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Leveraging On-Demand Deliveries

A Case Study by Dunzo

About Dunzo
Dunzo is a 24X7 hyperlocal delivery service that brings
anything and everything from across the city right to
your doorstep. Categories that we service include pick
up and drop of packages, groceries, food, medicines, pet
supplies, wellness, fruits and vegetables, meat, gifts and
electronics. Active since 2014, it began as a humble
whatsapp-based service and has now gone on to grow
into mobile app service that's become a household name.
Potentially the preferred logistics layer for all Indian
cities in future, Dunzo offers uncontested convenience to
the user for getting tasks done and running errands.
From the hyper-lazy to the super productive Dunzo
caters to all.

Case Overview
 There are a number of use cases where on a regular basis consumers need to get things picked
up from one place to another within the city, which currently cannot be solved for by most
delivery apps. These use cases can be solved for using the “Send Packages” feature on Dunzo,
where a user can select a pick up and drop location, and the Dunzo partner does the rest. For
instance, consumers who need to deliver old newspapers/ cardboard boxes to dry waste
collectors OR in the case of any donations of old clothes/ essentials, consumers can use Dunzo
to transport the donations to a list of pre-fixed locations of NGOs.

 Currently Dunzo is a brand that resonates well with the millenials and younger audiences.
However, the brand needs to appeal to a more mainstream audience - which means an older
demographic i.e. urban middle class consumers who are not necessarily high frequency app
users (use mostly payment apps). These users are used to mix of English and vernacular
communication, and are consuming more traditional mass media, and their focus is on the
value that Dunzo provides rather than time being saved.
Problem statement/Expected Outcome
1. Identify new potential categories and use cases for Dunzo - the intent is to promote ‘Send
Packages’ category by identifying new high-medium frequency use cases that only Dunzo can
solve for.

2. Identify and recommend new campaign ideas that can help Dunzo acquire new users through
engaging a mainstream, broader audience.
 The case analysis document must be in MS Word/PDF format (.doc/.docx/.pdf)
 Must not exceed 2000 words (excluding exhibits and excel sheets)
 Font Type: Arial/ Calibri with text size of 11

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