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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Region VII, Central Visayas
Division of Lapu-Lapu City
Tel. # (032) 495-8180
Areas of Concern CIGP/s Cause of Occurrence Proposed Corrective Time Frame to Proposed Preventive
Action Resolve/Address Measure/s
1. School Based
1.1 Instructional
Observing classes,
Leading LAC Session,
Development and
Reproduction of IMs

1.2 Administrative Teachers are overload

Leadership due to some teachers
(Tardiness, transferred to other
absences, ERF schools with no
Concerns, replacements. Namely:
premiums, 1, LUOT, Jacqueline R. Transfer to Bohol
salaries and -Filipino Request for additional November - December The subject left by those
other benefits, Teachers from the 2019 teachers were
appointments, 2. MONTEROLA, Roger Transfer to Babag NHS Division distributed to teachers
Transfer to Cebu Province
service record, T. -Mathematics while waiting for the
retirement, response of the Division
hiring or
loading of

1.3 Curriculum 1. No LMs and TGs for 1. No available books Request from LRMDS for November - December - Register all
Instruction and TLE CHS, Nail Care, Delivery of the Said 2019 Teachers in
Assessment Commercial Cooking, books LRMDS portal
(Competency FOS, Gr. 9&10 Cookery 2. 4 subjects in a - Create facebook
Management, Learning 2. MAPEH Competencies quarter can’t be page for Deped
resources, assessment too broad in every accomplished in Resources to
of Learning, Learning quarter a quarter share
Delivery, critical Content 3. Lack Araling 3. Increase of -books should be well
Panlipunan books Enrolment repaired and covered
(grade 7-10) 4. No books upon return and this will
4. Lack EsP books (Gr. 7- delivered be part of the students
10) 5. Books were torn clearance
5. No TGs and LMs for and damaged or
English 8 lost -books were shared by
6. No learning Modules two or three students
for Math 7 (3rd and 4th (1:2 or 1:3)
Quarter) -Teachers purchase their
7. No LMs/books for AP own books and did
10 research in the internet
8. no books/LMs for
Filipino 7, 8 & 9

1.4 Human Resource 1. Needs Seminars and -only selected teachers -Those sent to a seminar
and Training Training for new were sent to Seminars will conduct an echo- November - December -Conduct Teacher Need
Development (Trainings, Learning seminar to teachers 2019 Assessment before the
hiring of personnel, 2. refresher -No TLE during LAC Session opening of classes
inset, ancillary services) Course/Workshop Seminar/Workshop
Training in TLE from the provided by the Division -Invite Resource
Division Speakers during LAC
3. Workshop to take a session
look for the MAPEH
4. Need additional
Teachers with the
following major:

a. 1 Mathematics -Teachers are -Request additional Send request for

Teacher overloaded due to teachers additional teachers
b. 1 MAPEH transfer of 3 teachers to before the opening of
Teacher other schools with no classes
c. 1 AP Teacher replacements

-Teachers should not be

cleared/sent out unless
there is a replacement :
The children should be
the first priority

1.5 Finance and

Resource Management
and Mobilization (PTA,
Canteen, Authorized
Contributions, School
MOOE, Donations)

1.6 Learning - to be checked by -Weekly Monitoring of

Environment (School 1. Repair of some 1. it gets carpenters for material November - December the School Facilities
plant, crucial resources, classroom Electric Fans damage/defective after quotations for repair by 2019 Coordinator and DRRM
repair works, rest some time use. phase coordinator
rooms. Laboratories, - Scout from Homeroom November - December
Handwashing Facilities, 2. Damage door knob 5. The door knob is PTA to do the repair and 2019
Internet connections) a low standard repainting/beautification
quality of the classroom. The
school also requested
the City to repaint the
branding colors of the
school building November - December
-broken door knob to be 2019
repaired by MOOE fund

-Purchase new door

knob through MOOE

1.7 Governance and 1. No safety -not given due attention -signages will be placed November - December -Hazard Mapping
Accountability (GAD, Signages in the to be funded by MOOE- 2019
MOOE,PTA, SGC, SSG, Campus nd
2 Week of November
School Plant, School 2. Exit Gate was -padlock key was lost -padlock was replaced onwards
Properties, School Club not used and exit gate will be
and Organization, 3. No SGC -not yet organized used effective January
Health and Sanitation, 4. Needs Separate gate for
Utilities, Feeding Reorientation on - 5S and Wastes entrance and Exit
Program, Government 5S and Solid Segregation were not -Mobilized Junior Police -Orientation on Proper
Recognition/GAA, PAPS) Waste well-implemented , boy Scouts and DRRM Waste Management
Management to monitor

2.School Performance
Indicators (Emphasis on LOW School MPS (below -Teachers teaching not -LAC Session Award System of those
enrolment, promotional the Target 0f 75) their Majors -send to seminar Whole year round who can reach the
rate, Failures, LARDOs, -lack seminars target
numeracy, reading -absenteeism of -Home visitation - Quarterly giving
proficiency) students Feedbacks of the
result of the Test
by subject and
making action

3.Unresolved CIGPs 1. No LMs and TGs for -waiting for the delivery -online resources only
during SMEA TLE CHS, Nail Care, of the books Present the Problem to
respective concerns:
Commercial Cooking, -submit letter request to November - December Need support from
FOS, Gr. 9&10 Cookery the LRMDS 2019 PSDS, EPS and LRMDS
2. MAPEH Competencies
too broad in every
3. Lack Araling
Panlipunan books
(grade 7-10)
4. Lack EsP books (Gr. 7-
5. No TGs and LMs for
English 8
6. No learning Modules
for Math 7 (3rd and 4th
7. No LMs/books for AP
8. no books/LMs for
Filipino 7, 8 & 9

5. Unit
(Accounting and
Facilities, Crucial
6. Best Practices (SBM practices related to any domain, PAPs, forging stakeholders, any activity to support quality instruction and improvement of school plant)
a. To beautify the classroom and transform it to a safe and friendly environment as well as sustain it, Classroom contest will be done quarterly with cash prize and
b. Quarterly Meeting with Night and Day Teachers to discuss issues and concern and solve them together. This is also to remove the wall and bridge the gap
between the two groups.
c. Students Spiritual Development every Tuesday and Thursday at 3 P.M. (bible sharing /Praise and worship) facilitated by the school head and the campus Ministry
d. Presented the CIGP’s during the GPTA meeting.

Respectfully submitted:

School Head
Republic of the Philippines
Department of Education
Region VII, Central Visayas
Division of Lapu-Lapu City
Tel. # (032) 495-8180

School Head

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