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Mention the types of heaters?

1- Vertical 1- cylindrical
2- Horizontal or 2- box

Mention types of flow in pipes?

1- Laminar ----- steady flow ----------------- Re>2500
2- Turbulent ------------------- unsteady flow ----------- Re<2500

Types of heat transfer

1- Connection (solids) 2-radiation 3- convection (fluids)

Mention types of tower trays?

1- Bubble cap trays 2- sieve trays
2- Valve trays
What KMTD mean?
(Answered before)

Mention two types of gas dehydration?

1- Chemical solvents by TEG
2- Molecular sieves

Mention components of triangle of fire?

1- Spark 2- oxygen 3- fuel

Mention two instruments used in pipelines?( ‫)سؤال غريب عجيب‬

1- Thermometer temp.
2- Manometer or gage---------- pressure
3- Flow meter

API means and mention its relation with SpGr?

American petroleum institute

API=141.5/spgr – 131.5

And it is used to evaluate crude oil

Mention first law of thermodynamics?

The rate of heat transfer to a system minus the rate at which the system
does work equals the rate at which the energy of the system is changing.

Q1-2 – W = ∆U1-2

Q–W= ( ‫لو حد عارف الرموز يقول‬

Mention Bernoulli equation?
,‫وخلى بالكم ياجماعة لما تكتبو اى معادلة اكتب كل رمز بيدل على ايه وتكتب الوحدات لاااااازم‬

V12/2g + P1/δ + h1 = v22 + P2/ δ +h2

V velocity m/sec
G = 9.8 m/sec2
P pressure N/m2
δ =g*�
h height m

Put true or false

1- Centrifugal pump can’t operate with closed suction
valve ( true)
2- Piston displacement can’t operate with closed
delivery valve ( true)
3- Standard conditions are 14.7 Psia& 32 o F false (
60 o F) ‫عايزة تاكيد‬