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Senior High School- ABM Department

Camarines Sur National High School

Naga City

Midterm Examination ABM_AOM113-Organization and Management

1st Semester, School Year 2019-2020 Bernard Vincent G. Minero

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Instructions: Read all the items carefully and write your answers legibly. Do not use pencil.
Please maintain silence while taking the exam.

Test I. Encircle the correct answer.

1. Vince Manufacturing acquired new equipment that perform production activities that were
previously carried out by employees. This is an example of
a. Ergonomies c. Outsourcing
b. Automation d. Customization

2. An Organization’s ___________ is the group of potential customers toward whom it directs its
marketing efforts.
a. Product Market c. Target Market
b. Market Segment d. Marketing Demographic

3. Which of the following is an example or asset?

a. Accrued Revenues c. Bank Loan
b. Interest Payable d. Rent Expense

4. To Implement a policy of empowerment, sometimes an organization has to restructure itself, so

a. Workers agree to work overtime without extra pay.
b. An entire level of management is removed from the organization.
c. Managers have more responsibility and employees learn to follow directions.
d. Managers have less authority and employees have more responsibility.

5. What was the Cultural problem experienced by Euro Disney?

a. Egocentrism c. Megacentrism
b. Ethnocentrism d. Theocracy

6. Which is/are correct about Sales & Distribution?

I. These are Activities performed to make the products available to customer through a
network of manufacturing and distributing units.
II. It Includes staple that people buy in a wide range of retail outlet.
III. It governs the flow of physical and nominal good and happened on both upward and
downward directions.
a. I only c. I and II
b. II only d. II and III
Key to Correction

1. B. Automation
2. C. Target Market
3. A. Accrued Revenues
4. D. Managers have less authority and employees have more responsibility.
5. B. Ethnocentrism
6. A. I only

Level of Difficulty
1. Understanding
2. Remembering
3. Remembering
4. Analyzing
5. Understanding
6. Understanding

Melody C. Boholst
Althea Jill P. Felices
Carmel Anne P. Gavino
Angelle M. Malinao
Bernard Vincent G. Minero
Jasmen G. Omanad