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CONTENT Learning Competences What Why I think it is / they

Techniques/Activities are effective?
Should I Use?

B. Types of Speech  Distinguish types of  Modeling  It will help students in

Styles speech styles  Video clips distinguishing the
1. Intimate  Invite resource different speech styles,
2. Casual  Identify social speaker/s the social situations and
3. Consultative situations in which appropriate language
4. Formal that should be used.
each speech style is
5. Frozen appropriate to use  It will arouse the interest
of the students as it will
give them different
The learner recognizes teaching-learning
appropriate experience.
that communicative language forms in
competence requires using a particular  Role playing  It is an effective way to
understanding of speech speech style measure whether the
context, speech style, students understood the
speech act and different speech styles.
communicative strategy.
 Video analysis  Students are given the
PERFORMANCE opportunity for
STANDARD collaborative learning in
The learner identifying what speech
demonstrates effective styles are exhibited in
use of communicative the video.
strategy in a variety of
speech situations.