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Deral OFFICIAL ORGAN ¢ ++ UNITED PENTECOSTAL. CHURCH ‘Thou wilt keep him in per- / fect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee, because he trusteth in Thee. —Iaatah 269 It is a wonderful thing to really kné God and enjoy His presence and bless- ing in your life brought about by obed- ence to the most wonderful book in the world and a great consuming love for the author of it. The Bible, God's book to mankind, far outstrips any other book in the matter of sales to people. Last seat over 18 elon volumes of it were inted in hundreds of languages and if All who possess « copy of it would fash- fon "their lives according to its prin- ciples and teachings the chaotic state and fearfulness of our present day civil- ization would be far less in proportion than what it actually is. We are living in the last days of this Gospel dispensa- tion and it behooves each of us to f jon our lives according to those prin- ciples of righteousness and holiness that ‘we may be counted worthy to escape the corruption of this terrible age and the fearful judgments of God at His Soon coming. ‘These are times when the word of God's being attacked as no other book Fhe. Word has ever been but it has withstood every onslaught of every unbeliever and critic and its precepts have emerged. trium- phant and been proven true on every ‘Secasion. Discoveries are constantly be- ing made in Bible lands of parchments and other things which prove that the ‘sword of God is true. The blood of mar- tyrs has been sacrificed for its truths and although the forces of Hell have tried to destroy it and agnostics have ridiculed its truths, i€ stands triumphant today because it is impossible to destroy it for God is its author and nothing can fever take it away. In 2nd Timothy, the 3rd chapter and the 16th verse, ‘we find these. words “ALL SCRIPTURE is given by inspir: tion of God and is profitable for do tine, for reproof, for correetion, for in- _-“Mruction in righteousness.” Tt does not ¥sply a part of the word of God but it atelares ALL SCRIPTURE. Tt then becomes essentis! for all to walk in its precepts and obey its commandments 7 for it reveals the plan, the will and the mind of God for mankind. Many people today are attempting to believe only that portion that they feel like obeying