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ACCRETION – gradual increase in DESTITUTE – not having basic needs

land in life
ADJUDICATE – to make formal DURESS – action done to someone to
decision do something against their will
ADVERSE – preventing success EMANCIPATION – obtain economic
and social rights
AGGRIEVED – feeling resentment at
having been unfairly treated ENCUMBRANCE – mortgage or
charge on property
ALIENABLE – can be transferred to
new ownership ESTOPPEL - the principle which
precludes a person from asserting
AMELIORATE – make better
something contrary to what is implied
APPELLATE COURT – deals with by a previous action or statement of
applications for decisions to be that person or by a previous pertinent
reversed judicial determination.
CHATTEL – property other than real FIDUCIARY – involving trust
FICTITOUS – not real
GRATUITOUS – given or done free of
separate and new lawsuit is filed to
challenge some aspect of an earlier
and separate case when an obvious - unjustified
injustice or unconstitutional treatment
IGNOBLE – not honorable
occurred in the earlier case.
IMPUGN - challenge
CONSPICUOUS – standing out so as
to be clearly visible IN REM – is a proceeding that takes
no notice of the owner of the property
CONTIGUOUS – sharing a common
but determines rights in the property
border; touching
that are conclusive against all the
CONTROVERTIBLE - Open to world
questioning; that which can be denied,
INALIENABLE – cant be taken away
challenged, or disputed.
INDEFEASIBLE – not capable of
CONVEYANCE – process for
being lost, annulled or overturned
transferring of property
IPSO FACTO – by the fact itself
DELINEATION – action indicating the
exact position of a border or boundary LACHES – unreasonable delay in
making claim or assertion
LIENS - a right to keep possession of PROMULGATION – formal
property belonging to another person proclamation or declaration that a new
until a debt owed by that person is law is enacted after its final approval
PROBATIVE – having the quality of
LITIGANT – a person involved in a proving something; affording proof or
lawsuit evidence
MILITATE – work against PURPORT – (verb) claim
MORTGAGE - a legal agreement by QUASI-PUBLIC PLACES – private
which a bank or other creditor lends properties but are accessible by the
money at interest in exchange for public
taking title of the debtor's property,
RECOMPENSE – make amends for
with the condition that the conveyance
loss or harm
of title becomes void upon the
payment of the debt. RESCISSION – cancellation
MUNIMENT – document or record REVERED – deep respect
OCEAN – Open Continuous Exclusive TANTAMOUNT – equivalent to
Adverse Notorious USURPER – a person who takes
ONEROUS – involving heavy position of power
obligations VOID AB INITIO – treated as invalid
PACTO DE RETRO – seller has the from the outset
right to repurchase the subject matter
or the property being sold
PERJURED – involving willfully told
PERPETUATE – to keep going
PRECLUDE – make impossible
person who previously held the rights
or interests that are now held by
PREROGATIVE – right or privilege
exclusive to an individual or class
PROCURE – to obtain