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Activity 1: Choosing Snorkeling Equipment
You are going to snorkel for the first time and you were also given a budget by your
parents to buy all the necessary equipment for snorkeling. You went to the sport store and
saw so many choices of masks, snorkels, and fins.
For a first timer of trying snorkeling, we should be very careful and aware of what
equipment we should use for this kind of recreational activity. I believe that the first equipment
that I should need to buy is a mask because it will my one of the protection under water and at the
same time, it will help me to see the enchanted beauty of the aqua. In choosing your best mask for
you, you should first examine the feature of your face to know if what size and how comfortable
the mask that you will try. Put the mask that you choose to your face without putting the strap and
look at the mirror if the skirt (a part of a mask) can cover your eyes? If it press over your nose or
if you can in breathe properly. Remember when we were swimming under water while wearing
goggles, the water pressure press it a bit in our face and sometimes it cause red lines around the
goggles. In addition, while trying the mask if it fits to your face, you can also try to inhale a bit so
that it will suction to your face and try to walk a little to know if it will fall. After that, wear the
mask fully with putting the strap and make sure that it is not resting to your ears as this might cause
discomfort and hurt you ear. If it hurts, it means the seal is too tight and having the strap lose can
both cause leak. Moreover, make sure that you can easily rub your nose and clear your ear when
diving under water. You can try to put the snorkel (one of the equipment that you need in
snorkeling) while you’re still wearing the mask and see what will happened to the seal and if it
reshape your face and break the seal then try another mask.
For me, the snorkel is also one of the most important equipment that I can use in snorkeling
because it will save me and help me to breathe under aqua and to be able to continue sightseeing
on the under water. Comfortable mouthpiece, that fits you – not too small or big. Plastic tube with
the proper diameter, length and shape to extend above your head and with smooth, rounded bends
to avoid breathing resistance. Attachment system to your mask strap that’s adjustable for comfort.
If I were to choose a snorkel, I would choose a snorkel with a dry valve because it help me to
breathe freely without having hesitation on diving under water. Without concerning if, the water
will enter the tube, and it will cause me to suffocate if those thoughts happened then, I might fear
the ocean or water and never do it again. Therefore, I prefer snorkel with dry valve for my
I prefer to buy the adjustable fins because I do not my feet get cold if ever the water is cold
and it will surely distract me if that happened. I want to swim a little bit faster and I want to imagine
myself as a swimmer sometimes. When I swam, I want to take time on looking the aquatic species.
I want to appreciate their beauties and be amaze with them. It maybe requires more efforts to use
but that is okay with me.
Activity 3: Difference between Kayak and Canoe

Compare the two floating crafts: kayak and canoe. Think of the unique features of each
one and the similarities as well. You also need to think of at least four categories to compare them.
Two for differences and two for similarities. Use Venn diagram to write your answer.

 Balance is
KAYAKS important when CANOES
entering the boat.
1.) Kayak is a covered 1.) Canoe is wide open
deck boat.  It will help to boat.
2.) Kayak uses double-bladed improved ones 2.) Canoe uses a single-
paddle. health like muscles, bladed paddle.
the heart and aerobic
fitness, strength,
Activity 6: Diving Spot in the Philippines

We have the top diving spots in the world. Research at least 5 five diving spots in the
Philippines. You can even ask friends who have experienced diving. Get the following

a.) Location
b.) Diving centers presents in the area
c.) Marine species that can be seen in a particular diving spot

After going to several diving spots, given a chance, which among the five place that you
researched would you want to go to? Why?

1. A. Panglao, Bohol
B. Diver’s Heaven – Balicasag Island
C. Jacks, Barracuda, and Reef Fish

2. A. Mabini, Batangas

B. Manit Muck – Anilao

C. Mantis Shrimp, Octopus, Nudibranchs, Seahorses, and Pipefish

3. A. Surigao City, Surigao Del Sur

B. Punta Bilar

C. Exotic fish species and Table top corals

4. A. Daanbantayan, Cebu

B. Monad Shoal – Malapascua Island

C. Thresher Sharks

5. A. Sulu Sea

B. Amos Rock – Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park

C. Reef Sharks, Groupers and Massive Schools of Reef Fish

6. A. Cebu

B. Pescador Island – Moalboal

C. Corals, Fishes, Turtles, and Sardines Run

If I were given a chance to choose one place among the six places to go diving, I would
love to choose Moalboal, Cebu because I want to experience to swim with the several 100,000
(estimate) sardines run. An attraction you will find in Moalboal but not in many other places is a
giant school of sardines and to try chasing those sardines and to get amaze with them. To
experience watching the animals move in concert mesmerizing and can keep us divers hooked for
the better part of a tank and add to that a vibrant night life in a small and friendly Filipino and
expat community, and to have a great destination for my destination for my diving holiday. To see
the beauty of the walls and macro of the sea, turtles, and the size of a dinner tables. Also an
uninhabited rocky island with pristine hard corals
Activity 4: Inspirational Song in Canoeing and Kayaking

Canoeing with Daddy

By: Ava Delgado

And every dinner of mac and cheese

He said we have perfect weather Even when the tents leak I can’t stop
No mosquito there’s no rain
Cause I’m his princess and that’s alright
And he promised as long as we’re together
with me
Every portage would be a piece of cake,
yeah right.

Now all my friends think I’m crazy

And when our trip finally comes to an end
To go out there on our own
He knows I’m ready to go back there again
But when we’re sittin’ on that jolly and lazy

The lasting I want is the stumpy all our song

Canoeing with daddy and just like magic

When his handling my paddle

Coz I’m canoeing with daddy and it’s just
like magic I get a great big smile on my face

When he handling my paddle He’s a little bit wacky and with a bit tacky

I get a great big smile on my face But I’m so happy when I’m canoeing with
He’s a little bit wacky and with a bit tacky
Yes, I’m so happy even when the weather is
But I’m so happy when I’m canoeing with
Yes, I’m so happy when I’m canoeing with
But when a water fights and swimming’
Activity 5: Scuba Diving Adventure

It's been half a year since my peers and I planned to go diving so that we can enjoyed our
remaining days before parting apart to each other and to have our most unforgettable memories to
mesmerize if we miss each. When we were planning our expenses for our trip and were to get it,
it is either we look for part time job or save 3/4 of our salary. Some of my friends decided to look
for part time job after school and the others just choose to save their salary. When we combine our
money, we have earned Php 150, 000.00. We don't need to worry about the car for travelling
because three of my friends has car. We settle to meet tomorrow, so we can buy our foods and
things that we need for travelling. On our way to El Nido, Palawan, we've seen a woman that fixing
his car, we decide to help the woman and we also ask the woman if he knows the El Nido. I think
we are the luckiest people on earth because the woman that we help, her name is Diana Calzadilla,
owner of Deep Blue Seafari one of the dive site in El Nido, she give us discount and help get there
without getting lost. When we were already there, we stayed in one of the rest house of the owner.
Later that evening, we had a bone fire to mesmerize and appreciate the beautiful view of the place.
The very first feeling you experience while SCUBA diving is the absolute freedom. You are freed
from gravity. You feel weightless as if you are flying. After the first few SCUBA dives, you realize
that you resemble more of an astronaut who is exploring a completely new planet. You gently
touch the rocks, sit on the bottom of the ocean and play with the sand. Just look at yourself; you
could be one of those fearless National Geographic explorers! At the same time, I personally felt
amazed by the mix of scientific breakthrough, understanding of human physiology and practical
use of modern technology that enables my SCUBA unit to operate so efficiently in order to allow
me to breathe normally under water. I must admit that it was a surprise for me to realize that for
the very first time in my life I did not care for things like how I looked in the stretchy wetsuit or if
my hair got tangled in the process of wearing the mask. When I am SCUBA diving, nothing else
matters. I experience the ultimate calmness, where everything moves slowly. The divers paddle
slowly. My heartbeat slows down. All my problems and worries are left behind, on dry land. A
sense of deep relaxation takes over because I only focus on my breathing, I hear nothing else and
thus nothing comes in the way of me enjoying the beautiful images I see before me. It is the perfect
opportunity to feel amazed by the truly beautiful natural environment and feel closer to nature.
When I am diving, I become one with the sea. Fishes come closer to take a curious look at me. I
realize that I am an alien in their world! In addition, as such, I must be respectful. Another feeling
I experience while SCUBA diving, is the feeling of bonding with my diving friend. It may seem
strange to non-divers, since there is no speaking or otherwise interacting between the two diving
friends underwater, outside the hand signals, yet a close bond is being shared. That of two
individuals having each other’s back and being responsible for each other’s well-being. You trust
your diving friend that he or she will intervene to save you if things go wrong and you are expected
to do the same for him or her. Thus, a bond of trust, mutual respect and gratitude is created and
strengthen with every new dive. Between admiring the beauty of the underworld and furthering
my diving experience, I cannot help secretly reliving that joyful childhood memory of mine of
desperately wanting to be a mermaid! Of course, I would not want to be one of the ugly and vicious
mermaids of the Greek mythology, but Disney’s red-haired brave little mermaid, Ariel. I think this
constitutes underwater daydreaming! I must also admit that I feel proud of myself for managing to
overcome one of my biggest fears and go ahead with the SCUBA diving lessons. Despite my initial
hesitation, I have achieved to break the limits of my human existence on dry land and start having
a parallel life underwater. One that is equally exciting and fulfilling. Lastly, I cannot help feeling
a little sad for all the people who may love the sea and enjoy a good swim, but have never entered
this truly magnificent world, which is the SCUBA diving. I used to be one of them. Nevertheless,
not any more. While diving I had seen many marine species there like frogfish, sea turtle, clown
fish, sea horses, and their beautiful colorful corals. However, that time I did not see the sharks and
Activity 2: Best Snorkeling Places in the Philippines

What are the top snorkeling spots in the Philippines? Surf the internet and picked one spot.
Create a short ad about the place.

Snorkeling is an investment of time and money but the rewards cab be life changing,
literally. Summer is coming and it also means that the rising of temperature is expected so the best
solution to that is to beat the heat. Therefore, what are you waiting for? Feel the calmness, freshness
and feel relaxation. You can also try different kind of activities like swimming, scuba diving, etc.
but mostly you can try snorkeling here and spot their marine species and be amaze of the beautiful

Home is where you get away from it all. Through the years, we’ve built a house with utmost
love and care – we’ve built a home. Bohol is a prime tourist destination in the Philippines. As a
way of complementing this beautiful island, the Bluewater brand presents Bluewater Panglao –
another haven under the Filipino resort brand, known for its exceptional hospitality and quality
service. Bluewater Panglao operates under Bluewater Resorts, a brand known in the country for
providing the total Filipino Resort lifestyle experience, while it lives and breathes the distinct
Filipino hospitality – treating each other guest like family.

Located right from the heart of Panglao Island in Bohol, the resort is in the middle of white
sand beaches, pristine waters and marine sanctuaries. It blends adventure with luxury and it shows
with the resort’s architecture and design – organic yet elegant and highly innovative. Highlighting
54 well-appointed rooms, numerous island and water activities, snorkeling, and diving, fishing,
and boat tours, dolphin, and whale watching, two free-form lagoon-shaped swimming pools with
waterfalls, a full-service restaurants, and bar, and finally, the acclaimed Amuma Spa, ther’s
absolutely no reason to delay one’s stay.