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1. Complete the definitions with the verbs in the box.

check in come back get in get on put (someone) up

see (someone) off take off touch down stop off set off

1.- When you return from a journey, you __________

2.- When planes leave the ground, they ___________
3.- When planes land, they ___________
4.- These days, you can often __________ online before a flight.
5.- When you enter a bus, train or plane, you ___________.
6.- When your friends say good bye to you at the airport, they
__________ you __________.
7.- When planes, trains or buses arrive at their destination, they
8.- When you give someone a place to stay, you __________ them
9.- When you start a journey, you _________.
10.- When you visit somewhere before continuing to another place,
you _________.

2.- Complete these sentences with the verbs in the box.

stop off come back get off get on put (someone) up

set off turn back put on come across take off

1.- The bus was full so we couldn’t __________.

2.- We are _________ about eight o’clock so we’ll be
there by twelve.
3.- We _________ in Burgos on the way back to
4.- __________ at the stop after the town hall.
5.- The plane is due to _________ at six o’clock.
6.- The road was blocked so they were forced to __________.
7.- The hotels were full so my friends ________ me ______.
8.- We __________ a lovely Little restaurant in the village.
9.- You’d better ________ your coat _______, it’s cold outside.
10.- We decided to ________ to Scotland for another Holiday.