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« {Conversation 3 Jinda, who has jus avd in Enlai ery hiya wants © -N (pacer eas < SEE fos cocln eyo srey aed : eer Jinda: For this vending machine. I haven't got a 50 pence coin 1. Oral Expression Kate: Tmsony, Hhaven' got any change either. Acualy, you can use a pound coin in it will give you change. via: Oh, I see. Er. I'm sorry to trouble you again. ..13.2 NNN Kate : Sure, What would you lke? Use and Usage (lis 1-40) Directions: Choose the best answer 14 Conversation Conversation 1; Two roommates are trying to decide what o have for dinner. finda; A ean of orange juice Pat ¢ Fm Wo tired 10 cook 1.7 Kate; laser the coin into this slot and 1... There it goes Please don't forget to Linda: That would be nice, 2? pick up te change: Pa; Let's goto the Chinese restaurant again. Uke the food there Finda; Thank you very much. Kate: 18. Linda ; But we just went there last week 9 {Who are yu waiting for Thc, The Thal restaurant? You mean the one opposite the Chinese restaurant? a Wists soso TOF 2 Linda: 4. think the Food atthe Chinese restaurant i aheroily, apiliecaseenee! for 4. Which coin do you wk for hs. 1 Gan youshow me how works 2, Would jou do me favor 15. Besides, the Thai food at that place is very deticious ee eee Pa; 6.7 Have you ever eaten there before? 14. 1 wait fora white 2. pickup can isda: Yes, A Thai friend took me vo lunch there lst month eee se Pu: OK. Let’ go there, then 2 Novell 1. Shall we havea rest 2 Lats et out toni, okay a & How about you 4. Whose tum sit onight wis 12.1. Where would you tke v0 go 2 Do you think we way ae 12 situational Diatogs 3. Dowe have enough time 4 Who woud g0 with ws 17, You want to go on holiday to Japan next Summer, 5 YOU ask a ayy 1a. 1. You my like to have Tha ood hen agent for advice. 2. You cn choose where yo like 10 Bo You say 4M ther go tthe Thai restaurant instead 4. Are you heen om onpanizing 2 ip 0 a fo 4 Te head about a good Tha restaurant 2. Can you yugest some interesting tourist spots in Japan? fropteariete Bi core 3, What Kind of hoidays do you prefer? 2 Really 44 Thats god idea 4. How nich will you pay to 2010 Japan? 2. Error Identification ——— are underined and marked with the Directions : Four parts of cach sentence below 4. Lets take that away 2. Perhaps | could use the box ‘numbers 12,3 and, kdemiy the underined part that makes the sentence incorrect. 8 Ca I give you a hand? 26. Each night the guard would fst lock he gates, thn turn on the ights and walking 2 a 4. Dot you want o help yoursel? 18. You are applying for a scholarship, and you ask your English teacher write a recommendation leter for you. You say LI wish you would write a recommendation ltr 27. The secretary asked the twelve-years-old sir to.wait for her mother in the 2 Is it posible for you to write a recommendation letter for me? lobby. 1 3 ‘ ‘Kanda isthe official who everyone thinks she will transfer to th new overseas Tos 4 around the factory, 3. You ought 1 write a recommendation leter. 4 Can you do me a favor since I need 9 recommendation let? You paytte, office in Hong Kong. 20, The Petersons have just moved Into the house next door 2 visit and say: 29. ‘The more hardly his father tied to force him to study. the lazier Jimmy Welcome to our ai 1 2 aan forhood. 2 Live « apy Tite 4. Wish you were here became. 1 was supposed attending seminar in Phuket last week, but the program i 2 3. Hope we cam gt along 2}, You ar leaving to study abroad. Your frends come 0388 90U oH tty 39, or. Bafore departing, YOU S27 # ne Forget me not 2. Have good tp, was-canceled due to the floods. 4. Please heep in touch 22. A Thai student wants to go to the Science Museum in London, but be 3 4 oust ne aay eo he ar palate aE 7 SS Pe rel esac eae ci ee aero Bi ‘ soe {his coming summer. 24 You weiner yours hte nd you havo eee Beater Beenie Mie teen neces ioe -ronieste whan Ver eera eee Thanks for coming. Sse you 1m aad 1 have to g0 35, Nips did sep well because af he thunder, and her brother didn, too: 46:4 2%. Tithe yan ie anus mami wo ows haw ects Het arbors okie Ota an ae eats ceria eee 7 ee as na ge re un fe os j 0 , tea we eae eee ee canta) 38. No os hata nth of Bovees, |b a he rh wl {hee ely at ie ra lac eam ae ook ane be itself. 2 2 3 a eae Papers: ease et 2, 2 39. Cycling, In.addition to hiking, are becoming « popalar: ar te istp ; “ Pou among Tse] 5, wil faveto work snag ove aad ‘camera in Singapore 153. 1, Various jobs 2. Several oppor oie Sigs sc 4 Dic i — | eres ti eioiieen 2. oe Pl at ex comps ach ek pe ine pss ay ent ome 4 complly new if Passage 1 ‘The Be: ‘More and more women are working outside the home nowadays. WOMAN geflecty {n.a one-parent family 46. both for herself and her children, Many wives work 47.1 Others work because they .48.. 0 say at home all day. Women 48.3 east 30% of Britain’ labor force since 1960. the adventures of a young cub .67.. is mother and is adopted by a male bea. ‘Theit relationship grows closer and closer whea they are in danger together 58. hile being chased by two heartless hunters. The climax ofthe film comes when the big bear..69. atthe edge of aif Atte elimas, an important