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Participant’s Profile

Name: ______________________________________

Gender: Male / Female Age: ______________

Paste the
Participant’s ID Date of Birth: ____________
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Height: ________(cm) Weight: __________(kg)

BMI: ___________

Section A: Previous / Current Sport(s)

● ________________________________ (Year: ___________)

● ________________________________ (Year: ___________)

● ________________________________ (Year: ___________)

Section B: Sport of Interest

Kindly Tick up to 3 boxes of the sports of your interest ONLY.

❏ Dance Sports ❏ Wushu

❏ Table Tennis ❏ Taekwondo
❏ Chess ❏ Badminton
❏ Gymnastic ❏ Swimming
❏ Sepak Takraw ❏ Boxing
❏ Arnis ❏ Football
❏ Athletics ❏ Others: _____________________

For Official uses ONLY

Recommendations by Teachers/Coaches:

Sports Recommended: ______________________ & _______________________

What needs to be improved:



Processed by: Name:

To be Filled by Parents/Guardians: PAR-Q
As your child is to be a subject in this fitness test, would you please complete the following
physical activity readiness questions for your child.
Any information contained herein will be treated as confidential.

Does your child have or has he/she ever experience any of the following? Circle

1. Has a doctor ever said that your child has a heart condition and that your Yes / No
child should only do physical activity recommended by doctors?

If YES, Please specify: _____________________________

2. Does your child ever experience chest pain during physical activity Yes / No

3. Does your child ever lose balance because of dizziness or do they ever Yes / No
lose consciousness

4. Does your child have a bone or joint problem that could be made worse Yes / No
by a change in their physical activity participation?

If YES, Please specify: _____________________________

5. Childhood epilepsy Yes / No

6. Is your doctor currently prescribing any medication for your child’s blood Yes / No
pressure or a heart condition

7. Asthma or Respiratory Problem Yes / No

If YES, Please specify: _____________________________

8. Any allergies? Yes / No

If YES, Please specify: _____________________________

9. Do you know of any other reason why your child should not undergo
physical activity? This might include, diabetes, a recent injury or serious Yes / No

If YES, Please specify: _____________________________

Parent/Guardian’s Declaration

If you have answered NO to all questions then you can be reasonably sure that your child
can take part in the physical activity requirement of this fitness testing.

I, Parents/Guardian of _____________________ hereby declare that the above

information is correct at the time of completing this PAR-Q on (date) ___/___/____.

Pare Pare
nt/G nt/G
uard uard
ian’s ian’s
Nam Sign
e atur

Please note: At any point of time, if your child’s health changes, notify the teachers and
consult with your doctor regarding the level of physical activity that your child can
participate in.


If you answered YES to one or more questions:

Talk to your doctor in person discussing with him/her those questions you answered yes.
Ask your doctor if your child is able to participate in the physical activity requirements of
this fitness testing.