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Error correction Correct te mistakes inthe sentences. a am king fr ab forthe st two weeks | cody bas een Law fot ist Sunday. a 1 2 3 Ihave fished my ate stead. 4 He has eer trad oning an envionment groun '5 We hae baen membos of Greenpeace since thre years 6 Have you wer saa zebra? Phrasal verbs: come Choose the comect parce | too lots of photographs of Bet, but only a few came roundout 2 Santa comes across bing 2 vty kind il oss’ she? 3 I didnt ae with Teor at it, but | came azsssround to his way of thinking inthe end, 4 Shane i ver. He often comes upfout wth exelent sages 2° We have vaited local scnoots. We talked to ‘uderis about wife im order 0) Phrasal verbs ‘choose the correct partic, fas ron outvout of 3. The robber tied #9 run Out eflaway fom Sentence transformations Complete the second sentence 20 that i means the same the frst Use normore than three words. BS 3 Reading 12 How do environmental posters try to. persuade us to support the environment? 'b. Match the sentences in A to the meanings ‘iss of becoming polsted Take your old newapacers to the reoxcng conte ead the instructions for reading short texts ‘Number the boxes so that the structions feliow a logical er caer toteeme bene eeunaeoreven et is a = a ae Greve to check wnatner ews comece El piteecsucion mamas ‘Read texts 15 and cece the answers (As or © that bon dereribe therm Use the ‘tading techniques above to help you © sxon mat To SAVE coe WodeS ou se this son Ityouwant to woods = secjcing project. Don't use the zonsent fon hiny thins © Suntont can damage rested fou wath wa animate 8 Youray oe buy souvente ate risky fr your sk Answer the questions. ‘Which of the texts (1-5) suggest aossible anger? 2 What might happen if you dow't pay attention to notices 1, 4 and 5? 3 Which notices encourage you te help a ‘900d cause? Travellers’ Vocabulary Practice Types of holidays 11. Puttne words inthe right column, ‘then meke sentences 3s nthe canbe, {sgh shops and cates eta Sand ond ctl cor waters raging you are going ona tt the Seychien Which 5 of hese objects would you tke and why? ‘meee ie RPE) 19 feelings | 4 Match the words to the pictures. Then, write sentences. * angrylcomputer crashed + fad upsno one to play with * pleased/got job « nenvous/about a Means of transport 5} Use on or by and a means of transport to complete the folowi roo tt People fly very often because’ aN ns is faster Words often confused interview * fightenediby thesight of blood | a, Fillin: rip, voyage, journey. ‘Fill i: expedition, cruise, 1 Lastsummer, we went oan around the Meciteranean, 2 In May 2003, 24 sce lnm sand ir are added to the beginning of words 1 form words wit the opposite meaning i use then to complete the patent possible FespOMSBIE ann logical mature names missing trek. nists wer Sentences loa! complete tational