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UNIT 1:Materials Science and Engineering 6 Introduction, Developments in materials, engineering profession
and materials, Classification of materials, criteria for selection of materials for the required application Ferrous
materials: Cast iron, Steel, Stainless Steel, Prominent alloy steel. Non-Ferrous materials: Copper, Brass, Bronze,
Aluminum, Lead, Tin, Titanium. Materials for High and Low temperature service, classification of heat resistant

UNIT 2: Properties of materials 6 Mechanical Properties: Hardness, Strength, Toughness, Stiffness, Ductility,
Malleability, Harden ability, creep and fatigue Electrical properties: Conduction, Semiconductors and insulators
Optical properties: Absorption, Reflection, Transmission and Refraction optical fibers and lasers. Magnetic
properties: Various types of magnetic materials, Diamagnetic, Paramagnetic, Ferromagnetic, Ferrites, hard and
soft magnetic materials Thermal properties: Thermal expansion, Heat capacity, Thermal conduction, Thermal

UNIT 3: Heat treatment 6 Heat treatment - Annealing, Normalizing, Hardening, Tempering Case Hardening –
Carburizing, Nitriding, Cyaniding and carbon nitriding, Flame hardening, Induction Hardening.

UNIT 4: Material Testing 6 Study of fractures of engineering materials - Elastic deformation, Plastic
deformation. Stress-Strain diagrams; Properties obtained from the tensile test Destructive testing - Tensile
testing, compression testing, Impact Testing, Hardness test, Jominy end quench test for harden ability of steel.
Non destructive testing – Visual Inspection, Hammer test, Radio-graphy, Magnetic particle inspection, Liquid
Dye penetration test, Ultrasonic inspection test

UNIT 5:Materials environment interactions 6 Principles of corrosion, factors influencing corrosion, Basic
Mechanism of corrosion, Electrochemical corrosion, direct dissolution mechanisms, Dry and wet corrosion,
galvanic corrosion. Methods of corrosion control, cathodic and anodic protection, corrosion inhibitors. Surface
coatings, corrosion monitoring.

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