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readme.txt: (DiaSys 2.


Important Notes:

DiaSys 2.55

* Unplug the hardware key during installation an uninstallation of DiaSys and

components of DiaSys.
(Den Hardware Key w�hrend der Installation und dem Entfernen von DiaSys und
seinen Komponenten entfernen.)

* DiaSys 2.55 supports the ECU-9 controller. But for this the Hardware key has to
be updated.

* Use DiaSys only with one screen. Two screens causes unexpected behavior.

* This DiaSys version has a time limitation (Februar 2014) concerning all devices
connected on CAN to the DiaSys PC.

* ECU-183, ECU-4. ECU-7. ECu-8, EIM:

The two functions in DiaSys 2.52 'Available functions' | 'Transmit to

1.) 'Transmit of engine parameters'
2.) 'Delete controller and transmit anew'

are regrouped and renamed in DiaSys 2.53:

1.) 'Available functions' | 'Update controller (modernization)': 'Update

controller (modernization)'
2.) 'Available functions' | 'Extras' | 'Controller replacement': 'Delete and
transmit anew'

In german:

Die folgenden zwei Funktionen in DiaSYs 2.52 unter 'Verf�gbare Funktionen' |

'Regler laden':
1.) 'Motorparametersatz auf den Regler laden'
2.) 'Regler l�schen und neu laden'

wurden in DiaSys 2.53 neu gruppiert und textlich auf einen verst�ndliche Form
gebracht :

1.) 'Verf�gbare Funktionen' | 'Regler aktualiseren (Modernisierung)': Regler

aktualiseren (Modernisierung)'
2.) 'Verf�gbare Funktionen' | 'Extras' | 'Hardwaretausch': 'Regler l�schen und
neu laden'

* Attention:
Every time a connection is made to the ECU-7 central database, �Transmit set of
engine parameters" and
�Delete controller and transmit anew� actions made with the ECU-7 controller will
reported back to the central database. Only the actions are reported,
the transfer of data - as usual - must be made by the user or is done
automatically before
you can download new data from the central database.
This feature is also implemented for ECU-8, ECU-9 and EIM.

In german: Achtung:
Bei jedem Kontakt mit der zentralen ECU-7 Datenbank werden die an ECU-7 Reglern
durchgef�hrten Aktionen
�Regler laden� und �Regler l�schen und neu laden� an die zentrale Datenbank
gemeldet. Nur die
Aktion wird gemeldet, der Datensatztransfer ist - wie bisher - vom Bediener zu
veranlassen oder
wird zwangsweise ausgef�hrt, bevor neue Daten von der zentralen Datenbank geholt
werden k�nnen.
Dies gilt analog f�r ECU-8, ECU-9 und EIM.


* This DiaSys version is only for windows 2000 Sp4 or windows XP SP2/SP3 runable

* For the folders

all users of DiaSys need full control

* Before installing the DiaSys 2.55 it is necessary to remove the hardware key
and then rermove all earlier versions of DiaSys

* When DiaSys creates a csv file the separator is a ';'.

The decimal separator to mark the boundary between the integral and the
fractional parts of a decimal numeral is ','.

* The minimum resolution is 1024x768

* Only for MCS/RCS/SAM-Systems and ECU-7, ECU-8, ECU-9, EIM:

!!! Do not install the Ixxat CAN Interface VCI 3.X. Use the files delivered with
the DiaSys CD !!!!

After the installation of the CAN-Card:

Select in 'Start - Settings - Control Panel - IXXAT Interfaces�
the used CAN Hardware and press �Default HW�

* Please read the file 'SystemRequirements_DiaSys_255.doc' or '[CD-

Drive]:\requirements.txt' with describes
the system requirements

* In some cases the update of the DiaSys windows takes some time

* For the dialog of the ECU-7 / ECU- 8 / ECU-9 / EIM the actual files
'ecu7info.dat' / 'ecu8info.dat' / 'ecu9info.dat' / 'eiminfo.dat'are needed.
The newest version of the file is copied to the PC automatically, when a
connection to the
central ECU-7 / ECU- 8 / ECU-9 / EIM database is made.
This files are also available on the MTU FTP Server.
* Caution:
If you update DiaSys, the files 'ecu7info.dat', 'ecu8info.dat', 'ecu9info.dat'and
from the CD will be copied to the PC (c:\diasys). It overwites the ( perhaps
newer) files on the PC.

* It's not allowed to change the PC-date after the first start of DiaSys.
If this note will be not considered, DiaSys program will not start and you
have to call the MTU support.

* The time of use for the Hardware Key is limited. The date of becoming
inactive of the Hardware Key can be read out in DiaSys, in the window
"Available functions, Extras, Hardware Key".

* Installation of the CAN-Drivers (only for MCS/RCS-Systems, ECU-7, ECU-8, ECU-9,

The Ixxat-CAN interface driver VCI 2.12 or later and at least a Ixxat
tinCAN V3 card is required.
The tinCAN161 and the USB-to-CAN II card need the Ixxat-CAN interface driver VCI
2.16 SP2.
!!! Do not install the VCI 3.X. Use the files delivered with the DiaSys CD !!!!

* The unit's assembly description, created with versions of DiaSys 2.30 or earlier
can not be read by the DiaSys 2.55 program

* In 'Unit's assembly description' 'Options' (german: 'Geraetebeschreibung'

it is possible to change the standard directory from 'A:' to an other directory.

The next files are placed in the directory c:\diasys\doku and

in the directory [CD-Drive]:\Diasys\Version\Doku

* readme.txt
(this file)

Describes the installation of DiaSys program (english version).

Describes the installation of DiaSys program (german version).

* SystemRequirements_DiaSys_255.doc
System requirements

* update.txt:
New features in DiaSys 2.55

* diaSys_feedback_e.doc:
If you have found a error or you have some suggestions for improvement
of DiaSys, please send the feedback form back to the MTU.
(english version).

* diaSys_feedback_d.doc:
If you have found a error or you have some suggestions for improvement
of DiaSys, please send the feedback form back to the MTU.
(german version).

* E531920_04E.pdf:
DiaSys manual (english version).

* E531920_04D.pdf:
DiaSys manual (german version).

* E531920_03E.pdf,
old DiaSys manuals (english version).

* E531920_03D.pdf,
old DiaSys manual (german version).

* Funktionen_2_55__0_1A_1B.pdf
List of functions

Only for MCS/RCS/SAM-Systems, ECU-7, ECU-8, ECU-9. EIM:

* vciv2_installation-manual-e_213.pdf
Documentation of the installation of VCI 2.16 SP2 (english version).

* vciv2_installation-handbuch-d_213.pdf:
Documentation of the installation of VCI 2.16 SP2 (german version).

The following files are contained in the directory [CD-Drive]:\Tools

The file ACROBAT READER is required to read acrobat documents (*.pdf)
if no ACROBAT READER is installed on your PC.

* (Word Viewer)
The file WORD VIEWER is required to read WORD documents (*.doc) if no
MICROSOFT WORD is installed on your PC.

* (vci-cleaner)
The files are required to deinstall the Ixxat VCI software.

* (ConvertDB)
Converts project databases created with DiaSys 2.30 SP1