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Name Participles

A participle is a verb form that can be used as an adjective.

The rising sun woke the rooster.

The crowing rooster woke everybody!

DIRECTIONS: Underline the participle in each sentence.

1. She is scared when she sees a snake.

2. The exciting movie went by quickly.

3. The fascinating story was told often.

4. Several bored students fell asleep in class.

5. The exhausted women had to sit down.

6. We reeled at the shocking news.

7. It was a terribly frightening experience.

8. Her sparkling wit entertained everyone at the party.

9. Donna is both articulate and well-read.

10. Repeated, the joke wasn’t quite so funny.

11. Relieved, the boys agreed to pay for the window.

12. The startled child started to cry.

13. It was a truly embarrassing moment.