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LO1 – Understand how health and safety legislation and regulations affect

a business working environment


Explain the legal For any business, the most important resource is the human resource
requirements and it possess. However, because of many reasons, the employees of a
regulations for business become unsafe and open to various risks in the workplaces
ensuring the health, (Ivancevich and Konopaske, 2013). This is why, the government of
safety and security of the United Kingdom has put some legal obligations for the
those employed in businesses to ensure safety and healthiness for the employees of a
business business. Some of the important legislations are discussed below.

The prime legislation for workplaces is the, “Health and Safety at

Work etc. Act 1974”. The main goal of the act is to bring security,
healthiness and welfare in the workplaces across UK. This
legislation pushes businesses to make workplaces introduce and
maintain safety. Even the paths to get in and out of the workplace
must be made safe. Also, harmful substances in the workplaces
must be handled and stored carefully in workplaces. This
legislation also pushes businesses to coach the employees about
safety and security. It also tells businesses to arrange for sufficient
welfare works(Worksafebc, 2017).

Another vital legislation is “The Management of Health and

Safety at Work Regulations 1999”. The main aim of this
legislation is to make businesses mandatorily assess and eradicate
the potential health and safety risks in the business. According to
this legislation, the risk assessment must be well documented. Then,
the business must implement the necessary security means. Also, it
is bound to observe and update the facilities. Moreover, the
employees must be properly informed and trained to use the safety
tools according to this law(, 2017).

In many businesses, foods are supplied to the employees by the

organization. To eliminate foods related risks, “Food Safety Act
1990” has been introduced. This act actually is a detailed guide
about the preparation, handling and serving of foods in a business.
Harmful substances cannot be used in the foods. The preparation
procedure of the foods should also be neat, clean and hygienic. The
whole batch of foods has to be discarded if any part of the food is
found unfit to eat. It also recommends that the businesses audit their
food quality continually by a nutritionist(, 2017).

Now a day, information can be used for harming anyone in varied

ways. To protect the interest of the employees, “Data Protection
Act 1998” has been introduced. This act orders companies to
protect the sensitive information about the employees secret. Also,
very personal information of the employees should be discarded
when the employees are not in the workplace (Ico, 2017).

These legislations together help a business to become a better


Analyse the effect of Babylon Health is an online subscription healthcare provider. The
health and safety above-mentioned legislations have brought many changes in this
legislation and organization.
regulations on a given
The workplace is now much saferfor the workers as the safety
business working
measures are taken. The company first assessed the risks and took
steps to eliminate them. The employees are regularly trained about
health and safety issues. Also, their feedback and expectations are
assessed by Babylon Health.

The equipment, machines and tools of the business are now

choosingmore carefully so that they do not pose any harm for the

The food served in the workplace is now examined regularly. The

nutritious value of the food is checked by a nutritionist. Also,
harmful and poisonous substances are not kept near the foods. The
foods are prepared in proper places and stored in good conditions.

Babylon Health is now more careful about the protection of data

given by employees. It has enabled strict encryption system so that
the personal sensitive data cannot be accessed by any none other
than the real owner and company (BBC Active, 2016).

Also, all the instruments and substances that can cause injuries to
the employees have been removed by Babylon Health from the
office. So, the employees now face very few injuries. Also, a
separate department has been introduced to oversee the overall
health and safety of the business.

Evaluate the need for There are many valid reasons why the health and safety legislations
health and safety are necessary for any business. Babylon Health needs them for the
legislation and following reasons.
regulations for a
These legislations, at the very first place, won’t let the business be
given business
careless about the health and safety issues of the employees. Also,
working environment
the business will be in the urge of making itself a safe place for
working. Now, Babylon Health will be more attentive in finding the
health and safety risks in the business and take necessary steps to
delete them.

The legislations will make the business be more cautious about

storing and handling harmful substances in the working premise.
The equipment and appliances will also be chosen keeping the
health and safety of the employees in the head. The overall
atmosphere of the business will be more comfortable to the
employees of the business. Most importantly, Babylon Health will
not face any legislative problems by abiding these rules. And, the
overall brand value of the business will surge
(Healthyworkinglives, 2017).
LO2 – Know the requirements for healthy, safe and productive working

For this outcome you need to research a business of your choice and work through the
questions below


Business Name Babylon Health

What type of business Babylon Health is a subscription-basedprovider of health services.

is this? It helps the users to consult the doctors, physicians and other health
care professionals virtually. The users can connect with the mobile
application of the business and use texts and video messages. It also
What sector is this helps users to obtain, referrals to health specialists, and book health
business in? exams near to them. There are two models – monthly subscription
and pay per use model (Babylon Health, 2017).

It falls in the category of the health care companies of the United


Describe the The legislations of safety and health at workplaces in UK introduced

requirements for a many aspects which businesses are required to follow in relation to
healthy and safe the physical environment and equipment used.
workplace, as applied
The air circulation of the workspaces must be well maintained so
to the physical
that the place becomes breathable and foul odour cannot stay in the
environment and
space. Unbearable temperature causes health problems to the
equipment used
people working it. Also, it hampers productivity. So, the temperature
of the workplace must be comfy and adaptable to the weather
(Muoho, 2009).

Poor lighting disturbs the eyes of the workers and hampers

productivity. Chronic exposure to poor lighting will result in many
eye complications. So, the lighting should be sufficient in the
workplace. Also, it should be clean so that harmful germs do not
generate and spread in unhealthy condition. The sitting place and
working places must be spacious enough to lodge the worker or user
perfectly. And, the materials used in making the workplaces should
be harmless too, for example, colour with zinc emission should not
be used.

The proper maintenance of the workplace should also be ensured.

Necessary safety instruments such as first aid box, stretchers etc.
should be placed close to the workplace. The paths in the
workplaces must be maintained to promote safety. Harmful
substances like chemicals, fumes cannot be allowed in the
workplace. The workplace should have enough entrances and exits
for easy movement of the employees in general and in emergency.
The stairs, escalators and elevators must have proper safety
arrangements like railings, anti-slip mats, emergency calling systems
etc. (Foot, Hook and Jenkins, 2016).

Also, the workplaces are supposed to arrange few welfare things in

the workplace. The sanitation system of the business must be very
neat and hygienic. Purified drinking water must be provided by the
workplace. Facilities for resting and dining are also recommended.
And, these facilities must be maintained regularly (Nidirect, 2017).

Analyse the Healthy and safe business places help businesses in many ways. A
importance of healthy safe workplace provides worker with peace of mind. This in turn
and safe working motivates them in the workplace. Also, people do not get afraid of
conditions in being a place which is safe and sound. This is why such workplace
promoting productive reduces the amount of absenteeism among the workers. The morale
working conditions of the employees is usually high in the workplace as they think that
the company is careful about them.And, these things together
promote productivity in theworkplace (Evans, 2016).

A safe and healthy workplace creates an emotional appeal to the

employees as all the human beings like safety. This is why
employee turnover gets down. And, because of proper safety and
health measure, the number of injuries and illness reduces in the
companies. This makes the company a better option to many
talented workers and attracts them to work in the business. Thus,
the brand value of the company also increases as it gets good public
exposure (Nef, 2017). And, complying with safety and health
measure help the business reduce various cost like fines, insurance
payment, legal proceeding etc.

LO3 – Understand the role and responsibilities of key personnel


Explain the health and The employeris bound by the Health and Safety at Work Act1974 to
safety responsibilities carry out some responsibilities for providing better health and safety
of employers option to the employees. They are discussed below.

The primary responsibility of the employer is to assess the risks

related to health and safety in the workplace. The assessment should
be thorough and accurate. The employee should appoint an expert to
do the assessment. And, the assessment should be well documented.
After the assessment of risk, the employer should concentrate on
implementing the recommendations given by the risk assessor. Next,
the employer needs to train the employees about the implemented
safety measures and how to use them properly (Bartos, 2011).

Necessary health and safety instruments should also be supplied by

the employer. And these instruments must be maintained very well.
And, the instruments and systems should be updated regularly.
Proper sanitation facilities should be provided by the employers.

Also, all the businesses must establish a separate department that

will look after the overall health and safety matters of the business.
And, dedicated workforce should be employed in this department.
Proper connection with the support groups like hospitals, insurance
companies should be maintained (FPB, 2017).

Explain the health and Employees are also integral parts of any organization. So, to make
safety responsibilities the whole health and security process work, the employees also need
of employees to carry out some responsibilities.

They need to follow the training and apply the teachings earnestly to
bring the process in effect. Also, they should be active while taking
the training so that the employer can be informed about their
expectations and feedback. At the time of training, the employees
should not do things that may hinder the training process (Caller,

Also, the employees need to be careful enough to take care of

themselves. The employees should always act according to the
trainting. Moreover, they should not do anything that may hamper
the health and safety procedure of the company. For example, they
should not bring harmful substances, be unhygienic etc. The
employees must co-operate each other in learning and applying the
health and safety measure. Also, the tools and techniques provided by
the employers should be used with care and sensibleness by the

Describe 3 key roles For implementing the health and safety procedure in a business the
in an organisation that most three important roles are the human resource director, the health
have health and safety and safety officer and the first aider.
The human resource director of any business is probably the most
important figure in implementing g health and safety and he has wide
range of responsibilities. He communicates with the people if a wide
variety. This is why, he is well aware of the problems and
expectations of the employees. He also pushes the higher authority to
establish health and safety department. He is also responsible for
overseeing the overall process.

The health and safety officer directly oversees the health and safety
compliances of the company. He has a wide range of responsibilities.
He assesses risks, suggest solutions, update and maintain them and
make reports for the upper management. Contributes to the proper
maintenance of the UK healthcare acts. The officer is responsible for
updating the related health procedures for the entity.

The first aideris the first line of assistance in case of any

emergencies in the business places. He provides training to the
employees also. He also provides healthcare advices to employees
and prepares reports to upper management (HBR, 2017).

Select an organisation you are familiar with and answer the questions below

Who are they key In Babylon Health, the following people are the key people in
people in this ensuring health and safety for the employees at the workplace. They
organisation are the Human Resource Officers, Department Heads, Health and
responsible for health Safety Officers and Trainers.
and safety?
The human resource officers are the main persons who are
responsible for all the affairs related to the employees of the business.
They assess the need of health and safety measure in this business.
Describe their roles
They also inform and urge the upper management to implement the
and responsibilities
health and security measures. His key role lies in preparing health
and security policy. Also, they propose the overall budget for the
health and safety issues.

Department heads are responsible for the health and security of the
respective departments. They oversee the overall issue and report
to the top management. Preparing department based budget is also
his responsibility. They also take feedback from the department level
employees about the overall health and safety issues.

The health and safety officer oversees the overall health and safety
arrangement of Babylon Health. He assesses the risks,
suggestssolutions, implements them and updates the solutions.
Trainers are responsible for informing and training the employees
about the health and safety issues of a business. Also, they evaluate
the knowledge of health and security of the employees of Babylon

LO4- Be able to assess and manage risk


Design and create your own risk assessment form for an office work environment

Carry out a risk assessment using the form you have created

This assessment was done for Babylon Health Clinic. The risk assessment was done to assess the
various risks the clinic is exposed to. It can be observed that, the clinic has adequate control in
place to avoid slip and fall. But its employees have not gotten fire training, so, they are exposed to
moderate risk. The fire marshal needs to provide fire training to the employees. Also, the floor
optimal temperature is not set and needs to be set by the floor manager. Employees are exposed to
risk of being stressed and for that, although there is control in place but it is not enough. So, the
frequency of consultation services needs to be increased, Overall, the clinic is observed to be low
risky in its risk assessment.


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