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7 Basics to Serving Wine and Glassware

The basics on serving wine including tips from picking the right wine glasses to
pouring wine without spilling. Some of these tips will even improve the flavor of wine.

Serving & Glassware

Wine is a peculiar beverage. Serving it in different glasses can change the way it tastes.
This simple guide aims to help with the basics of serving wine and picking glassware to
ensure that your wine tastes the best it possibly can.

You don’t have to spend a million dollars to drink the high life.

1. A proper glass will make any wine taste better

In 1986, Georg Riedel, a 10th generation Austrian glass maker, came out with a line of
affordable machine-made crystal glasses called Vinum. The line featured different glass
shapes for different types of wine. It caused a lot of confusion.

Consumers were accustomed to using just one wine glass and the Vinum line seemed to
be complete overkill. Georg Riedel had a clever solution, he started hosting “wine glass
tastings” to prove first hand the difference it makes.