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On at about 0940H, the BFP personnel arrived and immediately prepared his presentation for the

seminar. He introduced the BFP Competency Training which should be completed within 40 hours. Five
module are to be discussed

Introduction to fire safety service: Fire volunteer competency training course



Fire equipment


Basic search and rescue, basic life support

On at about 0950, start of discussion in module one, history of fires and firefighting. In Egypt, Ctesibius
first designs a hand pump. In Rome, Arcus Licinus Crassus, created his fire brigade, 500 strong men
which needs negotiation with a satisfactory price.

Emperor Nero formed the Vigiles to combat fires using bucket brigades and pumps as well as poles,
hooks and even ballistae to tear down buildings in advance of the flames. The Vigiles patrolled the
streets to watch for fires and served as a police force.

In Europe, Great London Fire (1666), worst fires in history that lasted for five days and virtually
destroyed the city. It laid the foundations for standardize and organized firefighting and the first
organized fire insurance.

In USA, 1648, peter Stuyvesant Governor of New Amsterdam, appoints five wardens to perform
inspections of chimneys. Fire ordinances are passed and fines are imposed to purchase and maintain fire
buckets, hooks and ladders.

In 1736 Benjamin Franklin, establishes the Union Fire Company, first fire organization in Philadelphia
and one of the first in America to fight fires for the public good.

In March 25, 1911, Triangle Shirtwaist Fire in New York, darkest moments of industrial company and 146
workers were dead.

1015 H, In the Philippines, 20 years

1901, BFP

Manila Fire Department

Paco, Intramurous, Sta. Cruz, Tanduay

PD 765- integration of fire, police and jail - PCINP

PD 1185-fire code of the Philippines – President Marcos

RA 6975-Tribureau

General Madriaga- first acting chief of BFP

RA 9263-Professionalization Act of BFP

RA 9592-

Chief Supt Nimfa D. Cuartel- first female chief

RA 9514-Revised Fire Code

MALTESE CROSS (MALTA)- symbol of protection and a badge of honor. A fireman who wears this cross is
willing to sacrifice his life for others.

Lapu-Lapu – signifies bravery, leadership and heroism

National Flag is included

Philipppine Eagle – protect our citizens from fires and other destructive force of nature


We commit:

1. To prevent and suppress destructive fire

2. Investigate its causes
3. Enforce the fire code and other related laws.
4. Respond to man-made and natural disasters and other emergencies


A modern fire service fully capable of ensuring a fire safety nation by 2034.


Reliability – we serve 24/7

Efficiency – we find ways

Selflessness – we risk our lives so that others may live

Professionalism- we conduct ourselves in the professional manner

Oneness – we work as a team

Nationalism – we contribute in the preservation of our country’s gain

Service- we continually improve our services

Integrity- we uphold ethical norms and moral standard

Vibrancy- we adapt to positive change

Effectiveness- we do the right things at the right time