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HISTORY ________ 16. ________ 31.

Three major aspects of

________ 1. What is the earliest use the testing situation a qualified
of test? examiner is needed for
________ 2.Uses of psychological ________
test ________
________ ________ 32. This will help to
________ predict how the client will feel and
________ act outside the test situation
________ 3. They defined test as a ________ 17. A response that can be ________ 33. Advance preparation
measurement device used to quantify scored or evaluated. A specific of examiners
behavior stimulus ________
________ 4.They defined test as an ________ 18. ________
objective and standardized measure ________ 34. What is coaching
of sample of behavior ________ 35. What is education
________ 5. What are the ________ 36. Effect of test taking
concepts/essential elements of tests practice
________ Implies uniformity of ________ 37. What is a raw score
procedures ________ 38. Raw score will be
________ Implying average or ________ 19. Observable activity converted to this
normal performance ________ 20. Thoughts, feelings; ________ 39. Where did tests first
________ Consistency of scores cannot be directly observed came into being
obtained by the same persons ________ 21. Type of test given to ________ 40. #39 at what year
________ Degree to which the test one person at a time ________ 41. For what means were
measures what it purports to measure ________ 22. Type of test that can tests instituted for
________ 6. Standard formula of be administered to more than one ________ 42. They categorize
I.Q. person people in terms of personality types
________ 7. 1st country to be ________ 23. ________ 43. Reference for
interested in constructing tests personality types
________ 8. It is gathering and ________ 44. Why did it became
integration of Psychology-related necessary to distinguish between
date for psychological evaluation mentally retarded and insane persons
through the use of tools. ________ 45. He is the first to
________ 9. It is the process of explicitly distinct mentally retarded
measuring psychology-variables by and insane individuals in 1838
means of devices/procedures. ________ 24. Type of test that can ________ 46. #45 believed that this
________ 10. It is the science of be scored in terms of speed, accuracy is the most dependable criterion of
psychological measurement. or both intellectual level
________ 11. Refers to how ________ 25. This is included to #24 ________ 47. He is a French
consistent and accurate a test which is a previous learning physician who pioneered in the
measures what it purports to ________ 26. This is included to #24 training of mentally retarded persons
measure. which is a potential for learning or ________ 48. #47 established the
________ 12. What does a test acquiring a specific skill first school to devoted to whose
measure ________ 27. What is Intelligence education
________ 13. The degree to which ________ ________ 49. What is #47's type of
the test serves as an indicator of a ________ intelligence test
________ relatively broad and ________ ________ 50. Accdg to him,
significant area of behavior. ________ 28. Type of test that may individual differences are of the
________ 14. Temporal estimate of be self-report or projective. Overt highest importance because they
an individual's performance based on and covert dispositions afford materials for natural selection
present test performance _______ 29. An essential test to act on
________ 15. Determining an element that states administration, ________ 51. He is an English
individual's present condition scoring and interpretation of scores biologist who aspired to classify
should not be sujective pople accdg to their
________ 30. Reasons to control and ________ 52.
use psychological tests ________ 53. How was #51's initial
________ work on heredity done
________ 54. A laboratory # 51 set
up where visitors could be measured
on certain variables or sensorimotor measuring the outcomes of school
functions instructions in 1900
________ 55. #51 pioneered in the ___________ 77. He introduced a TEST VALIDITY
application of what test designed to measure adult __________ 1. Measures what it
________ intelligence claims to measure. It defines the
________ 56. #51 develop what ___________ 78. # 77 defined meaning of test scores
method for the analysis of date intelligence as __________2. What makes a test
________ 57. He is the father of ___________ valid?
Psychology ___________ __________3. The degree to which
________ 58. He is an American ___________ the questions, tasks or items on a test
psychologist who became active in ___________ 79. Name of # 77's are representative of the universe of
the spread of testing movement scale behavior the test is designed to
________ 59. #58 was the first to use ___________ 80. It is the prototype sample
this term in 1890 of personality questionnaire __________4. Systematically
________ 60. #58 was also developed during World War I. examine test content to determine
instrumental in founding this Answerable by yes or no to disguise whether it covers a representative
________ 61. He is a German its true nature sample of the behavior domain to be
Psychologist who administered test ___________ 81. He developed #80 measured.
to schoolchildren ___________ 82. First widely used __________5. The behavior domain
________ 62. What are the tests self-report test to be tested must be ? to make certain
administered by #61 ___________ 83. A test to overcome that all major aspects are covered by
_________ limitation of self-report that provide the test items, and in the correct
_________ ambiguos stimulus and unclear proportions
_________ 63. What's the most response requirements __________6. Focus of content
complex among #62 __________ 84. A test of inkblots validity
_________ 64. French psychologist published i 1921 in Switzerland __________7. Focus of criterion-
who suggested special classes for __________ 85. Who developed #84 related validity
mentally retarded children __________ 86. He introduced #84 __________8. Focus of concurrent
_________ 65. #64 and blank to USA validity
criticized most of the available tests __________ 87. He wrote the first __________10. Focus of predictive
as being sensory and concentrating doctoral dissertation using # 84 in validity
on unduly specialized abilities 1932 __________11. Focus of construct
_________ 66. Name of #64's scale __________ 88. 20 pictures with validity
_________ 67. Scale that made use ambigous scene where patients will __________12. Factor Analysis
of a standardization sample of 50 make up a story __________13. Convergent
children __________ 89. Who developed #88 __________14. Divergent
_________ 68. #64 collaborated with __________ __________15. Internal consistency
blank to make #67 __________ 90. A method of finding __________16. Correlations
_________ 69. Accdg to #64, these the minimum number of dimensions __________17. Dev’t changes
are essential components of __________ 91. First to made
intelligence serious attempt to use #90 NORMS
__________ __________ 92. He introduced #93 __________ 1. A procedure that
__________ in 1940 facilitates the test user’s interpretation
__________ 70. Scale where all tests __________ 93. Time when testing of test scores to discover where test-
were grouped into age levels underwent another decline status takers fall in distribution
__________ 71. Scale where tests __________ 94. Main retailer of __________2. A raw score on any
were extended to the adult level psychological test in PH founded in psychological test is meaningful (T/F)
___________ 72. This scale was 1962 __________3. How are norms
more extensive and psychometrically __________ 95. Year when
__________4. What does a norm
refined that outdistanced #71 psychology became the most popular
___________ 73. Who developed undergraduate major
__________5. Group of people whose
#72 __________ 96. Year when
performance is analysed for reference
___________ 74. #73 was the first to practicing psychologists be licensed in evaluating the performance of
use this term bill individual test takers
___________ 75. The extended scale __________6. Process of
downward to 3 months old in 1912 administering a test to a representative
___________ 76. He spearheaded
the first Standardized test for
sample of test takers for the purpose of __________5. Represents any __________24. Test are divided into
est. norms condition that is irrelevant to the halves that are scored separately
__________7. Most accurate way of purpose of test __________25. Ways to divide tests
developing norm group. Certain __________6. A source of error into 2?
characteristics must be proportion to variance due to wording, order of __________
the sample items and familiarity to the test __________26. What is the formula
__________8. Arbitrarily select __________7. Factor of test used to correct for half-length of equal
sample bc it is believed to represent administration that affects test-takers variances?
population due to room temperature __________ formula of #26
__________9. Utilizes the most __________ emotional problem __________27. Formula used when
available individuals __________and physical appearance calculating dichotomous scores
__________10. Members from the and non-verbal gestures __________formula of #27
identified strata are obtained randomly __________8. A source of error __________28. Formula that estimates
__________11. How does a test variance due to hand-scoring vs internal consistency of tests in which
developer summarize data? machine and objective vs subjective items are not dichotomous
__________12. A type of norm that __________9. Authors who gave (ie: personality/attitude scales)
uses percentage, ranking and converted sources of error variance __________29. Estimated range of
score __________ reliability in basic research
__________13. The number of items __________10. All scores can be __________30. Estimated range of
that were answered correctly divided expressed in terms of what? reliability in psychological setting
by the total number of items and __________11. Unbiased estimate of a __________31. A way to cope with
multiplied by 100. score low reliability that must depend on
__________14. Individual’s distance __________12. Where does the economic and practical considerations
from the mean in terms of SD difference between true score and __________ 32. Potential correlations
__________15. What does #14 observed score result from? are weakened by measurement error
compute with __________13. Score obtained exactly __________33. Test items must
__________16. IQ standard deviations shows the person’s true ability or measure the same thing
are constant with age (T/F) characteristics (T/F)
__________17. Intellectual __________14. Who deviced the
development progresses rapidly at the domain sampling model?
earlier ages (T/F) __________
__________18. ID progresses more __________15. Estimates how much
rapidly as the individualmatures (T/F) error one would make by using the
__________19. Designed to indicate score from the shorter test as an
the avg test performance of test-takers estimate of the test-taker’s true ability.
in a given school level __________16. Smaller sample =
__________20. Type of norm used more accurate a domain is represented
frequently of specific interest to a test (T/F)
user __________17. Repeating identical
__________21. Defined group within test at two different times
a larger group __________ A.k.a as
__________22. Type of norm such as __________18. Device used to find
age, gender, ethnic background etc the correlation between scores
__________23. Comparing two __________ Retest correlations
nationally standardized tests increase progressively as interval
__________ 24. Smaller lengthens (T/F)
standardization sample provides stable __________19. Negative effect when
values (T/F) test takers remember their answer from
TEST RELIABILITY the first time they took the test
__________1. Who gave the definition __________20. Everyone’s scores
of “Consistency of test scores” improves exactly 5points
__________2. Who defined Reliability __________21. A negative effect
as “A score or measure is free from when test-takers score better when
error” given second time
__________3. Consistency in __________22. A test that has same
measurement and measurements differ number of items, type and content and
from occasions as a function of level of difficulty
measurement error is defined by who? __________23. What does #22
__________4. What does error mean measure?
in psychological testing? __________