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Group Discussion Topics For Freshers.

1. Censorship on Social media - Right or Wrong

2. Indian Villages - Our Strength or Our Weakness.
3. . Nuclear family versus Joint family .
4. . Are Indians Less Quality Conscious ?
5. . Is Consumer really the king in India.
6. . Blood for Blood: Is it the Right Policy.
7. . Investment on Gold - Is It Good or Bad for the economy.
8. . Should Betting be Legalized in Sports by Indian Government like the
Western countries. 1
9. . Is Reality Shows like Big Boss: Boon or Bane.
10. Is poor parenting the primary cause of violent or aggressive behavior of
11. Are Asian Parents much more strict on Education( mainly South Asian
and East Asian ).
12. . Is India Safe for Women. 16
13. . Is a Single- sex education system better than a co-ed system.
14. . Corporal Punishments: Is it the Right Policy.
15. . Technical Education versus Practical Education.
16. 21. Is the Present Generation too dependent on Computers.
17. 22. Will posting students grades on bulletin boards publicly motivate them
to perform better ? 23. Should Voters be given a choice of ' Non of the
above ' during elections. 24. Are Naxals and Maoists a serious threat to
national security. 25. Which is the best OS for Smart phones- Android, iOS,
Windows or Blackberry ? 26. Is our population an asset for growth ? 27.
Which brings greater success in life : Hard work or Intelligence. 28. Will
Obama's Anti-Outsourcing Law help us employment. 29. How effective are
Indian B- Schools. 30. Should GD be part of Campus Placement.
18. 31. Casteless world : A Myth or Reality.
19. 32. Flexi-Timings or Fixed Timings - Which is better at work.
20. 33. Guys make better friends than girls.
21. 34. Is China the new threat to America's Supremacy.
22. 35. Does banning fashion shows and New Year Parties save our culture.
23. 36. Does Texting affect the vocabulary negatively.
24. 37. Should the Present education system be changed.
25. 38. Hard work or Smart work - Which is important?
26. 39. Effects of Excessive Depiction of Sex and Violence in Films.
27. 40. Is Newspaper still the modern medium for conveyance of news
28. . 41. Advertising : Boon or Bane
29. 42. IT: Boon or Bane 43.
30. Pros and Cons of having a Credit card.
31. 44. Beauty Contests degrade womanhood : Agree or Disagree
32. 45. Does the Policy of Reservation Hinder the growth of Indian Economy.
46. Just as we have smoke free zones, we should have child free zones.
33. 47. Recent Railway Budget Proposed more on planning than execution. 48.
Has cricket Spoiled the other streams of sports in India.
34. 49. Bifurcation of States : Curse or Blessing.
35. 50. Why is it that the same individual performs well outside India but in
the country, he doesnt get the motivation to perform well ?
36. 51. Why is India one of the most preferred destinations for software
development worldwide.
37. 52. Good Communication Skills - A catalyst for Professional Growth. 53.
Who is performing Better India or Indians
38. . 54. Who is responsible for eve-Teasing : Boys or Girls
39. 55. Influence of Western Culture in India : Good or Bad
40. 56. Cheer Leaders in IPL: Asset or Liability to the Indian Culture. 5
41. 7. Is the Job of a manager to do right things or to do things rightly 58. Is
bureaucracy a hindrance to economic reforms in India. 59. Television ! An
idiot box or knowledge provider. 60. Chinese goods : Dumping or
Marketing. 61. Lok pall Bill : Boon or Bane 62. Is Advertising all glitter and
little truth. 63. Is Peace and non-violence outdated concepts. 64. Is Indian
Legal system efficient enough for Speedy solving Civil Cases 65. Should we
shift to open book system in examinations. 66. Privatization of
Professional education: Good or Bad. 67. Film Awards are a face and
should be stopped. 68. Why are affronts against women reportedly on the
rise in a highly literate state like Kerala? 69. Is T20 Cricket Killing the
conventional Cricketing Skills. 70. Individual attention in safe schools and
smaller classes: Is that the way to stop students to drop out? 71. Is Business
for Profit or Wealth. 72. To fight Aids, stop being coy about sex education.
73. Life without Mobile phones. 74. Do you think accent holds you back?
Would you prefer everyone speaking uniformly? 75. Is Nationalization of
water resources made mandatory. 76. Should India Insist for VETO power
at UN 77. Talk of CSR in private sector is sheer hypocrisy. 78. Country
needs more technocrats and less managers. 79. State of Senior Citizens in
India. 80. Artificial Intelligence - Will man be ever replaced by machines ?
81. BPO : Prosperity or Hardship 82. Election 2014: Will the national
battle for PM's position boil down to BJP's Narendra Modi and AAP's
Arvind Kejiriwal . 83. Are software jobs more lucrative than MBAs ? 84.
Government jobs provide lesser growth than private sector jobs. 85.
Should India do away with subsidies? 86. Is it justified to spend Millions
on Missiles when billions are still struggling in poverty. 87. Should
Juvenile rapists be treated similarly as adults. 88. Nokia and Microsoft is a
planned alliance or a desperate move 89. State of Apple after Steve Jobs.
90. Indian Rupee Depreciation 91. Is Increasing the Number of
Engineering Colleges a boon to the society. 92. Should India break
Diplomatic ties with China for recent Intrusion of Chinese Army on Indian
soil. 93. Capitation Fees should be Abolished. 94. Effect of Indian Cinema
on Youth. 95. Are Studies more beneficial in India or in Abroad. 96.
Astrology vs. Science. 97. Children without Education are a curse to
Humanity. 98. Unemployment in Rural India. 99. Inflation of Developing
Countries : Good or Bad 100. Morning Walk vs. Evening Walk. 21st
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