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Location : SMA SWASTA Persiapan Stabat

Subject : English

Class : XI

Topic : Descriptive text (contains elements of Code-switching)

Aspect/Skill : Listening

Time and Allocation : 2 x 40 Minutes (1 Meeting)

A. Competency Standard:

- Understand the meaning of short functional text and monologue form of a

descriptive, explanation and discussion in the context of one heart-to-day


B. Basic Competence:

- Respond to the meaning contained in oral texts short functional official

and unofficial accurately, fluently and thank the various contexts of

everyday life
C. Indicators:

- Responding to the various instruction given

- Disclose information in code-switching

- Identify the vocabulary in the text is heard

- To comment on the text of monologue is heard

D. The aim of the study :

Students are able to:

- Students are able to respond to understand the code-switching that was


- Students are able to identify the vocabulary found ini the text of a short


- Students are able to use the phrase of code-switching in everyday life.

E. Material:

- Text Descriptive (contain elements of code-switching)

F. Learning Method:

- Code-switching strategies’
G. Source/Media:

- Speaker/ radio/ tape / tape

- Internet

H. Teaching Learning Process:

Opening Activity (Apperception):

- Greeting

- Starting the lessson with a prayer

- Checking attendance list

- Apperception (Question answer about students conditions)

- Give motivation reinforcement

Main Activity

 Eksploration

- Teachers ensure that students know about code-switching

- Code-switching teacher explained to students

- Learners listen to a descriptive text

- Learners listen to text while providing the essay test

- With the guidance of teachers, learners ask the meaning of difficult

words that exist in a text

 Elaboration

- One by one the students answered questions orally on explicit information

on the text of that have been played

- One by one the students answered questions about the information implicit

in the text of that have been played

 Confirmation

- Learners make tentative conclusions about the material that has been


- Learners who have difficulties, the teacher immediately provide solutions

Closing Activity:

In closing activity the researcher can:

- The researcher gives conclusion using slide share.

- The researcher gives the time to the students to ask.

- The researcher gives Homework (PR).

- The researcher closes the meeting and praying.

I. Assessment:

- Technique Assessment : Responding the questions orally and in writing.

- Instrument forms: oral and written question.

J. Motivation

Explain the important of the material that will be learn and competence that

the students to get.

Stabat , February 2017

English Teacher The Researcher

(Asri Astuti, S.Pd) (Tri Afriana Selvia)