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A. iOS App to have the functionality of Live Messaging or Live Chat with Live Video Call - Live Video

B. Design Layout and Icons to be made as per the video sent in the group for a similar app. Do see the
apps Astroyogi – mFine - teladoc to draw up some ideas.

C. The app will check if user is from India or Overseas, and if it detects that user is from Overseas then
User will not get SMS Option to Log In. User logs in From Gmail / Email / Facebook. Indian user will get
additional option to login via Mobile Number as well.

D. At time of Login User can Fill up a Brief Profile (details or format will be shared) or user can proceed
ahead by skipping this. If User selects Skip then he is recognized by Guest000, with a different colour
code. The location of user is auto filled and displayed in manage user admin panel

E. The User logs in and sees on top Customer Care or Help Live Broadcast Rooms (These Rooms are
accessed for free). These rooms will have the feature of Live Video Broadcast, Messaging, Public Call and
Private Call (As per MEPL LIVE) and below those rooms is categories Boxes.

F. There can be as many category boxes that we want to define. An Counsellor will fall under which
category the Admin decides.

G. On clicking the Category – the List of Counsellors in that particular category will be displaced with a
short Tag Line. Counsellors who are Online will be on top. On Clicking the information about Counsellor a
detailed Fancy Profile of the Counsellor will be displayed with a short table giving Daily Online time. The
Online time will be mentioned in GMT and US Eastern Time.

H. Time should be IST for Indian customers.

I. Feedback can be given by any user and the admin can reply to the user which can be sent by
Email/SMS as well as Push Notification from the Admin Web panel.

J. Push Notification module from Admin wherein single or Bulk Notifications can be sent by selecting
name of Counsellor and it will appear that Counsellor has sent the message.

- Filters can be Online Date Range,

- City and/or Country

- Users interacted with an Counsellor, Users who have joined a Counsellors in selected online date range
K. Online Counsellors will be displayed with a Green Dot with a Consult Now design which has Options to
make a Paid Private Call.

L. A User can send a message or Book an appointment with any Offline/Online Counsellor. Once
appointment is scheduled the payment gateway is called to deduct funds and on successful completion
the appointment is finalized.

M.Messaging or Chat Facility.

i) A User can send a Message to the Counsellors, this is displayed to the Counsellors under a new
Messages Column and in admin web panel also it’s displayed. The Counsellors can reply this message
which will appear to the user as a Push Notification- Chat Message and an email message. Counsellors
can decide which all formats to use to send the message.

ii) New or Unread message should be distinguished for both Counsellors and User.

iii) The messages can also be replied from the Admin Web panel which will also be displayed to all

iv) Free Users will have the ability to chat with X number of messages that will be defined from admin

v) Paid Users will have unlimited message access.

vi) Users can also Purchase Messaging Packs which will allow them to interact with the Counsellors.

N. Users will be shown Prices in US Dollars and the International Payment Gateway to carry out a

O. Indian Users will be shown Prices in Indian Rupees and Paytm and/or CC Avenue Payment Gateway
will be used to carry out the transaction. Multiple Payment gateway based on Geo Locations.

P. Before making a call to the Counsellor there should be a detailed profile section wherein user can
select from drop box and what help is required so that the Counsellor can respond accordingly. This
profile or page of user needs to be displayed or made available to the Counsellor. Skip option should also
be there.

Q. The Counsellor should be able to make notes in or after a call. So in the next session the Counsellor
does not start asking the same questions again. The Counsellor should we able to build or start the
session from where he left the last. Also option to schedule the next appointment.

R. Users can make Private Calls to an Counsellor which is paid.

i) All Counsellors will have different call rates which will be defined by Admin, Duration of call also
Defined by Admin.

ii) The First Call by any User to a Counsellors is Free. The Free Time Duration of this call will be defined by
the Admin. The Counsellors should know that the user is making a Free Call so that he can give his sales

iii) After Every Call, a rating feature will apply. A user can skip this also. For Admin the rating of each call
should be reflected in a summary report with private call. The rating of a Counsellors should be displayed
in the Profile. Admin can modify the rating from backend.

iv) If a User makes a call and is not satisfied by the Counsellor then he can get a refund by asking for a
refund. A User can only get a refund once in a fortnight. The refund will be for the entire call for which
equivalent credits are added back to the Users Wallet in the app. This to be reflected in a separate report
for Admin.

v) The Private Call will be Audio or Video, If Video there has to be option to reverse the Camera or User
Can Stop his Camera.

S. Prices or Plans will be

i) Separate rates for Indian and International Users

ii) Private Call Charges are defined

iii) User can Book Slots of 15 minutes or 30 minutes or 60 minutes consultation at different prices and
this time management needs to be managed on actual usage

iv) Plan to pay the Counsellor X amount for providing like a Diet Plan etc..

v) Package to Buy Messaging with Counsellors

vi) Corporate Slot wherein a Company can pay us and its employees can avail the service for Prepaid
Consultations upto XX minutes per day defined by admin.

T. All Reports that are available in MEPL LIVE are required. In admin panel in Reports we should know the
gateway used to make a purchase. SMS count of message sent/received, transaction history of the User
should also reflect in admin panel.