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Content Learning Competencies What Techniques/ Activities Why I Think it is/they are
Should I Use? effective?
C. Principles of Speech 3. Uses principles of effective C. *Brainstorming (Group *Promote collaborative
Writing speech writing focusing on Activity) learning
1. Choosing the Topic *Audience profile *Focused Group Discussion *Students are able to monitor
2. Analyzing the Audience *Logical Organization (FGD) and evaluate their own
3. Sourcing the Information *Duration *”Story Relay” learning
4. Outlining and Organizing *Word Choice *Use of photos, magazine *Student-centered
the Speech Contents *Grammatical Correctness articles and digital media to *Engaging and Interactive
D. Principles of Speech 4. Uses principles of effective craft one’s speech *Relevant in terms of outputs
Delivery speech delivery focusing on *Concept-mapping *Outcome-based learning
Content Standard *Articulation *Outlining *Develop inter-personal and
Realizes the rigors of crafting *Modulation *Think, Pair and Share intra-personal skills
one’s speech *Stage Presence D. *Film/Video clip *Activities are anchored on
*Facial Expressions, Gestures presentation and Video Learning Competencies
Performance Standard and Movements Production *Reliable Assessment using
Proficiently delivers various *Rapport with the audience *Resource Person rubrics
speeches using the principles *Forums, Interviews, Talk *Performances are
of effective speech delivery shows measurable
*Individual Speech *Promote active participation
Performance (Performance and self-expression among
Standard) students

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