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Shaping the borough, making a difference

Autumn 2019

New collections starting soon... Pg 10 –11

see inside

TW Lotto

Centre Pullout

Draft Local Plan

Pg 27–30

Theatre Guide

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Horrible Histories
Thursday 3 – Sunday 6 October
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day out!
Car W


At Alfriston just off the A27 near Eastbourne Call 01323 874100
Welcome to Recycling

Autumn Local! 8–9

! Hello
This autumn edition has plenty to keep you up-to-date… from events, news

and initiatives to special features from our Recycling and Waste team and
the Planning team, the first of which is on pages 4–7 and has everything you
need to know about your bin collections from 30 September, and importantly,
TW Lotto
what you can recycle or dispose of in each bin. The second of our special
features is about the Draft Local Plan, containing eight pages of information
about where new housing and other developments could be located in the
borough, the reasons behind this and the timescales we are working to.
We’ve featured the dates of the forthcoming exhibition programme, so if you Centre Pullout
wish to come along and speak with officers, please take a look at the venues Draft Local Plan
near you. The consultation, and details about how to participate online
can also be found in the Draft Local Plan feature in the centre pullout.

As always, I hope you find your copy of Local magazine interesting

and informative. 22–23
Out and About
Lizzie Goodwin


Good News About Sunday Parking Museum
Parking on Sundays in Tunbridge Wells town centre will become a lot more
affordable from the 1 October. A three month trial follows a new joint
initiative between Royal Tunbridge Wells Together and
Tunbridge Wells Borough Council.
In five of the main car parks in the town centre, all day parking will reduce 26–29
in cost from £6.30 to just £2, ideal if you are staying Assembly Hall Theatre Guide
for lunch, doing some shopping or coming to see a
matinee at the theatre.

We produce Local to keep you up-to-date about Council services and news. If you have
any comments about the magazine, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us by:
Phone: 01892 526121
Post: Lizzie Goodwin, Communications Manager, Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, Town Hall,
Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN1 1RS
TWellsCouncil TunbridgeWellsBoroughCouncil
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Advertising helps to keep our costs down. We do not endorse the external products and services
advertised in Local.
The information in this publication was correct at the time of going to print.
Tunbridge Wells Borough Council cannot accept responsibility for any errors, omissions or subsequent changes.

If you require Local magazine in large print or on audio please phone 01892 554273
TW1873 3

Starting from 3
Welcome to your new improve

How to use your bins and a guide to Recycling bin

what you can recycle with us.

Your new recycling collection service means everyone

You should use your brown bin for recycling after your last garden
can recycle more materials from home. waste collection. Homes that have not had a brown bin before
You should have received a tailored letter earlier in the will have one delivered in time for the start of the new service.
month to inform you of your collection day and which week
to put your recycling and refuse out. If you’ve not seen it,
What can go in the bin?
you can find out using the online checker below.
Some people may have two collections of the same bin type when
moving from the old service to the new.
If this affects your first collection you will be able to put out
extra if your bin is full:
• Refuse – in a bag next to the bin Glass bottles & jars Plastic bottles, clear or coloured (eg cleaning
(any colour) product bottles)
• Recycling – in a cardboard box or paper bag next to the bin

Recycling Refuse
Week Week Plastic food trays & punnets, not black
(eg meat/ready meals/fruit/veg) Food tins
• Food waste bin • Food waste bin
• Recycling bin • Refuse bin
• Textiles
• Green box (one small bag next to the bin)
• Batteries • Small electricals
(one small bag on top of the bin lid) (one small bag next to the bin)

Plastic pots & tubs

(eg butter/yoghurt/ice cream) Aerosols (empty)

Check your collection day

Use your postcode to

check your bin collection
Aluminium foil/foil
information online. Sweet/biscuit tins food trays Cans
Fortnightly collection
4 Please rinse items and place loose in the bin – no plastic bags

m 30 September
proved recycling collections

Green box Food waste bin

Paper & cardboard

How to use your food waste bins:

Please continue to use this green box for paper and
cardboard recycling only. 1 Your kitchen caddy If you line your kitchen
caddy, use newspaper,
paper bags or compostable
Use for all bags, look out for the
cooked and raw Seedling logo. If using
What can go in the box? compostable bags, please
leftover food. don’t tie the top as it takes
No packaging longer to compost. No
plastic bags, thank you. Compostable

2 Your outside food waste bin

Gift wrap Corrugated White paper Empty the kitchen caddy into the outside food waste bin and
(non metallic) cardboard (eg office paper) lock the lid by moving the handle to the upright or forward
position. Put it out for collection every week next to your
other bins, where it can be clearly seen.

What can go in the bin?

Envelopes & Cardboard

greeting cards (eg cereal/egg boxes/shoe boxes)

Meat, fish
If you don’t & bones Fruit & vegetables
have a green
box please
contact us and
Newspapers, supplements, magazines, we will arrange
brochures, catalogues, phone directories, delivery.
leaflets & flyers
Dairy products Tea bags &
eg cheese Eggshells coffee grounds

Large cardboard boxes

These can be flattened or put next
to your green box on collection
day. Please remove tape where
possible, thank you. Bread, cakes Rice, pasta Leftover & uneaten
& pastries & beans food

Fortnightly collection Weekly collection

Please use a paper bag or cardboard box for shredded paper Please do not put liquids in the bin such as milk or oil 5

Starting from 3
Recycling Mor
Additional items
Refuse bin we collect
There will be new collections for textiles, small
electrical equipment and household batteries.
Please donate good quality items to charity.

Textiles: worn out clothing, towels, pillowcases

Please continue to use your existing green refuse bin etc. (no pillows or duvets). Refuse
for non-recyclable waste when the new service starts. Small electrical items: toasters, kettles, week
hairdryers, irons, electrical leads and chargers etc.

What can go in the bin? Please put your textiles and electricals out in small sized
separate bags (not black sacks or charity bags) next to the
refuse bin on collection day.

Batteries: small household batteries including

button batteries (watch batteries) and batteries
from mobile phones and laptops.
Drink & food cartons Cling film &
Polystyrene (eg juice/soup) plastic wrapping
Please put your batteries in a small bag on top of the
recycling bin on collection day.

Please do not mix textiles, small electricals and batteries in the same
bag. We can only accept one small sized bag of each type per
house as there is limited space on the collection vehicle.
Black Crisp packets/sweet Bagged pet faeces &
plastic trays wrappers litter/bedding

Bulky waste
Your waste You can book a bulky waste collection through the
must be Council’s website.
contained in the
green bin with You can also take many items including garden waste to Kent
Plastic bags/ the lid closed, County Council’s Household Waste and Recycling centres,
plastic pouches Nappies & sanitary thank you. please visit
(eg pet food) items Other materials accepted at these sites include cooking oil and
printer cartridges.

Most Household Waste Recycling Centres accept low energy light bulbs and
LEDs, along with wood, metals, and many other materials.
For more details please visit
Assisted collections
If you need help putting your recycling and refuse out for
WE EMPTY ONE REFUSE BIN PER PROPERTY collection, please contact the Council’s Waste team for
more information.

Fortnightly collection

m 30 September
More Together

Garden waste Frequently

paid service asked questions

What about bank holidays?

se Please remember when the new service starts you will
We collect on all bank holidays except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New
ek be unable to use any other bin for your garden waste. Year’s Day. For these collections please check our website in December.

What time should I put my bins out?

Already subscribed Please continue to put your bins out by 7am on your collection day.

If you have already subscribed, details about your new

What happens to the recycling?
fortnightly garden waste service will be sent to you. We
ling The contents of your recycling bin are taken to a facility where the materials
ek will let you know when to put your new black bin out for are separated and then sent on to reprocessers to make into new products.

What happens to the collected paper and
If you wish to subscribe Paper and cardboard are taken to a local mill to make into new paper and
cardboard based products.
It’s easy to sign up and pay online. Contact us at the web
address below. What happens to the collected food waste?
The food waste is taken to a local facility where it is composted using a natural
process which means it is safe to use as a soil improver on local farmers’ fields.
If you already compost at home, please continue to do so. You can use your
food waste collection for any food that you do not want to compost yourself.

What happens to the collected refuse?

The contents of your non-recyclable refuse bin are taken to the Energy From
Waste plant at Allington, where it is used to create electricity.

For more information 7

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council has

Joined the Growing List of Councils Who Have
Declared a Climate Emergency.

At the Full Council meeting in July A cross-party task force will now take
Conservative councillor Jane March this commitment forward. Members
and Labour’s Luke Everitt joined forces will look at ways in which the Council
to propose a motion which recognised can reduce carbon emissions and make
global climate and biodiversity a positive contribution to combating The task force will look at how partners and
emergencies. Councillors were climate change, including ensuring the wider community including businesses,
supportive of the motion and agreed that forthcoming plans and strategies organisations and individuals can be
that the goal should be to make the (including the new Local Plan) take encouraged to make their own contributions to
borough carbon neutral by 2030. account of this. meeting the carbon neutral goal.

Don’t Be Idle… Cranbrook

Switch off Your Engine Charging Points
Following the launch of the Council’s Staff from the Council’s environmental
Cranbrook is ahead of many small towns in
anti-idling campaign on National protection team hope to visit events
doing its bit for the environment as it now boasts
Clean Air Day in June, we are across the borough over the coming
six charging points for electric vehicles in Jockey
working with our partners to roll out year to promote the campaign and
Lane Car Park TN17 3JN. Having applied for
the campaign across a wider area. they want to identify the best locations
funding for the charging points from the Office
to place signs reminding drivers to
We would encourage all drivers to of Low Emission Vehicles, the parish council has
switch off their engines. If there are
try to switch off their engines when gone a step further and arranged for an extra six
any places in the borough where you
their vehicles are stationary, wherever on-road parking places so that the points can be
think motorists leave their engines
they are - not just outside schools - to reserved exclusively for electric vehicles.
running for no reason please let us
reduce pollution and to save money
on fuel.

The designs produced by

the winners of our design-
a-banner competition at St
Mark’s Primary School will
feature in the campaign,
Katie D of St Mark’s Primary School and with the support of
members of our Clean Air
for Schools scheme we’ll
be asking parents and With Cranbrook mid-way between charging
carers who need to drive points in Tunbridge Wells and Tenterden it’s
to school to switch off their a reason to visit the pretty town and its
engines at the school gates. nearby attractions.
Olivia M of St Mark’s Primary School


Bring Banks
Over the next few months the number of bring
bank sites in the borough will be reduced, as
residents will be able to recycle glass bottles
and jars from home when the new recycling
service starts at the end of September.

Bring bank sites will remain at:

Commercial Road, Paddock Wood; Fowlers
Park, Hawkhurst; John Street car park;
Tunbridge Wells Sports Centre;
Crescent Road multi-storey car park.

Litter and Dog Fouling Enforcement

From late September a new littering and dog The new team will have powers to issue
fouling enforcement team will be operating a Fixed Penalty Notice to people who
across the borough. You may remember that litter or don’t clear up after their pet.
previously, as well as the Street Scene team,
a private contractor carried out this service. More about this in a future edition of Local,
That arrangement finished some time ago and but for the time being look out for officers
we have decided to use the Council’s own wearing blue vests clearly marked with the
staff instead of appointing another company. Council logo and Littering Enforcement.

Light Pollution
Do you have security lights around your home?
The benefits of these lights are more obvious at this time of year
as the nights draw in, and that extra illumination on paths
and entrances can be very welcome and reassuring.
Poorly directed lights however may not be welcomed by
neighbouring properties if, for example, lights are shining
directly into a bedroom window. Intrusive lights may
be considered a nuisance and the Council may
investigate complaints about artificial lights and
has powers to issue an abatement notice.
Correctly installed security lights should not
cause a nuisance so please make sure they
illuminate only the area intended and
adjust them so that they only pick up Dark Skies
movement of people in that area. Dark skies are places where you can nocturnal animals. The Draft Local
look at the night sky without light Plan includes a proposed new policy
pollution that you might get from which addresses this in rural areas.
street lights or lights from buildings. You can read more about this in
the supplement in the centre pages
Light pollution can harm the and online. Please participate in
character of an area and can cause the Draft Local Plan consultation
problems for wildlife especially and let us have your views.


Supporting local
good causes
Our very own lotto has just celebrated its second birthday,
and at the same time we welcomed on board another good
cause, bringing our total to 71! That’s 71 organisations
supporting residents of all ages in our borough.

Since we started in 2017, £75,000 has been raised for

local good causes, and so far this year we are on track
to achieve over £35,000. This is only possible with the
generous support from people participating, so on behalf
of all the good causes – a big thank you to everyone who is
supporting TW Lotto.

Here’s what a few of t

‘Tunbridge Wells Lawn Tennis Club is very proud to be ‘The funds generated by the TW Lotto continue
a supporter of the TW Lotto and promotes the lotto to to help us develop our education programme
its members. TWLTC, itself a registered charity, raises and this year allowed us to design and produce
in excess of £900 per year from being part of the TW our Maya’s Mission leaflet and stickers that
Lotto, which is great as we are able to use the money delivered educational messages on endangered
raised to further benefit the club for its members and big cats and sustainable purchasing to 1,000s
the local community. We’d love one of our members to of local children across our Open Days.‘
win big but you’ve got to be in it to win it!’
– James Hanaway, Head of Development of
– Alison Dry, Assistant Manager of TWLTC The Big Cat Sanctuary

Just £1 per ticket each week, and 60 per cent of proceeds

benefit the good causes. People are winning every week,
but could you be our next £25,000 jackpot winner?

All of the good causes are doing great things

for our community, from helping young people,
the elderly and those suffering with illness, to
sport, activity clubs or caring for animals.

It’s a simple way for good causes to raise additional funds

and promote what they do - without tons of admin!

You can see the full list of good causes

on the TW Lotto website.

Easy for good causes to join…

If you know of good causes that you think would benefit
from being part of TW Lotto, then why not encourage
them to sign up? Registering is very simple and once the
application has been approved by the Council, you’re all set
to start promoting to your supporters.

of them have to say...

‘Monies raised are used for our social inclusion ‘We are so thankful to be part of the TW Lotto. Money
projects. In the summer, we take our customers to raised has enabled us to support our communities by
the seaside for the day; in December we do Christmas setting up preventative campaigns to keep vulnerable
dinner and in between, we do a lunch club. Many people safe and training our search teams in search
elderly people are isolated and these projects get and rescue skills. We have also been able to buy
them out of their homes. Thank you for helping us protective clothing for searchers to keep them safe
make a difference to others’ lives.’ whilst searching for vulnerable and missing people.’
– Lorraine Ash, Regional Manager of – Jane Haselden, Recruitment Secretary of
Community Car Service Kent Search and Rescue 11

Annual Canvass of electors

CANVASSERS MAY CALL AT We carry out the annual canvass because
the Council has a legal responsibility to
If the information needs updating, such
as people moving in or out, you can
YOUR HOME maintain the electoral register and review respond online or complete the paper form.
it each year to make sure it has an up-to- Responding online is quicker, no need to
The Elections team would like to thank
date register of electors eligible to vote. visit a post box, and you can guarantee
all of you who responded before the
that your response has reached us.
deadline. By doing this you have reduced If you haven’t responded and
the cost of running the annual canvass of you don’t want a canvasser to More information about the annual canvass
all households in the borough and we don’t visit you there is still time to: and voting is available at
need to send a canvasser to visit you.
Respond to your form
If you haven’t responded to your Household If the information provided on your form
Enquiry Form yet, don’t worry, help is on is correct and there are no changes to be
its way. From 20 September our canvassers made, we recommend you respond online,
will be visiting properties that haven’t by text or by
responded and they will help you Freephone. It is
complete your form. quick and easy
and you can
All Tunbridge Wells Borough Council’s
rest assured that
canvassers will be wearing their
we will receive
official identification so please ask
your response.
to check it if you are at all unsure
who is calling at your home.

Go to Or, text NOCHANGE followed by your

You will need the security codes and post code security codes to 80212.
provided on the front page of your form. Or, call 0800 197 9871.

Weald Information Centre Cranbrook

Following a comprehensive review 01892 526121. From 1 April 2020 the From 30 September 2019 the
early in 2018 of the numbers of visitors Council will no longer provide a service library opening hours are:
and the types of enquiries the Council at WIC and all customer enquiries
was receiving face to face at the Weald will be assessed initially by phone Monday Closed
Information Centre (WIC) in Cranbrook, we and if an appointment is absolutely 10am – 1pm
took the decision to gradually reduce our necessary, this will be arranged. 2pm – 5pm
opening hours. Visitor numbers have been 10am – 1pm
A range of facilities is available at Wednesday
declining significantly as more and more 2pm – 5pm
Cranbrook Library, such as:
people are choosing to use our convenient
10am – 1pm
online services, or to contact us by phone. ● Public wi-fi Thursday
2pm – 5pm
Consequently it does not represent the ● A4 B&W and colour printer
best use of resources to have a full time ● A4 B&W and colour photocopier 10am – 1pm
presence at WIC when so few customers ● Scanner 2pm – 5pm
are actually coming through the doors. ● Fax Saturday 10am – 2pm
From 1 October 2019 to 31 March 2020 The library is free to join and in addition In the meantime, if you have any questions
we will see customers on Wednesdays only to the above offers a wide range of or concerns about the Weald Information
at WIC by pre-booked appointment. An services - from free access to books, Centre, please contact Denise Shortall,
appointment can be arranged by calling computers, internet and information, to Customer Service Manager:
the Council’s Customer Service Team on the hire of music, audio books and films. 01892 554218

The Council has prepared a new Draft Local Plan for public consultation, drawing on
responses to the earlier ‘Issues and Options’ document and further evidence gathering.

This is an outline of the Draft Local Plan, explaining where more details can be found and how to comment.

You can see the Draft Local Plan in full at
The Draft Local Plan proposes a new planning strategy up to 2036, with corresponding
development sites and policies. These are in draft form to give residents, businesses and
others the opportunity to contribute to the plan-making process. Have your say!

For details of the Exhibition Programme and how to make comments see back page.

20 Septemb
er –
1 Novembe
Planning law and national policy The Draft Local Plan aims to meet
require the Council to produce the need for new homes and Proposed Development Strategy
a Local Plan that looks ahead for economic growth in a way that which balances these objectives –
at least 15 years, and to review retains both the key environmental see page 3
it at least every five years to take and historic attributes of the
account of changing circumstances. borough and its overall quality as
Without an up-to-date Local Plan, a great place to live and work. Place-shaping policies for
development will come forward Government says that the borough’s different parts of the borough –
in an unplanned way that may not overall housing need is 678 dwellings see pages 4, 5 and 6
deliver the important necessary per year – more than double the
infrastructure or meet local priorities. current target of 300 per year. Detailed policies, covering
Therefore, the Draft Local Plan key themes, such as affordable
puts forward new sites for future housing, transport, capacity of
housing. In doing this, it also makes infrastructure, and contributing to
provision for new job opportunities climate change objectives –
and for the infrastructure needed see page 7
to support development. There
are also a range of policies to
ensure that development properly
conserves and enhances the
special character of the borough.

LOCAL PLAN? The Council considers it is best
to consult at this stage on a full
The Draft Local Plan, its Sustainability draft, so there is absolute clarity
Appraisal and Draft Infrastructure on the sites and policies which are
Delivery Plan, as well as supporting being proposed. The responses
topic papers (which provide further received during the consultation
explanation of the approaches will be considered when the
proposed) and evidence studies are all Council decides whether to make
available to view online here amendments to the Draft Local
Plan - and what the amendments
should be – before progressing to
Paper copies of the main the final stages of agreeing the Plan.
documents may be seen at the
following locations during normal
opening hours:
● Tunbridge Wells Gateway,
8 Grosvenor Road, Royal
Tunbridge Wells TN1 2AB
● Your local town or parish council
● Your local library


The Council is committed to ensuring The strategy provides support for Most notably, this is for major
that the borough has a positive, the development of brownfield new or enlarged settlements to be
prosperous and more environmentally sites in and around settlements, delivered through a masterplanned
sustainable future for its residents, and makes allowance for small approach, applying garden
businesses and visitors. unidentified ‘windfall’ sites settlement principles - see page 6.
continuing to come forward.
Preparing a new Local Plan that meets An assessment of the capacity for
this commitment presents substantial There is little scope for growth larger developments in towns and
challenges, not least in reconciling outside the High Weald AONB or the villages within the AONB found some
the need for development with the Metropolitan Green Belt (that scope spread across a number of
borough’s highly valued assets. extends around Royal Tunbridge settlements. However, there is not
Wells and up to the western edge of enough scope to also accommodate
The Draft Local Plan proposes to
Paddock Wood), which together cover any unmet housing needs from
meet development needs as much
some 75 per cent of the borough. adjoining local authorities.
as possible within the context of the
various constraints in the borough, Therefore, following assessment of
including the Green Belt, Area of the contribution of land to Green
Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) Belt objectives, a relatively small
and areas of flooding. proportion - about 5.3 per cent - is
being released for development.
● Approx 280 dwellings on five
sites, plus 19 which already Land at Capel and Paddock
have planning permission Wood, and Tudeley – page 6
● Approx 50-120 dwellings on ● New car sales complex
allocated sites, plus 85 which ● New road to run parallel to
already have planning permission the A228 (Colts Hill bypass)
● The Southborough Hub

● Approx 18 dwellings on one site

Royal Tunbridge Wells

● Approx 780 dwellings allocated on
17 sites, plus 440 dwellings which
already have planning permission
● 14 hectare business park with
over 80,000 sqm floorspace
● New secondary school and two
primary schools extended Rusthall
● New sports hub ● Approx 15 dwellings on one site

● New cultural and leisure facilities

● Major new business park Lamberhurst
adjoining North Farm
● Approx 55 dwellings on two sites


Brenchley & Matfield

● Approx 121 dwellings on four sites Frittenden
Horsmonden ● Approx 28 dwellings on one site
● Approx 265 dwellings on
three allocated sites
● Horsmonden is outside the AONB, Cranbrook & Sissinghurst
which has been a factor in the
amount of housing allocated here ● Approx 697 dwellings in Cranbrook
and Hartley (which includes approx
225 at land adjacent to the Crane
Valley allocated in the current Local
Plan), and 64 which already have
planning permission
● Approx 108 dwellings at Sissinghurst
and a replacement village hall

● Approx 43 dwellings at
Benenden, plus 12 which already
have planning permission
● Approx 47 dwellings at East End
(outside the AONB) plus 22 which
have planning permission
● Site allocations correspond
with those in the Benenden
Neighbourhood Plan
● Removal of Limits to Built
Development at Iden Green

● Approx 681 dwellings, plus 25
which already have planning
● At Highgate, the provision of a new
link road across the Hawkhurst Golf
Goudhurst Course, enabling the closure of the
● 25 dwellings, all of which already northern arm of the crossroads
have planning permission ● New village hall, doctor’s surgery,
● Removal of Limits to Built parking and expansion of Gill’s
● Approx 24 dwellings on two sites
Development at Kilndown Green employment area


Land at Capel & Paddock Wood

Capel and Paddock Wood

The Draft Local Plan proposes The Draft Local Plan proposes that
additional employment and the design and layout of the new
approximately 4,000 new homes settlements in Capel and Paddock
on land at Capel and Paddock Wood are masterplanned on these
Tudeley Wood, including a rejuvenated garden settlement principles,
As well as the 4,000 new homes Paddock Wood town centre. with the community involved
for Capel and Paddock Wood (see In 2018 the government published a and engaged in the process.
opposite) the Draft Local Plan new garden settlement prospectus There are considerable challenges to
proposes a garden village at Tudeley which may be seen on the Council’s this masterplan approach, including
of up to 2,800 homes, to include website. It said that garden towns and how flooding and transport issues
employment and other facilities. villages should be vibrant, creative are addressed. Equally it represents
It is anticipated that 1,900 of these and affordable communities. great opportunities to revitalise
homes will be built before 2036. Paddock Wood town centre and the
A masterplan approach with surrounding area, and to ensure that
community involvement is key these developments are planned
to this proposal. comprehensively from the outset.

Infrastructure The requirement for the timely delivery

of infrastructure - such as schools,
The masterplanning of strategic sites
would allow infrastructure to be
The Council recognises that growth health facilities, community facilities, planned strategically and holistically.
needs appropriate infrastructure to sports provision, cultural facilities and
Throughout the preparation of the
support it, and for this to be delivered the natural environment - to be funded
Draft Local Plan the Council has been
in line with development. by developers, is a clear thread that
liaising with infrastructure providers to
runs through the Draft Local Plan.
identify what will be required and when.
The Draft Local Plan contains new and updated planning policies
against which future planning applications may be determined.

Some key policies are:

Economic Development Environment Transport

● Identification of key employment ● New design policy ● Further promotion of active
areas and retention of existing travel (walking and cycling)
● New targets for more
sustainable buildings, adaptive ● Increased parking standards
● Provision for business, tourism to climate change
● Safeguarding land for road and
and recreation development in
● Requirements to conserve rail schemes
rural areas
heritage assets
● More flexible approaches to
● New approach promoting dark
commercial centres, including Open Space, Sport and
skies in rural areas
more support for the retention of Recreation
local shops and services ● New, positive approach to
biodiversity, including principle ● Identification of existing
of net gains open space areas and
Housing facilities to be protected
● Increased affordable housing ● Over 200 Local Green Space
designations across many ● Standards for new publicly
provision on larger greenfield accessible open space
sites and financial contributions settlements
and recreation alongside
from smaller sites, with higher ● Wide-ranging recognition of new development
levels to be provided as social landscape quality, including the
rented housing AONB
● New policy promoting the ● New green infrastructure policy
housing needs of older people and supporting framework
● Updated policies for householder

All key infrastructure schemes and Key elements of infrastructure include:

requirements are identified in the
● Two new secondary schools ● A new road to run parallel to the
Draft Infrastructure Delivery Plan A228 (Colts Hill bypass)
(between Tonbridge and Tudeley,
which can be seen here
and at Spratsbrook, south of Royal ● Flood mitigation measures, Tunbridge Wells) particularly at Capel and Paddock

Capel Community Centre,
Saturday 21 September Capel, Paddock Wood 10am – 2pm
Falmouth Place, Five Oak Green
Mascalls School, Maidstone
Tuesday 24 September Capel, Paddock Wood 4.30pm – 8pm
Road, Paddock Wood
Royal Victoria Place, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Bidborough,
Thursday 26 September 12pm – 7pm
Royal Tunbridge Wells* Rusthall, Southborough, Speldhurst
Benenden; Cranbrook & Sissinghurst,
Friday 27 September Vestry Hall, Cranbrook 4pm – 7pm
Royal Victoria Place, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Bidborough,
Saturday 28 September 10am – 3pm
Royal Tunbridge Wells* Rusthall, Southborough, Speldhurst
British Legion, Unity Hall,
Monday 30 September Hawkhurst, Sandhurst 4pm – 7pm
Village Hall, Back Lane,
Tuesday 1 October Brenchley & Matfield, Horsmonden 4pm – 7pm
Village Hall, 49 High Street,
Wednesday 2 October Pembury 4pm – 7pm
Mascalls School, Maidstone
Thursday 3 October Capel, Paddock Wood 4.30pm – 8pm
Road, Paddock Wood
Village Hall, The Broadway,
Friday 4 October Goudhurst, Lamberhurst 4pm – 7pm
*check Local Plan website for exact location within the shopping centre


It’s quick and easy to comment online.
Alternatively, a comments form can
be downloaded.
For details of how to comment, see
Comments must be received by 5pm
on Friday 1 November 2019.
All comments received within this
period will be considered and will
inform the final, pre-submission
version of the new Local Plan.

Your local Shutter Specialists


100% Qu

L if e ti m e G u

Too much time on

your hands?
We are looking for people to
volunteer and help us run this
active heritage railway
Everyone is welcome.

W hy not come al ong and meet our f riendl y teams at either E ridg e,
Tunbridg e W el l s W est, or G roombridg e stations.

Or email volunteering@ spavalleyrailway. co. uk

f or more inf ormation

• Stylish • Made to Measure

• Unique Ranges •
Eat, Drink, Stay, Enjoy
01892 618854
The Common, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN4 8BX

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01892 575 858
@MountEdgcumbeTWells @TMountEdgcumbe @themountedgcumbe


T2791 JS 2019 AUG Tunbridge 94x233.indd 1 29/07/2019 14:22


Cranbrook Museum
‘best kept secret in Kent’

Exhibition continuing throughout September

Cranbrook Colony:
Focus on F.D.Hardy.
Have you explored Cranbrook Museum Alexander Collection are on display and
recently? If the answer is no, it is definitely you’ll be taken back to the Bygone industry
worth a visit soon! with Cranbrook’s famous Broadcloth,
and memories of earlier rural life are
Some of the finest treasures on your
evident when hop growing was
doorstep; so whether you’re interested in
dominant in the area.
local history or wanting to see and learn
something new, pop in one afternoon. The museum is open Tuesday – Saturday,
from 2-4.30pm until the end of October,
The Cranbrook Colony of Artists shows how
when it will close until the spring.
people lived in the 1800s, through the eyes
Free admission. Find out more at
of local artists. Rare birds from The Boyd or 01580 712929.

Happy Anniversary, Twinning!

The Tunbridge Wells Twinning Michael Collins, one of the world’s
& Friendship Association is great clarinettists, and star international
marking the 30th anniversary pianist, Michael McHale, will provide
of the formal signing of the Twinning an evening of top-quality classical music
Agreement between Tunbridge Wells and with works by famous German, French
Wiesbaden in Germany with a celebratory and British composers and featuring the
music concert – and everyone is welcome! dazzling virtuosity of top-class musicians.
The Association has teamed up with the Tickets are £19 (with some concessions
town’s International Music Festival and available), bookable by phone
presents ‘Wigmore Hall music comes to 01892 678678, or at the Trinity Box
Trinity!’ on Saturday 28 September at 7.30pm, Office or at
at the Trinity Theatre in Tunbridge Wells. wigmore-hall-music-comes-to-trinity
Come and enjoy a real musical treat!
© Tomoko Hidaki ‘Spring Festival in Tokyo’

Wells Puppetry
Festival returns!
11–13 October
Royal Tunbridge Wells will be filled with
puppetry in all its forms when the third
Tunbridge Wells Puppetry Festival returns
to the town. This colourful celebration of
live performance and creativity is back with
three days of ticketed and free shows, talks, popularity since it began back in 2015,
an exhibition, workshops and street theatre building Kent’s reputation as a centre
from local, national and international for puppetry excellence. With partnership
artists, many performing in the UK for the support from Arts Council England, Royal
first time. Expect an even bigger and more Tunbridge Wells Together, Kent County
varied line-up, with funny, touching and Council and with collaboration from the
thought-provoking performances taking Office for Cultural and Scientific Affairs of
place at venues across the town centre. The Spanish Embassy, this year’s festival is
also being supported by the generosity of
Covering everything from flying kites and many local community organisations and
giant trees, to Moomins, Snarks and aerial businesses. Visit to
acrobatics, there’s something for everyone. see the full programme and to book. Tickets Twitter: @twpuppetryfest
As one of only five puppetry festivals start at just £5. All the outdoor shows and Instagram:
in England, Tunbridge Wells Puppetry street theatre happening on The Pantiles
Festival has continued to grow in size and and at the Millennium Clock are free.

Heritage Open Days A Starring Role

in Tunbridge Wells The Nevill Cricket Ground in Royal Tunbridge
Wells had a busy summer season. As well as
playing host to Kent County Cricket Club for
Thursday 13 – Sunday 22 September the annual Tunbridge Wells Cricket Festival,
Heritage Open Days are here again and at Speldhurst and Chagall’s modernist the ground was also used as a location for a
there’s more than ever on offer in and memorials at All Saints, Tudeley. The film being made about India’s 1983 Cricket
around Tunbridge Wells. top cemetery tour is at Woodbury Park World Cup achievement.
New this year is the Quaker Meeting House where there are ornate tombs of heroes
in Royal Tunbridge Wells and the Science of empire and Victorian dignitaries –
Room at Salomons in Southborough. including Jane Austen’s brother.
This year’s programme includes back stage Outdoor possibilities include a free steam
theatre tours and fun activities for children. train ride on the Spa Valley Railway to High
Rocks, and Southborough Archaeological
Stained glass enthusiasts will enjoy the
Society’s dig off Vauxhall Lane.
High Victorian Burne Jones windows

Cricket historians will know that the

Indian captain Kapil Dev scored an
unbeaten 175 runs in the game against
Zimbabwe at the Nevill and set the course
for India’s final victory. The film is due to be
Details, dates and times released next year.

Discovery Days returns
this October Half Term!
Get ready to explore the

Discovery history of Ancient Egypt.

The Council’s Cultural Team will be
there with Ancient Egyptian artefacts
to help young people discover more
about this fascinating period in history
and enjoy art and craft activities.
These drop-in sessions are FREE
and there is no need to book.
Dates and locations to be confirmed,
check @TWellsCouncil for updates.

From Royal Tunbridge

Wells to Scotland
The Friends of Tunbridge Wells Museum, Tunbridge Wells Museum & Art Gallery
Pictures from the museum’s Library and Art Gallery are working hard to is currently closed for redevelopment,
collection feature in new exhibition raise funds towards the conservation of our and is due to reopen as part of The
Four works by George Smart the tailor Georgian sack–back robe, petticoat and Amelia at the Amelia Scott in 2021.
of Frant are currently on loan to the stomacher allegedly worn at the court of
National Galleries of Scotland for Cut King George III. The gown originally The gown will be highlighted in the new
And Paste: 400 Years Of Collage. belonged to Lady Hester Matravers, wife of ‘Portrait and Costume Gallery’ where
Lord William Seymour of Easterton (son of the story of Georgian Tunbridge Wells
English Folk Artist, George Smart, 1774 the 8th Duke of Somerset). The Friends and its people will be explored.
– 1846, created unique collage pictures have been successful in securing £1,500
that depicted local characters and from The Leche Trust, and £250 from
landscapes. The pictures have been in the Tunbridge Wells Civic Society – the
Tunbridge Wells collection since the 1950s Council extends its sincere thanks for these
and we are delighted that they are now generous donations.
being viewed by a new audience.
The gown entered the Museum & Art
Visitors to Cut And Paste: 400 Gallery’s collection in 1959, together with a
Years Of Collage will see more matching gentleman’s suit, and has
than 250 works that span a captured our visitors’ imaginations ever
period of more than 400 years. If since. It is currently featured as part of the
you have a chance to see it the ‘100 objects that made Kent’, a curriculum-
exhibition is on until 27 October. based web resource for teachers. The
gown illustrates the type of fashionable
dress worn by visitors to Tunbridge Wells
when promenading on The Pantiles in its
Georgian heyday. According to
contemporary guidebooks, ‘the general
desire of all was to see and be seen’.

Recliners Come and visit us
in store today
26 Grosvenor Road,
Tunbridge Wells, TN1 2AR
Prices from
£569* Monday - Saturday 9am - 5pm

Stairlifts Mobility


Supporting you with all your mobility needs, we are
on hand 6 days a week to help you choose the right
solution for your needs. Installed from Prices from

Not only are we competitively priced but we also £1,790 *

have an extensive range and complete after sales
team to support you with your purchase into the
Visit your local showroom and try before you buy today!
Tunbridge Wells Showrooms across
Whether you are looking for a little extra help in the 26 Grosvenor Road
kitchen or a stairlift to help you stay in the home you Tunbridge Wells Kent, Sussex and Surrey
love, our staff are dedicated to helping you get the TN1 2AR View our full range online at
right product for you. Opposite Tesco Metro
Come and see us today on Grosvenor Road and see 01892 544 933
how we ad your
can help make 114x192mm_Layout
life easier. 1 03/02/2014 14:05 *Price
Page 1 VAT and is available to those suffering from a long term medical condition or illness upon completion of a declaration.


Contemporary and Traditional Services
A traditional family owned funeral directors dedicated to providing distinct levels of service, dignity and care.
Home Visits Private Chapel of Rest Full fleet of Modern & Vintage Vehicles Floral Tributes
l l l l

Catering Memorial Masonry Pre-paid Funeral Plans Repatriation 24 hour emergency service
l l l l

HEAD OFFICE 10 High Street, Pembury, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN2 4NY 01892 825505
FUNERAL DIRECTORS 49-51 London Road, Southborough, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN4 0PB 01892 458338
FUNERAL DIRECTORS AND MEMORIAL SHOWROOM 88a Shipbourne Road, Tonbridge, Kent TN10 3EG 01732 605002


Assembly Hall Theatre

Autumn 2019 | Guide
For all the latest shows and events or to join our
mailing list to receive news, information and show
announcements, including our digital brochure,
And don’t forget to follow us on social media
AssemblyHallTheatre ahttw
Rhod Gilbert
The Book of John
Wednesday 18 September
Horrible Histories
The Legend of Barry White Terrible Tudors & Awful Egyptians
Thursday 19 September Thursday 3 – Sunday 6 October

Henning Wehn
Get On With It
Thursday 10 October

Get Ready
Saturday 12 October

King of Pop
The Legend Continues
Sunday 20 October

Stagecoach Haywards Heath

Sunday 27 October

Ben Elton Live

Monday 28 October
Royal Tunbridge Wells Symphony Orchestra
Howard Shelley Russian State Ballet
The Nutcracker
Sunday 29 September
Tuesday 29 October

Royal Tunbridge Wells Symphony Orchestra Russell Kane

lines up another exciting season of concerts. The Fast and the Curious
Friday 1 November
Royal Tunbridge Wells Symphony Orchestra
Amy Harman
Sunday 3 November

Kevin Bloody Wilson

Almost Awesome Tour
Monday 4 November

One Night of Queen

Thursday 7 November

The Simon & Garfunkel Story

Friday 8 November
Saturday 7 December – Sunday 5 January
An Evening with Lenny Henry
Who Am I, Again? Flying into Tunbridge Wells for Christmas 2019 is the
Friday 15 November swash-buckling adventure guaranteed to have you hooked!
A Tribute to George Michael Starring Paul Bradley (Holby City), Quinn Patrick (Tunbridge
Wells favourite dame), Lloyd Warbey (Disney’s Art Attack),
Sunday 17 November
Holly Atterton (Nick Junior’s Go Go Go)
Psychic Sally and Sarah Jane Buckley (Hollyoaks).
10 Years and Counting
Monday 18 November

Ed Byrne Lost in Music

If I’m Honest
Thursday 30 January 2020
Friday 22 November

Respect TEDx
The Aretha Franklin Songbook
Saturday 1 February 2020
Saturday 23 November
Royal Tunbridge Wells Symphony Orchestra
Opera Gala
Sunday 2 February 2020

Milton Jones
Milton: Impossible
Wednesday 5 February 2020

German Cornejo’s Tango Fire

Friday 14 February 2020
Tunbridge Wells Operatic and Dramatic Society
Made in Dagenham Jimmy Carr
Terribly Funny
Tuesday 26 – Saturday 30 November
Wednesday 26 February 2020

ELO Again Beyond the Barricade

Friday 28 February 2020 Sunday 26 April 2020

Believe Jools Holland and his

The Cher Songbook Rhythm & Blues Orchestra
Saturday 29 February 2020 Wednesday 29 – Thursday 30 April
Royal Tunbridge Wells Symphony Orchestra Royal Tunbridge Wells Symphony Orchestra
Martin James Bartlett Mozart & Bruckner
Sunday 1 March 2020 Sunday 3 May 2020

What’s Love Got To Do With It? Hello Again

A Tina Turner Tribute The Story of Neil Diamond
Friday 6 March 2020 Wednesday 6 May 2020

Havana Nights The Bootleg Beatles

Saturday 7 March 2020 Thursday 11 June 2020

Russian State Opera Luther UK

Aida A Luther Vandross Celebration
Monday 30 March 2020 Friday 18 September 2020
Giovanni Pernice
This Is Me
The World Famous Elvis Show
Saturday 19 September 2020
Wednesday 1 April 2020
Royal Tunbridge Wells Symphony Orchestra
Thomas Gould The Magic of Motown
Sunday 5 April 2020 Friday 2 October 2020

Burn the Floor

Anything You Can Do...
Bowie Experience
Saturday 3 October 2020
Wednesday 15 April 2020

Cranbrook Pop-up Arts Workshop
Samba Music Workshop
Vestry Hall, Cranbrook • Thursday 24 October, 1pm-3.30pm
We are excited to deliver this pop up arts workshop with ‘Sounds Like’ Community Music and Bloco Fogo.
Come feel the rhythm with this Samba Music Workshop, trying your hand at Samba percussion instruments
used by Bloco Fogo Samba group, and show off your newly found skills with a mini performance at the end.
Recommended for those aged 8-16.
Tickets £5, to book visit
Limited to 30 participants, book early to avoid disappointment.
AssemblyHallTheatre ahttw AssemblyHallTheatre


Events in and Around Fungal Foray, Dunorlan Park

Saturday 26 October

Tunbridge Wells
The borough is a great place to live, work Perhaps this is the year you’ll visit the
and visit, not least because there’s always Cranbrook Apple Fair? A very family
lots happening with events taking place friendly outdoor event with lots of
all year round. entertainment and the remarkable Red
The week Local is delivered coincides with Barrows. Also in Cranbrook is the Art Show, TW Round Table Fireworks,
the second High Weald Walking Festival showcasing local artists. Taking place in Dunorlan Park
running until 22 September so time to get out November this is one of the most popular
Saturday 2 November
in the fresh air and explore your local area. art events in the south east.
TWRFC v Sevenoaks,
Prince Albert WEA seminar, King St Mark’s Recreation Ground
Charles the Martyr Church Hall Saturday 9 November
Saturday 28 September Shopping Through The Ages in
Farmers Market, England, Civic Society,
Royal Tunbridge Wells Royal Wells Hotel
Saturday 28 September Thursday 12 December
Royal Tunbridge Wells Food and
Drink Festival, Calverley Grounds TWFC v Beckenham Town, There’s too much going on to detail it
Saturday 21 – Sunday 22 September Culverden Stadium all here. You’ll find information about
Saturday 5 October
Jazz on the Pantiles all these events and a comprehensive
Thursday 26 September CAMRA Beer and Cider Festival, list on
Spa Valley Railway
Friday 18 Oct – Sun 20 October

Better Broadband
in Tunbridge Wells
Superfast broadband coverage in the If you are interested in exploring
borough is currently at 93.1 per cent, how to use the vouchers in your
and Kent County Council is leading local community, please contact
on work to improve this.
While broadband speeds are improving
Future investment is planned in
there is still a way to go to get superfast
Tunbridge Wells, with
(24mbps) speeds in the rural areas of
more information to be
Tunbridge Wells. The Government is
announced soon!
currently running two voucher schemes
which businesses and/or residents can apply
Criteria Gigabit Broadband Voucher Rural Gigabit Voucher
in order to improve their broadband speeds.
To find out more about the schemes and to UK Wide ✔ ✔
check whether you are eligible, please visit Current >2 and <30 Mb/s ✔ ✔
Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme
Current >30 Mb/s & not Gb capable ✔ ✗
and/or Rural Gigabit Connectivity Minimum new speed 100 Mb/s 30 Mb/s
programme New must be Gigabit capable ✔ ✔ Max voucher value for SME business £2,500 £3,500
Max voucher value resident £500 £1,500
Some areas of the borough, including Minimum value £500 £500
Frittenden and Colliers Green, are exploring Included in voucher
setting up Community Fibre Partnerships VAT Not paid by voucher
for residents only
with Openreach and Kent County Council. Businesses eligible ✔ ✔
These partnerships can then collectively Group schemes only
apply for vouchers for their area, as Residents eligible ✔
1 business: 10 residential
long as residents are signed up to the Single Connection (Standard
appropriate Internet Service Providers. Pre Registered Package) ✔ ✗
Group Schemes (Project Pre
30 Registered Package) ✔ ✔