. He gave out a light sound and lifted up his brows, "Princess Sui He speaks so
boldly - so have you honestly told your Great One that it was not you who revived him?" Sui He's expression
completely changed.

"Besides, his strength increases every day, he won't mind that little side effect. Princess Sui He is much too worried,"
Night replied in his usual calm manner.
Sui He slowly regained her composure and replied, "So what if Phoenix knows that it was Jin Mi who saved him? If it
was not for her sword, would Phoenix's soul even have broken? But there is one matter... if Jin Mi knows that Phoenix
is not the one who killed the Water God, and that her fiance, the Heavenly Emperor, knew from the start that Phoenix
was not the murderer but purposely hid this from her, and misled her, how would you say she would react?"
I was thunderstruck! The sky was falling and the ground was collapsing. In that moment, I felt the sky land on me... but
I could not move, could not run, could not escape, could only watch myself being hit by the huge boulders, see myself
being broken into dust......
"I would advise you not to act foolishly!" Night's face darkened and his index finger hit the table, "Your wish to marry
him is going to come true. If this truth comes out, aren't you worried that your dream ends up empty?"
"If the Heavenly Emperor tells me what herb you removed, I will never reveal a single word! If the Heavenly Emperor
insists, then I can also only insist!"
"Do you really think that I only know that it was not Phoenix who killed the Water God and not know who the original
killer is? You have followed the Heavenly Empress for ten thousand plus years, you must have learned her Red Lotus
Fire? You knew that the Water God was weak and had lost half of his divine essence, taking revenge for the Heavenly
Empress was only an excuse, in truth you wanted to separate Jin Er and Phoenix, right? Too bad, you miscalculated, you
never expected that Jin Mi would stab him and cause his soul to dissipate... you couldn't draw a tiger and end up being
bitten by a dog!" Night coldly threw out his last card.
"You..." Sui He was so alarmed that she stood up, "You... when have you known this..."
"When I know this is not important, your stuttering today is your confession. I advise you to just marry him and let him
protect you, you might still be able to live... but if you ever land in my hands one day... the whole world knows that I
promised Jin Er to revenge her father's death..."
Sui He's face was a sheet of white, she was completely frightened, "You... so you always knew, you used me to
completely split up the two of them... you...there is no one you don't use!"
"It's good that you know," Night calmly waved his hand and the door opened, "I will not send you out."
Sui He clumsily rushed out of the undulating white walls of the Four Stars Palace, and disappeared hurriedly to the end
of the rainbow bridge......
I slid down from the window sill. The pain from falling down caused me to be unable to maintain my disguise and I
regained my original appearance. I bore with the pain and quickly got up to run off.
"Jin Er?"
Cannot stop! Cannot turn back! I ran off.
"Jin Er!" He hugged my waist from behind and I was so shocked that I shivered and tried my best to kick and struggle
out. But, even after I used up my last ounce of strength, I could not break this tight chain. Using my fingers, I pinched the
iron arms until there was blood... until I could not expend any more energy, I saw that there were traces of blood
everywhere, but it was not clear from who......
I was always only a very small ant. No matter how much I struggled, it was in vain.
"Jin Er... listen to me..." It was so hilarious, his voice sounded shocked and stuttered, how could he act so
"Fine, I will listen to you... just let me go, what else can I do, you can tell it all to me... I will listen to you, just let me
go... ok?" I already knew that I had no chance of winning against him. I can only humbly beg, beg him to let me off.
But, he stood there without speaking, only his arms entwined me tighter, his trembling lips brushed the back of my
neck, like needles piercing into me, I was so scared.....
"Jin Er, don't speak to me this way... don't leave me... I beg you, don't leave me... I'm so scared..."
"But, I am already a corpse with no bones... every bit, every inch of me have been used up cleanly, there is nothing
left. Why? Why can't you let me off?" I bit my lips as my whole body shook, "I'm so afraid, can you let me go?" I weakly
begged, my trembling voice became softer and softer.
"Jin Er, Jin Er," He turned my weak but stiff shoulder and we saw each other, face to face, I wished so desperately to
be shrunk into a ball, "Jin Er... can you look at me? I love you... I really love you... don't be scared of me... don't leave
me behind..."
"No, you remember wrongly. You don't love me. You only lied to me that you loved me, lied to my father that you
loved me, lied to the Flower Leaders that you loved me, lied to Old Carrot Immortal that you loved me, lied to everyone
in all the realms, you have lied for so long that even you have started to believe that it's real."
"No, Jin Er... believe me, listen to my heart, I love you..." He palely explained and desperately hugged me close into
his chest. The beat of his heart was so chaotic that it almost seemed real.
I slowly shook my head, "I may be stupid, but no matter how stupid I am, I have seen through everything clearly... from
the start, you tried to get close to me because I was one of the people around Phoenix, you wanted to learn more about
your enemy, then you started to suspect that I was the Water God's daughter. At the Heavenly Empress' birthday banquet,
your water boundary was broken by me and thus you confirmed my identity."
"That day, Daddy brought me to the Heavenly Realms. From outside the South Sky Gate, you clearly saw Daddy
standing behind the pillar, but you pretended you did not, pretended you did not know I was the Water God's daughter,
coaxed me into saying that I like you, thus Daddy thought that our feelings were mutual. You even swore to the heavens
that you would break the marital engagement for me, because you knew my Daddy already learnt that my mother's death
was caused by the Heavenly Emperor and Heavenly Empress. You were worried that Daddy will break this marital
engagement, and you would lose a strong support in Daddy. Daddy is kind, if he saw that my heart was with you, he
would not bear to break the engagement and will even fully support you. Thus, even if you fought with Phoenix, you
would have increased your chances of winning."
"You let me freely enter Qi Wu palace, you let Phoenix frequently see me, only for me to hold onto him. You gave me a
Nightmare beast, only so you would always know my movements."
"That day, when all the gods went to hear Grandfather Buddha's sermon and the Heavenly Empress did not go, you
must have guessed what would happen. You calmly brought the Heavenly Emperor and Daddy to 'save' me, saw that I
was pretending to be dead but did not reveal anything, you watched Daddy heartbreakingly mistakenly think that I was
dead, tried to use Daddy to kill the Heavenly Empress, but could never guess that Phoenix would block it. However,
even if the Heavenly Empress did not die, Phoenix was heavily injured, the Heavenly Empress was imprisoned, your
aim was achieved."
"When Daddy was killed by Sui He, you clearly knew who was the real murderer, clearly knew that I suspected
Phoenix, you clearly knew....."
"But you told me, 'The Water God wanted to kill the Heavenly Empress for his daughter, and the Fire God took three
palms for his mother instead. But, his mother was imprisoned, the Fire God's heart was full of vengeance and worried
that the Water God would harm his mother again, so he decided to exterminate the Water God and remove all future
"Three years, for three years, you knew that Phoenix already realised that you were preparing an army, that you wanted
to grab the throne, and you predicted that Phoenix will reveal this at the critical moment."
"However, you are not only a smart chess player, you are a gambler, aren't you?"
"On the day of our wedding, you made a grand bet. You bet that Phoenix would barge into the wedding hall, you bet
that I would revenge my father! The ten thousand soldiers outside was a front, the real bet was on one person, someone
nobody would have thought of..."
"It was me, I was that chip. One move that will determine victory or defeat. You won completely. You gained
"But, why can't you let me off? I asked Lao Jun for the pill, Lao Jun promised to consider for a night. On the second
day, you pretended to ask Lao Jun on my behalf but you were actually obstructing me. You knew that I once prized
divine essence the most, I even saw it greater than my own life, thus you asked Lao Jun to ask for sixty precent of my
divine essence for the golden pill. You thought I would not be able to sacrifice, and Lao Jun would be able to keep the
pill but I will still be grateful to you for helping me ask, and Lao Jun will be grateful for your advice. You never
guessed that I would unhesitatingly give my divine essence for the golden pill."
"But, you never missed a step. You already prepared for the worst situation and sabotaged the pill. Even if I gave my
divine essence, what I would receive was only an imperfect pill."
"How can you know so clearly what you want? How can you plan every step so well, calculate everything so
perfectly? How can you make everyone your chess piece to use and still let them think that you are the cleanest and
kindest person?"
"Now, you steadily sit on the throne, and everyone in the Heavenly Realms except the Moon God, will support you.
Even the Moon God cannot threaten your throne. Since your wish has been fulfilled, why can't you let me go?"
The truth was completely exposed under the hot sun. So clearly, that there was nowhere to hide.
He lowered his eyes and did not say anything. His deathly white face was undeniable.
"You almost missed one step. You never predicted that even when the golden pill missed one herb, it would still work.
You never guessed that Phoenix would so quickly revive, would ascend to the top of the Demon Realms in such a short
time and be able to compete with you."
An icy cold feeling drenched me from head to toe, I trembled, "You can't... unless you still want to use me against
In my extremely emotional state, I forcefully pushed him away and he fell to the floor. I hoarsely said, "It's no use. He
has no more feelings for me! He hates me to the bone and can't wait to tear me apart. He has fallen for someone else,
fallen for the person who killed my father...." Sobbingly, I stepped back, "Let me go! I will not hurt him anymore!"
"No, Jin Er, No!" Kneeling halfway, he pushed me into his embrace and no matter how I punched or kicked, he won't
let go, "I was wrong. Everything in the past was wrong. But, I really love you, love you so much that my life is an agony,
and I cannot pull myself out... I saw your dream and saw both of you embracing in that dream, did you know how I felt?
I hated myself so much that I wanted to pull a sword and destroy my soul. If I never existed, how could I met you, and if
I never met you, then I would never have experienced such pain... but, I clearly knew that I needed to tolerate, tolerate
until I became the true strong one, so strong that everyone must lower their head to me, then I can protect my loved ones,
let the one I love follow me wholeheartedly......"
"When you secretly went to visit him, I pretended I did not know. I treated it as an addiction for you, just like how you
used to eat sweets, how you slowly stopped bit by bit."
"Later, when you started to visit him less, you didn't know how happy I was. And even later, when you agreed to marry
me, did you know how shocked I was? I was so happy my heart wanted to fly. I thought then, if you could only marry
me, if you would live the rest of your life with me, even if I had to give up the throne, I would......"
I looked at his panicked face, so fearful that it seemed real, and heard him say the biggest joke in the world. I could
only shake my head in response.
"Jin Er, you can choose not to believe me, you can choose not to love me, you can even hate me, but you can never
leave me!" I suddenly felt like my heart was torn out, alone without support, and I could only look at him in despair.
Looking at his pale face with a line of tears that landed on my forehead, "Jin Er, I was wrong, but I do not regret!"
Wrong, I was also wrong, so terribly wrong, so ridiculously wrong... but, Phoenix, how would he hear this?

So, it turns out that there is a kind of hurt in this world - that can eat your heart and decay your bones.
It's called no door for redemption.

Comments: This is the chapter that tells it all! It's so good, so powerful, and so unbelievably heart-wrenching. I know
it's terrible but I actually really love seeing Night in all his true dark colours. But, just as Jin Mi despairs that there is no
door for redemption, Night says that he has no regrets.
I definitely believe that Night loves Jin Mi, because why did he bet on Jin Mi being the ultimate piece? Because, he
knew that Phoenix loved Jin Mi as much as he loved Jin Mi, and both of them would give up the world for her.

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Chapter 23.2
Chapter 23.2

Chapter 23: No Door For Redemption (Part 2 of 4)

"Mi Er."
I continued to play with the flowers and grass with my hands, and pretended I did not hear anything. He has
imprisoned me for three months. No matter how much I pleaded, there was only a gentle reply, "I will not let you go,
and will not tell you what is the missing medicine in the golden pill. When spring arrives, we will get married."
After a month, I stopped pleading with him, and I also stopped speaking. I only treated him as a thorn. He came
everyday, always speaking to me gently and softly. He looked after my three meals, so dedicated that he even controlled
the temperature of the tea and water perfectly. He was scared my waist hurt from sitting, scared my back would hurt
from lying down - he acted as if he hated that I could not be placed in his palm to care for. The immortal attendants all
cried injustice for him. They all felt that I was blind and such a devoted man like the Heavenly Emperor was few in this
Yes, how can a man treat a woman so well in this world? If such a thing happened, then it must be false. Perfection is
an illusion. If I had not personally experienced it, who would believe that behind such gentleness and elegance lied such
fierce cruelty?
"All of you go down, I want to speak alone to the Water God." He waved his hands and the immortal attendants
retreated. He bent down, "Mi Er, are you farming?"
My hands paused, it was his voice, it was his breath, but this tone...
"Beauty... Mi Er, why are you not rising to greet me? You cannot rely on my fondness for you and be so rude. Do you
know why I became the Heavenly Emperor? One good point is that besides the Heavenly Empress, I can also marry
many concubines."
I placed down my shovel and answered, "Whatever." I haven't spoke in a long time and my voice was a little hoarse.
"Ah ya, what impertinence, looks like I have to personally teach you," He single-handedly held his chin, looking as if
he was in pain and sadness, "But, how should I teach you?"

Suddenly, he touched my hand and I was so shocked that I wanted to lift the shovel to hit him. But, he squeezed my
palm and said seriously, "I shall bring you to a room and carefully teach you!"
Quickly, he pulled me hurriedly towards the bedroom, the attendants that we passed along the way saw us holding our
hands and the direction we were heading too, all of them gave a relieved and pleased smile. My face darkened.
"Why have you come?" Once we entered the bedroom, I pushed away Master Pu Chi's hand.
"Beauty, you have hurt my heart. Today, I risked my life to become the hero that saves the beauty!" Master Pu Chi's
face made a bitter expression. Seeing him use the Heavenly Emperor's face to make such an expression made me feel
very uncomfortable.
"Let's not waste time. It was so difficult to wait for today where the Great Buddha is giving a sermon, and he has left
the Heavenly Realms. We cannot wait any longer or he will return," Master Pu Chi took out two common hill mynas
(birds) from his sleeves and a placed a piece of paper on the table.
On the paper were a line of words, "Borrowing the Water God to discover the true essence of mutual cultivation."
The moment I realised what the words were, I heard the two mynas standing on top of the bed and started to sing.

"Ah..... Ah! No.... naughty...""

"En.... hen.... en... you are so beautiful!"
Then there was chirping water sounds.
I was dazed and only woke up when Master Pu Chi wordlessly pulled me to fly out of the back window. I almost fell
down. There was an almost untraceable breach in the closed divine boundary at the backyard, Master Pu Chi pulled me
and I turned into vapour and slipped out. We flew all the way to the side of the Heavenly river. He pushed me into the
Heavenly river and followed after. Using the Heavenly river, we avoided a team of surveilling Heavenly soldiers who
had flew by the Heavenly river out of the Heavenly Realms at the same time.
I saw from afar a youth dressed in red silk clothes. Master Pu Chi returned to his original appearance and patted on the
youth's shoulder. The youth nearly fell, he was the Moon God.
Master Pu Chi said, "Dan Zhu, many thanks for using your weapon to help us open an exit."
The Moon God pursed his red lips and unwillingly looked at me, but spoke to Maste Pu Chi, "I was helping you, not
helping her! Since you are out, I'm going to leave!"
Master Pu Chi lifted his brows and said, "Why the older your face is the thinner your skin. You don't have to be shy,
there is no separation of the Beauty and I." After he spoke, he pulled my hand and said heartbrokenly, "Pity my Beauty,
she was already so slim, but she has become even thinner. And forced to do farming by the Heavenly Emperor every
day, look, your thumb has slimmed down by a circle! If this went on, you will become a farmer's wife!"
I seriously kept back my hand, "Many thanks to Master Pu Chi's care, but what you saw was the little finger and not the
"Ah, no wonder it was so long!" Master Pu Chi continued, "Beauty, with much difficulty, I picked this date where the
Heavenly Emperor will be out, and used a divine pill I've secretly kept for fifty thousand years which allowed me to
copy his expression and looks, and worked with Dan Zhu to steal you out of the Heavenly Realms. Facing this hard
earned freedom, with the Moon God here, and before the Heavenly Emperor discovers, what wish do you have, just say
I froze, Master Pu Chi batted his eyes coquettishly at me and added, "For example, the wish to elope."
The Moon God stood at one side, his face had the sternest expression I had ever seen, as he steadfastly looked at me.
I lowered my eyes. After a long time, I raised my courage and spoke in a voice that only I could hear, "I want to go the
Demon Realms, I want to see him..." My eyes soured and something seemed to slipped out, I quickly raised my eyes and
tried to blink it away.
Master Pu Chi let out a long sigh, "Heavens is unfair!"
The Moon God seemed to let out a very long breath then turned his face away, "I will not help you again. If you want to
go, then go. If not for how I pushed you to Phoenix before, he might not have been poisoned by you and fell for you. I
cannot harm Phoenix again." He flipped his sleeves and turned to leave.
I seriously bowed towards the Moon God and Master Pu Chi, "Jin Mi is eternally grateful for Master Yan You and the
Moon God's true help in my moment of danger. In future, I will definitely do my utmost to repay both of you!"
When I turned and left, I heard Master Pu Chi cry, "How can this be? How can this be? I haven't even travelled with
the Water God before to Wu mountain..."
I have never entered the Demon Realms before without transforming myself. Maybe it was because my divine aura
was a little out of place, the demons along the way all stopped to look at me and whisper.
"I have never seen a demon that looked like this. Is this someone new from the eighteen levels of hell?"
"Stupid! What demon, can't you smell the godly aura?"
"Ah! It's a god! Too bad she has such a beautiful appearance, why did she degenerate until becoming a god, what a
Finally, I found the wordless wooden sign. I took in a deep breath and knocked on the door. For a long time, no one
answered. Only the guard dog demons at the door expressionlessly looked at me. After a long while, I knocked on the
door again. It took about the time for three scented incense to burnt, I finally heard the big door give out a loud sound
and two demonesses walked out.
"What's the matter?"
"Could you inform your master, say... say Jin Mi seeks an audience."
"Jin Mi? The Great One will not easily see unknown people," One of the demonesses answered with impatience and
reached out to close the door.
I hurriedly reached out to stop her and added, "Then please say the Water God Jin Mi seeks an audience."
The female demoness froze and dazedly looked at me. The other demoness looked like she was struck by lightning and
appeared very frightened. She repeated, "Water God... which Water God? Unless it is?"
The two demonesses stared at each other, then without hesitating closed the main door. The closing of the main door
almost clipped my nose. I stood dazed with a bitter smile on my lips. I then lifted up my head to the sky and then
lowered my head to stare at my toes.
Surprisingly, the doors opened again and the two demonesses returned with a strange despising look on their face.
Unwillingly, they said, "The Great One has ordered for the Water God to follow us in."

Comments: Yes, oh my goodness, they are finally meeting! I don't mean to stop at such a cliffhanger but there's honestly
no better place to stop for now. Phoenix and Jin Mi, they are finally going to meet face to face as themselves.
I write this without knowing what lies ahead except from my faint memory. I remember it being very intense and very
difficult. I think it answers all sorts of answers in your heart, but provides both sweetness and pain. Ah, pain.
Still, I really think Jin Mi has grown a long way and became a female lead that I really like. For someone who ate the
Unfeeling pill and was never very knowledgeable about herself, she has grown to be very conscious of what is right and
wrong - what is love and hate.
And once, she learnt that she loved Phoenix and she deserved his hate, she still goes to Phoenix boldly to face the
yearnings in her heart and the wrongs of her past. For, only then, can they find a future.

Also, I wanted to write my little Ode on Master Pu Chi. I know he isn't a favourite character for some, but I really like
him. Haha. In fact, I liked him so much that he is a character that I may write a fan fiction on, or create my own fiction
inspired with his character. I really appreciate how he is a character whose impression changes for me. At first, you
won't really like him very much because Jin Mi sees him as greasy. But, when you look at the overall story overall,
actually he is a good-looking once great God. He has an overly flirtatious character and is very flippant on emotions and
words. His ego is hilarious - one can never really tell if it's true, or hiding a more sensitive heart. But, I like to think that
Master Pu Chi is actually very sensitive.
For the greatest flirt, isn't he the most loyal? Regardless of what the world think of Jin Mi - her beauty, her coldness, her
betrayal of Phoenix - he always saw her for herself. I don't think he was overwhelmed by her beauty, but I actually think
he saw some parts of the older Flower Goddess in Jin Mi, and had some sympathy for the quiet tragedy that seems to
accompany beauties that attract more men than they can cope with. I often wonder if Master Pu Chi actually wanted Jin
Mi for herself, because despite his words, I did not think so.
I loved the part most when after he saved her, he asked her - what is your true heart's desire? Master Pu Chi already
knows it, but I think he is reminding her to follow her heart because freedom is so hard-earned.
So, unlike the Heavenly Emperor, who professes he loves Jin Mi, but imprisons her. Or, Phoenix, who possessively
guarded Jin Mi's heart and body, but often threatens to kill her.
There is Master Pu Chi. Who always called her Beauty. Who saved her when she was in need. Who asked her what her
heart desired. And, when she chose to leave him, sent her off with only a sweet mournful cry of what could be.

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Chapter 23.3
Chapter 23.3

Chapter 23: No Door For Redemption (Part 3 of 4)

I was guided towards the backyard. From far, I could see a sea of fiery red flowers, in the midst of which was a small
river. In the river laid a Fei Yan pavilion*, there were musicians playing, the sound of stringed instruments mingling
with the flow of water. He was leaning on a rail supported by a row of short posts**, a table in front with two or three
parchments scattered around, a half-opened bamboo book*** that was slightly yellowed in his hand, he was
concentrating on it. His side profile was half in the light and half in darkness, as if an illusion.
The surroundings were ablaze with blossoming flowers, but nothing was more eye-catching than the red vermillion
powder at the tip of his brush. My heart shook.
The demoness led me to the stone steps before the pavilion, "The Great One, the Water Goddess seeks an audience."
I half-closed my eyes. A gush of wind swept by causing the sea of flowers to ripple into each other, the sound of the
instruments immediately stopped. The surroundings was entirely silent. After a moment, there was a soft discordant
Someone lightly laughed, the musicians frantically bowed down, "May the Great One punish us."
"All of you are not to be blamed, even I am afraid of the Water Goddess," His tone was cold. What was clearly a
sharp insult, also carried a layer of ambiguity, resembling the bloodstains remaining on the knife blade, "All of you can
"Yes," After a flurry, all the surrounding people exited.
My eyes downcast, in a moment, a pair of brocade boots appeared in my gaze. My heart suddenly skipped, a thousand
words and expressions were stuck in my throat, but I did not know how to start.
"Why? Is the Great Water Goddess insulted that I did not go out to greet you such that you can't even deign yourself to
His one "Great Water Goddess" pierced my whole self in pain.
"Xu Feng (Phoenix's first name)......" I hurriedly lifted up my head to look at him and my eyes struck into a pair of icy
cool eyes, "I..." I already didn't know what I wanted to say, even just looking into his eyes, I felt so contented that I
became almost dumb.
He lightly raised his brow, as if impatient he turned his gaze away, "I heard the Water Goddess will ascend the
position of the Heavenly Empress in spring next year. I must congratulate you. Have you come to deliver the wedding
invitations today? The Water Goddess' courage is indeed becoming greater to enter into my manor -aren't you afraid of
being able to come but not being able to go?" He casually flicked the strings of the qin (musical instrument), the
outburst before the massacre, "Or, are you betting that I don't dare to kill you?"
"Xu Feng......" I did not know what to say, but I unconsciously went to grab his arm. He paused, his eyes darkened in a
moment, as if he was extremely angry, and yet also disgusted to the extreme, he stretched his arm and his demonic aura
heavily threw me away and I fell to the floor.
"The Water Goddess, please observe propriety!"
My palms hurt, a burning sweltering heated pain, but the pain was far beyond what was in my heart... his disdainful
gaze was like a blade that plunged into the centre of my heart, cruelly gashing out a spout of fresh blood......
He flicked his sleeve as if he was worried looking at me one more time would taint his eyes. He turned to walk away
from the pavilion.
Anxiously, I got up to chase after him. But, my feet lack strength and I painfully fell to the floor again. Seeing that his
feet was already going down the stone steps, my whole body started to tremble. This was my last chance, if I missed
this, there will never be another chance! The mortals still have a chance to reincarnate, but we only have one lifetime, a
long and never-ending one lifetime, if I could not see him again, such a long thousand years, ten thousand years... what a
cruel punishment...
In a moment, my face was full of tears.
I shouted after him with a tear-soaked voice, "Xu Feng, I'm wrong, everything in the past was my fault! You can kill
me, skin me, but... please don't ignore me... I know I'm wrong......"
He suddenly stopped in his pace.
"I did not know, I really did not know, I thought you murdered my father. I promised to be filial to my father, to repay
him for everything, but he incinerated into ash... everything was gone, no father, no direction, I did not know where to
go... I misunderstood you... I thought...."
"You thought?" He immediately turned around to observe me. The force of the turning of his robes was frightening,
"What a you thought!" He suddenly laughed, full of derision, "For those two words, you unhesitatingly took my life! The
heartlessness of the Water Goddess is indeed unattainable by anyone since the birth of heavens, I have finally
Indeed, I am so ridiculously wrong, so ridiculously beyond hope or cure... what should I do?
I frantically looked into his cold gaze, suddenly a clarity hit me... I knew, I only had this chance, if I didn't get killed by
him in the next moment, then I would be imprisoned by the Heavenly Emperor again. A thousand words and
expressions, but there was only one thing, one thing that I have never told him.
"There is one thing, you can believe it, you can don't believe it..." Both of my eyes steadfastly looked into him, I
gripped my palms so hard that blood seeped out, "I love you......"
He did not move. A lone flower floated down before his eyes. He looked down upon me from his lofty position, for a
moment, a reflection of the fiery red petals flickered in his eyes, but slowly, a layer of unclarity and disdain, and finally
all out fury.
He coldly huffed, his lips tightly pressed, "This time, what is it that you want again?"
I was stunned, and could not answer.
He suddenly lifted up his head and laughed, "Re-enactment? Who would have thought after so many years, your lying
skills have deteriorated? Previously, you collaborated with Ren Yu (first name of Night), using emotional threads, a
few strands of hair, to trick me of my life, and won completely. Now the two realms have not even begun war, and the
Water Goddess already has ascended to the stage and got into character..."
'But ---" He suddenly leaned down and squeezed my chin, "Do both of you so look down on me? Do you think I will
fall down twice at the same spot?"
"No," I was squeezed extremely painfully by him. It was only my chin, but I felt like my heart was being equally
squeezed into a ball, even blinking was painful, "No... I never knew of Ren Yu's plans, I am speaking the truth... I love...
Tears quickly flowed down my face and fell onto his hands that was squeezing my chin. He paused, as if he was burnt,
he quickly retracted his hand and looked at me, full of disgust.
"I remember clearly before I died that the Water Goddess gave me two words -- Never Ever! Xu Feng will forever
engrave it to heart, will never forget. Water Goddess never ever loved me, how can she suddenly change personality
overnight and love me? If not, Water Goddess has such a unique preference, you like someone who has already died?
Ren Yu is extremely meticulous, has he not taught you well? You need logic and proof in order to lie, then the person
will believe you."
I looked at him, the tears clouding my eyes, "I was fed the Unfeeling Pill from the moment I was born, it destroyed
emotions and killed love... until, that day when I personally saw your soul disperse, I spat it out... I did not know when I
fell for you..." I murmured in my low voice, "Maybe, it was by the pond at Liu Zi... or when I pretended to die... or
maybe, it's when you held the announcement and turned back to me with a smile... or maybe it was that year when you
asked 'Little Demon, where do you come from'? I am not clear, I do not know... but I know, seeing you get hurt, I will
get upset, so upset that it's like all my insides are being eaten by bugs......"
"Unfeeling pill? Destroying emotions and killing love?" His hand slowly pressed onto my throat, "I know all of the
pills in the Six Realms, and I have never heard of such a pill. Even if there is such a pill, why would your heart move
for me before the pill is out? Are you too stupid or you think I'm too stupid?" His grip tightened and I felt my throat
about to break, "Speak, why has Ren Yu sent you? I don't believe he is so stupid to use the same tactic twice! Do you
think you can leave unharmed once you enter the Demon Realms?"
Although every single word of his stabbed my heart, I did not blame him. I had wronged him first, even if he took my
life, I would not even begin to be able to repay half of my debt to him.
The scenery in front of me became even blurrier and I slowly closed my eyes. Actually, to die in his hands may also
be a kind of happiness.
Suddenly, he loosened his grip and I fell into his cold embrace. He let me leaned into him and did not push me away,
such an action caused a very faint hope to burst in me.
But then, the next moment he coldly said, "The Water Goddess' love for the Heavenly Emperor is indeed so touching
as to shake the heavens. For him, you are willing to give up your stature? And him, to solidify his throne, he does not
care about his fiancee's life, to send you to me. In all of the realms, there is not a more heartless husband, or a more
loving wife. Good, very good, this opens Xu Feng's eyes!"
I was about to reach out to hug him but there was no strength. My wrist moved a little and then weakly dropped down.
I could only with much effort opened my eyes to him, "No, never... no.. Ren Yu... it was... it was always... it was always
only you..."
I did not know if it was my mistaken impression, but I felt the cold air freeze before my forehead.
"Ha ha!" He arrogantly laughed, one hand holding my slowly sinking waist, another hand lifting my chin, our gaze met,
"Water Goddess is so confident? What makes you think you can attract me again to be tricked by you? I think, my
wedding invitation with Sui He has already been sent out to the Heavenly Realms three months ago. If you did not
receive any, I can give you one now!"
He looked at me and spat out each and every word, "If you say such ridiculous words like you love me again, I will
immediately kill you. Say once, kill once!"
A wind swept by, my heart broke into pieces, there was only silence.

"Announcing---" A guard flew and bowed before Phoenix, "To report to the Great One, the Heavenly Emperor has led
a million heavenly soldiers to the entrance of the River of Forgetfulness saying that he will immediately announce battle
if the Great One does not give up the Water Goddess!'
My heart turned cold and my fingertips lightly shuddered.
"Indeed!" With one hand, Phoenix grabbed me tight, his white lips at my ears, I felt the thinness of his lips lightly
swept pass my ear lobes, "So it turns out, your goal for today... ah, the Water Goddess is held hostage by the Great One,
the Heavenly Emperor breaks out in fury, to save the Water Goddess, he has no choice but to attack the Demon Realms,
to be the hero of justice and right all wrongs!"

*A traditional chinese structure (see picture above).

** A balustrade


Comment: I actually really love Phoenix's reaction and I think it's very telling that emotionally, Phoenix still loves Jin
Mi and finds himself unable to stop his heart's reaction to her and he is doing all he can to remind himself rationally that
he hates her. I also love how all his logical and rational arguments ultimately backfire - indeed, because Night won't use
the same tactic again, indeed, because Jin Mi cannot logically at all hope that Phoenix would love Jin Mi again --- the
only reason why Jin Mi would risk her life and do what she did must be that illogically, beyond all hope and cure, she
loves Phoenix.

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Chapter 23.4
Chapter 23.4

Chapter 23: No Door For Redemption (Part 4 of 4)

"Indeed!" With one hand, Phoenix grabbed me tight, his white lips at my ears, I felt the thinness of his lips lightly swept
pass my ear lobes, "So it turns out, your goal for today... ah, the Water Goddess is held hostage by the Great One, the
Heavenly Emperor breaks out in fury, to save the Water Goddess, he has no choice but to attack the Demon Realms, to
be the hero of justice and right all wrongs!"
"Look at how perfect an excuse it is! Everyone's heart will follow this wave of justice. I can only say that I cannot reach
such a level, I am far beneath......" He held my earlobe in his mouth, the tip of his tongue continuously grazing it, finally,
he bit it and a drop of warm blood slid down my neck.
"Pity, I have to disappoint you. I have long prepared for this, there are one hundred thousand demon generals ready for
battle, only waiting for this moment!" He lifted his head, a smile stained with blood broke open on his perfect face. His
fresh red lips cleanly spurted out, "Fight!"
The River of Forgetfulness has no boundaries, the water no traces, the souls no end. The black clouds were so heavy
that they could destroy cities, the armours overwhelmingly shining from the sun rays.
At one side of the River of Forgetfulness, the Heavenly Emperor stood tall in his robe of white, his arms behind his
back, behind him were the thirty six heavenly generals from the Heavenly Realms and innumerable heavenly soldiers.
The sharp blades of their weapons reflecting the heavy rays of the afternoon sun such that one could not look directly at
At this end of the River of Forgetfulness, Phoenix stood on the ferry, his fiery red robes flying wildly, the dark clouds
falling behind him, even the afternoon sun appeared dull next to him. The ten kings of hell personally came forward,
commanding their own battalion of ghouls and demons.
Besides the passing clouds and the wailing wind, there was not a single trace of sound, not a single movement. In the
silence, there was a heavy ferocious energy slowly spreading, slowly brewing.

I was placed on a wide ebony chair. The surrounding decorations were elaborate and grand, a very long threaded
tassel slid down the back of the chair, very much like a lady's elegant long mane, rising and falling gently with the wind.
I reached out my hand to grab it, staring blankly as the threads fell through my fingers, the touch was smooth, but the
tightly gathered threads pierced through my almost numbed heart.
I was only two steps away from Phoenix, but it felt like the distance between us was further than even the entire River
of Forgetfulness. I watched Phoenix, Phoenix watched Ren Yu (Night), Ren Yu watched me. How hilarious, what a
strange round of glances.
"Ren Yu came today not for battle but only to bring back the Water Goddess," the Heavenly Emperor finally spoke
first. His pair of clean untainted eyes were fixed on me. What was actually hidden in those eyes? There seemed to be a
trace of anxiousness and loss, but how was this possible? Forever, he is impossible to read.

Phoenix gave out a light air of disdain, his long narrow eyes lifted slightly, his voice like a qiang di (musical
instrument) that resounded between the flags, "What if I don't release?"
The mythical beast Zi Tie next to the Heavenly Emperor stamped his hoof, angrily lifting up his head and releasing out
an infuriated spurt of air. He tightened his grip on the rein and said lightly, "If so, then I can only offend you with my

Phoenix laughed, his head arching towards the sky, "Why waste so much words? It would be as you wish!"
The heavenly drums started to beat - in a wink of an eye, the massacre begun in the silence like a vat of wine that was
kicked over, the smell of blood and killings immediately spread wide.
The River of Forgetfulness was no longer peaceful, in one moment, there was only slaughter, flesh and blood.
There were heavenly soldiers who fell into the River of Forgetfulness and never to rise again. There were also
demons who lost their essence in mid-flight and their souls dispersed. In the battle between the two armies, only the two
leaders remained unmoving, emotionlessly looking down into the field, as if the outcome of everything was already
Only me, I could not be a soldier fighting in the field, could not be a general strategising, at the most I could only be a
raft that was crossing the river, the origin of this battle, helplessly watching from afar. In future, I would also most
likely have to bear centuries of cursing and scolding as the misfortune that created the war between the two realms.
I suddenly remembered how the Buddha compared me to a fierce tiger in a mountain, at that time I thought the
comparison was ridiculous, but today I realised that there was absolutely no mistake.
I looked at the side profile of Phoenix, as if he felt my glance,he turned around - his eyes so dark that I could not see
the ends, he lightly smiled, like the beautiful jade from Kunlun falling into a corner of the Southwest of China, but one
can no longer see that dimple which would reverse the flow of night and day, there was only hate and no more love.
Slowly, the heavenly soldiers fell into a weaker position and the demon army was gaining advantage. The gleam of
revenge shone in Phoenix's face, my blood on his lips had long dried, but under the light it made his face looked
especially white and translucent...... a thin layer of smoke seeped from his fingertips, slowly entwining his body, only
seeing his brows lightly raised and his lips pressed together.
Is he being eaten internally?
My heart rose a thread of fear, fear of the missing medicine in the Jin Zhuan pill.
I anxiously looked at the Heavenly Emperor and only saw him lightly raising his head. His gaze afar towards the
passing clouds. In this chaotic field of killing, he was so silent that he fell into his own daze, a lonely seeping into a
place that I could not see. When I looked at him again, he turned his head towards me, in that moment, his gaze were full
of stars, blazing and spinning.
He opened his mouth, there was no voice but there were words. I could understand the shape of his mouth, "Mi Er,
come home."
I steadily looked at him and also lightly moved my mouth, "Medicine!"
In a flash, his body stiffened and he turned away his face. I became anxious, and a burst of fire burned my heart, so
fierce that I became dizzy and actually fell off the chair.
The chair was on a light floating cloud. Under it was a thistle of thorns stained with blood, full of the wailing of
malicious ghosts. Just as I was about to fall into the middle of the thistles, someone pulled me back to the chair. A
corner of red robes flashed before my eyes, it was Phoenix. When I regained consciousness, he was already standing at
his original position. His gaze even darker, the end of his lips upturned, a face full of disdain.
On top of his head, there was a phoenix feather like a sword in the sky, in contrast to his red battle robes, it gleamed
Gold? Gold! I suddenly felt a burst of clarity and agitatedly held onto the arms of the chair, in the midst of the blade
flashes, I cried out, "Xu Feng......" my voice broke, "I know, it's Chou Ji, Chou Ji Grass!"
Opposite, the Heavenly Emperor's face darkened.
An ominous feeling burst into my heart, I ignored the bursting pain in my throat and hurriedly cried, "There was an
additional layer of Chou Ji added in the pill, just eat Peng Yu to counteract the effects of Chou Ji!"
Ren Yu never removed any herb from the golden pill, he only added a layer of Chou Ji. When I was following Sui He,
in my anxiousness to follow her into the tree stump, I forgot that the golden pill in my hand cannot touch wood. But, the
golden pill did not dissolve when it touched wood, meaning that it was never afraid of wood! I only just remembered
this and suddenly understood - there must have been a herb added to counter the gold (metal) elements of the pill. And, a
herb that could counter gold and was cooling could only be the Chou Ji that grew in the bottom of the heavenly Yao
lake. However, there was one herb that could counteract it - that was the wild grass growing by the River of
Forgetfulness called Peng Yu.
Phoenix turned his head in shock.
Before I could see the expression on his face, a strange glow passed my eyes - it came from the opposite shore of the
River of Forgetfulness, like a fierce lightning arrow.
Before I could even think, and I did not know with strength that came from where, my body plunged towards Phoenix's
chest. I did not realise that Phoenix had long discovered that hidden glow and raised his hand to give a counteracting
force. In that moment, his palm was covered with the red lotus flame......
In that very short, very short moment.
That hidden glow did not enter the Great One's chest, and that red lotus flame did not burn the Heavenly Emperor at the
opposing shore.
I gave out a suppressed burst of air, and slowly fell, the mark from Buddha on my palm began to glow......
"Jin Mi!"
I thought I heard someone calling me. Who was it? Was it you, Phoenix? If it's you, that will be wonderful.
It turned out I could also be so light, as light as a feather that lost its way and did not know where to go.
Will there be a next life?
If so, I wished I could be a butterfly, a parchment full of ink, a speck of sand that flew with the wind......
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Chapter 24.1
Chapter 24.1

Chapter 24: The Tears of the Deep Blue Sea (Part 1 of 2)

What is happiness? Happiness is seeing alcohol and food waiting for you to enjoy once you awoke from sleep .
I was woken from a very long dream by the tantalizing scent of meat . Facing the feast of food, I counted the various
dishes and realised there was a total of eighty one courses!
How luxurious! Actually eighty courses were enough . Rich people these days don't know how to be thrifty and
maintain a household!
Besides the table was an attractive young maiden, she placed a bowl and pair of chopsticks before me, and then also
placed another bowl and a pair of chopsticks by the side, she lowered her head and respectfully greeted, "Great One,
the dishes have all been served . "
Great One? Is she calling me? As I was deciding if I should answer, I heard a voice below me say, "You can leave . "
It truly gave me a shock! I hurriedly stretched my hand to pat my chest but I realised I could not stretch my hand . When
I lowered my head, I could not see my body . In that moment, I was truly frightened and was about to cry, but no matter
what, I could not release any sound .
Thus, I fainted in terror .
How could I not faint? To be able to see but not able to eat was truly life's worst tragedy . Since I did not have a
physical body, it meant I could not eat . Truly terrifying! Terrifying me to death!
When I woke up again, there was another table of food . It seemed like it was breakfast since the dishes were lighter
and there were no meat . There was a bowl and a pair of chopsticks, it seemed like it was never moved . Although there
was rice and food in the bowl, but there was no one sitting at the bowl .
It was a little strange .
Then, I saw a pair of long slim hands pick up the chopsticks before my eyes and placed a hibiscus pastry onto the plate
opposite . The hibiscus pastry looked truly fitting to my taste, but that hand was actually more eye-catching than the
hibiscus pastry . I hesitated for a moment and finally placed my attention on that hand .
It should be a pair of male hands, fair and long, clear bone structure, I suddenly arose a feeling that it would be pretty
good to give it a bite .
"Jin Mi, don't you love to eat hibiscus pastry the most? I know you must still be alive, at my side!" I was frustrated that
I could not bite the hand when I heard the same voice speak coldly from below me, "Jin Mi, come out, come out and eat
the hibiscus pastry . . . . if you don't want to see me, I will close my eyes . . . just as long as you come out . . . . . . "
I was dazed, judging from his tone - this Jin Mi must be a prized pet he owns! He is trying to coax him out to eat . To
be able to eat at the same table as the owner, this prized pet truly had a good life .
But . . . Jin Mi? This name seemed to be a little familiar . I fell into deep thought and finally concluded that I had never
seen a small cat, small dog or even a small rabbit called Jin Mi .
Suddenly, my gaze became dark and I could not see anything . I was stunned at what happened when I heard the male
said, "I've closed my eyes, can you come out?"
I was thunderstruck! I suddenly realised something -- it turned out I was a formless soul residing in the male's eyes!
Thus, I fainted again .
My host, the owner of these eyes, was truly a strange person . This was my conclusion after observing him for a few
days .
He liked to stare at grapes - real grapes, drawing of grapes, as long as it was grapes, or purple round objects like a
grape - all these would attract his attention . Actually, it was fine to like to look at grapes, everyone had their own likes
and I could not force him to like to look at pig leg or hibiscus pastry like me . But, since I lived in his eyes, whatever he
looked, I was forced to look at as well - this caused me great pain . Everyday facing a sea of purple, I was afraid that
one day I would become colour blind or become a grape that popped out of his eyes .
He liked to look at grapes so much that I thought he loved to eat grapes . But he would only watch it, never eating,
never seeing him reach out for even a jade grape .
I think he must be like the Ye Gentleman that people talked about who claimed to be fond of dragons but was actually
afraid of them .
I did not know who he was but the demons around would respectfully call him "Great One" . He must be a high ranking
person . I did not know how he looked like because he never looked at a mirror . If he did not look at a mirror, how
would I be able to see his face? So, I could only imagine - seeing how the demons would immediately lower their heads
towards him, appearing so scared and frightened, I guessed that this person must be extremely ugly! So ugly that even
the demons did not dare to look at him - I wondered that must be to what level of ugliness?
Thus, he never looked at a mirror so as not to scare himself .
Luckily, he never looked at a mirror as I was afraid he would scare me .
As I was a residing soul, I could only live as he lived - when he closed his eyes, I could not see anything . Thus, the
first important thing was to adjust my breath with his, trying my best to sleep and awake with him . If he was sleeping
when I was awake, then I would never be able to see the light of day . But, slowly I realised that no matter what time,
just as long as I was awake, his eyes were wide open . Later, I tried not to sleep for one day and one night, and realised
that he never once closed his eyes .
This person also had a weird habit . Every mealtime, he would command for a table full of food and wine, and there
would be a set of bowl and chopsticks next to him, but the seat would always be empty . I never saw anyone sit in it .
During mealtime, my host would always pick food for the neighbouring bowl, everything he picked was what I loved to
eat . It caused me to be so hungry and wished that I was the person sitting there!
At first, I suspected that the person was someone that people could not see . For example, a formless soul like me, but
someone that could move around freely outside . But after a while, I saw that there was not even a trace of energy there .
No matter how full the bowl was, there was no one to eat it . It was truly a waste . But, my host only liked to fill that
bowl with wood but would hardly eat for himself . Occasionally, he would pick one or two food then placed down his
chopsticks . The cook must be good at making good-looking food but the taste must not be good and to his liking since he
ate it so unwillingly .
Thus, I concluded that my host was an ugly, non-eating, non-sleeping, but could still live, big monster . Oh, and he also
liked to look at grapes but did not dare to eat grapes . Also, he reared a prized pet that could never be seen called Jin
Mi .
His feelings for the prized pet . . . hmm, how should I describe it? It must be special . Of course, this prized pet
seemed to also be special, even till now, I did not know what it was .
Sometimes, he would gaze at a falling rainbow and murmur, "Jin Mi . " Sometimes, he would look at a half blossomed
flower and say, "Jin Mi . " Sometimes, he would face a round fresh grape and mutter, "Jin Mi . " And, at times, he
would face a drop of ordinary dew and call, "Jin Mi . "
More strangely, when he called, I would feel like my heart was hiding an unripened grape, sour and rough .
I thought with some fear, perhaps one day, I would truly drop out as a grape .

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Chapter 24.2
Chapter 24.2

Chapter 24: The Tears of the Deep Blue Sea (Part 2 of 2)

Today when I just opened my eyes I saw that everything was shining. It was so dazzling that my eyes spouted gold
stars. When I finally stabilisied my consciousness and looked carefully, I was truly shocked. Wasn't the person in front
Grandfather Buddha? How could he be so easily seen? This host of mine must come from quite a big backing. "Xu
Feng greets the Buddha." Xu Feng? So his real name is Xu Feng. The Buddha was sitting cross-legged on top of the
lily platform, his lowered eyes lightly looked at him, in one glance it was as if he saw through everything, "You do not
need to ask, what can be done, even without asking will be done, what cannot be done, even if you ask a hundred times,
it will also end up empty." I felt the body of my host pause, his breathing froze for a moment then I heard him speak
lowly, "Xu Feng understands this logic. I will have to face the consequences of what I caused, but..." He paused for a
long time before continuing, "I just want to see her again, even one glance is fine... if not one glance, even hearing one
word from her....." Although his looks were ugly, his voice was nice to listen. I did not know why but today his voice
was hoarse and broken, like a brokenhearted child with choked sobs. After a long while, he continued, "Her soul has
not completely dispersed, I can still feel her presence but I do not know where she is. I don't ask for anything else, I just
ask for some guidance." Grandfather Buddha let out a breath and said, "Before your eyes, at the heart of your eyes,
only your heart can see."

What profound words. Such a smart soul like me could not understand, I did not know if my host understood.
"Grateful for Buddha's guidance..." Hearing his tone, it was clear he also did not understand. He held his breath for a
long time as if reflecting on something important to say, finally he opened his mouth, "I don't know if there is still a
thread of hope?" Buddha replied, "A foolish thought will lead to an end, but an intelligent thought has a chance of
revival." Grandfather Buddha was sincere and warm, answering whatever he was asked, but the answers were not
something that anyone could understand. This was why Buddha was Buddha, and I was only a small soul. After
thinking deeply for a while, I fell asleep. When I awoke, I saw that my host had returned to his residence. But in front
of him stood a gentleman in light blue robes that I had never seen before. His robes were loose like an elegant god.

"I once thought we were equal rivals with our own pride and position. Just as long as we continued facing each other,
one of us will triumph. But now, I finally understood, for some things there was never a loss or victory, never a right or
wrong, there is only what is missed... I calculated the start wrongly, you calculated the end wrongly...... full of regret,
but unable to return to the start..." The light blue robed gentleman spoke very lightly, very gently, but the space between
his brows had a sadness and regret that could not be released, like a gush of sad spring wind that had missed its time.
"Wrong?" My host slowly opened his mouth, "No, you did not calculate wrongly, it is only I never calculated. Unless
even till now you still don't understand that what must be avoided in love is 'calculating'? I never calculated, I don't
believe I missed. I only believe in wrongs." The blue robed gentleman appeared to have been pricked at a sensitive
spot and did not answer. After a while, he said, "Sui He has been imprisoned by me." Hearing this, my host only gave
a light affirmative sound indicating that he knew but his heart was not in it. I followed his eyes and saw a parchment
from the sleeve of the blue robed gentlemen's robe. Before he left, he gave pieces of paper to my host, "I thought that
there were some stuff she wanted to give you. Although I am ten thousand times unwilling and truly want to keep it, but...
what is not mine will never be mine......" My host received the yellowed papers, looked at the retreating back of the
blue robes and said four words, "Never to fight again." The blue robed gentleman nodded and said while looking
directly at my host, "Never to fight again". With that, he left. Four words to end all hate. But why did I find the
yellowed papers a little familiar? Seeing them being flipped one by one, they became more and more familiar. Every
piece had a drawing, but the skill of the artist was truly poor. Let's not speak of others but the drawing in front, after
seeing half a day then I realised it was a bird. But, what kind of bird it was would be hard to tell... it was a strangely
shaped crow with a long tail, but also looked like a phoenix that had dropped all its feathers, truly hard to tell, very
hard to tell. I was shaking my head at these truly horrendous drawing skills when I saw a silhouette on one of the
paper. Very few strokes, but a truly extraordinarily proud gentleman rose from the paper, phoenix eyes, thin lips,
appearing emotionless but full of feelings, it led one to start to fantasize, led one to want to step into the painting to find
out his true self. After my host flipped the papers finished, I realised that most of the drawings were of the arrogant
gentleman - sitting or standing, scolding or angry, although it was always the side or the back, but the depictions were
truly moving, one smile, one frown, it was as if the person was before one's eyes. I couldn't help being confused, this
person drew the flowers and birds so badly, but why just this gentleman was drawn so spectacularly true to life? "Jin
Mi......" Why would he suddenly call out this name while looking at the drawings? I saw his long slim fingers crush
an end of the paper, slowly tightening his grip, his force was so big that the ends of his fingertips turned white, as if he
wanted to catch something out of his reach, as if he was holding in deep pain.

"Why are you so silly... so silly.... I thought I was already silly... but who would have thought that you were even more
silly than me!" "Why were you so silly? I taught you for a hundred years, you did not learn anything, but only learned
this idiotic silliness? Stupid!" "It's enough for me to be silly, but why are you so silly too?.... do you know... I cannot
bear...." I was truly dizzy by his monologue on silliness. But his disdain of stupidity made me angry, what's wrong with
being silly? Didn't he hear that silly people had their own silly happiness? "From the start, I knew that you were the
one who saved me... that rabbit, from the first moment I saw, I could tell it was you, but I pretended that I did not
know... because I knew that if we saw each other again, it would be massacre, but I could not bear to do so. Although
you lied to me, you killed me, although I reminded myself in every moment that I must hate you, I must personally kill
you, but once I faced you, the best defence and plans would break without a fight, not even worth speaking about. Not
only could I not do it, I even secretly looked forward to seeing you, as if I was poisoned, even I disdained myself......"
"That night, I was not drunk... but I pretended I was drunk, hugging you, hugging you tight, having you, you really made
me drunk. I was secretly satisfied and wished that this would last forever. As if any hatred between us was only the
passing of a cloud, such a thought scared me, made me hate myself, hated that for you I softened my heart until I could
give up my life and pride." "I purposely called Sui He's name, only to remind myself not to be seduced by you. But,
once I saw your lonely expression, saw how chaotic your steps were when you left, my heart was in pain, even
breathing was painful, I wanted to chase after you and tell you it was not what you thought." "That day, when you came
to the Demon Realms, when you actually told me you loved me. My heart stopped beating in that moment. Although even
my hair knew that it was a lie, but I believed it, I couldn't be myself. My mouth was full of disdain for you, but my heart
had warmed from your words." "I forced myself to say those cruel things to you, I said to you, 'If you said you love me
again, I will immediately kill you. Say once, kill once!' But I knew that if you just said it once more, I would give up
everything, not caring for anything, ruthlessly keep you by my side, throwing away the deepest revenge to the back of my
head... but, you left, how could you just walk away like this?" "Seeing you transform into a sheet of frost flowers that
evaporated away... I thought I died. Even your knife that stabbed through my core was not as painful... but, I didn't die...
why are you always so cruel?" Hearing his self mutterings, I did not know how to feel, I only hated that I could not
immediately transform into a grape to make him happy. But how could I transform? Just as I was troubled and did not
know what to do, I felt my surroundings begin to change. There were vapours gathering around me and solidifying on
me, finally it froze me into position. A thought flashed in my heart - not good! But it was too late. I saw myself like
the rosin that freezes the moth, I slid out of his eyes with the vapours surrounding me. It turns out I was one of the tear
drops residing in his eyes, from the start, we were fated to separate...... In this moment, a feeling of unwillingness
actually arose in me. In the moment when I fell, I turned to look at him, he was not an ugly demon at all, he was an
extremely handsome gentleman. It was unexpected, and yet also within expectations. It was fated in life... I sighed
and slid down. Final Chapter: Blossoming Flowers and the Full Moon* Spring had arrived early again. The peach
blossoms were in full bloom. The troupe from the Capital had grandly received the eldest daughter from the Jin
family for marriage and was returning north towards the Capital. Although the district was small, the roads were not
easy to travel. As the troupe just left the border of the district, the sun was already setting. Seeing the sun falling with
the moon rising, the troupe sat down the sedan to rest. But who would have thought that after the sunset, a ball of fiery
red clouds would burst forth, in a moment, the sky was ablaze. Seeing this, everyone was dazed speechless like wooden
chickens. Suddenly, a clear bird cry could be heard from deep within the red clouds. A multi-coloured bird extended
its wings through the sky, its tail were eight "chi" long, sparkling with brilliance, so grand that no one could look
directly at it. "Phoenix! It's a phoenix!" The most sharp person from the troupe reacted and kept crying loudly and the
rest regained consciousness from his cries. They were all shocked. Some actually thought in their hearts, "It was truly
amazing! A phoenix has arrived! A phoenix has arrived! If such a sacred bird appeared, unless.. unless... Jin Imperial
Concubine would actually become the Empress?!" However, no matter how much the troupe outside cried agitatedly,
the maiden in the sedan did not move. The tassels hanging on her headpiece did not even shake once, as if all these were
within expectations. She sat steadily like a mountain, without even half of the curiosity of a normal person. The fire
phoenix flew above the troupe, everyone became respectful and fearful at once, they did not even know how to
breathe. The phoenix carried its long brilliant tail and coiled once above the people's heads. A big red bird bridge
rose and started to spread under the startled gaze of everyone...... "Not good! The Phoenix has come to snatch the
bride!" Under the glow of the moon, at the side of the steep multi-peaked mountains, there was a spread of unending
blossoming canola flowers. In the sea of golden yellow flowers, there was a bright red marital sedan that was
completely dazzling but also peaceful, as if it had already been waiting there for very long, very long...... Already
five thousand years have passed...... It turned out that what it was waiting for was this truly lively snatch wedding!
Far away, green rocks under an arched bridge, a bend of spring water. A handsome gentleman walked from deep in
the sea of flowers. The golden yellow canola flowers automatically moved away from his steps to reveal a straight
route. A gush of wind blew by bringing with it a light flower rain and also blowing open the fiery red sedan veil,
blowing away the bride's red headpiece...... The handsome gentleman opened a paper umbrella to shield from the sky
full of flower rain. He leaned forward with his hand stretched out, "Jin Mi, I have come."

The maiden in the sedan lightly smiled, and placed her hand into his palm, she blinked and said, "But, I have already
accepted the little emperor's bride gifts." The maiden's palm was forcefully pinched. The gentleman said, "Ah, what a
waste of the six thousand years of divine essence I prepared." After hearing this, the maiden's mouth curved into a
cunning angle, she gripped tight his hand and hurriedly rose from the sedan, "If so, then I guess I just have to make do."
...... Everything was silent except for the sound of the birds and the bees. Under the moonlight, everything was
perfect. *Indicates perfect conjugal/matrimonial bliss. Comments: I absolutely loved Chapter 24 which made me tear
the first time I read it. Maybe Phoenix and Jin Mi's falling in love was rather abrupt - I never really understood why
Phoenix fell in love with Jin Mi, but he did - truly and irrevocably. But, I like how in Chapter 24 there is no doubt how
much they loved each other! I thought it was a nice touch how the final watery form Jin Mi took was Phoenix's tears -
there's a circularity and perfection in that as a metaphor for their love story. The final chapter is such a non-chapter, but
it's really cute and returns us to the more jovial fun spirit of the beginning of the book. Aww, Phoenix waited for five
thousand years for Jin Mi and they are finally united. I think it's assumed that Jin Mi has her memories as a god even
after she was reincarnated as a human. It truly is wonderful to see them have sweetness together. At last! There are five
epilogues after this - two are set in the story timelines and three will reflect Phoenix and Jin Mi's post-marriage lives.
Perhaps, we can discuss the fate of Night more deeply then!

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Chapter Epilogue
Chapter Epilogue

Epilogue 1 - When Jin Mi was a Book Boy (Part 1)

Time: In the hundred years when Jin Mi first went to the Heavenly Realms and was Phoenix's book boy
"What is that?"
"Ah?" I had fallen asleep while grinding the ink slab when I immediately opened my eyes wide at Phoenix's sudden
question. I gave an impression full of energy as I looked at him but I saw that his brows were slightly furrowed as he
looked at the lower right. Following his gaze, I saw a small book being squashed by one leg of the table, its weak and
thin appearance radiated a pitiful feeling. Of course, it was a little familiar.

I suddenly remembered that I had tried to transform the book table this morning and originally wanted to turn it into a
turtle... but who knew that after I chanted the incantation, not only did the book table fail to transform, it leaned on one
side and became lame in one leg! Luckily, the limp was not too bad so I placed a few books under its leg such that it
immediately returned to its usual straight stable self. Who knew that Phoenix's eyes would be so sharp and he would
immediately spot it from one glance......
A thief need not have a guilty heart. A guilty heart need not necessarily be a thief. So, I very boldly said, "Naturally,
it's a book. It's more stable with it."
Phoenix looked at me with a raised brow and with a lift of his finger, the books flew out from below into his hands. I
saw the brushes and ink slab immediately fell down from the book table as it slanted to one side - luckily my eyes and
hands were fast and I quickly caught the table to stabilise it.
Although seeing this heavy book table was about to break my slim wrist, the poisonous bird Phoenix did not care. He
flipped one of the books and read out loud, "A Courtyard Full of Amorous Spirit?" His face darkened and he lifted his
head to look at me, flipping a few more pages in the book, his expression continued to become heavier... finally, he
slammed the book on the table and stood up, "You used such a book to support my table?"

Ah? What's wrong with the book? I lifted up my head and saw the page the abandoned book was opened to, ah, it was
only a drawing. Why did you throw such a temper? Unless... he disdained the fact that the spring pictures* were not
detailed enough? To give in to him, I added, "Second Highness, if you don't like this book, my room has many more for
you to choose from."
"Jin Mi!" Phoenix narrowed his eyes at me and actually lifted his hand to hit the table - it was like adding frost to the
snow, I felt a pang of pain in my wrist and finally could not hold onto the table. I heard a cacophony of sound and my
body was also pulled along, and actually blearily fell into Phoenix's arms.
I moved and tried to climb up, but who knew that the belt strap of my robe got hooked onto something on my body and
with one force, I heard the ripping sound of fabric. I had teared a hole at the waist of my robes.
"Ah....." I heard a sound from behind. I pathetically turned back - an attendant had brought a snowy beard old God at
the door and both of them stared blankly back at Phoenix and me, then at the mess on the floor, an expression of wanting
to say something but could not as their feet were half raised across the entrance opening.
"Don't move," Phoenix commanded into my ear as his hands supported my waist and pressed me into his embrace.
The old God's moustache twitched and then twitched again, finally, it turned red. Lifting his head to look at the sky,
lowering his head to see the spring books on the floor, he said, "Spring has arrived... arrived..." Speaking incoherently
as he turned his head and walked off.
In the midst of the spring wind, the pages full of amorous pictures were flying.
Phoenix and I looked at each other - small eyes to big eyes for a short moment. If the enemy did not move, I would not
move. The wind brought the strands of hair that had fallen from his sides passed my nose, suddenly, I had an ominous
As I saw Phoenix's dark face come closer and closer to me, it was so terrifying I could not move... who knew, finally,
he raised his hand to pinch my hair and said coldly, "How long do you plan to lean on me?"
It shocked my back full of goosebumps. I hurriedly and randomly pressed my palm for support and stood up. After I
stood straight, I saw that Phoenix's brows were furrowed and his colouring was a little pale, "You.......!"
I? What did I do again? I gave him a bewildered look but saw that his face was black as he looked at my hands, he spat
each word out by each word, "You -- Get -- Out!"
Of course, I did not expect a bird like him to be as kind and generous as us fruits, but I never thought he would be so
aggrieved with me till this stage......
The second day, he transformed me into a pair of chopsticks. To be used to hold food but not be able to eat food - it is
to want to cry but have no tears.
The third day, Chang'e from the Moon Palace brought her jade rabbit to visit. With a point of his finger, he changed me
into a big fat radish! When the jade rabbit saw me, it immediately wanted to pounce over. Luckily, Chang'e hugged it
tight or I would have definitely lost my life to a rabbit. After having a stare battle with the jade rabbit for two hours, I
finally realised why Old Carrot Immortal was so scared of rabbit. Rabbits were truly the fiercest beasts in this world!
The fourth day, the cursed Phoenix changed me again into a drum. Being held in his hand, he knocked me till I almost
fainted then he let me go.
The fifth day, the sixth day, the seventh day, the eighth day... it was only until the eighth day that he let me off. To act so
ridiculously, I decided I would not bother with this bird anymore.
Later, when I happened to cross the sky bridge, I heard one immortal attendant secretly whispering to another, "I heard
that a few days ago, Second Highness and his book boy at his book table... mutually cultivated... and actually broke one
of the legs of the book table......"
The other immortal attendant was so shocked that his eyes were wide and his mouth agape. He gasped, "To be so bold
and violent!"
I raised my head towards the sky, with the sun burning bright, to be so bold indeed.
*I wrote before in the main story that "春" means spring and also passion. The term "spring book" is an oblique way of
saying "sex".
Epilogue 2: Dragon Boat Festival/ When Jin Mi Was A Book Boy (Part 2)
Time: In the hundred years when Jin Mi first went to the Heavenly Realms and was Phoenix's book boy

We fruits also have backbones. Since Phoenix ignored my wishes and transformed me into a drum for eight days, I
decided not to deal with him again. In the days where I no longer grind the ink slab for Phoenix, the sky appeared
brighter, the water bluer, even the willow catkins that flew in the wind appeared cuter and more vibrant than before.
When I was bored, I would watch the opera with the Moon God, hear him criticise the "spring books", the time flew by

There was only one thing that was not good. Although the days in which I did not have to watch the mood of Phoenix's
face were perfect springtime, but I was no longer taught divine spells. My already low divine powers dropped even
further than before, and thus I decided to abandon the dark and follow the light and come under the tutelage of the Moon
God. I asked the Moon God to teach me some secrets to increasing my divine powers and he happily agreed.
The Moon God very formally placed several different sizes and thicknesses of sewing needles before me, and said,
"To thread needles is one of the basics of divine meditation. Think about it - if you can't even thread a sewing needle,
how would you be able to properly use the heavy divine instruments? Thus, a good sewing needle is a necessary
equipment for a successful god." Following which, the Moon God happily described all the sewing needles he treasured
and kept, and very generously offered to let me pick one needle and would teach me how to thread it with red thread
immediately tonight.
[The joke is that the Moon God's divine powers mainly lie in connecting lovers with a red thread, hence he would
prize sewing needles so much!]
I deeply did not understand - the Moon God's eyesight was originally not good, but he would choose to thread the red
threads in the pitch black darkness of the night under the glow of a small lamp.
When I asked him, the Moon God's eyes curved with his smile as he explained, "I feel more inspired by the night. The
black night gives me a pair of black eyes, and I am fated to use it to catch illicit affairs!"
However, divine powers were fated to have nothing to do with threading needles and illicit affairs. I learnt to thread
red threads with the Moon God for a total of ten days - my divine powers did not increase even a little bit but my
eyesight was really starting to go crazy, everytime I saw a place with a hole, it was like I was possessed and I tried to
think how I could thread a red thread through it.
Just as I was mulling over whether I should continue to learn under the Moon God, I heard that in two days Phoenix's
palace would be having a celebration for the mortals' Dragon Boat Festival*. It was to celebrate some person's bravery
for jumping into the river and rising to become a god. Phoenix had praised his literary skills and invited him to his
palace and thus asked his attendants to celebrate as per the mortal customs of the Dragon Boat Festival.

This was nothing extraordinary but I heard that there will be rice dumplings during the Dragon Boat Festival - the
mortals' rice dumplings were made using banana leaves to wrap glutinous rice and fragrant meat or bean paste in a
triangular shape, but the dumplings in the heavenly realms naturally could not be the same as the mortal dumplings thus
Phoenix with a flip of his sleeve had declared, "We will wrap divine strength."
Divine strength! Shiny dazzling divine strength.

There were many different types of fillings for the dumplings in the mortal realms, there were lean meat, salted egg
yolk, chestnut, apricot seed..... naturally, the dumplings in the heavenly realms also had to be differentiated. The most
modest dumpling would wrap one year's worth of divine strength, but there would be numerous of them. As the years'
worth of divine strength increased, the number of such dumplings would decrease. Finally, there was the Emperor

It contained five hundred years of divine strength.

Five hundred years of divine strength!
That was the total period of time when the Great Monkey God was pressed under the palm of Buddha Grandfather. If I
could obtain this Emperor Dumpling, I could be spared so much difficult training. Thus, I immediately decided to return
to Phoenix's palace to participate in the Dragon Festival festival and grab the Emperor Dumpling.
The doors of the palace opened early on the fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar calendar. I mixed into the crowd
and entered. There were several green dumplings on the table as rumored - but all of them looked the same, how would
one be able to ascertain the divine strength they contained?
Although I did not have the Great Monkey God's eyes which could immediately discern the true nature of things with a
glance, but what I lack in gifts, I made up for in diligence. I thought, I shall just keep eating, who knows if I will eat until
I eat the five hundred years dumpling!
However, there were too many gods, immortal attendants and immortal goddesses, I only managed to grab twenty
dumplings. Still, this was much more than what most have grabbed. With great satisfaction, I carried the dumplings and
went to the back garden of the palace to eat them in peace.
I ate one year of divine strength in the first dumpling. Although it was only one year, I thought the taste was really not
bad, soft and sticky with a fragrant scent, it was worthwhile to eat it even if there was no divine strength in it.
I also ate one year of divine strength in the second dumpling. This caused my heart to be a little uncomfortable, but
there were still eighteen chances right?
The third, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth... with a bloated stomach and gritted teeth, I ate the final one......
The heavens were unfair! From the first to the twentieth, all of them were the same - so even though I ate until I was
almost choking, I only gained twenty years of divine strength.
My heart was unwilling and I carried a stomach full of dissatisfaction back to the main palace. All the immortals have
departed. I tried to find out which lucky little god had received the Emperor Dumpling but only received the news that
no immortal had received it, only that the Little Red Boy, son of the Demon Bull King had received a dumpling of one
hundred years of divine strength.
In that moment, I could not be bothered to be jealous of the Little Red Boy, my heart immediately calculated - based
on this analysis, the Emperor Dumpling was still uneaten, thus I still had a chance! I tried to find out where the rest of
the dumplings were.
I was met with a disdainful response, all of the dumplings were long gone. Good things were naturally eaten, who
would take it and not eat it?
That was when I found out that the Second Highness did not eat it. He only asked his attendant to place it in his study.
There is no dead path for a person with a willing heart!
I saw that Phoenix's study radiated a light glow and hesitatingly knocked on the door.
"Come in," Phoenix's cold voice with the fragrant smell of dumplings floated through.
I pushed the door open with anticipation and immediately saw a complete dumpling on the table. My heart rose higher
in excitement and thought that Phoenix did not look like such an eye sore as before. Of course, if he would give me this
dumpling, he would really be the most perfect male in all of the six realms.
"Jin Mi greets his Fire Highness," I obediently bowed.
In the misty fiery glow, Phoenix lightly lifted the ends of his long narrow eyes, seeing it was me he lowered his gaze
and continued to look through his books. After a while, he slowly opened his golden mouth,"I heard that you have
entered the tutelage of my Uncle."
"How can that be? His Fire Highness must have heard wrongly. To have his Fire Highness personally teach Jin Mi is
my life's blessing, how can I enter the tutelage of another?" I very seriously denied this matter.
"Ah," Phoenix lifted his head to look at me, softly gave out one word and then silence.
I very naturally and familiarly started to grind the ink slab, if I did not display my loyalty now, when could I?
"Tonight, I am only reading and have no need for the ink," He held the scroll with one hand and leaned languidly on the
chair back. I did not know if it was my mistaken perception but I thought I saw his thin lips lightly curving.
I gently placed down the ink slab and listened to him speak, "The night is dark and my stomach is a little hungry. When
don't you use the spell I taught you before to warm this dumpling so I can eat it."
I panicked and immediately told him, "The mortals' dumplings are very awful to eat. There is a strange smell from the
banana leaf wrapping, the glutinous rice is too soft and vastly less nice to eat than the normal rice. A rice must have
backbone, what kind of rice is soft rice! Plus, this dumpling is too big, you will choke if you eat it late at night."
Phoenix narrowed his eyes, his dimples appearing and disappearing, "Based on your words, I really want to find out
what this dumpling taste like. How awful it must be for you to be so pained."
Seeing his hand reach out for this dumpling, without even thinking, I hurriedly stretched my hand and placed it on top
of his hand to stop him, "If your Fire Highness is hungry, I will immediately go to the kitchen and personally made a
plate of hibiscus pastry** for you. I guarantee that it will be hundred times more delicious than his dumpling, and you
won't choke when you eat it, ok?"
I looked at him steadfastly with hope, but who would have thought not only did this bird not answer, his face had a
dazed expression and I couldn't tell what he was thinking. I followed his gaze and realised that he was looking at the
back of my hand. In my worry that he would not agree, I flipped my hand and both my hands wrapped his hand in my
palms, I gave him a shining look of loyalty and asked again, "What does your Fire Highness think?"
I did not know if it was the flickering of the flames, or it was my spoilt eyesight from threading too many needles, I
actually thought that Phoenix's cheeks had a rush of light colouring. But, he looked at his hand that was wrapped in my
palms, avoided my gaze and his voice seemed unnatural as he lightly agreed, "Ok."
What a beautiful voice from heaven!
I pushed away his hand and quickly carried the Emperor Dumpling out of the door, "I shall remove this dumpling. Fire
Highness just wait a moment and the hibiscus pastry will be immediately delivered."
I was so worried he would regret it that after I walked out of the door, I started to run with the Emperor Dumpling.
Heaven has not forsaken a person with a willing heart! I forced the dumpling down my throat. Indeed, it had five
hundred years of divine strength! I was so happy, my dreams that night had the sweet fragrance of glutinous rice.
Of course, the saying that "Happiness breeds Sadness" is not without merit, for I was so happy that night that I
completely forgot about Phoenix's hibiscus pastry......
It was only a small plate of hibiscus pastry but that small-hearted bird bore a grudge and punished me to make hibiscus
pastry for a whole year! Plus, he won't eat it in the morning or in the afternoon, thus I couldn't sleep properly for a
whole year! Often having to make the hibiscus pastry in the middle of the night.
And, whenever Phoenix eats the hibiscus pastry, he would eat it with an especially heavy and serious expression,
truly despicable and detestable! The gaze from his phoenix eyes as he looked into my eyes especially cause me to grit
my teeth with hate!
Phoenix called this "using merits to make out for my fault".
But, because of the Emperor Dumpling, I decided not to be as small-hearted as the bird.

* On the fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar calendar, the Chinese celebrates Dragon Boat Festival which
commemorates the suicide of a great poet, Quan Yu, into the river. He was exiled and accused of treason. The locals
respected Quan Yu so much that they rushed out in boats to rescue his body and this was the start of the dragon boat
races. They also threw balls of rice in the river to stop the fishes from eating his body and this was the origin of the rice
dumplings. Thus, during the Dragon Boat Festival, the Chinese will eat rice dumplings and participate in dragon boat
** The significance of the hibiscus pastry makes more sense now in Chapter 24.1!
Epilogue 3
While Phoenix is still a bit moody, he always grants my every wish. No matter how much lingli I shamelessly ask for,
he will give it to me without a single complaint. Sometimes, after receiving so much lingli, I ask myself, “Do I really
like linglithat much? What do I want to do with so much lingli? Since I’m neither a soldier, nor hold political power,
having so much lingli is truly a waste.”
One day, I awake in the middle of the night, having suddenly figured it out. I concluded that actually, my asking Phoenix
so shamelessly for lingli is just a way for me to prove that Phoenix actually loves me; that he loves me as much as
thelingli he gives me – an infinite amount of love. After that, something happened to prove my conclusion.
That day, I took our baby to fish in the River of Forgetfulness. Umm… let’s just treat it as fishing (After hearing from the
Demon Realm’s First Highness that there are many souls of beautiful ladies at the bottom of the River, I thought that it
would be quite good if we could fish a pretty lady mermaid to be my son’s child bride).
After half a day, we still had not managed to catch a single fish. However, we caught sight of another type of fish [1].
I suddenly caught wind of a strong xianqi. I raised my head and saw a group of immortals riding the clouds across the
River. The white clothing of their leader billowed in the wind, his carriage elegant – who else could it be but the
Heavenly Emperor himself? Just as I was thinking of whether I can pretend not to have seen anything, he looked down
and met my gaze. He stared for a moment before turning to speak with the other immortals. He then flew down to land
beside the two of us.
He looked at me and I looked at him, both of us not knowing where to start; the atmosphere was a little awkward.
Finally, he opened his mouth but did not speak to me. Instead, he bent down and touched Tang Yue’s chubby cheek,
smiled and asked, “What are you doing here?”
Tang Yue blinked his eyes and answered, “Fishing for a wife.”
His Majesty stilled for a moment before laughing, “Surely this must be your mother’s idea.” He then asked, “What is
your name?”
Tang Yue is at times just like his father (having inherited his arrogance at a young age), and will sometimes refuse to
answer when questioned. He fares just slightly better than his father in that unlike his father, he will not embarrass the
other person by blatantly ignoring him. He will just change the topic. In this case, he fiddled with his hook and asked,
“Why don’t you join us fishing?”
I was afraid he would hurt himself on the hook, so I rushed to take the rod away from him. I instructed him,
“Call Bó Bó(uncle)”.
“Bŭ bŭ.” Tang Yue looked up at His Majesty.
I suddenly realised that when Old Carrot first visited us, he was still little and could not speak well. I was afraid he
could not pronounce Old Carrot’s name, so I taught him to call Old Carrot “Bŭ bŭ” from “hú luó bŭ”. Now, my son has
confused bó bó (ie “uncle”) with bŭ bŭ (from the word “carrot”).
Xiao Yu Xian Guan, who probably did not know that my son has equated him with Old Carrot in his heart, only stretch
his hand out to rub the top of Tang Yue’s head before looking at me and asking, “Are you happy now?”
After that, he smiled a small smiled and answered himself, “You surely must be happy.”
I opened my mouth, but did not know how to reply. In the end, we stood together by the River for a while, looking at the
clouds and water; the clouds were very far and the waters, very clear.
After a while, I finally said to him, “You must also be happy.”
He smiled a little smile, and without replying, flew away on a cloud. I thought, he must also be happy. What he has
always wanted was ultimate sovereign power, the position of the Heavenly Emperor. Now that he has obtained that
position, and the two Realms having sworn never to wage war against each other again would only further strengthen
his position as the Heavenly Emperor, he no longer has any worries.
I kept the fishing rods and took Tang Yue’s hand, “Let’s go home.”
Tang Yue looked at me questioningly, “But we haven’t managed to catch a wife yet.”
I pinched his cheek and said, “We fish like Jiang Tai Gong, that is, let he who is willing take the hook [2].”
Tang Yue looked half confused. I bent down and whispered my secret of many years into his ear, “In the past, your
father is the one who willingly bit a straight hook and reeled himself in!”
I dragged my son’s hand but before we took two steps, we saw Phoenix rushing urgently towards us on a dark cloud, as
if a crisis may erupt with each step. When he saw Tang Yue and myself, his body seemed to tense up. His momentary
fragility caused my heart to hurt a little.
That night, he did not sleep well. He tossed and turned twice before he sat up to look at me. After a moment, he asked
me, “Is there something you want to tell me?”
Phoenix’s eyelid twitched. I rethought carefully, “Really, no.”
He looked angry and asked me brusquely, “Why aren’t you asking me for lingli?”
I was surprised. So the reason why he could not sleep tonight is because I haven’t asked for lingli? But even in the past,
I have not asked him everyday for lingli. But seeing his angry face, I thought I should just agree with what he wanted.
After thinking for a while, I asked him for 500 years of lingli.
After he transferred the lingli to me, he promptly lay down and fell asleep.
I lay down for half the night and finally realised we both have the same problem. I kept asking him for lingli to prove
that he loves me. He waits for me to ask him for lingli to prove that I love him. One goes to commit robbery
while taking a bucket of gold with her, the other is willing to always open his purse to be robbed.
Love can sometimes be so simple. The mortals have a common saying which is apropos here: “One is willing to hit and
the other is willing to be hit!”
[1] This is a pun on the Heavenly Emperor’s former title, Xiao Yu Xian Guan, which has the character ‘yu’ meaning
fish. Jin Mi still sometimes refers to him as such after he ascended the Heavenly Throne.
[2] 姜太公钓鱼—愿者上钩. This is a very popular idiom refers to Jiang ZiYa, a strategist and advisor who was
instrumental in assisting King Wen and King Wu in overthrowing the Shang Dynasty. He is a major character in the
Chinese classic, Creation of the Gods or also known as Feng Shen Bang.
It is said that JZY would fish by hanging a straight hook 3 feet above the water. A fisherman said to him that he would
not be able to catch any fish if he used a straight hook. JZY replied that he is not there to catch fish, but to catch a king:
“Fish, if you are desperate to live, come and gulp down the hook by yourself.” This story eventually reached the ears of
King Wen, who was looking for talented man to serve him. King Wen sent emissaries to invite JZY to join him, but was
refused. King Wen finally went in person, bearing many gifts, to meet JZY. After that meeting, JZY agreed to serve King
The idiom is often used to describe a willing victim or someone who does something regardless of the result. Also, it is
also used in the context that in some things, one should not “fish” by crooked means (hence the straight hook rather than
the traditional curved hook).

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