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Nick Pena—Chair of the Bexar County SD 19 Tejano Democrats 210 367 3883

Tejano Democrats 25th Anniversary Convention in San Antonio Draws Top 2020 Candidates

Texas Senator Royce West (D) is among the noted 2020 candidates to appear at 25th Anniversary
Convention of the Texas State Tejano Democrats on Sept 27-28, 2019. West is challenging incumbent
John Cornyn (R).

The Texas Tejano Democrats organization will host their 25th year in operation in
Texas at a two-day convention in San Antonio on September 27-28, 2019, at the
Embassy Suites Hotel by Hilton NW I-10. Invited to address the over 400
delegates are Presidential candidates Beto O’ Rourke and Julian Castro.
Senator Royce West (D), Texas, has confirmed he will be present to address
the Democrat group.
“The Texas Tejano Democrats have an opportunity to call for
compassionate change in this State and Country through the 2020 election
cycle. It is time for dialogue, understanding, and bold change,” said local
chairman of the SD 19 Bexar County group, Nick Pena and event
coordinator Richard Gonzalez. “Our San Antonio councils alone have
grown to upwards of 700 members in Bexar County, and over 2,000
On Friday, a Host Committee Welcome will include Bexar County
Commissioner Tommy Calvert and the Honorable Senator Jose Rodriguez of El
Paso (Chair of the Senate Democrats/ Texas Rep. to the DNC Hispanic Caucus).
State Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa will also be present.
“Texas State Tejano Democrats seek to maximize the participation of all Texans ,
particularly Hispanic and minority voters at all levels of the political process”, said
Joey Cardenas, current chairman of the State-wide organization. Cardenas will
end his tenure as Chairman and dedicate his time to redistricting and the Census
Tejano Democrats gained support from the Bexar County Commissioners Court
for this event by unanimously passing a resolution in support, particularly as
related to the goal of increasing civic participation in the election process.
On Friday, September 27, candidates will be recognized and meetings for the
organization will take place, followed by a reception.
On Saturday, speakers will include Lydia Camarillo with Southwest Voter
Registration; Ernest Herrera, Esq. MALDEF will address redistricting, the Courts,
and Gerrymandering; Luis Figueroa-Director of the Center for Public Policy
Priorities will address The Politics of Equity and the state of Tejanos; and National
LULAC education co-chair Velma Ybarra will address the issue of civil rights and
education connections to MAS—Mexican American Studies in Texas classrooms.
Key educator leadership and the AFT-American Federation of Teachers with the
Northside ISD will make a crucial presentation on the threat of privatization of
public schools.
Senator Barrientos will be recognized as the founder of Tejano Democrats, and
comments will be made by Celina Vasquez, TX Rep. to the DNC Hispanic Caucus,
and Iris Y. Martinez, DNC Hispanic Caucus.

Also invited to speak is the Superintendent from the Northside ISD, non-political,
to address the issue of funding charter schools and their impact on the public
school systems.

Senator Royce West, who is announced his candidacy for Congress against
incumbent John Cornyn (R) will be the main speaker at a Unity Banquet on
Saturday evening, which celebrates the partnership between Bexar County SD 19
Tejano Democrats and the African-American Political Alliance. West has served
in the Texas Senate since 1993. He was elected to another four-year term in
2018 and will not have to give up his seat to challenge Cornyn. Rep Barbara
Gervin Hawkins who spearheaded the Political Alliance of the two San
Antonio political groups, will also address the convention.
A dance and reception will follow with music by Patsy Torres and Street Talk.