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As human beings, we carelessly squander the vast majority of our lives functioning in these

states of lower consciousness.

What concerns us utmost is ourselves, our achievements and our ability to survive.

Self-justifying, unintrospective and practical outlooks are the rewards of everyday life.

These are symbols of lower consciousness.


We have this impulse to swipe at others once we feel targeted, the tendency to ignore
anything/one that lacks a personal connection to us. We shed the blame onto others, and in
general, we lack poor emotional discipline. This is the "Reptilian Mind" - the lower part of the
brain. We surrender to these perceptions and accept them as who we are along with the initial
direction we're headed.


However, once we feel comfortable, cosy, and reassured that there are no threats or
requirements upon us, opportunities arise that enable us to access the gateway to the higher
mind. The seat of realization, inspiration, gratification, and fulfilment.

By deliberately releasing fragments of our habitual, anxious, and mammoth-like self-pride we

temporarily disconnect from our fragile egos and soar into a less biased and more universal

With this train of thought the mind has the ability to loosen its grip on particular interests and
desires. We start to think of other people in a more imaginative way.

Rather than instinctively retaliating through years of traumatic programming, we're able to
observe from a heightened perspective to understand why our behaviours are driven by
pressures, derived from our own primitive minds.

With attitude and hatred, we now acknowledge these symptoms of hurt, and pain, rather than
of evil.


It's an astonishing, yet enlightening evolution to envisage. The ability to develop and harness
these higher states of perspectives and to analyse people's behaviours by their misery, rather
than simply in terms of how it affects us.

We identify that the appropriate response to humanity is not doubt, fear, or concern, but always,
when we can influence it, love.

At these junctures, the world exposes itself rather uniquely.

The home of suffering, misguided effort, adversity and ultimately thriving with people who
project their rejections onto others.

But in hindsight, a place of warmth, sympathy, sincerity and touching vulnerability.

A felicitous counter is universal tenderness and harmony.


Once we are able to disconnect from the perspective of our identities, we have the ability to
imaginatively fuse with all things natural. The wind, rain, and even the wave breaking on the

Absorbing this perception highlights that status cannot exist, our grievances drop in importance
and possessions, no longer have such a firm grip on our lives.


Higher consciousness is a gargantuan triumph over the primitive mind, which cannot visualise
such possibilities.

In a have-it-all world, we'd be more naked to the advantages of this higher mind and work
together creating our experiences somewhat less random.