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Places 2. @. fillin the bianks with the words below. * tadtional + rush + industrial » quiet 1 seaside» busy * local = crowded >My life has changed a lt since I moved here, S20) Dn on ty Wit Tote oF noise. | find i eiffeult to get used to is Biiecn - seoets, the traffic JuFINg 8) wenn ROU ‘and the 4). 7 shops and restaurants igs the Ba village 1 ‘come from, with ks ° se Uses, ” Jobs a. Find six agjectives in the snake. Use the adjectives to complete the sentences sin the example. Which jobs con you seein he pictures? 1 Bobis a painter. ij vary eect 2. MrsLonigan tan accountant. Her job very . 23. nathan sa freighter — Te fede ‘orresponsbiefor th you mabe setae done Dice cnte ke biciame 5 tata mevor wh he peso fam | HH api yo ms a ee ee antonyns. Use the antonyms to complete the | persontesyou todo, sentences Fo | ovneed 9 becartlesns ovo may behomtd | ordangerusto you | Yo ne be ot with hb ou my am or 5 Steveisa gardener. Complete the text with the correct form of the vers fate rive eee teveland ge Howdo 2 lea» you travel oan from schoolwork? experiencey mature le a —! 6 Fillin: for, of 1, with. Bi sre way 9 nao wae by bus. He 1 ike hasnewerwetedon fom Seow, Hest Mrs Murphy is esponsible cleaning norte at 8 am an 3) es aR N29 nnn ran the lacey ims the offces every dy a ofr at 9. am. Sometimes, he 4)... the train 2 Barry loves playing practical jokes on people. 2 You need to be careful .... that vase. 5S to avid the can hour afc. At S30 pm he, (erent = Senies. event yme on eee: nie ee la iS responsible (Mr Anderson. He 8 the ofce ad 6) nn use witha garden inthe cy Dhara RK the bus. if the weather is good, he sometimes 4 pouis You can’ trust him. 4 You have to be careful wild animals rome on fot. q ‘rossng the rood around here oS vn 4 Read the ttle and the questions. What © innocent eon little tasty drinks! Whats the story behindyour 2 Readthe tt and cone te core arse, 1 What is the purpose of the interview? ‘A tofind out how much mangy the company's making B to advertise the fruit crinks the comes ‘What about your staf - how do you keep ther ‘© He lets them sun the compary. He tls them jokes. 5 Which of the following is the best n of the Innocent Drinks company? Look up the words and expressions in bold, then make sentences with them. 4. Thinkof other ways of asking the questions in the text Kzgli Pidi sydd rad y lidadl iy sted u soma weg pur 619 ineqe nox by obese Supsoen aun ah nok op scjewiojirjoxues ey, SeoveNes peo eS Supua avasoyp © ee 33 UW anBojep aya on pur sajor oye, chreyanas e Jo got 310 10) Using adjectives thee arin che example 5 & Complete the able with synonyms tom eee goa Fete raceme eet atest fumy ye Surfooy exnog suyol Gaara eee? ‘Poisai9Mit oq Pom OYM BuOSUIOS moIT T KYO ae ema ea oe ae ec | ae tee ee eee Sees ae eee | uonsod mau si Wi seop 2 eswodsan 2u0> 241 9 7 oy zparejas Aap ave aie asaya “sobuerpx® omy sasuaiajaid ‘Gna Sussaudaysuonzanp Bu iRUnY qo; simple past: revision complete the sentences with atirmative (11) verbs, questions (B) or negatives (9). Se lr fel wel ist ight, but (OK this unig Kt Vought a new oat yesterday (hs) Pi eB PA esate Bel Tower but er Noe Dae 8 4 amc ch heb of ae) ——~ 2 Tremere oy the bed ut theikBD .. 3 Lape to A’ ate ba her athe) 4 ete diet phone yer (ths mang 51 dna te bso tondo: een) 5 Somebody feta Bicycle in the garden. 6 Something fl off the table. What 7 Bil found’ at nis office, Who 2) What tine... 4 ho you wen to Singapore, bt la 7 Theta sloped at Edinburgh but (le | Dit ctilden ea fl? to fins EY “ 9 Mate our cake Cy cictes 374 Write the past simple postive of those iregular verbs. ‘bay [Bone [| reer = each zie = howe P speak come now take do rake vel rink pa Tink eat reed understand @ Mate simple past questions. Ana and her bother went 1 Belin. Where fino. 1 Seah ander baby came out of howptal hs moaning, Wher Tn your notebook, write these putting the verbs imo the past sintple, Remember that the infinitive is used for questions and negatives, t some new clothes last week, (buy) Teoughtsome now clothes lat week. «lst night? (they come) What Ene cid they come fas night? L his question, (not understand) 1 didet understand his question. L ‘he was wrong, (think) «tat the pary? (you cx) the bus this morning, (not catch) ry keys yesteday, (forget) You about the meeting? (they tell) 9 Peter... the washing-up last night, (do) 10 They... anything atthe sco, (00t dink) ue ‘Your suitcase in your bedroom, (put) 12 We jt was your bithday, (oot know) 12... 40 the office yesterday? (Jou go) 14 They. ‘her a present when she eft, (give). 15 We... thor letters, (read)