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Sem. Ed Janssen S. Sijera

Introduction to Philosophy
July 25, 2019


The moment that a man being existed in this world of beauty and chaos, that child is

starting to wander of what kind of world he is about to live. Man becomes wise by the

requirements of a certain levels of humility. As we look back at the people in the time of

Socrates, they are claiming themselves wise. However, their mentality is really different from

the wisdom of Socrates for he states that “Wisest is he who knows that he does not know.”

Their mentality of believing themselves of being knowledgeable and thinking that they knew


Socrates’ perspective implies that if you yourself admit and know that you do not know,

this gradually arouse your interest of knowing something. It also implies that no human being

knows everything, thus, we continue to ask questions. Likewise, this leads you to seek

answers rather than like those people answering the thrown questions sometimes in out of

context just to claim themselves knowledgeable.

To learn on how to become wise as Socrates once said, first, he should be ignorant and

accept himself that he does not know everything. In distinction, a person who does not accept

himself of failures and claiming himself perfect hinders himself for the attainment and

development of learning to be wise.

Just like on what happened when the proud people try to claim themselves wise, yet the

Oracle of Delphi stated that the wisest among them was Socrates. If we deepens our thoughts

in what Socrates said “Wisest is he who knows that he does not know”, it tells that no person
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knows everything at all. However, man tries to gain knowledge through their experiences and

skills gained from their daily lives. For example, professional teachers have been ordinary

people before, because of their awe and wonder of not knowing some certain thing; they open

themselves to conduct further more studies, so that later on when they teach their knowledge

to their student. Nevertheless, their knowing and learning’s will not just end up owing to

questions that always exist in their lives.

Man from the start does not know everything, and as he started to foresee and search

what is he encountered and experienced little by little along the way, he is searching for the

facts to make himself complete. As a human being we are all came from nothing, therefore

through this nothingness he may able to find new discoveries. But man along the way must be

open for corrections most especially to those things he might tell that he already knew those

things; man must have humility in order him to discover and to relearn the things he already


Therefore, man comes from nothingness to be able for him to become a real wise man

he must attain the character of humility and must humble and willing to relearn those things he

already knew, and as time goes by as he encounter and experience more things in his daily

living he must continue to seek the truth and have a vision to discover more.